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^ilgncnffnral aub JomeatiV
Raising Potatoes uuder straw.
Several of our correspondents, within
a year, have spoken favorably of the
practice of planting potatoes and cover
ing with straw, both as a less laborious
and more profitable method of raising
that crop. The idea is new to us. As
long ago as J 825, wo saw this method
practiced in Vermont, Bnd it was reported
highly successful, but for soma reason it
has not come into general use. The ex
periments we saw tried by selecting a
short pasiure field, dropping the seeds at
suitable distances over the ground, and
then covering the whole with a coat of
straw to the depth of a foot or more. In
the fall the straw was raked and the po^
titoe* picked up. all dry. I a wet season
this i'lan was thought to be very effec
tive. The edi'.or uf the Pike county (Illi
nois,) Free Press has been presented
iv iih potatoes raised the last season by
Mr. Shipmnn. of -that vicinity, and de?
v.ils as follows :
Mr. -Shipmati informs us that he plant
ed tht tn in the usual manner, then cov
ered them to the depth of about six in
cites with straw ; after this no further
cultivation was required?the straw ke^t
down the weeds and the potatoes were
not disturbed until they were dug. Not
only has this method brought him a su
perior pot aloe, but it l;as brought him an
extraordinary yield?four bushels to the
square rod. Or at the rate of six hundred
and forty bushels to the acre.
He lias tried this mode of culture for
three years past, and has found it in ev
ery instance to bring results superior to
the common method. This year he has
planted at least three different times,
with the following results :
Early in April, ha planted Meshanocks
in both ways, aud Pinkeyes under the
straw ; nil were in the same kind of
gro'im'. The Meshnnocks cultivated yield
ed two bushels nnd one peck to the
square roil ; those covered with straw,
four bushels and one peck, and the pink
eyes covered, lour bushels.
The Pinkeys, planted on the 24th of
May, covered with straw, yielded two
and a half bushels and four quarts to the
square rod. They were the smallest po
Pinkeyes planted about the last of
June, covered, brought two bushels and
one quart to ilie square rod. These, nl
though the smallest y ield, were the lar
gest potatoes, and of the best quality.
Worcester Palladium.
The Casumkre Goat?The Philadel
phia Ledger savs the Thibet goat, from
whose wool the famous Cashmere shawls
are made, has been introduced success
fully into the United States. This enter
prising undertaking was achieved a few
years since, after many difficulties, by Dr.
J. B. Davis, of Columbus, S. C., at the
time employed by the Ottoman Porte in
experimenting on the growth of cotton in
the S iltan's dominions. Dr. Davis suc
ceeded, at vast expense in securing ele
veil of the pure breed, which, on his way
home, he exhibited in London and Paris.
Since that period the goat has been intro
duced from South Carolina to Tennessee,
where it is said to thrive. The value of
a flock may be estimated from the fact
that no real Thibet goat has ever been
sold for less than a thousand dollars.
This enormous price, moreover, is not a
speculative one, for no fleeced animal has
wool of such fineness, softness nnd dura
bility. The wool of a'Thibet goat of
Tennessee, lor example, has been engag
ed at New York, this year, at eight and a
half per pound, the purchaser designing
to Bend it to Paisely, in Scotland, in order
to be manufactured into shawls.
Several of these beautiful animals pur
chased from Dr. Davis, are now in pos
session of Col. Braxton Davenport of
Jefferson County.? Spirit.
Lime on Grassland.?An application
of lime has frequently a very beneficial
effect on grassland. It kill* heath, moss
and sour and bentley(ctgrostis) grasses,
and brings up a sweet and tender her?
bage, mixed with white and red clover,
moru greedily eaten and more nourishing
to cattle. Indeed, all fodder, whether
natural or artificial, is said to be sounder
r.nJ more nourishing, when grown upon
lantl to iv'ji'-h linio has been abundantly
applied On benty grass the richest an
i!j;al ;.:?nure often produces little benefit
until a dressing of lime has been laid on.
V 1ST Cabbages, to preserve them
throughout the winter, must be set in soil,
just dirt enough thrown around to cover
tho roots. Oilier vegetables, such as
beets, carrots, parsnips, vegetable oys
ters, ?fcc., may be preserved in boxes till
ed with soil. Ouions require a dry and
cool phice, but not exposed to frost.
Pumpkins and squashes may be well pre
served in any place tolerably drj and
witrm. Diied pumj kins, squashes and
apples should have a dry place, as should
all other dried fruits.
Jt-if Posts and stakes for fencing, should
be cut.peeled.and have the surfaceof those
parts intended to be inserted in the soil,
charred. This will greatly enhance the
Actual value of the same by preventing
decay. Set them top down, and they
will last a great deal longer than if set
the other way.
Broadcast Corx.?As your pastures will
be given out in August and September, it
would be well to put a few acres in Indi
an corn, sown broad cast, in order that
you may have provender to soil your stook
upon. An acre will grow food enough
for 10 bead of stotk. In the preparation
of the ground, manure liberally, plough
deep, and harrow and roll till you get a
perfectly fine tilth ; then sow on each acre
of ground three bushells of corn, harrow
and cross harrow that in, and then roll
Wkkds?Allow no weeds to mature on
your cultivated lands ; cradle all and de
stroy them thoroughly, for one weed will
be sufficient for the perpetuation of its
hind, an will fonl a greater extent of sur
face than can be cleansed effectually in a
year. Most weeds make good articles in
compost heaps, and when used for this
purpose, may be made to re-pay the cost
of gathering thena from the fields, and
preparing them for manure. All vegeta
bles are more or leta valuable for this
DR. SMITH would rospeetfully inform his
friends and the public that he continues to
be confidentially consulted at his old established
Medical House. No. 16. South Frederick street,
on all diseases of A PRIVATE OR DELICATE
NATURE. His long experience and attention
to this class of complaints; his safe and speedy
method of treatment, and his extraordinary suo
cexs during a long and extensive praotioe, ena
bles him, confidentially, to promise all persons
so afflioted, a safe and radioal cure, without in
jury to the constitution or confinement from bu
siness. By a long course of study and practical
experience, Dr. S. has now tho gratification of
Eresenting tho uafortunato with remedies that
avo never failed'since ho first Introduced thorn,1
to cure the most alarming case, and that in a ve
ry short but reasonable time2 without tho aid of
mercury or any other deletorious drug. Within
the lust ton years Dr. S. has cured more than
thirty thousand easesof tho above oharaoter, and
it may bo safely said that kobb thai* os? iiai.?
of the patients had been previously treatod with
morcury and other mineral poisons by somo for
eign or nativo pretender to tho healing art.
Dr. Smith does not'profess to bo a Parisian, or
a graduate of any London or Parisian hospital.
Ho bolieves the United States can procure physi
cians as capable of curing disease, "no matter
how difficult," as any foroignor who has been
compelled to leave his own country because his
boasted skill and wonderful discoveries in medi
cine havo failed to afford him u living at home.
Let the unfortunate bear in mind, whon affliction
overtakes him, that no time should bo lost in ma
king application to a compctont physician, as
they would not only obtaia rolief from pain,
avoid mortification through oxposnre, and elude
groat constitutional injury, butenablo therr med
ioal assistant to be moro moderate in his charges
than ho could justly bo whore symptoms have
boeomo confirmed or the disease mere widely dif
fused. The rapid advances of this truly torrify
ing disease is sufficient to alarm tho boldest
hourt. When ulceration and discolored blotch
es, with racking pains, betray to the unhappy
victim thodeadly poison preying upon his-vitals,
then, "and not till then," do many awake to a
full sense of thoir danger.
Youno Men and otbera.afflictod with a Seminal
Debility^ whether origininating from a certain
destructive habit, or from any other cause, with
the train of bodily and mental evils which fol
low, when neglected, should make an oarly ap
plication, with the full assurunce that they can
bo speedily restored to sound health and tirm vig
or. This is on6 of the groatest ovils that can be
fall man, nnd has doomed thousands of tho hu
man raco to untimely graves; blastod the bril
liant hopes of parents; and blightod, in tho bud,
tho noble ambition of many an aspiring youth.
Dyspepsia, weakness of the Dack, eyes anil limbs,
palpitation of the heart, dizziness, forgotfulness,
(fee., are symptoms of this disease.
IiiroT.ENCE?lurujasANCE.?One of tho most
frequent penalties paid by thoso who give unre
straiued liconse to their passions is a loss of vi
rile power. The young, unaware of the fearful
results that inav ensue, are but too apt to com
mit excesses. Impotency may, and doos, occur
from stricture, gravel, deposites iu thonrine, and
from many other causes; but by far tho most fro
quent source of it is an abuse of tho sexual or
gans, by excossivo venory or self-pollution?par
ticularly the last. Too groat oxcitomont of tho
genital organs is, however, productive of othor
otfacts, besides premature impotency; it tonds to
derange tho digestive functions, anil weaken tho
physical and mental jiowors. Thus parents and
others are often deeoivod as to the true source of
tho complaints of tho youth and young men. It
could be shown how attenuation of the frame,
palpitation of tho heart, dcrungemont of the ner
vous system, cougli, indigestion, and a train of
symptoms, indicativo of consumption, are often
ascribod to wrong causes, whon, in reality, tlioy
are the consoquonccs of an alluring and perni
cious practico, alike destructive to tho mind and
Dr. Smith has givon particular attention to
tho euro of female complaints. His rnothod of
treating Suppression, Irregularities, and othor
complaints peculiar to thoir sex, is safe,and sol
dom requires but a short time to euro. Patients
can bo curod at homo by addressing a letter to
Dr. Smith, doseribing symptoms, and rocoive
medieino,socurolj paekod from observation, for
warded by express or othorwiso, to any part of
tho country.
N. 1!.?Persons afflicted with any of the above
complaints will do well to avoid boasting impos
tors, whether foreign or nativo, as also tho nu
merous specifics, advortisod as a certain euro for
any'and every disease. Thoso preparations aro
put Up to sell but not to cure, and frequently do
much more harm than good, therefore avoid
them. A word to tho wise is sufficient. <1
P. S.?No letters will bo answorod unless they
oontuin a remittance or a postago stamp.
_ Dk. J. B. SMITH,
No. 10 S. Frodorick St.,
Baltimore, Md.
Howard Association,
TO nil persons afflicted with Soxuul disouscs.
such us Spehmakohhaiea, Seminal Weak
nets, Impotence, Gonoriuhea, Gleet, Syphilis,
tho Vice of Onanism, or Sklit- Abcse, i&c.
phia, in view of tho awful destruction of human
Iifo and health, caused by Sexual disoaseB and
tho deceptions whioli are practised upon tho un
fortunate victims of such disoasos by Quacks,
have directed tlioir Consulting Surgeon as a
charitablo act worthy of their name, to givo ino
dical advice gratis, to all persons thus afflicted,
(Malo or Female,) who apply by lottor, with a
description of thoir condition,(ago, ocoupatiou
habits of life, &c.,) and in casos of oxtromo po
verty and guff ring, to furnish medicines freo of
Tho Howard Association is a bcncvolont In
stitution, established by spocial endowment, for
tho relief of the sick and distressed, afflicted with
"Virulent and Epidemic DisoaseB," and its funds
can bo used for no other person. It has now a
surplus of moans, which the Directors have vo
ted to advertise tho above notice. It is noodloss
to add that the Association commands the high
est Medical skill of tho ago, and will furnish the
most approved inodorn treatment. Valuable
advice also given to sick and nervous females,
afllietod with Womb Complaint, Loiieorrluua, ifee.
Address,(post-paid.) Dr. GEO. li. CALHOUN,
Consulting Surgeon, Howard Association, No. 2
South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
By order of tho Directors,
EZEAD. HAHTW ELL, President.
GEO. FAIRC1ULD, Secretary. sop26 ly
Virginia Laud Agency!
THE attention that Virginia lands are attrac
ting in this as well as the neighboring State
of Pennsylvania, has induced the subscriber to
open in llugerstown, Washington county, Md,
An Agency for the sale of
Virgiuiti Ileal Instate.
It is woll known to tho thrifty farmers of this
section that land of excellent quality, lyiug in the
State of Virginia, is selling fur one-half and in
many instances one- third the average rates here;
and this fact has induced and is still urging ma
ny to look up homes in the '? Old Dominion."?
To persons who aro disposed to part with tueir
Farms, Mills, Distilleries, or other Real Estate,
nn opportunity is now offered which, it is be
lieved, must bo to their interests to improve.
Tho conditions on which tha subscriber pro
poses to aot as Agent are, that a description of
tho land bo furnished him, (an accompanying
plot or chart vary desirablo,) and that ho be7 au
thorized to advertise in one nowspapor published
in Hagerstown.whioh advertising is to bo charge ?
able to tho owner of the land. As regards my
pay I will bo willing to take u fair commission,
or if preferred a fixed sum. No sales, no charges.
Charles Hi to, Esq.,
Col. lsoac Bowman,
Samuel Kiehardson, Esq.,
Mai. Thomas Briscoe,
Col. Thomas Hito,
Merodith Helm, Esq.,
Hon. Win. T. Hamilton,
James Watson, Esq.,
Thomas Ilarbino, Esq.,
Norman Miller, Esq., Martinsburg, Va.
John Helm. Warron oounty, Va.
All letters of enquiry promptly answered.
Address, J AMES H." GROVE,
Attorney at Law and Real Estate Agent, Hagers
town, Md.
The Steam Up !
TIIE undersigned having taken charge of the
No* Steam Saw-Mill, at tho West End,
makes his bow to the public, and delivers his In
augural, or mossago, which over his customers
may please to call it. He will notscold as Presi
dent Pierco does tho British for stealing tho fine
saw-timbor of Contral Amorica, but will pur
ohaso, on fair torm3 what logs he can, saw them
Hp on quick timo, on the high pressure principle,
and furnish his customers with as good lumber
as can bo found in tho market, and on as fair
And after having done this, if any of his custo
mers should desire a neat house put up in double
quick time, or any other job of Carpentry, thoy
have only to give him aooll. and adjust the pre
liminaries. J> ? IfolMWIV.
jxv. t rjr.vu
Shenandoah co., Va.
? Jefferson co., Va.
? Hagorstown, Md.
Scott's Little Criant
Corn and Cob Mill.
THE subscribers hftvo purchased tho exclusive
right to use make and vend tho LITTLE
GIANT, in forty counties in Western Virginia,
and are making their arrangements to furnish
the mill in the various oountiea by the lnt of
September next, so that all persons who are de
sirous of supplying themselves with this valu
able Mill will have an opportunity of doing so.
It is, doubtless, an invention among the most
important of modern times, for the use of the
well advised farmer and stock-feeder, and_ the
universal favor with whioh it has been reooivod
from the first, more than anything else, attests
its utility and superiority.
For portability, simplicity of construction,
and convenience "of use, the Little Giant ban uo
equal. It weighs from three to fivo hundred
pounds, according to size, can bo ppt in opera
tion by tho farmer in twenty minutes, without
expense or mechanical aid, then adjusted and
used with convenience by any body.
The LITTLE GIANT hasTrocoived the First
Premiums at every State Fair from Missouri to
Maryland the past Fall, and that in tho most
oomplimentary manner.
These Mills are guarantied in the most posi
tive manner against breakage or derangement,
and warrnnted to grind foed from cob com, and
grits or fine hominy from shelled corn, with a
degree of ease and convenience for farm purposes
nevor attained bofore.
Thorc are four sizes o? Jhe LITTJLEiGIANT,
which will be soT(l at the following prices, viz :
No. 1, is offered at #35, complote, roady for at
taching tho team, and warranted to grind eight
bushols of feed por hour, with one horse. No. 2,
at |45, will grind ten bushels per hour, with ono
horse. No. 8, at $50, will grind fifteen bushels
per hour, with two horses. No. 4, at $60, will
grind twenty bushels per hour, with two horses,
E3f All communications addressed to us at
Fairmont, Va., will roceive prompt attontion.
From American Farmer, (Baltimoro, Md.) for
May, 1855.
merous testimonials as to tho valuo of this Corn
and Cob Mill, called the " Littlo Giant," among
others the certficato of James T. Karl?:, Esq.,
President of tho Maryland State Agricultural
Society. Mr. Earle says : " I have ground on
an avorage, Bcventy bushols of corn om tho cob,
per week, since tho 1st of January, roducina tho
cob and grain to a coarse meal, and the crusher
oxhibits so far, scarcely a perceptible ovidonco
of woac. I can safely recommend it to my broth
er farmers as among the most valuable additions
to modern agricultural machinery. The econo
my of feoding corn and cob is oqual to u saving
of at loast thirty-throo per cont."
From the Cinoinnatti Daily Times.
" The Little Giant."?By invitation we call
ed at tho establishment of Scott & Hedges, yes
terday, to witnoss the operation of what the iu
vontor has denominated tho " Little Giant Corn
and Cob Mill." If over name was woll applied,
it is in tho present instance. Tho mill only
weighs about throo hundred pounds, and with a
sitiglo liorao attachod to n ton foot shaft, it cats
up corn and cob il with a vengeance." It is got
upon an improvement on tho bestpatont of tho
kind over attained, and is so simplo in its con
struction that it can bo put together and set in
motion in 20 minutes, and can afterwards bo ad
justed and usod with oaso by anv body. It will
grind with oaso from twolvo to fourteen bushols
per hour. jo27 tl
Tho subscribers respectfully call the at
tention of tho citizens of Northwestern Virgin
ia, to the various articles manufactured by them,
and which are warranted to be constructed on as
improved principles aud as durable, as those
furnished by any other manufacturers.
We have just introduced aNEW and VERY
which excels in easy draught, clean and rapid
work, any machine ever used by our farmers.?
We can also furnish COMMON MACHINES,
aud machines with STRAW CARRIERS, 01
CLEANERS, attached.
We are manufacturing a very superior article
of HEAPING MACHINES, suitable foi
cutting grain or grass. This machine can be
used to advantage upon any ground whore a wl
gon can bo driven.
Wo are also manufacturing a CUTTING
BOX, for hay, straw or fodder ; which for easy
and rapid work, exceeds anything in tho couu
"I'liOUGIIS.?We have always on hnnd a
largo assortment of the best PATENT aud othei
Ploughs, found in the country.
STOVES.?Our assortment of COOKING
STOVES embraces the California Air Tight, a
now and excellent article, performingmore work
with less fuel, than any other Cookiug Stove in
existence; Lelile's Double Oven Cooking Stove,
various sizes, an excellent article for hotels and
largo families; Complete Cooks, &c. Together
with an assortment of PARLOR AND EGG
The above articles are kept constantly on hand
and can be furnished at any time.
CASTINGS OF ALL KINDS, including some
new and improved Mill Gearing, Grates o(
every description, llol low Ware, c.
This establishment being situated upon the
line of the Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad, gives to
purehusers the host facilities for transporting ar
ticles to a distance at small expense; and the in
ducements offered of reasonable terms and supe
rior manufacture, must continue to reader this a
popular establishment with the public.
ity Repairiug doue at the shortest notice aud
iu good style.
Palatine, Marion co., Va., Aug. 3, 1853
Saddle aud Harness Manu
The subscriber returns hisaiu
cerest thanks to the citizens of
Harrison and the adjoining coun
ties, for the liberal patronage be
stowed upon him, and would respectifully inform
them that he has removed his shop to the west
end of town, ou Pike St., Clarksburg, where he
is prepared to manufacture all articles iu the
above line, iu a superior manner, at the moat rea
sonable prices.
Saddles, Single and Double Harness, Collars
Df every description. Bridles, Saddle-Bags, etc.,
it ways ou hand or made to order at the shortest
D* Carriages, Buggies, etc., neatly trimmed.
Clarksburg, May (t i, I >>'>. -ly
Steam TIarble Works.
MICHAEL J. ROHAN, No. ?6 MaTket street,
Wheeling, Va., keeps on hand and finishes
to order, aU kinds of Marble Monuments, Head
Stones, Mantles, Grindstones, &c. Also on hand
Planter of Paris. AU articles .will H tarnished
ipoo the Bnt nanukk mm
? ?* Tj.
DR. U. B. MARCH t81'8
Celebrated Catholicon,
U .L i ,/
For the relie
cure of suffering
Females. It stands
pre-eminent for its
curative powers in
all the diseases for
which it is recom
mended, usually
Of these are Pro
lapsus Uteri falling
of the womb; Ftuor
Albus, or whites ;
Chronic Ulceration
of the Womb; In
cidental Hemor
rhage, or Flooding; Painful, Suppressed, and
Irregular Menstruation, See., with all their {ac
companying evils, (Cancer excepted,) no mat
ter how severe,or how long standing.
This medicine has never t>een introduced by
empty pufis and misrepresentations, nor is it
intended that its present popularity shall be sus-1
tained by any medium but its meritsand theup
probatrou of the public.- it ;*S
I have no hesitation to saying, Dr. Marchlsi's
Uterine Catholicon Is Invaluable In uterine disea -
sea generally. I have used it in Fluors, Albus,
Amenorrhea, Prolapsus Uteri, and in cases of
extensive ulceration of the vagine and os uteri.
It is worthy of the notice of the Faculty;
, Baltimore, Md.
" -J ?? ?. ii
? ? ? I would be glad to have ,a further
supply, us the medicine is becoming very popu
lar, and I think will continue, as it has given re
lief in every instance where properly taken,
Mt. Vernon, Iud.
* * * Prevail on medical men to adopt it
in their practice ; and I have no fears of the re
sult, from whut knowledge I have obtained per
sonally of its curative powers. I wish the me
dicine kept here. < -
Waynesburg, Pa.
The Catholicon is good and doing service here.
All the putieuts that have tried the medicine
have been benefitted but one?nnd that one no
thing will help. Truly yours,
New-Philadelphia, Ohio.
Pamphlets containing much useful informa
tion touching the nature and symptoms of the
above diseases, together with testimonials from
ladies of the highest respectability, as certified
by the most satisfactory authority, to all which
the attention of ladies and pructioners is respect
fully invited, can be hud gratis at the store of
A. F. BARNES, Agent,
Druggist, Clarksburg, Va.
Also sold by Dr. Jas. Hall, Weston ; Stephen
M. Holt, Phillippi ; J. &. W. B. Kern, Middle
bourne ; and by Druggists at Fairmont, and in
all the adjoining counties. S. S. Hance,Whole
sule and Retail Agent, Bultiinoro.
J. B. MARCH ISI &. Co., Proprietors,
Central Depot, C(M Broadway, N. Y.
Toilet Articles for Ladies
and Geutlemen, *
11IAVE just received from A. W. Hurrisou
of Philadelphia, the best selected and largos
assortment of fine Soaps and Perfumery, ever of
fered to the public.
The following is only a part of my stock :
Brown's Windsor Sonp.
Floating & Barbor's do.
Mammoth Family do.
Militury Shaving do.
Ambrosial do. do.
Pntchouly and Rose do.
Almond uud Rose Shaving Cream.
Muo.ussar and Rose Hair Oil.
Bear's Oil and Beef Marrow.
Black Pomatum.
Cream of Beauty, an excellent article to re
move tan, freckles, iStc., from the skin
Single and double distilled Cologne.
Lip Balm and Cold Cream for chaps.
Lenion Rouge uud Toilet Powder.
Jockey Club, Sweet Clover, Camatia, Citro
uolln, Hose, Hawthorn,and Jessamine.
Rose, Vanilla, Almond, Celery, Cinnamon,
Giugor, Lemon, Nutmeg, Orunge, Pimento,
Peach and Ratafia. These are excellent articles
to give 11 fine flavor to pies, cakes, <fcc.
jjndies and gentlemen are respectfully invited
to call and examine my stock.
mar-31 L. D. DOLBEARE.
And The Farmer's Guide.
G1REAT REDUCTION in the price of the lst
X tor Publication. L. SCOTT <S CO., New
York continue to publish tho following lauding
British Periodicals, viz:
X. The London ijoAUTERLV (Consorvativo.)
2. Tub Edikbcho Review (Whig.)
8. The North Rhitibii Keview (Froo Church.)
?J. The Westministeb Review (Liboral.)
5. Blackwood's Edinbubo Maoazine (Tory.)
Th great and important ovonts?Roligious,
Politcal and .Military?now agitating the na
tions of the Old World, give to thoso Publica
tions an interost ami valuo thoy never bofore
possesaod. Thoy will occupy a middle ground
betwoen tho hastily written news-items, crude
speculations, and flying rumors of tho daily
Journal, and the ponderous Toine of tho future
historian, written after tho living interost and
ovoitomentof tho groat political events of tho
time shall havo passed away. The progress of
the war in the East occupies a largo space in
thoir pajjes. Every movement is'oloBoly criti
cised, whether of friond or of foe, and all short
comings fearlessly pointed ont. The lotters
from the Crimea and from tho ISaltic in Black
wood's Maguzino, from two of its most popular
contributors, give a more intelligible and reli
able account of tho movements of tho groat bel
ligerents than can elsowhorc bo found.
These Periodicals ably represent tho throe
great political parties of Great Britain?Whig,
Tory, and Radical,?but politics forms only one
feature of their character. As Organs of the
most profound writers on Science, Literature,
Morality, and Religion, tney stand, as they over
have stood, unrivalled in tne world of letters,
being considered indispensable to the scholar
and the professional man, while to tho intelli
gent reader of every class thoy fnrn'mh a more
correct and satisfactory record of the current
literature of tho day, throughout tho world, than
oan be possibly obtained from auy othor source.
l-?f~ Arrangements are now permanently made
fur tho receipts oflEABLT sheets from tho British
Publishers, by which we aroenablod to place all
oik kephi.nts in the hands of subscribers, about
as soon as thoy can be furnishod with tho foreign
copies. Although this involves a very large out
lay on our part, we shall continue to furnish tho
periodicals at the same low ratos as heretofore,
viz :
For any one of the four Reviews, per ann. #3
For any two of the four Reviews 5
For any three of tho four Reviews T
For all lour of the Re views 3 0
For Blackwood's Magaiino 8
For Blackwood and three Roviows 8 0
For Blackwood and the four Reviews 10 00
Payments to be made in all casos in advance.
Money currentin tho State where issuod will bo
received at par.
OlcbuiKO.?A discount oftwonty-fi ve percent,
from the above prices will oe allowed to Clubs or
dering four or more copioe of any of the above
works. Thus: Fourcopicsof Blackwood, or of
one Review, will be sent to one address for (9 :
four copios of the four Reviews and Blackwood
for $30 ; and so on.
In all the principal Cities and towns, these
works will be delivered through agents, fbee or
postage. When sent by mail, the postage to any
part of the United States will be but twektt-fo cb
cents a year for Blackwood, and bnt rorBTzsx
cents a year for each of the Reviews.
The Farmer's Guide to Scientific and
Practical Agriculture.
By Henry Stephens, F. R. S. of Edinburg, and
the late J. P. Norton of Tale College, New Ha
ven. Oomplete in S vols. Royal Ootavo. 1800
pages, and numerous Wood and Steel Engra
This is, confessedly, the most oomplete work
on Agriculture ever published, and in order to
give it a wider circulation the publishers have
reso lved to reduce the price to five dollars for
the two volumes! When sent by mail (post
paid) to California and Oregon tbe price will be
$7. To every other pert of the Union and to
Canada (post-paid.) $8. 1ST" This work Lsjror
the old Book o? the Fabm.
Remittances and communications should al
ways be addieBued, post paid, to the PabHabars.
' ?'
-a* Medical. toW
Glorioti^fews .
._^iepras. On
rations to the publio. the proprietoraare aware
of the prejudices which they most oxgect to en
counter. The oo on try is deluged with quack
nostrums, each claiming to bo tlio no pins ultra
?the medicine of all medicines?and are pushed
into notice by the aid of printer's ink, with a
zeal worthy of a better cause, notwith standing all
that has been said and the essays written against
their use by the. profession, .and^-ont of the pro
fession. Indeed so prevalent has beoomo the
mania for quackery, that a recent writer, a man
of eminenoe in the medical .professionstrongly
advises thatthe subject be let alone. -'It exists,
says he," In every walk and occupation of lift,
by the exercise of which men procure bread,"
and thinks it timo wasted to endeavor to stem
the tide.
We have long Blnee thought that the only ef
fectual method of counteracting this strong cur
rent of quackery was to place In the hands of the
[ people, regular medfoinas, prepared in aocordanoe
[ with tho rules of pharmacy!, ' -I, Li.
When our prairies and mountains oatoh fire,
and the inhabitants behold, the Afl'imring ele
)<nent sweeping "towards their devoted homes,
what do they do t "Do they vainly'endeavor to
stop its progress by throwing a few buoketa of
water upon it I By no means ? Thoy build up
oounter-fires which rnsV forth 'to meet the ap
.proaching torrent of flume, and by exhausting
its l'ood, put a stop to its' ravages, or tarn it ou -
of its course. Now this is precisely what wo are
trying to do: The counter-fire which we are
kindling, consists in presenting to the public, me
idielnes which are prepared according to the
laws of Scionce, from the boat of drugq, and un
dor the superintcdnence of a regular'phvsicihn.
For testimonials of their efficacy in the treat
ment of tlw'various diseases for which they are
rocommcndcd, wo would refer to all that havo
ever used of them. We briug/orward no certi
ficates from obsure ifldlviauals, stating that
they have boen cured of all manner ofinourahlo;
diseases. dObming it an insult to the intelligence,
of the community to try to palm ..off such stuff
upon them. If theso medicine* ore a humbug
then modical scionce is a humbug.
K|ieuuiatic Ijinbrocntion.
Is confidently rooomiuonded to invalids as un
aurpassod by any known preparation for the
cure of Spaaips, Old Soros, and swelling of all
kinds." Indeod it has no superior whore an out
ward application Is necessary ; but its most per
foctly magical powor appoars to bo over all U1
cers, and oronic casosof Khcumatism, that havo
resiated all other remedies for yoars. (It never
having been known to fall oven onoo in the course
of eight years.) It is unparagoned in the cure
of the following diseases in animals, vizi-Distem
per, Wlndgalla, Scratches, Sweeney, Stiffuess,
Saddlegalls, Wounds, Ac.
The Genuine Medical Anodyne*
An invaluable remody for tho oure of tho fol
lowing diseases, viz : Toothaolie, Chills, (or vi
gor,) Fleadache, Oholic, Cholera Morbus, Intla
matory Khoumatiam, Ac. It is also au invalu
able medicino in many complaints to which fe
males aro subject. In obstructions, cithor total
or partial, it has been found of inestimable bene
fit ; restoring thoir functional arrangements to a
healthy action, purifying the blood and otlior
fluids so effectually as to put to flight all diseases
which may arise from feinalo irregularities, as
headaches, giddiness, pain in the side, back, Ac.
In fact it is unexcelled, if equallod by anv other
preparation known, for tho cure of all diseases
arising from cold.
Tbe Neutralising Cordial, or Physic.
This is one of tho most valuable preparations
known, for cholera morbus, cholera infantum,
or summer complaint of children, diarrhiea,
dysentery, Ac. Its operation and action appear
to bo a specific, if not infallible. It is excellent
in certain diseasos of women, to allay sickness,
regulate the bowels, Ac.
Black or llenling Salve.
This Salvo will bo found superior to overy oth
er, where applications of this kind are required.
It has an oxcellent effect in Burns, Fever Sores,
Scrofulous, Fistulous, and all other ulcers.
Crecu Ointment.
This ointment is very cooling, relaxing, and
lemolient. It is very useful in Sprains, Contu
sions, Swellings, Dislocations, Contracted Siu
I ews, Ac.
llroTvn Ointment, or ft ye Salve.
This Ointment, for irruptions generally, sore
eyes, Ac., is superior to all others. It almost in
variably benefits in ovory case.
Carminative Drops.
They esse pain,create a moderate prespiratii-n,
I and produces refreshing sleep. Oood for restless
children, removes flatulency and wind cholio, and
is useful in hysteric and nervous affections, fe
male debility, Ac.
For further particulars call ou our agents, or
ourselee^, and purchase some, or all of our mc
dieiues und be convinced that they aro no Huiu
I hug.
ic ahovo modi.'iuos are prepared and sold by
[Dr. J NO. SIIICKEI, & Co., l'oint Vlcuaaut,
Harrison co., Va., and for sale by merchants and
Druggists generally throughout the State,
I Address'DK. JKO. F. SIIICKEI.,.
Limestone Station Harrison co., Vs.
del# ly
Afflicted Head !
tablished twenty-two years ago bv Dr.
KINEL1N, comer of Third and Union Street,
j Philadelphia, l'a. Twenty-two yoars" experi
ence has rendered Dr. K. a most successful prac
titioner in tho cure of all diseases of a private
nature ; manhood's dobility, as an impediment
to marriago ; nervous sexual infirmities, disea
ses of the skin, and thoso arising from auuse of
I mercury.
Thoro is an ovil habit nomotimoa indulged in
by boys, in solitude, often growing up with thorn
to manhood ; and which if not roformed in duo
timo, not only begets serious obstaulos'to ruatrl
monial happiness, but gives rise to a scries of
protractod, insidious, und devastating affections.
Fow of thoso who give way to this pernicious
practice aro aware of the consequcticos, nntil
they tind the nervous system shuttered, feel
strange und unaccountable sensations, und vaguo
fours in the mind. (See pages, 27, 23,'i9, of Dr.
K.'s book on Self-Preservation."
The unfortunate thus affected booomea feeble,
is unable to lubor with accustomed vigor, or to
apply his mind to study, his stop is tardy and
woak ; ho is dull, irresolute, and ongagos oven
in his sports with less energy than usual.
If he emancipate himself before the practico
has dono it's worst, and entur matrimony, hiu
marriage is unfruitlul, and his sense tolls him
thnt this is eausoJ by his curly follios. Those
are considerations which should awaken the at
tention of all who are similarly situated.
Romember, he who places himself undor Dr.
Kinoliu's treatment;, may religiously oonflde in
his honor as u gontloman, and rely upon the as
surance, that the secrets of Dr. K.'s patients will
never be disclosed.
Young man?lot no false modesty deter yon
from making your case known to one, who, from
education una respectability, can certainly bo
friend you.
Dr. Kinkelin's roeidonce has boon for the last
twenty years at the N. W. Corner of Third und
Onion streets, 1'hiladelphia, Pa.
Patients at a distance can have (by stating
their case esplicity, together with nil their symp
tom*, per letter,onolosing a remittance) Dr. K's
medicine, appropriated accordingly.
Forwarded to any part of the Dnited States,
and packed secure from damage or curiosity, by
mail or express.
h?.ai> youth and hakhoou !
.4 Vigorous Life or a Premature Death, Kinkelin
on Self-Preservation? Only 25 cent*.
Letters containing that value in stamps, will
ensuro ".copy per return of mail.
Gratis: 'Gratis! Gratis!?A Free Gift to AU?
Misery Relieved.
" Natures Guide," a new and valuable work,
full of valuable advice and Impressive warning,
alike calculated to prevent years of miseqr, and
save thousands of lives, is distributed without
charge, and forwarded by mail to any poet office
in the Dnited States, on receiving an order en
closing two postage stamps. aul ly
RF. CRISS would most respectfully in
? form his old friends and customers that he
has removed his store from Kinchloe's corner to
W. P. Gofps brick building on Turnpike street
He has just received and is now opening oue of
the largest, beat, and cheapest stock of Goods
that has erer been in this place. Ail who hare
got money to spend and produce to exchange,
bring it along, and they shall have goods very
cheap. [oct25 If
Tin, Copper, Brass 6c Sheet
iron Ware.
Ah LARGE assortment of Tin, Copper, Bran
and Sheetiron Ware, may at aU timn. be
found at my store opposite Bartlett's Hotel, to
VSSSS^itSWt. k8pt in fl8Ub
Those wishing to purchase are "invited to call
uid axamine mv stock, whiitfj will t* arid M.
KhMUMtMtr'. e slftSs.
1 .vUhc.l^u twitfteH -a
-K ^ ^ -U
;^mr" .
iFor leasee
- - Dlse&SMjStrioture&iWeakneBBes/attcf all disu
ses of the Sexual Organs, whether in Male or Fe
male, from whatever cause thftjt may hap'a ori
ginated, and no matter of how long standing.
If yon have contracted the terrible disease
whion, when once seatedin thesystem, wilisuro
ly go down from one generation to anoljherjUn
dermining the constitution and Bapping the very
vital fluids of life, do not troat yonrself in the
hands of Quacks, who stack up over day in a city
like thia, and fill the papers with glaring false
hoods, too well calculated to deoelve the young;
and those not acquainted with their trioks. Tod
cannot be too oareful in the seleotion of a remedy
Tho Fluid Extract Buchnbosbeen pronounced
by eminent physicians the greatest remedy ever
known. It is a modiciuo perfectly pleasant in its
1 rank andrpoisonoiU virus ofthis dreadful
and, unlike other remedies, dfcoem'notdi*
disease in the.-blood".':. r r.^;i . -3-0
Constitutional DaWlUy* brought
1 abuse, a most terrible disease, which
thousands of the human face to untimel
| thus blasting the brilliant hopes of part || |
blighting in the bud the glorious ambition of
many a noble youth, can be cured by this infal
lible Remedy. nd as a medicine which imjst
benefit everybody, from'the simply delicate to
1 kV... *1..?..~
the confined and despairing invalid, no equal is
actidg'both us n cure and proventlvtf.
to-be found 1
0 .intt.MBOLn's'Mlbntlr'dbjiojiftriflfTiii * ' ~ "
Compound Fluid Extract
For Pnrifying.the Blood, removing all' disoasofi
arising from excess of Mercury, exposure and
imprudence. U?Qfe?6hroPic oanstilptional dis
ease, arising from an impure statu ol tho Blood,
and the only reliable and cffo6tual known re
medy for tho euro of Scrofula, Salt ltboum,
Scald (load. Ulcerations of tho Throat and Logs |
Pains and dwellings of tho Bonos, Totty, Pim
ples on die Faeo,vadd tdl Scaly*Kmptloii& of tho
Bkiu- .V -11.
rprns articlo is now prescribed by; some of the
J most distinguished pliysiciansan tho coun
try, and has proved more, efficient in praotloe
than any preparation of Sarsaparilla yet offorod
to the public. Sovoral oases otseoondary SypbS
lis, Mercurial and Scrofulous disoasohavoonurb'-r
ly recovered in the incurable wards of oiyr Put>- !
lio institutions which had for mahyypara reaii
ted every mode of troatmont that could bo"d^y'I
sed. Tliese cases furnish striking examplos of
tlio salutary olfeets of this medioine iu arresting
soino of tho most iavetorato disoasos, after the
(/lauds were destroyed, and the bones already af
Noticb.?Letters from -roaponsibla Physicians
and Professors of several Medical Colleges, and
certificates of euros from pationts will bo found
accompanying both Preparations. i
Price, Fluid Extract of Buchu, $1 per bottle, or
*> bottles $6.
'? " " Sarsapariila, " "
equal in Btrongthto one gallon of Syrup of 8ar?
Prepared and sold by II. T. HELMBOLD, Che
mist, 263 Chostnut Street, near the Oerard IIouso.
To bo Lad of JOS. L. CARR, Clarksburg, aud
of Druggists everywhere.
All letters dirocted to tho Proprioror or Agout
will rocoivo immediate attention. iny23 ly
The Scientific American,
Tho Twelfth Annual Volume of this 1130
ful publication oommenoos on tho 18th of Sep
tember next. The " Scientific American" it an
Illustratod Periodical, dovotcd ehielly to the
promulgation of information relating to the va
rious Moohanio and Chetnic Arts, Induitral
Manufactures, Agrioulturo, Patents, Inventions,
Engineering, Miilwork, and all interests which
tho light of Practical Science is calculated to ad
vance. KeportB of U. 8. Patents granted are al
so published eveiy week, including Official Co
pies of a^l tho Patent Claims, together with
news and information upon thMixati-ls of othor
? lOOO In Canh Prizes?will be paid on
the lat of January next, for the largest list of
subscribers, as follows s?2,00 fo> (he l?t, 1,75
for the Sad, 1,50 for the 3d, 1 ,jJ5 fur tl*? -itli,
1,00 for the 5th, 75 for the 6tli, 50 lor the 7th,
?]<> for the 8th, 30 for the 9th, 25 for the 10th, 20
for the Uth and 10 for the 12th. For all 01 it In
of 20 and upward*, the subscription prir* is only
1,10. Names can bo aunt from uny Post OHice
until January 1st 1857. Here aro fine chances
to secure cash prizes.
The Soiontific American is published
otr:e every week ; every number contains eight
large quarto pages, forming annually u complete
anil splendid volume, illustrated with several
hundred original ongravings.
Terms.--^Single subscriptions, 42 a year,
or $1 for six months. Five copies, for six
months, -1,00; for a year, 6,00. Specimen cop
ies sent gratis. Southern, Western or Canada
money, or Post Office stamps, taken at pur for
subxerip ion. Letters should bo directed (post
paid) to MUNN CO.,
128 Fulton St., New York.
I1ST Messrs. Munu it Co. Hro oxtunsively en
gaged in procuring patents for now inventions,
and wiil advine inveutors, without charge, in re
gard to the novelty of their improvements.
JOHN 11. MURPHEY has just received and
is now opening the most extensive assort
ment of hardware, ever offered iu Clarksburg.
His stock embraces almost everything in the
line, among which are
Carpenter's, Cabinet-maker's, Shoemaker's
and Blacksmith's tools ofjevery description, to
gether with a geueral assortment of cabinet fin
ishing material.
W. Stewart's warranted cast steel Axes, [land
Axes; Hatchets, Gc.
A fine slock uf Knives, Shears, Seissora, <tc.
Table cutlery and Spoons iu great variety.
Curtain trimmiugs, Britannia ware, Candle
sticks, etc.
It is useless to attempt an enumeration of th<
articles, but the public are respectfully invited
to call and examine this stock for themselves,
nol ly
Wagon ITIanafactory.
The subscriber would annonnoe
' to the citizens of liarrUon and tho
-adjoining counties, that bo has re
turned to Clarksburg, with ? Urge lot of aoason
od timber, and is prepared to do all work in his
line of business ; such as making new wagons, or
repairing old ones. I am also proparod to repair
carriage* in the best style. I extend a oordial
invitation to my old mends and ountomers to
give mo a call, and they shall have tho best in
the shop. Having ha<f considerable experience
at the business, I hope, by giving it all my carp
and attention, to merit a share of public patron
I have two new two-horse wagons on hand and
for sale.
May 9th, ISM.?tf
Livrry Stable.
The subscriber if
V\ oared to accommodate the
public with ,Horses, Vehicle#, &.C., ?
upon the most reasonable terras. Stable on
Pike street about half way between Walker's and
Dent's Hotel*, Clarksburg.
Hones taken on livery s^reasonable rates.
Horses at all times for aalo.
A Hack is regularly run from Clarksburg to
November 14th, 1B55.?ly
Fresh Arrival. ~~
Opposite Bartlett's Hotel, Clarks
burg, Va., has just received from Phi
ladelphia and New York a large and
well seleted stock of American,
French and English chemicals, Drugs,
Medicines, Surgical Instruments, Points, OUs,
Dyestufls, Varnuh, Brashes, Glass,SDicea,Perfu
mery, Fancy Articles. Stationery, Confectione
ry, etc., etc. Also, a large stock of
Tobacco, Snuff and 8e(an,
Of every brand and quality ; all of which he will
sell low for cash, or on the usual credit to puno
tnal customers.
HT Physicians can rely npen having their
prescriptions carefully compounded. Goods
are "selected with care, and warranted as repre
?ented. novlO ly
LANK Deeds, De?ds ef Trust, 8'dminons
1 Rxaeutiea* Beads,*.*.. *sr eel* a* this ef I
no etjubausm jjw Vo
,MUt ^J8Tlr^OTWBWH>J^ti?*?fci *dJ
other minerals, you wish to sell or have worked
drtMSd orxslearedjBy bohtraet or>on AmM*'-1*
Have yon water .power .tl^tiyibn: wish tb Anil,
l5o you want to ?*ltoAni*to4Uc<of raerohendiaet
Di yonwisbto Mcb.i!^ y?aAwp?tty for olW
or prPPflBttl'o .? jiif laawatf a Hatiaoi
iiavo yonlTnv w?P?g?ta5 rmWrovoiDtmU ia
^.^he-^rUi wjrich jw?:aaaM W
tf^yoir haTfc'*djrWtVp1kbfl)Ve"^a^Wp^k
of a i BihriU*??ha#aoter/tand wiH inblo?e'i?' oar
the H^fiola; iand us: are advertiaeiib the prlueipW
Immikrantab?*tt?,!*nd?w!l?fe',we ex^ect-o&iiqf
qxohanpdj >?a?e,yo?tlovist,' tn>Tri?$6<ouT*d#t??
i ^?a?^n8d?jit.t^'t^elo^er'<^UoVUd^fiii
of maWng'j^ur w*DUalrt^nltfe'?W8??vrift> i?
aire to know, and t>f ?e6firing the eiid you-d?Mr#,
than, anv. other moda.vot DraatiMad.
Tho boat plsco f6ry otitbenbot a'SalS,' Csasl,
Exohango, or Loan, o 11 'your property, ]i'fn*<t?
iramedite vicinity. If you onnnot do. :it--there,
tlio next boat place is In tlio city of JNssr.Yoik.
Or, if y6u' wunt'ItnfnIg'rnnt? or Settlor's Vr liny
class hero is tlio plaeoto obtaiiV^WimVo Btoktttt
here, at all timos and seasons?ithsreiars >from
Boonuso tlioro arorprbbtfbly 100,000 "#ho want
to remove from the City oiwiolnity, ? o! i : ?;
Bocnuso bore isconoontratod a eroat proportion
of tho surplus capital of tho Uiuoqt a^lungiin
vostmont. ....
Boennse hero; ThbnSy In ordinarily worth frota
5 toT poroent, por annum, on undoubted aeon rity
while you cuo, afford to give aaumplc security
or other Inddcemont, wnoro It would product
groator rate* of interest, oithor in annual inobtfi?
or increased valuo. , ,
Because heroj an oyamination of our FUea.will
inform thoso Hootclnfr to invost or nettle, wnere
tho propdTty is to bo found which they sack.1
Bocuiiso horo thoro ia an opportunity to ex
change Oounty or othorqity Property in thlii pi
ty or itta vicinity.
Boeuitaoa person, by spending a few hour* in
our otllus, nfitlioufccbui go,oan obtain -morsinfor
mation 'of tho'Proporty in market throughout tlu
eomiVrv.'nnd'tJio wants of community,^diait by
monthsof travel.
Hecnnso, finally, lioraln tho Commercial e
tropolis, whuro Ts corieontratoil tTie money and
wants of a vast multitude throughout'<hj* and
othor coUntrioa, by recording tlio opponifv, but
corresponding wants of our country01911,
pa 1 tics, thoac" who wish to purchase", and tTion
vho ilciurA to anil, clni bo mutually benefited*
In tho description of property, not tooversell
mate its advantages in, anjr reapooti^Or Jf jou,d?.
and we should sond you a purchaser,- KiSeo(u|J*f
risOn of tho roallty with yotfr atntorMmt might ds
foatyonr objoct. Wlisnyour property is Mid
or other wiao-desposod of, it la roqulrod that w*
shall be imuic'diatoly informed of the fact. As
wuilo not proposo to sell^Hut nsgotiatsitc, and
sond-purohnsurs to tho pwnern/nonptoial uuthoii
ty to ns is requisite; but when itla doslrod that
wo should soil authority hit'tat ho given.;
Our Oinm't-slona on Sales, Exchanges, dke.1,
aro 3 por com. 'l'he raising ,of Companion) and
othor matters requiring special nogotitlon, will
be snbjoct to spocial ttgrecmont.
I3f~ Several Farms In the same neighborhood
often And a more ready aalo than a single Farts,
os Immigrants desire to romaln in companies.
Kool Kntato and Property Broker*, lid Broad -
way, N.V.
Reliefer to Courtlandt Palmer 'Esq., ITT
Broadway, New York ; Hon. Albort Bronson
Oswego, N. V J Gov. Wood, Ohio ; Kx-Gov. ford
Ohio) Hon. K. W. Thompson, lit.: Hon. D. 11
Noble, lei., lion J. K, Wllljutus, loll.; Hon
Uob't Smith, 111.; Hon. J. It. Underwood, Ky.
Hon. A. O. Dodge, Iowa; Hon. J. 1). Doty
Forfuther information inquire of
jy 27 tf. Olarkabiirg, Ta.
Purify the lllood!
Moffat's I,lfe Pills dk Phoenix Bitter*.
THE great popularity whioh Moffat'a Lift
Pills jtnd Phronix Bittors have .attained, ia
consoquonse of the extraordinary onre*> effected
by thqif u*t>, renders it unnecessary fur the pro
priotors to ontor into a particular analysis of their
medical virtuos or properties. Having been
moro than twenty years before tho pubuo, and
having tho united testimony of moro Mian three
millions of persons trho havo boon roatorod ta
tho enjoyment of pdrfeot health hy them, It i?
believed that their reputation as the best vege
table medicine now before tho public, admits of
mVdisputo. In alinostevery city and village I a
the UnltO'l States, there are many who ara rea
dy to toatity to th"ir otticacy in removing dla
ease, and givinsr to the wh de ayatem renewed
vivor and health.
_ III tho caaea of Scrofula, Ulcer*, flcarvy or
Eruptlonaof tlio akin, tho oiwration of the l.ifo
Medicinos ia truly aatoniahing, often renio*i?g
in a fow days, overy vestige or these loathsome
diseases, by their purifying effects on the blood.
Favor and Ague, Dyspepsia, Dropsy, l'iles, ssd
in short most all disoasos, soon yield to their
curative properties. No family should be with
out them, a* by their timely two much suffering
and oxpenae may be saved. "Prepared by William
B. Moffat, M. I)., New Vork ; and for sale ky
B. S. OHIKK1K, st tlis post-olBce, liltdukarn,
Vs. fabJS 1 y
tISouiity Lands.
The undersigned will devote his attention
to tho prosecution of olairna for bounty
lands, undor the act of Congress of Mareo
Sd, 1S55, giving to oacb person who w*a an
goged ia tha military aorvico of the United
ia lot fourteen daya or mors, ltO acrea ef
The widows and minor children of soldi*?*
who served as aforeeaid are alao entitled.
uen moro as win mskeln the whole, 190 sere*.
Soldier* of the wsr of 181*, snd other*, who
wish their clsitns promptly attended to, will
plosae call on NOBVAJL LEWIS.
Clarksburg Vs., Msrch Uth, ISM.?8m
Sicn and House Painting.
'T^HE subscriber offers hiaaervieesto thepub
J lie in the various bnuches of House and
Sign Painting, Graining, Gilding, Ac., which
he ia prepared to execute In s neat and dnrsbla
manner. Ail orders a at rusted to j>lm will be
attended to promptly, and In a workmanlike
manner. A. C. MATHE8.
Clarkaburg, Jane 21 18M?1 jr.
Threshing Machines.
THERE is now ready for delivery at the-Har
rison Machine Shop, a lot of Threshing Ma
chines which are oven better than aay that have
ever been made there before. I believe thai the
superiority of my woedea armed driving wheel is
now admitted ?oa all hands, even by msnaiscln
rers of other kinds. Not one of them has ever
broken. 1 warrantthein not to break, aet to
orack the grain, to bee '
clean, do as much 1
and will Mil on as f__.
ar is Tlrfiaia.

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