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a&;X?Bwls wiU be seen in the. role
: of Father Kelley, a part he has played
t;:for the last Ave years, while Miss
;ment should ran throughout 'the win
ter season as Jack Lewis has an
'" lUnced'some great plays to be.pro
...-Jced later.
/'Starting tomorrow jtfghf.' tfie' com
?oanywill offer for the first time here,
Edward E. Hose's wonderful kucccss,
?The Rosary." The story of the play
Sv.as "follows r Bruce Wilton has
^amassed a fortune which he lavishes
on his wife, Vera. , Their; household
i}s a happy one, but into It creeps a
note of menace. No one' hears of it
at first, except Father Kelley, a priest,
a iformer tutor of Bruce. Quietly- he
?goes to work with his sharpened men
tal sense to find the person who is
ituslng the adverse influence in the
. Disaster Conies.
.Almost on the verge of discovering
the cause, calamity descends upon the
VWilton house. Bruce's fortune is
" ' swept away and In Buch a manner that
?? .
JBf Ingenue for Screen is Miss
Santon, Who Goes to
; 1 Horsley.
^ .'lAnew addition to David (Horsley's
' colony of players at his Los Angeles
studios is Celia Santon, who makes
. her debut in a Cental' star featur, "The
Blood of Our Brothers," featuring
, Crane Wilbur, released on the Mutual
"p Miss Santon is an ideal ingenue tvpe
tor the screen, possessing those qual
ities of personality and magnetism
that go to make a serein favorite. She
iv;, h'as appeared in the support,-of Mr.
Ej^yittlbur before, having been t/member
' of :the Fathe stock company during Mr.
Wilbur's engagement. xShe has also
" en featured by tho eastern Univer
3 company , in a number of their pro
'Edna Grandln will appear ? to good
advantage In the dual role of the twin
sisters. Other members of the com*
pany will. all be seen to good' advan
tage. The production'has, boon made
from photographs from - the original
play.^JV^??m " ? V m^'4
Fine Ones Coining.
Following "The Rosary" the Lewis
Oliver players will biter at the Palace
the funny farce comedy, "The College
Widow," with Mr. Fred Beaudoln in
one of his best comedy parts.
"Today," which enjoyed the enviable
distinction of being the drama long
est on the boards in New York during
the. theatrical year just past, is de
scribed as. one of the most profound
and' striking of human dramas in that
it discusses one of the prevalent proo
rlems of married life. "Today" has
been secured by Mr. Lewis for the first
three days of the week beginning No
vember 15. The offering 'for Thanks
giving day will be Mrs. Wiggs of the
Cabbage Patch."
Is Being Filmed for a Kleine-Edison
"The Destroying Angel,'' Louis Jos
eph Vance's famous novel, is now be
ing filmed by the Edison, company for
for release on the Kleine-Edlson fea
ture service program December 8.
Mabel Trunnelle, Marc McDermott,
Walter Craven,. George Wright, Fred
Jones, John Sturgeon and William
West will handle the various leads.
"The Destroying Angel" is one of the
most' popular of'Vance's many noted
Orral Humphrey, the Marmaduke
Smythe. of "The Diamond from
the Sky," is going to have his own
comedy company, the work of which
will begin immediately. ^.?'Humph
rey has scored a tremendous success
in the NcCardoll plctura
Repertoire of Refined Musical Comei
Pwtty.GM.. Goodf^c.
Clever Comedians
p' Missjrti
her raSBH
Kent; i
has a p
pctialiy remembered /as.
mm .
? ?????._? le princess
guerUu. piarlc vtes featured. She played
j.the lekd with-Vfctbr Moore'in "Snobs"
land during thd-yea'r ihit'sho was con
ilfg < company .she
' Thte?&*' yniWrtattte. lias' a' peri-;
chant 'fdr ^Utdijor .sport*.' and shei iS'
particitlaHjyfond, of tensis, swimming
and-horseback riding.
iiile* Saiinderp, the Balboa-'slrl, - Is
featured-player. - John Mock'chzie,
the-retefan oamet?man,has lwn as
signed.vto^thla,.?>mp8^' an^.h^ >
?; spigpdid-shots. Mr. Wat
' " ericnced
directors 'in -the business. "For many
years; he.-was > with Selig's,?iprior to
Joining, galboa.-. ;?:i:?,r ;. .k,,y jjfg-*
To Plnj Llttie K.M^Ut Vllm ut Dlchenl |
roie or "Uttie Nell" in "The
Curiosity Shop," which Rolfe' Photo
plays; Inci,'will produce' at an early
date. At present Miss Mlnter Is work
ing |n the Wg Ave;, part feature, "Bar
bara Friptchie," which i3 under" pro
duction at Popular Plays'and Players
stiidio ih FbrtLeei ' Later', the com
pany will go South to have some
scenes photographed.
Valeska Suratt has begun her en
gagement sat the Lasky-Paramount
studio in a photodrama. written espec
ially for.her. iMIsb Suratt closed her,,
season on the Orpheum circuit at Los
Angeles and at once moved her thir
ty-five trunks to Hollywood. The new
scenario gives her ample opportunity'
to display her many sensational
?Before long; Jackie Saunders, the,
Balboa girl, will be seen in a picture
called "The Ugliest. Girl in the World;"
Of course that does not apply to
Jackie, as everyone knows. But, in
playing the title part, to answer the
description, Miss Saunders will dis
guise Jierself.
For the flrst time in the history ot
motion pictures, Tyrone Power and
Miss Ka^hlyn Williams will play op
posite each other in "Sweet Alysisum,"
a Charles Major story, released in Ave
acts by the Selig Polyscope Company
on November 15. .
Henley Chosen
For New
;T-.'--;r :?^rz-:ri.'crzrr.
Toil know; "Ambnoa Urst" is' Pres
ident Wilson's now slogan and we are
shewing our loynlty to American made
Universal Filth Manufacturing
Company, ffhon.it came time to chooso)
a leading man for the great author,
serial photoplay, "Graft." There was
som6 di*cusslon whether King Bag
got was more of an-all round Amer-,
lean type ot n;?n than Herbert Haw-'
In the. end the pact, was assigned to
Hobart ,H6nW,;for he is ?fctrasM.ered
an ideaT-type/of Aawrieim mitihd^d.
Henley is sit tfcet fall, ' of athletic'
of moving tralnsor flfo engli
landscape scenes, a cinema
operator happened to appear i
tie town near Parte whore M
pren "was srxmdlnpa vacation,
some st?et scenes. Mr.: 1
HUggestoa.to'lUin Ui?t a llttl.
be cjirrtfd on lntithe street ti
iceneV waa e?er,.?i'4l^i,Wftf?,
a plotto?cari?eiar>Xiitert Mr. .Tm-H
in induced' the famous Sarah Berr* ?
rdtto.jRive a performance. "Quoctj SM
VeSorH the nioUon J>toturg~V
"7, \ ? ?' y&?$
almost, superhuman fove of a strong,
man for the worn an of his ? choice ana'
the -supreme sacrifice 'which" this' love'
ultimately entailsi- The '"ch'aradtet 'of
Ned Lane is va-par(i' peculiarly'suited;
to the distinctive dramatic gifts of Mr.
Breese who is supported by a silperb
cast-- 9
? Tellfgen'* Debut. J
'Wednesday, Lou Tellegen, the Im
ternatlonal star and- former JeauAJJ^H
man for Sarah Bernliardt. will make
his photodramatic dehut in the JmSkI
h. Lasky feature Play Compffiflas I
photodramatization of; v?llllam Som-1
&?w?*?K&Sli - -v fcsr Vw ?
. f ,:U ."fc3g
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