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I Spring |
. |LJ] $10 W
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i $15 1
fifl Worth More [TT
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1=1 S/O and Sf5 jMl
30G W. Main I
. [U] street [LJ]
v. (Continued from page 1. first section >
talning the values and made no al
lowance for depreciation and cost of
renewal of physical properties of
'US? _ .The, final arguments in the case!
"x "will be made April 17, and a decision
> . . ot the final case may be had before
y the adjournment of the court-for the
p r. (Continued from page 1, first section.?
I* - , rotested against the remarks made!
'r: L" iby Deputy Dcdebour.
Phillip Scheidcnann. a Socialist dep- i
uty, declared in the name of his party 1
that "Herr Ledebour was invited to j
speak only on the language of the]
? question; his other remarks were j
"py - made on his own account and he alone ;
/ bears the responsibility for them."
Minister of the Interior Delbrueck
asserted that he would not be worthy i
i .. . in the "present situation if he replied'
to Herr I^edebour's speech,
t "For every one present today"-de-j
* . .. .clared the minister, "this hour will
' .T he a mark for his bitterest memory.
"Ledcbour's criticism is unconstitutional
and is directed against the most j
honored army leaders.
"The war has taught, us that ttr 1
.are materially and morally richer...
than we'believed and that the German
( . fatherland is a holy treasure fori
every German without consideration '
, of religion or party. "Matters which i
- divided us in times of peace now have j
been set aside in this imperishable i
success, wnich offers a new view to ;
VUVIMJ vl lUC i:v.vuuilliw AUU iliui <ti
Insensibility of'the German people."
The. estimate of the ministry of ini
'1, ^'cl^.or? colony an<l navy wero agreed
||j|Adjournment was taken 10 May IS.
(Continued from paste T, first, section.7)
. - place there on March 17 ;n which the
' it.--:' Garranzistas were badly defeated,
losing many horses and a large part
of their . equipment. They are re/ported
to bevnow In full retreat toAvard
the Burrough' mountains.
Biedras'-'Ts'egras is quiet- but-without
-communication Avith the South. Nb
vv-recent news has been received at
Piedras Negras from Sabinas."
A statement issued tonight by the i
convention agency here reported the '
capture or Camarco. a border city between
Nucvo Laredo and Matamoras;
-Vlth slight resistance adding that the
defeated Carranza troops continued!
their flight toward MatamorasVwith \
conA;ention troops in hot pursuit.
vnlrmFiOnRfi !
Caught in the City of Parkers- j
burg is Brought Back to
His Home Here.
Prince Bartlett, rhe eleven year
old boy -who was arrested while attempting
to beat his way on a pasllfe- >;
ste'nger train to Parkersburg Wed-,
hesday night. has been brought back J
-home by his stepfather, as he antlf
The mother of the boy were unaware
of his whereabouts until they rcceiv
letter sent to the mother by
Justice Boreman. of Parkersburg.
Young. Bartlett -left his home last
&X-: Monday and it was supposed he had
gone with a show. He went to Grafton,
to the home of a relative. iT was
learned. tilt left, there ho nevt rnni-n
that he was going back ,v
to Clarksburg. That was the last]
that had been heard from him and!
the: mother was distracted over his!
absence. They were greatly relieved
when they received the letter from
-Justice 'Boreman and learned that
^Continued from page 1, first section), j
.a-. IN'orth Texas land owner,, said for
several yfears he had had a standing
offer to become security" for any of
his tenants .who will dave $1,000 and
- buy a farm backing the tenant until
the farm is paid for. ?
'"I never got one man to accept the
nfter" he said. "Many have made the
- W.OOO but they would blow' it in.. Tlie;
* great lack by tenants in this country
r';" ** lack of economic sense.' I have
seen them ploughing wearing patent
kather ahow aad ml ***.,"
the SU
??I I II
5 ?
dutch mi
; * #.? " -- - * ,
?...... . ?
To Secretary Bryan'against the
Embargo of CoiVimerce of
Neutrals with Germany.
<ar AtsociATco r*M?>
Washington, d. c.. Mar. 20*?
Chezalier Ban Rapparri, minister
from the Netherlands, communicated
informally to Secretary Bryan today
an outline oC a note sent by. the Netherlands
eovcrnment to Great Britain
and France protesting against the
embargo on commerce of neutrals
with Germany which bas .no precedent
in history.
The Netherlands note, it is understood.
was ?a protest against the
principles adopted by Great Britain
and France in 'attempting to secure
the object of a blockade by,detaining
all commerce directly %or indirectly
with Germany irrespective of-whether
contraband or non-contraband.
The note also asks for further information
as to liow the Brtisb order in
council is to he enforced. The Dutch
government had made an inquiry before
the order was issued just as the
United States bad done and received
an explanation on which, it is understood,
further and more explicit in"
formation is desired.
The Dutch minister has been discussing
Die question informally with
thr United States during the last
week. The representations just
made are on behalf of the Netherlands-government
alone. Inquiries
as fo the kind .of communications to
be sent by the United States in the
same connection brought the response
from Secretary Bryan today that the
iiiiaatian It o rl ?Kaam tf rl /*>?
imu fiui, iiccu- Jinaii;
(^ntin u fi rsr ^ection ) .^
a force are closely guarded but it is
known that an army of considerable
size is ready to attack the Turkish
forces along the Dardanelles, -\yhen
the admirals advise that the moment
has arrived.
Although lighting of more or less intensity
is always in progress along
(he eastern and western fronts there
have been no very important operations
during the last few days.' The
Germans claim
Small Successes
against the British, near St. iEloi and
against the French at Notre de Lorette.
north of Arras, and to have repulsed
several French* attacks in
Champagne, the Argonne forest and
the Vosges. But. the French communication
issued in the day says ttyat
nothing of sufficient importance to report
lias happened.
In North Poland there have been
several affairs of the outposts but
neither army apparently is attempting.^any
largo operations while the
ground, remains soft, unless the Russian
movement turns out to be more
importan than it at present appears
to be, merely a cavalry raid. ;
The Austrians, it is said, have (been
reenforced in Bukowina. and they report
that they have repulsed .Russian
attacks there and in the.'Carpathians
although in the. latter region it has
been generally understood that it
was the Austrians and Germans who
were acting on the defensive.
Neutral Steamers Seized.
Neutral steamers in European waters
are having ratheran uncomfortab'e
time. The British have'seized
or are holding several, including the
Maracas, which are suspected of having
contraband for Germany. The
'Germans besides seizing two Scandinavian
oil steamers in ythe Baltic
have just. taken-'"the Dutch steamer,"
Zaans'trb; loaded " with eggs for 'England,
to. Zeebrugge. : J
Holland has formally protested to
rimet o-nr? UVnn wnimcf f1
M w-M ? A a A^aillOL I " Vorder.
-;p'rohibitJhg the aioverrent of
goodif fo and from German ports
A Germp/Q:a^la^or passed. rovev De*l
today but Was driven off after dropping
bombs which fell, into the sea;
perilously close .to the American bark,
Manga ;Reva.
PETROG*AD?"Mir.'"o?. The to!,
lowing bfficial statement fa?ora gener.
al headquarters., was issued lonight:
"On the right bank of the Neraen
Ihc Germans after.an engagement at
Tauroggien have been forced beyqnd
the frontier.
Russians Capture Tovrn.
"Another Russian detachment displaying
ap impetuous offensive
reached Memel at S o'clock Thursday
evening and after street fighting, in!
which the inhabitants took part.!
captured the town.
"On the left bank of the Niemen;
the enemy, as a result of the battle
of the last few days, have been
compelled to evacuate the .townships
of Bllwiszki and the region east or
the Ozero-Dusla-Kopciowo line.
"On the right bank of the Narew
river the engagement still bears the.
r oiliM >1 m'fm 1
CUHI AUlf I Ul p<il lldl dllitgUS UV LUt3
Germans. Tn the neighborhood of
Myszniec, in the direction of Kadr
zidlo. an engagement resulted in the
complete defeat of the Germane^ The
latter attacked in close order" and
sustained enormous losses.'
Serious Defeat Inflicted.
"In the Carpathians, according to
supplementary' Teports, our counter
attacks on Thursday in the region of
Ciezkowice inflicted a seriouV defeat
on the Thirty-Ninth Honzed division.
In the . region south, of Gorlize our
troops delivered a counter attack on
the Austrian forces, -which -were operating
very energetically. We made
over 800 prisoners.' Near Moldoivsko
we capfcured a . fortified
height, from the.enefitjyi His attempt
to recapture this position, as well as
his repeated counter attacks In the
region or Tozanka. was unsuccessful.
"At Przemysl- the enemy opened
A t>A 'AH AII?* n AMTI At* TVinverloiT.
HI*.. uu. vui yvoibiua VIA Aiiuioua/;
morning and continued all day-and;
the following night wasting an unpre*
cedented amount of ammunition. At
5 o'clock yesterday morning the gar-i.
rison made a determined- cortler?^
Suffers Enormous losses.
" ' ~ - - : ' ' ' .
"Up to the present wc have cap-;,
tured -3,000 prisoners-includlngwsev-.
enty-elght oflicers belonging to the
Twenty-Third Honzed division which
formed the nucleus of the garrison?!
together with seven machine guns."
PARIS, via London, ~3Tar. 20*?The
following * official statement was issued
by the war office last night:
"At La Boisselle, northeast of Albert.
the Germans after a violent!
bombardment, attempted a. night aUj
tack, which was repulsed. They suffered
appreciable losses. &!
*Tn Champagne during the course
of Friday the enemy made a counter
attack on the west of Perthes, which!
was reDulsed.
"There have been no infantry at-i
tacks today. Our artillery fired upon
a concentration of German infantry
which suffered heavily.
A'iolent Bombardment.
."In., the Argonne, near .. Bolante,
there''has been a somewhat violent
bombardment without, however, an.
infantry attack. Our progress..j-has;'
continued, at X.es Bparges. After repulsing
two counter attacks or the
enemy we carried the greater part of"i
a German position around which a'
struggle has been going on for two;
days. Three times auemy delivered
counter attacks"without gaining
ground, leaving many dead on .the
field. We also took some prisoners.
"In the'Woevre region'in the Mort-i
marc wood our artillery destroyed a
uiutnuuuRe din^ mew up severni aiu-|
munition wa%->ns~ wTfc|gstores. In the".
forest, of TJaPretre we have made'
some progress."
- / m
far associatco puns)
RETROGRAD. via i "Lohdpni!' starch i
20.?The following^ Qui^lan.' official,
statement was issued here tonight: ,
"A German- communication issued
.March'* 19, concerning the advance of.
the Russian troops, on Memel, East
Prussia, and threatening reprisals
,against -Russian-towns and villages-for
any losses sustained by the Memel*
population. The Russian- general staff
hereby announces that Memel was
openly defended by an armed enemy
force. The battle took place in- the
"'The civilian population having
taken part in this bat.tle,_ our troops
were compelled to take corresponding
action. Therefore should the German
troops carry out the threat against
the civilian population, of RufcIsla'.
these acts of the German .troops
must uc i e^tti u?a iiyi .us ,repression I
(but as independent acts and the moral I
responsibility for the. consequences I
must rest on the Germans." I
I/>A7DO.Y, 'Mar. 20.?Iff:35 p. m.?
An Amsterdam despatch says:
The emperor received Djavid -Bey, _
the Turkish minister of finance, at
(Berlin yesterday when the Darda-nelles
situation was discussed.
"in an interview which appeared in
the Berlin papers, Djavid -Bey intimated:
that the emperor was. much con- |
cerned about the possible fate of Constantinople
not only because "of the
tremendous political consequences,
ijvfhicb would result, but also on acicount
of- the prosperity - which the
I*-" > -A- " *
lurcing oi me 'uaraanenes -would Iprlng i
to Odessa. The emperor is quoted .as A
saying: 'We can not allow Odessa to t
become another Hamburg.* " ,s
! ' ?'
- ? jii
LONtDClN", Mar. 2*1.?1: J?3 a. 111.? ij
Three-Bulgarians Lave been killed and t
several -.Greek's^ wounded In a fight ]
'which'followed an attempted incursion ?
b ya strong Bulgarian band in the re- ^
gion of Demir-jHlRsar, according to \i
an Athens despatch to Reuter's Tele- I
gram Company. a
! Demir-Hissar is in the villayet of v
Salonika, formerly Turkish territory a
but now Greek territory'as a result' of* i
the Balkan war.
VJENNAt via London, 1.0:SO p. m..
Mar. -20.?The following, official'state- ,
ment was issued tonight:
* "Along the Carpathian front there
have been no important developments .
but at some -points a brisk 'artillery J1
duel was engaged in. To the northwest
of Xadworna, southwest Galicia, a
a night. attack by several Russian "
battalions was repulsed.
-A- it' - ' ' ' "
, vA/uip<ir<tiive quiet nas prevailed ~
in other.sections of the batftefront in u
this part of Galicia.
"Przemysl garrison made a sortie j,
yesterday in an easterly direction, en- e
countered strong, forces of the enemy j
Tvhldt .after several hours -fighting
were repulsed. a
_ (
( v .associated rami >
BERLIN, by. 'Wireless to Sayville.
Mar. 20.?The Overseas News Agency
today gave out the following:
"Reports from Constantinople says
'that up to the present time the allied
fleet, which is bombarding the Darda-5 "
neiles, has fired more . than TOO.OOO v
shots." The Turkish loss of-life has o
been small. Many of the guns of the t
-enemy aiready;.are.;wornuout- s
"The American ambassador at Constantinople;vHenry
Morgantheau, with ~
a rnumber of ether .prominent persona ?
.inspected, the forts and. suns - during
hiSitirip to the Dardanelles and found
that they were absolutely intact." . ?
.s ;v,. ..'.Y s
. , ? *-- - :
| ? .":> 'Tv.1 - - -3
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W-, .W A AA'
While Grej
house Thursc
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the bu
Main .and Co<
viewed by the
V*. cl .* ?. . rj
This arch wa
Prices at
Remember, w
I 4*1 AV% lot ? /Mil
cost of living mea
4 QUALITY, which
Style Day eve
grand public of G
Our fruits an
at prices within tl
Our business
, pelled to lease the
Fresh cars of
' m arkeFhasket al
Thanking the
midi if
r uuLiv
.r-v . j
224-226 Court Str<
? ? . %. m - . > v
ror Republican Congress Nomination
is Made by J.
Mentor Caldwell.
PARKEHSBURG'. Mar. - 20^An
iquncement has been made 'that' J.
lent or Caldwell, of th'e-city, will ener
the race for Republican congresional
nomination in the new Fourth
listrict, and it has been received
irith favor everywhere.
That Mr. Caldwell is 'eminently
trell fitted to represent the district
5 conceded by all who know hiiu and
hat 'includes pretty nearly everyr
ody in the district. He has not-only,
he qualities that are ordinarily
ooked for in a suitable aspirant for
uch a position." but many that are
Particularly, his own and that
miquely qualify him for the place,
lis wide' acquaintance, his powbrs
.s a stump speaker and his solid
nental attributes.are. all in his favop
nd he is sure to be a leading figure
n the 1916 contest.
flay Hold Two Terms of Court
?? V AMM I M 4U A \ I T
a i car in Liic ui ty ui
PAR"KERSBURG.; Mar. . 20?The;
olding of^twa terms, here yearly o?
he United States .circuit, court. o?|
ppeals for the Fourth, circuit, which
ow -meets: at Richmond, is a posslr
ibility. Government officials,, are
uakinr the move- in that direction,
nd the enactment of a- ??deral "statte
specifying Parkersburg as one of
he places for, holding regular terms,
> contemplated. The solicitor genral
of the. United States, John W.
)avis is behind "the project. It is'
aid. If ?he court -were to sit here,
s proposed, it would bring twenty-Ive
court, attaches-here, with their
aritllics, tor perriianent residence.
l new federal building would result.'
Iso, at a-co^ of- $250,000 to, $500,100.
' " "
BERLIN, bv. wireless. . Nlar. 20.?
The Persian government has called
:pon RiisalaSto evacuate the province
r Azerbaijan, northwest Persia."
ays an item given out by the Overeas
News Agency here tonight.
>fflcial statement says:
"According to further details of the
ortie by the'^Przemysl garrison on
larch 1#; which was made by the enire
Twenty-Third iHonzed division, we
aptured (K>7 officers^ including,^ regi?
ncntal commander and 3,?&4 men and
. v.* *?SvS*JV- v rpre.:.
i^----.--*"'. *"7;irt-:y 'v1^-:;i- * ' v V?* !?"*'
H Ml
I : P| '-Jj
II H l
Ift_ W I IL ^ H
v vHf 'S|;' jflv^^Bpr-.'
*/&*.* - '- >'? >ra^-*i.-'55il:': '*' T*>.*. *i.*'-sv3^',/^/c>^ ,. - .>-.V\
\ ' V. '* . ' * ?. lay
night, the Publi
ilding of a beautiful
ftrt (better known a
msands of people Fi
s designed by Mr. Joseph]
Sif^v. V-*' ' '",'!-v " *" '"*'' *.. 7;'v|
r;': V;' ; W ;.tfx y /: .'-> . ,. .
the Public Marl
re have only one grade?th
owers and shippers makes
ns nothing to you if you tr
we have proved to our pat:
sry day at the Public Mark
d vegetables are always F
ie reach of all.
has increased so rapidly c
upper floors of the building
fruit and vegetables comi
rnrnm - i_
ways r xvilxli to carry noiru
' public again for their libe
eet, better known as "M;
% V ''V.. *r. ? ;
\ ' " , '
h " " i_
Is the Record Claimed for Fred
Eisner in .Trial of Jerre ]
. Haute Election Case. ;
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. Mar. 20?
A j-ecord for voting of twenty-two t
times- In-one day was claimed byO
Fred Ei*ner, who testified this afternoon
in the trial of the Terre Haute <
case. -Eisner told of his work on '
December 3, T913. with a smile and!
caused a laugh which, was joided inh
by Judge Anderson after he had had h
the witness repeat the number. The
witness testified that he confined his 13
operations to .three precincts and}
with one exception received a dollar;.,
for each time he voted.' >Hie said hd!
was "cheatecf out of the other dol-ij
far as the paymaster saidjj
I had made enough money al-j
ready."" Eisner was only challenged;
once during the" day, he said.
Eisner and others who today de-i
scribed alleged fraudulent voting in;4
[which they participated last November
in Terre Hiaute "have pleaded '
guilty. 1
"Hilton Redman. a defendant,
came to me while the federal grand i
jury was in session and--said; that all <
the bpys -were sitting tighti'* testified
:*'William Hughes, who has a
pleaded guilty. "He^instructed me
; to keep under cover,^but if I'were 1
caught to keep quiet on the election
I stuff. Hilton said .he had seen' all
Itho boys but -me "and another in rejgard
to the federal tavgsfigatito."
1 Hughes also testified that he-voted
[seven times. He said Sheriff Dennis <
; Shea, a defendant, gave him an as- ^
isumed name and paid him for three 1
of the times he voted. ,
. - t
j* + + + + + i- + * + ,i, + *4' + + +
|i OLIVE |!|
j * +
OLIVE. Mar. 20.-^H./C. Rechtine
was calling on W. S. Swiger and
family Wednesday evening.
R. D. Newlon was a. business visitor
at Clarksburg Thursday and Frtday.
There was a* reunion at the Smith
school Tuesday night and school
closed Friday. Quite a large crowd
Mrs. Hattie Smith and" daughter,
Emma, were at Brown recently.
Earl Harbert, of Itinehart.- visited
Blaine-Webb and family Wednesday.
Mrs. J. E.' Hooper returned home
Wednesday from, a week's visit with
her daughter's Mrs. DaviB. of Clarksburg,
and Mrs. Perry, of Bridgeport:
Roy Fortney. John Sandy and Carl
Swiger were Clarksburg visitors Friday.
Lloyd Harbert and Ard . Lanham
were* at Clarksburg Friday on. busi::ir
.; .. . '-"t - y.' IT: . ?gS*fv* >'
and Ph
-i: : . ' . * - . . V' - - ' .
"i ' : ' '{S-."-?/v-_'^*31'.** '' >:# "'?yW
'Tipperary" in fron
ic Market House G
[ arch of fruits at 1
s "Market") street
ridav and Safiirdav.
Becker and was built by hii
rfSi' . ' ' . ... . *. m V;' . "..'vi
set House Can't
e BEST that money can b
our buying' power so grea
ade here. The' highest th
et House and we have p
'RESH, always CLEAN;?
^ - . . . . * . - -/i . \
r.i .* ^ " I*
tnd is now so large that we
g ior wareroom space.
ng* in Monday. If it grow
3 your purchases.
ral patronage.
arket" street. Bell phom
Vy;*:- "fy ; Y v ' r'*,
building fence between Sam Flamgaiiij
J T).-:
luuiAiAiu wt;uu. s laniiiS. I
iArden Hall, of Sardis, was here
Friday oil business. |
Ardes Strotlier and-Blake Hannah
aere at the entertainment at the
>Iarshville school Friday night. J
Carl Newlos, Hershal Sandy, Earl
Henderson, Pearl Newlon and Lucy ?
Sandy were at the Smith. Run school.
(Tuesday night. t
Miss Lucy Sandy returned to her
tome at Mai*shville Wednesday. (
Mr. and Mrs. .Ed Hooper visited
:Heir daughter, Mrs. Alva ilobey, of
Flag Ruu, Thursday and Friday.
Thie Carder, Sheets and Jarvis
Company made a new location on R. s
T. Cunningham Thursday.
P. O. Smith,^Adeline Lane, George i
'^ane and L. c'.iiane were at Marshriile
Friday night. \
Earl Bramer vierted his brother, H.
-i. Bramer Friday evening. c
Earl Herdman and Guy Cumbridge v
vere at Olive recently. -v
Mrs. R. 'i. Cunningham and Pearl
\vwtuu were caning on Mrs. O. C. "*
>usiness Thursday.
Archie Buraick returned to his f
iome at Salem Friday.
Claude Smith, who was hurt Tues- v
lay, is slowly "improving.
Glen Hooper has returned home *
ifter a two weeks* stay with his sis- 13
e'r, Mrs. Hannah, of Sardis.
. Olie Mitchell and Robert Cunning- ^
utm -were Clarksburg visitors Satur'av
> f
Mrs. Dennison*. of Big Rock Camp,
vas an Oliye visitor Thdrsday.'
Harlin Bramer was at -Brown on V
jusiness Thhrsday.
. C
PARKERSBURG, Mar. 20?Mrs. *
Clifford. Weed, of Clarksburg, who ^
vas taken ill with a severe attack, of j
a grippe while a guest at the home "
af Miss Dora Hiehle. has' been re- ^
rnoved' to St. Joseph's hospital for
The specific" gravity of cork is 24 y
ma thatctibony nr.. ?
? congest
B An account with t
B Bank is the stronirest it
fc of the court I
ompany com- J
the corner of 1
9 ^ r-s-'
s. This was
"T*- " : : ' ' ' '' : ' ,'ij j PP|ji|^
Ti and his army of
be Beat!
uv. Our connecit
that the high
ing we have is
roved it to the
ii w <xy s wie JDH/D jl | :
k, have been com- 1 I
rs, we have it. A I I
i 161. I
. r rj-r; ? " r ' |
Waitijian Russell is here from
Fairmont. ' * 1
Truman Willis, of M/>rganlown, is. fl
l visitor in the city. V
A. F. Millan, of. -Manningion, is I
ransacting business here.
l. H. Irving, of Victoria, Is here I
>n a brier business visit. I
A. T. Ward, of Peel Tree, is male
ng an over Sunday visit in the city.- I
C. N. Orr, of Kingwood; is a guest"
it the .Waldo.
E. E.?Spitzer. of Weston, is a bus-- 1
ness visitor in the city.
E. G. Jones, of Weston, is'a city H
ifjltor I
1BI LVII * ( .1
The -Rev. John S. Stump, of Tark
rsburg, prominent Baptist divine,
vas here Saturday evening on the I
vay to Mannlngton to preach today. I
Allen D. Fitzhugh. or Bridgeport,
isited the city Saturday afternoon.
Miss Ann Dolan is spending foRay W
t her home in Wolf Summit;
Mrs. Wade Duffy, of Sistersvfllo', is M
i si ting Mrs. Harry Hallendyke. H
Mrs. Edward Sander, of ^Marietta, ^ (V
s a guest of Miss Gene^eve TVfcDon- \l
? . 1 ?
Stanley Youngk of Shleni, was a 1
(Usiness visitor in the city Saturday.- I
Ernest Fortney, of Martin Broth- I
AVva; *4 ** t*V..
4<Liu? ' if^auc vuuj ; ur oibicrs\ iiic? i
* visiting at the home- ot\Mrs. Harry Y
lolnndyKfi. II
Mrs. pdward Sanders, of Marietta. W M
is a guest of Miss Jenevieve Mc- g
lonnell. M
Charles Slangier accompanied, jg I
tarry Hawkins to Baltimore. Friday, *8 wV
ight. where the latter will ..enter v
ohns Hopkins hospital for an . exam
lation pending an operation tor'tip- f m
Mrs. X. B. Cox and daughter, Paul- S
ic, of Shinnston, were shopping n
tie'city Saturday.
Mrs. >E. G. .Martin and daughter..
:!na. of Shinnston, were visiting in',
lie city Saturday. H
Incentive ||| J
lie Empire National -
I' etoersciit'y. ' 2'
'hen cash > Jieedc.l ^ J

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