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WjffM >* r--' :4<
1 seworder
to new
Holding Them Accountable for
the Despatches They Send
pfe under the Defense Act.
% car amociatco
COLUMBUS. X. M.. March 18 r'
Now orders Were issued here today
holding every newspaper correspondent
accountable for his despatches
'.'under the national defense act.
"The man who gets a scoop Is an
arch criminal." said Major W. It.
Sample, commanding officer of the
Columbus camp, today, "and 1 have
evidence to bring several under the
federal law."
"American soldiers' lives already
, have been possibly endangered by
o T'lnlntlmio ?f Hut mKKrni'otuDL _ OUI/I
tlVintlVKfl IN l<IKi VTHOUI nlli|f<7,
j Major fain pi o.
< The major took measures tod ay
j, to make correspondenls strictly ac
countable to the national defense
law, which. he says, In- is going to
sea Is observed. Ho received an order
to this effect from General Funs';
?*V A*?OC!AT|TO *ttl SI)
WASHINGTON. March 18.?The.
warning to newspaper correspondents
. at Columbus that thoy would he held
responsible for their despatches under
the nstt tonal defense net appears
to have been issued without any special
Instructions from the war department.
If the purpose is to prevent the
dtsposurr in newspaper dispatches of
any military, information regarding
the progress of General Pershing's
campaign it was said the act would he
of no avail.
Official:; arc at a loss to see how
the act enn be invoked successfully
to prevent the disclosing by newspaper
correspondents of the movements
of the troops in Mexico.
Over the Bier of the Late Senator
Shively and Business
is Suspended.
<?T OCIAT*r> ??? ?>
S0LTI1 REND, Intl.. March 18.?The
funeral of the late I'nited States Senator
iHcnJnmin F. Shively. was held
this afternoon from the family resilift
Tiff* In flifo pltV. llin Borvlnnu wltfjili
were private, being of a very simple
~ nature.
'Business here was suspended during
the hours of the ftmeral. Throughout
9f the morning hundreds or the senator's
..friends passed hy the funeral bier
which was surrounded hy a wealth of
. . floral tributes,
*. J Will Be Made Rather Than
| < Whiskey and Sent to the
Warring Nations.
T-EXIXUTOX. K>\. March 1$.?With
announcement of the sale at Midway.
Ky.. today of one of the largest distilleries
in that section of Kentucky
-to Cincinnati and I-ouisville interests.
it became known that this one and
\ three other of Kentucky's leading
; manufacturers of .whiskey would cease
- making this product und devote their
energies to making alcohol to till orders
for export to European nations
* .? rrn f*??l ! > . i-#. ?
_ vufeufetru in nui.
The other three distilleries are 1o*.
^ rated near Ijcxiugton.'
. Along with Others Will Come
| Up in Court Wednesday on
Motion to Quash.
!. :
YOUXGSTOWN. O.. Mareli H- Judge
\V. ?. Anderson today an"nottneed
that t.h" hearing of the motion
to mash the indictments against
six steel companion and K. IT. Gary.
Indicted on a charge of conspiring to
fix the price or labor and steel, will
be held Wednesday. March 22. The
steel company lawyers contend that
the -indictments were faulty. The
- hearing of this motion is expected tc
be the beginning of a long legal battle
In the Mahoning county courts.
+ + "l'4, + ++ + + ,l' + + + + + 4i
+ 4
J. Willi* lam ar L'ttan a.
" i^nir ii\m ii irr ruuir. t
+ <?r *i*oci*Tto i>mcss> ?
+ ?tl^aden with sufficient food
. > + and other supplies to last 2f?0
Z + men for three months, the
+ transport Hancock sailed from ?
-j. + the Philadelphia navy yard late
+ today for Pensacola. Kla.. ro ?
+ await orders. The transport
. + took only its regular crew.
| I Newcome
I: f- . DISTR"
I Corner Ma
I j| | Phones: Belli
i ^ . ?
1 * - *
+ .
f? A
* 11142 COAL DUAL +
.+ .
+ ( ? AHOCH1ID .f
- FAI HiMONT, March 38.?'The
* Fairmont and 'Mnnongabclu +
+ Coal Company, composed of +
+ Chicugo capitalists, announces +
+ thai it has purchased 8,000
+ acres of Sewlckley coal In +
+ Marion and Monongalia conn- +
+ tic*. The deal Involves ovpr +
+ $500,000, Operations in the +
+ field will begin within four +
+ months. +,
* +
Of Boards of Education by
Counties Will Begin in Warshall
County March 27.
? fpv
tttfCIATM) rKMll
011A It LKSTC'X, March 18, Announcement
was made today by the'
department of schools that beginning i
in .Marshall county March -7 and con-1
tinning to Include July 1. the annual |
county conferences of district hoards,
of education throughout, the state will j
1... l.j.lrl 'Pl.a tiniinlii mt ti/h ni AM t it 1
Iff Ill-Ill, I III- liUlliJl y r?u !vi i iiLuuncii i r*
will be assisted ill these ennferences
by members of the state department.
At similar eonferences held last year
over seventy-five per cent of all the
district boards In the state attended.
In the County Jail after Being !
Wounded by Proprietor of
a Bedford Hotel.
ItlSLM-'aKI >, l*a? March IK.?A man
who gave his age as 80 and is known,
only as "Rocky" died in the county
jail today after being shot and fatally |
wounded last night by Walter H. j
Hauler, proprietor of a local hotel. The !
man was discovered prowling about a '
lower floor of the hotel with a hand- j
kerchief over the lower part of his .
. face and he had packed up consider-1
aide food to carry away. At an inquest j
late today me notet Keeper was exonerated
front all criminal responsible
~ DENIAL ~ ,
Of Charges is Filed by Gaffney
; Who Was Asked to Resign
as Consul General.
*iar-.i*Tto mttti
John Gaffney, who resigned as Amer-!
ican consul general at Munich. Germany,
on request of the state depart-'
jinent. filed with the war department;
today a general denial of the charges!
which tod to his removal. He tie-!
ciared he never had been guiliy of;
i unneutral acta or utterances, never |
had criticized Secretary Bryan or
other state department officials ami j
' had given British subjects under Ills;
protection every attention.
As Discussed at a Home near
Mt. Airy Results in Death
or Last or uian.
UOA1XOKB. Va.. March 18.? Jack
Allen, last of the noted Allen clan, of;
, Carroll county, was shot and killed J
last night in the home or Mrs. Roberta'
Martin, five tnlles from Mount Airy, X.!
('., by Will M'oGraw. a hlockader.
On bis way home from Mount Airy.!
where he adkl a wagon load of lumber.
Allen stopped at Mrs. Martin's
home to spend the night. McCraw |
came daring the evening.
Discussion of the Allen trials of
throe years ago which resulted in
some of the clan being put to death
for the raid on the IliUsyille court
house led to a quarrel. The shooting
' followed. Officers are looking for Mc
1: t'raw. He is believed lo be hiding
with friends In the mquntalri wilder
In Ohio futility Court fur Alleged i
Shortage of Funds as Treasurer.
WHHKTjIXG, .March 18!?William M.
Clemens, former sheriff of Ohio county.
was named defendant in a notice
( f judgment filed for the taxpayers b"
Prosecuting Attorney .McKee today.
The notice states that on March 27
the county will ask judgment for
$14,7-17. claimed due the taxpayets as
interest on funds entrusted to Sh ritf
( Clemens and ten per cent damage. j
, i i
:r Auto &
ily Co.
in Street and
llo Avenue
'Ju - ' -V"-"- 1
' -vp. * ' j A"*i& -1' :* < . jy- J - --f
Latest Reports of Operations in
West Virginia, Pennsylvania
and Ohio.
The advance in ihc credit balance
markul wan the feature i>f the wiekl
in the eastern Ileitis, It came on Kriday
morning when the Joseph Hcep i
purchasing agency advanced the ijuot- j
ntInn for crude of tin 1'etms.vlvaiila
grade frtim $2?r>t| in J2a barrel.
The advance wus not unexpected for(
the reason that all grades of western
crude had bucn advanced since eastern !
crude hud been moved up. For some1
time the western markets have been
takine the initiative and the East fol
^ ]r?wirik.
Xow thai iIm- market has
passed the $2."iO mark there an* all
kin<ls of conjectures m ' > how much ,
higher it will go before n reaches ilit* i
top. Where Lite subjec t Is discussed.
Is most frequently mentioned as the i
prohahle high point. It hits been almost
twenty-one years since the credit
balance market registered $2.t?n and
then only for a day when it receded
to $2.40. A few months previous to
the phenomenal ris in ISit.'i, the Seep
purchasing agency posted notices that I
it would no longer recognize the spec-1
illative market in the price il would j
pay for crude and in the future base j
ils quotation on what the markets of
the world *would command. For a
very Itrlef period there was great ri-j
valry as to which could out hid. the
exchanges or the purchasing agency.
The struggle was of short duration j
and the purchasing agency won and
since thnt time there has been no speculative
Producers found the. new method
satisfactory nttd the fluctuations of the!
crude market during (lie itnervonllig
years have been governed generally
by the laws of supply and demand.
The present advance in the market
can be attributed to ilm Increasing;
consumption and the decline in the old i
fields. What was once considered by- j
products?gasoline in particular?
have eoine to a point, owing to In-!
creased consumption >hat the avail-,
able supply is no longer equal tnl
meet the demand. Once all foreign j
markets are accessible the demand |
will he Increased and the outlook for!
n long period of prosperity Is ahead
of the oil protlueer in the United
Field Developments.
Interest in Held developments has1
been revived sinee the advance in the
market and operators are keeping a
close watch on new discoveries. The
work at the present"time Is located for
the most part in the old district and
the completions at the end of the week
were not or the kind to cause much
comment. In the Korea grit pool in
Cabin creek district. Kanawha county,
W, Va., the Columbus Producing Company
is drilling a test on the R. U Mrl'onI
Company's tract through the
sand and it is a natural producer good
for fifty barrels a day. The wells in
this territory are not at their best
until after tiicy have been shot. The
location of No. 13 on the "Williams
Coal tract is 1,300 feet southeast of
No. 1 and adds some width to the pro
miciug limits or me development.
In Central district, Doddridge county.
the Hope Natural Gas Company
drilled No. I on the Tobias Moore farm
through the Hit? Injun sand and found
it barren. On Turtle creek, located
one and one-half miles southwest of
Dewey town, Fninn district. Harrison
county, the Koutli Penn Oil Company's
No. 3 on the J. V. Day farm was shot
in the lift h sand and shows very light.
The Gordon sand when drilled through
showed some oil and will probably be
given a shot in that formation and
from botli levels make a light punipor.
Ouster In Urookc County.
In the Deech Bottom district, Brooke
county, Collins and Company drilled
No. -i on the iHartloy farm through I lie
lieroa grit and found nothing, in the
same district, the Jefferson Glass Company
is driling a test on the R. I,. MeN'ab
farm. Across the line in Hancock
county, the I loot on Oil Company is
starting a test 011 the Mary M. Aiken
On Elk creek, Hacker's Creek district.
l^owis county, the Clarksburg
Light and Heat Company drilled its
No. 12K. located on the It. P. and N. A.
Slntltleworth farm through the fifth
sand and has a fair gasser. On Pole
Cat run, T'niou district. Harrison county,
lhc Hope Natural Gas Company
had the some kind of luck at a test
on the J. B. Harnett farm. On llingmnon
creek. Eagle district, the same
company has drilled a test on the'
Robert Boggess farm into the firth
sand and lias a show or nil.
Drilling and Starling Tests.
At a time when the market is advancing
there is always more or less
interest centered in test wells drilling
and starting. At the present time the1
discovery of new producing tcrlrtory j
Is greatly desired. On the West Fork
river. Union district, Harrison county,
the Clarksburg Light and Heat Company
lias started to drill a test on the
E. Davlsson farm. On Hock Camp
run. Sardis district, D. J. Carter and
Company are rigging up on the Holla
Moggcss farm. On Tcntnlle creek,
Parrish and CI rove have started a second
test on the \V. E. Allen farm. On
the West Fork river. Union district,
; the Fisher Oil Company Is drilling No.
i .1 on the S. I,. Perrine farm. Oa Tenmile
creek. Sardis district. G. K. Treat
is due in the sand at N*o. 8 011 the iM.
P. Dye farm. On Hall's run. Tenniilo
' district. Carter. Sheets and Jarvis
: have the rig completed for a second
test on the William Jarvis farm.
fin Utixlror'n crudk In UnolHir'd
; Crock district, Lewis county, the Ccn,
(nil Gits Company is due in the Cordon
sand ai a test on the Kdwnnl Swisher
farm. In Church and Grant district,
Wetzel county, the Carnegie Natural
Gas Company is drilling and making
locations for eight wolls. In the same
districts, the Hope Natural Gas Cotppanv
is drilling and starting nine
Southeastern Ohio.
yThe best wells In the list of lnte
completions in the Hoiithcaslern Ohio
fields are not .better than light mimo
I Quaker T"
IDunug-^hc week of A
lilavs'ever brought to Mi
splendid Linoleums, and
wonderful floor coverings
is finished. We invite yoi
? T
era. In I lie Wondslleld district, in,
Wayne township, Monroe county, Wll-1
liarn Sinning and Company completed i
No. I on the .1. Pickens farm and it Is
a ten barrel pumper in the Keener1
sand. In neartield township. Perry
county. T. E. Clark drilled a test on
the Henry Anderson farm through the
llerou grit and it is a gasser. In '.Monroe
'township, Keller Brothers und
Company's No. :in on the William Fisher
farm ati^j John Holden's No. 17 oni
the Kndgers Brothers' farm are drill-,
incieM i
m;:ii n_:? :_j._ c-_~i i -r
vv 111 Diuiy iiiiu reuerai ireaaury
This Year Approximately
Washington!"Ma""- is.?the'
income tax will place in the United.
States treasury this year approximately
$100,000,000 or |15.000,0irO j
more than was estimated last /all,
according to preliminary estimates
compiled today by the federal revenue
bureau. Returns last year were
about $80,000,000 and the new flgnre
is a record.
The estimates which cover both in-i
dividual and corporation returns are
based on telegraphic reports from vir-!
tually all revenue districts. So far;
$1!M84?t(00 been collected.
Is Caused in Republican County
Convention by Factional
.MUSKOGEE. Okla.. March 18?
Factional rivalries made the Muskogee
county Republican convention today
a scene of riotouH tumult which (
was not ended until J. C. Denton,'
one of the two rival chairmen, was;
pulled from the desk upon which he
stood and arrested, charged with carrying
concealed weapons. With his
arrest the supporters of ,T. .T. Mcn
wn Mt r\f PrtilS PiK* iMltwIillntn ffir
If lib VI* 'II I UV? VIV^j VUUU?\ll??v ?*?. |
tiational c6mnUtte|jnan, withdrew
and the adherents of James Harris,
of Wagoner, rival candidates for the
same position, continued their deliberations.
Trouble begun as soon as it be- j
came apparent that the Harris and [
McGraw factions would try to hold '
conventions in the same hall.
In the West Virginia Methodist
Episcopal Conference is
Dead at Wellsville.
WHEELING, March ilS?The llev.
F'. 11. J. King, aged 81, of Uuckhan
non, died tnis evening at uie Home or,
his son. Dr. Jennlng King, at Wellsville.
O. The Rev. Mr. King was
the oldest minister in the WeBt Virginia
Methodist Episcopal Confer
ence and spent flft/-seven years filling
various charges in this state. He
i has been supreannuated for the lust
ten years, residing at Ruckhnnnon.
The body will be taken to Ripley,j
W. Va.. for burial.
Are Charged by Senator .lones of ht~
limidnlitig llusincKs .Men.
tot Jones charged in the Senate toIday
that liquor interests lmd Intlnil-i
i dated business men here tof secuivc
'support of a movement foe a prohi- ;
I hit ion referendum in the District of i
j Columbia. The campaign, lie ?aid. {
J wan calculated to keep Congress
from acting on the Sheppard hill1
for prohibition in the district. i
++++ +++++++++*
+ +i
+ >
+ car *?(OCiATCD '
j + (iRAFTO.W March 18.?.Mrs. *
+ litiu Davis, aged -'6. of Rellng- *
'+ ton. charged with opening mall *!
+ addressed to another woman of +
+ the same name wan held under +
* bond to await.the action of the +
* federal grand Jury after a hoar- *
+ Ing before the United States *
+ commissioner here today. *
+ +
: v
., SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 1
HE D. M. (
Introducing a Sp
House cleaning tina
derful electric vacuum (
improvement 011 any oti
- taken tlie (hand Prize o
t ion. We want you to ct
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The price is very low co
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wit h tlie complete outfit
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J11 our basement w<
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statement which a visit
range of bedroom paper
* 211*1 f'fiin.i 111' :iin
>>.. OnI* Uug I >rs]>ai-tniei
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lurch 2<>th to 25tli, wo will 1:
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11 to see this display.
In Columbus, N. M., When1
Jump to Ground and Run
for a Restaurant.
COLUMBUS, X. M., March 18.?
(Passed by censor)?Sixty factory
mechanics, who arrived today from
Racine, Wis., to propare the motor
trucks Tor Held use, caused excitement
when after being aboard the
train Bereral hours without rood, they
iiimnpri tn thn ernnnd And with a
shout started for the leading restaurant.
Columbus forthwith became so
excited that the military patrol was
hurried to the spot.
Additional evidence of the tightening
of the censorship was contained
in the failure of the local weekly paper
to print anything today, Its regular
press day. except special notices.
There was nothing else which the
proprietor considered he had a right
to print.
The local telephone company also
Mas warned that only officers or men
of the army whose names were included
in a list provided should be
permitted to use the long distance
lines. The only civilians permitted
to use the toll lines are residents of
Colutnbus or persons well known to
the telephone operators, newspaper
correspondents being barred.
The arrival of the trainload of motor
truckB made it certain that the
American forces In the field will be
amply supplied wherever they may
go. It became known today that the
American expeditionary force is taking
every precaution against, disease
which has followed four years of
civil warfare in northern Mexico. All
along the border, also, medical officers
of the United States immigra
lion service are taking increased care
to prevent the introduction into the
United States ot smallpox, which Is
rampant in Mexico, particularly in the
western part of Sonora. All correspondents
were obliged todny to register
and present credentials at military
headquarters. Major Sample, the
censor, frankly informed them that
their services would be of little value
hero and intimated that the censorship
may be extended to other border
towns. The ruins of tho Commercial
hotel have been searched for souvenirs.
Several sabres, presumably
dropped by Villa officers, have been
picked up.
Train after train of food, forage,
clothing and other impediment of
war, havo been unloaded here. Occasionally
a creaking wagon train
made its dusty way out of tho camp
southward, but its destination was
not announced.
Consul on Steamer That Was
Sunk is Consul for Guate
mala at Stuttgart.
iar a* oovrto aa???>
AMSTERDAM, via London, March
18, 11:12 p. m.-?Richard Schilling,
who, with Is wife and daughter, was
on board the steamship Tubantln
when It was sunk; Is the consul for
Guatomala at Stuttgart, where he has
resided for thirteen years. He was
naturalised In the United States
thirty years ago. His wife Is a German.
The Almanach De Gotha gives
R. Schilling as the consul for Gnutemala
at Stuttgart.
frIEWude '
Is to Be Retained by Canti, the
Head of Mexicali, toward
< * tueciATiD null
I CALEXICO, Calif.. March 18?
Conditions in lower California and
the territory adjacent to Calexlco
are not such as to cause alarm in
connection with the present situation
in Mexico. Estoban Cantu, head
of the military government at Mexicali,
said last night.
Cantu said regardless of any complications
that might follow the pursuit
of the Villa bandits, he. would
retain his present friendly attitude
toward Americans.
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f processes through which it 11
+ +
+ *j
4* ibt associated rami a|>
+ NEW BEDPOMD, Mass., +'
+ iMarcb 18.?Dr. Henry S. lie- +
+ land, former postmaster gen- +,
+ eral of Canada, who has been in +
+ ihe custody of the Germans *
+ since the taking of Antwerp, is *
+ soon to be given his freedom *
+ through an exchange of prison- +
4? ers. according to information +
+ received by his friends here to- +
+ day. Dr. Beland wns acting as *
* a surgeon in Belgium at the +
time he was made a war pris- +
+ oner.
+ *
From the City of Chicago for
Army Service Reach El
Paso, Tex., Quickly.
.* ?<< " aviso*** At)
CHICAGO, March 18.?As an evl!
dencc of commercial preparedness, It
war announced here today that a
trainlond of motor trucks for army
service hnd reached El Paso yesterday
before noon having left Chicago
on Thursday morning.
The average speed for the distance
of 1,466 smiles excluding terminal*
delay was SO 1-2 miles an hour for
the train of fifteen cars. All records
v.ere broken in the assembling of the
trucks at the factory and In loading
i *
Is Found by General Pershing
at an Unnamed Point in
despatch from General Funs ton tonight
said General Pershing had reported
finding n supply of corn.'iilfalfa
and beef at an unnamed point
in Mexico. Whether the provisions
had been abandoned by fleeing Villa
troops or were purchases or requisitioned
by the American commander
>rns not stated. General Pershing
also asked for some water carrying
trucks and General Scott announced
that twenty-seven trucks had been ori
dcred from a private Arm and would
1 be forwarded to the expeditionary
force as soon as possible.
Reports Being Circulated by
Both Americans and Mexicans
on the Border.
WASHINGTON March 18.?Reports
I m ....n|nnM
lOUIgut jtruiu vui iuufi jiuiuta uiuug wif
' border, .particularly in the vicinity of
! El Pubo. told of efforts by somo Amori
leans and Mexicans in that territory
| to convoy Into Interior Mexico an im'
presslon that the American expedition
was the fore runner of intervention
Every effort to counteract the effect
of such activities is bolng made by administration
officials. Despatches are
going forth constantly to consular
officers with the purpose of reassuring
the Mexican people.
t +
* - i
J. < * A1IOCIATIO * !? >
+ liltXCO.LX. A'eb., March 15.? +
+ Opposition to the name of AYR- +
+ llam .T. Bryan, appearing on the +
fr Nebraska ballot as u candidate +
+ for delegate at large to the <
+ Democratic national convention <fr
+ on the ground that, the former
* cabinet member was not a Dom+
ocrat, was overruled today fiy *
* the secretary of stale of Ne- . +
* braska and /Mr.', Bryan's name +
+ will remain.
+ '
* * * + + + + + + * * + + + + +
' ' * ** /
K-r- ' -V ;V i&fflSSfefe*s. 'i-'iS
y j ft \fir- u
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Mr. and Mrs. J. Hornof Davis anil
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Pittsburg, accompanied by MIbs
Jphnson, of Canton, O.
Miss Julia Davis is spending her '
spring vacation from the Shipley
school at Bryn Mawr with her grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Davis. j
Quite u number of the college boy?
and girls'will arrive home this week
for their spring vacation.
Charles W. Louchery went to
Parkersburg Saturday night to spend
Ross Strosnider went to Farkersburg
Saturday night.
Sydney Britt came in from Dost
Creek Saturday evening to spend
Miss Lottie Westfall, of Morgantown,
is visiting In the city.
C. S. and C. F. Randall, are hen1
from Shinnston for an over Sunday
H. A. Sybert, of Wallace, is a visitor
C. W. Griffin, of Wheeling, is a
city business visitor. -3
F. G. Gilpin, of Wheeling, Is here AjJ
on a brief visit. ^
S. Nakagawa, a mining expert of
Tokio, Japan, is registered at the
Waldo hotel. |
L. S, Shahan, of Salem, is, here on
a brief visit.
E. C. Paugb, of Philippi, is a visitor
in the oity.
Mrs. John N. Sturm and Mrs.
Clark Martin, of Bridgeport, entertained
the Ladles' Aid Society of the
Baptist $hurch there a recent afternoon
In the basement rooms of the
church. A majority of the members
and a great many visitors were present.
The afternoon was ploasantly
spent in quilting and fancy work and
delicious refreshments were served.
It was a delightful affair throughout
and heartily enjoyed by all.
<SV associated PRESS)
WHEELING, March 38.?-River 33
feet, falling, cloudy.
Departures: Liberty for Mnlamoras.
II a. m. Reuben Dunbar for Charleston,
10 p. in.
PITTSBURG, March 18,?Davis Island
Dam 8.1 feet, falling, cloudy.
Stcubenvillc, 12.6 feet, falling,
Parkcrsburg, 11 feet, falling, cloudy.
Morgantown, 10.5 feet, falling,
Oil City, 2 feet, falling, cloudy.
Warren. 1.5 feet, falling, cloudy.
Phenomenal in Hsjxnter^iiSS
Cunninqham Brothers
p .
traction company
mms service
Tuesdays and Fridays of each
woek through March and April.
Leave Clarksburg Intern r ban
station at 10:00 a. tn.
Glen Elk Lumber Co.
(Successor to N
Johnson-Garrett Company.)
All kinds of building material.
Planing Mill Work of all
kinds. Everything with which *
to build a .house. No matter
: what you need In Lumber we
nhave-it and at,the right prices.
Send us your inquiries and orders.
i ,
,/ I , v'; ' , V.

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