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The D.
&|? On next Wednesc
ing- of ready to wear g
mmii wo warif pvonr ty
? T ..W ? ? V?A A V V ? V* ^ A A
un that day, and lbok;
Pi We are showing a con
- girls of all ages. An
the quality and style <
|p| the quality and style c
p|! ; goods you will not be
^ v ' usually found elsewb
We have a most <
C Dresses, Wraps, Hea<
|flf other necessary articl
Each mother will
the little ones.
The D.
tas&i, *ie*
s , ^**
- -. i . . ?
|$|5; (Continued from page r>, first section >
. cores. Miss Anna RemHnger renr
: dered a soprano solo in a-very pleas.v'
tng manner. ?Mr. Steele Clark, oi"
Pi-tl.shurg. sang "The Bandolier" in
?. ? xleli basso voice and be bad to rcspond
to an encore. One member of
^the Tipperarj- Four -was unable to be
flftf! - 'Preseiu oving to illness imi. the reftjSy-1'
maining three members sang several
? songs in a pleasing manner.
Mi*t? "MnrcnprHe Mnvan ami V1i*<e
|;|-V Regjina Deem, pupils of St. Joseph's
:^r f?ch.OOl of "Expression, received rieserved
applause for I heir recitations.
The choir of the Chiifch of the Jm1
maculate 'Conception sJng a medley of
Irish sons:? in a very pleasing manner.
An excellent program of music was
rendered throughout by the Cadenza
T*>< orchestra,
Elks' Social Session. j
The Elks are planning a big social
; / session to be held Tuesday night".
; March 30. the last one under the administration
of Dr. John S. Stone, exalted
ruler, who will retire from of-i
V:; fice" Tuesday night, April 6. A- J.
Smith has been appointed chairman*
of the entertainment, and J. A. Al-j
A; - bright chairman of the refreshment}
?'y committee,<$?
? ' * f
V..' ?
. Married at Oakland.
; The marriage of Dorsey C. Da vis j
? lo Miss Carrip Nutter. daughter of
: ; Mr. and Air*. Erastus Nutter, of Pat.
terson, at SaJeni, was solemnized
"v Tuesday. The happy event was at
WM -. Oakland, where thp young couple
chose to go t.o have their lives made
as one.- They returned to Salem;
- Tuesday might and were greeted byj
jV:. ; their friends with lavish good wishes.
|?XX:X;X'Mr. Davis 1s a son of the late Marion
and for a numhrr of years
a member or the "United States
! army, being stationed in the West.
Completing the enlistment last year;
he returned here to make his home
X. with' hi* mother.
iBfe I For Miss Davis.
'' The neighbors and intimate niendsj
:??X.v :?E Miss Bessie C. Davis, of Salem.!
.gave her a pleasant, surprise TuesyX-X.
^ay rilght at her home on Oak street.
jaiusic. games ana aui-j
^iv'''P?ated- conversation were the order
of the affair, anil a delicious lunch
XSLrLhtia.r Social.
>10'Tk? -Freshman class of the Salem
high school gave a birthday surprise
| - jS
Hams. 8 to lO lbs., each. . .15c
SkIv'* Breakfast Bacon. 3 to 3 lb.
strips .......... . . . .17c
|||i Breakfast Bacon, 2 to 3 lb.
$? 7 gf strips 15c
. Dry Salt Bacon. .. .15c
8 lb. Pail Bnrd, 40c
- Pork Chops .17c
Pork Shoulders. !..... . .12^c
Fresh Fork Hum* 15c
?&?$ % '. -Presb Fork Sat is age 15c
g$.V'r -Weincrs 15c
How> Mad? " Bologna and
I 112 $. Tbird Street,
'rh k
>f Ready Made Garm<
lay, March 24th, we will he
;arments for Infants and (
lother who can. do so, to v:
at the many beautiful thir
lplete stock of Coats and
d we want to call attentioi
)f the goods we have to ofi
>f the goods we have to off
satisfied with the cheap
complete stock of Infants'
lwear, Carriage Robes, Ui
es for the comfort of the 1:
be presented vpth a nice I
M. Ogd
social to Miss Frances Randolph at n
'he home of her parents. :Mr. and d
Mrs. Smith RuntVolph. 011 Carolin n
street."at Salem. Tuesday night. It g
was Miss Frances's seventeenth birth- a
day and she was honored by the a
attendance or the full class. After a
the'usual games and .music, a lunch w
was served, and the young folks are p
profuse in rheir praise of the pleasant
time experienced by. all present. ,
? t
St. Patrick's Day Party. a
Miss Martha Maxwell entertained t
with a St. Patrick's Day party Wed
nesday night front 7 uiitil- !) o'clock,
at her home on West Pike street.*
The decorations were in green and y
white, and, a beautiful floral center- e
piece adorned the table. Various f
frames were enjoyed by the twenty- ,,
five little friends who spent the even- j(
ij$g with Miss MaxweM. f
Mrs. Delbridgc Kntertaius. ^
The Ladies* Aid Society of the }
First Presbyterian church was pleas- j
antly entertained Wednesday after- f
noon at the home of Mrs. Fred Del- j.
bridge on "West Main street. -(i
.Marriage Announced.
Word has been received here or
the marriage of Miss Dina Rosensbinc
to Mr. Joseph Cohen, both of Litis city, v
on Monday. March 10, at Pittsburg. v
Rroaddus Faculty Entertainment. ^
The faculty of music and expression v
will give an entertainment ut S o'clock a
next. Thursday evening in the First Z
Baptist church. This entertainment
is to be given under the direction'
of the. Baptist Young People's Union
and the local Broaddus-Aluumi Citib. j:
Tickets may now be obtained from the j c
members of either of these orgariiza-! ,j
tions. [ v
To all who love to be royally enter- j s
tained this should prove a rare treat, ic
Xo more skilltul artists than these
have been or will be in the city this j \
season. p
'Miss Young, director of the depart-:?
incut of music at the institute, is an j
artist of the highest rank and comes; T
here most enthusiastically recom-j 5
mewled by. those preeminently qual-ip
ifWl to judge. i.VHss Young studied |jj
with Albert Boss Parsons at the Met-[p
ropolita'n College of .Music,1 New York,! r
was graduated from the Philadelphia j
Musical'Academy, studied with Bafacl \ y
Joseffy. concert pianist, of New. York, p
and for two years was with Xaver >
Scharwcnka at the KIndworth-Schar- c
wenka Konscrvatorium at Berlin,; t
Miss Johnston is head of the depart- j
merit of c.vprdssion. ;>fiss Johnston
' T
are tire flowers of profusion. They
are soft and delicate in texture, while
their wide variety of color blends en- g
list the appreciation of many. Whatever
your favorite flower may be wej /
can supply,you and in whatever back- *
ground or framework you desire.
Church and home decoration is a
specialty with us.
Haymao Greenhouse Co. <
411 W. Mam St.
Home Made Saner Kraut, 1
quart . . . . 10c ^
Yellovr Cling Peaches, can..15c (
Vanilla or Lemon Extract, ]
bottle 08c j
Potatoes, bushel 65c <
.I........,#....81.65 j
Ketchup, bottle .08c ,
Mince Meat, '2 lbs. for. . . . .35c -i
Oranges, per doz.. . . .... . .20c ?
drape Frnir. extra large size
4 for .25c
Lemons, per doz.. . .... ,18c
? . 1 ?r-r??r??;J . ? .. ..
en ^ ,,,,
ents for Children
Id our annual openUhildren.
Lsit this department
lgs we have to offer.
Dresses for little
n to the difference in
ei\ There is such a
er. There is such a I
er made garments
wear, consisting of
iderwear, and many
Caster souvenir for
* *
en Co.
+ * *1 *~" .....
ot only pleases but delights her auicuces
by her dramatic and humorous
nurbers. She is a graduate of King's
ichool of Oratory, at Pittsburg. In
ddition to this she has sipent a year
t the 'Knicrson College of Oratory
nd has had two summer sessions
yit.li the Chautauqua School of Exression,
Chautauqua, N. Y.
If the people of Clarksburg miss
his recital,, they .will miss something
he. like of which they will not have
n opportunity to hear for-a long
line. . .
Honoring Fifth lUrthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant, White, of the
>.w Fa ir Ground addition, ent erta inrt
a recent, evening in honor of their
Mtlc son's fifth birthday. The pleasres
of the evening, consisted of -musc
arid games. Those spending the
venirig with Master Kenneth with
)llic Loomen. Kathleen Litler,' Ionia
"ottrell. Xella- Carder; Iva Davisscm-,
Dudley Dav.isson. . Jtluma- Jeffrias,
tlanche .Perrinc, Cora Fields,, Virginia
Till. Mason Kerns. Ralph Carder,
imma Ciller, Jettic White, John JMnr.
ftfinie Lillcr, Stacia Bennett and
eorgia Gibson.
Personal . Workers to Meet.
A special meeting -of- the persona1
corkers of the . FtympU-qn . ctvmpaiso
ill be held at 3 o'clock Sunday afterioon
at the Sr. PauFs IMethodist J?pisopal
church. South. All personal
corkers are urged to.attend. A short
ddress on "Mow to. "Win Men" -will be
KirlhdHj Surprise . Party.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Seas, o!
iroad Oaks, was decorated In pretty
:olors when the Misses -Gay-and Lulu
Ish entertained . a recont evening
cith a surprise party in honor of the
eventeenth birthday of Miss Alice
>aas. who was fhe receifeient o< many
iretty gifts. The evening was spent
a games and music by (Messrs. Jules
lerry and George Boulinger afforded
;reat pleasure to all.
Those enjoying this delightful affair
Fere Misses Mildred Branch, Celeste
Schriner, Mabel Crim, Sue McCann,
lose Baumgardner. Lyda Walls, Grace
derrill, Liexie Goodwin, Jean Grant
IMith Grant, Virginia Shackelford,
.ulu Ash. Gas Ash, and Messrs. Guy
aw. JoeBph Williams, Ralph Somerille.
Hart Reed, Frank Hiirsey, John
lopkins. Albert Boulinger, "William
Vatson, Russell Hall, Jules Berry
leorge Boulinger. FSarl Stutter, Ralph
Vlner >and Mason Curtis.
Waldo Hotel Music.
The following program of music will
>c rendered .tonight at the Waldo hotel
>y the Cadenza orchestra: .
darch?"Iroquois" .Sousa
)ne step?"A la Carte"..... .Holzman
Tox trot?"Chiri Chin" .(Friml
focal solo?Selected .Gus Smith
Talse Boston?'"June" Secrlsl
Jarch?"Iron King" .... St. Clali
Mhen Cooking" Meat.
Fresh meat-should always be pu1
>n the fire in boiling water, salt meal
n cold water.
. When beef is tough, as sometime!
happens in buying the less expensive
nits, it can be made more palatable
>y a brushing of two spoonfuls o!
jlive oil, blended with one of vine
jar. followed by a wait of thirty min
ltop before cooking.
Do not wash meat, especially gam<
>r fowls, more than is absolutely es
sen Mai. as the water takes away fron
;he natnral flavor.
Flaked Cake.
One-half cup sugar, one-half cu]
molasses, one-half cup milk; on'i
:easp'oon soda, two yolks* of eggs
one-half teaspoon nutmeg, on eh at
teaspoon allspice, one-half teaspooi
doves; one-half teaspoon cinnamon
Mix together the sugar, molasses ant
sour milk in which the soda has beei
dissolved. Then into this mixtun
sift the flour and sffices and stir well
Sake in two layers. For the 'frostlnj
jse the two whites of the eggs, mixe<
with one cup of raisins (cut flue) an<
one cup of pulverized sugar.
L '
Spanish Cream.
Oncrhalf box of gelatine, om
luart of milk, yolks of three eggs
nrttt "n nf mMr n-no.
?- 11 - .-w. w y :, wirawf Aiomy < a ad
:?aspooBfnl of vanilla and a pinch b]
salt. Soak the gelatine la cold :toill
untU sott;. then set on. store in. <
double boiler. Beat the sugar an<
pggs together and when milk is ho
add all ingredients, stirring all th
time. When scalding" hot remori
from Are (dp not cook) and adi
white of eggs welt beaten. Let i
Escal loped Fish.
Make a sauce of two ta-blespoonfuls
of flour and one cupful of .scalded
milk, stir all together over the Are
and. when it thickens add one wellbeaten
egg. Separate into small
pieces of flakes the flsh. putting a
thin layer of buttered crumbs in the
bottom of a baking dish, cover them
with pieces of cold flsh, and season
with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg.
Pour in a layer of sauce and then
fish again, alternating until the dish
is filled, and then cover with bread
crumbs and little pieces of butter
1 scattered over the top. Bake for
twenty minutes.
To Prevent lilies,
rr, a* a certain French scientist
; claims, flies dislike the color blue, it
might pay to paint the kitchen -walls (
a vivid cerulean as an experiment.' It j
has been said that, flies do not rise ;
above the socond floor, but by actual 1
observation a fly has been seen to rise
nearly fifty feet, and the writer has j
been bothered with them on the j
eighth floor of an office building J
where they were almost too numerous
to have made their way up in
the elevator. Housewives should
burn all refuse as soon as possible,
or, at least, keep the lid tightly over
the garbage can.
It does not keep out flies to leave
one window unscreened, even if all
Household Hints.
Always brush off your clothesline
before hanging clean linen on it to
dry, and do not leave the dine out of
doors from one week's end to another.
Boil the new line before using
| It in order to prevent it from knotting
and rurling up1 in its usual anittoying
A good "^sandwich .filling: is made by
flavoring cottagw cheese with stuffed
o! ives or. caraway seeds.
A clock or watch that is wound upj
halfway twice a, day instead of being j
wound up tight oifce'a week is said}
to keep better time, because its
springs are not strained nor allowed .
to run down. The same rule holds1
with the eight-day clock, which is the'
better for being wound.about twice u
B. & 0. GETS A !
' * ' ?
Important Deal Put through;
. Which Gives Access to
,, Rich Territory.
:i ' FA1RMONT, w; Va; March i>0.?;
i According to information coming
trom a reliable source, the uaitiuiore ,
and Ohio -Railroad Company lias just
Closed a deal wliercby it lias acquired !
the holdings of a coal and "coke road j
extending from Elkins to Gassaway. j
: The road is small hut nevertheless j
important, inasmuch as the company !
I will be given access to rich coal fields j
in that territory, and through it the
new and most important coal lields
in the state?that of the Consolidated
Coal Company?will be, tapped from
, that direction/ thus giving the Balti,
| more and Ohio the larger part of the
;i coal from that territory. The infor;
mant, who is high up In the knowl;}
edge of the company's affairs, also
| j stated that there will likely be a line
; I built- within a short time to connect
1 j the Wheeling and Monongah divisions
j and opening up the coal territory be'
tween these two diivsions north of
T^airmont. Other important deals are
pending with roads throughout the
state, and it is said that if the com[
pany is successful in its dealings that
! several.more small but important
; roads will -be taken over by it.
! ' The new road which has just been
' acquired by the Baltimore and Ohio
! has only been built about two years
. {and runs through the heart of some of
j the best holdings of the Consolidated
| Coal Company. With this important
feeder the Baltimore and Ohio will be
' able to offset the loss that was felt-when
- the coal company - gave part of
the traffic to the Western (Maryland.!
The informant stated that the deal for
L the road was closed last Saturday, but
that the matter has been .kept as quiet
1 as possible and for some reason 01*
L other has .not been made public. The
flght for the larger part of the Clonic
soli dated Coal Company's "business has
now practically'been won iby theBal:
tiore and Ohio, but the railroad seem;
ingly Is not yet satisfied, as there, X
; considerable activity on the ..part of
the officials in an attempt .to get hold
of more feeders to the big field to be
opened and which represents millions
of dollars.
^ Surveying parties in the vicinity of
* Fairmont, Grafton, Clarksburg, Wess
ton and Buckhannon, have caused
auuuii uuuuueui iua i>pecmauon reiaj
cive . to rumored- railroad extensions:
f Gossip has it that the Buckbainnon and
. Northern will he extended, but. offi.
cials of that company recently stated.
that the line will terminate at aiFir,
mont. GTaHon citizens, however,
1 have a movement on foot whereby
j they" expect to influence officials of
the new line'to enter' that' city: ' TheInformation
stated that the Baltimore
and Ohio will soon spring a surprise"
-j in this state If present plans under
e contemplation- mature. iXothimg .could
he learned, however, as td-the nature
f of the surprise as the informant was
i reluctant to discuss the matter.
In connection'with other im'proVei
ments and extensions in this state, the
l Baltimore and' Ohio Is' contemplating
9 the building of a connection; between,
.[the Wheeling and Mtonohgah divis-"
? I IV4AO V* A- M*? U?VUL W? WiW |IUi pVOv
1 [of opening up a rich territory in coal,1
H-which 'has hitherto -been . untouched;
iThe connection- "would- also serve as*
n shorter route and a convenience in
many -ways. '
f .
1 cCorneepoiuience ot1 Associated Press.)
1 OJONDOINV Mar. 20.?The relative
t .prices" of a four pound loaf of bread
b in Paris, Uondoa- and Ntew York acb
cording to an official government
i statement ma^e in the houserot com-,
' . ' ' v *
For West Virginia Are An-)
nounced by the Construe- i
tion Record.
SAUEM. aiarch 20.?-The Salem College
building committee last Tuesday
evening accepted with a few modifications
the plans for the new college
building as drafted by'S. W. Ford, of
Clarksburg. The notices are out now
for the bids on excavation' of the
ground at the point'where the new
building is to run back into the hill.
The building is to' start as soon as
possible. The" building is not to contain
a gymnasium, but it is understood
on good authority that more or
less temporary -building is to be erected
for athletic purposes on" another
lot fronting on Penn avenue. A movement
has also been started to macadamize
the avenue.
??? > *
John J. Johnson, the ; veteran oil
well shooter, who has been in declining
health, has gone to Marietta, O.,
where he will enter a hospital for
treatment. His friends regret to be
appraised of the news that he is
threatened with tuberculosis.
"Mr. and Mrs. John M. Flanigan, of
Clarksburg. have hen here with Mr.
Flarilgan's father, who has been confined
to his home most of the winter
on account of failing health.
A "jitney" bus line may be inaugu- 1
rated here in the near future.
Word has been received here of the ,
marriage of-Miss Denise Michotte, at
Bethel. O.. to Mr. Arthur Brooks, of ;
that place. Miss Michotte will be re ;
niembered here as she resided here |
with her parents for several years 1
arid was a elorlc in C. A. Schutte's j
Evan eel istir services are in prog- I
less' at the First Baptist. church un- j
der the, leadership of Br. E. J. Woof-.;
tor. The services will he continued
throughout next week.
W. Scott Hodge and wife, formerly
Mrs. Eflllce Towles. who were married
here Thursday, have gone to theif
home at Berra,
Willis Eddy, of MilJt.ua, and Mrs.
Effie Davis, attended . the HodgeTowles
wedding and acted Id the.
capacity of best man and brides maid.
Miss Rcrtha Ash, who is taking
training for a professional nurse at
St. Mary's hospital, is at,home for a
I Uilrjf <8.
Rogers and Grilles, talent in the
Young Men's Christian Association
lecture course, entertained a large audience
at the college Thursday evening.
The talent this year has heen
highly pleasing and the course will
pay out with a small surplus from
present indications.
The weekly meeting of Pocahontas
Camp Fire Girls was held last Wednesday.
Prof. G. W. Broyles, of Buckhannon,
and the successor of the Rev.
E. J. Woofter as financial secretary
of the West Virginia 'Baptist Educational
.* Society and finance agent of
Broaddus Institute was a business visitor
here the last week in conference
with the Rev. Mr. Woofter, and also
presenting the interest o-f the school
he represents. Prof. Broyles reports
the outlook for Broaddus good, considering
the general depression in this
Contractor Mader, of Buckbannpn,
has the brick work about complete on
the Central building, and ready for
the roof next week. It is reported
that Perinc Brothers ~with furniture,
and I. D. Smith, fine groceries, will
occupy the two store rooms in the
building. ,
(Henry Collins, is removing with his
family to Lattlestown, Pal.
Herman Morrison while.working on
the J. P. Bran well on Cherry Camp
run was struck by the .wrench pole
and) knocked off the derrick, falling a
distance of forty-two -feet and sustaining
serious injuries. He was has-,
tily taken to his homo here and is receiving
special medical attention, Ibut
Is reported to be- in a-serious condition.
It was reported later, that he
was doing very nicely.
The high school basketball players,
are at Buckhannon for the state tournament
under the coaching of Cecil
Young. . In the assignment of .teams
the local hoys were scheduled to play I
the Piedmont team, and came out a
winner by the score of VI to 14.
(Correspondence of Associated Prees.)
CCKPSEENHlA-GETv,. Mar. 20.?The German
authorities now also demand
passports for babies. A Danish woman
in Holding (Jutland) wished to
pay a visit to some' relative? on the
other side of the frontier. She had a
passport for herself, but this was not
sufficient, -rno tierman sowners aiso
demanded passports for, her two small
xchildren,-who are twins, and only four,
'months of age.
Easter Dress
will be made up-to-the-minute
. . . .
R^OS? %J ^^VVflLt?^S
_ . " ' . " _
during tlie remainder of -M
in our store amounting to :
week pays for it. $2.00 do1
our special terms oil kills ar
ilar terras may lie arranged 1
insist that the full time of y
fourteen weeks. This is a ?
PRICES $22.50, $26.50, $29.
These davenports and
noiseless construction, fine
extra fine flax fibre filling* o^
tops. They are the best valu
to offer in the davenport li]
davs take advantage of this
in buying a stove, kitchen a
chiffonier, ^l-ug, dining tab!
1 table, bookcase and hall rac"
Ti i- .^ 1 J-K 1
- j-L ia eins.v tu -ijuv ujj tue
Palace Fornitun
168-170 WJ
To Reside and It is Not True, *>
He Says, That He is to Re- *
side in Washington. t
WASHINGTON, D. C.,^ Mar. 20?
, Congressman H. H. Moss, the abie'tl
and popular representative of the *
j Fourth West Virginia congressional ^
district, was asked today concerning n
reports published in West Virginia \
, newspapers to the effect that he had i
decided to become a permanent resi- e
dent of this city. Judge Moss gave
out,a formal statement covering the u
inquiry fully, which reads as fol- *,
i lows: s
"The fact that I am remaining a' g
wnile in Washington to finish my i]
study of interstate commerce and j:
trade commission law which I. began y
some months ago, has no political ^
significance whatever. Some of my j,
predecessors and many of my col' j
leagues of this Congress, have done g
and are doine the same thine for v,
.'various causes. It is an advantage t,
:to my constituents as I can promptly ^
attend to any matters requiring at- \
{ tention here and in addition 0
to that, will have more knowiedgfe r
land inform-rtoh about transportation ^
land industrial tff^Tems than the avjerage
congressman, which should add
to my Influence here in Congress, and
to my value as representative of the .
people of the Fourth district. This "
is the only place where these problems
can be studied to advantage as
the* interstate commerce commission
and trade commission are located .
here. i
"JVliile here 1 also expect to prao;
tice laws in, the courts and "before the o
interstate commerce and . trade com- o
missions in matters in which the >p
government is not interested, it being S
the desire of my law firm, at Parkers-1 y
The Gran
Attend Percale Sale?
8:00 Q'<
7l/>n a
" v^.? ?
Clark's O. N. T. Thl
I A Letting Go of
and Crepe Gow:
n. uai^ ui ygMjiaiSg
for Next I
The Gram
I mvanktte
00, $30.00, $31.00 4 $40;G0 .
?I? iim ?i 9
divanettes have strong,
finish, latest designs and
^er springs roth wire \ied
es we have ever been able
lie. During the next ten
tbinet, brass bed, dresser, K
c, 'buffet, chairs, library fl
easy payment plan. I
A w* r% I I
i & nano to.
iajn&t. i
lN moss
n to state
to extend, its business here, and. 1
be personal attention of one^ of us
eing necessary. Some matters, of
his kind are already occupying part
f my time.
"It is entirely too early to begin
he campaign of 1916 by making an.
ouncements of candidates or otherwise.
I shall be prepared to. state
ny position with reference to this
latter when the proper ijme comes.
Vhat the public most desires just
iow is a rest from political and govrnmental
agitation. '
"Heretofore I nrobalv should have
sed the newspaper more frequently
o correct misapprehensions or mistaements
with reference to myseifi'
ut I have always been loath to rush ~
ato print to make corrections, belleyng
as I do in the intelligence and
iltiraate justice of the people. i
lave departed from liiy rule In this
nstance because. I do not wish the ' I
mpression to be created that X have
riven up my residence in Parkers>urg,
or that I am hot in as close
ouch with and as-much interested in
Vest Virginia affairs as I ever 'was.
Ve have not the slightest intention
f securing a residence here. ,My
esidence is, of course, in Parkers- j
urg.-and I expect it to so. remain.
"Until i. limsn my vtotk nere i ?
hall be glad to receive communica- 1
Ions from constituents with'referenc
o any subject of interest to them in.
irhich I can be of service." )
:Correspondence of Associated Press.)
LONDON, Mar. 20.?(During .the year j
f 1-914 the Bum raised in the* Church |
t England by voluntary offerings sur- i
assed that, raised in .19113. b jv '$1,636,00.
The-total amount raised the last
ear comes to oyer $41*,000,000. *
1 11 . . 1 ' 1 , '
<\ I A^rlpr I
li LCdUCl I |
Monday Morning- at I " I
Ulock I
w T ^ I
Yard 1
y . fwt
ead?6 Spools for
. ; - ' . 11
/y C#> lp 1
g oaie I
Ladies' Muslin J
n Dress Goods
-? _ j ) I
* W ' -* .' I

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