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Only 16 More SI
Masonic Auditori
AxJ~S *3
3&e"^?me 255
Kaln sftAcrl crme
- r
**" 1
B3 iw-idii for tJils department au
M *eot or telopiicsoed to tho Tftksffr
i___ _
Buvauir Saturday. Mo
The Kastern Suir will haid a ha- tht=
Kiiar Saturday, December !?. . in the- Sa;
Moore building on Fourth street, i
Members will take articles for the :
bazaar Friday afternoon. j^0
? J, in
Alias Elizabeth Burghum. daughter ; .?
of Air. and Mrs. O. H. Iturghain. left I
The Hazel-Atlas Glass Company K
l:as drilled a 2.000,U(f0;*foot gas well . y
mi the S. O. Williams farm near Graf- :
ton. It is the largest gas Well ever
drilled in Taylor comity.
.1 uotaiEXT sirsi1 K.VDKD.
Accused of having .violated the prohibition
law William Post made a
<011 fession in the criminal court Wednesday
morning and he was sentenced r
to serve a term of two months and
ten days in jail and on the roads and
pay a One of $125. As he;,.is 'serving]
a federal court sentence; the judg- A\
ineni of the court was suspended ua-i
til March.
? ma
Freshly Ground Daily J | ?aI
| 1 Of
Prisciiia Beauty j|
Parlor i:"?
i |l
M. B. Bobbins j
Scalp Treatment
Swcedish Massage with |; In
Violet Iiay 1' at"
132 S. Second Street, g 1 inE
P ? wo
Bell Phone 326-R | fill
B ate
-~yr |at
I Ay to Livery |
Co. I
is jf? mi
I EITHER P!iO\E | ft
w m ma n ,M. i w T..*rr?-iv*' v !.^g WP',I*H
Gold Medal I H
FLOXJE $1.25 | JJ
Special Price for Thurs- |
iday. J a
WKv !)n Von
I -waste your time hunting a
I 'lionif either to buy or rent? *c
We know iivtticrc the best
I ones are because it is our
husiuess to know, and we can 3
save you both time and;
money it you come to us.
1 Glenn 3. Waters 5!
I "The Real Estate Man" 5"
205-208 Prunty Bldg. X
/" HI i
? f- -
?? ??
irst, Because
tiepping Days p
um, Thursday =
t. iue Aaoe Xt g
Xiikmkiq j
err-. . .0 . . . El
J-JUXniAM&Ui CCoH&A^tlJ.Ua
- * n'
:? ir
Tr-rnTr.-n.rr.^n i
Personal1 \
t? welcomed, They may be g V;
sun's eiitorlal departmact I s
- T|n
mdayfor Pasadena. Calif., to spend . tl
> winter with her sister. Mrs. Kva j f>
y res. j
Mrs, W. italston Shaw, of Parkers- j '*
rg. is'a guest of Mrs. Wood ward F. j 1
binson. ' 8
' V.
Miss Bessie Goodwin, and Miss j v
ry C. Boggess are visiting friends !
*"* I 1 "S?." " !- '">-1 ! ?, " , Ml I"IW " I *>| ^1
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? B|
rs. John G. Thompson, of h
Monticello Addition, Routs ?
a Mysterious Prowler. a
JisplayJng a coolness that might not
expected even from the average
,n, Mrs. John G. Thompson, of South
cstnut street. Montlcelio addition.
*ly Tuesday evening, routed an inder
in the Thompson home. Today p
v has the man's cap as a reminder
the occasion. She shot it off with
revolver .when the intruder started
her direction.
t? is said that the intruder, who is
identified, had been seen around the .
ompson home several times in the
t few weeks, but hnd always man- 7.
?d to escape when Mr. Thompson or *,
y of the neighbors began a search.
was shortly after dusk Tuesday ni
jnihg when Mrs. Thompson, alone
the house save for her little daugh.
saw the mysterious visitor In the u
r<l. Loading the revolver, she
ively went out Into the yard. When i.1
> intruder saw Mrs. Thompson he 11
rted in her direction in a threaten- .
; manner. He didn't get far. Tlic
man aimed the revolver at the man's
id and pulled the trigger. A mont
later she saw the man disappear- 15
; at a pace which might be ealcu- a
cd to beat a telegram across the
,ntry- n
To investigate the present system y
car distribution, thereby hoping to
ect a more unil'orpi supply at the
nes, will be the matter taken up
a meeting of the coal operators of
e Fairmont district, called for next
iesday; December 1.2, to be held in
e rooms of the Fairmont chamber
commerce. About sixty operators
ntrolling 125 mines arc concerned
the results of the session.
Marion Boone was sentenced Wed;sday
by Judge James W. Kobinson
the crimlnal court to serve one
ar 'in. the state penitentiary at ;
oundsville upon a second conviction
violation of the liquor laws of the
ate. Boone was found guilty at
c present term of the court. He is
young man and a coal miner. ;
As a result of a meeting of tlie
fmpany recently, the Clarksburg Inistrial
Company Wednesday distribted
ten per cent dividend checks,
erry C. Williams and John if. Flanlin
have been appointed to audit the
joks of the company.
James Pischner. who had been
?und guilty of a liquor violation,
as sentenced in the criminal court
Wednesday to serve four months in
.il and on the roads and to pay a
le of ?100 and costs.
H. Frank Horr, exalted Ruler, and
alter B. Wilson, secretary of the
nrksburg lodge of Elks, -will go to
ttsburg tonight to attend the dedition
services of the new Elks home
ere tomorrow night. They will rern,
Friday. 1
Then you must know that ]
ickness leaves weakness and ;
ou should commence taking
o put an edge on your appetite,
jut power in your blood, induce
esttul sleep and restore
our nerve force- Scott's
i a true tonic-food which is YlJ?
'ee from alcohol. 4LjL j
Scott ^Ihmao, HlMuiltld. K.J. lft-S .
ids Fair to Outdo Himself in
Matters Electrical for the
Masonic Minstrels.
Hal ( orbin, engaged by the manage-]
tent of the Masonie Merry Minstrels, i
> he presented at the Masonic audi- j
trium Tuesday evening. IXieember 12,!
ids fair to outdo himself in all his:
fforts concerning things electric.
Mr. t'orhin will offer for the approv- j
1 of title audience which is to see the
fosonlc Merry Minstrels an electric!
>untain. which will he part, of the
age settings during the flrst part of.
ie minstrel The is the first time'
a,y thing near approa&ilng this speeide
has been attempted upon a local \
Then again will be the moving]
louds, the twinkling stars, tlie railing1
now and the grand cascade of liags.
11 of iheso features are new and have]
ot been presented upon ?anv stage in ;
lis city and the ideas are entlrty i
riginal with Mr. Corbin.
In this. Ihc initial attempt of the]
teal Masonic club, in its offering to :
te public of the Merry Masonic Mill- ;
trels nothing is being left undone!
hich might assure the success of tliej
fllOfiWBlllON I
, : : , I'--:'-" v 1 : ' " . : i
o Be Given at 6:30 o'clock
This Evening by Jack Williams.
the "Human Fly.'?
: j
T'sing only his hands and reef.. !
ack Williams, of Dayton. O., who
vies himself the "human fly."
Imbed the outside of the Union
ational Dank building, a ten-story
ructure, early Tuesday evening.
ftiir tU,. I;1? -II ?> 1
*. i 4 v.? viuuf, i i n/ i , in,: vs i ui iJ'f'iJ ;s
> the top of the flagstaff. Thousands !
f persons in Third and West Main
:reets watched the exhibition.
Mr. Williams will scale the Waldo
otel building. six "stories, at fi:30
'clock this evening.
The "hurhan fly" will leave here in
day or two for Fairmont, where he
ill give exhibitions.
or the Town of Stealey is.
Organized at a Meeting I
Held There.
Mayor D. H. Mitchell and a mini-'
?r of citizens of Stealey Heights met ,
uesday night at the council room
lere and organized a volunteer fire
apartment consisting of a chief 'Fire
an. an assistant chief, first and sec- j
ad captains and fifty vo'nnteer fire-;
ten who will meet weekly for drill
ork. A regular fire committee was
ppointed and the same will arrange
>r a big banquet In behalf ol" the
rem en.
Chief S. R. Huffman, of the Clarksurg
fire department, attended the
:eoting. He lent valuable assistance
i organizing the volunteer de partLent.
There will be another meeting
t, 8 o'clock Friday evening.
Hast December Germany had more
mm -i f\ n r\ n 'a n ' ?. ? -i
mu JV,UUV,I;VU tuna itau inure man
0,000,000 beet" cattle of all kinds.
?for something sweet
finds pleasant realization
in tlie pnre, wholesome,
wheat and barley
No danger of upsetting
the stomach ? and
remember, Grape-Nuts
is a.true food, good for
any meal or between
"There's a Reason**
f II , 1
' y.'.'pp ;f.f a/- ,_ ^;,1 j ?'* \.%*"?-\' yvT V "' ."\ / .,(' . \ |"'V ' f i-y^/si" y )
; ':\i:% .*1^.^'figj? .' '^?V!--';j;'%^v^j^V^:J-'J^jl '.;i'!^1-VJ ':' ':r/x-;;'\l vS;>'?'),>,.',-.'> *$' : x
To Be Held by the Federal Farm
Loan Board in the City
of Charleston. j
TT", T*T |
.The federal farm loan board, with j
Secretary McAdoo presiding. will1
conduct a hearing in the federalj
building at Charleston, December t),.'
at 10 o'clock a. in.
This hearing is for the purpose of '
IV .. ! .. ..... .. ; _ _. , . J. . .1. m _
hi iurniii.1 iifu u# to i iifi i?irm
luitn needs of the farmers of West. I
Virginia. It is important that a'
great many representative farmers bo
brought to this mooting. It is also
important that all the cities of West
Virginia be given an Opportunity toj
be heard in the matter of locating!
these federal land banks.
Secretary McAdoo is making this
trip for the purpose of getting information
to determine the boundaries!
of the twelve federal land bank districts
and (lie locations for these
banks. It is also for the purpose of
explaining to the farmers of West
Virginia the details of the farm loan
act, and to give them an opportunity
to explain their financial needs, '
The board would like to get information
about interest rates, com mis- i
sions. length of loans, farm tenantry*
as affected by credit, farm development
as affected by credit, and other
things that would show the farm loan
needs of the state.
Tiie department is asking about a
dozen leading agricultural authorities
of West Virginia at this hearing
to testily as to the financial needs of
tlie West Virginia farmers. The extension
workers of the state, county
experts, grange officers, and any who
are closely allied with the farming
business* would he able to give the
board valuable information.
Possibly some of our citizens aoi
: . i .. : * ? j ??_ ? 1 -
i j v?'I V i hi iri t'xi'M in pruKrwBSive ifirm- :
ing might wish to attend this hearing.
Will Be Next President of the
State Senate Says Weston
WESTON, Dec. 6?George E.
White in the Weston Independent..
in its Issue of tit is week, says:
Senator Rov E. T'arnsh. of Clarksburg.
will he the next president of the
state senate, unless all signs fail. At
the extra session, just closed, a boom
was plan ml jOI- hini i>y his large clrclo
or friends over the state, which met
with surprsing success. The preside
nc> of the Senate 1s an important
position since the death of the governor
under the constitution, elevates
the president to the governorship.
Senator Punish is one of the ten
hold-over senators of the majority,
and as the presidency always goes to
a hold-over, his chances are good.
His attention to the work and his
qualifications make him an available
man in every respect. The pledges of
support already offered him muke
him a formidable candidate, and others
can be counted upon according
to his friends. Having served with
him through' one regular and three
extra sessions of the legislature, we
art- sure the people of West Virginia
could not have their business in the
hands of a safer man. With all respect
to the ability -of other senators,
we believe Senator Parrish is best
fitted for this important place and we
trust the Senate in Its wisdom will
choose him.
i fnVn RFfiRRF
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guns and ammunition. It "was agreed
that the occasion called for one of
the strongest men in England to
awaken the country to the paramount
necessity of providing war materials
on a huge scale. "The battle of
Neuve Chapclle," as Lloyd George,
said, "had consumed more ammunition
than was used In the whole Boer
The manner in which Lloyd George
tackled this new problem wa? typical
of his energetic career. He hurried
the passage through parliament of a
special munitions bill which gave the
government broad powers of control
over all factories that were making or
capable of making war munitions.
The bi ll'made strikes and lockouts illegal,
gave power to fine "slackers";
limited the profits of employers, and
provided for a volunteer army of
workers who should pledge themselves
to go wherever the government
would require them to work in the
Exasperated by the slowness with
which workers rallied to the factories,
Lloyd George gave tho labor leaders
just seven days in which to make
good their promise of getting sufficient
men to man the plants for
maximum production. During the
week the newspapers all over the United
Kingdom "were flooded with full
pag<y advertisements, and the labor
leaders turned town halls throughout
the countrv into recruitinc offices
with the result that women as well)
as men workers enlisted in even,
greater numbers than wero necessary,
and the munitions problem was
soon solved.
Lloyd George was one of those who
found intoxication to be a serious
handicap In maintaining efficiency at
the munitions plants, and it was
through his vigorous handling of the
situation that new legislative restrictions
on liquor Hale were put into effect.
The condition of Ernest Swiger.
head bookkeeper at the Waldo hotel,
who underwent an operation at St.
Mary's hospital a few days ago for
fistula, is improving. He has been
.moved.to his borne on North Chcat>
nut street, 4 s
v'1::. ^,,1" - !': ' ' .-.; -\:-v; :
Purify your Moot! by taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla, Thia medtcino
has been and still is the people's
medicine because of Its reliable
character and its wonderful success
in the treatment of the common dieeases
and ailments-?scrofula, catarrh.
rheumatism, dyspepsia, loss
of appetite, that tired feel lug. general
Hood's Snrsaparilla has been tested
forty years. Get it today.
To Stealey Will Give Relief to;
Patrons of the Adamston
Traction Line.
The Monongahela Valley Traction!
Company Wednesday announced that
it had put. into service ntv extra car
to Stealey Heights, which will make
connect tons' at tho West end bridge
with the Ad am st on car, thus affording
relief to patrons of the Adnmston
line who have been forced to walk
from the bridjje to the Junction of
\Vest Main an<1 West Pike streets, owing
to the paving work under way
there. I*>
The extra ear will leave the internrtuin
station on the liour and forty
minutes after the hour. Koturnlng
It will ,leave St.oftlcy at ten Jtnd llfty
miuutes after the hour. Patrons of
the company's Ada unit on line will hoi
transferred at the bridge. Tho ar-'
rangement is temporary and is to remain
in effect. only until such timo
as better arrangements can be perfected.
Ill JHllL III Hit
Jailed by Deputy Sheriff for
Abusing Wife; Formerly in
Asylum at Weston.
Albert Wolfe, a former inmate of
the state hospital for insane persons
at Weston, Is a prisoner in the county
jail and It Ib thought that he will
be senL back to Weston as a result
of an attack upon his wlfo at their
homo at Union Heights Tuesday afternoon.
Wolfe had apparently recovered his
reason and was discharged from the
hospital, but something went wrong)
with him Tuesday afternoon and he'
loHt. his reason and heat It Ib wife terribly
and not being satisfied with that
he seized a large butcher knife and
chased her out of the house Inflicting
several small cuts about Iter
artns and body.
Neighbors seeing the trouble summoned
oounty oilicers to the scene
and Deputy SherifT Daco M. Wolfe
brought Wolfe to the county Jail
where he will be kept until his rase Is
decided. A lunacy warrant will be
sworn out against him atari he will be
given a trial before the county lunacy
board. If be is pronounced insane hoi
will be returned to Weston and If not)
insane other charges will be sworn
out against liim and he will be prosecuted.
Although Mrs. Wolfe's injuries are
very painful they are not serious and
she will be all right,In a few days.
iiuuifiniiiniv u i
(Continued from Page 1.) I
.? ?11 |
drede of thousands of men. back In
Buch disorder that even apparentl>
impregnable positions, such as those (
along the rivers Alt and Arguche (
could not be held more than a few j
hours. I
The line of the Argechu river, with
its flooded dashing torrent. 300 yards '
to a quarter of a mile wide forming 1
a natural defense, appeared to bo bo
strong that the Germans themselves
expected this last lino of defense bo- <
fore Bucharest would require time and 1
a hard effort to force. But the river 1
was crossed both to the north and to <
the. south of the city almost without
breaking the stride of the advancing
armteH. Tho Roumanians left the
bridges across the stream to tho north
of the intact.
The Clarksburg Business Men's ]
League will meet Thursday night to i
discuss the Christmas shopping proposition.
Credits will be looked into.
itooert ana jonn Martin, orocners, | ]
were acquitted of charges of disorder- I (
)y conduct at a trial before Mayor G. i
H. Gordon In police court Tuesday l 1
evening. L
KESIGNS rosiTiox.
Blondle Kenney has resigned his
position at the Western Union telegraph
office, at which place he had
beeu in service for three years, to accept
a position with the Henderson
Lumber Company as office boy. :
The new railroad committee appointed
:by the board of trade will
hold its first meeting at 8 o'clock
Friday evening In the board of*trade
rooms In the Union Bank building.
At this meeting the committee will
organize and get down to business
and great results are expected from
this committee in the near future.
Every effort will be made to get a
new railroad for Clarksburg.
Floyd Skidmore, who had been found
guilty of the theft of a horse belonging
to G. M. (Martin, of Jones's run, was
sentenced Wednesday in the criminal
court to serve two years In the penitentiary
at MoundsvillA > >
COLUMBUS. O.. Dec. 6.?Charles
Q. Htldebrant, secretary of state,
Wednesday ordered a statewide Investigation
of charges of frand and
error In the recent Ohio election. The
charges were filed wlthiihini: by the ^
Republican state: committee. All ballots
which would have been destroyed \
Thursday were ordered preserved.
! "J-:-foil4r?-f 1 fi,j.^-f.1 ?ili1:./ . \'w jSifo : i"/i' 1 J,' 'V1
i , ?i'4 1 i HqVS i- f . . r \ i i } !, raBRj '
I I It
Why do
on this o
Why do we repeat so
of ten "that this store is
the largest exclusive
men's and boys' store in
this entitle section?
Because YOUR best
interests and OURS are
We want you to get :
that new suit and over- I
coat here?and you want
to get them where the
assortments are greatest.
Which brings us back j
to the starting point.
There can's be any
better place to buy than
but at the largest cloth
mg store 01 tnem all. 1
And that's Nusbaum's
Suits arc $16.50 to $411
Overcoats $16.50 to $45
.? +
As the Result of a Change Just i
Made by the Baltimore 1[
and Ohio. ::
: | |
The territoiy over Which II. II. y
MarKli will have jurisdiction its dlvisIon
freight agent of the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad at. Graf tori, embraces
the lines between Grafton and
Parkchsburg, New Martinsville and
Moundsvllle; also the West Virginia
and Pittsburg branch between Clarksburg
and Rich wood and the Grafton
-n * -a + . 1 i. ? - t. ? w -- i.1. ? ?
nuu aiciiMgLi/u IJI ixiiLJi sumnwaru
from Grafton to Bellngton. The appointment
of Mr. Marsh bocomOB af- j
fectlvo at once and 1b in line with a
policy of the management of extending
the; jurisdiction and emphasizing
the importance of its district trafllc
offices In order to bring the representatives
of the company into closest
touch with the business communi- 5
ties- .
Prior to the change Mr. Marsh was .
llvisjon freight agent at Parkersburg, (
n charge of the territory served by ,
the Ohio river lines of the company.
His successor at Parkersburg has not
been selected, although It is expected
that this will he done at an early
late. j
Under the new arrangement Mr. t
Marsh will report directly to the gen- (
nral freight agent at Baltimore and t
will be a part of the organization of {
the freight trafllc manager for the j
sastern lines of the system.
NEW YORK*?Dec? 6"!? A distribu- \
tion of ^300,000 among its 1,000 em- c
ployes was voted Wednesday by the j
directors of the Guaranty Trust Com- y
pany, one of tho largest financial In- c
3tltutions in New York.
' *
(?v ^ wociA-rro priiii; t
WASHINGTON, Dec. 6.-?Tho New- j
port News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock r
Company and the Cramps In propos- t
als submitted to the navy department I
Wednesday offered to build four bat- ii
I UA t rprprn
j NU MA11C.K
I the interest rate, no
1 considered desirable
I of the principal is ajt
|| The management
9< safety ahead of eve
Kj tion and an account
|l partment is a sound,
I{ venient investment,
| whether you have <
1, Thousand to deposi
jg Four per cent com
I Qaritsbm^lri
I Cor, Pike and>^3jB
<i 3rdSts JjgfSS
|g gggigiB^j^Jj
we harp |j|
ne fact ? J
kJ11 1
fi p Y jj
W[ {| \a -m
a\ tT: v. ; I
. .i 'V 1 N
jy.t. j
' >;"u^ I
ii if ni'm'llu n I-]!
; j See "Faust,*' givcn by v;<:|M
j tin' M area to Choral Club
at the Masonic Auditor- !
^ ium. Thursday. Decern- ^9
t.lo crulHors at cost. plun ton per cent
'or thoir profit. The Union works, 8
if San Francisco. and the Koro River
shipbuilding Company offered to
build thri ships at actual cost plus ten
1 l>V llf1!*! Ij* B
William H. Sturdier dualMed before
the county court Wednesday as
A marriage license has been Issued
to Lloyd S. Slaughter and Johanna ;-||gra
<??" _ ? ????- I
( y nxociATrD PHI?) ' ?j;! i ^
MADRID, Spain. Dec. 6.?One ht|nIred
members of the crew of the' 1 'jftfraaBM
Sponlsh stenmshfp Plo Four, from
?Iow Orleans for Barcelona, were M
Irowned by the sinking of the vessel |S
n a storm when 200 miles off the IS
BANGOR. Me.. Dec. <6.?The deck
on of the Bangor and Arostok rail- |?
oad to give a bonus of four per cent:A/4i^|aBM
>n wages earned in the last :slx
nonths to all employes receiving le^
han $2,000 was announced by PrePjlaili
dent Percy R. Todd Wednesday. ||
ELLWOOD CITY. Dec. fi?In order S
o help their employes through the g|
mriod of high prices, two local steetyaffi|^|
:oncoms have distributed several
oads of coal, hams, potatoes,'cab- Igf
>age and apples to their employes at j||
WASHINGTON, Dec. 6-?Prohibi- II
ion of betting on elections was pro- L-j
>osed in an amendment to the cor
upt practices bill offered Wednes^av
sh able ^ by fine of,5 5 0 O.^,
pound i^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ |jjj

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