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ree. Touchdowns Were
irv Fourth and Final
Period of Game.
.MADISON, Wis., Oct. 23.-WU
ongln defeated Ohio State on the
.rldtron. this afternoon 21 to 0.
Wisconsin's first touchdown was
trade In the third quarter when By
er* olrcled an .end, Simpson kicking
goal:^. Two additional touchdowns
. were scored by Wisconsin in the final
- period. The first was made when
Byers ran through the Ohio- team
and the second when Stavrum pulled
: down a pretty pass from Byers ana
carried it over the line. Simpson
kicking goal. The lineup:
Wlatmila-tl. Ohio?0.
Starrum . Bolen
Left end.
Bock (Cftpt.) H. Courtney
Left tiu-klf.
Hincock Kuerch
Left guard.
Polllnger Knoll
Gardner H. 3. Courtney
Hlgbt guard.
Koet Bougliton (Cnpt.)
Right tactile.
Ban. Crlnun
Right end.
B. Simpson Yerge?
By?a AVlnlers
Left halfback.
Smith Jloht
Right halfback.
OaMn Sorennon
Score by periods: , ?
?WUconeln <v-0--7~1l ?21.
Ohio 0?0-0-?0?~0.
Official*: 1'age, Plttshurg, referee,
v' Schnmmer, . Chicago, umpire. Denrlndt,
? Harvard? head llncxman. Haniinovri. Mi bit -
. Igan, field Juilcn. Touchdowns: Wlacoii
aln?Bref? 2, Stavruiu 1. (ioalx from touch
down. Blinpson 3. 'Substitutions: Wlscon
ala?0. Simpson for Koch. Itlecr for (ii
Tin, Olarors for Byer?, Byers for Slancoi
Gsaflerson for Polllnger, Cramer for Kuu.
Ohio?T.npp for Kuerch. Boesel for Soren
hd, Norton for Schweltier. Scliwett-/.?r for
Hobt. Schwart* for Rnewl, Havens for
winters, Peabody for Olnu.
Will Be Rolled by Wheeling and
Local Team on the Gore
Bowling Alleys.
? - - ? ? I
Barring accidents on next Friday
night, Oct. 2!t, lovers of the bowling,
game will be treated by seeing three
of Wheeling's crack ten-pin bowlersl
tip against the ljome boys.
Wheeling's team will be composed
of that well known and expert bowler,
Mr. Stevenson, with Messrs IOnnls and
Frazier, two of Sir. Stevenson's boys
that can hit the head pin most any
old", time.
.The game will be rolled n the Gore
alleys and Carl Knapp, manager of
the alleys is leaving no stones unturn
ed .in order to provide good views
and comfortable seats for those pres
ent. Ladles are especially invited to
sep these games.
The local team will be composed of
Drake, Thompson and Ours. It can
he said of "Daddy" Drake, as he is
commonly known, that his bowling
can be classed second to none fn the
atata. Thompson, while comparative
ly'young in age. Is an old bowler and
will give a good account of himself.
Ours at the present time Is the city
ten pin ghampion and has held this
honor for a number of years. Just
at this time he is rolling the game of
his life and will be a strong man with
- his team.
The match will consist of ten
games, total pins to decide winners.
Five of these games will be rolled on
Friday night, on the Gore alleys and
the remaining five* will be rolled
at an early date at Wheeling.
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Harrison, Former Washington
Irying High School Player,
Stars for Wesleyan.
BUCKHANNON, Oct. 23,?Wes
leyan Heaervea ilefoatud GlenviHe
normal at college field today by a
score of 27 to 0. In the ilrut quar
ter the scrubs seemed lo score at
1*111 making three touchdowns In the '
first few minutes or play. Glenville'
then braced ui> and thoie was no;
more scoring till the last Quarter;
when Morrison ran thlrty-fivu yards
through the entire Glenville team for
a touchdown,
The offensive work of Harrison
and Smith'was also it feature of the
game. Time after time they made
runs for ten aud fifteen yards. On j
defense, Deem. Harrison and Swan
stood out the most. For Glenville;
Wiant, Ralston and Atomey were
the best in both offensive and de
fensive. Glenville came near scoring;
in the last quarter, when Wifint and
McCue got away with two forward
passes for tweuty-ftve. yards each. On
account of the chilly weather the
crowd- wsb very small.
WMleanm Seitrm-ti. Glenville?0.
Siprliieer i....... WllfonE
_ J l.eft end.i
Herm .V ? I'annoy
Rwuii . Tomey
curtis .....:...1.v" ?U"d:...:..' WhmnE
: Renter. {?.
<J"rstt .M ? Wt'/iuiStV
Durst v.... Law,
. Ulglit tackle..
Harrison. I.'.....:..'. McCue
? . Right end. ? ?
Smith ...... Wiant
Morrison . Balaton
Left halfback.
Workman ? Lawaon
Right halfback.
Rurnslde Rogeri
. . Fullback.
SulMlitutiods?Wesleyan: Ressegger for
Harrison.- Hnrrlaon for Morrison, Lantz for
(Jarrelt. Fallon for Durst. Lewis for Lantz,
MorriKon for Harrison, Harrison for
Springer. Olenvllle?Wolfe for Wllfong,
Touchdown*?Morrison 2, Burnslde 2. Goals
! from touchdowns?Smith .1' out of 4. Time
of quarters?12.minutes. Referee?Grimm.
Umpire?Ilymes. Linesman?Ross. y
Tom j**, ,
mary: ** Ita. up
*"n'owa_13 ,
Coi'*lillii *>??><,?
''"tc tackle. Souiters'
w'Int?r, J-'ft ?UBr'(i." ""??? Hlnkje
CVoter". ^fimella
Right Biiaril Browal
Koniiaoh *'?i taitie." ?lciardaj
l'or?mt>n J'iffiiV Vnd." Barnes I
^""'r'tirbaV^ Co.per I
'?'"ham ^efi WfbaVk.' B?nBbtj
titg'ut liiii/ba'ct. H?rrlson I
?o'i'r'yrzwv~?'$i:?Tto I
WESTON, Oct. 23.?The Weston
high school football team showed a
reversal of form to'day and won from
the Shinnston high school team by
a score of 46 to 13. This was Wes
ton's first victory of the season. Long
runs by Figgans featured the game, i
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- . Clarksburg and: Weston.
Beck, .Wojteyiui Halffback,
Tlie reports of' every game In
which Wealeyan ,liu? taken part have
detailed accounts of the great work
o" this new man from Bellaire, O.
high school.' 'He is fast and ag
gressive and experienced and has
been playing.a sensational'game in
every department. He is expected to
do much for Wesleyan here against
Washington and Jefferson Novembei
13, as well as against Carlisle at
Wheeling next week. ? ?
[Instead of Union Park and
Seats Will Be Moved Here
from Wheeling.
After considerable negotiating on
the parts . of the parties concerned it
has finally been decided that the big
football game between West Virginia
Wesleyan and Washington and Jef
ferson will be played on the West
Virginia fair grounds instead of at
Union park as in former years. Af
ter determining this the Wesleyan
management has proceeded with ar
rangements whereby it will ship here
from Wheeling 2,00!) seats for use in
the game. The fair grounds grand
stand is considered too far away from
the field of play to attract the real
football fans and to eliminate this
objection to the new field for the
football game, 1.000 seats will be
erected on each side of the playing
field that will be laid ofT in the quar
ter stretch.
When Wesleyan and Washington
Jefferson played here in 1913,
about 8,000 seats were available
and the whole side and both
ends of the field was crowded with
spectators who could not be accom
odated in the seats. This year 1,000
less seats will be available, but stand
ing room for between 1,500 and 2,000
people will be available and although
this total number does not approxi
mate the number that witnessed the
struggle here in 1913, still it is the
best that can be done. In order
partly to remedy this condition, an
extensive advance sale will be con
ducted for the tame. This sale will
3tart five or six davs in advance of
the g.i.ne and at it every one of the
2,000 scats will he located e'iui-dlg
tant from the euii.f of the field and
will be contained between the thir
ty-five yard l'nu or. one end of the
.playing Cold and the thirty vnnl line
of the other end. These 2,000 scats,
in addition to beinc the only ones
available will he especially desirable
on account of their location so ziar
the center of tho field and ?o close
the sidelines. .Tlist what definite plan
for the dlsnoaition of this limited
number of seats will be ipade is not
known, but it is cxpected that some
thing will be done whereby a proper
disposal of the entire lot may he
made to those who are supporters of
one or the other of the institutions
The game itself has a great deal
of promise. Washington and Jeffer
son played mediocre ball against Ge
neva and won by the rather wobbly
score of 6-0. and did the same thing
aqainst West Virginia, securing a 6-6
tie. Then it came back strong and
brat Lafayette 3 7-0 and Westminster
34-0. Wesleyan has played three
games of brilliant football to date
and one mighty poor game and has
scored 135 points to her opponents
twenty. On "paper and In her one
close game at home, that with Cath
olic University. Wesleyan appears to
have by all odds the best aggrega
tion of footballers she has ever had.
It seems, then, if Washington and
Jefferson in as much reduced in
strength as Its record to date Indi
cates, it will be in for the battle of
its life when it comes to Clarksburg
to meet the Ministers. It would cer
tainly seem that, if Wesleyan cares
to be in the running as a favorite In
its game with West Virginia Uni
rarsity Thanksgiving that It must de
feat Washington and Jefferson here
November 13.
A man giving the name'of Howardl
Wright vas jailed Saturday nightl
on ft charge of drunkenness. His|
hearing was scheduled to come up ;
iv- a.? *. ? -
Over 30,000 Square -Feet of
f Floor Space in Plant is "
Devoted to System.
When Miss Ida Tarbfll, well known
writer and Investigator, visited De
troit recently on a tour of modern fac
tories ; she gave unstinted priise to
the welfare plans and- sanitation -sys
tems in vogue at tfie big Chalmers
f- A completely equipped emergency,
hospital jnder the direction ofthree
physicians and a trained nurse, com
fortable rest rooms for the women
employes, and the most modern of
sanitation systems were among' the
itesm commented favorably upon by
Miss Tarbell, wbo'ls.at present writ
ing a series of factory articles for a
nionthly magazine.
I For the comfort of the women and
girls who earn a living at the Chal
mers plant, an admirable suite of rest
rooms has been provided and places
in charge of a competent matron. The
matron's duties arenot limited to fac
tory hours but extend; to'night visits
to the homes of sick -wwnen employes
i and the selection- of suitable rooming
and boarding places fpr the girls un
der her charge. Pew women's clubs
are Htted out with better taste or more
completely than the ChalmerB; rest
rooms. Comfortable coucli'es ana easy
chairs, soft rugs, cut flowers and pou
ted plants all form part .of the equip
ment. Each room has "a Victrola and
i records ranging from the latest fox
i trot to the finest selections from grand
opera sung by Caruso, Farrar and
other artists.
Physicians* SerTlce Free.
Over 3,000 feet of valuable^ floor
space in the Chalmers plant is gives
up in this way to rest rooms and
physicians' offices. The lattej adjunct
Includes a perfectly appointe hospit
al for the treatment of emergency
cases and the serviced of two physic
ians and a surgeon. As a prevention
against the spread of contagious dis
ease. each new employe Is given a
thorough' physical examination before
going to work in the factory. Card
records are kept of medical treatment
given employes, all of which is en
tirely tree. The equipment of tho
physVaus'. Office Is complete down to
the last detail and Includes a pulmo
tor. which Is at the service of the
entire eastern section of Detroit.
a V ^ ; -gum"
During Next Two Weeks and
Team Will Study New
Plays for Big Game.
MORGANTOWJJ. Oct. 23.?With
the big. game, with Washington and
Lee out of the way and two compara
tively, easy games ln-slght, the, 'ten
sion which has existed in the West
Virginia University football camp
since the season opened, will he some
what relaxed. 'Bethany College will
be the next attraction on West Vir
ginia's card, the BufTalo creek lads
coming -here next Saturday lor the
annual battle. To date Bethany has
not shown anything wonderful in the
way of strength, but It is a known fact
here that Coach Tarr has a great deal
' of hidden and undeveloped strength
in his big squad. Naturally It -will
take some time to determine this
strength and from all reports the for
mer Indian coach has been accom
plishing great things along this line
In the last two weeks. Bethany has
profited by several of its early season
games and 1b due to give the Moun
taineers a hard battle.
Elder Fine Back.
Last, year West Virginia won an
uphill fight against the up-state grld
ders, 13-0, and a duplication of this
sort of game is expected this year.
?Bethany has a. hard, plunging back in
Elder and he is expected to give the
Mountaineers considerable trouble. Af
?ter He-thany comes Marshall College,
i which, up until the present time, has
si'ci-.vn v.onderfnl improvement from
! iho beginning. The Marshall eleven
!t.s displayed unusual defensive qual
] iiies and under Foxy Chambers's tujj
t-'laKe the areen and white cau be ex
iled to make matters ot grave con
;corn;to the varsity. Whatever Cham
bers is doing right at this time is in
: preparation for the university and
fans can espect a great game if strat
i cgy counts for anything. Tho varsitj
I expects stiff opposition and will ,pre
ipare for same.
Change Style of riay.
! There will he no end to prepara
tions and development ot the team
I the coming two weeks accordingj to
i the coaches. Cs'ew plays and forpia
jtions win be added with regularity
and the men will will be kept in strict
training as has been the case since
Tht'* r.cason opened. The men, how
ever, will not naturally 'bo on edge
; foi> the next two games like they have
i been since the middle of September
and greater development in the way
of perfecting a machine can -be ex
pected. The last week brought many
changes in the style of play both on
the offense and defense. It was an
'easy one so far as the men were con
' cerned as only one scrimmage and' a
light one at that, was held. As a re
sult there is not a man, on the squad
; who is not In fairly good shape phys
ically. Dougher is still, hobbling
'.around on a twisted ankle -wlille King
Is still limping With a Charley horse
that attached itself ten daysago.
Harry Curry, halfback, was laid up
for two days-the first of the week suf
fering with a light attack of la grippe.
He got back into harness Wednesday,
however; and took part In the dummy
scrimmage. King was held out ot
scrimmage for fear that he would be
.incapacitated for the Washington, ana
Use Men j.ookGeod.
Xorthcutt. or Huntington, Jumped
itfto the limelight during the week ?td
as a result of his great work'. waa
placed on the twining taMe. J>orth
cutt recently developed a "propensity
,jBtttio<ui VQd beea on
?'???i.n';;,4?;; ; f;?>:.
; ; 'i . ; .y
, ICot .content with tlje treaiajeii. pi
? employes' 11BL Chalmers'officials have
Installed a Sanitation systeta which
will go far. toward eliminating any
unhealthy 'Conditions whicfh tnay "exist
in the factory. The system waa put:
Into operation after a ? series Vof ex-1
haustive tests made in r^riqut depart-1
wents of the Colours tuptory by Dr i
Boyce W. Knight, famous bkcteriolo
1 gist or London. England. Starting at
,6 p. m., two men, .under the direction
tof the bead of the sanitation ,dq??rt
meat spend 'each Bight thoroughly
, spraying the'walls,, floors and ceiling*
; of the many departments with a dis
infecting solution. / As a result of this J
poHcy, each morning finds every cor
ner of the big Chaltnets plant spot
lessly clean and tree from all germs.,
? Making New Citizens. ?
Through W. 1?., Bradley, hftgd of
the welfare department, the f "*
mers company has taken an
part in the national' movement to
ward ?increasing the" number- of nat
uralized, citizens among factory em-,
ployes. As a'knowledge of the Eng
lish language Is the -. first essential
step :tpwarfl cftteenAip, steps'war?;j
taken" to Have all ftft" -non-English1
speaking factory, employes attend the
free night school. . Sixty-flne per
cent of the unemployed; ttiatli applied
at the Detroit board' ofi commerce
last'''wtriWrcouia riot siteaU''English'
and although-the .proportion Is not
as high in the automobile factories,
nevertheless many, employes- are'
handicapped' by . their' ignorance of,
the language. Over'ninety pet1, cent
of the foreigners working In {he
Chalmers plant signified their inten
tion. ot g?icg^ to, night - subool when,
informed of the locatt?n?ofJ;|ftiei Var
ious schools.**; -A. record is, kept _<>f
those attendibg and the progress they
are making. - *
Since, the flrst; establishment of
the Chalmers plant, the factory .ex
ecutives have ieeh 'ardent support
ers of safety first principles. Three
men devote their entire time to visit
ing factory departments, suggesting
and making improvements In the safe
guarding of dangerous machinery
and eliminating dangerous practices
on tfie part of employes. Records
kept by Manager Bradley show that,
due to the extra precautions taken-lri
the Chalmers "plant; accidents have
decerased ? 70.3 sper cent 'daring the
last two years.
^ ?? j
Tftle varsity repeatedly during the last
'week. Hager, of Charleston, has also
'been the center of .attraction and he
is now considered one of the three
best endB out Loudta, a candidate
for one of the terminals, has cut foot
ball as it was interfering with his col
lege work too much. He expects to
be out for basketball and for this reas
on desired to firmly establish! ?1 ni
sei r in class work.. Neldemeyer has
succeeded~to all the rights and priv
ileges .possessed by Lnudin and the
Benwood lad bec&use of his wide ex
perience is bound to be heard from
before the season is over. He is now
playing an end on the reserve team
and has been showing up well. Du
Ung is an addition to the reserve line,
who has -been giving a good account
of himself during the last week.
Secret 1'ractice Off.
Coach lletzgor intends to continue
his daily blackboard talks to the
squad, according to his announce
ments this week. The entire noon
hour is spent in going over the plays
and working out defenses for all kinds
of formations and quizzes on the plays
are held twice each -week. Ever; man
on the team knows exactly what the
other does. Secret practice, which
was inaugurated for the first time this
week, -will be dispensed with until ten
days or two weeks before the .'Wea
leyan game on Thanksgiving..
t* ?
. calling lils team from.Held because *
T of allied unfairness of ofBclnls. .
j, Tana State 28, West Virginia Wee- T
? leynn 0. *
X, West' Virginia Reserves 20, Wait T
Virginia Business College 6. +
+ Carnegie Tecli 00. Groye Ottr ft. .
Amherst 10, Writejon. fl. T
+ Urown 0, Syracuse ?. +
j. Carliile 0. Btickncil 0. .
, * Catholic 10. Villa Kara 6. *
J, Colby 34, Eowdoln 6. *
Colgate 107. Rennaselaer 0. .
+ Hamilton 10. Holy ?Oros* o. ?
Oettyshurg IS, St. Johns.0. *
+ Harvard 0, Cornell 10.
^ Havtjford 21, New York University ?
. Johns Hopkins 02, Washington 8. *
? Lafayette 40. Albright 0. +
4, Lehigh 20. MuhlenbergvO.
+ Mlddleliury 14. New -Hampshire 0. *
Princeton .10, Dartmouth 7. *
? Dartmouth Freshmen 28. Hanover 0. .
. Tufta 27. Boston 0. ^ 4
? Union 21. Stevens IqstHote'O. a
t Army 10, Georgetown 0. X
, Navy 20. Virginia Polytechnic ? in- T
? stltnte 0. - - ?
+ University of Maine 20. Bates 14. a
v University of Pennsylvania 7, TJnl
+ verslty at Pittsburg 14. ?
j. Williams 0, Trinity ft. 4
- Tale 7, Washington and Jefferson 18. *
? Nptre Dame lo" Nebraska ?. +
, University of Michigan 0. Michigan ^
? tVisconsln^li, Ohio State 0. A
. Purilne 0, Chicago. 7.
~ nols Sfl, Northwestern 8. *
+ <"">?? 12, OberUn 3. 4,
... Dennlson S8. Cincinnati 0. . *
? Columbia B7, St. Lawrence 0. ?
4, Dickinson 0. Lebanon Valley IS. .
Minnesota OJ, Iowa 18. *
? Mnssach'uaetts Agricultural Collage*
? 27, Worcester Toch 0. *
X Sewanoa 7; 'Xentneky State 7. * *
Franklin and-Mamal! 21, Swartk- ?
T vvlr,,'UMlllUryl
- Van derbl It fll, *fi?tis?ippl 0.
T 9!!?/^ Xonintu 7.
OolHgw 54, s
West Virflnla 8, Wtihiniton &? L?e +
6. Game forfeited to Washington T
nnd L?e 1 to 0. Conch Metiger ?
* asxiv'iifflTWA *ii
1 aafw i:..
I gWi-Msrr ?
One-Man Mohair Top
The new Maxwell is equipped with a one*
man real mohair top. It can be raised or low
ered almost in an instant, by one person.
There are no top bows near the drivers seat
This gives the driver and passenger beside
? Jjungjjra unobstructed view on both sides of
The storm curtains are quick-adjustable.
We are waiting to take you for a
i test ride in the car' that has broken
all low "Fir?t-Cost" records, and is
breaking all low "After-Cosf'records.
'810 W. Plko St. Bell Phone 1450-J,
ftg?jgj})? Com. 160-1/.
(Continued from page 1, second sec.]
Davis and Elkins Defeated by
Ohioans by tfie Score of
34 to 13.
MARIETTA, 0., Oct. 28.?Mariet
ta College defeated Davis-Elkins Col
lege 34 to 13 in a scrappy game here
today. The local team made many
substitutions in the last half. The
lineup: ? ' *
Marietta?54. Darls-XlkLna?18.
Dawea Outright
Left end. '
Turnbull May
Left tackle.
Artman Slnkle
Left guard.
Wlckatrom A. Doatwyler
Miller Weidler
Right guard.
Anmond Pickering
Bight tackle.
Mclntyre Hammlll
Right end.
Sutten Hatton
(Wilder iLondln
Left halfback.
Richardson r. Michaels
Right bnlfback.
Pond i StricUer
Uqiplr*?Brubaker, Cleveland East. Head
linesman?Hineman, Marietta. ReMree?
r.eiter. Time of anarters?1# minutes.
Touchdowns?Richardson. Turnbull. Au
mond, Pond. Wilder. Hammlll. Hatton.
Goal* from touchdown?Turnbull 4, May.
Substitutions: Marietta?Skinner fot Mc
lntyre, Outright .for Dawes, Banna for
Wlckstrom, Williams for Miller. Ross for
Artman. C. Whltlne for Sutton,'. D. Whiting
" "JlTler for A- ? '
bringing the total score of the Moun<
taineers up to 8. The third quar
ter was scoreless, the Washington
and Lee eleven showing more glngei
in this quarter than at any othei
time in the game.
W. and J. "Scores."
It was in the fourth that Wash
ington and Lee "scored?* its touch
down?or rather it was in 'this quar
ter that Referee Schwartz gave tht
Generals a touchdown. In the dos
ing minute of the game came th<
play which caused Coach Metzgei
to call his men from the field.
Coach Metzger's action met With
the full approval of every member
of the West Virginia team; and a
large majority of the crowd cheered
lustily to demonstrate their approval
of bis act.
The summary and lineup:
West Virginia. Washington * Lee.
Hutchinson Iiard
_ , Left end.
;??????????? Bchultr (Capt.)
Left tackle.
Henrie Bryan
, t _ Left, guard.
Lambert Plerottl
Branson Dlngwen
Right guard.
Webster . .?. Ignlco
Right tackle.1
Colebank Harrison
Right end.
Roger Basis;
Carry Bawett
v Left halfback.
Hlte Sweetland
Bight, halfback;
King I'..: Sorreli
, Score by periods:
?West Virginia 6-2-0-0^
Wushlngton and Lee " "
Ifvoc lid?vrns?Curi
West Virginia. Offlcl
A Universal Utility imbued with all the strength
and power that human ingenuity can make?that
is the ptoduct.* . , , r., - : ' '?
An organization based upon the highest/principles
of honesty and fairness-to one and all. 'Efficiency
always growing higher and higher; service getting
better and. better?that is the company.
Ford Motor Co.
' ' jr ' ' ' ' /

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