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I A !
|l Challenge
We claim no tailor
in the United
Kf *
States is now pro
clothes then w e
will make for you
from $16 upwards
Genteel Shop
Fourth St.
Clarksburg*s Best
. u
ninrmi i naurn
ibftbtbflLL bWKItb
Between Leading University
y Teams Will Be Played
This Spring.
A number of Intel-sectional baseball
y; games between the leading eollcge and
J|? university nines of the South. Kant
g- and middle West will he a feature nf
tt^the intercollegiate baseball season
3 'which will open early next month.
31 During the southern training trips of
the eastern 'varsity teams, Virginia
3T will play Amherst, Williams. Harvard,
Yale and Cornell. The navy has
A games with Amherst. Lufayeite. WiljT
Hants. Cornell, Harvard and Trinity.
2 Coorgetown will meet Williams. Penn
Ig' State, Princeton and Yale,
jj. Later in tlie season several of the
fj southern and western college nines
4 will play In the East, the principal
& contests being as follows: Harvard
vs. Georgetown, Vu.; Yale vs. Virginia
g and Georgetown: Williams vs. Vir5,'
glnla: Princeton vs. Virginia and
Army vs. Georgetown. Both Michlgan
and 'Michigan Aggies will play
one or more games In the blast, the
a" leading contests -being Rochester vs.
Michigan Aggies; Michigan vs. CorX
nail. Syracuse. Swarthmore and Pctin?.
sylvania. .
5 Defeated by St. Louis Ameri- i
cans in First Game of a
Four Game Series.
MEMPHIS, TenMarch 18.?1The f
j- St. - Louis Americans found two
*' MeniOhift nitrh(ir? oahv Irnlnv and rln. '
*? - m r.?, ,.v. . oiiu uv"
C feated the Memphis Southern Assocla5.
tton team ! tc? 4 in the first nf a four
3: game series. Score:
-* St Louis I American i !? 8 4*
Eg/"-. S- Batteries: Parks, Koeb and Hartley.
Em S Merritt* Kerr and Andren and Hue!.
IKre Lv,
i ^ ^ '
p| 5 and you will get the best li
Bi,: ^ jnansbip that skill can nial
p Here in Clarksburg in our
I f f Bloch - Parrish
[M "Made in C
5 Pike Street.
I ?$. ' . . -1.
' ; 7
mm 16 |
Walter Johnson Will Bowl in
Annual Atlantic Coast Bowling
Association Tourney.
WASHINGTON. 1>. C.. March IX.-Walter
Johnson, Hie famous pitcher,
is going to roll In the Atlantic Bowling
Tournnmenl. to be held In this
rlly, starting April :i. He will be j
one of ten members of the Washing-;
ton hull club that will participate in j
this great sporting event, and us this;
will be Johnson's tlrst, attempt at i
bowling, speculation Is rife as to how!
last lie will throw the ball down tliet
alley. If he puis as much s'peed and j
"stuff on the mlnariilltc ball as he<
does on tlie horsehide pellet one or)
more pin hoy Is liable lo go to the;
One week remains in which to Blej
entries for the big national capital
tournament. The sixteen new alleys
are well on the way to completion I
and the mammoth tournament building
covering at least live acres of!
space is fast assuming a carnival aspect.
Not only will there he live hundred
howling teams, furnishing line
examples of the great winter sport,
\ . - J . I ?.lit 1_. ....t. H..1.I.V ..I.
mil IIHTH Will III' I'llUUKII .Hill- .-.IIIHV
f< attires connected with Jin* tourna-j
inent lo make every minute ul the
time 8pent in the building or an enjoyable
one. It. Ik theno fcnturoH of [
the tournament, coupled with (lie opportunity
to nee the national capital
array oil in ail its springtime glory
that Ik maklg 'he Atlantic Coast
Itowllng Association event, a wonderful
Battery Rescues Owner from
Mud When His Engine Fails :
to Pull Him Out.
While demonstrating a new car. a
salesman for the Charleston, S. ('.,
Motor Sules Company got into a pretty
mess, lie might have been there yet
if the Willurd storage battery on the
car bad not come to his assistance.
Priithliw rrnwlo n I'fdl't filtunvu Itmiliu
Ullllll,' lfUUIl <tl 1 M ' ? " " ? ," M
Minis, us 1 liis muii hooii discovered.'
The cat performed beautifully until
it was driven into mud and wnlrr so,
deep that the motor stalled. Water)
came la through the carburetor air In-1
take and starting again was impos-i
Luckily Tor himself ami Ills prospect,
the demonstrator was not nfald;
to try something, lie ran the motorj
from the Willard starting battery,
slipped into low gear and [Milled the
car entirely/tut of the mud hole with
the electric motive power. Afterwards
he said that while he wouldn't reeom-;
mend car owners using their batteries
in this way, at the same time he was
mighty glad he had a battery as good
as he did.
Baseball Team Will Meet Sun-1
day Afternoon at Manager
Nobber's Home.
1 ?
All the tmseball players of the city
and suburbs who wish to try out with I
the Stcaley 'Heights baseball team are
requested by Manager C, L. Webber toi
meet at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon
at his home at Hurt land addition.
The following players have signed
for tryout: Oldaker, Long and Kennedy,
cuteliers; Whllnpy and DeGoyler,
pitchers; Stegrist. Wolf. Stutlor and
(Itryan, in Holders; Prank and 'Fred
i'augtienux and several other outlielders.
A comparison of the physical roc- ,
ords of present day and former classes !
at Yale disclosed sonic Interesting:
data regarding the Improvement generation
by generation in the American
man and boy. Comparing the physical
statistics of the Vale classes of
]8!M and it'll) 1? is seen that I he freshman
of today is nne-tlfih of a year
younger when entering college: a full
inch taller; one and one-third pounds j
lighter and has more than one inch >
greater chest development than his i
In Four Innings (lives the (lame io
Hie Detroit Americans.
< / Af ftOCIATCO Pftltfl)
WACO. Tex.. March 18.?By heavy1
hitting In four Innings the Detroit
Americans defeated the Waco Texas
League team here today 11 to 2.
Detroit (American) 11 38 o
Waco (Texas League) 2 2
Butteries: -Marshall. McTlgue and
.Stanage.1 Closman, Donalds and Kollly
and Tolaiul.
Judge Sheridan E. Frye. of Chica-j
go. lias .sentenced John Dornbua to;
take 182 baths, one u day for six',
months while In the House of Cor-i
.. 1
* * i Liijiia ivui uuuti nun iii irnn-ij gn it i
rhiii'Kt* of abURiQff hlfl wife nml ro-.
fusing to keep clean.
" -"-r - .. . . . ..._ -- I
it. style, quality and workw<*.
Voursuit will be made
own sanitary workshop.
l Tailoring Co
. * Masonic Temple
World Championship Pugilist
Says Cole Car is Greatest
Machine Ever Made. ij
A clrciiH came to Indianapolis IhcH
latter part of Inst Hummer, h was'
one of thopn real-for-sure, wild and
woolj* wild West shows with Indiana
and cowpunchers and cow girls and j
rillpft and <4ine.stage wagons and a
Bui In addition it had a feature at- j
traction per excellence that was
played "P on the billboards as tlio ;
only one of Its hind in the world. For ]
this show-carried with it as its hp"- j
clrtl drawing card one Jesse Wlllard ]
? the world's champion of the prl/.e
ring. .
Hatlrly liad the show unpacked j
ami pitched its tents on the West |
\N ashlnglorrst reet shov. irrmtiids than ,
Willard and hia manager, Tom ,
Jones, sauntered forth to arm what
they could see. .Sport* from the ,
crowiih of tholr heads to the soles of
tli'dr shoes, tlicy had taken u keen
delight in the motor cur game. In J
fact, Tom owned a ear.
Inspects Factories.
Interested as lhey were, and real-jj
ir.lng that they were in ih<' second
greatest automobile center hi Ameri- j
cn, Jesse and Tom derided that they1,
would take a took around at the ,
various motor car factories In the j
Hoosler capilol. An obliging sales- }
man with the f'ole Sales Company, (
of Imlinhu. off? red to ? icort them .
and they accepted Ills overture, lb*
to'ok them oui to itn* Cob lartory and
Uiiicker than it fakes to tell ahout it;
Willard bought one of the Cole Might '
cars. He did not even ask In hfl,is
shown further. It was a ease of 1
love at first sight. The ear was do- j
liveroil to Mrs. Willard at her home '
hi J.os Angeles. '
I'.iiys Second Car.
A few days ago It. I". Henderson. i
assistant manager ol the Cole Motor t
Car Company, received a long-did- i
lnneo-eiill from Chleago. (
"Hello," said n vole at the other f
end of the wire. "This is Jess W il- (
laid." I
"Well, glad to hear from you.",i
Mr. Henderson replied. "What can (
w do for you?" 1
"I just railed up to place an order i
for another of those Cole Mights. I I
Floor Space So as to Be Able' i
to Manufacture More I
Automobiles. >
To meet increased demand for I
manufacturing space, ground was i
broken al the plani of the chulmers s
Motor Com puny early in the week for i
a main txiildine* -too feet long, sixty. l
feet wide and four stories high, to
cost 1150,000. The building will i
have a wing sixty by fifty feet, and |
with the recently-completed service J
building, will add 156.000 square feet' i
of floor space to the Chalmers plant, t
Although the Chalmers factory lias I
long been known as one of the larg- I
est and most completely equipped 1
automobile plans in the city, the re- I
cent jump in production from ln.onti i
to over <11),000 ears per year has made t
necessary the new additions. l
"liullding Number Two." as the':
new structure will he known. Is an r
exact duplicate, both architecturally t
and iu size, of the three main build- 1
ings now facing Jefferson avenue. I
Albert Kahn is the architect, and ho'I
REACH'S 1911
Thirty-fourth Annual Handbook'1
of American League Contains
Much Information. ,
The 11116 I tench American League '
Guide?the ottlclal handbook of the
, t.. .. 1 I-..
fcifui niujur n'ujiur jinr^iui-u uwr iij
famous lian Johnson?lias just made 1
itH over welcome appearance. thus
ttshcrlug In one more baseball sea-,
son; u function which It has lullllled
each spring Tor thirty-four cptutecutive
years. This long contiuuntlon of
publication alone has served to make
the Kcach Guide the standard annual
publication of the hasehall world,
without considering the merits of the i 1
contents or the book, which is edited (
by Krancls C. itlchter. the veteran '
baseball writer and authority. This 1
year the Guide has been re-arranged,' 1
being grouped Into four distinct sec- 1
tions, u method that makes it cspe- '
cially easy to search out matters of,"
reference and record. Probably of
equal importance with the new arrangement
is the article dealing with
the settlement of the baseball war,
and the return of the sport to its old
stable basis.
The American League Field.
Thy book gives a complete review ||
ol the American League's iifteenth
eventful season as a major league;
complete records and averages of the
American League J915 race and players;
a graphic story of the 1915 :
world's series between the Bostoni
Red Hox and the Philadelphia N'a-;,
Gonitis; a synopsis of all remarkable
American League feats of the 1915:
season; anil a general review of all
* < At- - A ? .. /v ut
matters unccunK '?* ?un-in.?u
League during ttio whole of 191G and
up to date of publication, la this,
section also urn given reviews of the
remarkable happenings during the
1015 season, and the roster of the
champion Boston lied Sox. Bust,
group and action pictures of the officials,
magnates and leading players
o* the American League are also given.
The Field at Large.
The National League race of lfilTils
also fully treuted and exhaustive
averages of the National League players
are furnished, together with portraits
of the leading pluyers in the
1913 season; especially designed action
pictures of all 1915 National
League teams In the order in which j
they linlshed;* and the router of thej
* c - '
' :r*v; \v ;" : 7 V;<
want this nnc for my own use. My
wife has been writing Much glowing
letters about the excellent service
die's g';/.lng from that Cole Eight
I bough: for her when I wax in Intliina
polls Inst fall, that she's made me
lealoUM, and 'I've decided that phe'd
have nothing on me.
Wanted 1 Old Model.
"I want one of those new cars that
I have br.cn reading About, and I
want it all dolled up so I can carry
It with trie when I am out on the road
with the Sells shows this summer.
I want It specially painted and upholstered,
with wire wheels and extra
tirea; everything that, you can
put on It und be consistent.
"And. by the way. I'm mailing you
i deposit today. It will reach you in
the morning. When you get a moment.'
time figure out how much the
?xtra frills are going to cost und let
in- know so that 1 can have a check
ready for the remainder when the
.. t ?.l II 1 ??
tvii ai 11 v i n, /viiii ii <iii> ulmi v iiniva
roil what 1 think or the Colo Right,
lust toll them fo'* ui?* that thoro isn't
i car in the world that can compare
with it. I own a tug Ruropoan car.
I am going to put it in storage as
<oon as the Colo Right arrives."
Jess WiUnicl's Colo Eight Is being
bullt at l lie Cole factory ilI Indianapolis.
It is >aid to he one of the
most striking "jobs" that has been
produced at the plant, It will be
itoelc thro'iv.hout with the exception
)f the special upholstery and painting
ind the wire wheels.
.1 til loirs like Cole < 'ties.
A nutnher nt other prominent men
n the sporting world, also, are <iulle
ih gtaiinch Cole iiooslers as Mr.
tVilTard. Among them are Jake Dauiert.
the rnmou.s hasehall player, and
Hike Gibbons. th" pugilist. Hoth of
hetn own Cole Rights.
"Kver since the Cole Company
darted to build motor cars,*' said
-cott Thompson. "Its cars have won
he esteem of prominent athletes. I
an remember when during one seaon
half n dozen of (lie big leaguers
iwnod our cars. Fully us many
toughl them last year. The same
tilde coos with the possession of a
'ole that goes with the ownership of
vhen he buys it that he's getting a.
i blooded race horse. One Is sure
las provided space on the main floor
or factory otllccs and store rooms.
The iest of the building will he deoted
to manufacturing, over. S75.>00
in machinery, iiaving just been
purchased for this purpose. The
structure will bo modern throughout
liuI will contain Individual locker
ind wash bowl space aud other conveniences
tor cmployoes.
The new service building will be
>sud exclusively for manufacturing
jarts for Chalmers models of past
ears. It is estimate that there are
tow some 60,000 Chalmers cars in
he hands of owners, and the added
arlltties of Ihe new building will aid
lie service department in promptly
tiling parts orders. To furnish this
milding with machinery, the entire
ncchanieal equipment of a big I)erolt
mnchlne shop was purchased,
ogether with additional machines at
mi outlay of f 100,000. An entirely
separate battery of drop hammers has
ilso been installed for making forging*!.
to obviate the necessity for interrupting
work In the regular facor
forge shop.
rdiatnpion liUS- Philadelphia team.
Details and scores of the fall Interleague
series are g^ven. - The mino'r
league Held has been more exhaustively
covered than ever before, and
I U n * ?! u n it ?1 ??? ? ?? n/tM ' ?%Il x>f I I* **
in*- irvunin iiuu ul uii ui uiu
minor leagues tire given In full, together
with group pictures of,champion
teams 0/ nearly all leagues. Topping
all there is a splendid editorial
review of the TJIJ8 soason In the enlire
baseball world, embracing the
American League, the N'allonal
League and the National Association.
.Additional Special Features.
In addition to I he above there Is a
great deal <*f general Information
contained In special articles, namely,
it record of all major inter-lea'guo
games of 191 5, and details of various
record breaking events in 1915. Special
chapters are devoted to the nohit
games of 1915; the deaths of
Big Auto Shi
Be Helo
-. t
Under the Auspices of the Ohio
Valley Automobile Club
Next Week.
WHETKLING. March 1 8.?'I he Ohio
Valley Automobile . ,ub of Wheeling,
will hold during the week commencing
March 27, one of the "biggest"
and best" automobile shows ever
held in West Virginia.
The entire market auditorium, the
largest building of its kind in the
state, will be used for exhibiting the
1*1 o ?ft i.i 4i %* n 11 ?? 1*1 rs uno nA (11
Linn?-1UIU * *** J lltttlitlVII- jl ynvv I 4J
the vast hall has been taken by automobile
manufacturers or their dealers,
and there will be shown all the
latest 10 if. models, ranging in price
from $350 to $5,000. This will be
one of the most complete displays for
variety of curs ever shown in the
There will be exhibited one new
car, around which there has been a
great mystery- litis space was sold
with the understanding that the
name of the car would not be given
until the opening date of the show.
The large dance hail in the n.orth
end of tbe.building is connected with
the"main hall' and will be used for
SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 1915.
W15; the remarkable extra-Inn In*
games of 1915; and some wonderful
teeord breaking pitching and batting
feats In. the major and minor leagues.
i The work of the great minor league
body.- the National Association, and
the national cominlMion la also detailed.
Other special articles deal
with the annual meeting* of the
American League and National
League, and the work of the Iiase&ill
Players' Fraternity. A new feature
t in the daily race record of the Amer|
ican League and National League.
Tlir Official Playing Rules.
The 1916 Reach Official American
' League Guide also contains the nioBt
important requisite to give it official
i stamp and public value, namely, the
! revised and correct uniform playing
I rules code of 1!?1 fi. together with the1
, 191f# championship" schedules of the;
American League, National League, i
1 and various important minor leagues.!
In short, everything of interest ori
value either for record or rcfeence,,
will be found within (lie covers of
thlu *reni honk, which is thus really'
a complete history of baseball in i
1915. The Reach American league I
Guide for 1915 is for sale by all news |
j dealers.
Rowing Team is Introduced'1
at Cornell and is Meeting I
wtih Favor.
Reports from Ithaca state that newi,
electric flash light system, recently j
i Installed upon the Cornell rowing nia- i
| chines, for the purpose of timing the
! strokes of the individual oarsmen, is
1 proving an excellent help In the,
I poaching of the crews. The device us !
i now working consists of a scrips of:
tiny electric bulbs, a red one and a
white one in front of each oarsman,
, with a set of eight together, one rep'
resenting each rower, in front of the j
entire combination. The tights flash '
on only during the forward stroke of [
j the oars.
Pulling the stroke oar of the eom- ,
bination, number eight, lights all of '
j the white lights down the row and
the one representing stroke In the
group in front or the combination.
! Then as each of the other oars 1b 1
pulled the Individual red lights, together
with the given one in the front 1
I group, flash ou. Exact correspond- i
once of action between the red and i
white lights in front of any oarBman
I shows that he Is in time with the t
stroke. Exact correspondence of the
I eight lights of the group shows that ,
i tiie entire combination is rowing in <
perfect regularity.
Although the entire mechanism is
1 a novelty and worked out now for
the llrst time, the coaches expect '
i marked assistance from it in develop- 1
' ing the perfect regularity necessary '
i to a first class crew. With the lights
to indicate at a glance the exact timing
of any man in relation to the
i stroke, the coaches will be able to
devote almost their entire attention
, to perfecting the oarsmen individually
in necessary points of form and
' style and will not have to devote the
| time formerly necessary to watching i
! the combination's ryhthm.
! Nationals Defeat Galveston Team ljy
Score of 4 to 51.
GALVESTON*. March 18.?The New
I York Nationals today defeated Galveston
of the Texas league 4 to 3. ,
, Score:
(New York (National) 1 !) o
Galveston (Texas League) ....3 f? 1 ,
iBatterles: Schupp. Schaucr and
Pooln. Schmidt, Barfoot and Scott.
The revolver teams of San Fran- 1
cisco. Pittsburg and Spokane are tied
for ttrst place In the annual Intercity
tournament of the United States
Revolver Association and a special
shoot-off series may be necessary to
, decide the winner of first place prize.
i MILWAUKEE,e,*Mai,P.""*8.?Freddy
j Welsh, lightweight champion and
' Ritchie Mitchell, of Milwaukee, have
been matched for n ten-round bout
I ho*>n fA?* A.I than Anvil 1 aw A null "I A
I IICIl* iui vi viici 'I U1 *4|M II u v ,
I it was announced tonight.
Vaughan Hurley and Isaac Joseph3,
' champion checker players or Georgetown.
Del., resented advice offered by
la spectator and in the fight which
followed one man lost his ear. A
I score wore badly bruised.
I at Wheeling
, the exhibition of accessories and motorcycles.
In this lurirt! room there
will be displayed every form of nppllunce
that is used or eau be used
; on an automobile. The exhibits are
not alone frotn Wheeling dealers, as
space hus been reserved by jobbers
j and manufacturers all over tne country.
Owing to the large demand for exhibiting
space, plans are now under
way for the removal of seats In the
i balcony of the main hall. This
space will then be divided off for
| other accessory and tiro dealers.
The show will be open all day and
during the evenings, .uuslc will be
played at all hours. A variety of entertainment
provided. Thursday
evening, March 110, has been set aside
as "Society N'IkIU," with special
; lures in the way of singers and muj
Many people throughout the Greater
Wheeling district have already
planned to attend the show before
purchasing a car for spring delivery,
as they will then be able to see the
various makes and hare a complete
.explanation given them < by able rep1
rescntatlves. *
C kiiiiiii
I The i
1" TRE
i ^ r //~*i nw\ r y
** Xf/rJ If.VfLf
? #/#" Aj jT
|| Y
"'a Comii'ni
>vl/r stf / Adoantai
** /f . V/*1/ Non-Ski
#Ae <f?i
*# w/& / ant' f'*1
^ I r/^/' Tread T}
*1 ^ / NEWCOMER At
a / Cop. Main and Monti
2; ' Phonos: Bell 02G-.1.
|?|L 1 1 J..IAJLJ. -LJ. -I 4 J. -i a
LilP t t f t T T ? T r T T T T 3
Manufactures One Hundred
Thousand Cars of the
1916 Model.
Willys-Overland officials wired John
S'orth Willyn, president of that com-)
...L^ j.. 1. 4 _ 1 rm i ?
[Jiinj. wau is cnrguic iu i^uiiiuiuiu.
hat on Monday the factory passed the
hundred thousandth car of the 1916
nodels. " j
This bi& record of a tenth of a mil-,
lion cars stands without a precedent!
n the manufacture of cars of tills size'
ind type.
It was only in 1908 that Mr. Willys,!
is head of the Willys-Overland Com- i
lany, celebrated the production of 400
mrs a year as the conclusion of a sue-'
:essful year's business.
These production figures have stead- i
ly risen so that you can drop out at
:he Overland plant most, any Saturday
uorning and see them build and ship
nore automobiles in Saturday's half
Srtamps P
?: *
Unfilled Orders March 1 Totaled
3,748 Cars?May Be
Shortage of Sixes.
Very early In the presen't season'
the Palge-Detrolt Motor Car Com- (
pany announced that It had opened
large additions to its factory and installed
new machinery and labor
Having devices that would enable It
to produce 175 cars a day. Its production
schedule for the year was announced
as 20.000 cars.
tn spite of these strenuous preparation
and the enormous increase in
production, the Paige now faces a
Bhortage in Falrftelds, the ,4Slx-46"
aevon passenger model, and although
the factory is working night and day
the unprecedented demand for cars
has swamped* tt.
On March J. or this year, the humber
of orders on the factory books
From Paige denlerB throughot the
country- totalled 3.74 S cars, valued at
All Sizes
232 Cour
Fine Ta
MY ^jgltVICES.
j: jikkk
Harrison County Aul
Careful Drivers, B
Either PI
i. > - .i- .v
? - |
Yea; \l
RSAL > I f
AD *
K No Other ! i m
V Tire Like It ^ i
J ~ ,., . ^
r tor AU-round I J
? ? !
? m
I *
i *
>te the-Heavy Broad W
Flat Tread 1
nf All the <^3HS& v
rei of Other ^
</? of Both ^
[|?f Tread ^
e Suction 1^3 ^
cello Avenue. fJ WL, ; J'
Home 219-Y Udl?F' V
day's work than were formerly built
and shipped in an entire year.
Shipments to date are more than
tbree times the volume for the same
period .lost year.
There are 448 recognized makers of
automobiles in the Tnited States. According
to estimate, they will produce
upwards of a million cars during 191G.
The Willys-Overland Company will
build approximately twenty per cent
of these to the value of more than a
hundred million dollars.
This entire 1916 production of
Overloads and Willys-Knight's is sold
and'under contract Overland dealers
now number nearly 5,000 In"this country
and Canada. *
These cars are known the length
and breadth of the world, Overland
dealers and Overland service arc- at
hand in every civilized country.
Foreign dealers alone number about
500 and Overland cars are as familiar
a sight In Reykjavik, Iceland, as in
the streels of our own city.
J #?
ed Demand
aige Factory
i 1 i i
about 84,000,000. Practically every
one of these orders are for Immediate
delivery. This is a tremendous
Increase over the orders on hand at
the same time a year ago.
SlilrnnontH fnr Mnrch Rhow n cor
responding-gain over last yeah During
the month the increased schedule
of production will enable tho
company to ship twenty-five full
train loads of Paige "Falrflelds" seven
passeng Sixes. And yet the real
selling season, the brisk spring days,
have not arrived.
In view of the present demand for
Paige Fairfield Sixes and the shortage
that demand threatens, tlw
Paige executives are not looking forward
to the opening of the spring
selling season with equanimity, for
they kn6w disappointment 1b In store ?
for some. They feel, however, that
this avalanche of business Is an unmistakable
and unfque testimonial
tended to their product and that it is
not without Its significance.
Ie Lamps
All yoltages I
Electric Co.
t Street. .
?\. i. ?- ? . . *
ib win* nuimiNo.
1 -
to aid Garage Co.
ft ' *' * .... "
est Rates in City.
ione 728

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