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I The Men V
^ I The Ladies, bless their hearts,
; I Going Out of
I' I sometimes, but it is a certainty th
ffilf I the past they know The Irwin-Lc
MMPpi tion of honest and utruigbtforwai
v -the same stand. Ahd now this c
{... ;* when they advertised one dollar';
We invite you to' come this weefc
fcoods here for you. You can't 1
time is short, for this sale posltivi
I The Irvin- L
I W li<
^'XflW YORK, Mar. d.?Boeman Bui
? ger.ihe .baseball -writer, was invite*
Pi the .other night to a roast beef din
& . iier at the Rev. Christian P. iReisner''
celebrated church on Columbus ave
%' [ . ;'4toe.. Sunday closing, the well knowi
^ unemployed and other topics were dis
S cussed and finally Bulger, was askei
J. ip speak ou baseball and clean living
A Among other things, he said:
S. "It pleases me to see you youni
men having a better time at this din
? ner where there is nothing to drlnl
g; (but water than you would have at i
? banquet in a down town hotel wher*
- you had plenty of things to drink an*
,,. ..-L * "bo smoke."
a roar of laughter followed h!i
'words and he was puzzled uijtil late:
$ was explained that not a membei
" of the Methodist church may toucl
I jujlujx joi ?uj iurm. i nai s waax
get lor trying to blaf. the uplift dope'
said Bulger after the entertainment.
(Dr. Guy Campbell used to live in t
small town in Pennsylvania before li<
left dental college to win fame in Nev
York. Not long ago he returned hom<
and spent several days liqbnobbinj
with old time friends.of his youths
One morning while he was out fo
a stroll on Main street he was accost
ed by one of. the several oldest inhab
,f dtants?a man who had seen a lot o
young men start out from the town.
"What be you adoin'?" he inquired
'. "I am practicing dentistry" said Di
Campbell -modestly.
"'Wiell/' said the old residenter, "I'v
gotta- get at my' grandson to take 113
I that kind of work instead of carpen
terin'. He's been pitch in* hay al
summer and his arm orter he g>toi
and strong for tooth putlin'."
, The bugaboo of a "jitney .bus
looms-up large before the transports
tion. magnates in New York. Nov
that the antiquated public sorvici
I Your Corset
1 <fc C WILL do if.
J $5 will bu;
r ' ' lasting combmati<
-: ' -; ' ,r -'; ' r'' _ " ' i ? - - " .
- '
" . #|'| . " v.- Jt "" ' ' ' '| ! '
/ere Excited
. .
, we're#delighted. Cheerful-crowds
Coipwiy ' .... - ; .
Business Sale!
goes, "You can fool the people
at you cannot fool the people all the
le^people demand honesty, and from
ckwood Co., having a wide reputa-d
business doing for (13) years in
oncern is going out of business and
s worth of goods for 50c IT IS SO.
:. There are lots and lots of good
be disappointed, and remember the
sly ends March 15th on Monday.
.ockwood Co. |
?r. w v a
" f *-* II
I 1
- commission?which drew much pay 1
1 and did little work?is about to go, j
- there seems to be hope for cheaper ,
a1 and better transportation facilities. ,
-} The best illustration of how New j
i York has regarded its public service j
-'commission is shown in a travesty of
J.the popular song: "I Didn't Raise Oly
. jiBoy to be a Soldier," ^ith the title, .
"I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a. Puw
lie Service Commissioner: I Wanted
-; T-I irn to Work."
tj Some time ago the People's Five
i! Cent Bus Corporation was organized
? wffchs Congressman CeoVge W. Doll, the
i candy man as the leading spirit. They
asked for a franchise and that was
s the last heard of it?'hut now tbat-the
r "jitney bus" has become, so popular
r in the west. New Yorkers are waking
j up to their value and demanding a I
I lice-cent bus fare. The ten cent bus j"
fare here a? considered exhoblt?*r? i;
1 J i ? * 1 '
iui luu acinic leuueiea, uy many, ai- '
though the line has only had one ac- I
cident in its history.
i _
Efc ',
Roy W. Howard, the youthful chief ?
3 of the United Press, sailed last week
? for a tonr of Europe to inspect the
offices under his command. 'Shortly ]
r after his departure a friend sent him
_ a wireless reading: "This will keep
_ you from squandering so much mon-!
f ey in Paris," It was collect. I
[; Inez Haknes fHlmore, the novelist,
. went up to Harlem recently to sen
Harlem Tommy Murphy and Willie
Ritchie fight a valiant 20-round battle.
Buckets of hlood were spilled,?but
^ Miss Gilmore wasn't even thrilled/
7 Among other things she noticed that
J Willie 'Ritchie was simply beautiful,
j To Jim Coffroth she said: "L supJ
pose that you, 'being as you are, a
mere, man, uever notice that Willie
" Ritchie is exceedingly handsome,"
"iXo," he replied in an alibi voice,
v "but I noticed that his sister, who
e looks like him, is." ....
Pk f : '
Troubles Ended
r Keeps" !
" ' i .'
y a Modart Corset?a I
>n of luxurious comfort
s style cannot be justly
s. | "
see yourself in a Mod art
Fort it gives to undericommend
it above ail
models at $5. for most
jure. A Modart is the
corset purchase you can
rf do belter.
.. . r ' y
:ui .a .
Of Gratifying Degree as Shown
by Its Report to the Council
of the City. "
TIIP firft onmmft'too'o ae m?n)A
mm m , wv ww?M;HW.*??V4V' ? * *r ?U *U ttUC
to the city council Friday night setting
forth the progress of the department,
listing its present equipment
and making recomendations Is as follows:
The fire committee makes fts annual
report for the year 1914, showing
improvements and a complete list
of fire preventions and equipment, installed
in this department for the
safety to lives and property.
The city of Clarksburg was placed
under^an inspection by the National
Board" of Fire'Underwriters in the
year 1909. In its report it stated
what was required to place our fire
department on efficient basis. This
report was placed before the state fire
board of inspectors for the state of
West Virginia and the same was
adopted by that committee. eW received
a copy of its recommendations
in the year 19i3. We have been advancing
this work as set forth by the
National Board of Underwriters. Your
lire c.onimittpii Tine hv ito
? ...w MJ >||0 biJLUi bO l/VCil
ibJe to induce the committee's on Xacional
fire underwriters and state fire
nspectors to meet with us in this
;ity and inspect our work and improvcments.
After carefully checa-.
ng our preventions and equipment
with their report of 3 909, we are
nuch pleased to report'to this coun;il
we have made more than ninety
per cent good, and at an early date
ve hope to have their answer-which
:an be appreciated by all who buy
ire insurance in the city of Clai-k.;jurg.
At the time this inspection was
nade the fire department was located
n Traders alley and equipped with
;be following preventions:
One small hose wagon.
Two horses.
One thousand feet hoso.
One spike pole.
One twelve foot ladder.
One ax.
Two 1V* inch nozzles.
Two sets harness.
The fire committee making their report
to this council for the year 3 014
will include the month of January,
L915, "giving a complete itemized list
)f fire fighting equipment and number
of men in this department:
Fire Station No. 1?Hewes Street.
One fire engine, steam pumper.
One combination motor truck witn
the following equipment:
One fifty gallon chemical tank.
- Two hundred, fifty feet chemical
One twelve foot hook ladder.
One twenty-four foot ladder.
One pick ax.
One lath spike pole.
Three 1M inch nozzles.
Two life belts.
Two three gallon hand chemicals.
One crowbar.
One door jammer.
One deluge sec.
Three nine wrenches- l
One hydrant gat. . .
Two hundred feet naif inch rope.
One life net.
One cellar nozzle.
One pair wire cutters.
One pair rubber gloves.
One thousand feet 2 % inch wax
treated hose.
One wagon equipped.
'two six gallon chemical tanks.
One twelve foot hook ladder.
Public Sentii
But Neutrality Will Be Maintained
as Long as Present
Government Prevails.
(Correspondence of Associated Press.}
IBUOHARKST, Rumania liar.
Rumania has four political parties,
the Liberal, now in power and headed
by Prime Minister Bratianu* the
?- ? ? * "
wyiiiooL T AiivUi iaiLij AJLX JJUlV^l (Uiu VU
by Petre Carp, former prime minister;
tihe Conservative Democratic,!
headed by Alexander Margh Unman:
and the Rational party, which is at
present a negligible factor but whose
xather broad policies are in the main
still advocated .by 'Constantino Mille,
publisher and political director df Itumania's
most prominent newspapers,
Dimineatza iind Adeverul.
Of these parties' only one1 ,the Conservative
Democratic is Avowedly proRussian
and anti-German. , Its leidp'r.
Take Jonescu,'is accused by his political
opponents as being more Russian
tijan the;, czar and "more English Mian
air. Churchill." ' 1
It cannot be said, however, that the
Liihcral party is to any great degree
proj-Gerinan. During the life of Kih?
Charles. II, a Hohenzollern prince,
such is said io have been the 'caac.
But since the death of lhat .monarch
no definite official expression on the
attitude of Rumania towards the belligerent
nations lias come from this
party. It is claimed, moreover, that
ine party is none too strong, ana mat
it lias already been obliged to Jook
for the. Conservatives for support. It
-is known, and CVfr. Mavghiloman so
stated to the Associated Press correspondent,
that Mr. Bratianu and he
worked in accord on tile, war question:
One night, early in the war, students
posted upon the doors of the
royal palace in Bucharest a notice
with the legend: "To Let." Xing
Charles looked upon' this act as ah 'expression
of rank Ingratitude. To be
thus served with- notice to . quit^.1^
said, to have broken his heart,, and
the affair is now .said to be* slowly
killing Queen Elizabeth, better known
in the United States as Carmen-"Sylva
*#> spend? o?t?t lier.Ume at tbe
. - . ' 1
One -twenty-six foot ladderOne
spike pole;
Three t^inch nozzles. f
One plug sate. *
Three plus wrenches. T,
Two life belts. . ?!
One hundred feet half inch rope.
?One pole ax.
One crowbar.
One ihousancT feet wax treated!
noRe., f
Two horses well trained tor this:1
work. i
Two sets harness.,
This station has a chief and eight;
men schooled and trained for iire;
flghters under the instrucUons of Ed-|
ward F. Groker, ex-chief of New York J!
City. Its equipment is given here: j
Six beds and bedding.
Nine firemen's gum coats.'
Nine pair firemen's gum boots.
1 Five Areroen's helmets.
Nine firemen's caps. ',
One. set loois for repairing coup-J;
lings on hose. \
Three compressed air chambers. , j
One oflice desk. fj
Eight chairs. .
One air compressor set up in J. T. I
Swager's Ice Cream Plant. }(
One three way gate. j
Three alarm call bells tn use. t
Nine lanterns. {t
One ijathtub. \
One hot water tank."
Seven hundred feet wax treated j t
hose held in reserve. , f
Fire Station So. 2?Linden Avenue. jT
One large hose wagon. t
One thtrty-flve gallon chemical
tank. * , .c
Two hundred feet chemical hose. -a
Two three chemical hand tanks. a
One thousand feet wax treated hose, t
2 Va inches. m s
One pole ax. f g
One crowbar. . s
Three 1*4 inch nozzles. a
Two fourteen foot hook ladders. g
One hundred feet one Inch rope.
Two plug wrenches.
Vino ?ate. nlitp
Two life belts.
One twelve foot scaling ladder.
Two lanterns. : <
Two 'pair harness. j Two
horses well trained for this i work.
Four firemen's gum coats. ^
Four pair firemen's gum boots.
Four firemen's caps.
One. good frame building suitable i4
for fire station and equipped as follows:
Two beds and bedding.
One office desk. ; (
Four office chairs.
One bathtub.
Two heating.stoves. vj ^
This station has four^iuen schooled
and'trained under instructions of Kd- :
ward F. Croker, ex-chic; of New York
sub-station on Wilson street
for ciuick services on the.hill, has:
One hpse cart.
Three hundred feet 2 % inch hose.
Two 1 ^ inch nozzles.
One -plug wrench.
This is a correct list of property
belonging to the city of Clarksburg
iu first class condition.
The fire committee makes the follnwlrif"'
rfirnmniATl^atiAttfi tn 1 ho nnn?_
cil: ,
That they buy for the city ol
Clarksburg at their convenience. One
aerial truck having a seventy-five foot
Three thousand feet 2 ^ inch hose.
And place the city under the electric
call box system.
merit in
<' '? ' Vj? "<;?'. V.v ' ' *?. '". V-?.'--.1' ' ; -*"? 1 ', ?4
T'"Sl ; :'"-i ' Ifi u 1;' .T* 1 '" I
z Strongly
Entering War
.. : _i? J
many. !
At best the political parties of Ru
mania are small affairs numerically,
the four groups having a total membership
of about 2,000. ^The *emainder
oi' the population of about 7,000,000
has no -voice in political matters.
None of the political parties has a set
policy, and all are governed by oligarchial
circles. . From this, so local [,
observers say, has' grown a condition
which is largely responsible for the
present predicament of the government.
While; premier Brat'unu ,tia3
done everything >to preserve th(. neutrality
of the country, the population
has been clamoring for war, urged
oh, it is claimed, toy a press -heavily
subsidized by Russia.
There seems to toe no doubt "that- It L
the present government prev U!s flu-;
mania v *11 weitHvr the present storm i
! without going to war. But even Mr. j
Marghiloman admitted there was ho'
, assurance that the government-would
; remain firm. In other quarters the
: fear .was expressed that ultimately
; an outbreak or chauvinism in the
streets might place the government
in the position of either having to go
to war, or flre-upon the mob. In that''
case the government would go to war,
it was asserted. What Phe weight of.
iKing Ferdinand's opinion would be;
! in that case is not known. Though !:
1 lin Imc -T3 f??. 1
J wvvvmv^ riUlilttUAclUi V
j tlx e, Bxtc-h a res t puhl ic floes not forget J
f that ho Is a, 'Mohenzollern. On the
{ other hand, the present queen Is nn>
'English wojnqah land for that reason.
the; Kingv Ferdinand might, be. invited i
to move, as -was" his uncle, the late "
King Charles. |
A factor which is malting the position
o* the government anything but
{easier is the strong, influence in favor
of war of Mr. Mille, publisher of
the Dimineatza and. AdeyeruL
There is a strong probability that
Rumania has so far kept out of the
war toy-a laok of materials needed for'
such* an enterprise. 'Mr. ATarghlloman
informed the Associated Press correspondent
that the-country . was not '
yet preoared for war when the first
outbreaks of chauvinism occurred.
From other sources 4t has ben learned
that even today din mania has not
munition ^drl&d? m fedufctry, and
Russia' must buy. In. a neutral rnarket
herself. Since tlaen we have been
able to install at lefist"e few machines
needed In the 'manufacture of amamtw$m2
least,my stand Is appreciated today.**
Rumania's army is a puny thing
in this struggle of millions of soldiers.
The total military establishment
numbers about OOOyOOO men of
Whom 400.00(1 are available Tor service
In the tiring line?would be ready for
Service against Hungary attefc.. much
delay if Bulgaria could be counted upon
to stand out of the fray. Although
Rumania has what is probably the
strongest river navy?monitor fleel In
the world; that, arm alone,could not
be counted upon to "keep the Bulgarians
in check. A rorce of at least d 00,000
wo:'M be needed to prevent Bulgaria
J n occupying the Dobrodja
dtstric tand all Rumania south of the
Danube. This would leave about 300.Dflft
m^n fnr n no.mn?iiicm tliio
? ? ? .. > ? w? , -U. VM^U? |/U?QU
Austra-Hungarians and Germans/who
haw already been massed along the
Rumanian border.
But it is said that Buigaris^s army
is as strong as that, of Rumania, and
is Mr. Marghi Ionian pointed out, the
situation would then be merely that
fwo new factors had been introduced
into the European war without advantage
to either of the. present belligerent.
The struggle would then have be;ome
merely more general. Rumania,!
norover, would find herself between
wo "fires. Austro-tlungarians and Ger-:
nans, in the north and the Btilgars
md Turks in the south. The former,;
t is thought, would descend en masse;
o get possesion of the Camplni oil
ields, and thus deprive Rumania of
ho only fuel she has for the operaion
of her railroads.
Meanwhile the Rumanian army is
if unknown quality. The officers preent
a 'smart appearance and the men
.re well equipped so far as the raaeriail
on hand has. permitted. What,
ort of an account this army would
rive of itself pitted against the well
easoned soldiers of Austrcr-fHungary
.nd .Germany and the veterans of Bulraria
is problematical. ^
'*r' *u,
r- 1
Continued from page 5, -first section)
Clary 'Corbin, iJVIiss Marguerite .Legjett.
Miss Persis Smith, Mr. Johnson,
Jr. Btpn, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Henderson,'
Mr., Jloy Burnsrde, and Mr; Howird-Burnside.
' : : 1 i
? i ' C _
Mothers' Club Meets.
Mrs. Alta Clemens was hostess Friiay
afternoon, when the Mothers'
31 ub of Broad Oaks met at her home
m , Howard street Mrs. Fannie
Enart and Mrs. L?." B. Post read interesting
papers and Miss Beulah
Kennedy, Miss Mary Yerkey and Miss
Rutlj. Clemans delighted their , audience.
with readings appropriate forthe
occasion. At the conclusion of
the program Miss Mildred Clemans
played a piano solo.
. Millinery Fashion Shows.
The ha,t shops of the city are today
presenting for the inspection of the
ladies, everything new and attractive
in millinery,, hats of all ruling
shapes and' sizes, flowers, feathers',
ornaments, ribbons and trimmings
of. every description. The
Parsons-Souders Company is offering
distinctive models comprising most
recent developments, of qorrect and
popular millinery.
A wealth of colors and a glow of
spring prevail at th,e parlors of The
V^pgue. Trimmings in all .the novelties
of the season are being shown.
The parlors of Bain's millinery are
unusually attractive, and a large
range of selection is afforded-by the
almost numberless varieties."
The Quality Shop of Finnell 'and
2- -1--?2 - '
.uuiueiiiu is suuwing raoueis oi.aist
luction with wreath and cockade effects
as well as other exploitations
in careful array.
Hats of beauty ..rich in material
and perfect in workmanship, are to
be found at the shop' of Howard and
DeForest. There is no dearth of
colors and novelties of every description
meet the eye.
Today affords, a wonderful opportunity
to the ladies, and a rare treat
will be found in this -wonderful dis- i
play of .millinery.
Surprise Party.
A surprise party was given Friday
evening at the hoiiie of Mrs.
Theodore Fitzpatrick in honor of. her
daughter, Miss Virginia, by her
school mates. .
Those present were Ruth Jearott;
Mildred Kidd. Mildred Powell. Chrisline
Etalc. Ruby Leml6y, Blanche
Criss, Thel.nia Cfiss.^ Beryl Schutte,
Edith Summers, Lena Ashton, Alma
Clousson, Avice Powell, Virginia
r ii'fc? it ivjvi ' i cuuit? ivcmpcr tlliu
Lester Fitzpatrick.'
At a seasonable hour delicious refreshments
were'served.1 .
> i - i'i ?? .
Fairmont Lancer.
Miss Mjgxy. ."Windsor, or Fairmont,
was here Friday evening and she
gave a demonstration of the new
dances - with Professor Finley Nott,
at the Waldo hotel. . ,Miss;.Windsor
is considered one of the best dancers
in Fairmont.; He.r. demonstration,
given yith .Professor Nott.
fame as a dancer !s known in every
West Virginia city, included the fox
trot-,- the castle polka, pawlowva
cavott, - one-step and hesitation
waltz. The ^two: dancers were given
many encores, and' complimented on
their excellent interpretation of all
that is new new in the terpsichorean
art. The Cadenza orchestra Dlaved
an excelent program of popular
dance numbers.
Miss Luetic Ruck man, of San An_
* -' ': :. r.: . ; ; - -
' ' r * , , *
made by ine .can .rest assured they
are properly attired. I pride myself
on being.,more than a tailor, I am a
tailpr specialist. , I study the; physical
peculiarities, of the customer, and
then niake the clothes to. fit, yet foli1
owing fashion's dictates, but includ
f ''?A?ii ". .fe'i.i;.; ;?. -*>;$ s?
Dresser .
Make your, selections while t
-greatest values ever offered v In b
your earliest possible convenience.
I " So".
We have a complete line of so
chiffoniers,- nicely polished, m;
match the dressers above, which i
marked at the very reasonable p
$5.75, .$9.75. $10.00, $11.00, $12
$13.50 up. Golden Oak WashsHa
$4.23 up.
V ' 'V, ^0 ;r j V ^ ; > ' V .V y.
Mahogany Dress
We invite you to, inspect our lin
expensive mahogany dressers and
iers which have just arrived.
I PalarA Finmihir
168-170 w. :
* . ? j
tonio, Tex., who Is visiting Miss
Windsor, at her home, accompanied
the party to Clarksburg.> Miss Ruck-man
sang a solo, "Little Grey Home
in the West," by request. She Is a
talenetd musician, gifted with an excellent
voice, and her solo received
the applause and compliments of all
the guests.
About seventy-five persons including
out of town guests from neighboring
cities, attenred. A banquet
was served at a seasonable hour. The
decorations we're in keeping with the
season: The balconies at the hotel
were tastefully arranged for the,affair.
, -
The following persons from. Fairmont
attended, pronouncing the affair
one of the most enjoyable of the
year: Miss Beatrice Canter, Miss
Mary "Windsor, Miss Liucile Rjick inan,
Mr. F. Wayne Nay, Mr. J. Karl
Windsor and Mr. Arlington "Klemlng.
Common Pot Pie of Veal.
; Cut the veal into pieces, put them
into enough botitng water to cover]
salt-to taste and a little piece of but-j
them, add also two or three strips of {
pork, cover the pot closely, boil anj
hour. then season with. pepper and jtor;
just before taking ingredients'
cut of the pot to send to table, put into
it when the water is boiling, separate
spoonfuls of batter made with
two eggs^well beaten, two and,oner
half -or three cups of buttermilk, one
teaspoon of soda and sufficient, flour:
the batter should be made just before
it. is cooked. It takes about
three or four minutes to?cook itr the
water hojt to be avowed to step boiling.
This dish"- should then be served
immediately or the dumpling will
become heavy .
^Delightful Hostess;
Mrs. Wilbur Pete, of Kelfey
street,-proved to be a most delightful
hostess of a tacky party given by the
Ladies Loyal Circle Thursday event
M < 'I^Vi a* a**a v%i 1 ?i m ?* ran r* m nM i r*>i MY 0?
fug. xiits cvcumg waa,ai>cut ju gaiuta
and contests, and a 'very enjoyable
occasion was had by all. CVtrs.Stutler
and Mrs.--3acobs were * awarded the s
"V* . ) * '** ** &'* js& ' ' H p *
' /-v T? 1 .
Our FI ora
* '^v
; . . - :,- . . 1
an -
I A' Glimpse of th
8 mwer show more than one
7 T ) - V-t
I and Le^norns are mostly,
Se? them at ^
156 Oak Dresser, plain mirror
134 Oak Dreiser, plate uiirrpW$r:
!.. .*..% ....... ; $7^5
156 Oak Dresser,, plate mirror
*'?? **?.* $9?Sn.l
170 Oak Dresser, plate mirror *
180 Oak Dresser, plate mirror .'. !!!!
. . ... .* . 810.50
271 Oak Dresser; plate mirror
? ' ... $12.0?
3<9 Oak Dresser, plate mirror , vj
"' , $1JI,'75
>9. , Oak Dresser, plate mirror
;;; $t."J.OO
3SS Q?k Dresser.* plate mirror
* St3.75
RtA A1* r\ ...
i^rcsser, piate mirror 1 :
- ** v $t-i.i50 ' I
548, Oak Dresser, plate mirror g
536 Oak Dresser, plate mirror g
...... .v. JjH8U30
. ' " ' ' ' ' ' "' :
T~ " ~~
- o n* r
e ot riano to.
1? : * *.
11 .
prizes, they being the lucky contestants'
A' prize was also given the ode
dressed the most appropriate for the
occasion, which proved to he Mrs.' J:
Trimble-, - of Mannington.
Thos^ who enjoyed the party were
Mrs. Burl Sjtutler, Mrs. Robert
Kempke, Mrs. Brooks Harr, Mrs.
Prank Jacobs, Mrs. Will Goldsburg,
Mrs. Clarence Fulkiner, .Mrs. Will
Shackelford, Mrs. Pete, Mrs. Morrison,
Misses Grace and Kate Coo'ney,
Mrs. D. M. Harr, Mrs. T. J. Trimble 111
and Mrs. George Bratton.
.. Xeediecraft Club Meets. '
The Wallace Needlecraft Club was
delightfully entertained by its presi- ,
dent, Mrs. W. O. Dunham, in, her
home Wednesday afternoon. A very
delicious luucheonu was served by the
hostess. The diversions^of the afternoon
were various kinds of fancy
work. Members present were
Mesdames. W. O. Dunham, F. P.
firaham, F. H. Bell,"S. C. McCune,
L. J. Musgrave, E. M. Miller, A. L.
Rusk, G. T. Williamson, Q. J). Muzzy,
and G. B. Lenehan and as guest Miss
Talkington, of Folsom.
An Elaborate Dinner.
; A1 elaborate dinner was given J.
Frank Cork, vthe principal members
of- the. DeKoven .Grandi-Opera-^Company
which presented Robin Hood at
the 'Robinson Grand theater Thurs
u?,v uigui, auu a nuniDer ot jiis local
friends by- his parents.. Mr. and: Mrs.
H. F. Cork, in their, home on West
Pike street, after the performance.
Covers were laid for twenty-five.
Artistic decorations in profusion
adorned, the. dining table, there was
plenty of music and the. occasion was
a most happy one. for all present.
. Bennett-Carder.
.Mr. J-Iarley O.-Bennett and Miss I!a
A. Carder, both of Doddridge county,
were united in marriage at the Deison
hotel on Pike street at S: 30 "o'clock
Wednesday, morning. The Rev. \G. D.
Smith, pastor of .the First. Methodist '
church. performed the ceremony. Mr.
and Mrs. .Benentt re.turAC,c( to. Doddridige
county, where they will'; make a mm
their home.
. .
- - -J
1 Wreathes
must be seen to be appreciated.
Whatever we do in floriculture in the
way of design work bears a stamp
of excellence not to be mistaken:
Everything in nature's .beautiful flow- 1
> ? w.
ers to compel your admiration. Potted ' jl
plants to beautify the home, at horiii- 1
nal.prices. I
u r l, r I
Hayman GreenhouseLo. I
411 W. Mam St. |
rr.iniranin?c iff XT a
e New? Millinery J
cry wearer because we
or two of a style. Fashion
,^] ihlall! Braldi Hemps .
w. quality considered. ; )

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