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B;|t t 'HEW HEl-EASEI). .
II; i (By AbsocTaletf'Prtaa.f" i
WliEBDLlNG, Fob. IS.?K. 11. +
' ' * Bess, of Cameron, deputy in- *
+ ternal rovcruc collector, who +.
V + was remanded to Jail for thirty *
days yesterday by Judge (H. C. '
*, .Hervey of the Marshall county *
+ court, for contempt of court
i * when he refused to tell whether
+ a defendant In a Yost prohlbl- :
Bf * tlon law case hud a federal II- +;
+ cense to sell liquors, was ten- +
tattrely released from custody *
In the City of Panama after Being
in Session There Since
February 10, Inclusive.
PANAMA. Feb. 19.?The Congress
011 Christian work In Latin America,
which oponcd here February 10, completed
its wo-It this afternoon with
the organization of nn enlarged com
mlttee for eo-operatlon In its activities
in Latin America in accordncco
with resolutions- adopted yesterday.
Mr. liobert JJ. Spcer, chairman of
the congress and secretary of the
Presbyterian board of foreign missions,
summarized the work accomplished
by the congress as follows: i
"The congress has realized nnd expressed
the need of conceiving our Inv,
ternailonal and Inter-racial relations
in terms of the ChrlBli&n gospel, and
the drawing together or the* people I
of these lands In faith and service. It
has Wep, the first meeting of Its kind
held In lithe western hemisphere, hut
it will not be the last."
I t '<
> WHEELING, Fell. 19?River 9 ,
ffcet 4 inches, falling; cloudy and ,
cold."1 ' !
Liberty for Matamoras 11:30 a. in.
Dunbar Tor Charleston noon.
PITTSBURG. Fell. 19?Davis f
Island Dam. 6.7 feet; falling; cloudy.
Stenbenvllle. 9.9 feet; rising, snow.
Parkersbiirg, 12 feet; falling;
cloudy. .
Morgantown. 9.3 feet; falling: '
c1 clear.
- Oil City. 2 feet; fnlliug; cloudy.
Warren, 1 foot; fnlllng; cloudy.
Production of Chtestnut and [
PU Annu I i mai krti< nnrl Thir?_ si
unci i y l-uimuci aiiu iiih- teenth
in All Kinds. j \
'f&t i (BY ASIOCIATID (All.: j 1
PEMMNG, Feb. 1 ft .?West Virginia
ranks first in the production of
chestnut nnd cherry lumber, and thirteenth
in the production of all kinds,
according to statistics presented at to- i
. v day's,sessions of the annual conven- t
tion of'tiie West Virginia Lumber anil e
Builders Supply Dealers Association, i
The total production in 1013 was in
1,318,732,000 feet, while the figures for, u
1914 were not availalile. At present i i
there are 1,524 mills in this state. s
The Llbei
Monday and Tiie
we will have a sale on aprons that
kind we have ever ha<l. They coi
nurses anil maids, fancy embroidei
and dress aprons of percale, baiuld
Lawn. They come large and small
be represented.
The big feature of I his sale wl
Tea Apron for 5c.
Come, everybody, we hope to
? Newcomer
Corner Mair
, . Monticc
i>i.it,.!! m>n..r
Consul i
^ ^ ===
Relation to Faculty as Well as
Student Government is Dis-'
cussed at Convention.
COLUMBUS, 0? Feb. 11).?Btuduot
government and the relation of the
t""iv Tin* fnciiliv wnrn the
nititiuufc wviij >v tnv ? ? ? -- ^ . --principal
topic* discussed at the annual
convention of Student Councils
of tbo Western Conference Universities,
which closed with a banquet nt
the Ohio State University here tonight.
Adoption of thp honor system In
dans work and athletics was urged
hy delegates from student councils at
Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio Stale, Chicago
and Purdue. They also decided
a systematic effort should be made to
irouae more enthusiasm for college
traditions nnd ashed that student
councils be given more control over
student orga lit bat Ions. In connection
with discussion of the health of students,
the delegates recommended that
n campus physician lie employed hy
each university.
Next year's convention will be held
#l Purdue University and reports of
colleges and unlversllles not members
or Hie WoRtPrn Conference will
be asked lo attend.
Is Made in Connection with the
Probe of Intended Plot to
Dynamite Plant.
DETROIT, Feb. 19.?A third person,
whose name was not made public, was
alien In custody today by tbc police,
n connection with mi investigation
nto an lnlended plot lo dynamite Iho
ilant of the American Car and Foimlry
Company here. It is understood
bat he is an acquaintance of Olio
n,.i.? ,.,,,1 ir.vTinet VffPnrrl. vnntlia
'ornierly employed by the company,
,vbo were arrested several days ago.
llartholma again was tiuestionpd by
;overnmont and local officers but no
nformatlon of Importance elicited. It
was said. Police claim to have ohalncd
evidence from other sources
hal Bartliolma tried tn buy dynamite
n Detroit but he lias denied that lie
ntended to destroy any property.
( r AECOCI AT ID Mts?>
IXXXDOX. Feb. 10.?'The Berliner
rageblatt says thai a new war loan
ibortly will be announced at Berlin,
recording to an Amsterdam despatch
0 the Exchange Telegraph Company,
'he amount of the loan Is not known
mt the Tageblatt says that the Interest
probably will be four per cent with
1 bonus at one-half of one per cent.
FAIRMONT, Feb. 19.?William F.
lite, of Huntington, candidate for
he Republican nomination Tor Unit>d
States senator, spent the day in
'uinnont, nipotiiin the voters. He
uncle an excellent impression here,
j> he has in other cities he has visted.
Mr. Kite came here from Uphur
r ?X?Uf5?rvK?
sdav the 21. 22
. will be the biggest hllng of lis
nslsr of all kinds of Aprons for
red Ten Aprons, Misses' coverall
rop Aprons of Percale and fancy
I, and every style of Aprons will
11 be the big value in a fine lawn
have Aprons enough for all of
Auto &
i Street and
^^Sleeve-Valve Motoi*
?'ti\ . *, ? - ^ \ 4
77 7"7 . . . . ......
!+ (By Associated Press.) '
+ llt'iNTINCTON, Feb. 19.?'
+ Captain William Davis, aged
+ 80, a veteran. Chesapeake and 1
'+ Ohio railway oonduetnr, watt In+
stantly killed tonight when
i+ struck by an Inlerurban street
+ car. Captain Davis was well
!+ known throughout southern '
+ West Virginia. He bad been
: + einolovcd by the railroad for
+ thirty yearn. 4
i + 4
+ + + + ++ + + + + + + + + + 4
(Continued from page I, firm section.)
w nue burden would bp met with Income
taxes. Tentative bills looking to the
raising of $100,000,000 solely by an
. Increased Income tax rale are being
discussed and will lie "offered soon In
| committee.
j One of tile Democratic leaders wilt
| will be active In Training the admin
j Istralion hill said tonight lie would
j suggest doubling present one pei
I eent rale on incomes below $20,00(1
! and possibly make the lax on incomes
! above the amount as high as eight pei
I pent. Ho also might suggest lowering
1 the, minimum Income subject to the
I one per cent rate to $15,000. he said
Married men, according to this plan
I would he given the advantage of an
laddtlonal $1,000 exemption as In the
j present law.
I Although neither the naval nor
military affairs committees has Indl,
rated what amount of money will he
'needed to meet the expenses or preparedness
It generally Is understood
I that for I ho llrst year It will he close
;lo $00,000,000. Tentative plans, it
'is said, will proceed therefore on (lie
I theory Hint about $100,000,000 will
I lie needed."
(Continued (rorn page 1, llrst section.)
declare it with courage and the Democratic
parly will meet the Issue."
Referring to Mr. Root's declaration
Ithat the government had neglected
jits duty In not acting more forcetulj
ly with regard to Mexico. Senator
I Lewis read from the former New
i Vi/vp'.. ononnh In tho'&onsiffl
opposing a Democratic proposal for
| intervention in 19.11 and (he occupa[
Iion of Vera Cruz in I!i 14.
"The conditions In Mexico now are
! the same as prevailed when the New
Yorker was la this body us spokes;
man for his party," said Senator Lew.
Is. "When Senator Stone Introduced
a resolution which sought power from
the Senate to direct Presldont Taft to
act, Senator hoot condemned the effort
of the Democracy to do the veiy
tilings which he now suys should be
"Who Is behind the masters of the
Republican party now, whom do they
serve by making war upon Germany?
and if they do. succeed, then how are
they to proceed'? Thoy confess that
after sixteen years' power ttnd at a
cost of over, .ftfOO,000,000 spent under
the guise of national defense
there is no army, no navy, no avla
j tion crops, no fortillcatlons. Did not
Senator Root himself on this floor
|participate ill the filibuster to kill the
I bill which would have provided ships
I that might have carried our army
jagalnst the enemy?"
! sir
j (Continued from page 1. first section.)
t of a commission created by the Yujcatan
government to market the
i sisal crop, and Sol W'exlnr, a New
York banker, president of the Pan
American Commission Corporation
organized in this country to finance
the Yucatan planters. Woxler, whose
corporation guaranteed (o loan the
planters *10,000,000 a year for five
I years, testified that he hud been told
j by George 51. Reynolds, president of
j I lie Continental and Commercial
Iiank. and James Perkins, a vice
; president of the National City Bank,
that the harvester company was unwilling
for them to loan money to
I the Pan American Corporation.
I "George Reynolds Is an old friend,
both in business and personally," Mr.
i Wexler said, "and when I first e.v!
plainer) tIn* corporation to him In;
was favorable to It and said lie
would bo glad to loan it large
I amounts.
Throat to Withdraw.
"The Harvester company then had
ion deposit about tl.000,000.
"The following day. lie said that
,Cyrus McCermick had threatened not
only to decrease the deposit but tc
I withdraw a ropresentathe of the liar,
vester eoninauy from the bank's
i board of directors II loans were
"James Perkins, of the Natlona
I City Bank, also said Ills bank wat
willing to loan the corporation large
sums, and later said Mr. McCormicii
hud endeavored to prevent the bant
doing liusiness with me. Nelthei
bank was influenced by the threats
however, and we made arrangements
for loans from each of them and now
have a substantial deposit will
. each."
Sold by Fielder Jones to Roi
Chester Club of Interna
tional League.
ST LOUIS, Feb. IS.?The sale ol
four members of the St. Louis American
League club to the Rochester
X. Y? club of the Internationa
League, was nnnounced by Fleldei
Jones, manager of the Browns, late
| tonight.
The transferred players are Walter
, Leverenz nnil Harry Hoch, pitchers;
jGeorge Hale, ejitcher, and Yale
Sloan, outfielder. The terms of thi
(sale were not made public hut it war
(announced Jones reserved the right
i to recall any of the players.
i WASHINGTON", Feb. Ifl.-A redi's
|count rale of three per cent on trade
I acceptances running over three monthf
was approved by the federal reserve
board , today for the Boston reservi
' d'
: 1016 501068
! And Turbulent Outbreak Day
' Before is Made the Subject
of Pointed Jests.
OK.LAHOMA CITv" Keli. 1!).?Despite
numerous evidence on the per'
sons of the legislators who took part
, In yesterday's riot In the lower house
or the Oklalionia legislature during
, consideration or the general registration
bill..good feeling prevailed today
and the turbulent outbreak 'during
which, the air was thick with . flying
Ink wells anil other trffssfles,' Was
made the subject of pointed jests In
. resolutions offered.
, Representative Eldon E. Sams was
^one of those who Uore evidence of
yesterday's trouble. His forehead was
, I,gashed Just, above the nose. It was
11 Representative gatns's use of the word
j "crook" ro a Democratic member
j which precipitated the rioting.
|l One resolution which was received
. with vigorous approval. Instructed
clerk of the House to telegraph the
,: "chief of the peace party" to come
. I Immediately to Oklahoma. Another:
. recommended stationary Ink wells In]
the now capltol which Is under conistructlon.
,j Representative Lorls E. Bryant,1
who clashed wilh Arthur H. Geissler, ]
Republican state chairman, exhibited !
a telegram from the Democratic coun-.
ly chairman nt Sklntoow, which said:
"Congratulations; have wired presl-i
dent to reserve war portfolio for
j:W:: f 1 , >'{ !Jj, / '"i"
A/ w*'.;Al-i i i*?i v.J
|ui rinariuiai.nisiyi y aiiu.riau:
tices of Terminal Railway
Company to Be Made,
i . ;
; WASHINGTON, Feb. IS.--An Investigation
of the financial history
jimd practices of the Wabash. Pltts|
lmrg Terminal Railway Company
will be undertaken by the Interstate
Commerce Commission. Hearings
will be held at dates to be announced
The Inquiry will go into the "character
and extent of the service, and
the financial history, transactions and.
practices, its leased properties and Its i
predecessor corporations." The
com mission announced that books
and papers would be examined, witnesses
would be summoned and that
. the Investigation might he carried on
, by other means, than through hear
Tlie commission's action was a re- i
suit of the introduction of.a resolution
in the House calling for such an
Along with Two Others for
Having Explosives in
'?Y ..EOCIATCD ritces.
JERSEY CITY, N. J., Fob. 19?
: Indictments were returned today by
the 'Hudson county grand "jury'
! against Robert Fay. who describes :
I himself as a lieutenant in the Oer- j
, |mnn army: Paul Daeche and Walter'
j Sellolz, who are charged with having i
I explosives in their possession with I
lutent to injure persons and damage]
property. The three men. with Max ,
' Hreltung and Dr. Herbert Kienzle,1
: already are under indictment in New:
York charged with plotting the de- j
jstruction at sea -of vessels carrying |
munitions from' this country to the.
iKntente Allies. Fay, Daeche and]
Scholz are alleged to have occupied]
a house in West Hoboken where ex-I
ploBlves were found by secret service I
, agents.
| W
Of Kanawha to Be Raised by
> Captain Roe and Proba;
bly Rebuilt.
,| PAHKIOKSBUIRG, Feb. 19?Cap,
lain AV. K. Roe, who owns the steamer j
, I Kanawha, wrecked at lamp's Land-'
. lug, was In the city Friday afternoon.
: He announced his intention of rain- j
i lag the hull of the wreck as soon as I
I the river recedes. It will be recalled
J! that he purchased the wreckage front
.'Hie trustee under option granted in I
federal court.
It is the plan lo disconnect the ma- i
' clilnery from lite hull arid let li drop:
in the river, and by the mentis of'
lows move the hull out Into the j
river. It if. thought that It can be j
J turned over in the river from the po'
sltlon It occupies at present, with lit
I flit frniihlo Tim hull will thPll he I
pumped out and a thorough examination
of it made.
It is now thought that the steamer
will lie rebuilt. There is a big hole
, In the hull, where it struck, and an:
oilier that was cut out In order to
got out Borne of the machinery. It
' lis the opinion of many that the hull
1! on 11 be used in large part for the con'
| struction of another. Some of the
11 machinery can tie used also,
! HI. PASO, Tox? leli. 19.?Francisco
- Villa has captured a small hand of!
1 i Carratiza troop:, sent fro mlhc Guer-|
rero district hi western Chihuahua to
aitacK him according to word received
; here today. The tight took place at
[ Santu Ana.
i ' PHI/.AUJ5LPHIA, Eel).' 19?The
J Vale wrestling team dofeatod Pennsylvania
here today by the score of
23 to 9.
stDAY FEBRUARY 20, 191f
By the People of Louisiana for
the Many Flood Sufferers
in Jljat State.
' (ar aiikiat*e nut)
NKW .'-ORLEANS. Feb.- IP?Governor
Hatl today requested Senator
Brouusafd at Washington to aatc. the^
war department for 500 tenia to be
used in sheltering flood sufferers in.
't- aoaian j . v
I. Ill* VUUJIirjr KIUUUU ilgncuvvHM
The congressional committee ter-|
mlnated here Its Inspection of nearly
n thousand miles of levees. Every
member expressed himself as 1m- ,
pressed with the seriousness of the
flood problem and the necessity for
pronrpt measures. The committeemen
declared themselves for diverging
the Question from the rivers and
harbors bill and handling It as a separate
national work.
"There will be immediate action,"
Bald Mr. Humphreys, "the committee
will begin hearings as soon as possible
after returning to Washington to
Inst untlll the committee Is prepared
to make Its recommendation to Congress.
This trip will lead to'definite
substantial and prompt results so far
as this Qommltteo.'i work is concerned."
a as a m m aaa mm*-**
In America Are Too Busy to Accept'
Contracts for New
Types of Vessels Now.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.?Reports
to the tbureau or navigation made
public today aliow that, many American
slitp yarda crowded with work as
never before in their history, are refusing
all contracts calling for new
types o( vessels and.'confining construction
to those types for which
plans have already been drawn. With
230 merchant vessels, with a total
tonnage of about 1.900,000 tons
building; or about to be started, the
United States now Is being outstripped
In construction only by
Great Britain and navigation bureau
officials Bee in the boom a prospect
thai the. country may recover the position
It held before the Civil war,
when lb was the foremost nation In
shipbuilding. s
The amount of tonnage under construction
In American yards has doubled
within the last year. It has increased
nearly fifty per cent since the
first of December and yards are so
filled with orders that many have
work that will keep them steadily employed
until well Into 1917. Thirty- v
nine ships have been completed since
last .Tuly.
Is .Found in Consignment of ?
Leaf Tobacco from Rich- c
mond, Va., to Holland. *
ROTTERDAM, via London, Feb. 'J
lb.?'The unhampered entry into
Holland of American tobacco, which
is virtually the only artie'e hereto- j J
fore uninterfered with under the I
Dutch Overseas Trust conditions, is \ '
likely to be jeopardized by a dlscov- ^
ery Just made by tho authorities In a 5
consignment of leaf tobacco from B
Richmond, Va., of the presence of a ?
iiuantity of pro-German propaganda 11
and literature and scaled letters ad- J1
dressed to persons in Germany.
\mmm ?
By Mishaps of some sort on ?
Baltimore and Ohio Rail- 1
road near Monongah. ?
A freight wreck or a landslido
near Monongah on the Monongahela
River division of the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad blocked traffic between
Clarksburg and Fairmont on that
line Saturday night. The PltUburg _
Flyer, due at the Clarksburg station '0
at Us54) p. m? was detoured by;way jof
Grafton and arrived here an hour _
and a half late. tl
Employes of the railroad with j
whom the Tclegraii) could get In commupr.lcatibn.
salil that some mishap c
had occurred but that they hud no j,
definite information about It, "Just
?.. .. u.?.. ? ^ee teooh onrl
Btt* A UUA UAi ncm sjn inn uavn <??
you'll hit it about right," one mild, n
Out of 432 Applicants Are Successful
in Elementary Diploma
Carl S. l.awson, county superintendent
of schools, has just finished
the work of grading the manuscripts
for the elementary diploma examination,
which was hold February < and
5. Of the 43d applicants who aubmlttfd
to the tests, only twenty-five
made a passing (trade. Those who
passed are entitled to the elementary
diploma without further examination.
The neyf examination will bo held
March 1G and 17.
Educators af Tills District flo to Attend
>'atfona1 Meeting.
Curl S: I-awsor, county" superintendent
of schools; A. P. Morrison, principal
of the Clay district high^sqhool
at Shtnnston; and A. G. Bunigardner,
of Adaniston, district school superVisor
of Coal district,, wilt leave this
city today for Detroit, Micli., to attend
the annual convention of the National
Educational Association, superintendents'
division. Tip convention, will
last oil tills week. - - 7'
th, ,i i.u/tir n-a vilrv
r 11r.n F^iuMw.iuiAi
TORKIBN, Mex? Feb. 19?Employes
of the Tlahullllo Agricultural
Qompany, nil American1 camp, *e|?
advised today; by the military govern
noi- of the -Laguna district to wltodraw
to the city of Torrien for protection
from bandits.
- .4 U* -?.* >
it wa
' - . ...
it) invest right now for
a Coat, (Sijit or Dress.
- Monday, vou can j
' '" ! Ladies' $8, $10 or $35
. Auv Ladies'Suit ^
Auv Child's Lout t
$4.00 to $7.00. for
Twcntv sets of Fu
the dollar.'
Shoes. Underwear
Clothing all at big sari
339 W. Main St, <
* \
Vith Market House to Be Built <
for the Parkersburg ]
PARKERSBURG, Feb. 19.?The '
arkersburg guardsmen will have a
,ew armory within a few months, ac- '
ordlng to plans being submitted'to 1
lenernl John C. Bond, adjutant gen- 1
ral ot the national guard, who ar- 1
ived in the city at noon frpm
,'harleston. Colonel C. E. Morrison,
lajor Gordon Beckwlth and Captain
. A. Watson are holding a comerlice
with General Ilond this afterloon,
discussing the plans for the |
ew armory.
The garage building near Thlreenth
street on Market, owned by
tiss Mary Drake, was under the conideratlon
of the guard officers (or
ome time with the view of leasing
t for any armory, but the matter tins '
radically been dropped and nothing '
urtlier Is expected to develop so fnr J
s that building is concerned.
Several sites are being considered ,
y the oQcerg and plans for the build- ,
ng are already well under way. Itij
s probable that a market house will j
ie built in connection with the ar- j
tory, but it is the opinion of some ,
hat the market house and armory (
omhinetl would not be a success, and j
?' thnf roason the armory may be a I,
eparate building. s
ATLANTA, Feb. 19?Unless op-,
ositlon develops to th'e nomination ;
f President Wilson the Georgia:
Icmoeratic committee will hold no:
residential primary, it was decided 1
oday. If at the expiration of thirty' i
ays no other candidates appear I
he Democratic state convention will j t
hoose delegates to St, Louis instruct-' <
lg them for Wilson. 1
.... _,v
Haw Are K
are not*
^ qualitie
Model Sh
Livingstone Bir
1 Pay
tie col<I werftber, in ' I
? ' '
rei.at Brown's nuv
Coats for $3.98 and ?
worth $15,' $18. or $20
hat formerly f-oid I'm- "
rs to be sold at 20c on
and Men's and Boys'
Clarksburg, tt. Va.
b *
b (By Associated Press.) *
b ST. LOUIS, Feb. 19.?Mrs. +
Anne McLean Towler said to *
b have been the flrst woman bank +
b president in the United States, *
b died at her homo here today. +
b A few weeks ago. she was re- *
b elected president of the First +
Mb Votlnmil Rnnlf nf \ft. Plfiflaflnt +
Tex., of which sho had bean the +
? head for more than twenty +
years. +
* *
In the City of Chicago Stirs the
Police of That City into
CHICAGO, Feb. 1!)?Two bomb
txplosions, one of which, early in tho
lay wrecked the front of the home
jf Modeetlno Mastrogiovannai anil
he second tonight which did lesser
damage to the rear of the Chine?n
estaurant in a structure which fornerly
housed the notorious Pricing's
dance hall, stirred the police
rito action. MastrbiglOvannFfbrnlory
a private banker, whose affairs
ire now In the bankruptcy courts,
laid lie. had received a "blackhand"
effar. ' 4n. Italian woman aiid her
son were arrested. The woman, who U
laid she had lost $1,00(1 In the bank
ailure, denied any knowledge of the
ixploslon. Search Is being made for I
ler husband.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.?David R. I
Panels, of St. Louis, will notify President
Wilson early next-week whether
le wiil accept the post of ambassador I
o Russia. .Mr. Francis would succeed
leorgo T, Mao'o whoso resignation I
ias been accepted.
our Dress | 1
Sir? I
most important accesa
Mail's Dress Outfitould
fie faultless in fit m
;he Jiiglrcst quality, /
re shoving a patent Jul
four-eye tie Oxford,
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an ideal dancing shoe, I I
s noiseless as runner
ghter than ordinary
they represent the
ide of shoe making and
?d for. their good' fitting'
IiL SIZES, $5.00
ioe Store
os. & Clinton
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IBs i_; ,.ei'/S^VAl. a i Lis.;

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