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Icii 50 \
;tor says Nuxated Iron is gr
-Often increases the strengt
' nervous folks 200 per c
UW-YOliix, JN. X.?Not lonj; ago a mu:i
if?U>Eui?? Wiiu rtiio uviuij uuu u uuvuij
.... ..
akwM?w.Mvi.< *. uuii
iUVU k*' iiUU MliU LtkW UttfUlt w.(
U>i U UWjl ?* tuiu XUil Ufc ? '?" '
JlJUU Vitaiivj uo u >ji ' *' ?
N*ke JbUtlU ittf It M JUUlr ttAl^Vd'itU * "
U^it lUlj BUVlUb ut) ftalu .t IU*
avu UilVU iliitl 1*114*
Htu U?ti. -i^w uO JUC w'ufc i*i Uiiu iicau.! ,
li UUlUfiOl'U Uuu iica^ijr ail Hi. nw> n i.
luirucJo ot vuaai> ^uu *ua xut:u i>cu;uI,
Jlii uc i>uojuiiC> oi yuucu. A.h l i*u. *?
*:jillUUUtliU LllUUtt VVtil', Jl'yy , 'uy
teat ot uil ?trcu<,'i.u ouuucra. Jf !? - >Woulu
only mruw iiw#j mi ion t ui.nls:
vand Uuusvou a to ueocUbti a tiinj t.ifc.;
?li-wixttted, Iron. X am convinc'd Unit
llvo^ of II.any pcrnou* m.fclit In- Hin.?*tl,
liow die every year frum jmt'UuiDiiin.
pe, consumption, kidney, liver uml
t trouble. etc. The real unci true
e; which started their dleetmes wii*
lug more nor ; lesn than a weakened
I'tloiL brought on l>y lnclc of Iron In
Wood. Iron 1m absolutely n?-e?-Msory
nSble your blood to chiingo food into
itrl'tlsstio. Without It. no mat t or how
h or what yon ont. your food merely
eti throuclt you without doing you any
I. Ton don't set the ntrencth out of
tcLns a r-nuyonnenre rort hrconip weak.
nnd aleltly lookln g Just like a t?ln itt
>C to pro"-' In ft: soil deficient in Iron
on it re not strong. or wyll vou o?ve It.
OTfTfielf to make the follow!tut te?t: R-e
Ion it yon can work or how* far vou
jwttlk without becoming tired. TCevt
V: two flrc-crnln tablets of ordlnnrv
Jmn three times per rtnr for two
lex. Then test vonr strength ntrnln
:St* for yourself how nincli you linve
..v * ' . ?
(By "<
i-fi,4 . v-. / : ' -' .
An Extraordinary Song Hit.
t gives us pleasure to announce
tthis newspapeV, with its custury
fetLterprise in provIding its readwith
the newest and best in littuire,
music and pugilistic news,
secured at tremendous expense
exclusive publication in this city
the most extraordinary song bit
he century, entitled "Everybody's
dug 'Em."
'hrp remarkable song, now imbed
for the first time, is certain to
e Ifae continent by storm. Suns
he air of "I Didn't Raise my Cat
je.'Chop Suey," it is a clarion call
t arouses all that is noblest antl
t in the human physique. A little
~emusic, professor:
V. .V-.. .
r Jess Willard is spoiling for a
)ld Tyrus Cobb is adding to his
;at THarry Hooper?he's a man oi
Piffled Zinc Pills just fill 'em full
^of pep!
' 1' t CHORUS
erybody's taking 'em, taking 'em
?rybody's taking 'em! Taking 'em?
: How?
Piffled Zinc Pills, that cure all ills!
erybody's taking 'em, taking 'em
& now!
jgjjp*bottle quick, fame and fortune
it go about complaining or your
y's a crime, sickness is a sin!
a. hapny world with Piffled
Zinc Pills!
? * *** 4- * 4- 4- 4? *1* 4- 4- -1
KHANNOX. Nov. 28.?Wes- 4
Leyan coaches had a hard workout 4
Monday afternoon for the squad, 4
out "did itot scrimmage for fear of 4
injurypbefore the West Virginia 4
game, j^he team came out of the 4
Epmhgame without an injury and 4
EftlS enter the game in the best 4
|Kysical condition they have been 4
fiifflyear." Thcl.same: team that 4
stai&ed the Penn game, with the 4
exception of Calac at full and 4
Karris; at right tackle, was given 4
aSc^extended signal drill and was 4
Southeddcarefully on. West Yir- 4
ginia formations. *1
? 4 4> + ? <? 4? 4? 4? 4 + 4 + 4 4 4
Calac, Wesleyan's famous Indil
illback, '"who is supposed to play
npJbrtant part as far as Wesley an
jtxcerned in the big-Turkey day gaifl
airmont Thursday. AVesleyB
rekiers '.say that Calac will outplB
Mgers^tXVest Virginla's-famous bacB
^^SivlSat eS
Bubbling Over
Taking Iron Did It
eatest of al1 strength builders?
h and endurance of delicate,
lent, in two weeks time.
I liiivi- t.fi-u i|i?".iiih of ii';rvOus_
ruu-Uo\v?? who won- iillliig nil I ho
wnjji-, uou>/j<' ihfir rtlri'iigth nuii imiluriim-i
mill entirely get rlil of nil symptoms
of ilyspepsiu, livur ami other trouble* In
frn.'li tun to fourteen ilnys tilfiO simply hy
* - 1 1 - - I ? '*i 4 li> IhA .. m... .. ^ ml ! .*?? 1
i u j* j u >; j. r'??? i4? i,i??; v|M'i 1**1 hi. ji.-.? in... .
filler 'u?-> had in some eases been doctorluK
for mouths without obuuillany Lmuohi..
lint don't tlillif tin: old I or iii N ill roil UC'ill
Iron, Iron lici'tnti' or tincture of iron sliujiiy
to niivii it foiv cents. \mi in out take
iron in u 1 orui tn/it etui l>e easily Kosorlicd j
unit tiiislmlJulrd like uuxntoU iron II you j
v.unt It to lo you mil Rood. olhern. ~u it ;
miiy pSjovo iv or to? than titwlncs. Many mi
athlete or prl'zcHjjflitor lias nun tint iluy
h! in lily lieciium? lio know tin? secret of tricea"
Mr< iiyjth iiihI endurance and tlll'-d his blood
Willi Iron Ijitforn Ill* Went into tin? ntTriiy,
while in any another ban ROriti down to In
ylurloiis defeat aim lily lor tin! hick of
iron. li. Huui'r, M. J>.
fit iTIv- Nil xiiled Iron, reroiiiineiiiled
nbovo by Dr. Msttior Is not n |mt?*:it medleiiu'
nor hoc ret remedy; lint "in* which la
m? !! limiivn to drititkliita and whoso Iron ;
constituents are widely iirescrll.wil by euii-i
liellt liliyflelailH evei y where. filllke the I
older iiiorktitjic iron products II Js easily j
as.'ilnil luted, does not injure the teeth,
mil lie tin-in black. nor upset the stomach;
on the i-oiit r:iry. it ia a. moat potent remedy
In nearly all forms of Inillp'Kt.ttlti, as well ;
, lis for nervous, run-down conditions, i'h.- ,
innriufuel urera have micIi great confidence j
! In .Vnxfitnd Iron tiint limy* offer to forfeit
fltm.ftO to any charitable Institution If they '
ean not take any* man or we man under
. til) who lacks Iron mid increase their
i strong! h ~'MI I>or. cent or oyer In four weeks'
time, provided they have no serious organic
troiilile. They also offer to refund
your niorny If It does not at least double
your strength nml endurance In ten days'
t.lruy. It is dispensed liy all druggists.
Trrv A -sirtttnT'Rr
: 0
Everybody's taking 'era, etc.
Vou meet a fellow on the street on
; a rainy day and lie says. "This is fine
weather for Bill." And you say
* Bill who?" And lie says. "Bill_
yards." Just like that. And then,
to add insult to Injury, ho leads you
| to a green-iopped table and sticks you
i for the cigars, and everything.
(Jroucliy * Sherman was right *
. j * (Jus * about war, hut why *
| * Says: * did he stop there? *
j * * So la matrimony, * I
* * football, umpires. *j
* twins, and a lot of *
* * . other things. * j
CD** *************
> I?Vatherwoigl11s I'ast and Present.
Johnny Kilbu.no has demonstrated
on occasion that he is a real scrapper.
and beyond a doubt he is one
; of tile best of latter-day champions.
' - * . ? X - _ 11 _Y. A ^ .^111 i
I At tIIat, tll(J Oia-LUIlO Jlglll '??'? Hill ;
! tell you that ho doesn't begin to com'
pare with the little fellows who battled
for the featherweight .supremacy,
in the vanished days. Ike Weir, Tommy
Warren. English Frank Murphy,
Australian Billy Murphy. Johnny
! Griffin, "the Brain tree Bad"; Jimmy
Connors, Tommy White, "'Iron
Man" George Siddons. Jack Skelly,
George Dixon, Billy Dimmer, Ben
l Jordan, Solly Smith. Dave Sullivan.
| Terry McGovern, Young Corbett?al!
j of these wore named to conjure with
tin the last decade of the nineteenth
century and the first few years of!
In durability Weir. Frank Murphy
; ..... .
Sow Liookotit.
When a cold hangs on as often hap*'
pens, or when you have hardly gotten
oyer one cold before you contract an'!
other, lookout for you are liable to
'j contract some very serious disease, i
"! This succession of colds weakens the !
' system and lowers the vitality so that!
you are much more liable to contract;
' chronic catarrh, pneumonia or consumption.
Cure your cold while you
chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I
' has a great reputation. It is relied I
upon by thousands of people and
never disappoints them. Try it. It
* only costs a quarter. Obtainable ev*
ery where.?Advertisement.
? ?? ; *--* - ^ -< . .."I""1; I
On accoun
have confinuet
terest to d? ao
your ^uit or ()
we gda;
$5.00 PI
3 | CLYtE C. B<
^ /wnyf/PeHNSVl
1* <* 4* ?I* 4* *& + "f* "I" ? "! "I" *i* + * *? * I
4- + 1
* wrsj.KVAvs i?i:x\ <;amk *1
j. i\fin>Li5L'i L' ti i .len i i'lur ii .1.
J.11,1 ur.^^1,.^ 1J11Vk7I II* II* * !
4* ?*1*!
+ M(> 110 A NTOW ,\\ Nov. 28.-?The *>.
4? surmise had (iy the members of 4*
4* tint West. Virginia University fool- 4*;
4 ball team thai West cyan was go- 4-j
ing to prove no mean foe on 4*i
4 Thanksgiving day in Fairmont, 4*j
+ was further augmented by the +.
4* arrival in Morgan town from I'hil- 44*
adclphia of Coach Eliza Tohin, who 4*1
4 watched the Pcnn- Woslcynn game 4*;
4* Saturday. Tohin was not back- 4?;
4* ward in his statement that Wes- 4?
4* levari played a wonderful game *>
4* and that Penn was lucky to tie- * 4*
feat 'he Methodists as hadly as it 44
did. 4*
That Wosleyan's defense is al- *fr;
4* moat perfect, is said to be a state- 4
4* mom of the coach, who together
4* with (loach McJntyre. began to
4- prepare t lie state tearn for the 4
4* line of attack, that they think 4
4* Wesley an will use at Fairmont. 4*
4* 4
4* 41 4* 4* *5* ^ ^ "i1 {? **
and Siddons have had few equals in
any division in ring history. Back
in '8'.) Weir, "t he Belfast Spider," and
Frank Murphy, the Knglish champion,
fought an eighty round draw in a
little Indiana town. The same year
Siddons fought Kid Ravigm* sevenlyseven
rounds to a draw in Saginaw,
and the same boys fought fifty five
rounds in Grand Rapids a little later.
In the matter of cleverness the little
negro, George Dixon, was ahead
nf t li * * ft i nil Pi?r1ian? Bnlv hnv
\ra. v>> vt i i ??.?*. * > ji i t ' ?i V-' /w j
who could compare with him in that
respect. was Young Grit'fo, the Australian.
For sheer aggressiveness and righting
spirit, however, the best of them
could sea reel y compare with Terrible
Terry MeGovern, Brooklyn's immortal
little human lighting cock. And that
reminds us that today is the fifteenth
anniversary of McGovorn's downfall
? which was one of the biggest and
most susprising upset tings of the dope
the ring has ever known.
It was in Hartford on Nov. 2S,
1901, that Terry, met his Waterloo.
Young Corbett, the Denver boy. a
good hut not a great fighter, was the
man who spilled the beans for Terry.
| And lie did it in two rounds.
Special trains carried big crowds
of fight fans to Hartford from New
York, Boston and other cities on that
Thanksgiving day. When the time
set for the contest to start had arrived
the Colorado boy went to Terry's
dressing room, pounded on the door,
and shouted, "Hi, there. Terry, come
on and take your medicine." McGovern
was aroused to wild fury, and
the second the bell rang he flung
himself across the ring. Corbett was
cnnl firiil rleli horiit e: hnr McGnivbrn
forced tlie fighting, and that first
round had tin? concentrated essence
of a hundred rounds in it. McGo.vern
was knocked down in the first chaptem.
and in the second Corbett put
over his right, and Terry went down
again. When lie was dragged to his
corner he was an ex-chaniplon.
Today In Pugilistic Annals.
It was twenty-four years ago today
that Alec Greggins and "TIufTalo"
Costello t'onglit their memorable
eighty-round battle in San Francisco.
The result was a draw, and the men
t of mary of our p?
i same lor short tin
at once, as we guai
? i4j.i w?estaara
STYLES Of Choice Wo
yiRiro ? E,ver3
& ?3 3Li 1\. I to giv
? /v>s r/i
p pi H m 1
_ Yoi
\ KW GOLlX \ S-^BS IV '*l&$(
/ V I \ I LAUdHEp 5<
/ VFEUU oonroi
jRse-iJ /^?
I : v, "... v.. ,'"'' "V V" "V' - f .-j.r'
I ; ' ' ' / ' ' .. , ' "
I ii
l b cameron &
! i r1chm
1d ft liggett & wyt?s tc
| ^ ._ Gjjdfc
4 ?
discover liow w
their smoke-needs
| p be comfortable.
j Not alone bee
| comfortable to th?
fought again a few months later with
! the same result after fifty rounds of;
battling. Greggins, who was over
$ijx feet in height, was one of the best
; middle-weights; of his period, anu
since retiring from the ring has been,
prominent as a referee and trainer of;
fighters. Costello, who died a few
: years ago, was one of the most ciur- j
able ring warriors of the period. He,
itrons and friends b
ne only. If you ha\
ran tee to save yon a
olens to Select From.
r garment is tailored from Oho
e yon OiNTE' DOLLAiR'iS WOOEt'
NOVEMBER 28, 1915.
li Can't Figure Age
V T/M&.\ / HA- HA ? VOUR, \
-> HftROrll fiVi JOKE. ]
risible Cigai
" ^ I' '^ ^.^1 J".': r"' :^ J-.':"'
[DED men were quick to
ell Fatimas exactly suited
. Fatimas were found to
lause they are cool and
s throat and tongue. But
took part In many long anil ferocious j
contests, with and without gloves, in- \
eluding; a battle with Frank Slav in in i
Australia which was declared a draw.
n ' i\?? t T?*rt Krtiit'i" onrl n h n 1 f /"if fi !TVl t
"4 L-CI ' ?* W IIUUl O f, JIU-KJI. wi t
Ing. Por years Costello was a well ;
known figure along Broadway. N. Y.t
and he was one of the swaggerest
dressers on that famed thoroughfare.
In his latter years he was reduced to
einer unable to atte
ren't taken advanta;
it least $10.00 on
? - ? ^ vi n*\ TTin
ice Woolens and by the most
th EVery^ Ord
By Inches
(2-AT \ ( T^U-^UH -I
\509 ) \ ^ CO(M5\QE
x? ^ X^_f4NC.tEN"
f <ZS\
? y 11
because they do not intrude c
Fatima's delicately bala]
blend ? unlike tbat of a .
"oily" cigarette?leaves a ma:
and alert even after a long-sr
the extremes of poverty, and it is said
that lack of sullicient food hastened !
his death. j
Tho inventor of a new square fun-;
nel contends it operates more rapidly j
than a round one, which causes a
rotary motion in liquids and delays
their flow.
nd our FREE PA1
ge of this sale itwii
v npo
kTS mT9
expert UNION" TAILORS in t
er For Short
2 Bul 1V HN frINEy I
RBL)l_t? , VJROOM\ y
r History!/ ^
^jSjl J
J ' ^'
iced Turkish
heavier, more
a feeling keen J11
aoking day. jgffij
......., v;
Ribbons of paper pass over and
cleanse the knives In a sanitary cigar
cutter for public places that has been
invented by a resident of Portland,
Oil obtained from seeds of Brazilian
rubber trees has been found an accept?
able substitute for linseed oil by British
11 ill 1
lbe t? your in- B
HIS " Jhw H ' mB
H jn PMj
ion Made | S
lie land'. We guarantee fl I
a n I
Time Only i

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