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I ' 4
I Especially from the Military
i Standpoint According to An|
rroimcement by Sperry.
( * AiaOCUTCB ?!! )
NEW YOitK. April R?Elmer A.
Sperry, chairman of the committee
I of aoromuitic:i of the naval consulting
board, announced In a report Issued
after a meeting held here today
that the committee, noting through
k' ' the American Society of Aeronautical
Engineers, has inaugurated the work
of the standardization of the whole
American aeronautic Industry, "especially
from the military standpoint.'
Mr. Sperry's report sets forth that
about 160 flight and engine experts
have been mobilized nnd are working
on seventeen different committees In
co-operation with both branches of
n uiv ftUYurumuii!, ueru nervice, ami
1 that some of the leading automobile
i engine builders now are designing
I b,!^fc? origljj^^yppsJ0fntro\
^P^FConinvlWrealso nflr obtained
the co-operation of the Automobile
Club of America, Mr. Sperry announced.
for official tests of all aero!
p*ane engines, and arrangements
have been completed with the national
automobile chamber of commerce
whereby 200 naval aviators
may be given a complete course of
Instruction on the internal combustivo
engine at several automobile
works. Mr. Sperry also made known
the fact that the committee has obtained
from the European war /one
important data on the problom of
flying at night, or over bodies of
wafer where no landmarks are possible
In the direction of the presence
of aeroplanes and dirigibles, and on
methods employed in bomb dropPing.
Of State instead of Counsellor
__r xi rvi _ i _ n x i
oi uie oiate Department is
Provided for in Bill.
WASHINGTON. April 8?A provision
to abolish the title of counsellor
of tl ? state department and
create instead the position of under
secretary of stale was voted into the
annual legislative. executive and judical
appropriation bill today with
opposition just before it passed
the Senate. \s passed the bill carries
$38.19G.762. an increase o?
about, half a million dollars over j
the total as it passe 1 the House. i
Senator Smoot congratulated the
Democrats upon acceptance of the i
provison for changing the counsellor's
title, adding that when the Hepublicans
several years ago attempted
to make the same change "the i
Democrats spent many days trying to i
N show the absurdity of It." The House j
has yet to pass unon the nrovision I
That the National Guard Has
Maintained a Lobby in the
City of Washington.
WASH INGTON.*A p riT T.?A deninl
that the National Guard had maintained
a lobby in Washington in connection
with preparedness legislation,
as charged in the Senate by Chairman
Chamberlain, of the military
committee, and others, was made in
a letter written today to Senator Lee,
of Maryland, by General J. C. R. Foster,
chairman of the executive comii)
it tee of the National Guard Association,
for incorporation in the Senate
A New Treatment for Thin People.
If you are under weight and really
ciesire xo put on more llesh, wo are
anxious to have you try Tonollne as
we know it will benefit you.
It makes little difference whether
your underweight comes from indoor
occupation overwork, wasting disease
or by Inheritance. Tonollne should
certainly produce results that will astound
you in a very short time.
You should eat well and feel the
vitalizing effects of Tonolino in few
days, many thin people eat too rapidfly,
don't eat in ten minutes a meal
that you should take thirty minutes
'to eat.
If you wish a plump rounded form,
eat anything that you like especially
.plenty 6f sweets, potatoes and foods
containing starch and sugar and avoid
eating or drinking foods containing
!:?eids. This will greatly ass', t you in
[developing a healthy robust form.
Many thin pconle eat plenty of foo
: but lack the ability to derive the
,greatest amount of benefit from their
!food. owing to poor assimulation no
matter what you eat or how much 1
you eat if your food is not properly
jassimulated it does you little or no
: For sale by Wells-Haymaker. Co.?
French Dry and Steam
412 x. nth St.
Work called for and Delivered.
< ===
J. B. Smith, Owner.
Successor to Lloyd Steel and Bru.,
770 West Pike Street.
| John Protsili
|' Get your Easter Suit made now. I
820 Main St.
c inSiistoy
Germany Declares That No
German Ship Was in Neighborhood
at the Time.
HICK LIN, April 8, by wireless to
Seville*.?The text of the Gorman
0fOvernment'n communication to the
Tlutch government with regard to the
investigation into the sinking of the
Dutch steamer l'alembang, Ik uh follows,
according to a desapteh from
tim m ? ?? ^
(my associated
LONDON. April 8. 0:15 p. m.?
Lloyd's announced tonight that the
French fishing vessel Sainte Marie
had been sunk. The crew was landed.
Additional information concerning
the sinking of the steamship
Chantala is that nine firemen on the
vessel were killed.
A cablegram to Lloyd's from Kobe.
Japan, states that the Japanese
steamship Ide Maru, Seattle February
22. for Vladivostok, is twelve
days overdue at the latter port. The
cablegram says there are reasons to
fear the worst concerning the Ide
Maru's fate.
The Ide Maru. formerly the Hakushika
Maru, has a gross tonnage of
4.543 tons, and is 400 feet long.
Accused of violating the prohibitlnn
lour Kv tiavlnfr n linttlo rtf vhlR.
key in n public place, a man giving
the name of Charles Davisson was
arrested in Third street Saturday
evening by John H. Tenney, deputy
state commissioner of prohibition,
and was placed in the county jail to
await a trial, or a hearing before
Magistrate Jackson V. Carter.
A. J. Drummond, of this city, who
recently purchased the State restaurant
at Parkersburg form A. Wil
name, nap gone mere ana taken
charge. Mr. Drummond will make
several Improvements at the restaurant.
and the same good servlcq
of the past will be continued.
"?- "?h?vf Kiti-11 Will uy IIIU UYer
sea's News Agency today:
"The reports of all men of wai
which might come Into the question
(tho Palembang Incident) have been
received. At the time when the Palcmbang
met with the accident, nc
ship belonging to the Herman navy
wan even in the neighborhood of the
place, where the vessel was sunk. It
must, therefore, be considered impossible
that the Palembang was hit
unintentionally by a torpedo tlreu
against an enemy man of ?war. A
Rotterdam despatch to the Copenhagen
Politiken on March SO said that
according to evidenco gathered by
the Dutch ministry of marine, the
Palembang was torpedoed while it
was lying alongside a llrltlsh destroyer,
which was engaged in picking up
mines, and that the inference was
drawn that the Palembang was sunk
hy a submarine which intended to
destroy tho Dritlsh warship and not
the Dutch merchantman.
To Settle the Toledo Street Car
Strike and It Now Rests
with Federal Court.
TOI.EDO. O.. April 8?Mayor Milrov's
last resort to settle the street
car controversy here by calling a
conference of company and union officials
failed tonight and the mat tor
now rest's in the hands of the Unit-ad
States district court. After the conference
v.th adjourned it was announced
that tho Toledo Railways
and Light Company'and its nmn were
as far from an understanding as
they were when the cars were removed
from tho lines a week ago
last Tuesday.
Judge Killits asserted that he will
name a received Monday morning
but that probably two days would
elnpse before matters could bo arranged
under the open shop plan.
' Irani"
. etter Writer is Arraigned in
Court and Held under Bail
of $500 in Cleveland.
??y a*-.ociatcd pnreni
CLEVELAND. O.. April 8.?Miss
Anna Gemmell, 40 years old, stenographer.
of Salem, O.. was arraigned
here today before Judge John H.
Clarke in United States district court
on a charge of sending objectionable
letters through the malls. Her arrest
last night came as a climax tc
a "poison pen" sensation, which has
torn Salem church and society circles
for two years.
Miss Gemmell pleaded not guilty
and bail was fixed at $500 and furnlshed.
The government indictment
charges that she sent nineteen ob.
jectlonable letters, postal cards and
valentines to several different persons
of Salem, most of them going to
Miss Vara Ziegler, now living in Akron,
of whom It is charged M' <s Gemmell
was jealous because of attentions
paid to Miss Ziegler by O. R.
Barret, fo rwhom the accused had
formed an attachment.
Belonging to the French and a
Japanese Vessel is Twelve
Davs Overdue Now.
j"FORGET 1912" |:
? 01
Who Declares That All Should ?
Join in Movement to Suve
This Country.
( v aasociatko pacaai
CHICAGO, April 8?Republican
leaders from various sections of the
country mot tonight at the Appomattox
day banquet of the Hamilton !
Club. Among the spoakorn were I
Senator Warren G. Harding, of '
Ohio, named yeaterday aa temporary
1 chairman of the Republican national
| convention. Senator L. Y. Sherman,
of llllnola, and former Senator E. J.
Uurkett, of Nebranku.
Senator Harding responding to the ''
toast "Cooking Forward," extolled
Republicanism and predicted a ;
speedy return to Republican administration.
Of the disruption of the party, he J"
Bald: ? I"
"It Is useless to talk of 1912. 1
had rather forget it for the next four
years, and let a nation wearied anew
by the Democratic party Join us In
four years of happy forgetting. Every
esacntlnl of tho Republican party)
remains, even the Inspiring name," j <h
Senator H'nrilIm/ in nt? ".1 -1 I "
netted that but for the war, the cotin- ?
try would now ho enduring business Si
depression similar to that of the early *
nineties. Continuing, ho said: I"
"Not only has the 'European war not ej
destroyed our business, hut It has gtv- _
on us the only business we have. It w
has given us a fictitious sectional prosperity,
hut It does not blind us to the
depression likely to follow, nor to the
Industrial reconstruction which must
bo worked out, nor to the Industrial
nod commercial menace of desperate
Europe struggling in peace for Its own
Asserting that the tariff will be the
great Issue of the campaign he added:
'There will be ntore spectacular
Issues; there will be the patriotic appeal
for prrparodnesB, with Republicans
committed to an adequate program
for national dcfoiiBe.
"And It will be no new declaration
for the Republican party. Out the
protective policy is Inseparable from
any preparedness discussion.
"One Is reluctatnt to criticise the
administration In Its foreign policy
at a time of anxiety like the present
days. I had rather present n united
front to the world, even at the sacrifice
of some notions of my own. tlinn
convey the impression of a divided
j "We are pursuing Villa and Ills
I robber band and the nation approves,
I hut had the Wilson administration
| ommittod Its needless meddling In
Mexico, which Included the needless
I encouragement of both Carranza and
Villa, this pursuit would have been,
unnecessary, and opprobrium and Insult
and the sacrifice or many American
lives and much property in Mexico
Drohablv would have hecn avoid.
When we encourage American enterprise
nnd capital to go into foreign
lands under treaty rights, every Amor
loan assurance ought to go with them,
I "I wouldn't think much of Americanism
which encourages an Amorl
can to go abroad in peaceful pursuits,
in developing or trading or teaching
or preaching, which says, when danger
threatens: 'you chose to go on your
own account; now take your chances.''
I ?
Is to Continue Sunday and
Monday According to the
Weather Bureau.
WASHINGTON, April S.?Continued
cold weather was predicted by
1 the weather bureau tonight for Sunday
and Monday, over most of the
country east of the Mississippi.
More snow nnd rain was the forecast
for Sunday in New England, the
middle Atlantic states, the lower lake
region and the upper Ohio valley.
Elsewhere in the east, it was said the
weather would be generally fair
Sunday and Monday.
Snow today fell to considerable
llonth avap o 1
W.v. u mwc Bira. I- I'lTiilUK |
temperatures accompanied it as far
as the middle Atlantic states.
A storm tonight off the New Jersey
coast moving northward brought
storm warnings for the Atlantic
coast from Delaware breakwater to
the marine coast. Another storm
centered in Ohio.
WHEELING, April 8?Although
the temperature did not get below
the freezing point, there was a heavy
snow fall in this section last night
and this morning, measuring in some
places more than three inches.
liII,I.VIi IIV Tim! I .DV
, ........... .. van,
t?V AIBOCIAT&D p??*aoi
WELLSBURG. April 8?David
Waugh. aged 75, a prominent miller,
was run down and instantly killed
by a Wellsburg and Bethany trolley
car, In a tunnel near here early this
morning. A brother was killed in
the same tunnel about fifty years
ago, when run over by a wagon.
+ *
+ <BV AteCCIATIO PPtltt) )|r
+ RICHMOND. Va.. April 8.? +
+ The Chesapeake and Ohio +
Railroad Company announced *
+ from Ha general offices here to
day a si* per cent increase to
9,000 machinists, telegraph +
operators and laborers on all
divisions In settlement of their
wage controversy. The Increase,
+ which will total 9400,000 a year,
Is to go Into effect for the +
operators January 4. 1917, for
the others March 1, 1917.
^ + + + + + + * + +
1 the City of Toledo and a
Score or More Persons Are
Injured Thereby.
I* oetATWD p?r'!?
TOLEDO, O.. April 8?A score or
lore person* were Injured In autoobile
accidents caused by skidding:
11 a snow sovered pavement here to?y.
Many of those suffering bruises
ere pedestrians compelled to walk
cause of the lack of street car serIce.
At 7 o'clock tonight, snow had
pen falling since 4 o'clock this
orning. Tho temperature is slight
above"the freezing point.
cmolifihcH Virtually Every Iluilding
in a Louisiana Town.
NEW ORLEANS, April 8?An ap?al
today for food and tents for res-:
2ntg of Itelniont, I.a.. about sixty,
Hps went, contained the nows that'
rtually every building In that town
rid been demolished by a tornado
?sterday. No casualties were re-i
>rted. It was stated twenty-five
.milled were without shelter. Con-j
derable damage also was reported
the fown of Paulina.
f v asbociatco rncst)
WASHINGTON, April 8.?The war
jpartment today adversely reported
i Congress on the proposed federal
instruction of a waterway from take
upcrior to the Mississippi river,
hieh would have involved between
,000,000 and $8,000,000 of government
Illl I III fill III PI II
IIH'"! I
III ill
1Y, APRIL 9, 1916.
Are Sent King Albert of Bel- i
gium by President Wilson
on Former's Birthday.
< * Aiaoci.rto PAIS.)
WASHINGTON, April 8.?President
\V9lson today congratulated King Al- ,
licrt of Bdlglum on the celebration of ,
! hi* forty-flr*t blrtbday anniversary.
The president sent the following
"1 beg your majesty to accept my
cordial felicitations and greetings of
friendship on this anniversary of your
majesty's birth and the assurances of <
my high regard." I
++++ ++ + ++ +i
+ + I
+ + i
+ LONDON, April 8.?A yard of + 1
* cotton cloth, as measured by
* the English manufacturers, will +
+ hereafter measure thirty-six +
* inches, Instead of thirty-seven
+ Inches, as for many generations 1
+ heretofore. The thirty-seven- +i 1
* Inch yard Is said to have had Its +' j
* origin In the habit of spinners +
+ In measuring "from the further +
+ side of the thumb," thus adding + ;
* about an Inch "for good meas- + '
+ ure." + !
+ + 1
. 1
tmv A..OCI.TIO ?
BERLIN. April 8, via London 5:0."> j 1
I 111 111 \\\ \\\ \\\ \\'
This car, Is the result
definite need with definite
It is built for the man
expensive car?
For the man whose prld
uncomfortable car?
And It Is a very definite i
Beauty Is not necessaril
Neither does size altogi
But skill, experience an
small, beautiful, comfortal
In a word, It required <
And here Is the small, 11]
Its performance is on a
And its price?$615:?is
completely equipped autoi
comfort considerations.
A glance at the car in
beauty and finish.
As you look it over an<
its absolute completeness.
But you must ride in it
You must drive it to |
give you.
You can own one of tfa
But act promptly?for
In spite of record prodi
4. is a shortage of cars.
The demand naturall;
price?this small light car
And no other car at an
, with this one for beauty,
V ness and economy.
\\ Get in touch with us t
V\ Corner M
A\ Phones: Bell 0
The Willys-Overlw
v \ \V? \\\\ NS^s
Unanimously by the Senate of
Nicaragua, According to
American Minister.
WASHINGTON, April 8.?Amerl.
can minister Jefferson in Nlcaraaga
today advlse'd the state department
that the NIcaraguan senate had
unanimously ratified the treaty with,
the United States granting this gov-'
prnment an exclnstvn nntfon on Nlp_
iraguan canal route and naval base.)
in the bay of Fonseca for $3,000,000.
Minister Jefferson stated that the
ather branches of the Nicaraguan
tongress probably would vote on the
treaty next week.
tav AaaociAvao vaaaai
NEW YORK. April 8?The Italian
steamship Oluseppo Verdi, with neary
1,700 passengers, arrived here tolight
from Palermo and Naples after
in uneventful voyage. It carried
:wo guns mounted on Its after deck,
rhe passage through the Mediterratcan
was made at night to avoid the
menace of submarines.
A Tegular semi-annual term of.
united States district court will batln
In the federaKbuildlng here Tucalay
morning with Judge A. G. Dayton,
of Philtppi, on tho bench. A
term has Just been concluded at Martlnsburg
and several court officials
will come here from that city although
the most o fthem returned to
heir homes Saturday.
). m.?The Taegliche Rundschau
publishes a report that the son-inaw
of President Polncare, of France.
b a prisoner of war at Erdlng, near
p class
om price
of a definite purpose to supplj
whose purse cannot afford a b
e cannot afford an unsightly, lltt
ly a matter of size.1
ither control comfort.
id facilities are required to built
ble, economical car.
Dverland organization.
Jht car?complete to the last deti
i par with its beauty, comfort a
far below any former price for a
noblle?regardless of appearance
lpresses you immediately with
1 read its specifications, you real
t to appreciate its comfort.
Jet the thrill its performance v
ese cars.
no car was ever in such demai
actions and advancing prices, thi
Ir centers on top class at botti
ywhere near its price can comp:
, performance, comfort, comple
In Street and MonticeUo Avenue.
Con. 21 fl
id Company, Toledo, Ohio
Mtdslm V. I A."
r;\ r 'S;. ;?V.? ?
v.'-",". Vv. v1 >f'
I Of Loss of Memory and Identity
and of Wandering from
Place to Place is Told.
( V MMCI.TN mill
| strange story of loss of memory and
Identity and of wandering from place
| to place for two weeks until he found
Himself In New Orleans was related
here today by Earl A. Devlin. 28
years old, who said he was a son \
of a millionaire automobile manufacturer
of Detroit.
Devlin said tbat two weeks ago
ho became possessed of an Inexplicable
desire to travel. He recalled ?
boarding a train at Detroit, but front V
tbat time until he recovered hU
memory here he said his mind virtually
waB a blank.
Devlin said that reading newspaper
accounts of his disappearance
brought back bis memory.
DETROIT, Mich., April 8?Earl
E. Devlin, who was located in NewOrleans
today, was vice president o(
the Devlin Motor Company of this
city and son-in-law of George H.
Russell, late president of the People's
State Bank of Detroit.
He disappeared from his boms
March 30. His overcoat was found
on a dock at the foot of First street
In It was a note which led the police
to believe he had drowned himself.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Powell havegone
to Pittsburg. It is probable
they will make that place their future
le, \N\ V\X
" W
nd \ >S\ S
jm \ ^
*.bJTol?4oi ^

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