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Production Here is ThreeFourth
of Nation's
** - r i"> - i ?; I
uompennon ot oeiyium cmua
When War Closes Mills
and Stops Exports.
Mure than three-fourths of the window
glass manufactured in the United
States annually is the product of factories
in the central West Virginia
district, and the industry has developed
since 1 Si>9. when the LaFayejUo
Glass Company opened the first plant
of the kind in the section.
The incorporators were glass work-;
ers from Pittsburg and Belle Vernon,j
who sensed the advantage of being
close to the supply source of the natural
gas fuel, and in the beginning
I the enterprise was purely co-operative.
The W. It. Jones Glass Company,
second of the pioneers hereabouts, began
business in Morgantown in 1301.
The firm has since been reorganized
as the United States Window Glass
> C
We manufactv
of quality
Our factory is
Our machiner
We thank our
0 ?
and Is one of the largest r
ndividual producing concerns in the 11
rade. s
It Is estimated that the comblnod e
apacity of the window glass factores
operating in this district is 670 1
>ots, a pot being the unit of measure- <"
nent, and average weekly pot capac- I
ty is ninety-six boxes of product. Re- i
luced still further to pound-;, it (
imounts to 64,320 pounds of window ]
glass shipped to all parts of the coun- i
try each week. i
Prior to the European war the wade
territory of the central West Virg-nia
plants was limited to the states east
of the Rocky mountains. Illustrative
of the needs of a protective tariff for
the industry is the situation which excluded
Aomrican manufacturers from
the Pacific coast. In the Charleroi
district of Belgium the principal business
for years had been the man nocture
of window glass. Lower wages
aided in keeping down production
costs, but even had the expense boon
equal with our own factories the Belgium
makers could undersell in the
extreme western market. They were
able to lay down their glass on trie]
docks of San Francisco, Portland aiul
Seattle, from ships out of Antwerp, at
a less transportation expense than that
charged by American railroads from
this district to the coast.
For years the West Virginia manuj
facturcrs sought sufficient reductions
to permit them to meet this competition.
but it was not until the war
stopped the industry in Belgium thai
they were able to get into the terri
1 torv for business. Because of this
i greatly increased demand there has
i been a revival of the industry which
| has been responsible for the resurfgart
ire everything and
in materials and w
situated in the h<
5 of fuel best adapt
- - J-X.
y is up to uaus, uuj
to discuss your n<
equipment of auto
patrons and invite
< 1 J*k',1 if1-' swiftj 't 1 'i iIf ;. ' ><-J' >j ' j* 11J , J'Sifyi
cction of plants abandoned and which
eccssitates all operating concerns to
peed up their employes to the highst
possible production point.
In Morgantown is the only plant in
he United States that inanufac.ur- i
irs wire window glass, which lias b ?...t
>opularized in recent years and ,?v!i.c;. |
s protected by secret processes and ,
talents. Prisiu and plate glass are ,
products of central West Virginia fac.orles,
and in the former department
of the trade the largest manufacturing
corporation in the world of plate
glass is represented by a plant in
Clarksburg. The concern is capital;'.! ?1
at ?.17,500,000 and maintains plants in
various sections of tltts country anu
-i?? ^
"Natural gas molted" glass, both
in the standard single and double
thickness and in the superior qualities
put out is recognized the world
over as standing at the top. Good
glass depends primarily upon steady!
heat, which no other fuel can so eop-i
nomicallv insure to makers.
Glass Conking Ctensils.
Recently a Clarksburg plant liar,
been experimenting in the manufacture
of cooking uten-ils of glass, a
is a new departure <11 culinary equipment
which has the approval of heat in
experts everywhere. The claim is
made that such receptacles arc more
easily and completely cleansed than
metal or enamel and are more attractive.
The secret has been discovered
of so mixing di:Trr#nt elements used
in making this line that the heat necessary
to conic the food will not hurt
the glass and a market is being created
for this innovation.
anything in Pack'
orkmanship are y
iart of the natural
:ed to making the |
-at* V'. ; '?. r'Z/y-'' ' / V.'i :"y;
r railroad facilities
eeds and plan for
matic sprinklers.
correspondence w
t* \*'| V' 7. -J '(;i / ' * I' V,.'' i **if ? rV''iC* ti - r"' J'? ;
" ^ t sv=T;4 H iiii'jvf:;;': i: i'f JS'W
' ''
Capital of Glass
Central Wes
Following is a partial llsl ol' Bias,
n Central West Virginia with the am ou
the oitlee of the Secretary of State at CI
Equitable Class Co
Clarksburg Glass Co. .
Clarksburg Opalescent Glass Co
Hazel-Atlas Glass Co
L.aFayette Window Glass Co . . .
Xorwood Glass Co
Peerless Window Glass Co
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. .
Tr:ivls Glass Co.
Tuna Glass Co
West Fork Glass Co.
Motiongah Glass Co
Grafton Window Glass Co.
Royal Window Glass Co.
Tygnrt Valley Glass Co
Mound City Glass Co
Athens Glass Co . .
Economy Tumbler Co
Mississippi Glass Co.
Pressed Prism Plate Glass Co
Seneca Glass Co
Union Stopper Co
U. S. Window Glass Co. ......... .
Pcnn Window Glass Co
; Premier Glass Co
! Alliance Window Glass Co
Modern Window Glass Co . .
Salem Co-operation Window Glass Co. .
Ramona Glass Co
Doddridge Window Glass Co
Ideal Window Glass Co
; Crescent Window Glass Co.
The foregoing list does not in <
industry of Central West Virginia, bt
registered with the state their artic]
of capital attached.
H G1
lnd preser
ers' and Preservers
ears of experience.
gas district of W
finest glass.
, * ' , -
provide prompt sh
you. Interrupts
dth others who ma
28, 1916.
i Concerns in
it Virginia ,
s manufacturing concerns operating s
nt of capital stock us reported to t
aarlcston: 1
Buekbnnnon . $ 10,000 '
ClarksburR ......... 2 5,000 1
Clarksburg 30,000 ClarksburR
1,000,000 c
Clarksburg: 50,000
ClarksburR 75.000 '
ClarksburR 50.000 '
.ClarksburR 17,500.000 4
ClarksburR 50,000 *
.ClarksburR 75,000
.ClarksburR 30,000
.Fairmont 100.000 . 1
Grafton 75.000;'
. Grafton 25.000]'
.Grafton 50.000 j
. Lumberport 60,000;
. Morgan town 100.000 iv
. Morgantown 100.000 j
. Morgantown 1 00,000 j
.Xloranlowti 1,000,000'
. Morgantown 100,000
. Morgnnlown . 100,000
.Morgantown 600,000 j
. Ponnsboro 50,000
.Ponnsboro 150,000
iiiSnlem 25,000'
. Sale in 40.000 i
.Salem .............. 25,000 j
.Star City 70.000 !
. West Union . . 75,000
. .West. Union 50,000
. . Weston 60,000
,;v. : ' i'
* :
. . $22,350,000
:ludc nil of the concerns in the glass
at only those who have formally I
los of Incorporation with a statement ,
ass (
' glassware, and bi
est Virginia whic
ipmentand our ex
3ii of work by fi
y be in the market
' ;"< ' , v ' ' f ' ;
I | ~ m " 1 p| 1<' J ! \ ;|?f||lj |& f,v^ 'j'vM' %
' ????-?T
I p
~i : I1 1
LAllOlt CG\niTlO>S GOOD.
Labor conditions In the glass iiulusry
of central West Virginia Iris
harcd the prosperity which has come
o all workers of this section. Since
he greatly increased demand, grow
tig out of destruction of foreign com- I
petition by the European conflict, sev- I
ral increases have Itecn granted by I
imployora to employes.
As has been pointed out elsewhere
? this number of the Telegram, llv- \ J
uk conditions In the section are itntsualiy
reasonable compared with .ho
Mictions of the butcher, the baker
Hid the rest of the food purveyors in
he larger cities, and tlie glass workers
are among the most prosperous
if the craftsmen employed In the (lis:rict.
To workers seeking a location, who
want the b-st of homo surroundings
for their families, particularly the
(chool and church influences, the si'uatiou
here should t u.'( overv roi;:i.rment.
To such a one perusal of articles
herein on education and other
phases of the family life are commended.
They have been written by ]fl
persons in authority, and are accurate
and conservative. In all avenues
of employment Central West Virginia >1
presenls contentment, and thrift and I
offers a competence to the industrious.
Two ftiolorics devote their lime to
making art glass wlilch ovpntually
llnda it way Into designs by artists Tor ,
churches, residences and public buildIngs.
So highly is the products of
these plants rated that orders are re- f^H
ceivod from the principal cities of I^H
the country from decorators who
have contracts for Important edillccs
and splendid mansions.
jO. I
; I
i5^:iil %gii
ick of assurance II
h guarantees an
II' ' ' ,; J ^ I ~
\( - "j'f-'-VT ': ' I '
perts are at your
re is blocked by ||
" ; ' f
for our products.
- ": ;
: .
H;;;|| feiilipll
i'i' ' ' ' ; 1 :;! feiiillliSl

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