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xuvbrii %
One Dead and Another Missini
as Result of Compressed
Air Explosion.
Blow-up Propels Them fron
Tube into Icy, Waters of
the River.
NEW YORK, Feb. 19?One maj
Is dead and another missing as th<
result of a compressed air explosioi
late today In a subway under coil
structlon 1UU reel ueiow cue ?u>
face of the East river. A third man
who was shot with the other
through mud and water to the sur
face of the river, was bruised am
dazed, but soon recovered after re
moval to a hospital. The explosion
believed to have been caused by I
leak in the compressed air pumped it
to the subway to stabilize under con
etructlon, imperilled the lives o
thirty-live other men working In thi
tube. The man killed was Franl
Driver, and the missing workman 1
John McCarty. both described s
"miners." with Marshall Maybey, i
helper, they were sent skvrocketinj
up through the roof of the tunnel lnti
the icy water. Witnesses on th>
water front declared three men wen
hurled thirty feet above the surfaci
of the river.
Rescuers who put out from shop
found Driver still alive.' He died
however, before he could be takei
to land. Maybey appeared onl:
slightly injured, while no trace wa
found of McCarty. It was learnei
tonight that much difficulty has beoi
experienced In constructing the ne;
subway owing to the presence o
great quantities of sliding gravelan]
mud. Many slides bare occurred
it vai said, but despite this (act worl
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For the j
Failure of Which Was One o
the Reasons Secretary of
War Garrison Resigned.
< * ifllOCIA no Mitt)
WASHINGTON. Feb. 19.?j
scheme for expanding the civiliai
training camp movement into a defl
nite organization of federal volun
leers will be proposed to the Hous
military committee by Represents
live Kahn, of California, ranking Re
publican member. Under th
plan the organization would be in
measure a substitute for the admin
Istration'a codtlnental army scheme
failure of which before the congres
aional committees was one of the fac
tors leading to the resignation o
.Secretary Garrison.
Details have not been worked oul
but reports afe that Kahn said to
night he had boen in corrospondeuc
with those urging yirect aid by Con
Cress for the summer camp move
ment, who had fold hltn 100,000 me:
could be enrolled If such aid wer
granted. Mr. Kahn believes severs
regiments could be formed wh
would obligate themselves for servic
In time of war In return for the in
lensive instruction they receive at th
Prepares n Proposal,
Chairman Chamberlain, nf the Sen
- * l?ne neonnnDil ci nro
| me cum in 11 ice, ima v>v|iUICU ? in v
Posal to use these training camps li
a general plan for training reserv
I onicers. It would authorize the sec
rotary of war to direct that camps b
held on government reservations o
I elsewhere, the government meetln
I all expense except for clothing an
other personal equipment. A systci:
I of wintr courses in thoretical mntger
would be provided, and men wh
Passed successfully through thl
twining for a period of years woul
receive commissions as second' lieu
tenants in the reserve ofllccrs' corp
F or probationary commissions in th
regular army in the same grade,
r None of the committees dealin
I ' with prepared.!! as K.l? was in ses
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Not to Tax Them But to Ta:
Still More That Are Already
Being Taxed.
fir aiiociitko PUN)
VASINGTON, Feb. 19?The pre
posal to aroend the Income tax la1
so as to Include smaller income* I
virtually certain to be abandoned 1
favor of an increased rate on thoe
already taxed, it was declared tonigh
by Democratic House lenders.
Sentiment against lowering the ei
i . ...... :
mi spi !
1 IP unncPTcn
i IN El
e l
- Mistake Made by Lincoln about
-j His Trunks, He Says, Brings
ill About His Arrest.
-! ?V YORK, Feb. 19.?Ignatius T. !
. Lincoln, self confessed German spy
a: who escaped several weeks ago from
1 a United States deputy marshal in
- Brooklyn, was arrested conlght at
f | Broadway and Thirty-ninth street by
-! agents of the department of justice.
t; Lincoln, his hands manacled, was
s taken in a taxicab to the office of Wils
Ham M. Offiev. division superintendent
? uf the department of justice.
? When Lincoln, who had his mus'
tache shaved off since his escape, eus.
tered the offices of the department
3 of Justlcfe he was greeted by Assistiiit
3 United States District Attorney Dun-1
j ham. of Brooklyn,
e "Well, well, I certainly am Kind to
, [ see you once more, Lincoln," said '.Mr.
i! Dunham.
i* I "I'm glad to ace you," replied Lins
j coin.
1 The door of the inner office was then
i' closed but Lincoln could be heard
?! telling Mr: Dunham how bis arrest
f came about.
J-j./'-'YotK-pcople never in the world
V;Woiild hare caught me," he declared,.
('"If f hadn't made a mistake about my
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s Prepared
\rmy^ Scheme
'*: six jiesis |
Are Made in Connection with
v the East Youngstown, 0.,
n Rintc in lamiarv.
. -.WW ... J ( V
e YOUNGSTOWN, 0., Feb. 19?Six
' employee of the Pittsburg and bake
" Erie Company, were tod^y placed
e under arrest on orders from I'rosea
cutlng Attorney A. H. Henderson in
" connection with the East Youngs'
town riots In January. The men ar'*
rested were employed In the East
Y'oungstown railroad yards on the
* j night of the riot and are charged with
I looting and other crimes. They give
j the names of Robert Dyer, Jack Jiar>"
j tin, William Newton, David Mitchell,
e i William Rimtner and J- Balrd. They
" are the Americans to be prosecuted
'" for the rioting, nearly 100 foreigners
n : having been already Indicted In this
e! connection.
1 tobrinc
K ~~ 1
" + ++ + + + + +++ + ++ + + +
C + *
e i
r * (By Associated Press.) +
* + SAN F1RANCISCO, Feb. 19.- +
1 + Five hundred and one automo- +
i + bite freight. cars and forty- +
* ' + eight steel,passenger and bag- +
1+ gage cars were ordered today +
j + by the Southern Pacific Coin- *
I * pany, officials announced, at a +
s cost of about a million dollars, *
e ' + supplementing orders given rc- +
+ cently for new equipment
_ amounting to nearly three mil- +
j + lions. +
* ? ?
K I emptlon limit in order to provide ac|
dltlonal rovenuo for the preparedness
program crystaiuted, it was saia, in
the Democratic caucus, Thursday
night, when Democratic leader Kltchin
declared againat changing the
i- present minimum or $3,000.. Since
* then protestants against all rcriucs
tion plans have become more outepokn
en dally.
e Leaders declared tonight, that vlrit
tually the entire preparedness rovpf
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i Jf: ^ |
' ' .. . -,K,
SfP>?,' S;'? ?-?" V - : '
Five happy poses of Marian Lambei
The results of a searching In-1
vesication Into the Immediate past
of William Orpet, as it is known to |
his friends and acquaintances in
Madison, Wis., have been placed in
the hands of State's Attorney Dady
of Waukegan, by Harry Beardslcy, '
the Burns detective, who has spent
r. week prying into the young student's
career in the university town.;
Beardsley, It Is believed d>- imk|
prosecution, has forged the final,
link In a chain of evidence which
will convict Orpet as the murderer of
his sweetheart, Marian Lambert, In
the woods near Lake Forest.
Among other things Beardsley said
he established the fact that three
months ago Orpet went to Carl
Fischer, a fellow student in the journalism
class at the University of
Wisconsin and begged Fischer to find
hint a physician who would consent
to perform an abortion.
The nest day Fischer left word
with Charles 'Haeslnger. the drug ,
clerk who afterword told of having;
rold Ornet a two-ounce bottle, tligt
he had done as Orpet requested.
"Tell orpet,' he said, according to
the detectlre, "that I have a doctor
who will fix him up."
run-mi nrnnnT
uuiunntruni i
Is Issued Concerning Controversy
with Great Britain over
Seizure of Dutch Vessels.
<nv *??nriATio
LONDON', Feb. 19?The correspondent
or Reuter's Telegram Company
at The Hague says that the
Netherlands government has issued a
report concerning (lie controversy
with 'Great Britain over the seizure
of Dulrh mails. The report, it Is
said, cites various protests already
made and wherein It was contended
that nil such seizeures wore In violation
of The Hague convention, I
which guaranneed Inviolability of1
overscan mails without restriction. I
Repulylng to the contention of thei
British government that the seizures:
of Dutch mails were all made In
British territorial waters, which are
subject to British sovereignity, the
Dutch government pointed out that'
the British government had laid;
mine Holds of areas in open sea,;
which forced vessels to pasB through
British territorial waters Instead of
remaining in the sea. '
By Prize Court That Will Clear
Away Many Perplexing
Features in the Case.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19?A libel i
{suit instituted today ny the British!
owners of the liner Appam to recover
[the ship from the German prize crowi
that brought It Into Hampton Roads,
[Is expected by the Btate department
ofTclala to result in a prize court ruling
that will clear away many por
i plexing features wnica nave confrouted
them in dealing with tho
With Germany asking that as a
; prize the Appam be allowed to remain
Indefinitely in American waters
under the Prussian treaty of 1828,
1 and Great Britain Inalsting that the
liner mint be restored to her ownera
I under The Hague convention of 1907,
department, officials would welcome
a judgment by a competent tribunal,
not only for guidance In the present
case, but as a precedent for the future.
To Grant Bequest.
The department, iu the absence of
such a precedent, has hold tentatively
that the Appam is a German prize,
but never has passed formally upon
Germany's request that the vessel be
allowed to remain indefinitely in
American waters. A reply to that
request now is in course of prepare
tlon IIT1(1 Inaicanonn nave ireen mat
it would be granted. It was gald today.
however, that the response
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r,i irf iv
v ' - .
J '
When linssinger was questioned in c
the olilce of Chief of Police Shaugh- 1
r.essy at Madison, Iienrdsley asked ?
for the name of this physician. jl
Doctor's Xante Kept Secret. <
: "You1 needn't tell that," Chief'<
Shaughncisy Interrupted, hastily. I
and so the doctor's name was not
"This physician was not the only |
Governor Ha
Not to Be Gc
United S\
Declares He Has No Ambition <
to Hold Office but Prefers to ;
Return to His Profession.
CHARLESTON, Feb. 1!).?That he!
has no ambition to hold office hut pre-1
fers to give his time to the practice
of his profession as physician and
surgeon is the declaration made by
Governor Honry I). Hatfield in a statement
given out today, in which he says I
that he will not bo a candidate for
United States senator. In making
this declaration the govornor ex-'
presses his appreciation of the con-|
fldence reposed in him by the people,
in electing him to the highest office in l
the state, especially sinoe his election;1
came at a time when few Republican ^
governors were elected in the country, j1
The govornor points out that:
through legislation the Republican '
party has carried out its every plat-11
form pledge to the people and that 1
while "some demagogues in the po-1
litical arena for their own selfish pur-' :
poses have pretended and yet pretend ]
* ? "ttx" nW/vrti in tnalra onnH I '
l?; iuun ii^uu 111/ cuui m iw u>??u gu?* | _
the party promises as an attempt at
dictation," lie has not, and will not,
seek to dictate to others or force his
ideas upon them. He reserves the '
right "to bring to pass by argument j
and persuasion" those things which'
he believes "will conserve the party's,
and the public's best interest."
Has .>'0 Political .Vaelilne,
Though accused of attempting to j
build up a political machine to per- 1
petuate himself .in power, Governor!
Hatfield declares that he has not solicited
the support of any one connected
with his administration for any
candidate. "1 shall leave these men '
free' from undue Influence, as 1 exact for
myself, to support whomsoever
they please," he says, and further 1
states that "there is nothing 1 expect 1
nr want from mv successor, retard- 1
less as to whether be be friendly or
otherwise towards me." '
But, he points out, the Republican
party can remain the dominant party
only by "selecting; and supporting men (
who are willing to go forward and
use their best efforts In fulfllling the j
I party's pledges,- and standing Bteid- |
| lastly for the public welfare against ,
| all sinister and selfish Interests."
u.a. I'lnl i
auilj v?'uvn ? ? nw , (
1 "The ambition of no man," he says, j,
"must be considered to the detriment j,
of the fundamental principles of the-]
Republican party." 1
The governor states that the people |
will not tolerate extravagance nor do (
they want parsimony in the conduct i
of the government, being willing to i
pay the worth of what they reeclve.
As to-the data who have opposed his
administration, he declares that alt
"concerted effort has been made by '
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innc ii
.V - J
' '' >
inc." said BcanjiUey. "For sonic
line, I found, Ovpet hid been conUltjng
(several doctors In ttu,(ltaon
Halting IniiulrieB about abortion
ipcrationn anil means to relieve the
londltion of a girl In'flf&oBPtiWgi'
"He made several of hll fellow
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tfield is
indidate tor
tates Senate,
And Hliss Harriet Pew Are Married
in Grace Episcopal
Church, Salem, Mass.
fa* a hoc i at.d ratal)
SA:L.BM, Feb. 19.?Macon Garfield,
;randson of former president J. A.
Qarflcld, and son of Harry, A.' Garleld,
president of Williams College,
whs married to 'Miss .Harriot Winchester
Pew, daughter of Coneral and
Mrs. William H. Pew, today. The cere-,
many was performed in .Grace Epia-1
copal church by the rector, the Rev.
James P. Franki, who was assisted!
by Bishop Jamee Dewolf Perry of'
Khnde Island.
Maintained by the International!
Harvester Company during
the Last Three Years.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19?Sen'sa-j
donal Investigation or charges that
American financiers have attempted j
to monopolize the algal crop ot Yuca-;
tan, Mexico, was broadened to- {
lay, to Include an Inquiry Into
whether the International Harvester
Company sought by Intimidating
American hankers to prevent siaal
plnnters obtaining money to market
their crops. , ''
The agricultural committee con-;
luctlng the investigation decided to,
sail as witnesses President Cyrus H. \
UcCormlck and other officials or the
larveeter company and Arthur Reyaold,
vice president of the Contlnentil
and.Commercial National Bank, of
Chicago, and to aik the bank to subnit
a record of the balance maintained
there by the company during the
aat three yeara. Officiate of the National
City Bank of New York will
oe aaked to testily, too, regarding
iharges that the Harvester company
tleo exerted Influence upon that Initltutlon.'
Dr. Jteriin^xestnres. .
The committee adjourned until
text Thursday alter . hearing testlnony
by ,Dr. Victor A. Rendon, head
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\l WAR
r./AR'S s
tie im
Jo Grant Principal Demand of
the 25,000 Striking Employes
of Brass Concern.
, It* AtltCIATKD rtttH
ANSONIA, Conn., Feb. 19?The
American Umax Company linn declined
in. grant the principal demand or
lla 2,BOO ntriklng employes, It waa
learned tonight after long conferences
between a atrlkers' committee
and the company officials. It was re.
portod thnt the Italian laborera hare
virtually deserted tho main body of
After the unsuccessful conferences
today Joseph Orobol. the youthful
linguist, who la acting ns leader of
| the employes, who comprise eleven
| nationalities, met the strikers coutI
mlttcc In secret tonight. Nothing
i wo given out by them for publicoI
The police tonight heard rumors
, that hill an heth Gurley Flynn, of Pot
.croon, N. J., nnil Joseph Ettor, of the
! ImluntrlRl Workers of the World,
[worn coining hero to organlzo tho
After a conferonc# of ofllolalii, the
prosecuting atlornoy drew up war'
rants ajratnst Miai Flynn and Kttor
; to be served should they com* here
'and Address the strikers. The WarI
rants charge breach of the peace.
An extra force'of apeol&l policemen
patrolled the streets In the vicinity
of the mills tonight but there
was no disorder,
(as AI.OCM1ID e?ias>
NRW HAVEN, Conn., Feb, 1?-~
Yalo's fencing teant defeated Columbia
Unlveralty tonight, six bouts to
Made Public by Senator Robinson
Who Purposes to Continue
Efforts for Probe.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 19.?More evidence
in support or his charge that
the. army aviation eorvlco Is "confnntntlKlv
Inoffl/ilant" wno mnrlu mils
?>"" I'll tUWHIVlVHl "MD IU?U? |/ IIU
lie tonight, by Senator Rohlnson, who
declared be would continue Ma efforts
for a congressional Investigation despite
the announcement of the war
department that It would make an
Inquiry Into thi'aubjoct. Chairman
Chaihberlaln, of tho Senate military
committee, before which Mr. Robinson
testified yesterday, said he would
ask the committee to rote Monday on
the aonator's resolution for inveitl(Oontlnued
on page 7, first section.)
' Jlfr 1 ' "
h :
816 .V8 Off* COHMISSIO*.
(By Associated Press.)
? WASHINGTON, Feb. 1#.?As
probably the flrst United States *
+ army officer to rlgn his own
commission, General Scott, in +
capacity as acting secretary of *
war, today affixed his signature
to the official document by +
which he became a major
general several months ago.
I?ease DhaaviI Arleldnpo m IA/UIAKI
rui ncut;ni muuigoo hi wiiiuiii
He Attacked the Foreign
Policies of Wilson.
<my ?ttoavm phic
WASHINGTON,, Feb, 19?Senator
speech in the Senhte.ttagy on "the
hypocrisy of sWtesjgwsfrtp," assail.
! Against Turkish Forces in Tur%
kish Armenia by Capturing ' gjS
Remainder of Division. ' ,
Important Troop< Movements
on Part of Germans In Bel- |' m
gium Now Reported.
( ? AiiwCtATID MIIB1
MkNDOiN, Feb. 19.?Asia and Africa '.:H
Hkuiv moro prominently than Europe '.a
In tho current war news. The RubI
Hlana arc following up with vigor their
| recent Mircesa In Turkish Armenia;
Constantinople reports a reverse for
the British In Mesopotamia, while
imnd.on announces tho completion ,of ,
j the coniitiest of tho Kotnorun, tho Important
Gorman colony In western
equatorial Africa. Tho Immense forces "x
mnssod In Europe are si a result jult . ' .;:>3
1 now cnmparatlvnly inactive. rj&jjflj
The pursuit of the Turks, who fled
front Erzerum with tho fall of the fori- r'csH,
Is being continued by the Rust ."-3
slans. The possibility of a stand bp .'5#
the Ottoman forces a short distance
wost or me city is Doing considered \?i
by Pctrograd, but 110 reports of sucli
resistance by tho dofoatcd army havo
1 been received. ,'4a?a
1 Active Along bra.
The Russians mcnnwlillo are active 'rw
along Hie Blnok sen coast and have "5
recently reported a lending on the /
lAnnonlan littoral, flftocn miles east
of Trobltond, which ally is consldorcd
one of the next objectives ol , 1
Russian .land Torces by a march of "ffl
about erne hundred miles northwest
| from KriOntin.
I Tho completion of the Kanicrun con;
quest. -^rsnewlffltiBh' forces' .& (
1 was olfected with the capture of Morsara
position In tlte northernmost seelion
of (he colony, tho last held by the v.'j
Oormani, their squthera forces having &
recently retreated over the bolder $
Into Spanish Guinea whore they wert y'
Interned. The entire protectorate'of
191.130 squire miles and a population
of 2,54(1.001) including about 2,000 ,'.g
wiiiicin, na? inufl oeen wrosiea irom 3
German control after a campaign that v?
laBted nearly a year having bedn bd
gnu in the spring of 1916.
Brlllsli Force Defeated. Mh
NO recent British report of the/ s
I Mesopotalan operations li at htndXftal
hut Constantinople announces. that j!
when a British force down the Tigris'! '3
i from Kut-El-Amara, where General |
Townshond's army Is bottled upi tried R
, to cross lo the- west bank of the river;/a
; It was defeated in a three hour battle ; ??
and fell back to its socond line pogrom
Hons. leaving a number ot dead. The'/J
, defeat of a Russian force which at- 1
' tacked Khengevar, south ol Hamadan, ng
far across the Porslan border, la also. J
reported by the Turkish war office, "J
| In which it declares tho Hessians lost
j heavily.
From the Franco-Belgian front t;
! come reports of important troop move- /
ments behind the German lines, but |
no news ol lighting on an extenslvaifctt
i scale in any sector. The British ap- ]?
parently nro continuing tbelr efforts.; J
to rogain their recently lost trenchetiM
! southeast of Ypres, Belgium, but Ber.-ffif
. 11.. A i it.- .....j tiffl
nil in miiiiiuuciuti uiu svuupu Diiuauv^w
1 attack at this point within two daymfl
declares that It was fruitless.
Small Raiding Trips. J
Mining operations, artillery engage-. 3
I ments, small raiding expeditions and1. |
aorlnl bombardments makeup the list ffl
of the other activities In this jmgl
arena, except a minor and unsuccessful
fnl attack by the Germans near^JB
Blangy In the Artols district. an-M?
nounced frop Paris. . .
A Shanghai despatch brings Ujei'jj
news that the American steamer China, g
Just out of Shangral for San Fraacia^fJ|
co, was stopped by a British auxiliary 3
cruiser and thirty^ight Germans 1
taken oS.
The latest official stateihant by the,??#
Russian war office reporlr.the cap-V3Js
ture of tbe town of MuWvIh Asiatic j
Turkey, lying eighty-three ' miles'i 1
southeast of Erserum and Ahlat. , M
The pursuit of the Turkleh foreei-ja
wh'o retreated from Erzerqm is belng Va
continued and the Russlahe have/Mi
taken prisoners what remained of thi-jl
Thirty-fourth Turkish division, wtt& ir;|
large quantity of. war supplies. -A9
An a|r raid by a squadron oCXtfHH
Ian machines against Lalbacb. the
(Continued on page seven, 1)1 sectlor}j|g
tlon's foreign' policies. "Mr.-.- RpwB
says It Is necessary in this Internffifl
tionai'crisis to have a president whoM
means something mor? than woritfgi
follow word# with action. WhataJM
tton? There can be bnt one other?
thing, and that is war. It be meahlfl
that he wants war with r inillJIlM
why doesn't he say war. Hj ](??
Root, speaking for his party, expects

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