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iv . '
? , ,?l ,- -
jjl' or liM'c-y Mnimcl
SI)irts will go for
I | 9Sc
II. jjj| 17in 1 < r Sk i i-t s w i i!
|| rag i~? 1,1
|j | 39c |
P Alcirs or !.;
| m T X T*"* XX x 7 7i y '
Are the Romance and Ac'ven.
turous Exploits of Foreign
Legion of France.
^ fwr? jAiTOTrf?' TOI rnftw
4| : WASHINGTON, ]><*< . Yn intimate
study of th'0. spirit \i *ik .1 'I"!;
II / nates the ian .nis Fr--:.c!i Fore is u 1 .
SI ' gion in tin- present world-war i
|| en by Lieu tenan t Ziiiovi i'eci I in
P a communication to Ibe, NniiVuini tirographic
Society, a part of v. hit
| released today |?v tk hoi j< iy ;ts :? 5:>'iIietin
of its war neonraphy .
f. Lieutenant IVhotY. v. tm v,
the first volunie. rs to P'"i|fL c !:
vices to France at thoouil n-;i n t he
ij, war in August. J b t t. is a 'It'll- nan?j$
subject who was uriab'" to rc-Uir:;: j.?
i * his own country from Italy in ;! first
few days of t bo gvy, .t rural' . H
I joined the foreign legion a- a p rfv it|
and after taking parti in t lire'" tieyl'l|
i ins bityorn-t charges was t <
i the rank of lieutenant, in v.-1 e-h enPi
parity he was leading a platoon
ef- against nil ent renehe?T marl,in<- gun
':?V; position when he receive-! :i v. ruin'!
|| How to Heal
rti ? *
Ij; bkm-Diseases
1A , Baltimore dor for suggi sta , this
"?i% ' simple, but reliable and inexpertsi'v ,
home treatment pec-ple eu|TL;rm&
with ijf/riiui ritig- ^
worm, rnsbca and r/7^
similar itching. 1 urn- j
ihg skin l.rouM< s. /
druggist^ get a j ;r <>t _/XJ V
resinol ointment and
a cake of re.-in?>! -,y.
, These are not, at a!i . With
% tli'e rwin??l .?? ? : d warm \vatv.f bathe
the affected part-, thoroughly. uhtil
they are free from hp tin!ami t.lie skin
is softened. iJtry very gently, spiv:. !
on a thin layer of vise r?-duol ointment,
and cover with a I'glit le.ndago-r-if necessary
to jirriieei the eh. thin s. T d-?
should be done t\\ i e a dny. I'-nial'v*
the itching and bus siiajr .- e.uh t.h'??
first treatment.' and the skin < m h-comes
clear and h . '.thy again.
Almost any y. "11 cb -n -'- isi
and hair. I.nf th-.- ut|'k> :...? ..
' : which not ojil- </' i- -.>s but i'- t "
helps the comrde-.'.>i! sad Lair art vri
to choose resiuol aso.ti'.
I Just loch at
the big, r
strong /Tr: -P
you can ir
buna I K^--.
^TCV ' < rj
.-j... .. ?y ).-. v-,-.'.
v.-k- \ .-- '
-' -r" i /'-' ' t.'-. r - -: .. r
y-ii ' i '??
ins ioy
I : TITH Krcctor your boy can
YY 'Viaius"?some 21 feet 3c
I : | struction toy has girders cx
I I Erector motor, free with.' most sets,
I Our display!of Erector 3s worth
I along-. Erector is the finest of all
I '] Four' * Set.
I ?
:n and Women D?
pendahle Merchand
Y?zi Can Easy Do It
l''or \vc "i c ;; ( ?;] "4" \ o nflcr ym \
i < > l clniinrs W'T'Ti'tji tjJ" ! lie iiigLo;
v-'t-s. Furs: Mcf K ;11;:! I???ys* (
1 1' nli! n ' .!.) } I :m t \Y (' hi. V'!- <
a il ill'.' if i:l i! -hi.in in ry. Rend ti
\v!icl ii"i il wili |i;iy \ oii l <> ;i1 i c
' i< s' s ! 5.01), s 1 S.i JO n 11 < 1
i I -1 ;i i it i I uI < '< ;11 s, ;d.
$5.95 and up
liiic-.' 1 .725.4K> naiul
S i .1 ts, at
en's - ! ' i Knits' or Ovors
x' ; . i - ii. -?S_. J
y~? 7~~n 7n s~\ *rv v~\
-tt 2?' S a P 5 8 if~l
jl?,' jl. -?? A~*r JL-~i
v: !ii< li ' i i h'! ::i his rich' a rni. Fur
tii - > x trod in this chiirpie. which re"'!!
rj tii (he ?; ! ! i: i M -?iir h'o-s of
:*:rs..! o t i' ni'iiis ill f ilt spa of for
t vs i 't ti tiiitt'tl the >:.'!t?M-.il staff
it.' ) < I i! i hat it would -i 11?
two , i; t J a ! >.lf tio'ti !-ion I a at
i hi-.oft r- is r.'-'il tiit- war en- . ' v itli
. palms l v I it- I: i t;! i i ?>l' tin- tour Hass
. of tiii .i i 'h l-) a ltd t 111 Tij iI. t > ry
i. . -ial I or ViilO^ir.
Via- srcil',-' l.iTi li < -! i nt. based on
;t J hit 1 ti i i >'iht it off 'a <:o fa fa u n teat ion
! follows: \r.b ' ! ...\
'f lu ininir MpisoVJe.
romu-ice afiVi fho iolveiif*1 roiii-;
1 I'Mi'si::- with tin- tnirm of
i i ' i j; r; I t i of I'laiU'c Constitil!'.'
su hi tie- li us! i i i < ? m rt;;-i|iti'
I ti s:!i : apt oiii - jn the history
I el its t ration i.i'M'iirt a period exi ond'ir,
over i lie a:;-, an-r portion of the
:11 ti> t>- a ;:ii : inrv. i t is not sin
it; ihsiv'.ii.-, that v.lien the hour
r. in Ifl'Oal est trial Jtlli V' 'I ill
Aiiras. I'll i. this notahie urgani
%' -Ion. then iti service in JVIoroe. o an 1
Via ft'ia. sh nuld hn\ o been uiuottf; the
tsr.-h bodies- < !' u&pps In Ik- rut-led to
th frout, nor it if to he ys ucd'-roii
Ht that t1 ' I -ri'-i! should h: ye fo! i:nTl
the nitri:. i;;: to whteit taaviniti'il
I upit! a.nd -: of eager spirits of other;
ha t ii ! ttlifb who t'-'t that the rausth
a" I t, :?,r?d 1 "renoli lib'f'-jes was
their own cans'1.
'"I"'- J-'t.-ncii jrovernment xvns ousel: |
to / tin- out i any in lib- appeal
of tiny f'.-fivifwh past :n hii-v/ !,tents of
: > i-ieti b-'itioii. a fttl each bat.'a lion of;
.i.'he four : n;:-!-h:it- wits jaatb- the eon_
tr'ftl unit i'f a new volunteer roci
it ''tit. It should be plained to;
ATi?e"h:-a.'i lay no-n .that the French ,
:a. "-lit" i a ntueh larger \niIt than'he
voajhnt: m of the American ariny.
In. I'i ..to " the sttetigth of a .company
y'yse r, ; t It ore are four colhpiiu:'.i
s t ! i" ' ..-a talbot; for.; ba t l al ions I o
tIt- recipient. |so, with each battftl-a
u?!i e: the' four re-itie-nts as a 're- \
.erui: :m: ce'teler for a new rofjiVoent. j
the st' eitL'th of ?1:o. fove'inh- lirgioh i
vrJi(;n ;t sii-.-!i reiTintont - were com-'
pie ted* torched a total in exco.-s of \
!'.oto.,e men. ; ;
v? nnarc in iniiini y.
"V.'her. th" lanidjiircs ffivt reachM j
; line t venc.h warfare \vas In |
it r: y. Xo one could then iniag- j
what j- v. develop. In the
da >> ' >*ci>tember lhos<- linesj
: -rew int>? iii?- vast j
' and cpiumunlcaf- 1
; ' ??orhlnK more than j
ihhyw ! \ > :*:;11 lades in which ' itch '
Ids S",:urd some pro'tecWv
m ' '.A
I ft ! V[.p
/ 1 v V '
V, b-W i
" f v
* I I
4>.i ; - ;i
: 'VYh
* \ X A"-?' x
c-:\ v*.\
V\ "P*. fe/ m - :
m. \ / - -/ i
'<%. "W '
: I. -Z*GSSBg$$r,*
... ,. ^
r^Jl k^'&4?
.y - 1 ,- ', ;; : r I, , ' '..,, .,,/i :', j.'v ''
Structure.! Steel
build steel models which arc re ?uiar
;[ , '. rv-nc Z feet high. No otherconactly
like real structural stceL The
runs many of the models.
serine; Come in?;brin? yr ur Hoy
jjifps f r hoys. Sci'thu ' 'Fahiaus
??ke Street. I
; . j
C i"'Y P'f'II ni ^ i" 'i. '} A-li- |?j?
/ '
; + ?
You BeHeve in Bu
ise at Reduced Pr
Thursday, Friday an
day at
hi-irer I>.'! i*L!;i i! is i i r-\ c r.
st i' ?*;;(!' > of iuuiies' Suits,
'lotiriiiL*. Sli'f s, I n.'crwciir. a
liT-itlcd t< I l'f (III/*;- j >ri<'OH MOW 1
u se i'rv. jU'ifT'S Uiul fIi;f*i.i 10 lOi
ii'I t iii- sale.
i'ii.vs" Woo! Suits ui- 0\'r
> >_>."?!> fo s tO.OO Siii-:
1 ;ii s jl i go f< ?r
J $22.75
l !rin from burnt iiiifij i-:!irn.t :i? I and I lie
i;: of tit. (Jul IIO..V Oltftttrb'' ft' ' I I; Ill*
:.;t !* a nd do.ni h. it tit whdii flit* oil;
ri!.- hiir.fi t i<i * of l ii" Cerimei illv;.; i< ;i
a tin ally Hl.c.i'iin it,nl. and lib*' {irGfietfjg
if ; oiliiia it I'.'u-l-: b'*r.un 1 Inn lids r*
> - u I .oii;; ry ? vol ut.J.GJi Of what. is nil'A
known !is. 'trench '.vaiinr"' v.'as accom
'! have: been asked many time:- .-inc.;
i in Aiiin'iia, \viu IIa r or nov. flu
llf'* iii The tr<*:u!ios in nioiiotohoim;
is * ; Uie men ''an .stand .hi* strain of
l-vh-K e. iiis lit a 11 .v in an iwrifO.pli'm:
u;. Inn i***d w f|l? danger; how the
Ii i;oy nun ran rnijiiro tin* suispeuoe
< f ii i* i \ji? i*t' >i ."; r,:iii.'i e . ery hour in
tli< I > _1'h>* r ; I.'I'*." the soldi r <? h
i ii*".*! 1 >i;.i t he f
iif V :ii j11 c: < nhajv the order lo ehurg*
i !i<* * r s < !?iy . v. iuun i". J if vv s to bo only
a few yards in front of hiiti; bow ho
en it adjiisf himself to the liards.ilips
a:t*;l tin- iin*.??i\ m ? * ?.f livina for n
month at a Utile 1? iv/i-oo oarih< u \y:iIl.-r
; it'll' suy'iiost nothing i store forrefii!ty
fan the kifioii of a jiiidigious grave
*;! oh h?? has had to dig for Iii; oiifi
No Hiinsoiiabl;* Ahmut,
"To :i'l of the!-'.; i 'ionol rjtj. u.jonr it
: i. itiipo- i I j I' to tind it T.endonnbte aus\vbr
f-xi < ;n in the a;*.thra'-in;; reply
j that the modern sold lor has !>? on
j foro/'d in adapt hmvudf to a whnhdy
j a ekjtd itre. 'an rxeoehee ivlrfols
|.often X'ii! t r;*ires Jhs sotisii'iii;iibs. whieh
i":i ail his former habits of
i . .which distort:. his previous
<) ;< < }.<? ir.m; "f oibaturt comfort.1;., J/tll
' iihai. vtih'h does not make hiiii- any.
the; loss human. sympathetic. cowruficqtis
or soiromcubticine:. Indeed. I an*
Dtii ia'h 'f i.-lm-: MTs war: itisUMd. ?'."
.-!i Mii'fiic; moral ceil.' ; and 'n-etnlh'.up;
the wen wlin arc the active partic-i-,
pants in it. *.v i 11 develop arid ery.statlir.i
the noblest ha pulse-:-, (it" t!it>sr> who in.
the emnilo n a'l ni:u511? .<s c?r tbif- eh aria;
s*i\ ('CP ruthb ssly nv< r the enemy. The
soldier does tint 'liink of his e> nbiien;
as another human 'bebe;. tvs n iivinr:. !
brcathins entity. with heart, brain,
hr ntid lhobs like hints. H". if he
: wrav <;n i-fln- ider ihc 'man attain si.
yhpnt/he n?: . Kir* bayom ' for Mse
f ?f-.t iujfge ! <U? 'Site, believe ,'1" ? ??
coin pint ?-j the stroke. The enemy is
simply an obstaele which tnu-n be rein
ore d. This is the ppvehoJO" of i otnb'at
as 1 i. w it. la all their personal
relit'ions"in,"the trenches the soldier of
IMC is a more loyal friend, a more
"i-nia! 'cptnpatPon. a rituv. 'of trove
tender snik-tnuh? for the stricken, a
tnhve : e!f-:-:-erideiti:? patriot -all hi
all n Pn i'. r-o" ' r. hirutin'?than I
lite' n;.:e:> uidiyidua! who - r. listed from '
civilian l:f two yearr; syo.
face All f{s Own.
"When the I: : orv < ; - hi:- war eonics i
to he, written the Koie.^n Is v.ion's |
hart jp ,'iis. hathip's, ,t.s 'achieve-i
'iv.etiis. ami irr. filer it r. will occupy a
twice a'ii "n own. Ami on that pasre.;
Will : pprar Mm mimes of in or of ;:1rr.os;
i .cry nationality. Kiclu American
hoy s, for example, were in my i
company and one of ilie bravest of;
t!:e v.r.s Mi din Koekwell. ;i comrade!
of flit'' trenches who subsequently |
jcs;> <..ny avvatipu corps'tint? of whose '
t ragic deiuh ! toad just a few days]
after i t r,< hiph America. Perhaps. ii j
wot id riot in- out of. plaro to <jviofe ;l!
I?.ora;;rnj.li ftorn n letter, which 1 hsvej
rv- t'ivt'.l frnrn Vloulr.voii's ciother. She [
sh-ys J hlris? before aro: -g to the 'front. '
last V.av with the .* rhet leari i " Ti 1 o ,
lie wr"t.(! rnc- those words-?his last
th:t' reft rrcrt to dent Tig-" if 1 die I v~v?vi ;
you ii> Ibrit. 1 haw djoi! ar oven*? 1
5ii'rvTT o'.r ijj to ilk*- -light ilia frit* what is
rich;. I do rib', fori thai J :tm fighting;
for .Ifritne" atriptf-dni* for tin* raise ojfj
all huom.frity?tij?> greater.!. of till!
can: os,"" j |
' The spirit vdo'l' has dominated thoj
F<".r< i gh legion throhg'tiou? this war
is jurfkiriirty illuptra ted in th<- follow-'
ing ineideu; I,"pun -jbiv return to the'
from a'for sir mont-hi riv the Anutrieritl I
hosj't U in Paris 1 :\yay. n iking with
tt coiow< 1 of the bu^jptiairios who was!
w.-nri-ig r. v.?r .:rwith three'
hf[trrr.n<?s of pale: ? < an v ;r:R been in brio1
tie-: dsitvt!u-. (ie y;>at<ttii< .' nr t; c wlib!c'j
hri : or: Uiroo different occasions). iufj
si-fitnod to be "r?.-at!.v depressed nud <
' vh?:u 1 p.-: k<;d :h< causa- he ex'dniTiod j
that the general w.eeeaivd-ng his diet- :
sion had i reformed lihn that he was to j
have the. privilege of untn'n/r a number
of 'ho nun of hi:- regiment for decoration,
'follow:.'it a recent brilliant ongngorrt
n*. '.?!o\y can 1 choose a number
of rnv men for special honor.".,'
'V . t'KiT'''. "fvnlr'?r". tvr* tw*.-- fA? t*?i rvw * *
. - - V V* v .. 1 * .T 4 * JI-, 4 l k 4 V i A 4 A ?> J
eoinTviue-l Of *.i. -0 herdtfsf' "
tp.j:i:s ahrivk. ;
> ' / ? *.OC*Af TO PNKfr'.! 1
PrTTSBUlUJ.' Dec. C- -The firs',
carload of .Christmas treoa oiHie B.eaKori
was received here this week. According
io local dealers, they will be |
Fold at. an advance of fifteen per cent j
over the price last year.
'.. 1 . 1 [>' r ' i. ; / '? -' .
r "" 4 1 t* l 'l ' ' ' ' ' .
. ',.-i
I *$ '-00 now mII- ?1
wool Sorp"; Skirts la
ic0S? will <ro 1'or m|
M\.<m it. & (i. |g
ri;11 <: < - \\ ill HH
riious- r"r m
< <">;? ts. fCTS /TV $5
53c |
ndtrtid 12!/,,. If. avy S
'"hl" Online, dark or ||j
J i a ]11, f'or Ha
aaaj?tiuua prj
S^cyd |
-2. til) a lid dli.d'i g|j
j?lu.,: ) Children V ||
$1.48 pr|
And Eventually There Will Be
Another, Great Battle at
That Point.
rev &&Q'2i *trn *?rrcfr.sv .
PAIMS. !.; - -i ' Mlics are
tf'-iiinu' ? !<( ;..r to Ji?;r>au:ub bvr.-ry
-lay'ami '!rrin;:i>\tt nc:iirpi- the evonttntl!ty
<>] not hoc Jgrbii.f tJttttie there
y.'hfii't- ]Iii-i:. . ii" uyiirly all thy
.?"_'< * }: ,'l > i' fotlVitl. ' f 'ii. ,'<>VVi'l fU'S S>:rJI
v.-i i:': ft*ar y ! 'i .
'> i n<" : i I '-; i ih' , fini"! there
: J. 'i ii:11 y ii. ! S'7 I. o:u-* of tin: \v
i-"s i-i;i i: i o ; ii of ;'.n> I'ranfii-I'n:
-i . iS *5 f o1111 u < Jcnornl \ on
I I if)'-!.'-!!. " 1
The t'^sior rjf 'in- f.ovyn lir.fl
vitivifvl;,' ! ? <!i-p'.rt'-il florari
i.ijn-'S. oftS't go ' iv,o or liU't.'t?, aim
sariini' cm iv- . !.(i '.is XI bi'.?i?'ere?i if.
jtook ji, and dcst.rcjifed ii,
Cjjninf, r?-sf ??H-fl it. Pr- 'typis I
--! (1 1.1 ail i s pol i':. it t.;. 11 la f.-r iisi.b
till- hands of ill*' :a.s ttar.
w'b.cipi it \vai- taken ajad ran ! Fr< noli
by dv 1:> M -i 11? . marshal of
; Ynne i? l i y.'iih t he aid of H-.o
a|f|sk'et;<?tvi'-s of d' Vr'aynan and t it<
1 Gascony cktlf-li-: of Qyruiio do Byrg-j
Vital ro.sifion.
I For: t lid Germanic coalition today
as for the 1'rus-d -ns-an . r S7* > and life
Snaaiiarc's in Id it. lis nation is a po
tion itr' ?. ital inr-'ara-j-; jt marks
"he liiid: of i hi' in at -rid.tie of the;
Arf.oi hills io-which a ts army pressed
from t"no south and .west can cling;
after llnpairtn' enuv the plains of I
i Fliindctr-? with Oatuhrni. Valenciennes j
and Dmuti ij: plain sight. Bapantno
i a ken. 'Pi'iarnfio liecoindi; untenable
; ntnl Saint Qucntin sin ttnsufct shelter
tor (lie German staff.
The German:-- corta inly appreciate
: the vul ;< of the position no loss tluui
?u had a
i hi ?,
h',4 _a>ti
|fm Hthn
fl'.f 1 WAV~}
f ? j DOWN
Wflai.BQSJCiiiYREi.pE JT. I
V * ^ 2?c. and 0'\.. Hof.nils.i Size. M*
~ a-. - f
\ i do i' r'5' i : V'1 ' |'! '?* riiT; 'Vn ' /'" j
i Important Sale W
Tilt- m??sf important i
|| demanditm" Hio attention <
g|. original piieo tickets. T1
3 uess in oiui suit dtpaila.ne
fcjj in.a's and the ronundvah.lv :i
cvr ryoiu' of them in short
i and wool Dunlins in the v
?j t, l:
jjjj sent on approval nut (O.
Jul t 1 ' > ? - ' M ' 1 ? -
M V\ OUlCt! S yivS.Ol.l MIKt $
arv many, many 'lays ynir|
H suit instead of a heav*3f. co;
i| cd i n this sol Ii 11of
attractivfa -made ni* ye.loni
B fdiKlin^ fur triiiuuiu^r. Ti
a and war out. Onlv a limi
ti ll- r jfts., ' ? "& i
J11 c;lloosing your fur
re give excellent service au<
t| se< ure i.lie kind of furs d<
|] surprised many, many we.
houdiit at last- ycui's pric
this year eun resi assure*
?3 ad vaifina jimv, in, price v<
| Hear "Fa
' .1 ?3 I-f'';'i~fI''dIf''}%**.i-'^ f"f
j JJ0 Si TI YlvL Y EYE
I Suits T1
jl $16.50
! v;
i ^
... ' ' "
| Ev<-ry woman andioiss
H her u'inlw Suit should plan
j | will find tunny heain il'iil $rii
a c(-s in a J'airjy yood ran ye <
A ompU't< liiic of the
just rceejved for spefial se]
j The Grand i
| The 'Store I
i put*
flu? Charles Quint and the Spaniards,
arid Utey liaVr organized it accordingly.
hut tlic French fdxteen-ln<'h mor-|
. ; n> art" now almost within range of !
i' the town. j
K was at a critical period of the
Tii!rty-Yea)' war that Bn paunie bo_
canto French. M. do la MeUleraye'
had probably more to do With its
conquest than cither <J\\rfcn?rriant or
Cyrano. but t here was less romance '
in his role.
Famous Siege.
Ho la Meilh-rayo had taken Arras j
* t. . . r-:^ - i
.-i.?* ? vii'.; iaii;()un infill l,Ui'U.tU !
to I hi pa u me, called "the koy to Flanlot.-:."
There are runny analogies bet
ween Ms campaign and that of the
Alli< s today. Today, a? then. tho poo- j
pie are jfluding tlit war "long." Then,;
as today, parlor military critics j
picked out the flaws in the plans and ;
complained of slowness and lack or;
energy in executing them. The army j
Of tho Hapsburgs had dug itself In;
around Bnpautne as the Oormans aredue
in there today. !
Then, as now. mettlesome soldiers ;
of France chafed in the trenches. lake1
the Foil us of iftlG. they wallowed in
mud when in the open and waded
waist deep when underground. Marshal
de la Meilleraye was then, as
have been generals in the present
war. criticized for dilatory tactics, and
his laurels, gained at, Arras, had begun
to fade; he saw the shadow of'
disgrace falling upon him. Cardinal'
Richelieu, impatient and imperious,!
insisted upon greater activity .and eu-1
orgy. Then, as today", the reply was;
"more cannon, more ammunition;".
Richelieu sent more cannon, more'
ammunition, with an order to attack, j
De la Mcilieraye assembled his]
lieutenant generals, de Lorguell and I
llarcourt. in a council of war to de-j
eido whether they should risk the as-,
sau.lt. ;
"I know in the regiment of the
guard." said M. do Lorctuell, "a most
capable officer] and a man of spirit '
and resources. He caine to rue lately,
returning from duty, nnd told me ;
something that impressed me. Call
him in, marshal; he will repeat better
than I what he. observed." i
' A.,,'1 "''C] ' f ; ~ t ^ S L1,ur>r,|" t ft' i1 ;" ? /.>* ! V?*v?1 ? <?" ^1 v i i'i| {' ^ 5
Pe M. Og&e,
omen's $25 and $27,
.'cdiiced price event of the seas
>f every eeoiioiiLLeallv inclined \
ie sale is intended to create ai
lit and tiie moment women res
tine Suits they can procure at
order. Suits are made of wTii
err newest and most favored's'
>15.00 Suits at $35.00. The woi
ing during the winter months \v
it will be quick to realise the s
) and .$45.00 'Suits at $35.00. rI
\s, broadcloths add serges, trir
ley are the same Idgh standard
ted quantity, none on approval
s, choose them carefully. Sele
:1 satis faction. And too, d-dii't fe
?sirccl, for 'hero are furs of al)S
>mon who cauio expecting to pa
res, and we shall continue to se
I she isipaviifff atiiicfi less than :
3iy rapidly.
ust" snug fay Gfcarcato CJhoral C
V ;
J , . ' " ' ! V 1 *' ' ;r ,i i ' i1 ' ' , ; "
reatly R
to $42
wlioltas not aili'i'ady iiouuhl
i tQ i-oBie in at nun', for shells.
cmiiiTiciMi;" every wanted i
>f sizes.
riCf TI '.UTMTrn
i H-UL, W IIN a jc.ri
season V very ia.i.nsi models, i
1 in111is wi-rk. Pricesraiifre S
eader Dry Go
/hat Keeps the Price of Dry (
Audacious Venture.
The onicer of onsets came in. and
with the accept of Arma^nac told how
he had noticed a portion of the town
wall in the suburb of Saint-Pierre
that was rot 30 well defended as. he
rest. fSiinulat.e an attack in force
upon another part of the ramparts,"
lie said, "and Rive me a company of
my coinrades from Gascony; I pro-)
mire you I'll get into the. place." ,
"Well, sir." said the marshal, "I
vyill send your com 111 ission to be
signed, hut you shall answer for the
success of this audacious venture
with your head."
The following; day. January 1 ".''
164 5. liapauiiieWas taken by assault, j
and tin1 oflicer v.tho planned and or
??g TIJUSINiiSS women give n
I a ?3 Earning her living ir
ag pennies.
E Thai's why school teac
g raphers, etc., show a decide
| Rubber Footwear.
Trim fitting, stylish and se
I Hub-Mark Rubber Footwear i:
>?, and styles to cover the stormy
| boys and girls in town or country
I The Hub-Mark is
The World's Standai
Hi For sale by all
The Gift
^?Q? g?0re
.50 Suits at $18.75
ion. A saving opportunity
yoinan. The Suits bear tlie
a ximisiial ainoimt of biisitlizc
the extent of the saw- /f
this cost, we expect t?> sell 0
IX/.rsTi/l'Ci; rt*Ko 11 \nc 'trA 1 * t i. -. J
J/tJiV.M. AAO. i^Cl .'tV.L V?.l IM. O, * ptl.'llj > J
tyles- The suits wilt not bcf
man who realizes that tliere\.
"hen-she ?vvi] 1 \vant to wea r;i I
aving 'opportunity present?he
models a;re pari iciilarly
miied in various Avars, insuits
this store sells year in
' ft ~r ***' V \
I ft WT^?s |
et a fur that you will he plea
el that its necessary that yoin
olutely dependable qualities
.y higher cost. Our fur stoe
II thein on the sauie basis. Ai
she 'Avill pay 11 ext year for the J
Stab, at Masomc Amditorixmi, ]
i 'ft \) Pi , { 1 '*i ' / j" ' , " >i' i j u< * < * h'f'1 ! V
11Kilt.-ri;)], styi<> and ail col- 1
nanv vcrv Uanmrnl.-s I I
17.50 to $33^0. I
oils Company | I
Soods Down.
jra rutted the attack and led it. to success
earned there one 06 his titles to
the baton of marshal himself. It was
Lsedv witth?one that will I I
mist pay a high price to | I
and at prices that have
ks tor this season were !
xy woman who bnys furs E I
>ame qualities. Furs arc I
Ctec. 7th. I I
Hi torihns are conflicting in dates'
am! many details as to the taking of
I 'a pan inc. .Some place it in llMil,
others in It; ; a '.vhich is more probable:
In the latter case Cyrano do
liergerae could not have participated
with his en dots in the lina! assaulr.
He had b< en wounded at Arras by a
sword thro, t in the throat, that bad
sent him bark to Paris an invalid
tor Lite resi of his days. D'Artagnan.
though., was there undoubtedly, and M
i. is certain that lie played an import- '-SvB
ant role in the victory.
jbber footwear hard service. g?g
takes a woman watch the fta
hers, saleswomen, stenog- ? g
id preference for Hub-Mark I i
trviceable. p |
; made in a wide variety of kinds I a
weather needs of men, women, g i
: your value mark. | B
rd Rubber Footwear |?g
good dealers. 08
'V'1 1 ' " ! ' ' 7' ' fc1j l, '' /, '' '' Ifi , *fe' '
^7 " }
,' rmrmijinn ? -?-?-nm' tnim JBJ?nmjmyiuiLjMlu.amj_L ftl

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