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The Sunday telegram. [volume] (Clarksburg, W. Va.) 1914-1927, February 06, 1916, THIRD SECTION, Image 31

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HE whole trend of the times In home
furnishing- seems to be toward the
I economising of space and, conse*
quently, of labor. It Is now frankly
acknowledged to be as much of a
nuisance to have too much room as to
have not onough. To this end much furniture
that has always been markedly
characteristic of any one certain room la
being modUled-neutrallzed, as It wereIn
a manner that will make It suitable la
several other rooms, rather than In just
one plaice.
I The room that was formerly the parlor
i may now, by a species of legerdemain, be
converted Into a lightning change guests'
room. First of all, privacy Is gained by
having doors?usually French doors?between
the front and back parlors; In the
twinkling of an eye It becomee a perfectly
equipped bedroom.
The two big, comfortably upholstered
chairs that form a part of the furnishings
unfold and disclose themselves to be
twin folding beda The little wall table
with a quaint mirror hanging above It
makes an excellent dressing table and
has a smalt drawer In which toilet article!
ere neatly concealed.
At one side of the room Is a simple chest
of drawers which, on aocount of its not
Ibejng surmounted by a mirror, has so lost
Its Identity as a chiffonier that it.may
he nlarrwl In anv mm Intha
I house. Jp .
Somewhere In the room Is a good sized
table, and this table, because of Its simplicity
and certain nice additions to it, Is
well worth ;descr)b|n* In .detail. Onji Is
a lamp and a number of books, magazines,
etc., yet Its equipment allows of It remaining
Id perfect ?rd#f, lamp and other
tilpgs.on Its top being undisturbed, while
Il ls used for writing.
The secret of it 4s that the drawer. Is
used tp write upon. The drawor, when tt
Is pulled out, is seen to have a soft of
a ltd that may bo, lifted, in the drawer,
under this lid, are the writing materials.
At the extreme back the Ildltke drawer
cover Is cut across and fitted with tiny
hinges. The back piece hss a hole cut In
It and Is fitted with a pair of ink wells.
,Any. one who. hss a table with a drawer
"can fit It for writing purposes in this way.
Take the drawer out On theouteide of
.It ,mark off a, line an Inch do an from
the. top all the way around. Cut the top
of the drawer, off at thla marking line,
then fit' a flat piece.of wood an Inch thick
across Its top to form a lid. Finish' It with
Ink well holes, and you will have a type
of wiitfiig table that la most' acceptable
in'any sort of a condensed utility roomPier"
glasses, built in regulation side- '
boards! piste ralle, and, In fact, any and
every fitting that stamps a room for one *
use, .and one use only, have got* out of
fashion. Furnishings, row (fl of such
V uncompromising character that ono jino
M longer forced to accept this as a bed
room, that as a dining room, and the other
as a parlor,, but my suit the whoio rholpe
and arrangement of the several chamber*
to. the taste and convenience of ihe oocuThe
condensing of utilities accounts tor
thp prevailing mode of using plalowooden
IB panels Instead of (lass. in china closet
loors. Those are noticeable partlbutarljr
^ ?(a\(hyy''Iw
\S y
v* /
?. ?
* y>
in tbejteweet built In/*#*c^eU. The
room* which had dlehea and glaeaware
coneplouously featured by meaoe of the
gtaea. doofewere unmlataHtably nothing
otWtian dining'rooina. Now they,may
enred In any deetred capacity. Thowafdrobellke.
arrangement may really be. a
clothea cheat If the room la to be used aa
abeflroonj. If. a library la required, the
r<^yy..pj^ contain books; or If the r'ace
la to.aerye as a combined living room and
dining room, one side may hold hooka and
; the other.chlha. or It may hold gnly china.
But whatever It cohtaina. It preeeiita an
appearance of uniform neatneaa and uneomptpnilelng
privacy cf usefulness.
Take for example the artlela of turnl
. ; ' . .
Iger Lili
\t) {?)
' tp '
o o>
A r '
" 0 '
ture at the right of the Uluatrailou. II
wee an ordinary dining room aldoboerd
and double china clotet, but haa been remodeled
Into a general utility piece elmpl]
by aubetltutlng wooden door* for the glan
onea. It la used In an artlat'a one room
home. One aide containabooka and ohlnat
nrf Hid ftHiiiy with thj? ?h@lv#a tfiJctflOUl
of It. oontalna clothe*
If the aholf on the drawer top*, extending
between the two oebinet*. 1* aet wltt
bra** candlesticks and perhap* a samovar,
It take* on the character of a buffpt
The piece* abown on the middle standhen
compose a toilet *ct. They are of Cantor
chine. The vase aet Into the bow} la gief
a* a toilet pitcher. The chair at the left
ecer /j?
r-sTircH If
if 0
* Jf
0' X *
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J) O O ol\\
/\ 1
D. \
XT?S '? 0
? \
i Housework to
J . ^ ? 11 Iv j
' fl
l? th?r.iw itarlt foldln* bed. A corAer of
I . the. roota bw pta curtained o# and furnished
lss Xdte-A-tlte dlnlntr room and
' comfort*tile retreat to read or to writ# Ip
It "to compact and la neatna**
A b?tl?ooip .and kitchenette complete
f, tho tlor'llvfn* quarter* of th? happy
wooipn, whoflndaltnohardahlptodohor
own, houjieWprk..' thank* to bar Judlolous
i aclectloa Of email quartan and timpla
conventeooea, ...
The modern, lntflllcent woman who ha*
i coma to tho' i^a}Uatloa,U>at h?r whole
i .life ehculd notbe encompaaatd In* round
1 of duttlng and cieMlpr, and that tbetlme
t and labor that itae aavaa on thlj inay ba
*' ' ^ I ^
I Embfoid
o o, /
^\V/o^ 1
/j IVyyO P>^ *
? /?- *
a Minimum
r^Mc'Usm n*:}, mH' . i
pent with (renterprofit*and moro plena- ',
UM^nre^uclatbernoupewrttonfflint- ,
mum.'" Have no room than you am Inks
nileof .tie dnjc,. -rt'c *f*? V ??-' * ?' ' -*iry f '_.
| Antwrt to Inqtiiritt. i |
...juaajt a^Rt <npcil4?fit8)i?>on
the material iu*d tn.tbe upnotaUrtifol
ay?JUr.ninh<?uiy Xi)oatwre. .Ktynflrwd. ,
keep . to plain, draperlnn- the ,
W?. aunftat material.;mollis
cotor and quality. f\ eoqqk 1?,^ qaqs. .
-. ferttNa adjunct maauAPnrler,.:<Jni*|,ei
jpadf oX.elokar or reed ara^pnitimd
these should have Ioom tops, upholstered
V' */:>, - n
n. ,
\ On the pat* tadey
\ , which 1* moet effect!**,
tall drawinfe (bow met
h In point the print*
1 direction* ere ea follow
the eaatrat way la to 1
will aliow through pleli
fully with, a hard, e{iai
0 \ ^le. heary,/wicure.a pje
paper?the kind that
t the material (ace downi
i and trace with a, herd
I algn end trauafer paper
curat* oopy of the deal
-.?!? '''.1 -?
1 By Am
mm, r. r.i
*od-el4 rut Is jrosr dtnlnw. room 4M4o
not think )t will to wtC with tha oak
JB??wak..?SM r<Mt ,not,..aminal tha
?ou?d b? adrtaablo to hive'fhw^ttltch,
; > % . 1,-^.. vyt :>\v.
? " - '
' ,
sr. .aiftiiARY fi, 1015.
'ery Desig
. A -n IN.
0 J
* JT O
^ 0 c
0 1 J
(* ^T*n n tiger Itljr design
when apylled to waists. DaM
ot workiag.
I design Iron tho paper tho
: It jrocr material U shear,
a; It otm the design, which
ily, and trace each line care p
lead pencil. It four linen
Cf of ;tr?pifw JIT lmpreeslos
does not rub off?la; It on
rani, plan the deafen orar it
pcnolL On romovlnt the dayon
will Had a neat and aoIjn
on tit material.
' ,;r?|
...... -1
j '&> Cnmni
mrs. 0. h.: Perhapa tb? Introduction j|
at a tan acreana'would, modify tha lose
and narrow appearance of your roama |
that you complain' of. 'Tor your aid*
> walla, Trtin.'rodeocaatlng, ua? a ahada of %
blulah irwn that will bland with tha tap- /p
aatry of the upholatered ohalra. Thla
ahould tiirmonlae wall wllb; tha brown 'jqm
. portlarai, and change tha hall from roe* i
color to a light ahada of'blacult brown,. ,)M
-Yet, It *111 ha nolta'propalr io-papar your'.'J
drawing'room. 4ftoon <oalor>would to 'M
n. well arltli blua arptrellow.Slnaayou bare '-4
to oMicbliluoabropsiuHttyonnbouaa, eieitiHj
. .that a time of blua goeaiutowlLthaothar :|
colore ttyt you uanJTof luatanaa. In ualng.;;.?J
- a tfucb ot red or. pink an Wr here through-' .V;?
out the houae, let It bo a blulah cult?that \;jg
i dp to aay; old roaa ratbar than aalmon or <
tut ' w v ,
mrs. p. m. m. ; Ttaamoat papular color.1 ,m
X?r {uaa.in Wet rrocma al preaent la a :'M
light neutral per,tinted with any tbadejH
...thafyou^ra.!, It.may.ba a dan gray. %!
a blulah raSi.pr a^regpiah gray. eto. Thla l
fiat nantral. toqa ,la .auppoaed to ba tha' iH
. -rootf ueeful In emphaaltlhg the decoratlVe' ^J
- daalgnlncelorof pthcrtbin?a|ntharoom.^a
Tour Ideai op window arrangainant and M
draperlea are qulta correct. Since your
niga. are Ima aubdued. brown,.tana, and Mm
grepna.. lfir?mtup,re?tf<w>your drapery,.5$
aee that Itta alao in aaubduad ahada,'
I ?
, <-)a o you. remamben?wb?n you wora
c .1 E 1 ntaa lnl kAK mathaR#uptr?it mn
I*' J VntfifflB
y ^bTu^h"
outvied Into thefir of!
/, ^r ^ V, ^ ^ I
iMb* turkor ?
*g?$r?il? l>t ?< tlw j|
thro* HW?I. outileo Meteor Oo^D
wfcw am* {orty-mr. .
la*M kuu*. tX??'U 8^Jt.?*>orc of
ft *^1.0 .aWetentlr <lur.W? to toiler jjw
* :''Cv> m

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