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HESf. ' ' ' ' '
VOL 1, NO. 14.
German Offensive in the North
is Exhausted, Says London,
and Tide is Turning.
\A/hila KTtumah', hAhtinua Thai*
uffensivein West, Inflicting
Heavy Damage.
\ ' * ASSOCJtTro.niii)
LONDON; Keb. 27?With Ttussian
successes in the region of Przansnyss,
north Poland, and Koloinea,
east Galleist, the successful progress
of the operations of the allied licet
; . in the Dardanelles and the decision
of the allied governments to stop all
shipping to and from German}*. Austria
anfl Tufke}*,'Jt Is believed here
that a new phase of the war is about
to be' entered upon.
! While the success reported by Petrograd
cqVers only a small portion
of the lonp front In north Poland
and" the Germans have been able to
record a cquntcr success near Kolno
|, the general impression among military
men lit London is that not only
v ' has the German offensive In tho
North exhausted itseir out the tide is
? turning In favor of the Russians,
who with railways at their hacks
have beep able to bring up more rocnfore'emenlp
tbau the -invading
anaiy, whose communications, after
German territory is left, niunt cross
country'of'marshes and over flowing
Milch More 1'lghting.
Much mor.4 fighting, however, must
be waged t^fotc a flnul decjsion Is
icachqjd. ap't In: the tuennllrac the
battle has ijajen resumed In central
Poland, wjieye t}ie Russians hayo
matle a sl|ght' advance, and the engagements
lii.tlife Carpathians, epst'
orn Gslicia und Bukowina continue
2 vrithunabkUKl fury.
Ik - Brpnl'-Vfalt can be gathered froiit
thp official reports, the Russians, dospite
the ortslaughis made upon tnOm
froth all ;slfles by Atistrlana. and Germans,
bavp been able to maifltaln
their, strength at. all points and to
i throw In new troops where they
[" were- nevessary. As a result the
! Austro-German plan of compelling
them .tor weaken their center by nti-i
cklng the two extreme wings list;
: failed, and while the Russians have
been forced from East Prussia and
Hukoffina they have been able to
make u stand and when reenforced
delivered counter attacks which apparently
arc making some headway.
French Continue Offensive.
The only activity of any importance
In the West is in the Champagne
; district, where the French continue
their offensive and where the flght|ingr
'according to the German report,
has been quite spirited; and In
the country to the north of Verdun,
where there have been heavy artillery
engagements In whtoh the
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' SflSUN
In the Dunes, Capture German
Trench,. Kill Occupants and
Make More Progress.
' IK ??t?ClAtCD ,??? !
PARIS via, London, Fob. 27?11:57
p. in.?The following official communication
was issued by the war office
"In the dunes near Lonibaeuzydcone
of our aptrols captured a German
trench, killed the occupants and tool;
' a machine gun.
"In CSiampagnc our progress of Friday
evening to.the north of MesnilleB-Hurlun
has made us masters' of
five hundred meters of German
t trenches, where we made about 100
prisoners and' captured two.macliiut
guns and one quick-flrer. This attack
was brilliantly carried 'out with
the bayonet
"A strong German counter attack
was repulsed during the course ol
Friday night. Today we made frcse
progress to the 'west of Perthes and
to the north ,ot Beausejour. to'..Lorraine
at Lanenvevflle. near the fdre-sl
of Tarrov, a German attack was repulsed."
Of the Dardanelles Are Bombarded
by Twenty Warships
of the Allied Fleet.
I Twenty warelilpa of the allied fleet
entered the Qardancllee at noon Sat
iirfoy, and bombarded the inner .forte,
. ' according to a derpatrfi from the
? Athena corrMpondent of^b? Exdiange
V I ; ...
ULat MJIhm1 ?JBB - W
' . '>'*,* Sfw" -: ' ' ! ' "" ivi/:-'r ". ' V ';'.V:/
v -T; * .' ,t ' 7 ' " :'v r:"
' ?"* * /' ' ; ?'- * ; ' Vf
SSI AN su e
Governor is I
On An Incoi
State of V
t . * . n
Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney. s:
, Ir
I XItrru:*. a. v
iu<r. linri,) i BJlilC TTUiVllBj' IS MIC ||
eldest daughter of Mrs. Cornelias n
Vanderbilt and the. wife of Harry ti
Payne Whitney, the famous polo
"tilayw?who TeprOsented ttarrefrca' In- a"
international polo contests. . Besides t|
being active, ,-iri society and - the f,
i fdunder .of a war hospital iii Paris, .
' Mrs. Whitney is a sculptress of note. "
, Some of her finest work is being ox- ?j
' hibitod at the Panama exposition.
On the Russians England and ~
I France Are Said to Be At- <'
I temptingon Russia.
BERLIN. by wlrelosa to Sayville,
! Feb. 27.?The Over-Mas News Agency A
!in a statement, given out today, cred|
Its tho Tages Zeltung witli- saying
. that England and France are attemptl.ing
to steal a march on Russia by
: reaching Constantinople in advance
! of the Russians. Their hope the
statement says is to prevent. Russia g
/torn obtaining exclusive control- of j
Constantinople. v
!<,++++++ +*+++ + + +++ h
* n:
+ . ' + SI
+ I By Associated Press?) h
* LONDON;. Feb. 28,8:30 a. m. * e
+ ?"Tinero is a panic in Constant- + ti
+ tlnople and inauy inhabitants + o
+ are leaving," says the'Athens + e
+ correspondent of the AVeekly
+ Dispatch. "Internal trouble is + li
+ imminent. The cabinet has de- + c
* cided to transfer the seat of + fl
+ government to Broussa, Asia a
+ Minor." t
+ * g
As^a PermanenJ Thing Declares |
i uovernor in txpiaining ac|
tion for Extra Session.
CHARLESTON, Fob. 27.?"The 1
Republican party Is committed to the
elimination of the system of direct
tax on property for state purposes and
any one who beileves In the platform
of the Republican party Is committed j
to the principle," was the statement t
of Governor Hatfield tonight in ex- <
pressing his opposition to any plan :o c
make a permanent Incroase in tiie v
limit of the direct levy that may be I
assessed by the hoard of public
works. L
, "\Ve have been retarded in our et- s
forts to wipe .out entirely the system r
of direct taxes for state purposes "by a
I reason of unusual conditions which
!faavo prevailed 'such as the half mil- fc
ilion dollar expenditure iq the Kana- i
wha valley strike district and the loss ],
of license revenue to the extent of
$350,000, but there is no reason why:
| we should not recover from this condition,
and in the course of a comparatlvoly
short period fulfill the
r? vn* t ?-.ti -r
r - C<AV/ljUpi V?i- ABBI
' . ' :*r . ' \ . ' ,
tri % ' ! #
me Tax m
Vest Virginia
is .Well as a Tax on Coal Production
along With Other
Revenue Measures.
ind He Asks That Gas Pipe
Lines Be Made Common
Carriers in This State.
??p?ciAkTO :MA Tinar,
CHARLESTON, - Feb. - 27.?Will
ITeirt Virginia "have au excise. or" inonie
lax on net earnings in excess ol
wenty-flvc hundred dollars? While
ettlcd in the negative -earlier in the
'oek, it trill be considered again is
. is one . of the methods Governor
latfleld names in Ills proclamation
onvening the legislator:? in extraoi,Inary
session to raise, revenue.
In addition to his renewal of this
oquost the governor, now asks that
tie sol on s lay a tax on coal to raise
revenue sufficient to maintain the
lining department and'to increase
he contributions to' the workmen's
ompensatlon fund- so that the fund
'ill be able to |iay-the expenses of
:s operation. The chief executive
Ino asks tliat gas pipe line coinpau;s
be made common barriers and
laced-under the public service'conillsslon.
The gas pipS bill was ,'conIdered
but the Senate did not take
indly to the measure. Thejjas' irisreSts'
succeeded in stopping for the
resent all'efforts to reach .thorn* "br
ixatlon at the session Jnst closed.
\\;ith the striking oat of the entire
ppropriatlon for ' the state militia,
lie coal' interest? will not be able to
111 bactt u'pdntKat hrapch of the
ovdrnment fpi- support; unless buUIlent
appropriation' is made to'nieet
ie proper needs in other. ways.
tVilt Raise Enough Money.
If the bill,requiring the coal Inustry
to pay the expenses of the
lining. department, if the gas pipe
pes are made common carriers, and
as sent through these lines taxed
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is a Result of Bombardments
is Trifljng According to the
Turkish War Statement.
:5o p. ni.t Feb. 2.7?At' the war otce
today the following" statement
as issued:
Jincr .uemg suujece ear
ours last Wednesday to bontbardlent
with heavy guns tho outer forts
f the Dardanelles Were damaged at
oiue points. But we.lost only.five
Hied and fourteen wounded. Tin
nemy'2 fleet resumed bombardment
3dny but In the afternoon retreated
ut of range of 'our.batteries at Sedd1-Bahr.
"Some .liuudreds of. sordlers w(ic
inded from French cruisers on the
oast of Arabia', were compelled tc
oe to their ships with heavy -lossei
fter a two hours'' battle. Despite
he severity of cannon and machine
un fire, wo had only three killed and
breo wounded.".
rwo of the Oldest ol the Kinc
. in State of Kentucky Go
into Bankruptcy.
' 'l\r AIIOCKTV- Mt?l' *
LOUISVILLE, Ky? Feb. 27.?Tlu
laltlngly and Moore Distilling Com
iany and the^K. G... Walker Distiliiuj
lompany two of tlii. ,idest concern'
if tlio kind In-tlic state, today dim
oluntary. petitions lir bankruptcy it
he United Stntes district court
The Mattingly and Moore Companj
lata ifo HnihlMHno ?> 49<!fl OUft on/1 MBi
Itrva ll? 4UAWI HI y4?UW|l'WV HUH HH
ets 5204,394., The F. G. Walker Com
any schedules liabilities of 3119,252
sscta 531,770.
The plants of the companies are lo
ated af Bardstown, near Lotiisville
"hey are controlled by the X. H. Edeen
family of Barilstown.
I Mi '' ' j ^ ' ' ' I" ^ "'' ^ ' ' I '"'-'' ^ - |J.
': " " " ' ' "
7" TO
*? ; :&'jJf
''*' ". v ;,,'*v.. > _:'?,>'<.' / ;*..** ; - ALLIES
^r jPL 1 \
cmmm i
u Mm*M II
I H^^^P^SPi>SSmKw^vi
? ^S IMy
. ^igjlg^^^^^H'
? iH ijm m^
Top, - Sir "Cecil '"Arthur' Spring-Rice
' . "Walter H; Page and-<
-".. i ' ' ,
" Here are the men whoduring the
any. others' to keep Uncle > Sam at
Count vPiv Bernstorff represents Gem
Spring-Ride represents .Great Britain
are the American ambassadors at Be
SeOeral Quat
Liquor Mis,
Florent Has Feck of Trouble
over Trunkfiil When He
' P\'- il- _> l
Loses aome om.
Alfred Florent, a Frenchman of
Northview.-is "sore"; because "somebody
has done him out . of three
Quarts of Whiskey and two bottles of
beer. He says it was perfectly good
whiskey and beer,-too: Mr.
Florent is the man who was
arrested a night or two ago at the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad station
| on a charge . of violating the Yost
prohibition law by bringing nine
| Quarts oif whiskey and seventy-two
bottles of. beer toClarksburg from an
out-of-state-'point in bis trunk. At
'a hearing "before .Magistrate G. H.
Gordon soon afterward he was ac'
Quitted-' of the charge,. no evidence
.having b.een presented tha,^ he
I brought the- liqupr here for other
than his lawful personal use.
Before leaving the court, however,
a member of the! railroad defective
force and the prosecuting attorney
told Mr. Florent he could not get
the trunk, because the railroad was
I not permitted to deliver intoxleauts
in tho county. Mr. Forent hunted
up an attorney pnd arranged to sue
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad for
not delivering the trunk and its contents,
to hint. Before proceeding
further' in the case, lie was s advised
to make a .formal-demand upon the
railroad for the articles and upon
I doing this, tlie next day, the trunk
and liquor were delivered to horn.
Then it "was that Mr. Florent de-i
veloped a large sized sore spot. Be
says that when he opened the trunk,
three bottles of whiskey un<l two b'ot.
, ties or-beer had been taken from it.'
' For a while he though ..of suing thej
^railroad anyway, but on figuring out
?. the probable cost of the suit and
J. comparing, it with the- yalne of the
i missing, liquor, he passed'it up.
' Another Interesting feature of TJTe
: case is that Mr. Florenf says he
jkiows who got the liquor.
r T retteeere***
'{ . llAMLET IS RCRIEI). *\
* . ' +
. (By Associated-Press.) :
+ PATOtS; Feb. 27.?A snow *|
+ avalanche near' Radou in the *
+ department ol Hautes-Alpea. *
* lia j completely bui ied tic haw +
28, 1915.
- ,4 ' '*
- j *
______ :*f J
gp?^: I
V ui., jj
#a{M*^t[ SWHt#
(left) and James Gerard. 'Bottom,' |
Count von1 Bernstorg.' ' I
! past few weeks have done more than
peace with Germany and England.
mny at Washington; Sir Cecil Arthur *
. James Gerard and Walter, Hi: Page f
rlin and London. i ^
is of Good :
sing, Oh My!;
? i
By Special Grand Jury at Fairmont
, is Continued until h
Tuesday. j
FAlK.MO.Vr, jwb.> 27.?Late this 4
evening the special grand Jury in s?s- 4
ston tor four days probing into the i
strike at Favmington adjourned until 1
Tuesday after returning ninety-live In- H
dictments, The cliarges preferred in H
the indictments ore riot and murder, i
The names of the ' persons indicted 1
were not read in court, and have not 1
been made public. The plan of the i
officers as to how the arrests are to f
be made was not glvon out.
On All Japanese Industries and
Business Houses as Form
of Retaliation. i
V . I ... I.' . ' \
SAX. FRANCISCO. Feb, 27.?A 1
Chinese boycott on all-Japanese in- i
duslrlcs and 'business houses as' a J
form of retaliation, it is said, against 9
the demands made on the Chinese gov- 1
eminent by Japan, has been started j
rin this city, according to a statement 1
made tonight, by John^U McXab, j
counsel for the She Companies. 1
Word of this action has'been dent t
broadcast throughout the region anJj t
dor the jurisdiction of the Chinese, 1
Six Companies which include all: the c
snubs west of the Rocky mountains !
and as far couth as the Mexican bor-il
der, Mr. QtoNab said. it
:???_?_i. i
: C
air am?ciat?d essm* a
PEORIA. 111., Fob". 27.?Firp .in
w m m~m m
vr 1 1 1 ' : 1 4
+ +++ }
r d i G +i
I* . SEXATE: Met. at iu a. in. !
Tlie seaman1* bill linally was ]
r. passed, anu sent. 10 tne presi- ?;
* dent.. . " +,
( The military academy appro- *|
y priatlons bill was passed and +1
debate was begun on the In- +1
Y dian bill.. J ,
y The oommlltee investigating +|
y charges of lobbying In connec- ,
? tlon with the administration ,
! ship.bill resumed"hearings'. + ,
! The Xewlanda bill empower- .
y big the Interstate Commerce, +j
y Commission to examine cor- < ,
1- respendcnce flies of common *
carriers w:us reported favor- *\
y ably. +,
K Recessed at 6:22 p. in. until + !
" 10:t5 a. m. Sunday for eulogies *
K oh late Representatives .'Wilder,
I* of JtassachusoUs, and Goodwin,
V of Maine. +
MOTJ5J3:, Met at .11 a. m. *i
'Conference report, on bills In .
h dispute' with the Senate wero *|
y' considered.
Passed . general .deficiency +
y bill appropriating $7,000,000.
H Ship-purchase bill conforence +
report presented for passago *
y- Moriday. . .4,
y .Adjourned it G:SS. p. m. un- +
4' til noon Mondpy. *
tnd They Ari Consitfering RempvingSeii
to the ,Asiatic Side.
. ; a', ' -
< * ASSOCIATED PfUl*)' s
WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.?The bom
im uiwciiw- wi iue i/oi uAUCilW OJ" Ul<2
Laglo-Freneh'llefet has'caused m>prelenslon
hi Constantinople, according
o advices to the Washington governnent
and the Ottoman government is
onsiderlng removing 'the seat of govrament
to Scutari, opposite Conatair
lnople on the Aslatlo side of the
trait of Bdsphoriis.
The approach of -the allied forces
.as causedaome' of - the foreign 6mtassles
and legations to ask for lntructions
in caee' the Turkish govrtnment
moves hut' Ambassador Morantheau,
It la understood, has reMet
to remUn In Constantinople un?
ess otherwise instructed.
' ; M - . !
r, t?, i-"W "W T,T ^
.;; ;
( ;
.'(iBy Associated Press.) *
K BERLIN, by ..wireless to Say- .+ '
K ville, Pet*. 27.?"An army order *:
lias emanated from the head- *
quarters of the French general +j
l> staff stating, that Frenca sol- +i
I" dlers surrender, too easily," +!
K says the .Overseas News +i
Agency. "It threatens that +
every soldier who Is made, a +i
K prisoner of war will l^e court ;
martJaled on "his return."
h ?+ t ?
\t Moundsviile Owing to Urge
Number of Applicants is
Suggested by Neely.
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Feb. 27?
in' elctlon probably will be held at
tfoundsvllle,. W. Va... to determine
rho is to be .'recommended by 'Congressman
-Neely fb'r postmaster at)
hat-place. There are twenty-one an-:
ilicants for the annointment and Ma
or Neely does, not feel like making
i selection' from so large a number or
applicants. He has made tbree
impositions to thp aspirants for'the
ilacc. He proposes Arst that the apillcants
shall get together and agree
lpon one-or their number.'in which
ivopt he will .recommend the , me?
hey agree upon;'second,'that a'prlnary
election be held by all Demorats
who are .patrons of the lloundsdllfe
postofflce, he agreeing to aplolnt
the winner in t,be election; and
hlrd, that he select the postmaster,
rith- the agreement that each of the
candidates agree to abide hy his
choice,- and give it their unqualified
approval.. L
[Wy |3A ' '
\ Af
1' W^wB 11 fcj? 1
I NDO V^F*^1
ain, Francc'and their allies hwaaM?S?
vised neutral countries that -' tOpE;.: ,
bold themselves at;:
many and the countries ot her uIUAI'IIhMBB
Public announcement of this"' ec43B
tiou will be made en'tlydeclaration
.uill set fnrTli TnanVfnwBnM
decisionI* necessapy because hfJtSjjkdk-iM
German submarine attacks, but th$t S
sped the lives of crotv'a and^MMMBM
sera In an# stop tliey; play
Not Reply to
The declaration is' not a reply , to
the American' represfentatibnaxjajMKM
Ing to a cessation of German subma- B
rinc activity and the, ailthlMlba^tMj
food to Germany > for civilians". riTBMIM
declaration- -will' not affect . cargow|g?
shipped before the' date Of - tbfs: ad- ?5
Vice to neutrals. The exact datb j
been ^>bt it ^ p^Uabl^ I
danger to the crews asS^paa^^^nfl
of ship's.
SomeShipping. Exempt,
mark8for re-exportation to Germany
export list, conform with the
contraband list, and by the' cpettl^^K
to which virtually all ctrg'oed,;'eH|wES
ing Holland are now. ct)??ltn^jwSaffl
the government, guarantee' jhat
Tcbntlnued' on 'page "2, Srst- sbehT^I^
' * AMOC?vr?B>?Mi' .1
. wr -T* ? c*r\.- ? ? . ?* -*: '. f- >

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