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The Wesley an H
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The rapid change in the character of
the work done at West Virginia Wesleyan
College in recent years has
greatly increased the financial demand
upon the institution. With the multiplying
of high schools within our state
in the last five years, the work of the
academy has greatly decreased, while
the enrollment of students for strictly
college work has correspondingly increased.
This has necessitated the employment
of a high priced grade of
teachers and has necessitated more
expensive laboratories; it has made
imperative larger facilities, and has in.
m am ?? ? mmirirnrin ra mm m
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-? ??- ? - ~
fflWK t n\ /}% &..J
r//?&&*$ \A /L&EB
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in f:TiA
m ?? ??' v
I Industrial Prosperity
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j Wall Paper and WinI
dow Shades.
* - . , '
." ' ' ' ': ! T ^ ' ' ' * ' , ; " :
r Two V
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for eight more v
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?A Q
alf Million Fund
? ?
many other ways increased the necessary
expenditures of the institution.
These tendencies are quite likely to
work with even greater rapidity within
the next few years. The'hlgh schools
are still multiplying and the number
of students graduating from them and
desiring full college educations is rapidly
increasing. If Wesleyan can measure
up to the vast educational opportunity
before it. It is but a matter of
a few years until: its student body oi
young men and young women Enrolled
in the work of the college. of liberal
arts will compare favorable with the
larger educational institutions of
Although the number for college
work in the year 1908^09 ntimbered but
thirty-three students, every year since
then has" shown a fine increase and
last year 221 persons were devoting
their whole time to College study.
Within the next five years Wcsleyan
can easily enroll 500 college students
per year If it can be prepared to take
care of them; and there would seem
to be no reason why it might not have
800 or 1.000 students within the next
seven or eight years if it- can secure
the hearty co-operation of all its
; friends.
Recognizing these facts, President
Fleming has formulated a plan for the
adding of one-half million dollars to
Sweet's Serpentaria Compound
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ieraon should be vanished.
It is the most "wonderful preparation
. ver made for the purpose and is entrely
different from all other remedies,
"o prepared that it is practically im ossible
to take it into tho human aysem
without beneficial results. Conains
no salicylic or other injurious
iclds and Is absolutely guaranteed to
>e free from morphine and other nar1
COMPOUND as directed and you "will'
ooh dethrone the worst and most
ainful forms of Rheumatism.
Price $1.00 at your, druggist. If he
-annot supply you,;, write direct to- us
and we will send you a bottle prepaid
upon receipt of , price.
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r . . i t
p Little r
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reeks. When 1
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th good butter i
[ A K 14-1 .TV m
1 , I , J ,1 jV I I I 1 ''
the resources of the institution. The
plan contemplates the securing of at
least $200,000 of this amount in large
subscriptions. Four subscriptions of
$25,000 each, five of $10,000 and ten of
$5,000 must be secured. With this start
and in accordance with the nlans which
have been successfully operated by a
large number of otber [Methodist institutions,
there will be no great difficulty
in securing the rest of the onehalf
The trustees of the college, at their
annual meeting; held on June 20, gave
careful and prayerful consideration to
the plans, and unanimously approved
it and pledged their utmost endeavor
to carry it to a successful completion.
The following is a copy of the resolutions
which they adopted in authorizing
this financial campaign:
The committee on endowment would
respectfully recommend as follows:
"First. That the hoard of trustees
join in "the general jubilee campaign
for Christian endowment and give its
official sanction to a financial forward
movement with the determination that
$500,000 be added to the resources of
West Virginia TVesleyan College within
the' next two years.
"Second. We recommend that $400.-000
of the proposed, amount be added
to our permanent endowment fund.
"Third. That $100,000 of said sum
be set aside as U contingent iund to
pay all outstanding indebtedness of
the institution, to pay for such additional
equipment as the hoard may
authorize and to provide for the deficit
of the institution until such time as
the amount pledged in this campaign
becomes available for use..
"Fourth. That the pledge in this
Jubilee campaign be secured on a five
year basis of payment with interest
on the navments as thev may come
due, or in such other forms as the
donors may specify.
! "Fifth, iThat we pledge our utmost
endeavor to secure the initial subscriptions
outlined in President Fleming's
report; namely, at least four
subscriptions of $25,000 each, at least
five of $10,000 each and at least ten
of $5,000 each. We recommend that
these pledges be made conditioned
upon the securing of the entire amount
in subscriptions which the board ol
trustees shall consider bona fide, or
be made In such other way as the subscriber
may specify.
"Sixth. That an extraordinary session
of our body be held on Frfday oi
conference week at Thompson church
Wheeling, to confer with the ministers
and laymen of the conference as to a
stale-wide simultaneous campaign in
all our churches in the interest of this
"Seventh. That whatever expense
may be incurred In the promoting oi
this- campaign be charged against the
receipts of the contingent fund of It
"Eighth. That we invite the cooperation
of the financial experts ol
our; Methodist board of} education in
the management of this campaign.
"Ninth. That the first .subscriptions
received^ that are not^ otherwise db
- ?? ~
fe Have
rimns u
sry day with the
Are are going to <
[ With Wil
the kiddies com<
>ig slice of WILSC
'eady for them.
takes their lesso
great movement are invited to correspond
with President Fleming.
RIVERSIDE, CaliL, 'Nov. 28.?This
city is to have a home for stray cats,
sick dogs, and any other domesticated
animals in need of sustenance and
Mrs, C. M. Loring, of Minneapolis
and of Riverside, has given 53,000 for
such a home. She is interested in
homeless animals, and has wanted for
some lime to build a* bungalow for
their aid.
The matter has been submitted to
the city council, and a parjfc of the
acreage belonging to the city will bo
leased* to the association organized to
' '
Thousands Take
this mild, family remedy to avoid illness,
r and to improve and protect their health.
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1 . : ;; 'li1.'' M.''V j . > ' '/V
trustees -was held on Friday, September
29, at Thompson church, Wheeling,
in order to confer with Iho authorities
of the conference with reference
to the carrying out of the plan.
The conference gave hearty approval.
The following organization was effected
Chairman of the campaign committee
?The Hon. Charles AV. Lynch.
First vice president?-The Hon. Harvey
W. Manner.
Second vice president?The Rev. S.
K. Arbuthnot.
Third vice president?The Hon, S. V.
Secretary?The Rev. H. C. Howard.
Treasurer?Edward Rowlands.
Chairman of the various districts?
The district superintendents.
The Rev. S. K. Arbuthnot, D. D., was
appointed by Bishop Hamilton as the
field agent of the permanent fund for
the veteran ministers of the conference^,
with the understanding that Dr.
Arbuthnot'S time would be devoted to
the college campaign during the next
few months.
President Fleming reports, at Lhe
time that we are going to press, that
the amount subcrlbed to this fund to
date is $6T,300. Two subscriptions of
$25,000 each|have been secured and it
is imperative that two athers be found,
Attention is calle dto the fact that
monies given in this way are not expended
and lostj but that they are
permanently invested and that the jticome
from these endowment funds is
to go on perpetually in securing the
welfare of Wesleyan and the upbulld;
ing of the Kingdom of God.
Persons who are interested In this
F M i :K <7 28. 1916.
' '' I?.
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Been Ei
it the em
! boys and girls
:ontinue giving
sons Spier
3 tearing in aftei
Their pleasure ^
ns easier next
' ' V'tvi"{iit'i,'''d --["V '[ P?$| 'Rj^'-,,1i }' *-!"' 13^ " ''' }: ^'!'V
tnkc over the bcneflclcnt fund. Hereafter
stray cats will'bo welcomed in
What its inventor says is an un_
breakable telephone receiver has a
steel skeleton within its hard rubber
Germans havo developed a process
for spinning kapok fibers Into yarns
that can bo woven into textiles.
Ever try to count the dead fallen
hairs In your comb and brush? They
are natu re's! ady anq e warn In g of future
baldness and proof that the dandruff
germ is busy on your scalp.
Dr. Sangerbund, the famous Paris
specialist, first discovered that ^dandruff
and falling hair are caused by a
microbe. Then came the discovery of
the value of the real Parisian Sago
(liquid form) in destroying the dan- 1
druft- germ and promptly preventing
Uio fnrllifir Inns nf Vinfr Tlin Off
of only three days' use of Parisian
Sage is simply marvelous/ and the
American.: people have now- a-wakened
to the fact that dandruff Is just as unnecessary
as it is unhealthy, and that
they can be quickly rid of it and save
their hair by using a few ounces of
Parisian Sage.
Parisian Sage is sold for not more
than 50 cents a large bottle at drug
and toilet counters everywhere. It
is an ideal, daintily perfumed liquid
free from grease and stickiness, and
will surely cause hair to grow soft,
lustrous and really seem twice as
abundant. ?
Wells-Haymaker Company always
have a large supply, and guarantee it
LV you.- ilUVUl UDCiUCUU.
: . : ./ - ' I
' ' ' : ' ' .
| ? - l ,?
and we are all
riCKETS with
idid Bread
* school they are
> BREAD generwill
be two fold.
day. Ask your
? Masonic Temple
^ i.-i' V- 'V 1'-1 v:. -
. : " ^ ' ' : . -M . ' / n '
,1 my, IBS
Unlike Most Li
n p????mmmmm?????i?*
ijlr the hom he*
w(pve is ezzt&ronea
ihere is Music.
Ytzzd wfterefove
and UleioduaAidej
finds a resfrnopia
A musical atmosphei
the sort of a being thai
will help his mental gr<
JLJAieiiuju. musmuiaa
praise this instru- 'i
ment. It has a sweet
individuality of tone
- : : . V
The Pla
It is builded with the
care expert music
craftsmen delight to
bestow upon a worthy
. *.
^ ^0 J Q g t ^ ff H
jwtli 3rii(i soothe l*ijs N
^Clarks^rp;, W. Va! . jj

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