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Charge That <
Set Firj
State Alleges That Woman c
\ Tried to Burn Wife of the ;
Man She Loved.
FAIRMONT, Marchiap?^Mrs; Serl
J- Straight. wife of Henry
Straight, an oil well operator of Man- ^
nlngton, wsta bound over to answer ^
an indictment by the grand p
m jury on the charge of arson. Mrs. *
JStrgight was arrested Sunday fol- f,
lowing an investigation ot a Are ^
"Which had been kindled on the porch f
J.:'- ' of Ira Talkington, Locust avenue and
Llevehrh street. The state alleges ^
that, f.he vroman set fun to the build- t
vl ; : ! inpf because of an inrat.uat.ion Tor t
Wt:Yj ..-.Mr. Talkington. who is at the present
time in Florida, and only his wire "
and child at home. The. fire was discovered
by Mrs. Talkington and ex..
tinguished before any damage was
v.v done. t
.-i _ 1
;V"; The West Virginia head camp f
jurisdiction of the "Woodmen of the; r
World held- a session in Fairmont
beginning Tuesday and ending on
; Wednesday. Fully a "thousand t
* Woodmen took part in the parade f
" oil-Tuesday night and about, the same p
!. . number were in at tendance-on Wed- ,
' nesday night at the banquet which j
closed the session. Bluefleld was .
te-.'V. chosen as the place Tor the next meet.- .
v?:.;- c
f;;, V The local Woman's Christian Tem'
Perance Union is at the present time
'f,;. starting the arrangements to enter- n
tain the state session of temperance v
*v;:. . workers which will meet in this city *
- . September 22, 22 and 24. '
A '
HBSNKjjp. ', ',j * . 11
Edwarrl R. Rudden, father of Mrs. *
W&& Charles E. Hawker, of this clly. ?
?vpassed away after a long illness. He '
' made his home witli is daughter. The
ir: bod}- was taken to Atlanta, Ga., for
'r interment. . h
W$0: a
At a meeting of the Eairmorfl E.i- l
; brary Associat ion held recently the
board of directors was unanimously
re-elected for another year. The
: ' board is as follows: Mrs. X. R. C. '
Cfv- Morrow. Mrs. George DeBolf. Mrs. ?
p' . Jennie Engle. Mrs. J. Waller Barnes,
V: Mr? Annie Carroll, II. A. Clayton, ?
*. and B. L. Butcher. 11
... . .
The Country Club Association held
a meeting In the club house a recent \
I/ evening at which a great deal of busL '1
negs was transacted. Arrangements g
? * - were made by which the club expects >
to pay all debts by the lirst of May. Jt
v.-' -- i
;j: . ... a
' A new oil field in tlie Manningion t
district will probably result from the
C drilling in by the Clayton Oil Company
of a well making a showing of ^
r : ' h twenty barrel flow. i
* * v
.The Fairmont high school has an- f
nounced that. the annual commence- r
merit will be held this year on June j
1. A class of seventy-six will be
v m gratduated at that time.
' i
v,; - Sam Ogvia, a miner, died this week
n the Miners' hospital front injuries L
2- received while at work in the plant .
of the Lost Creek Coal Company.
i; i - The Monongaliola Valley High ?
' School League held a meeting in this r
?- :
I- -
K 1
f. MOTOR^?Four cylinder. Enclosed
CYLINDER?Cast eu bloc, bore 3'
' FRAME?Channel, pressed steel.
OIUNG SYSTEM?Force feed am
on dash.
;-ROWER PLANT?Unit in construe
I -RADIATOR?Honeycomb. Special
- GARBURETION?Special float fee<
t IGNITION?Distributing system.
TRANSMISSION?Selective sliding
? forward, one reverse.
CLUTCH?Multiple disc running ii
i Axle's?Front, solid drop forged
3 -BRAKES?10 in. internal and ext.*
Si U'WHEELS?Wood; demountable rl
r %TTRE9?30x3%. Non skid on re
" -SPRINGS?Front. seini-elliptic; rc
: g STEERING WHEEL?16 inches.
: ./ BODY?Beautiful streamline; five
Iater Green body: nooa, lenae
.black enameled.
\ DOORS?"U" type; concealed hinj
?$ FENDERS-?Special 'Pullman type;
DRIVE?Leftband center control,
of center out of way.
" WHEEL. BASE?^110 Inches.
'-WINDSHIELD?Clear and rain v
man type, conforming: to ant!
; TOP?One-nvac: easy folding, qui<
top in rear! top fastens rigidl
~ LAMP EQUIPMENT?10-inch he
piri- iv,J. - ment and rear light.
Eg? .HORN?Electric.{?
.SPEEDOMETER?Trip and aeasoi
ml ^GASOLINE TANK?Carried In co
Ih &?GEARS-?'K to 2.
outfit, and tool*, tire irons ant
* ^
Woman to
e to Building^
ity at, which officer* wepf elected and !
program and schedule arranged for'
he season.' The high school track
neet -will be Meld this year , at Mor-J
?antown May 8. ....... j
Tloss Churnlc. aged five years, was '
lurned to death and a score of lives;
vere imperiled In a fire which d?-,
t. roved a boardinir house at Jamison
ujne So. 7 at Barracksville Wednes- i
[av morning. The mother being ter- i
ffied at the first/ sight of the fir
led from fhe house, but later made!
n attempt to rescue the child whicfiTras
on an upper floor- The child
nade an effort to escape from the>
Htflding Out suffocated with the
mioke fell down the stairway at th'ej
eet of its mother,* dead.
The local companies of state militia
rill probably disband after this!
nont.h as an order has beeu received
rom the adjutant stating that all
ay will be stopped April 1.
Tlans are on foot at the present!
inie for a dinner at 7??e Young Men's i
Christian Association building on the,
vening or March 26. in honor of W.'
d. Kennedy, county superintendent
>f schools, whose term of office ex-;
ires July 1. A committee has been i
ippointed to look after the details
f the affair.
Bids for Hie construction of " the
lew Fairmont normal school building
vere opened this week by the state
joard of control and it is thought;
hat the contract will be let in a few
lavs. Forty-three firms , from - all-j
arts of Ihe United States submitted.
ids ranging from ' ?115,i)00 to;
156,000. ' j
>' |
Burgess E. Satterfield was killed
>v a fall of slate while working in"
mine of the Consolidation Coal
Mrs. Sarah Toothnian: widow of
)aniel Toothnian, died at the home
f her daughter in Wetzel county,
'hursday. Mrs. Toothman was a pi-j
neer resident of this section, leaving i
nany sons and daughters.
William C. Dougherty^ a Civil.war
eteran of the Union army, died
Thursday at his home on tfte East
ide. Mr. Dougherty, was aged. S3
ears and had been ill for some
iine. Funeral services will be held
unday at Mi. Zion church, Where Inerment
will also be made.
v *
Members of the State University
school of Music gave two recitals
n this city Friday morning. One
vas at the high school, auditorium
or the benefit of the high school
>upi!s while the other was it the
formal school building. - t
Brooks Fleming. Jr.,'C. L. Shaver,
)r. .1. W. McDonald, Robert T. Cunliugham
and Clarence D. Robinson
iave been made a committee by. the
"airmont Chamber of Commerce to
rrange a program to celebrate. the
>r?eninc of the Buckhannon " and
sorthero railroad some time next
H /
r^ . ill T^mWv!
ricax market for 4(740.00
. valves. > ft
, stroke 4 yi. , <
[1 splash ?ysteni, with sight feed
I Pullman type,
il and jet type.
; type, ball bearing; three speeds
n oil, woven wire asbestos against
T.hpa ni * tmt flnatlnc
m. '
tit* .
;a'r full cantilever.
passenger; standard color. Brew- ,
rs, splash guards and windshield,
;es. - .
; crowned.
emergency brake, lever; forward
lco. *
ision. ventilating, exclusive Pull-'
I built integral. with curved cowl
ck acting side curtains, car.rled iny
to windshield^
ad lights with ,dimining attach'
c i, '* ' :'
wl; capacity-.8 gallop*.. -... >f/. ^
light. - switch, -ignition switch,
id sight feed oiler. , ,
bjeld, one-man top. quick, acting ,
{a k Avn v\lim n in nlr ft?*A ??am?i li*
iv uuiu, jnviyi mc (
l^trn-rin) in the J ^
??* . I >; ' - 7
,Chicago Fed league players photograi
Training camp reports from so
championship games on April 10, coi
agers.inthe independent circuit hai
Among the new men with the Chicag
Leslie Mann, who will be given a char
t IV i.L h >n ??_ ?fi" , i - ' Ml- t
* ' *
In Brief by the Glasworker, of
Pittsburg, Official Trade
. Publication.
. ? : ' : ' .
; (Glass worker.) .
A1 ltbe wjndow glass hand plants
in. this country are closed to assist in
curtailment of production.'
The American Window Glass Com-,
pany is said to be now operating at i
forty-three per. cent of its capacity,
while" the Pittsburg Plate is said to
be considerably below this mark.
The Vial- plant of itie Kimble-Durand
Glass Company .wil shortly, it
is reported,* he located at Vineland,
X. J. . , I
Work' has- been started on the addl?- J
tion to the plant of the Jeannette
Shade and Novelty Company's plant !
at Jeannette; Pav. An etching room is *
being made. !
The rebuilt factory of the -New .Beth- 1
lehem Window Glass Company at New
Bethlehem, Pa., .is said to be nearly 1
completed. j
The new . plant of the Penn Glass
'Company at Pennsboro, W. Va.', is *
about ready, to start, but the lighting
of fires has been postponed at present. 1
* The Essex Glass Company of Mt. '
Vernon, O., .has . bi'oken ground for
a new six-ring tank at Dunkirk, X. Y. *
.The, Kearns-Gorsuch Bottle Com- '
puny is reported to be making prdp- 1
arations to Start its new plant at
Barnsviile, O., i na short time.
The -thirty-six-rblower plant of the '
Alliance AVindow . Glass Company at
Salem, AV. Ara., w-ill be completed* and
ready >to*operate,'it is said, by next
fire. - ' . '?
The office building of the Brownsville
Glass Company, West Browmsville,
:Pa.,which was occupied as a
residence by Manager .AV. S. 'Phillips,
was burned last Tuesday, the loss being
Tank No. 2 of the Xivison-AVeiskopf ?
Company. -.Reading, O., is. now operating'
entirely -wittr machines invented
by the firm. Tank No. 1 "is idle.
In announcing that the-plants would
close March 19, the Licking and Utfca ]
glass companies informed -the men;
that they would be-, expected to take |
their old-places April 16, when the
plants are scheduled to resume.
Four. Owens machines ar9 in use at |
at the Charles Boldt Glass'Company's ]
plant in Huntington. AV. Va., and two j
more are heinc installed. Flasks and >
gallon packers are lieing produced.
The "Essex Glass Company lias been .
qpevating its plant at Parkersiburg,^
"W. Va., steadily since last August and],
'expects to continue busy until the j
end of the fire.
:The three tanks at the Glenshaw
Glass Company's plant at Wittmer,Pa.,
are running full, turning out flint, i
green and amber. The flint. "Cvhile
down, was built from the bottom up
twiih new bricks.
The western division of the Glas?
Distributors' .Association held a meeting
in Chicago Tuesday, and expressed,
confidence in the window glass "outlook.
% . . .
Cruiser is Saved From
a Submarine by
(Ctorrespohderice ' of AnWclAted Pre?*;)
LOXDOX. Mar.. 20.?Sea gulls saved
a cruiser and "800' men.from a submarine,
"says a British . :Wue jacket
with the-':Novth Sea fleet' in a letter
to Ills familyHn Hull. He'says that,
he was .standing by his' gun, when" a
large flock'or sea gulls suddenly" rose
4 iKa ciipfnpa r>t fitn Wfltnr 'Fill*]
11A VIII V<kV> WU1 V.V. VI V " M. ?(^U' drew
the/"attention of- the sailors to
the1 periscope of a submarine, which
the fgulls had seen ^appearing above
'the water. The-worship'turned and
| made away Troon the danger with a j
zigzag course.
I - * j v ?:.i r . - . mv- :
?:ui. services.
The Jlev. U.; W. Morrison. pastor t
"*jc? r.'V-AMjf viircf'^^vS v* jfrf jsqra* rCtf]
bL'~" " * -^. ' ?t,^
y: . f- - : .. * ' ||ied
at spring training camp. Left to ]
"Silk" Kavanaugh.
uthcrn fields where'Federal leaguers
itain reference to players whose name!
re "harvested many prizes from the n
;o Whales who are showing up well in
ice tt> make good in the outfield, and Bil
^ ^ ^ . V~*T'
i n i-viairk m n imiinr
; MM ULU mm
j *' " -i .t1 If f
^ " . J - . 1 _J t.?: f.kj J
? * S
Sash and Gems Valued at
$9,000, Found in Box by
Lucky Man.
PIjEASAN'TSVILliB, .v. J., Mar. 20.
?While tearing down an old house
iere, James Runner of :Xorfhfield,
ound l -small box.--Wben-he opened
he box he-iwas surprJsed ^to hnd that
t contained several $.100 hills and a
arge number of Jewels, valued at $0,100.
-As the^ result of the inquiry it is
'ound that the, hox and contents wer?
:he property of an old woman who
ived in the hqusft afiqut fifteen years
igo. When she died no claimarft was
round for her property. The house
lad beenf unopicupied for several years
ind recently .one Section" fell down.
Runenr Vas employed to clear the
site of the old stri ctiiro and has been
ullowed to keep the valuables -which
le found He says that he is going
to retire and enjoy lire.
Widow Gets Fortune
From Man She
"V?mvvn*IT17/1 X' v \raon rv,,.=
'?? U -1. ^ ?UK1 . ? MV.? ?11i
Mary E. -Kaix.pe, a widow -living at
loS Johnston street, received from
William . AVygant. a lawyer,, a check
for $30,<>00 drawn to her ordej* by
John Patton. Mrs. Kampe said that
forty -years ago Vi.tton had a -quarrel
with- his fathe.-, who was, a hotfel
keeper on Greenwicli street. New Yoi>c
and the boy wanted to go west, anct
grow *np with the county. He borrowed
^10 -from Mrs. Kampe and-told
lie?: he would pay$l,<KH> for everyidollar
of.it ?f luc-k faybr^ddtijn..
. ? *' - ?|-r T : Xr I ^ "
A ,nwitU ragoj3ffrs. Kampe, received
her first loiter from Pattbn "asking-the
name of her attorney. He recalled the
loan; and his .promise, and said he had
prospered^ and, was desirous of helping
his friend in her old age.
Neither Mrs.-Kampe nor. Mr.vWygant
would divulge Patton's place of residence.
v - 1
CHARLESTON. Marcn 20.?-Everett
E. Robertson, an attorney, has:
entered suit against O. L. .Aultz, -city j
health commissioner; chargingsn\alic- i
ioua .prosecution t and- false arrest.and
demanding. $10,000 damages because1
Robertson, was recently quarantined
as a smallpox patient. ' H?
declares he-did not have smallpox.
- -
HUNTINGTON. March 20;-*?H". E.
Mathews;'-secretary of the chamber
of connnerce. announces that Hifntington'it
population is now 4 2,861,
of which 2,0Qty Oare negroes. 14 Chinese.
719 .foreign born whites and
1.7 CO illiterates.
' i
+ * t + * + + + *+?+ + + +
* ' X- *
+ cknsors c^ysoit. *
4* . . mU
nr + _____ r.
+ (By ^VssociatCtt Press.) . 4*
+ RARl^. XTar. 20.?The latest *
* caprice of the official", cenfior +
4* comes to light Jin the ?st Re- 4?
4? publican. This paper thought 4*
4* it was Cully justified in publish-. 4?
4- ing the official communication *
* regarding the; president's trip , 44*
in Alsace-tcxtually/; The con- *
J .sor-at-^ancy howover dlscov- *
* ?red indiscretion^. in the-oiflc
- v
B-j?-1??-- ?^_Z_?j *" -
\ tk^'^WF V
- J^&^W^SStm K*
' /
; j ! ^ ^ ? ^^9'
' '?*? *>" ' .-*'' - *'*> -V i\ ' 1 ". ", " ;
right: BilWisher, Leslie Mann and
. . ; . .' ' r :.
are speeding -up for the opening
3 indicate that the scouts and manlinor
leagues . arid. college ranks,
practice are "Silk" Kavanaugh and
[I Fisher, a catcher from the minors.
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ham, N. 'C:
iMarcjh 27 and 29?South Carolina
University at Columbia, S. C.
Mar. 30?Newberry College at Xerwberry,
S. C.
March iti?South Carolina Presbyterian
College at Clinton, ?5.-C.
April 1?WoofTord Colln~gc at Spartansburg,
S. C. ;
April 2 and-3?Alabama Tech at Auburn,
iMay ;l0-^fouitf St. Mary's College
at Etamittsburg, Md.
May M?Dickinson College at Car
nsie, Pa. '
May IS^Lafayette College at Easton,
Pa. 1
May IS?Mublenburg College at AIlentown.
May 14?Franklin,& Marshall College
at Lancaster,'Pa.
May lo?Susquehanna University at
Selinsgrove. Pa. ?
May 31?West Virginia: University a
Morgantown. W. Va.June
J-VNVcsl' Virginia^ University
at Clarksburg. V. Va. %
' flames at llonie.
April-iT?'Muhlenburg College.
April 22 and' 24?Mashington and
Jefferson College,
s May 5. and 6?Marsha 11 College.
May 20 and '2U:?Chinese University
of llawaii. ' ~
May 2S and 2-9?Bethany College.
Jline 4?Vest Virginia University.
,iumi jt anu ro?- ruisourg collegians.
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iug. iCniglrtVand Heed for Fairmont
played the.best game. Stark and D.
Martin were responsible for most of
Charleston's points.
Charleston?28 Fairmont?-19
H. Martin . Knight
Palmer ~ . Hamilton
D. Martin -. Iteed
Stark .v . Wilson
Bell . . .*..... 'Swlger
1 Substitutions: Jeffries for Hamilton.
Field goals?Knight 2, Hamilton 1,
jjtced 3. H. Martin 1, 3J. Martin .5,
Stark .2 v
Goals frbm , fouls: Stark 7 out ol
12, Knight 6 out of 10, Hamilton 3
out of.3.
' _____
Charleston Trims Parkersburg. .
Parkersburg, the team that has
been picked "by most every one as the
trophy winner, was eliminated here
today by Charleston. The game was
slow, but bard fought.
P-arkersburg?11 - Charleston?23.
> Rosser H. Martin
'McClelland Palmei
Crawford D. Mar*i
Biddle . . .1 Star!
Bell Thomas
. Guards.
Substltutions-T-Smith for Rosser.1
"Field, goals?Rosser. 1.. Crawfdrci
1, Bell 1, H. Martin 6, D. Martin 3.
[Stark 1.
- Goals from fouls?Rosser 5 out ol
; 14. Stark-2 out "of'8: w Martin i r..?t
of 3.
Fnirview l*ushe? Fairmont.
FairvieV, the team "that drew itseli
;haclc into -the "tournament* madt
iFairmont hustle to win. being nosed
"ojut In the last few minutes of p1a>
by; a score of 25 to 22.' This is tht
second game that Fairview has lost
'by-hut a few points. Thejineup:
Knlglit :; . . . Lougt
i Hamilton ........ Foa
. ? T-. ?
- ~m"-.*r onvKras. * ,
^Wilson : ... . Tooth mar
Swlser" ..................... Tenant
Field aoais-^Hamiltbix/'iv ^Knight
^ Keed
Phaeton 1
Its Suprem
In Its Utter
Any man who investi
HUDSON the class place
Its supremacy is too a
It shows in every detail, i
Our whole engineering f
E. Coffin, has 'devoted, foi
so every feature, big: and
But the all-important
I I C1 C -? A f ft C iih ,, a?MM? tiS^l /M1^ re
Over 10,000 cars?las
y ear's?nave been tested
have run for some 25 mil
ing out a single fault or s:
This model now has 1
men who know it well.
| near you.
Your Q
We have saved in this
pounds. We have used i
We have equipped it wit
motor. We have reduce*
.per cent. We have cut t:
Now you want to ki
changes affect what a car
The HUDSON Six-40
every question of this -kii
have yet to be answered i]
pleteness, will appeal to j
Its records will appea
And HUDSON servic<
will anneal to vour wish
Let us demonstrate th
Standard C
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Redy and Deem.
Feb. ?Butchers vs. Ft Verso.
Feb. 24?Butellers "yd. Roi Tan.
iMarch 5?Donohue and Johnson vs.
Roi Tan.
March 9?Butchers vs. Donobue' and
How much
_nn I\/E
THAT'S the' Tire Question in
a. Nutshell!
*"Not?"how much 'does
the Tire Cost"?"haw much'Rubber is
in it"?"how many lay'ersr of Cotton
fabric"?or "how'many different Vulcanizings
does it go .through."
- Because,?Results have shown that
some of the Tires which have most.
Cotton, Rubber, Weight and stiffness,
give muchness MILEAGE and Resilience
than other tires made lighter by
more ' expert workmen/through more
direct and precise Methods.
Nor is" so-called "Mileage Guarantee"
worth considering in" purchasing of
. Because ?no Tires are actually
guaranteed to ' give definite Mileage,
no matter what the surface reading
may suggest. _
Such "Guarantee" would he impracticable
with the best Tire ever made,
or that ever will be made.
?This, unless the Tiro User could,
in turn, guarantee the kind of roads
over which he would always drive, the"
kind of driving his Chauffeur would
always do, and the air ^pressure he
would always carry on"each Tire.
/ I.^HE "Mileage Guarantee" is
' . I therefore a deceptive Misnomer.
It does npt guarantee, given Mile1
age but is only a figure arbitrarily
I CM^rick Safety Trati Ma-skM*ar?ja4sc4
' I '
, % Wholesale
i V^ES-T \
;rr>y'_**~r'',-'r'> -'V .>.'. -S\^
01 r ^
iacy Dhows
Refinement 111
gates will concede to the
among LightSixes. I I
pparent to be questioned. I
in finish, in equipment. I
orce, headed by Howard I 11*
years to this model. I I
small, shows the final I . :i
;c tliat tiio uiTncrw; T . i
iUW AO kiuiu buu :V I
ar of this popular type. I
t year's model aml_this J
in owners' hands. They I
[lion miles without bringhorfccoming.
.l - I
0,000 endorsers among * ' P
Some of those men are t
uestions I
5 Light Six some 1,000 I
iew and better materials. I
;h a new-type high-speed
3 operative cost about 30 N
ire cost in two. ?,
low how these radical ?
can do and stand,
has 10,000 answers-" to
id. All those questions
ti a car that copies this.
? < 1
), in its beauty and com- i \
r/iti ?* A ? ? i ' I
1 to your judgment. I
2?the best in America?
to have a car kept at its I
em all. I
CO., Detroit, Mich. I
t I
T, W. VA. I
SUTTON, March 20.? A suppo'aec
young man arrested and jailed here , <JS
last November after a chase-by con- ~m
stables on a charge or burglary, has -m
just made the startling disclosure lo A
county authorities that ' lie'* is a girl
and a police matron, has confirmed
the fact. She says her name Is Frank '
A. Dawson, of Clarksburg. ' m
per; I
1RED Mile? j l
?? (I
named "as a Basts foe Adjustment" on. * 1
Claims made for defective Workmanship 11
or Materials. VI
Read any of these "Guarantee*" ft]
<hat are'printed (or have the verbal (
ones defined) and you will seeHhat they | m
don't guarantee anything except that Q 1
the Maker alone shall decide every- Pa
thing such "Guarantee-" is supposed to 11
cover.- f 1
The larger the Mileage "Guarantee" X\
the' higher the price the .Maker must kfl
charre. to covorfas with Life Tnsnr?npi?V I Ml
the ..increased "risk" of replacing Tires JU
that are reasonably sure to wear out V
in considerable numbers, before they
have given the "Guaranteed" Mileage. I
The Careful Driver, over good
roads and streets, would thus pay {I
more than-the Tire is worifi,4 so that- I
the Reckless Driver, or hu who. must
continually drive over bad roads and I
streets, might get Mileage he is-not en-". I
titled to, at die Careful Driver's expense, t 1
0 g 0 it 1
THE Goodrich Safety ,Tread. ;11
is the fairest-priced Tire,, of 11
similar Quality,in the field?^ 11
Ten to lower than other Tires that 1 1
give less Mileage on average perform- I I
nee less effective Traction, with more J J
Vibration, and greater tendency to sep- fJ
arate the layers of Fabric and of Tread. fM
Compare the "Goodrich Safety"
Mileage Costs with that of any other - 1
.Tire in the field, and ACT on what I
the Comparison shows you- (W
Note the following table of comparative prices 1
n rton-skidtine*. Columns h??ded_ "A," B, "C" . fl
nd "D" represent four h ixhly-ad vertixed tires :
[cwdrkk OTHER MAKES | |1
Size S?l?tr ??mmy i J S ; 11
Twl "A" "B" "C" "D" M
30x3 $ 9.45 $10.55 $10.95 $1635 USM 1 . M
30x3^ 12.20 1335 14.20 2l;70 23.60 8
32x3^ 14.00 15.40 16:30 22.85 2530 1
34x4" 20.35 22.30 23,80 31.15 33.55 jM
3 x4H 28.70 32.1S 33.60 41.85 41.40
37xS 33.90 39.80 41.80 49.85 S2.05
If yon are charaed lea* for any ether melee' a
ban Goodrich, they are Ukht It out of the tirei.if i
ou are charsedmoro, they are taking it out of you. I
. The B. F-. Goodnch Co^ Akron, O. ^

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