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^ ^^?11 " P I ? |
Clarksburg, Nov. 26
Golden Hi
! i
There's a whirlwind of
business in all the sec
women, for girls, and for
this week.
Great special new st
choose from and many sp
r\m'fnni fi QC
[/VJL UU.J.1 J, UltO.
Follow this page of ?
news in the paper every c
The Christmas lamps a
lighted, signifying the st
in readiness.
Just the Timt
Buy a 1
Hat at Low (
About forty have their mar
ducea very sharply. Pay now i
~r -w l ft 1 I Y* I l t
xiats ox velvet, natters
in most any wanted co
black, blue, green, brown, gra:
Some of the hats show re:
handling and need freshing uj
of them, however, are in good c
and fine fashion. Needless to
were one-half to twice as much
See the new novelty veils, <
eried in wool.
The New Princess
The new princess waves weigl
ounces, but the liair is so prepared
that they cover the entire front aj
the bead forming a perfect marc
They can be adjusted to dress
many styles, $5.00 and $6.00.
%!1ioS^^NDl :
|| ^JFJbiKSUJN AJL | :
? ICominued from Page Three.) Jj
Entertains Friends.
Miss Florence Robinson entertained
a party of friends Monday evening
in honor of her guest. Miss
Ida Morris, of New Martinsville.
Those present were Misses Alma
Butcher, Ada Morris, Eleanor Home,
and Minnie Bcattv; Ira Swiger. Joe
James, Cecil Robinson, L. P. Hansford
and Mr. Mcinley.
To Give Smoker.
Clarksburg Council, No. 28. United
Commercial Travelers, is conducting
a membership contest which will end
January 1. In connection with this
contest an enjoyable smoker will be,
given by the council Saturday nightChicken
The ladies of the Fairview Baptist
church of the New Fair Grounds will!
give a chicken supper Tuesday evening,
November 28. beginning at 51
,n Oio Virsf I^fishvtpriaTl I
I church, corner Main and Second
streets. During the evening, music
I will be furnished by the new Edison
I phonograph.?Advertisement.
I yTOPTCSS Instantaneous
H immediately restores your hair to any
I color desired with one implication. I
Easy to apply. No aftcr-vraMilng. I
I One Dollar Per Box.
VwVPTCSS Instantaneous
El remove* superflnous hair Immediately,
and its occasional use retards the
growth, gradually Kllllns: the root*. A
liquid compound containing soothing
Oils, harmlcxw anil antiseptic.
I Descriptive Leaflet on Request* JJ
I Mow oa Display
407 W. MAIN ST.
In Tapestry, Velvet and Axmlnster.
H neatly bound at 08c and $1.23. They
H .
, M , . . ^ I ti ' ??*?"_rr ' '? I'Mlli I I ^ .1 .MID I. ? Ullb ,
>-aeW, ;
Parsons-l |
mrs of the
tion for
ill good \/' |
re being Jv
ocks are '
Every W
2 to
ter A V
:ost Tai
king re- (ft 1 i
55.00. *pl. \
plush, '
Suits were:
suits of
d. Most This is a red
:ondition * nr* ,
say they 100 tailored
-L1_ _ T~?
i. Lne jtarsons-;;
ambroid- are gjj ?ne
refined in fas]
w^rj Suits which
W ayes in this lot ti
lit only 1 % " ;s a Sro"P ?'iu'
. , taken mostly froi
and waved There ^re p]
nd sides of both large and s
el wave ef- Owing to th<
the hair in JT^
Orgiunize Circle.
Mrs. Mabel Floyd and Mrs. Maggie
Dalsher. acting under instructions!
from the state manager of Woodman .
Circle. Mrs. Lucy Torraan, of Morgan- j
town, organized a Woodman Circle i
Grove at Lost Creek. The following !
officers were elected:
Guardian?.Mrs. Eveline Stark.
K VT T,ln Tarf I
/tUViBUI---?UiO. 4UCI > V V w.
Clerk?Mrs. Freda Post.
Banker?Mrs. Vestie Ward.
Chaplain?Mrs. Mollie Bassell.
Attendant?M rs. A lice Harl I n.
Inner Sentinel?Mrs. Elosia Amos.
Physician-?Dr. A. Judson Kemper.
First manager?Edward Post.
Second manager?Blonda Hallen.
Past Guardian?Mrs. Ludwlg.
The grove will meet the seventh
of December for installation of officers
in the Post lodge hall.
Feast after Busy Meeting.
Clarksburg Camp. No. 9 of the
Woodmen of thp World, will have a
Thanksgiving turkey supper Wednesday
night In its hall in the Robinson
building on Second street, following a
regular camp meeting at which several
matters will be given attention. Officers
to serve for a year will be nominated,
a class of candidates will be initiated
and the camp will be entertained by
its degree team.
Charles J. Proudfoot. of Wheeling,
traveling passenger agent of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad Company, was
here this week on official business.
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Taney. Jr., or
Wheeling, are guests of Mr. and. Mrs.
Camden Sommers at their country
home at Mt. Camden.
E. B. -Hardest}', of Lumberport, was
a business visitor here Tuesday.
Bmniett Sutton, of Williamstown. is
a guest at the Hotel Gore.
F. M. Snider, of Wheeling, is transacting
business here.
G. W. B. Kcn'ney, of Charleston, is a
city business visitor.
f. u. morris was nere rrom j*ew
Martinsville Tuesday.
S. M. Steele, of -Mounds villo, is in
the city.
R. T. Alder is here from Parkersburg.
Vegetable Salad a. Ia Ritssc.
Cut up some beet root (boiled) into
shapes. Add to this a little chopped,
celery, some turnip, carrot, potato, all
cooked, and cut In dice; pour some
mayonnaise or boiled dressing over
it all. Mix well and garnish with
bunches of cress.
Brownstone-Front Cake.
One cupful of sugar, one-quarter
cupful butter, one-half cupful milk,
two eggs, one teaspoonful soda (mixture),
one-half cake chocolate
(grated), one-half cupful milk, two
tablespoonfuls of sugar, yolk of egg;
cook pntil it thickens, then mix with
cake flour to make right thickness.
The Queen Esther Circle of the
First Methodist Episcopal church is
furnishing a basket dinner to poor
people of this locality. "Any member
desiring to donate either food or
clothes, should do bo before 7 o'clock
The Shopping
' Winter S
oman Who Means 1
Must Get it
(All Within Rei
ery Sped
lored Suit
0.00 J
$14.50 & $18.75. Su
Luction sale, pure and simj
suits are at reduced price
Jouders fashion Salons. 1
ngs, beautiful thing's. Th:
lion, nothing cheap or tai
1 f._ . __i i i r J
reguiany wouia oe upwaras 01 tv
iere are no two alike, and each m
1 a special appeal for women who c:
n our $25.00 and $35.00 lilies,
lenty of blacks and blues and a g
mall women; Misses sizes too. 1
2 low prices we will charge for at
|jf~ West Virg
SPENCER. S. A. Simmons, editor
of the Times-Record, is in the Roane
county hospital with nine knife
wounds in his body, while H. Jack,
editor of the Roane county Reporter,
is'nursing cane wounds the result of
a fight between the two when they
met in a street following a political
controversy in their papers.
UHAKi^h-s;iUi\ : rne sixcti annual
convention of the ice cream manufacturers
of the state will be held
here December 6., ilayor George
Breece and R. G, Hubbard, of this
city, are on the program for addresses.
FAIRMONT: Arrangements are
announced for a meeting of the Monongahela
Valley Principals' Association
December 0 in this city. Principals
and teachers from Clarksburg,
Grafton, Morgantown and intermediate
points will attend.
MIDDLEBOURNE: George Michael,
of Shirley, has just killed what
he says was the largest hog in West ]
Virginia. When dressed it weighed
721 pounds. Just before killing the
animal was so fat it could not walk.
MOUNDSVILLE: A force of men
has started work on the construction
lEleo, the peerless night cream, prevents
and cures chapped face, lips or
hands. Try it tonight, A quarter
buys a full size opal jar?of any roll
ialdc dealer.
Tonic Proved Great Upbuilder
to This Grateful Woman.
Has the reader had nearves, a bad
stomach? Does he pass restless
So did this Salem sufferer. But see
what happened:
Burke's Drug Store: I have been
troubled with my nerves and stomach
for 12 years and have doctored with
different doctors and none seemed to
cure me.
Since I have taken three bottles of
Xerv-Worth I have done more work
than I have done for two years, and
sleep well at night. I recommend
Xerv-Worth highly.,
Tours truly,
Salem, W. Va., Box 155.
Xerv-Worth steadies the'nerves.
Xerv-Worth regulates the bowels.
Xerv-Worth aids digestion.
Nerv-Worth banishes headaches.
Xerv-Worth builds up run-down
falls to do .(Mb for^you yw get
Centre of Central
eason in T
to Have a New Suit
Today or Tomorrov
ich of This Stor
al Dispos
s of the Fi
its were $25. Suits
)le. | All in all?thi:
is m | ment of the sea*
hey .
ing-s woman who has
vdy. ter. So let all w
rice these prices.
odel is a duplicate of a direct ins]
are for individuality. They are o
oodly assortment of browns, burj
Vlany are fur trimmed,
terations. Sale begins today.
?, Second Floo
r> ^ if l
ima Ijriefs | j
of a largo addition to the Kreglow
hotel. It will be of stone and brick
and strictly lire proof.
CHAUL.ESTOX: Bird McBride, a
typical character of the; mountains, i
and two of his sons'.are on trial in
United States court hero for alleged
moonshining. They wero Indicted on
six counts each. The re\'enue officers
SUfforer from Indigestion Relieved.
"Before taking Chamberlain's Tablets
my husband suffered for several
years from Indigestion, causing him
to have pains in the stomach and distress
after eating. Chamberlain'B
TaTblets relieved him of these spells
fight' away/V writes; Mrs. Thomas'
Casey, Geneva, N. Y. Obtainable everywhere.?Advertisement.
$1.00 2
Buys anything in th?
| delivered now, or held im
I On this $15.00 plan, y
i a bed, spring and mattres
I Buys anything in the
| necessary articles for the
8 homes on payments of $2.
I We are already putt
J j v. /^A"'" in ! / -* , . jj, ..% J.'j/J' /}'(, '
West Virginia
Vhich to_i
for Thanksgiving
al of 100
ner Sort
were $29.50, $35, $<
3 about it?it is the best m
son for every { Clarksbu
i a suit to buy for the wi
ho wish come on.
miration from sonic foreign mod
ur own good suits?100 of them*
candies and greens, in all sizes f
r Salons.
line! much difficulty In effecting their
arrest in backwoods of Mercer county,
hut eventually corraictl them, and
claim by doing so to have.put an end
to illicit distilling In that part of the
FAIRMONT: The F. AV. BartleLt
well No. 3 has been shot and the pay
began to (low at 150 harries au hour.
For some time workmen were unable
to control the well because they wore
Poti?n an
; store worth between .$15.001
home. Hundreds of people
ing aside Qhristmas present
:-. ' :pi" .-" ' ; ._ ; , ] *"'? ' - " V ' ' ' !
F urnitui
168 170 WE
nol prepared for such an increase In
production, r. Bartlett, who has thre
wells on this farm and other wells,has
become one of tho largest Independent
operators la Marlon county and
Dent's run has developed Into an Important
oil center.
CHARLESTON: Charleston wholesalers
announce that an advance of
three cents a pound on the bettor
grades of butter is necessary. The
wholesale price Is forty-six cents a
pound. Salt, oven of the common variety.
has also advanced to prices higher
than have prevailed at any time in the
last half century.
OHA'RUESTON: Labor leaders In
1 * i* -
'w ? J?i 7*^?^ ^ Iijj^^TOaes1 -n rrn r-. >qgni
- i:'v V i w '? - ^i-i; " ; }$ ;; -..
?a? i mi mini
)o?7n an
s store, fwortli $-15.00 or lc ss.
til CSinstmas, as you like.
on may buy a set of chairs at
>s at $12.50; a dresser at $ 10.<
>. ^
[ Parsons-Souders
Get a Fas
Best Time to
When Price
(But You'll 1
T> _-w + * ? .A .? *\ 4 h . -? *Vt ? * ?A * T h tl
iscuntTii cnu iimu.v Hundreds
of fancy china on
\ special tables at 10c. 15c,
] 25c. 50c and $1.00; attrac/
t-ive, useful little things.
There are specially marked
dinner sets at $3.00. $4.50
and $7.00 and to $15.00.
They ordinarily cost twice
as much. The choice is
beautiful. In the whole colTime
Yet to
ens for Th;
| Special attention is called
to a fine group of extra full
bleached double damask,
Irish in weave, to sell at
$1.50 a yard: 72 inches
wide. Sets of napkins to
match, size 22x20 inches, at
$5.50 a dozen.
We are also showing a
w Man! Do Yoi
.0- a Thanks]
Just imagine how nice it
would be at dinner Thurs11
day when the boys and girls
have gathered for a feast
with mother that the table
itself be fitted out with
knives, forks and spoons,
or Advance
Charleston predict a strike of the mo- t
lion plcturo theater ushers hero unless i
union organization Is recognized hy i
the managers. A committee was appointed
by the central labor body to
moot the managers and impress upon i
them the seriousness of the situation, t
saying that a strike Is sure to follow t
further refusal to recognize the union, t
//V'.Vfc .1
- - *
WHTDELrXG: Actual work lias boon j
started on tlic construction of a railroad
to be built from this city to
Greene county, Pa, a subsidiary of the ...?
Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Gradlng
has begun at Fulton, one in lie east J
of thiB city. The road will follow Big ''
Wheeling creek to the Pennsylvania J
state line at Majorsvlllo. The pro- 1
posed line will tap rich coal fields in 1
Greene county and Marshall county, W. A
Va. ]
WHEELING*: The tedious process 1
of recounting the votes cast for sixteen
candidates at the recent election
has been started by the Ohio county <
commissioners^ When one precinct 1
had been completed there was a gain 1
of one vote Tor cacli Republican candt- I
date. Eight offices are contested, Uni- 1
- ' 1 L1' i - ' ' 1 1 -'1 < >> . L-m ' ggig , py$
:.;''*t'4'';: >, "' ';:?.;>'::'"Sii!':;.:v, &4MK$V 1FV^??S
d $1.0
On payment of this small aur
$5.75; a round'dining table at $
10, and' dozens of other things.
v -X '-:. ': 1 : : .*>'?|<js??$3Ai5* i&?re'-.s&jfrrtAiJf? 5$-*?
d J2.UU
ind $30.00. This plan will cove
, in and about Clarksburg, tha^
a. Make vour selections now 1
( ; J J: , i
ifik HI
e (8b r ial
pace five; i
Hours 8 a.m. to 5:30p.rn I
hion Suit I
. m
Buy China is |?l
:s Are Lowest tj|l
Have to Hurry) ^gfl|fl
lection of dinner wear there ?.?
are all kinds of decorations
from the simplest up to the -B||l
finest encresled sold sets; H
also there are fancy sets in
the lot comprising one hun- :'VMH
dred pieces and are selling:
from $50.00 to $225.00. H
AH iancv China, many : :v
hundreds of pieces. 20 per
cent discount.
Get Table Linmksgiving
splendid assortment of
bleached table damask
$1.00 and $1.25 a yard. Yon
will be surprised at the
eellence of the quality.
We do not hesitate to say
the savin# on our linens,
from the present market ;!||?
basis, is 40 per cent, and
this is a fact.
i Want to Make
arivinsr Gift? !
etc., in the fine Colonial pai
tern, "Sheraton," 26
in a mahogany chest for
Yon may choose from
nine other patterns if you
December 9th.
?d States senator, Congress, govern
irosecutlng attorney, sheriff, assessor,
uid two district offices.
HUNTINGTON: Mayor Ek Sehor^
ilau for a double election board ay
em In this city received an unexoei^W
:d setback when he was lntormedSpSM
he city solicitor. F. M.Xdvely^f'tli^Mj
Huntington cannot, even by a apecaljM
ihartor amendment, adopt any electloiiM
aws at variance with those ot the
WHEELING: John Kline, age
it flftn rt itn/1 I)n?r(MOnrl HhAYitAl'
Q U. *3 ? HUU I UV.y J It M P u. VU M
lucI Josepn Wisnlstcl, aged
l critical condition as a;result of b<
ng struck by the Baltimore and Oi
>assenger train known as the ; Zane
'llle accommodation. The K3ine|1t^CT^^H
vas killed instantly. Young QlpraaB
ias a badly fractured skull a
>robablly injured internally.
>f this county, state treasurer-ek
las been taken to a hospital-sufi
rom inflammatory rheumatlspa^3^|
iright's disease. Physicians hold out

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