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'I 30 WORDS _
OR LESS ^ ft! g
25 Cents
...Jg ,
L?- ??lanwwT WI? I II wa?tCfcMWWna*
Same advortlMMcaait five caeeeealve
<L*X&, &0 ceuxa; emne
MvortUomeat iovoq imi mmlrn
d*f*i 75 cont?; at* clftctiltticd adVortisemcnte
tor low r.Linc
SO (imi* OlfMlrtxl AilYecrtLJM?BMBt
D1SPIAX cbmrgod fay
feath* s*4 fuoal Xtolm*
X<wi<M Md filial, Cnrd* mt Tiwail, ,
2? JtUmuiao, Cfaara* to
? par Uo*.
~ Itx r*UWMT Hudt Bub* Mw r>t, |
wry Icltiai and wkaU aoirW I
musM! mm wmrn.
auv **?' miiw r
edd/Masd U> a io*iof smC itn?i Vrr?
"Car* Xtu
l'lu XaUcrta nU! iwt b-? i?t j-i?w ?j
clblr tor curr* Uao ?rc.? ixfserr-joO jj
ts*artl?a **. ?ajr idwrtliMiTiittt j
rderr-a ?*> m?? ttuua =!? tlu*.
01*?J*lfie<S ads. eaa*7 bo tads- ?
phoned and will' bo dutrgod aud $
bill sent ttus foUcrwtei# &**& tt j)
your ncoe sj)p?sn ir? tb> trio- a
phono dbwctoryt nihcrwlte, 1
trlctJy cacti with Ktler.
Thin pajo fat clooed jsrosE^ptly 5
mt 11 o'clock a. St. Toar copy
most be In before tkat hero to S
faewrs {ascrtlaEft
k-uti siti*!?huituoiifcsi tiomiii
J'On IlKNT?Cue nicely furni. Led room,
live minutes wulk irom court house. Ai/lily
nt. SoO llortior nvenue.
UOAUl? AXIi UOO.Nl ItuiMire :it lilM South
Second street.
FOIt Itl-NT Nicely t'liritisl <(. extra. large '
front room, Mint will iio lot* one or two
gentlemen ; two minute- yvullc front site,
court house, use ot' hit til utul phone. Apply
ot street.
UOAlili A Nli KOi.'M tor two cmilleiuen or'
nutli .-Hill vile '.(lores. IHiti Milt.-rti St.;
J'dl! ill.NT Mile large. hi e ply ctirnislit'il
i'rotji led roe in. ?*. tin one or ttvo 111 m tor
one o r. I Wo gent tomeii ;t one i.i ? go
sjije room. Apply nt 'A est t"is .
street, next to Uoliin-on iiriuftl.
FOR I5KXT ?Two furnished r-ooiiu. f>T
littlit liolieekeejrinir; i ciimhki 1>If t o family
without ? !? i iii r?.-s? : r?is^*<- in Kir- i,? n : w -
of jilione and liiiltlt. In jti 1 a; l">:; S"'itti
Shestniit htrv?i. or tall JJtdl jdioiio JlOO-K :
or Til-J.
l"i >R KEXT Too nit flv furiM-lied room-.,
its.; of bath tititl tt'lt'i'lionc. to lutrfios
without t lill lrt'ii: iirust In* frbotJ itotiV"
koe|>ers. Apply ?i ?"-o7 ).yn>'h Street or ;
t;it 11 Hell i'ltono 4i{- M.
Jolt SA 1.1* Twofiiriiisjiod rooms for iiffJit !
?i>- UitUt jiiol | liois?-: t-\
ivllciit retudeiiee -it tain Afjjrly at
Franklin street, or eal! Hell phone 1 tiTT -}.
FllJt UHNT Ni'-civ fi.rtii.-ltt-il room, w itii
buurd in ;>riv st I * faintly, ucnr l'ti.-ju|;ss
a'eiftiOti. -! i i Lf' str<t-;,
J-'ijK HiCXT Three unfix r.njsHpd i-poms for
liarlit howsidicyjtlna. SI- per mouth. A a
ply :d T2?i 1 luruit-i' st recti.
i'OIl KK.".T - -Furnish".I rooins for liThi:
housekeeping. on la.-t I'llio s'.ivt. Iti ttiiru
:ii ia oiiouiy Kiirniturr Store, 1 ?." 1
West l'liif street.
FOJt KXNT i.itrstp !-a; it i .!.( (! ' ooni. -ills ,
:i!?tA fnr ?>?< c \ v t .. .? ''frc i ; i:? p. or zi i it r t S
anil v. If?*: .-II '-onv.'ii ?>. n? :ir CvjtV i
i'lu/.u. Cn.it i;v!i (>t.<14- r.v it. or :ti!i>Jy
:i:. -117 I'.m k'.innaon 'ii
FOR RENT?Store Rooms.
FOB HE NT?Store roin In North view, on i
paved street. corner Seventh street. Best ;
locution In NortHvJew. Ajiply at. Fried- ;
lander's, 11FohrtIt .-tree:
fun 'tci\i >?
Store room ias W. Main St.. $22:50.
3 room cottage. Factory St.. $14.00.
0 room house. Brown St.. $21..">0.
C. C. McCarty, McCarty Bldg., Bell 1
phone 72-J. |
FOB BENT?Furnished a pertinent "f four, j
rooms and hath, to family Without I'hil- !
dren: also one furitlslitxl room; til! In {
CeCnr'ty; Bldg.. corner Fifth ami Mil in
streets: p. C. McCarty, McCarty Bldg., j
Bell phone 72-.I.
FOB BENT -New 7 loom house, hath, pit it try.
T.one arid hack porches; cejhent cellar.
"slate roof, lot 40x120. On Orchard
street. Stenley. Heights. See F. ,a . <)Ids.
1X4; Chapel street. Bell phone IB-'ti-J.
FOB ."M-INT?A four room apartment in
good condition, with hath, use of basement.
water rent paid, desirable res>-ideiic
section. 3W> I II Cjny street. $10.00
per montii. UeiiQy Oecembor ,10. Charles
C. Coffmun: -10 Court St.
FOR RENT?Two four room cot tact's with
hath and three tirst Hour rooms with
large hall and bath, furnished or unfiirni-lied.
Apply ?t J-7 West Main street.
Bell photic .">00.
FOR RlilNT?Our six room house, on
Woodland avenue, Stealey Heights; nil
modern conveniences, with garden, newly
papered. Appiy to PoWt - Reger Company.
5th tloor, Cloft Rldg.
FO It RENT- Four large hot loin rooms or
npartinent In Highland Park, four wardrobes.
Water rent paid. $11.Oh l>er
mouth. E. L. Queen. Bell phone f?30-M.
FOR RENT?Six room house with huLli
rent reasonable: located on Kelly street.
Apply to W. 1>. Newlou. at WllliauiH
Hardware Company.
FOR RENT?In Broad Oaks, near car line,
four room house, with bath, hot arid cold
water. $11100 per month la advance.
Call In person at Electric Right Plant
ofllce, from :l to 0 p. in. C. I.. Nuzum.
FOR RENT?In llarthmd addition, one
good four room cottage at $14: in Norwood
addition, one six room and both at
Jglt): and otic four rom at $111.5(1. Clean
R. Waters, :(00 i'ruuty Itldg.. Bell phone
- l.'dlT-.i.
FQ L a ta ~~
. FOR RALE?Lor. on Seventh street, Colonial
Heights, near Washington Irving high
;> school; must have the money, will sacrl'
lice If sold at once. Apply at 178 Leo
' FOR RALE?Hcpzlhnh lots tire selling nt
$111.". SI7.">, $1100 !in?t $A">0. and we are
selling them $5.00 down and $5.00 per
mouth. One new house hearing completion
and others to be built. Stout & Alexander
Real i Est ate Co.. 701 'Jdff lildg.
FUH SALE.?ri(3uiin.c>
FOR SALE?Four room cottage, nt Iieechwood.
hear Itespard ear line, large, level
lot. size SOxl 12 feet. $*JOO cash, and balance
like rent. This property can be bad
at it price which will make an Interesting
tioAtiAcWInn ' iim>Is a ol uixxt fit nipn n h htllVi
Stom & Alexander Real Kslate Co., 701
Coff Ulilff.
FOR SAI-M?Ten lots In Reynolds addition,
near Hazel-Atlas Class Factory, JlYtO.Op
nncl ?j|? in-r lot; also lots anil houses in
Clnrksburt? and suburbs at low prices.
.1". (>. T. 't'irller. HI-I Court street, City.
M11Y .15E 7V1THOI7T MONEY V 1 ncconi,
module everybody, by lonninft money on
watches, diamonds, jewelry, musical In*
htriiineiits. etc. .Tos. day. Jeweler.
J,oST?Deed, between OolT btiildlntr and
Fletcher's store. . Return to Mrs. O'lirlen.
110 Kast I'oRIiir street.
S*f '>.">/ ' . ;-v - fy: -v.'r 'V
roil SAI.E---OX oxvhanuif for Cl:?rksl?urp |
jutop'cnj*. st Xftriii of (si nor?.>. live room j
ijurii. two iu.ritt? orvtiam- ?n<i line
nti'inlow. aIm> t?'r rvDt. tivo root,, nmirt- ,
ii.'-at on I'lkf ^tri-ft, utoilcru. It. .T.
\\ :it. a t'o. M-.'Cftrt j liitic., Hell jitu>n?10SJ,
r?v. IMC-li, Cuiii>??1.
rur> OHUI-? iiiobcnaiicoui
PGR SALE?Oil and Gas Leas
es, Coal Options, Oil ari? Ga
Assignrneris, House Leases
Trespass Caids, Huntim 5
permits, For Sale Cards, For "
Rent Cards and Justice's |'
supplies. Clarksburg Pole
r- mm of Fee.
I- <iIt Ynt l! i ijrUt.it:as I'ts. luiy Kill
f 'lil liisiTltond A subi". <?l:i !'t,ori<?i;rtt,->tr?
llfrnonlsi Ui'f'iriJ < At W. S, Cor
)>f aitKk'V. Hootn 1, Swoftd .Floor, I r w lii
liKijt. C!itrk*i>urp-. \V. Vs.
I"Ol! SA!.Tv: Now l?iirt??*r ' tr.iir, 1 >.t r"!>i-r
too!-, I! soli? jit on Co. A}'f !v ?t
ir.7 y.olslut:. W. Va.
i'li": S.vi.K A St.rii iiinno. ^oo?l condition.!
toi trice 1 uquii <* at the < irj'hrtiu !
tiio.iT <r.
t'lllt SAi.K '.'tic M":niut lirtrnl i iano for
.-'IijO pir I'ri.f 57.*>. .Mi| l\ nl . :
I,ee street.
l'"OK SAIiK?The lumber in tlir> 1.1 t iiiiliiipt
?ti' tilt* Simitar? itnkl.m r\>iiifoin- . To
(?? torn liov.'ii. liViiliiiriif ai"'"1 ; * vs. : ?
Apply at Itukori in J.ick*cni street. iSiiinItn'rj
i'l'IilitC :S-A I.K Sat-tiri'lny. 1 >ei-?':T:l .*r S
Hi/- Iron? doo- ol tin' eOurtb'oitso. :iT 1
|'. Ill,, or." ItoOll .Tbr.iey row Willi ?: 1 it .
side. t'.oi-ert i: .:. If.
Nii'i'I1?!. iif' SA1 K A? <?obi'L-<' It fri Ad
To s*. > ii S:i1; UJ'n ;i :y, I?r* Ollll ii'.r P. at i'f
o'oioi.k a. in.: W'nitous, I'-i f-.ri* -. I'oivs.
i: liii . in' hart'-sono lot of ion . !ii <? :.. ]
two to- .i -. oil" InrA" rof('Iterator. t ali I
eft M- " In dpt. 1' 1.' 1'
Airetikle female, nine months 3.
old, registered. \v< ii bred, yobd
individual. Western bred.
Male P-o ton 111111 Terrior. " S ;
| months old. welt bred, extra I
I flne individual. I
>2 W ffv n vw* a ti rr Z
I IV. VtNHAffl
nu?v^emaifi neip
WAN'Titl > Cook and dining rootii girl.
Apply at oner at Kessler Hospital.
\VA.VTK! I Cirl for gyriernl houM'tvorii.
-A pply to .Mrs. k. 12. Oockf. P>1
WAN"!'CI? Two good jlcI J-Ici that iiiider
suiiiil general hou-v-vori;. and fab jit wait in;.",
it) private boarding; house. petiiu.ii
out .kill to right part so.-.. Apply at oils-''
to .Mr.-. I,. "i>. Thompson. ?-'i- Meeliniii: j
street. I lardy apartments.
WANTKI >- < Jood house maid. Apply to
Alls. 1J. It. Curtin, tlti 1 Mulberry street, J
WAXTh-!)- Had}' stenographer. Apply at j
|{. A (i. freight oillee.
WAXTHD- kill or middle agipl lady, iti ;
family of three. good hhiiu- for pPrapa !
with reference. Call Hell phone Sub-, II.
WANTKD? A reliable woman for gert'-rtil j
housework. rtefereticca rv^iUrlRl, right !
prior to ihe: right party. Apply 115 Web- >
star st root.
W A X 'i*k ll?\V o in a a for general work; nlsoj
:i good second cook to assi-i in home
looking: good pay to tin- right party. .
McGov*.-ill's Chop liptl.se. i'lkfe 1st., near I
post ottiee.
WANTKD -flirl to work In grocery store, i
Apply at ItH. ISast IMke street.
WAXTKO?Middle aged woman lor general 1
housework, one who will go ltotue at ,
nights; must know how t<? rook. Apply j
a! 15"-! Da jf?y street. It road Oaks. ;
WA NTEI1 -1 tellable white girl for gen
oral hou.wworli; must he good cook: ref- .
crcnccs required. Alpply in person to
Mrs. H. P. Sturm. ::i-' Clay Sr.
Vv A\*S ?tD?Tyiaie rje?P
WANTED?Coal miners, Teter,
W. Va., development rating
with 3. & 0. railroad, which
gets cars up to requirements
daily, 75c per car. Steady
work, good wages, houses,
etc. Pleasant Valley Coal
Mining Co., 825 Goff Bldg., i
Clarksburg, W. Va.
MKX LKAKX Harbor trade. We prepare
.von for $15 positions and pay wijjM while
learning. Tools given. Lowest rates for
15 days. Write for catalogue. Leader
Burlier College. Cincinnati. O.
WANTED AT ONCE?Two cairpenters
for general work.
Apply to Pittsburg Plate
Glass Co.
work on pipe line. $2.50 per
day. Apply at Hope Natural
Gas Company's office. Seventh
Floor. Empire Bldg. j
MINK KDKKMAN Must be of proven nhil I
ity. capable ot" hiiiutlliiK t:irti?' mine, jrood !
opportunity for ambitious man. Address !
b" letter only, "At. J'.." care Telegram j
\V.\ NTK1 ? ltoy ov?r IS. white or oolore.l. j
for geiiisral work. sr. wwlt tntl hoard.J
McGowitii's Chop Ilouie. l'lke street, near
VANTKl)?An experienced counter man at :
once. Apply at Smithy's Uestuuraiit, j
Pike street. '
Hope Natui
Mexa Wanted
WiACrES: $4.00, $4.5C
Pay Twice I
G-eorge H. Stanfield, 71
-Iif-. ' : >: ' y :'I
1 ^k.cis? ?&%,
to represent us in every f
town and village in Wt- 3
Virginia, where wc do no |
now have an agency. Write. I
3 or rates, etc. We have the I
largest and best-equipped
laundry in the state, Our
parcel post department is
very popular and conven- '
ient to families and smal |
agencies m the rural sec- 5
vions of the state. Give us a r
trial. Empire Laundry Go.. jj
(Clarksburg, W. Va. |
wjujjj - -mm-M
FOi" TliADK <i'oA(l niiin:no!ili( to traileJ
for |>r<ij?prtj-: u >:oinl r.-itiinx ?> ?>? - :
si red. .\0'ir<*-- " c-airy ')'< ) !
Krullt oftiv.-, *
SUltSUf!) L:i: now for your .Mu^iiy.inos for j
Oilrisfclnn> <Sifts. I xcjul t!.?- ranU for'
you, XotliSiic iftor-- aji)fr?oi?,tntl. 'Sriu-o!
K. liryi s. lu ll phono
vuAiii ;eD ?0 Jul
Write or phone Anchor Mills,j
770 West Pike St., Clarks-1
burg, Wl Va.
WANTED TO BUT?veal calves and
fat hogs. Phone or write Gandv
Provision Company, Clarksburg,
W. Va. j
"help wanted 1
MKX-XVOMivN W" A XT K t$100 itiom It.
<lovoriutn.-nt Jobs. VstfitliiTt^ i-otist:int.ly.
S\"rite imuicrttntely Tor list position* ob[
tninublo. I'rnukliii Institute, Itcpt. -103r
AW, ItooUeKter. X. Y.
Call 7-2-R, Bell Phone
AND iilli GO.
E Cor. 5th and. Main Sts. I
| We buy anything 'most j
Xico laying lot on Simpson |J
Avenue. Stealey Height's, less b
than half block from end of fe
paved street. I will sell this lot b
at a bargain; and make terms Er
to suit. It" you are looking for ?
a lot, and want a bargain, seb u
mo quick. B.
K. I.. TtOGKHS ? ft
.'tOO Unibn Xatl. C:ittx I>!dg. R
T5RM. 717 g
Tvot me protect yoti against loss ?
by fire.
! ?iQPTa?? i i iin ii mm inn
ral Gas Co.
To Build Rigs
k ftn <>tt nn "tDr\T? i lo TV I j
'j yv.wj \p\r,\ju jlsgjj
3a>ah Month.
ill Flooiy Empire Bldg.
s.#1t'y'i?--,;-.i '' //< ". ''|^,:^$l\|-;^^y;:^'^1
lKSburg daily telkg:
jBwwiMKgMMBHMMgiT.iiKi ?a?rmaa??mkh?g?t
Gilt Edge Residence
i T.nf Q^xrQH fonf !
Open on both ends.
Best resaleuee streets,
4 minutes frtmi Kinuuv J
PRICE $3,000
homes are e
a rum id.
H. F. MOD LIN jj
mnnm???c?mm?a?? ma "
V't AX': 1 1' >.? ; . IV y.-nr- ol<; ?.r Vive
f??r ' U'? it'T A! ply ;:i tin !!<'? !
WANTKt' *!< .>' t*? -?-ry vvniton ,
must lH" 1 Vi > t,ur> ui vvillutjc t"
u v-rk. ','h II, I .'-'tir,!. 1?K Wi-e Mrtiu 1
*! r?:"t, ]
A\ A N I"'!!? .\J! \ ir :. ;n ? *! sUtM* r4",?:i5r
11;:.::. \6 J . S , :ri 7, : I Sotl ! I
V..-- ji|(| - ; i j
WANTED? Machinists and
helpers, and handy men for
construction work. Apply at
the Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.
W-AN TE* U Tl r-eVi"
YY AN J It I Y!> I'l.N'l *-}% rut'iii )im;s??. I>\
I-IHUUrv I. <S. fl.ii nor. i ?t-v11, . '
? ? - - ?- . |
WANT ?D?Situations |
'VV \ > 'i'KI >- Hv i> i! \\ omnu i
I j '.t u . i+. t'? ;{o l?\ ;' i. - * 1. i y . .\|>pU or
i i-'.; 1'iko \-t r?- t.
WATS ."?*! i*' *- ri i?ii i\ ik.m by
t'' I' li, :'iv vol', lUlitf, |k<"lil!p! '
H'i'.'c iiiiil * , i i i i",' . A?1?J jv.~ "K," cjv."*"
'f'*)"*rrr:?rn oilier.
\\ \ :. f'K5? Wo: U t ? ?!o ? I. i 1.i:- v. lArr
U\ .ill <\ t- i ? x : " i UUv i :. 1:?i . f) !
1 i : V ; .
WAXTJ>I. l.'.rc- -x?:rtklSf~.i' .< >' r.lHsi,i;:i|i 1..
Loitrs. ;? A. At. until 1". A!.
Applv Kormi (!ort" Mot.-i,
' :
S W ANTED?Good live asvnts 1
| Now Oi
I JUJ-idl.
I 119 4.1
| " Where the
: ~:i .. ' '
_J ???
' X%A
. < V'^Sr1 "vSj
- ; *, *^8h*w
i ' : : :Stf ,::;?>* ]??: V>\
". . .. . ,. ' ;'.v''
N" : : '' ' ' - :' '
"*, ^j.. . '' . A ?: ;:V Si ft* ;>,;
\ >-- ' ; '* ^
.' > : '*' /X....' .'. ; ;-$
fijp ; X/ ' .
. It I ?
Viscountess Uninglon.
"Your son has married my daughter,"
wrote her father to his father,
when Jdeut. Viscount Utlington, heir
to the Earldom of Craven and 40,000
acres of British land, recently married
Miss Wilhelmina George. daughter
of the town clerk of ivergordon,
Ross-shire, England. Lord Uftington,
who is nineteen years old, is at the
front with a Hampshire regiment.
At a Mioninlr of On* 1'iipllf Servl''" Com
liilkslon of V, v,i Vir^iniit. lo-ld on t he 811;
'lay <>r November. A. l>.. 10If.. Case No. HHI
Utrserve Oa? Company. A|ij>li<-ut inn ti
' luvittrr rates. H was ordered as follows:
" W l?cri*!ts iif)|?!i<*at.olh to fjliatij-o rate;
Ifos tliis flay tin-il by tin* Htwrw Cnt
Coii.jfimy. It Is lietehy..orilerc.il that biayt
r,i 14 . t V ??".? I""l ","11 lilM'IVMt'H HI till
objection thirty!'. hofnro t!iCommission ;i1
any time on or before the l"lh ilny of lie
|(!irticr, MHO, and tIti-> mutter bo set dowt
for lietirlnj; by the Commission at n meet
i ii K to l?e held nt its ofilce itl the I.'it pi to
UltihlillK <111 the tilth day of December. 193,0
lit two o'clock l*. 31., at which time All)
person may appear anil tnnke such objec
lion thereto as they may deem proper.
"It is further ordered that the applicati
publish a >io|iy of this order once earl
week for four success! ve weeks In l\v<
newspapers of opposite polities and of aim
era I circulation. if sneh there he. In tin
con title* affected by the increase in. rates
and tliat a copy nt' ibis order and said pro
posed rates he posted for public tiispeotioi
at the City ilail in the citjics of Clarkshiirt!
Weston; West Union. .Iljirrisvilb'. St. Maryi
and I'arkerrJljurt:. West Virginia; for fou
successive weeks prior to J 'eccmher 1-th
191(1. and thai line return thereof lie inndi
to tliis Commission.'"
The proposed rates ftro as follows:
Utiles? <'lass I :
Wilson burj;, 1C eeiits per thousand nihil
Rural communities in. Harrison rim
l.ewls counties. 17 cents per thousand cubic
In counties other than Harrison tint
l.ewis, service to consumers outside o
towns and not on low pressure plants, IT.
cents per thousand ruble feet.*
Discount: l.ess 2 cents per thousunt
elthle feet for payment on or before thi
15th day of the month following.
Utiles?.Class II: (Ins Kn(tines. No chance
Rfc-fT" X'-n
I I Je ifrfilii
nil illiE
' ' .
ft;-".'.' t 'VIJ v'. t'
Iways Bi
IG? |
n in Full I
st at I
a Street ' |
Women Go" I
! 11.11 ' t1 Uitt,s 111
I \\ iIs.minii\.r invd i nviroils. I.r. ? iit.-> i'l-r
j I Hon kii ilil iil.l.' foot H>r (In- tittM I.MI.'Hmi cii
' I.j<- fiM'l oiif.llmoil tu ii . .1 loinl.'ir month ; I I
! omits j.t-r thou ml ml rubb- foot tor ; ( r
i olid I."Al.UOil oiit'i fort odli-litli'oil In n dnl
j outfitr month: l| oonth por t.liotiMiiitl rtildr
I foot for nil o \ or <"ul>li' loot cottsuuiotl
| in n onlomiitr inojirliv*
lStirnl dl^trloi s in I!ttrrlnon ntwl l.rwl-.
i < ol>li(i> n liiitl liold ojo'i m' not? bj motor In
saitl rouiitlos, Mtoh :o drilling woll*. ! .r?
in** ni\t. i > * i in ui ii l." oil iitui \i*aitr*r lit
1'i'iiif i"T i lion-niiuS <11 i 1 i < r.-oi Toe tin- ilrtl
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I for til" l.l'1'Ollll JTl*) IHit) I' 111|i'* JV|>I I'OII Sit 11: I'll
j lii it I'ltlt'inliir 111 o 11111 i' >'wiIk |ht tliniisfiinl
ul>li- root for nil uvi-r tjiiliht im<( . on
i mi mcil i? :i ? monlli.
Itnrnl .11-1 rii'i<- in I iiiil.iriillt", UHt">l)lr.
: l'lmfoinl i riil Wimil < "fill lit ji->. uuil lli-lij
i< j > * rs?t I i?i? l.imoii-r in -n lit mm nl L s, stirli
| a>- (lrillliii: ui II*. . loiiiiitti; otitj. jiliiini>1 it
oil mo! Uittiir, '.'J irtits |n<r t tiiiufiii m!
1 i iilil" fort for tin- ilri'i I.Vi.ihhi mil.;,' f.< <t
' l OllsllllK'tl in n < nlitlidsi r 11.until ; I! i-onils'
I??*f. tliollKiitlil (mi bio fiti . lut iln< in i iuhl 1 .V
HO!) mi l.i ht I""' mi ri:-. ti n i in I In ii ;i)j;iti.!n r
in (in 11> ; 11 ii.-iif s [icr I lion-;i nil i i I! I foot
for at! over .'Wi?.?WO ctllilV (m l oiiMiuittiJ in
MBBgO?W< >JWIliWI'.IM l HI! !! > 1? <w i i
General M
rt TT7"? J- ,1 -O ^
1 I UUl . W cMiU J-V-LCUXJlctllXU
? ""??'I|WI'w
I A no tli or?the greatcif
have yet offered in piano
W e h a ve s e e 11 red a J
light piano, used as a ma
I1 w scratch on it. Fullv guliT
We offer this high grade ii
ntacturer's cost. Must he
have several customers u
gains we liave sold inpiarj
as the greatest bargain wc
invited to bring any exp
the raTe bargains we are
122-124 WES
Whatever vour carni
if they were one-tenth Ics
a savings account. You\
awav. but later on it will
^ 4Per.Cen
| Union Nal
' $ M ' i' ' 1 * 5 *' 11 ) ' I' f 1 n
4#% ;$*> :? v ' ? - ~Wi Jut*,to r1., *$S.j/> ,! ..:.- -. .: V,- ;;. ,;
If^ ^ h:^
"'>vifp^:i :v J.J^Fpw'l'$tf. ,? ?>
S^Sivw'v??k:.-*-"* ">\ ^";.^>-. V2:i*:-^vf :-1*
" >;-.'"' >t<.'^rr1'if*J-*> '? '&$. *,uv'j'i!''iV'>i-fe-v:'*^>,-''p&k-'h'P'A
*ini?? Resi
stically iu:k;iits
Stoulo.v Aviniiic.
Seven room houso wish bath anil
basement. good well of water on the
buck porch. The house lt? tluisheil In '
oakuiui i t one of the Post home* on |
Ibis street. Let 4 0x 120 feet. paved
street, cement walks. If you want a
good home here in your ehuueo.
ri-oos $ t|ttoo
One-fourth cash, balance L 2, JV, !
Hir?l -I years.
| See 'Tiuist" nt Mit.soitie Auditorium.'
December 7.
ilntl Kttfitfn Ilr*Lrr*.
Ociiprul In?umiicb Ac^nla.
; Il?ll Vli??nr HKIS, Vlr?in?* rhon* 4-\
rirtu i*io?r? Cuff iii?ic.
Veterinary Surgeon 9
Is now located at jj
1JKLL IMIOM-: 12t? V
? :?? ?? |
;i e.nb'liiliir month.* 1
I1 ni ipuhi I i cut |??r t Iioiinioi.)
rnlile feet tor pnynien. on or before the
"Otii diiy of tin* nioint. followlnu Hist in
W tif li tiif fins i*. mi pplteil.
(Nolo, i .Meter -erii-e if liiifeil n3;?>'n :r|
i no*t.er pressure net veoiU"a ?*1 j*tit nunee-i
i unit tf irits In supplied nl ii hi miter pressure,
meter nioimurcmeiitx ore corrected accord
! IllK til ! toy |e\s 1,11IV.
i Kbit itilte Sel l 11 1- No el)iljlf{e.
i kni lumnl luwii l.l^tiis No < limine.
j\ 11 rntes ore subject to elnipae mi not lee
; jjtvyn iiceordlnit to low louJ -nitijiw.l to the
i rules mill rMtfiifiiit tons published on eon
IM-tSKIt Vt: (.'AS i'O.MI'ANY.
Ity Joli:i It. TONKIN. Vice President.
riaVKIvSItl It*.'. H I ST VIKfllMA.
DiU blinuic r,. ipj?.
Notlen Is liereli.v Ktveii ilint n Speelnl
:! Mecl hut of t In* fork holders of the I i?ri\ i a
. i iil mill <liik i 'oiiij'lim ivlll be held nt the
of I lie Company, No. Mil tlolT Ithla.,
< 'lurUuhurir, W. V?.. Thtirsdn.i . 1 lojjjfeiiiber |
i I <i'M . ii: seven Ihlrt} o rJoi k p. in., to
i '"ii wider tliuin.es of tln> < 'oni|>iui\ it mi Modi
i other matters its limy rome before the
! trieetim;.
.1. S. IIUOrilY, f'resldent.
^koUSE I
>gtrvEgs^^ J
tSp J
nx- T-l _ 1.1. TM
sy\>X. -DOT/II ir'noues I
st of the many bargains \vc g
BRAND NEAV $400.00 upmufacturer's
sample, not a :
an teed in every particular. ' j
istrumeiit at less than man- |
seen to be appreciated. We fl
dip testify to the rare bar- S
10s, and Ave recommend this 8
i have yet offered. You are B
ert and satisfy yourself of S
offering in this high grade B
ngs are, conduct yourself as
s and put tlie difference into
vill never miss what you put
I be a comfort and a stay to
t On Savings
clonal Bank
kL $500,000
js $200,000 ;
I ? 30 WORDsHl "
? iff " i OR I,ICSS <M
j 2n Cents I
He Who Only 1
Hopes Is J
Hopeless j
i:i3Ai> on: i.isr
,I;i,?sj?or Street, X?ir South Clitistnat
We offer a 1 wo story frame dwoll- ,
inn witli six moms and bath, slate
roof. Unlabel! in oak. on lot 50xS0
feet. The price is only
SI ,<>r>o?Itoasi>tiu!>le Tonus
Hurry, Oral) This One
A small business stand at a sacrlflce.
will pay for Itself In short time.
N<Vvir d'ojiig; good business and owner t* ?
bits best reason for soiling. This is a
small confectionsry store. Good location
and small rent..
On WllKoulmrg Car blno Stop Xo. 7.
Wo have t v. ? l-room cottages, each fj9
nicely finished and a well at each
house. The two cottages and lVa
acres of ground, all for
tpU.OOO?Think of It.
Real Estato and Insurance
C. D. Floyd, Mgr.
Rooms 305-307 Gof B!do- 1
I Jolinnon-(<:irrcit Company.} 9
B Ail kinds of building mater- | s ( sH
S 1*1. Planing Mill Work of all B
| kilitis, livery thing with which a jj
to build a house. No matter
J what you noed In lumber wi
j| Lave It anil at the right price a. ? *j.JH
i| Send us your inquiries and or- ' ?ll5j
I nrcr.ri PHO.VR 122-J
| HOME !>Hl)Mi 1
10 Men or 10O. 1 Hnml oi 10 B
Tlio 11a ml Tlint Glvro You IVhnl fl
O RCI1K8T It A I'Olt HAGGISH, J5XO. - flg51
The lloj? That Put tho (Jo In Tanro. ^
I (In Concrete Form) 1 ;;< B
Auspices of Marcato I 1
^ g |J "J jgy j Q ' ^

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