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AH tb
There are few th
for the same mone;
greater practical b
appreciated than a
Can be
I mailed
"*' /if US
For Home, Office, Autorni
The genuine bristle d;
polisher?in a neat box|
able, yet inexpensive gif'
| Makes the cars
ShjnoiA is made of wa
g shoes; sheds moisture;
garments in wet weathe
The handy, key-op
broken nails and soiled fi
for over 50 shines! A i
brilliant, lasting shine.
1 Teach children neatness anc
I practiced now will assure ind
later. ,
Why not this
Ask Neare;
(By "Gnu
Basketball is a great game, no doubt, x
But to save me I can't figure out? x
Call me a mutt, x
Bonehead, or nut? x
What the whole bloomin' thing is about, jc
?? X
Dame Rumor's Rossop. :<
A new outlaw major, to embrace x
Havana. Los Angeles, Portland, Me.,
"Winnipeg, Brooklyn, Indianapolis,
Denver and Salt Lake City, is in the
ai\ C
A project is on foot to revive the a
Canadian League, with clubs in St. a
John, Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver. C
Such a compact circuit should be 1
highly successful. h
It is rumored that the chairmanship n
of the National Commission will be c
offered to John D. Rockefeller. Charles y
Evans Hughes has also been consid- v
ered for the job. li
- ? anaBMHl i1
I Men's Siik |
Knitted Shartl I ;
Reefers 1 >
The best selection in |
the city. J !
Especially favored be- j? j
cause they save white jf
collars from overcoat 1 j
soiling. |:!
Prices range from 3 t
| $1.50 to $5.00. I
I The I '
Genteel Shop I
It Must Be Right" j v
IRady & Deem Co. 1-jj
Tailors and Cleaners | ?
Both Phones, Gore Bldg. J ?
,< rt"~ v'i' ' >"" vi\ , t\ V'"""C 5ft *p
t* ; i r^^r-^^TTT^Vr A \
I nCJc jrl liMUL A
b Family?
lugs you can buy
y that will be of
enefit or be more
sf.ie Set
jbile or Traveling Kit rj
luber and lamb's wool
-make a most acceptt
for anyone.
of shoes easy
x and oils; is good for J
won't rub off or soil
ening box prevents
ngers. Each box good
:ew strokes produce a
i economy. Habits of thrift
ependeiice and self-reliance
st Store
I..': ' . .' :*" . t' - .' ; -" [ : ; rV
?; ? ;?.?? : O
: ,' : Vr- ; :: :: ;. ' x
liro'neliy |jjns Says: x
: A boxer needs some party x
with brains in his dome to look x
after his affairs, but that doesn't x
explain the average manager. x
v I cM-v! ,?!'' < ; X.
: x x x x x x ;x x x x x x x x x x x x x
AI llctzjcl's Birthday.
Albert Isetzel, third baseman of the
'ardinals, is an Ohio product, having
eon born in Celiha twenty-two years
go today. A1 made quite a reputation;
s an amateur and semi-pro player in i
elina when he. was still a kid, and in
!)11 he was given a chance to displaj
tK wiirp.R in tho Oh'ti' Sviftf** I/ n
illi Chiilicothe. Otir hero didn't make
inch of a splash in the Buckeye ciruit.
but he did bettbr the following I
ear in the Appalachian League. A1
.'ore the uniform of Bristol, which is
a Virginia except for that part of it In
'enncssee. He helped Bristol win a
iennant in 1912, and remained with
hat club the following season. In
914 he played with Calumbia, and led
he second basemen of the South Atantic
League in fielding, and hit .312.
n July he was sold to the St. Louis
Cationals, for delivery at the close of
he season. He was tried out at third
vith the Cards, and soon became a
egular at that position. This ye~r
tl batted .233, eighteen points below
lis 1915 record of .251.
The limit.
Old Hobo Hank was a tough, had
nrd. and the things he did would, "pon
ny word, make all the blood in your
eins run cold; yep, he'd do mast anyliing
for gold. He'd pilfer a trusting
nfant's hank, or steal a kid's candy,
would old Hank; or grab a widow's
toor last dollar?and punch her if
die made a holler. Now, I'm not de"ending
naughty Hank?I know that
he stuff he pulled was rank, and it
sn't nice to slay and rob?BUT?he
.vas offered an umpire job, and he
urncd It down and raved and swore
hat lie sure would slied tliai feller's
;ore. "I'm had," howls ilank. as lie
haws his Gat, "but 1 draw the line,"
ays ho, "at THAT."
Moral?Every man lias his price,
liey say, and it may he that this is
rue; but the moral of this little lay
s that every man has his limit, loo;
nd he he ns "Hrkeri as he may there
s always something he will not do.
Kid Lavigne.
Forty-seven years ago today there
ras born in Bay City a French-Canadin
youngster who was destined to win
aternational fame as one of the
ainest, most terrific little gladiators
he ring has ever had?George "Kid"
lavigne?five feet and three and a half
aches in height, and every inch a
ghter. As a boy he was early Inured
j bard labor, as a young man he won
lory and gold and was a popular
cro; and then the whirligig of fate
ast'lilm down again into poverty and
bscurity. His first real light was a
u?rnnp THK CTJli
L jf
rr^s^Y l\
J L j 1
seven i y-povon round battle with
j Get<Jrgo S:dd6.nsg the "Iron Man," in
j >.T;inn?-, in IS:) I ho knocked out Andy
; Bowen hi Now Orloaha, and his
mulatto opponent died the following j
day. Then ho fought his famous draws j
with Ycijr.j: Grjff.e and Joe Waleott at j
Maspetli. and in England knocked out.
Dick Jinrgo, the supposedly unbeatable ,
Barge, :i man much larger and heavier j
, than himself. In 1S',>7 lie whipped]
Waleott. the welterweight "Barbados
Demon," in San Francisco. Then lie,
again went out of has class to tight j
"Mysterious icily" Smith in 'Frisco, i
bat lost afler taking a terrible drub-!
bing. In IS1: "' he lost the decision and
lie championship in a twenty round
bciift with Frank Erne in Duffaip. Later
he was knocked out b; George Me-'
Fadd'en and .Jimmy I- ritt. and the game
little "( imrub's" career as a tighter
was over.
Connie Mack's ball club was like the
Utile d Hover?when it died it died
all over.
Txi; of us don't mind the advance in |
the price of Havanas, but when they ]
boost stogies the bloated plutocrats
are planting ilici seeds of revolution.
\\"nan Johnny Dundee does battle
some of 'he fans wenr sprigs of heather,
and others wear last?. I tit !n bouquets
of epaghet it and macaroni.
Todr.j in Pturinstlc; Annals.
Jimmy Harry, of Chicago,'and Walter
C'rcu, the Er^li :!i bantamweight {
champion, ti pit red in an International ;
battle for the worV.'s championship in |
London nineteen years ago tonighf.!
front fought garm lv l>m. be couldn't i
withstand the terrible .vatiops of the;
ferocious lad frron itie Windy City, and j
in the twentieth round lie took the '
count. Crool died 11 little later, hut i
the American was exonerated from j
blame for the fatality. This was the;
second battle for the world's title j
staged in Condon within a few years, j
George Dixon, the American negro, |
i having whipped Nunc Wallace in 3 8JO. j
Jimmy Harry was a product of Hie j
j Chicago rough-and-ready school of;
i pugilism which nourished in the 01c j
days, and developed into one of the!
most ferocious boxers the ring has
: ever seen. Aggressive a . lie was, he
i won but few of his bouts by knock;
outs, and the seven battles ho
I fought were draws. lie retired in
j 3838. with his honors still intact, being
: the only champion of the bantam or
! featherweight divisions who ever rcj
tired undefeated. Not a solitary "Li"
! mars Harry's long record as a fighter.
Game is Fast and Exciting ;
with the Final Score
Very Close. 1
The sophmore class of Washington
Irving high school defeated the fresh- ,
men Tuesday afternoon in a very fast
game played in the school gymnasium.
The sophmores were too much ,
for the freshmen, the first half the
score being 4 to 0, but in the sec- .
ond half the freshmen rallied and ,
made seven points while the sophmores
made five; the llnal score being
D to 7.
Ash and Bowers starred for the
sophmores. while Knox was the
freshman hero. The line-up was as <
Freshmen. Soplimorcs
Stone Ash
Knox Upton
Carter Robinson
Lynch Bowers
Arnett Law
Substitutes: Tierney- for Upton;
Dilmore for Arnett.
Field goals-?Ash 2, .Bowers 2,
Knox 2, Stone 1.
Foul goals?Law, Lynch.
Time of halves?Ten minutes.
Rub Stiffness Away with Small
Trial Bottle of Old, Penetrating
"St. Jacob's Oil."
Ah! Pain is gone!
Quickly??Yes. Almost instant re- ,
lief from soreness, stiffness, lameness
and pain follows a gentle rubbing with
"St. Jacobs Oil."
Rub this soothing, penetrating oil
right on your painful back. *ind "kc
magic, relief comes. "St. Jacobs Oil"
is a harmless backache, lumbago and |
sciatica cure which never rtififmnhintn i
? J ? ? ? I J *? '
and doesnM: burn the skin. l
Straighten up! Quit complaining! I
Stop those torturous"stitches." Ia a i
moment you -will forget that you ever 1
bad a weak back, because it won't hurt <
or be stiff or lame. Don't suffer! Get 1
n small trial bottle of old. honest' "at. <
JacobB Oil" from your druggist now j
ami get this lasting relief.?Advertise- ]
Eicnu 4 j
k.Y, ' : 1 - - -- i y"' :. '! ... - ' " *"
m PW ( ^^eriocs BET >
Hi YffflP ( AHO HN>TO W*LK 1
Big Teams At
m -ff\ j ? *
i o flay vi
?i ? ?i?
Games May Be Scheduled with
Harvard, Brown. Dartmouth. \
Rutgers and Pitt.
When players who participated in
the games of tic West Virginia foothall
team (hiring the last soi'iin meet
at the Hotel Maderia in Morgantown
next Saturday night to select their 11? 17
captain. they will In- told by Athletic
Director l*yles of a most excellent
; schedule that is being arranged for
j next season, lit may not be said so in
! so many words, but the Went Virginia
; team Is as much in demand for games
, next fnl! as any other team in exist j
According to information received
front Morranfoy. n last night, eight
famous colleges arc after dates with
the university, it is not likely that
all of these will be scheduled. It might
1>. that a game will ho arranged with
Harvard idiversity. It was intimated
in MoVgantovn last night that such a
contest is possible if the university
will accept the date proffered by Harvard.
Other teamS which ask for dates
and the majority of whom wili be
sell' doled are Dart'ootith. Bulgers
Navy. Syracuse. Colgate. Brown. Virginia
Polys and Michigan Acgios.
The athletic management of the
University of Pittsburg has submitted
to the university management, three
dates for a i election for a 'nine with
Pftt on Forbes Field next fall, it is
niriMt likolv flmt nm> nf Inrnin will l?r> I
March 9?West Virginia Weslcyan at ol
T-* _ ^
r^irmonu ^
Are Used by the Police and Fire
Departments of the City
of Pittsburg. sc
PITTSBURG. Dec. 6.?-Greater efflelency
in the "Pittsburg police and fire j
iepartmonts is being sought through "*<
the use of corsets. High officials in K<
x>th departments are wearing the steel to]
ribbed jackets and instead of being Co
bashful about it are boasting already Fu
Df their neater figures. Assistant Fire no
ZJhief Robert,;M'cKinley' says that not ch
jnly is'the efficiency of tho men wearing
the corsets increased but the appearance
of uniformed firemen and on
policemen is helped considerably. da
DECEMBER 6, .1916,
Preparedness For
/OM TWO >.
/ BRICK'S ? \
\w_ j
a- I
,eful and fancy articles will bo on I
,le. Itefreshments will also be
rved. The public Is cordially Inted
before doing Christmas shop-!
ng elsewhere.
A recital will be given at the Meth?!
list Episcopal church Friday evong,
December 15. under the auspices
the church choir. An excellent
rogram is being prepared and it Is
oped the public will avail them;lves
of the evening's opportunity
>r enjoyment.
The Methodist Protestant Simpson
reek Baptist, and Methodist Epls>pal
congregations have decided to
)ld a union revival meeting, with the
astors in charge. Date and place
ill be announced later.
Mrs. J. II. Sourborne is vlsting her
lughter, Mrs. Richard Bassar, of
Mrs. J. H. Ayers has returned from
visit to relative^ in Maryland.
Miss Eva C raves is spending a few
ays with her sister. Mrs. William
hornburg, of Clarksburg.
Miss Anna Johnson and Miss Jones,
f Morgantown, wore recent guests
' Miss Dee Ross. Miss Johnson is a
usin of J. C. Johnson of this place.
Carl Hayman, of Montana, is a
test of his cousin. G. X. Holden.
Miss Charity Johnson, of Manngton.
was a recent guest of her
iter, MrsC O. D. Barnes.
BLiKTXS, Dec. 6.?The basketball
hedule for Davis and- Elkins College
s been announced as follows:
ishington and Jefferson, Muskingum,
est Virginia AVesleyan, . Fairmont (
>ung Wen's Christian Association; ;
?y"ser Collegians. Games negotiated
r but not yet closed are Marietta
llcge, OHIO "Wesleyan, Franklin, and
irduc. The dates were not anunced
owing to possibilities of
Hamilton, 0., has. celebrated.; its !
e hundred and twenty-fifth birth- ;
For the West Virginia Football
Team Will 3e Held at Morgantown
Saturday Night.
MOHGANTOWX, Dec. C?The annual
banquet tendered by the athletic coinirilttec
of West Virginia University to
the players, coaches and managers
of the 'Varsity football team, will be
held hero Saturday evening, December
!). at the Madeira hotel. Plans for this
affair were completed at a meeting
of the athletic hoard held December I
2 and that it will surpass in brilliance c
all similar affairs in previous years ^
seems certain. c
In addition to the football men and J
university oflleials, there will'he pres- ?
ent several newspaper men from over 1
the state and western Pennsylvania.;
It is expected that important an-: 1
nouncemcnls concerning the 191? ft
and coaches will lie made by II
the athletic committee while the elec- Bl
ion of the captain of next year's eleven
will be held at that time.
On Monday evening, the football, men
were entertained with a smoker by
Col. J. H. McDermott. at his home on
Kirk street. Col. McDermott turned
his gymnasium over to the football
men and the gridders enjoyed a plunge
In the swimming pool as well as the ?
many other features of Col. McDernott's
private gymnasium.
swffiT I
For West Virginia University ci
Basketball Quintet is n?
Announced. m
MORGANTOWN, Dec. G.?The fol-j ?e
lowing schedule for the basketball' vI
team of the University of West Vir- P1
ginia has been announced:
At Home.
V December 16?Gettysburg College. 'n
January" D?Syracuse University. 01
January 20?Marietta College. P]
February 10?Open.
February 15?Muskingum College.
February 19?West Virginia Weslcyan
Abroad. C
February 0?University of Virginia cc
at Charlottesville. K<
February G?Washington and Lee Pi
at Lexington. w
February 7?Virginia Military institute
at Lexington. di
February 21?Ohio University at TV
February 22?Marietta College at a
23? Muskingum College at d:
New Concord. O. ! Ti
March 3?West Virginia Wesleyan at 1
? I
-e Eager
?est Virginia
tAH Li -'' J. m
is |
1 m t $
Mm. t, ^jl
fi % m
% -- ?
Billy >Mtske.
Billy Mis'ce of St. Paul is making
t great hit in the east, where he'?
tleaning up on all the light heavy,
weights. Some eastern critics doilare
that Miske is the superior of
tfike Gibbons. Mike says he docsn'l
vant to meet Billy because Billy
an't in his rksfi
orrespondent Compiles Itemf
of Interest about Folk of
That Community.
BRIDGEPORT, Dev. 6. ? The
illing Workers Society, of the Meth_
ist Protestant church will hold a
irlstmas bazaar In the furniture
om by the bridge Friday afterion
and evenlncr- A lnr^n vnrutw r
"ijL>?M-iiunu? iviencnuez, J. Gar- I
cla. Manuel Lopez, William Minzlnu, i
Manuel Perez, Joe Garcia, Fernando i:
Alvarez, Manuel Lorenzo, C. Fern ah- t
doz. Frank Geso, Lorenzo Garcia, *
Manuel Cuerbo, Manuel Clemorza, 1
Jose Garcia, Ysldro Coughs, Frank c
Garcia, Manuel Garcia, 11 am oh Diaz, i
Manuel Grana, E. Alvarez, .John i
Alonzo, Marcel 1 no Perez, Adrlano f
Alonzo, Manuel Fernandez, M, Mar- |
tinez, Dlsmlni Roderlquez, Ardlno t
Garcia, Ben Yclober. Joe Zinguera, 1
Rolmo Ovls. Roy Duarte, B. Alonzo, i
Joe Munlz, Gondelicla Pegu, Iff. Cu- t
pld, Raiuundo Susa. and Joe Ovics. i
It is adjudged, ordered and decreed J
that the rlofendants. their agents, ser- <
rants, employees, and abettors be, and
they are Inhibited and enjoined from I
interfering in any manner with per- i
sons now employed- by tho plaintiff, t
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Atlanta, Ca.
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i i | " vJe ?f(rr ' i < o 1 ? i? rr - ^,7,- ^-r ' i'*
/^ND 31 GOV TO \7\F
^ ~YJ4iKVON"Vq^T" J j
p j mm j h?? y W M V14IV
Court of the County.
Resultlng from slight labor troubles
ul the plant of the Pearl man
Company here. Judge Haymond Maxwell
of the circuit court Issued a temporary
Injunction against Amerto
Barria. Thomas Garcia, Manuel Gar_
cia, Itamon Garcia, Manuel Muniz, . j
Mercedes, D. Alvarez. Orrnando Oou- ]
bales, 1011 as Diaz. E. Gouzalcs. Manuel i
Lopez, Frank Alvarez, Joe Fernandez, i
.John Fernandez, Manuel Gouzalcs, j
Louis Garcia, Joe Alvarez, Frank I <
Fernandez, Thomas Fernandez, LouisI i
Oarcln, Joe Gouzales, Frank Fernanz, c
Rodsizo Muniz. Serus Garcia, Ceferlno I
t> .1 ~ ?
ECX\OtS BE.T" Llkp?-- /
AT \N *920? / f?
S\CT ictN Cr/T\
led Iron Will-';8
ill of Delicate fi
',r Ct. in Ten Days |
No\t take two live >;riilit tablets of ordinary
tiuxnti-d Iron tlinv Mutes per day nftcr
inonlf. Vol- two rti'i'Kn. Then tent your
siren (jtl? hualu ami w* for youraelf how t IV.!
tnni-ii .von tnivo knitted. I have mum doa- J Ti
it> i:i' nervous run down people who were I t v
mlliic nil tin- time double, mid even triple
their Mtrenijith unit -iidurauco uud entirely f-.l'
f.*et rid of ilielr symptoms of dyapepsla, .1-/13
liver nun other troubles In front ten to i'ol
fourteen ilnyn' (lino simply by taking Iron |"4 ^
in t no proper form, nud this, after they . |?j jv;
Untl i'i i.riio dlwH boon ilortorlnn for |?js
moittli- wpttmit nbtiiliiiuk nny bonetlt. You ISk!
run lulu 11s you {ileum- utiout nil the won- (HUh
ileris vVronjtiu by new re mod lea, but when
.von I'o.iri' down to hard fuels there la |i,|\?
notli(lit; like ;;ood old iron to put color " * :i(S'
In you r ? ii.-i'ks .mil ifooil sound, healthy. ': ;)|k
lb-sit mi v pur lioueM. It is ;i1ho u (treat nerve : . vlng
mid -to,mu ii k| roiiirrlirtmr nud the beet i\H?g
hlpon tiuijfi.U-r In tin- world: The only ' i :Kjn
liohlilo w.in Unit Ho* old forms of lnor- ' ',v hlfl
tiiiii! Iron 111.- tin.-inn- of Iron, Iron neeinto,
etc.. often runted people's teeth, upset jvjflfl
ili.lr Mtoiiisiriis nud were not. assimilated .Is'JM
11 nil for those reasons they fru<iucully did y JkSH
mini' Imrni than koiui. Hut with the dl?i'overv
of tin forms of organic Iron
nil Oils liits liern Iivereoine. Nuxnted iron
for ovnmplo. Is plotisuut. to take, doea not
Injure the teeth and is almost Immediately ' ''
N< > i'i ; The tint mifnct urera of Nuxnted .. [IH
Iron i,.no nil ell nuti'.uuded ronfldonce In .It* " ' '!m1|
poti'ii? v th'fit tlie.v nut liorlr.e the nnnouncoin
nt t lint, tlioy will forfeit $ 100.00 to any 1 - - i4H
< Mini I; utile 1 iin| Hit I lull If they ran not take 13$
any mini or woman under sixty who locks <
lr?in untl liu reuse their atrellgth 200 per
rtit or over hi four weeks' time, provided. J fijM
they have no serious orgnnlc trouble. Also : ' '-jwfl
tliey will refund your money in nny caao |
In which Nuxnted Iron does not at least J- Visa
double your stronirtli In ten days' time. It
Is dispensed by nil druggists.?AdvertiseN
yr with nny persons who now desire I
r>r may hereafter desire to work and yifffl
labor for the plaintiff, and with any
person who shall apply to the plain- j I
I iff for otnploymont, by violence, ^ifgSI
threals of violence, offers to fight, | I
abusive language, picketing or plac- ;,:-.?j|a|
ihg guards in the neighborhood of I
plaintiff's plant or snieiter for the I
purpose of intimidating any persona 1
whomsoever, or by any other means fl
whatsoever calculated or Intended to fl
InlimUlate or alarm the employees of fl
ylnintiff. or persons seeking employ
inent from the plaintiff; that the said w
lefendnnts and their confederates, i B
md all persons combining with them, fl
>r actln for them for the illegal pur
loses aforesaid, bo. and they hereby 8
to, inhibited and enjoined from
ngj by the means and agencies here- I
nbeforo mentioned, any of the em- B
Joyces of the plaintiff to q.uit and (K|
[.ban don their said employment; that ||?
lie said defendants, their confeder- ^
Ltos and associates be, and they
jy are. inhibited and enjoined from f?
rongrbgating on or about tho preni- jg
boh of the plaintiff, in the "manner
ind for the purposes hereinbefore'^^^?|^^^B
ipeclQeul and from Interfering with^ill
.tlalntlff's employment, by 'the
.hreats or any other method oflntlmS^^B n
datlon or coercion, and from injurng.
damaging, or destroying in ;arLy]t3'f^B
n anner any property, plant, or
unelter of plaintifT; which injunction H
ihall be in effect until the furtliccro^MB
ler of tho court. |||
The employment of Amerlcanalai^
he plant is said to have" 'Caused'ijU^M
.rouble, it is thought the trouble j|g
v111 be adjusted shortly. H
_______________________ BK
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nd sole owners of the wonderful B
absolutely FREE, & calendar ;you
nd to own. This calendar isfa&rmall
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ked to do, is, when sending for the
ive the name of newspaper you clip
ra. The supply is limited, so act
_ ^; J SL - - ' V- J-',
oolcns ever shown in Clarksburg.
cu yw . 3
e make tham. ,
? / I XW
r" \ M<
Doctor Says Auxa
People 200 Pt
In mmiy ln*?ti?iirew-?- lVmon** bnvo *ufi
frmd iinloltt acuny for >i?arn dociorlllU
for ii<*rvuut wiHikrtmi*, uliunach, liwr ?>r
klilnuy tlkftniNO or *ottto otJior nMiitcuf \vhni?
ineir rail Irmiole nnii littl. <?t Iron In the
lliuud,?lion In toll.
Now VurK; N. V. In 11 rcemil illsrourne
Mr. Ill, jjiiuori m well known specie Iim w no
lint sliml.Ml wlte-l;, Ill lint .MiiiUy ninl
kidijjcjdjjc. tnlil . It yon wet< in unite .hi
Ui'luitl Moon IOm nli nil people \\ it11 mo ill
you woulo prop: My un' Kmuily .iKtonpuieo
III the iUli'viiiIIIII;!) Ilil'UV Uliinlier n'uti In*.'(t
Iron iiiul wiio nri1 ill tor no iiclinr reason
Iliiin tin} Iucli of Iron. The moment iron
Is Sllpphon nil l iiolr in n Ii iiiini' 01 o uili' i'
hum ayiiipiutu* disappear. w liiniin. iron i tin
Moon III oliei' loses 'lie power to ClniliMO
loo.l into llvlnc iliou.. ' ninl (liiiivfori" nolo
liii; you en I ilocu y on iiuy imni . yon titm'i ;
gvt tin) ntr?ii|Ttli out oi It. Your fond
merely |iii8.ti*t HirOiis'i your system lihe
torn i liroii t;ii u mill w-Jtli tin* rollers to
wit lo npnrl (lint the mill can't nil ml. As a
result oi tliit coutlnuoiit Moon amt tic.-y'c
Ntitrvntlon, |>copit? nip wine Ketientliy ivt-nltenotl.
norVout ninl nil run down n.nl fro- j
tjneiiUy ilovoloji nil sons of coinilitou r i
tun; it ton t.iiln ; niiotlior is l>iirdi?iied with j
liiilioultliy fat; Home tiro .to tvuk llicy t tin
hardly tvnll.; some lliiltk l imy linvt? .I \ -pep ,
hln, kidney or liver troiiMe; some nn'l !
nleep til iiIkI.I, ol liorn lira sleepy and tired
nil day: .tome fiit.ty ninl IrriniMe; some
altliitiy ii it <1 Moon |e:;t. Mil nil lm It pliiyalcnl
power nnii cmiumnce. In Mieii eunen. ii It
Worse t tl 11II fooll.tli liesH lo tllke tlliltlil.il | in;
inetilolhes or iinyitotle times, wlileli only
whip up your ftitftflui; viuil powers for the
moment, may lie ut the expense of your life
Inter on. No matter winit any one lelln
you. if you nre not etronjr ami well yon
owe It to yourself to innl.c the following '
test. Sec how lonjf you can work or how 1
far yuu can walk wit Ii out hOilQililiijr tired. |
At the Plant of the Pearlman ?
Corrmanv hv tho P.irMiif 1 -

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