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Charge of Conspiracy yo Defraud ,
the Public.?Charles Weeks has been 1
held to bail in Philadelphia, to answer the
charge of being connected with George
Weeks in a conspiracy to defraud the
public, by publishing a literary work
called the Ladies' Literary Journal, pur-,
porting is be edited by Ella Wentworth, j
at one dollar per year, in advance. It is
alleged that ladies were employed to can- [
vass for it at one dollar per day, in ad-1
vance with a certain percentage when the
subscriptions reached a certain sura.? j
Mrs. Weeks, wife of George Weeks, testi- ;
fied that she had been married between j
five and six years, and that she had been '
sent on to Washington to ';obtain subseri
bers from members of Congress for llie
Ladies' Journal. She also visited IJalu-1
more, and obtained several subscriptions.;
During l.er nbsencc. Osorgo had gone off ?
vitJi a Miss Jiliza Klla Weeks, who was j
also one of the canvassers, and who re- j
presented herself as George's wife, and
they are new in New York. Charles was
left in charge of the office, and hence his i
? 1
Gen. GAUinxLDi's Ship.?The Newcas-1
tie (Eng.) Chronicle notices the arrival j
of Gen. Garibaldi, the Italian patriot, in l
the river Tyne, in charge of a handsome, j
full rigged clipper ship, named the Com- j
monweallh, which, it says, "belongs to
American owners." The Commonwealth
is a Baltimore ship, and sailed from this
poit in command of General Garibaldi,
wlio.it was understood, purchased her
here on his own account, in December
last. The Chronicle adds:
"The admirers of the Italian republi
can intended lo pay some public marks of j
respect to so illustrious a representative I
of their opinions; but, with the modesty,
peculiar lo his disposition, Garibaldi pre
ferred to appear in the Tyne, simply as
the master of an American merchant ves
sel. The Commonwealth will leave the
Tyne for Genoa. Garibaldi's birth place,
and the scene of some of his exploits du
ring the revolution. He will appear there
as an American citizen, and under the
proteciion of the American flag."
Stealing Seamen.?All sorts of plans
are resorted to at the present lime in
New York, it is said, to gel men to man
the various ships outward bound. The
sum of forty-five dollars is paid for the
trip to Liverpool?which is an average
pay of $3 per day. This price and a
high advance, fails to supply the demand,
and a system of sailor-stealing has been
established by men who are well paid,
boarding every foreign vessel that arrives,
and inducing the men to ship with them,
and before the captains are aware of it,
they have sailed out of port.
The Hulsemakn Lettkr.?It is now
stated that Mr. Everett denies the report
which attributes to him the authorship of
the Hulsemann letter. The entire story
about his trip to Boston and correspon
dence with Fletcher Webster is without
foundation. Mr. Webster consulted with
him in reference to the letter, but he has
never pretended that it was written by
Later from Havana.?The steamer
Crescent City has arrived from New Or
leans via Havana, the 4th. She brings
i04 passengers.
The Captain General had recently been
makii^j a tour of all the fortifications, and
it was ascertained that 306 guns could be
mounted in 2d hours. It was rumored
that provisions were being carried into
the Cubana at night, and that blasts are
being drilled. The number of troops on
the Island are near fourteen thousand.?
The naval force consists of twenty-two
vessels, chiefly small steamers. No bu
siness was doin^ at Havana, it beinsr Ho
ly Week.
The Richmond Examiner contra
dicts the report that the resignation of Mr.
Daniel, Charge at Sns4l;iiu, had been re
ceived at Washington.
A Large Pike.?We have been luxu
riating the last few days upon afine large
Pike fish, caught in the Little Kanawha,
weighing 22 pounds, and measuring four
feet in length.
End of the Oakland Tragedy.?The
grand jury of the present term of court,
refused to find a true bill against Corneli
us Johnson, charged with the killing of
Dr. Conn, at Oakland, on the 10th day
of February last. The witnesses in the
cnie were discharged from further atten
dance, and Johnson's bail released.
[ Cuvi. Td.
J How do you do. Doc tor ?*' Doctor hows vc
y politely to the lacly, and answered her inquiry
l>v saving he was very much trouble with a cough.
Tli" faely says she is surprised the doctor cannot
cure his cough, and recommends him to try ]?ry
sm's Pulmonic Wafers, saying she always used
them in her family, and invariably with pood
success. Doctor says, *? I um astonished at a lady
of your standing, using a tiunck medicine*1'?
,\vhy. Doctor! it is no <]uuck medicine. It al
ways gives relief, and every member of our fami
ly carry them in their pockets; they always do
good, :>1 know the proprietor, and don't for a
moment douYit that?** Doctor will not hear any
more, and i< ..ft- perhaps to J. L. CAKK'h for a
box : price ccnts.
l>r. Cordon Harris,
OFFICE.? llaltiinore Wk Infirmary. No. 31 I
*>outli (Jay street, opposite the Kxchangc
l.uildings, Baltimore.
A practical experience of over 'Hi years enables
Dr. II. to injure a sound and speedy cure in ? cer
tain class of Diseases, wliieh have t??o lontr been
yielded l>y regular physicians to the hands of
cjuackery. lie may be cousulted confidentially,
itlicr*. in'pcrson or by letter.
Persons at a distance cured at home by ad
dressing a letter to Dr. Harris, Baltimore. Md.?
All communications oonkioextiai., remedies sent
livmail to any part of the United States. See
jiiivertiscmeiu on fourth page.
Henry*b Invigorating Cokdiai..?The incrita
of this purely vegetable extract for the remvoal
and euro of physical prostration, genital debility,
nervous affections, ?&c., Ac, arc fully described
in another column of this paper, to which the
rounder is referred. $2 per bottle, 3 bott les for
sixbottles for $8 ; $16 per dozeu. Observe
the marks of the GENUINE.
Prepred ouly by S. E. COHEN, No. 3. Frank
lin Row, Vine Street below Eighth. Philadelphia,
MLS.T BE ADDRESSED. For sale by nil re
specie blc Druggists and Merchants throughout
the country. ?
Peek- and Stevens, Alexandria, Va., vvhclosalo
gents for \ irgiiuu.
rpUK partnership, heretofore conducted under
X the name of Martin i\? Armstcad, is this day
dissolved liv mutual consent.
PonMsboro Ritchie Co. Va., March 31st. ISoi.
V?12 St.*
Election,.on Fourth Thursday in May.
For Sheriff of Harrison County,
Witt. E. LVON,
For Commissioner of the Revenue?Lower Dist.
M. J. OltR.
Uppor District.
i:. c. spj:kky.
CONSTABLE?First District. '
3Iit. Euitor :?Yon will please annonnco the
name of JAS. MONROE, as a candidate for
Constable in the Clarksburg district.
nre requested by the friends ofK. HOP
KIJ.S. to announce him as a candidate for Slie
"" of Upshur county, at the ensuing election.
*TIIE markets. ~
[Gorkectkij weekly jpok the Reoister-I I
Clarksburg, April 2G, 1851.
*?" Bpef, 8@9
Macon, 9@10
Chickens,doz 125@150
Butter, 13'iC@15 !
Tallow, " 10
Lard, 9
Fggs, 10
Baltimore, April 17, 1854.
j Beef Cattle.?The number of Cattle offered
j t the scalps to-day, amounted to 600 head of
j beeves, 270 of which were sold to city butch
ers and packers, at prices ranging from S<1,25
[ @5,50 100 lbs on the hoof?equal to $8,50@
$?10.75 net, and averaging $5,00 gross. The
rest were driven to Philadelphia
lions.?Sales from SG.25 to (i,75 "j-? 100 lbs.
Wheat, 120@1,25
Corn, G2
I Oats, 45
Potatoes, 75
Apples, Green 75
" Dried, ?1.25
I Peaches, " $2,00
Wheat, $1,75@1,80
I Rye, 87@89
Corn, 71 @74
I Oats, 48@49
'Clover Seed, ?4,75
Bacon, 0,'^@12
Lard, 10@11
Butter," <3@15
Cheese, 10:-'@112 '
Wool, 23@4 <
i O" V.'C.T7 illst" by Rev. R. A. Arthur. Mr.
| \V M. L. \V ATSON to Miss CAROLINE M
daughter of Nathan Duvissou, Esq.
1 lie printer's thanks are returned for the cake
which accompanied the above notice. These
little kindnesses constitute the few "roses'" with
j which our thorny path is strewn.
lomc'? \7, 1{<v" A- J- Garrett Mr
ootn of Marion county.
J Oil the 22d insl.,ot his residence in Harrison
oounty, Mr. GEORGE HUG ILL, aged about
0?> years. ?
New Advertisements.
North Wrtilcrii Virginia
Male and Female Academy.
under the new arrangement,
A will open on the first day of May next.?
J rlie raets of tuition per quarter,arc as follows
viz :
I Orthography. Reading, Writing, &C., $3,00
Geography, Grammar. Arithmetic, ?&c., -1,00
j History, Chemistry, Geology, Minerolonry,
Botany, Natural Philosophy, Meutal and
' moral Philosoiiy, &,c., 5,00
j Latin and Greek Languages, or the higher
Mathematics, 0 G 00
Payable at the middle of each quarter.
None will he admitted for a loss time than a
: quarter ; and no deductions will he made for ab
I sences, except in cases where absences are una
voidable. The discipline will he mild, yet firm
and decided?stiict regard will he paid to the
moral as well as the intellectual culture of pu
i piis : and no ellort will be wanting to make this
j institution one of the first ordjr of the kind, and
j worthy of patronage.
,? &. A. ARTHUR, Principal.
Clarksburg, Vu., April 24th 1851?St.
Cash ioy ?
Two Hundred Tons Wanted.
rI^HE FULTON PAPKR. MILL, on^ mile east
| _L of Wheeling, will pay FOUR DOLLARS
j PER HUNDRED pounds, for clean Linen and
I Cotton Rags, deliverable at the Mill, or at the
? Warehouse of Messrs. A. G. Robinson Co.,
^ on Main street, near Monroe, in Wheeling.
\V olleil Rags aro entirely useicss in our lino 01
| business, and are to be excluded,
i Terms?Cash on delivery.
J I he attention ol the public is earnestly invited
j to the importance of saving materials which aro
i so indispensable to the manufacture of an article
of general utility. The mills at Wheeling re
quiro Fifty thousand dollars worth of nigs an
apSS 3m.
I>aw Notice.
| undersigned have this day entered inro a
j t* Co-partnership, tor the purpose of prosccu
! ting the practice of Law, under the name and
I Style of FISHER & CARPER. All business
instructed to tlioir cara in the comities of Up
shur, Randolph, Barbour, Harrison and Lewis,
will receive prompt attention.
Address the uhdersigned, Buckhanunii, Up
jsliur county, Va. JOHN S. FISHER,
j , W. C. CARPER.
April 19th, 1551?ap2G ly.
fash for Itagfs.
? ? DRED POUNDS CASH, for all clean
, Cotton or Linen Rags, deliverod at our store.
Jobber., of Notions, Paper&c., 2li, Baltimore
j si., Wheeling. ap2G3t.
Chcnawilh'8 Hotel,
IiKVERLY. VA.?The subscriber would re
J sped fully inform the public that lie is still
keeping tavern at the old Iluekey stand in Bcvcr
ly, ^ul would invito the patronage of all who mav
lind it convenient to givo him a call. Every at
tention will bo paid to render his visitor's com
fortablo. R. CIIENAWITH.
April 19tli. 1S">4.?St.
look at this.
A Rare Chance lor a Plea
sant Home.
Having determined to remove to
the \\ est, I now offer my propertv,
!iu the town of West Milford, Ha'r
:rison county, Va., for sale, private
ly. until the 15th day of Juno next, and if not
sold before that time, I will then olF:r it at pub
lic auction on the premises to the highest bidder.
The property offered, consists of u square of
grouud, containing one acre, situated in the cen
tre of the town, upon which there is a largo new
s ml well-finished Uvo-storvhouse, containing ten
rooms, six of which have fire places and good
grates. There is also a large cellar, and all lie-'
cessary out-houses. A good stable, a superior
? i ? P'.Uatcr?very convenient to the kitchen?
I ,'c1' ??> it a good chain pump.
.1... "r ? oft^e ground is occupied by a gar
wiil,?rJ:"!>?ri0r ^""I'ly.-the yard is well supplied
lion " rt'?8 sllr"bbery of the best selec
theVinii'W"'^!' a P'casa?t village, situated in
this. Having practised medicine in it and ltm
surrounding country for the last twelve "ears 11
can i'i>i>niniii.ki.i :? . .. . ?*-urs, l'
o ****** J IU| last twelve venr?s I
situations lor business houses; in all, makine
t'Pi",?3LiC8,irab.1? Properties now i,f
in-irL-'Pi i .. pivpur lies JlOW in
X : n* desiring to purchase such pro
f&j'"tr&? -sre s h
ar ia-ss ta'?srr,r =
Ai.ril 19th, 1P31. bt A" Al'STIN* ?j
.. ...1 ??? ? - - ^7 -
Drugs and Mcdicmcs.
_ Just Tecieved at*the Cjarks
bure Drue Book Store,
from the city of Philadelphia a
large supply of Drugs, Medi
cines, Faints, Oils, Dye-stuffs,
Perfumes, Chemical", Toilet
Fixtures, etc.,all of whtch will
be sold on the most reasonable
\ wm 6-=? terms?to reasonable men wo
men or children who are In want of any of the
above articles. All peremptions carefully put
?p. _ A. F. BARNES.
Books for the Ladies.
THE new Cook Book, by Sarah J. Hale.
Modern Cookery, by Elizabeth Acton.
Practical Cook Books, by Mrs. Bliss.
Economical Housekeeper, by Mr. E. A. Ha
SkMiful Housewife Book, by Mrs. I- G.Abel.
Family Kitchen Gardner, by Rob't. Buist.
Alsu?The Family Receipt Book, together
with many other cxcellcnt works on Cookery and
domestic affairs. For sale by A. F. BARNES.
AGAIN we present ourselves before tfte public
with a new and large supply of Books,
which, together with our former stocky makes
an excellent variety of School, Classical and
miscellaneous Books. The reading community
are respectfully invited to call and examine them
?and wo are confident they will find something
to their taste that will amuso and instruct.
CASTOR, Sweet, Olivo, Flaxseed, Fish, Neats
Foot Oils, for sale by
COPAL, Coach, Japan, Grate, Leather, and
Mastic Varnish. Also, Spirits Turpentine,
for sale by A. F. BARNES.
G1 ROUND White Lead, Chrome Yellow, Green,
r P. Blue, etc , together with a very extensive
stock of Paints for sale by A. F. BARNES.
(1AP, Writing and Letter paper, various kinds
J and qualities, Drawing do., 'I issue do., Note
do., Envelops of variety of styles, Bristle Boards,
Past Boards, Wall Paper &.C., &c. at
RNIVES, Forks, Table and Tea Spoons, |
Shears and Scissors, Bug^rv Lamps very
beautiful articles, for sale at A. F. BARNES.'
BONNETS.?A fine stockofSpring style, just
received from Philadelphia, and for sal.- by
In Clianccry.
"V 7IRGINIA :?At Rules held in the Clerk's of
V fice of the Circuit Court of Randolph coun
iv, oil the first Monday in April, 1854 :
Ely Butcher, comp.
VS. (
Benjamin Kittle and others defts.
The object of this suit in to obtain a decree for
the partion of 98 acres of land ill the said conn
ly of Randolph, whereof John Clark died seized ;
and if partition thereof cannot be conveniently
made, then to obtain decree for the sale of the
And it appearing by affidavit that the defend
ants, Leonard White "and Margaret White his
wife, Jane Clark, John T.Clark and Charles W.
Clark, are not residents of this State, it is order
ed that they do appear hero within one month
after duo publication of this older and do what
is necessary to protect their interests, and that a
copy of this nr..or be published once a week
for four successive weeks,in Cooper's Clarksburg
Register, a public newspaper, printed in. the town
of Clarksburg, Harrison county, and that ano
ther copy thereof, be posted at the front door of
the court house of this county, oil the first day
of the n?xl county court.
A copv, Teste,
B. L. BROWN, Clerk
Goffatto. for comp. aP10
Legal Notices, Sales, &c.
Trust Sale of Valuable
BY virtue ofa deed of Trust, executed oil the
9th day of November, lS49,by Warner W.
Chapman, to the undersigned, trustee, for the
use and benefit of George H. Lee, and of record
in the Clerk's oflico of Doddridge county Court,
I will on the 2Glh day of June next, (beingcourt
day) proceed to self to the highest bidder for
cash, before the front door of the Court House
of said county, the following valuable tracts <jf
land, situate on the waters of the North l'ork of
Hughes River, in said county, viz: Ono tract of
100 acres, conveyed to said Chapman by Mary
Tucker; also, a tract of 150 acres, conveyed to
said Chapman by Ephraim Bee. Said tracts of
land constitute the home farm of said Chapman,
and on which ho resided until lately. Hie title
to said land is good, but selling as trustee such
title will only be made as is vested in me by the
trust deed aforesaid. RO. JOHNS! ON,
Feb. 2.->, 1S51?inarS 10t. Trustee.
In Chancery.
\7IRGINIA, to wit:?At Utiles lielil in the
Clerk's otliee of the Circuit Court, of Bar
bour county, on the llrst Monday in March. 1S54:
.Jacob S. Bonnet, comp.
Michael II. Neville, surviving adminis
trator of John Black,dce'd., and oth
ers, deft'*.
The object of this snit is to enjoin the defend
ant. Michael II. Neville, administrator, as afore
said. from the collection of a judgment recovered
l>v him against complainant; and also to obtain
a conveyance of the land in the bill mentioned,
tiled in" this cause, sold by the defendant. W in.
\V. Stalnakor, to John .Black, dec d., unu by said
Black, to the Ooftiplainant. .
Ami it appearing by ailiaavit, iilcd, ^'1C
defjndants. Williajn W. Stalnaker, Amw Haw
lev, Massalona fiawley, Washington I?van and
Atlrali Kyan, are not inhabitants of this State,
ami thev no; appearing, on motion of the com
plainant, it i* ordered that the said defendants
do appear here within one month after due pub
lication of this order, and do what i?* necessary
to protect their interest therein.
A copv, Teste.
Ilall, ntto. L. D. MORRALL
maris 4t. _____
lu Clianccry.
\7IRGINIA:?At Rules held in the Clerk's
Office of til Circuit Court of Randolph
county, on the first Monday m March, 1854:^
Isaac McClaskey and wife, Comp s.,
I Ionian Scott and others, certs
The object or this su!t is to obtain a decree tor
I the sale of so much of the land willed by Ben
I ianiiu 15. Scott, dee'd., t'o the defendants, Hornan
I Scott, and Thomas B. Scott, as will be sufficient
l to pay the sum of two hundred and fiflj dollars,
due the complainant from the said Homan and
Thomas B. Scott, under said will, together with
the interest thereon,and the costs of this suit.
And it appearing by affidavit, that the defend
?nit John L. Scott, is "not an inhabitant of this
'Suite, it is ordered that he do appear here within
one month after due publication of this order,
I and do what is necessary to protect his interest ;
I and that a copy of this order be published once
j a week for four successive weeks, in Coopers
Clarksburg Register, a public newspaper printed
in the town of Clarksburg, in Harrison county,
and that another copy thereof, be posted at the
court house of this county on the first day of
the next County Court.
A Copv, Teste,
Gofl for compl'ts. B. L. BROWN,
mar22 4t. Clerk.
Public Sale of Real Estate.
BY virtne'of a writ of the decree pronounced
by the Circuit Court of Harrison countv. iu
the c ISO of Jas. Y. Horner agaiustU m. H. Mills,
I will, on the 15th day of May next, sell at pub
lic auction to the highest bidder, before the
Court House of Harrison county, a certain par
cel of land situate in said couuty, on the waters
of Little Rock Canip Run, adjoining lands of
I Thomas Hannah and others, coutainiuing about
-Yc^dit of six and twelve months, with inter
est from the day of sale, will be given, the pur
chaser giving bonds and good security and a lien
oil the laud to secure the P,
B- DESPARD, Com r.
April 10, 1854?apl9 4t.
ONl'FF, Ciqars and Tobacco,^or^lest ^^
The Celebrated Patent Co-!
nical Burr Stone Mill.
TIIESE mills nro adapted for all the usual
erindin*, and may bo propelled by Wa
ter, Steam, Wind or Horse-Power, "and will do
its work with great rapidity and perfection, and
may bo pnt up and kept in order by almost any
person. It is a perfect Grist Mill in miniature,
and is undoubtedly the cheapest and best Mill
ever offered to the public. These mills are not
made of Iron and Steel, whicli soon become dull
hv use. and tl>en cannot be sharpened, again, but
of the best FRENCH BURR STONE, which is
but little afiected by use, and when it does be
come dull it can easily be sharpened by the far
mer himself.
They are durable, not liable to get out of or
der, and can be driven with less power than any j
other kind of Mills.
To the above Mills have been awarded at dif
ferent times FORTY-SEVEN PREMIUMS, in
cluding a Gold Exhibition Medal, Certificate,
and copy of the Reports of Juries by tlf > Royal
Commissioners of the WorldTs Fair, held at Lon
don in 1S51.
There are live sizes of these Mills, ranging
from alland-Mill, to one suitable for large Mer
chant Mills, and capable of grinding from three
to eight bushels of Wheat or corn, and from six to
fifteen bushels of feed, an liottr.
Any number of certificates erf the utility of
these Mills, might be given, bnt we onljr publish
theTollowing. The Mill of ^ r. Barb is of the
second size, and coats only $100,
LAunei. Point, Monongalia co., Va.J
January 1st, IS54. f
Mr.. ZuitiEL Lewis, Dear Sir :?I take pleasure
in info; rning you that I have so far tested the
Conical Burr Stone Mill that you have putin
operation for me, and 1 can assure ycm that it
more than sustains your recommendations, as I
have ground fouk bushels of Corn into fine meal
in less than fifty minutes, and I believe thai I
can with four good horses grind five bushels of
corn in an hour. Two horses willdo a tolerable
business, but three or four will do bettor. My
customers generally, are well pleased with the
meal they get from my mill, and say that it is
superior to any that they have evorliad from any
other mill. I ain fully satisfied that if tho val
ue of these mills was generally known, that they
would soon go into general use. They can be
kept in order by almost any person. 1 will just
say that my opiniou in regard to those mills,
corresponds with the certificates from many oth
ers who are using them.
Kanawiia County, Va.,1
April, 1S53. )
I Mr. Zliuel Lewis, Dear Sir:?At your re
qucstand my pleasure, 1 do not hesitate to give
you my opinion of Chas. Ross' Conical Burr
Stone Mills. One of these Mills, No. 4 in size,
has been attached to the ongino in a eoopftr's shop,
in which I ain interested, where it has been liu
iy tried, and worked well, and I am satisfied
made the best corn meal I ever saw, and as far as
I know, has given satisfaction to all who have
tried it. Yours, Truly, _
important to millers.
Rochester, Feb. 11 1S.>3. (
Having heard many statements prejudicial to,
your Patent Conical Mills, the resultofignorance '
and prejudice, I confess I was unfavorably im
pressed for a long time, until I had used fonie
llour made by them, when I was convinced that
they were capable of making as good or better
i llour than I had ever had from any other kind
| of Mills. Now this is to eortify that I have in
: my basement, No. 1 Buffalo street, two run of
! your Conical Mills, with which I have made,
i within the last four months, a large quantity of
! flour, from an average of four bushels and 12
J pounds of wheat to tho barrel, one-half of which
! passed for extra in the city of New-York, the
other half for superfine. 1 have dono this to
satisfy myself as to the yield. I believe your
1 Mills require not more than one-half as much
power as the fiat stones, to do the same amoun
of business. They also grind cool, consequently
the color is better and more pure, and the flour
brighter, the fermenting properties of tho flour
not having been injured ; also having more
strength, and absorbs a largor quantity of water
when made into bread, than flour made by the
fiat stone. Yours, Rcspoetfnilv,
To Charles Ross.
New IIaven, Conn., Sept. Gtli. 1S50.
Mr. Charles Ross, Rochester, Sir :?In reply
to your letter on tho subject of your Mill, I have
to say, that I have, under tho direction of the
Ooinmisary General of the U. S. Arm}*, General
Gibson, on re hosed several of them, with horse
powers, ooltcrs, Ac.i complete, forwarding them
to Mexico, California, Oregon and Texas, for use
] in connection with the army. The Mill is found
i to answer every purpose required of a grinding
! Mill is easily kept in order, grinds rapidly, and
j of such degree of fincnoss or coarseness as may
! be desired/ It can be adjusted readily to any
I kind of horse or water power, is portable, of
small compass, of light weight and not exnen
sive. 1 regard the Mill as. eminently well adop
ted to both Arinv and Navy, xis well as to fron
tier use, also u'oll calculated to enable the grow
er of grain to make his own flour. For the
grinding of spioics, coffee, tfce., on a large manu
facturing scale, it an wers a good purpose. I had
one of your Mills put up at Gen. Taylor's head
quarters at Montory, in Mexico. It worked well.
1 found it to bo perfect in all its parts and fea
Yorv respectfully, vour obedient servant.
Brcv. Maj. U. S. Army, and Oom.Subs'ce
The following arc the sizes, diameter, weight
and cost of the mills :
No. 1. Ilaud, or One Ilorsc Power Mill. 11 in
ches. 130 lbs. $~i>.
No. 2. Two horse power, 13 inches, 200 lbs $100.
8, For steam or water 15 4* 300 ?? 140.
" 4, 4i Grist Mills. IT 4-V> " 170.
lt f>, merchant mills 24 44 000 41 300.
The mill is entirely confined in a strong cast
iron frame, and the above is tho whole weioiit !
TheMillsure manufactured only by CHARLES
ROSS, South St. Paul street, near Court street
Bridge, Rochester, N. Y. Zuriel Lewis, General
Agent for Yirginia.
For further particulars, cte.. inquire postpaid
of W. P. COOPER,
Clarksburg, Va. .
Fcbruarv 15lli.lSo4.
I' OST on Tuesday the 4tli inst.. somewhere on
jthe Is. W. Turnpike,between Dent's Hotel and
' .Hideo Camden's residence, u pocket-book con
taining $30 in notes on tho Mineral Hank of Ma
i rvland, two sold car rings, and a child's finirer
I rinjr- The tinder will receive the above reward,
bv delivering the above to the suboribcr, at Mrs.
Jannes. near the Foundry.
April 12th, lS5i. -
A House and Lot. sitnated in the
town of Bridgeport, Harrison county.
Va..and immediately on the lino of
the North Western Virginia Railroad,
adjoining tho store-lot of Col. Wm.
' Saul'Honse is furnished with a good stable and
other commodions ont-buildings. and great ad
vantages to those wishing to purelianc town lots.
Address. JOHN M. SMITH.
a pi 8m.* Bndgepott. \ a,
IVoticcto Stock-lioldcrs.
i 'I^HE annual meeting of the Stock-holders of
JL the Shinnstou Turnpike Company, will be
held at the School-house, near Elisha Hall's 011
Friday, the 71h day of Apnl next. Stock-holders
t are earnestly solicted to attend, cither in person
1 or bv proxy, as the future prosperity of the enter
I prize depends much u 1',?'1'J*?*f1
i of its patrons. JAMLb A. ROBhY,
I m;iri Gt. Superintendent.
| t GENERAL Meeting of the stoelc holders of
| i 1L the Gnattv Creek and West Union Turnpike
Company, will beheld at the lionse of John
; Daniels,in the county of Barbonr on the 22d of
April. As business of importance to the compa
ny will be transacted, it is desirable that all the
stock be represented. A meeting of the direc
tors will be held on the same day.
aP5 St J. C. EADCLIFF,! ?om
ALL persons knowing themselves indebted to
the subscriber, cither by Note or Book Ac
[ count, will please call on Joseph McCarly, a
Carlile's Office, on^Main street, and settle the same
by the first day of April next, as it is necessary
the business should closed. No farther in
dulgence can be given. All those remaining
unsettled after April 1st-, will be placed in' the
hands of Officers lor collection.
Clarksburg, Match 1 IS34?at
The subscriber*
pectfully call the at
Hon of the cIUmm of No?
auy other mannlactarers. . - i
have ja?' introduced a NEW nad-VERV
which excels in kabt dudght. cLeax and it Arm
JJ?*"' any machine erer osed by oar farmers.?*
We can also farnish COMMON-MACHINES,
ra^Wneslwith STRAW CARRIERS, or
CLEANERS, attached.
We are manufacturing a Very superior article
of HEAPING MACHINES, suitable for
cutting grain or grass. This machine can be
used to advantage upon any ground where a wl
gon can be driven.
Wo are also manufacturing a CUTTING
BOX, for hay, straw or fodder ; which for easy
and rapid work, exceeds anything in the coun
PLOUGHS.?We have always on hand a
large assortment of the best PATENT and other
Ploughs, found in the country.
o-m,^ES'??ur assortment of COOKING
slovto embraces the California Air Tight, a
new and excellent article, performing more work
with less fuel, than any other Cooking Stove in
existence; LefHe's Double Oven Cooking Stove,
various sizes, an excellent article for hotels and
large families; Complete Cooks, &.c. Together
stvwS ussor,rncut o{ PARLOR AND EGG
O 1 V_? V C/o.
The above articles aro kept constantly on hand
and can be furnished at any time.
PINGS OF ALL KINDS, including some
new and improved Mill Gearing. Grates of
ev?.y.description, Hollow Wurc, Ac.
j his establishment being situated upon the
line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, gives to
pu rchasers the best facilities for transporting ar
ticles to a distance at small expense; and the In- I
Jucemcnts offered of reasonable terms and aupe
rior manufactnre, must continue to render this a
popular establishment with the public.
fcr Repairing done a' the shortest notice and
in good style.
Palatine, Marlon co., Va., Aug. 3, 1853.
Marlon Machine Shop.
rilllE undersigned having formed a co-part
X nersmp for the manufacture of machines,
would respectfully inform the citizens of North
western \ lrginia that they are now making, and
.CI? constantly on hand, and for sale at their
establishment, in Palatine, (opposite Fuirmont)
-Marion county. Va.. at tlie lowest prices, a j?e
x'?\Vr ' , nmonir which may be found A
aiAOiu^h, which excels in easy, draught,
clean and iiapid work, any machine ever used.
\>c can also furnish COMMON MA0I11NES,
rnrr!nv?f)l!Ses vit!l STRAW CARRIERS, or
v LEA.2S ERS attached.
RFAPfVfl MU?n[n'vUT-"ls? ?. B,uP?r.ior nrtieio of
Kfc.AI I IS (, MAOHI>,h>. suitable for cutting ei
tlicr<gruin or grass. This machine can boused
to advantago upon any ground whore a wagon
can lie driven.
PLOUGHS.?We have always on hand a large
assortment of the best patent an.d other ploughs,
ionnd in the country.
We arcalso manufacturing a CUTTING-BOX
for hay, rftraw or fodder, which for easy and ra
conntrv cxcccJs ""J 'l'mg of the kind in the
liZ'??,';Sta?li?1!nle"; bein? situated upon the
i B"lll"iore and Ohio ltailroad, gives
nvrI;,t.Y?.aSOrs.- lK;st facilities for transporting
articles to a distance at small expense ; and tlio
I inducements oflered ol' reasonable terms and su
perior manufacture, must continue to render
Ur a P?P"Iar establishment with the public
^ *. B.-?Repairing done at the shortest notice
and in the bust style.
FcbnTsrj Sth, y.
A money Savin? Establish
T'li'e H*'l?yf!nncd "ould aniiounce to the pub
x-he that he has on hand a good stook of
Tin, Copper, Brass & Sheet-iron Wares
TIII\f?>ImP'lire r'? n"l1lu,1'"ct"ro to order, ANV
J At, made from the same materinl at the
shortest notice, lie is determined to make it to
? l"-rso" s 'ntjsbkst to deal with him. and
stosKv tCn"CSt i ? tlK>se-who want to save tiieik
monki to give him a call.
... !V!'0?!alb? c"n special attention to tlio vc
i > and complete assortment of
Cooking Stoves,
; - *3o> *>?
of'busines?nhV"'"."s"rc "Imaged his mode
b> selling lor pay down or on suokt
merly " tu 8011 n'uuh lowor llla? for
i manner of jobbing done at tlio verv
aw- ?r
Cabinet-Ware !
f U ^ N 1 T ,r- The subscribers would call
the attention of tlie citizens of
( larksburg and surrounding
,.,.r,1.wT,r S1Scountry, to tlieirgcneral assort
!p? ^^a?Dniont of FURNITURE, &ZT; all
?t ? Inch is manufactured with a view to iU neat
ness and durability, and will be sold cheap for
prompt pay. 1
They are in receipt of all the late fashionable
changes, and tlieirwork will bcMiaped aecording
Those wanting articles in this line arc invited
to give ns a call, as we drc determined none shall
go away dissatisfied.
n \V',lT,K0,0'?3 on I>ilt0T street, opposito Dent's
Hotel,Clarksburg. ,J. & B. 1IURSEY.
Clarksburg, Feb. 16,1858. _ nolj>
The subscriber respectfully informs the
| public that ho has put in operation the
tk*^gj?itlacksmith shop in the rear of Harriett's
j Hotel, and is? prepared to do all kinds of work in
j his line.
He n:i? skilful hands employed, and those pa
i tronizin? this shop may rest assured that tliel.
; work will be done well.
. A share of the public patronage is solicited.
? Jnne loth, 1653?tf.
Tlic Harrison ITfacIiinc
I S the place where ever article is Warranted
. Just now <fn ha nd a lo of extra SAUSAGE
CUTTERS, one ofwhich will be loaned to any
| ersoa who lids never used one of my make.?
The usual supply ofCARDING MACHINES,
AND CLEANERS; Corn and Cob Crushers;
Straw Cutters, &.C., See., on hand. Calijand see
Wagon Making.
i,iIE undersigned w.juld rcspectfnlly inform
tho citizens of Harrison and adjoining conn
i tics, that he has removed to his new frame piiojj
on Meclianic street. Sooth of the burnt district,
where he is prepared to do all work in bis line of
I business in a superior manner, such as Wagon
, Making in ail its brancbcs. Buzgies made when
ordered. Also, repairing done in the very best
j style.
PLOWS always kept on hand, or made at the
shortest notice.
Thankful for past favors, I hope by giving my
whole and undivided attention to my business, to
i still merit a liberal share of the public patronage
? Clarksburg, Jan. SSth, 1852.?ly.
P. S.?The wood-work of two liorse wagon
kept constantly on hand.
IVew GoodSi
JOHN IRWIN, opposite the Court House, has
just returned from the Eastern Cities with a
, larp- and choice assortment of FALL AND
: every thing iii the line, to which he invites the
I attention of the citizen* of Clarksburg and the
i surrounding country.
, rp HE co-partnership heretofore existingbetween
i 1 E. W. WOODS, and?: R. BIDDLE. enca
ged on Section 22 N. W. Va. K- K. H this day ctis
i solved. S.Tl. BIDDLE.
I February SSth. 185i.?mar. 8 St*
Sew Spring Slock.
EUsba Owe lis Irai just return-'
ed from BgUlidpre with a now
stock of fflSgNG-'aml 3UM
MER GOODS, which he offers
at his Shop*lmX>c*par<i*8 Row,
Clarksburg,. rflvery moderate
prices, Bts'asiorlraont embr*^
ces a large jind fine slock of
Cloths, *C??3sin?eTS, Ves-.
lings and Trimmings,
which have been selected wittt (freat cam by him
self, ami which will be made ufe to order in tbi
neatest anient firiMiOnaBle Myle, being himself
?ra experienced cutter, and having- fu hlb employ
good workmen. He has also, ou hand, a good as
sortment of
Ready-Made Clothing,
which he will despose of at moderate price*.??
Tlieso articles arc,of good quality and such as be
can recommend. Ho has also, every article
usually kept tit n furnishing store, such- as
He deemes it proper to odd that he will make
Coats, Pants, Vests, &c., of goods purchased
elsewhere than of hi uself, and he respectfully so
licits a sharo of public patronage, feeling confi
dent that by strict attention to business he will
be enabled to give satisfaction.
IC Cash ana country produce will betaken in
exchangtrfor work done. no 9 tf.
Drups and Medicines, Wholesale and
itctail at No. 1, Main Street,
Clarksburg, Va.
I NOW offer to the citizens of this and the ad
joining counties n largo and exteuslve stock
of pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Perfumes,
Paints, Oils, Dye Stuff's, ote., etc. Having pur
chased extensively in New York an Philadel
phia, I think 1 can ray wit'i safety that my pre
sent stock embraces u greater variety than uuy
establishment in Western Virginia, the city of
Wheeling not excepted. To country merchants
and physicians I would say that my priccs shall
be at the smallest justifiable advance on custom
priccs and charges; and to those who purchase
at retail, they may depend upon purchusiug at
less'tlian city prices. All prescriptions put up
With great ecur i nd attention.
Mew Cioods.
HCOII CAKK Iim just rcturnod from Balti
more with a larjre .^tock of now Spring and
Summer Goods, which he will sell at his store on
Main street Clarksburg, at prices as low ns any
plaeo in town.
llo lias n splendid lot of Indies dross goods,
which will he sold very cheap.
In addition to lih< Dry Goods he has a largo
assortment of Queccsware, Hats, Caps, Boots, |
Shoos, &e.
Also, Grocorios, and Fish of all kinda.
mnrS lim. ,
New Goods
TUST arrived from PHILADELPHIA and
? ' Baltimore, and now opening at JOHN IB
WIN'S, nonrly opposite the Court House, in the
new brick building of \V. P. Gcff. Esq. A largo
variety of Ladies Dress Good?, Hosiery, Bloneh
ed ana Brown Muslins, Linen Tublu Diaper, etc.
etc. ad 8
j.k. siiean. j. w. ntiRniN.
3. K. SE1IAN Sc CO.
WOULD inform their friends and the
public that they have just removed their
storeintothe Brick Hnildingopposite Barl
lett's Hotel, and having just nmdo large additions
to their slock of goods, they now offer for sale an
unusual and choice assortment of articles in
their line, at the lowest prices.
They have ou hand a largo lot of gold and sil
ver lever, leplno and quarticr watches.
Clocks of every description, at prices that can
not fail to suit all.
. Also, a fine assortment of JEWELRY, con
sisting of Breast Pins, Ear and Finger Rings,
Gold and silver Fab and Guard Chains; Gold and
Silver Pencils, Crosses, Lockets &.c.
They would invite particular attention to their
FANCY ARTICLES, among whi<:h may .to
found Work-Bo.tes, Dressing Cases, Fancy
Goods, Mirrors, Brushes, ifcc., &.c.
N. B.?Watch nud Clock repairing dono on
the shortest liolico and wurraulcd. jan 4?3t
rpiIE subscriber haw just received n full snp
X ply of New Goods of all kinds, at his now
Brick store on l'ikc utreot. including a fin? as
o rtmcnt for Fr.ll and SVinter woar.
His stock embraces a choice lot of Cloths, Cas
simeros, Vesting, ?fce.
Linen and Cotton tfoods of all kinds?particu
lar attention is callod to his stock of dornostic*.
A great variety of Culicoes of excellent quality
and choice colors.
Groceries of all kind?, at the lowest prices.
A general assortment of Hardware of the best
Fish of various kinds, very cheap.
The citizens of Clarksburg and the surround
ing country, are respectfully" in vited to give me
a call, as 1 am determined to sell ns cheap a* the
cheapest. T. S. 1'KIM.
October 10th, 1S53.?]y.
For Sale Low.
JL. CARR has just received at Iho Drug
? and Segar Store, opposite Burtlett's HoM
and has for s de at the lowest priccs :?
100 Rrams wrapping pnper.
?10 Boxes Window Glass.
40 Gro?s Matches.
50 Boxes Tobacco of various brands*
150,000 Fine Segars.
4 Gross Bonnet Boards.
A variety of Glass and Brass lamps.
Kthericl Oil.
Phosgene Gas and Lard Oil. w<
Wolle, Cotton and Rr g Carpeting,
J. II. Murphy,
doors ubuve the Court Iloiiiw, Clurksburir.
Watches and Cloaks Cleaned and Kvfftir
ed in a workmanlike in?nncr, and warranted.
Always on hand and for sale at rednced nrjcox,
a general nA^ort men - of Jewelry, P.-rney Article*,
Watches, Clocks, ?fcc. <
The public is rcspcctfally invitod to call snd
examine his stock. rnarlG ly
T3LANK Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Summons,
Executions, Bonds, &.C., for sale at this o-f
2<_I'ASS.?A fine assortment of Window Glass
on hand and for sole by
~VTAILS of several varieties for sale cheap by
CHANDLES for sale at
VBOY sixteen or seventeen years old, to
learn the Cubiael Makers oUSlne??.
J. & B. B. HUR8EY.
June 30th. 1B52. __
X TUS for sale by
aUEENSWAUE. Hardware. Booto and Shoes
Gentlemen's Oaitehi. Blouch and fashion
ablo Silk liats, for sale low at
JOHN iliWI N'g. I
! The Standard Weight* and.
; "I?'OR IlarrtMin county are now in tbe Usads ?f
' J C. W. tjiHTIi.Clttrkdbure, where all person
i can have their weight*, meanuresand y?nl-?tlcks
I proved and sealed. witU tUc county seal.
iy? f
Family Cirocer ien.
-r* Sugar, Brown, Crnsb and Loaf.
Molasse*, Fish, Rioe, Ginger,
SpkJC, Pepper, Chocolate, Nut
men, Mhjco, ice., tor amlft bv
TTf INDOW GT.AS8?Premium article la store
YY and for sale by A-P. BARNES.
QLASSWARE far sale by
j T>OWDER, Lead, ShM and Cai
IX X ,?? A- F.
jT?LUTES, Vlolin*n4Gi|iUw Strings ifccv tor
J? sale at ' A. P. BARNES.'
j^LlNT GLASS-WARE f? sale low at A. F.
BARNES' Drug 1
No?. 8J0 mid 82S Bultln*>r? Street,
Keep constantly on band and for Ml
boat term*, a largo andtfhofce assortment or
corioa, Wines, Lienor*, dafto whitb tb
the attonti on of Country Merc ban ?*( llol
ore, and 'ethers.
!? , ? ,...t iiirl .
Watchcs aud Jewelry.si
and the public generally, tl,?i*
my Wotoh and Jowoby S*o
MORE ST., aix doors belo
more \rhere they will fli.ti
?Lover, Lo rtn# and Sit tT iWV
scriptiou. (Jokt-Lo-'er., from $t6 to flOO.
Also u variety of ?; jld Choi up; Kuys,
oils and Pons, Hint*, Ear-riiyrfr, Jlr
AUo. a lino assortment df 8fl\?Srt..
Butlyr aud i'ruit Kidvesf.of genuinti
A variety of Albatta i"urtR, Sj>ooi)?,
CloolM bud' lrdn6y Goods. Largo aw
Watoh- tn akor's ToMs, J<fi1-efe, tIdmlJj-fcrid
Gins* .>f every kind. t; ; cri:
I i'nirvi'DVv \ffur? ' -J?
viaot 90l
Baltimore a?,1 mor^'.'
house, at wholotmlo or retail
Fancy Goods, Porte Mon
nnics & Pocket Uooki.'1'
TUtt attention of the trade ai^dother*. In waiil
of Portrf Monnales, rocket books, bankers'
gammon and clicsa boards, ?hoaa-mon,noaf), shall
and silver card-casca. work, bOfes ,<jndi?a, naodia
books, inonoy.bolts,iSfirar eases, portfolios, ruior*,
and razor strops, travelling flaikft ami Hue bKtli
ry, together. with a lorn variety of faney (foods,
which will bo sojd at the lojjost^ra^j.^^. ??? -,y
Porta Vr/nnaloand PockOt-book Miinnfl&ctnrori
nil 8 m] sfoa'Arqli at., bolow Oth, 1'hlliul*.
? ? 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cheap window Shade
GL. MlLLKli A CO.. 8. W. Corner of Areb
. and Boeood streotB, l'iiiLADatriiM. i l tr
and Ho tall, such as Scroll, Klowir, Clothle, vhj
nuito, OU ondDry Landscapes, aro to be Imd at ths
lowest priuo* for quality or wnrk, Orders forUlB
Plain Store, Lottcicd and otlicr Shadoa, gxoo?H^l
at thoshortest notieo. ..
Alarchant* and others are Invited to jjlv* tfkv k
call. Wk will t?v TQ rwtAMt.1 ;
streets. Philadelphia. : mar'Jly '
Boole Afcclkts Wanted.
AOENTS WAVTKDlWevery toWknd oqiia
ty In tho United Btatea. to'fell thb mosYpob-i
ular n'u.l sulcablu l.oaUs publlahod.'niany of ihant
boautifutly illustrated with colouki)* nfih Ayipaaf
also the most popular \VorL> 6' T. S'.'Arthtv, U?
cludidfr"Arlhiir'*CoUu|f<i Library." ' ''[/}
Intelligent and enterprising men wi'lilnd tWl's
J. IV. BRADLEY, Publisher, ,':
No.48 Nun!iKourUi3ttah?>v
rP4V,y i Philadelphia, Pa,,.
Save If our .Hoiacy.
N MONTGOMERY, (Into salesman 'for
? Ycuklr, Colib Sc. Co.,) wholoaale dealer la
511 Tl iltltnorc street, (up atal:*) , botweeh Ltghi
and Charlraafr.'efa, Bnltlrrt'ore', Ima on biitid anil
will lie r. o.'lvlnir oomt inily lliro0)jh tlli> aoaaori,
NEW GOQDij?rich, fualtionablo, fanny altle
Millinery Goods. My stock of Rich Ribboos,
comurls'o every variety of the , latest and moa|
beautiful dealjfna. *#*??
I oil or 131 y uooda for netraali, at lower pMoM
than any credit hoiiKfl can alTo^d, .
All persous will lind It greatly to their Intofest
to rrarrvcu portion of their nitoney, nnd make ss^
lections from iny groat variety of ricA ehaif
gOCklt, ?? 1 ! ? . U t? ? '
Ribbons for U.iiinaft, Cap*, 3a?bo*J &o..i-> ,
lionuels. Silks, Sulla*, Ve.lvol*, :
Crapes, I.lnscn,1 Tarletonji, Pou^ida^an*,
lllouds, Illusions, nnd Bhfbr.
Caps, " i ? ?jJ! lo
ha?r t?rf? ni
avory nrtleiu in the MlllFn^ryflhrF '
ii.ilUmore,, i'obifoary 10:ltuH ?Oil. M .ttojfCn
Tobacco* Se4fa?!f ^4it?Pft8 lol
T.UpT ro^lrid midpftrtof oplllwal Unnfctm
ft which wo Invito the aUontlpji^f.jjjafo&ajj^
and olliail ? . 1 j.
300 Iiokh* -Tobiitooi (into wyijh?rfai i j
50.000II iU" Hpanl?h 8oj?ri<'
6<V>00y?r*8i*?i ,,1
HMMR?l.v.wr !lij?
40,000 Uno tiegixri, o??orJcd brafda J .
500 lUnd M4in? i , - l>*{
1 doz.Toboocoknftw, . ?-.!*?; ' sliu
Q0 Hoxra Scotch Snuff. ______
A larilu lot of Snuff Boxca i?nd B<mr%ea*cf ?
LOGAN ?, CALK. ? j
Fairmont, July 2. (ipy4 by. rrnl
BOOKS. ? .?' -?:?
"\TOW oponlng at the cnarkatraf^Drng ah<l
i.N Hook Htoro, over 2000 vOlnron* of Ho6k?r^
v hero mar be found an ottt.ulve and good se
loctlon of School, Claaoleal and MlaoMlanooii#
Hook*. Alao, paper of many pradoa, together
with an almoat cndlwui variety of Stationary?aft'
of which will bo sold lowforcaah:
dc28 : A. F. Ji A SN'ES
joim s. pin?Eit, .
Attorney 'nt raw,, 1
RaokhautiOn, Upainr Co., Va.
Will practice In th*Superi?r And lflftjririr 1
of t'p?Uur,J<itrUuur, Handolph.TayU.r, Harris*;)
Lcwla, Gtlmcr and HriixtoojppnWU*,.aod- pay.!
prompt attrition to the collection of all tdaLna'
entnoitod to Uira. ? '* -^"i
Kcrzucxcu Mww?. O'JIrlan, OtttlttitfT'A
Aleinadria, W; John tonmu. Woatoft, V*.
y 1* .".I I
?4 by G: D. Camdeo aa.U
tioe of <b? North w*?Mrn alWS Uio W<wtO? art
Fairmont TVtilplk* Kimdrf-'' i :;0i "iiaftlyF
HQ. JOUNHTOS, ."'nq. to
Attorney at I^wy-;:.-,:nh>
nxKBtgon couKTr, YiLv;.;.;,^;..;.
Tobacco an
wc-bhban a cd.
rentes i?%
?J for aalobv '
Inly a

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