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Noted Vaudeville Team is Engaged
for Series of Long
A Rot jr?ar? of contimtmui tiima on
th* randa-IIIr a?ft?w nliero thrjr gain>d
national lamp u Piitrrtaluara. Kulb
'bed lllll. <lfi man eoinrdlanj, are,
lafeortty lo mate* ilialr Initial appvar-1
(anno n* ih? co-ntara of t flvo art
l, ^ .AniTtaan-.Vctnal rom< dr.
J Tbln production. aomaUilng tinlqu*
In hatnre ralraa**, U no* undur way
at Uto AinorlcaadXUlual Mudlon In
"Hosts IVirbani. under the direction of.
tDlreotOT He* Turgor. It will be released
by Hit tun' under the title of
^A Million tor A!try.*4 It wan written
Tor them especially l?y AI San tell from
'Aaron iMlftQ4! story of tho wuno
ram ?v
*A Million fv Mary" Is tho first
?f a bUttlnt1 of (In act comedy pro-,
durttotu b? which th'.nc sterling come-!
Man# will bo Marred.
Hcyt Comadv. "A Temperance
Town," to Re Released
by Selig.
"A Tonrpsrasee Town." one of tho \
Into char'*? Hoy.t'i best comedies
[with (ttla I tar J an In llw role of -Mink
Jones." will bo r by tho Seltcl
'Company through <?encral Film Sor-l
vice on Monday, June
"A Twnpersnoo Twn" will cause a!
.riot of rarrrlwrnt. the story hitting off
tea It dr?o? tfco rivalry between the
."wtt" anr* IV "dry" factions In ni
swell towr. Thrro 1p the village prescription
writer the village drug store,
itho members of tho "vlrn investigate
Inp committee ' and other typos. There ;
jls a love story running through the
iplot. Mr. Harlan hr.a been furnished
.with a strong nipportlng cast of players
end tho scenic effects In "A Temperance
Town" arc all thtit could be ,
desired. I
Another Bit7 Hit
For Fairbanks
l>oiigla* Fairbanks Txiau^ic mot.
It would bo hard to gay that any'
picture Douglaa Fairbanks make* is
Uiit " TV..... -.'I t.i* <k. k..1l>r
" UO I lir,! nil Ull iur UUil to
070 of motion picture suroeaa no aocnratnly
that it's difficult to pick out
jibe separate holes they nxako in the
Vtts Picture in the Papers." "The
ClaWt of fiappineaa.' "Th? Good Bad?Man"?a
srondorfnl trio or Mr hits,
i.s any exhibitor who has soen his
rudienoro enjoy them will dorlarr.
[Nomr ronton another Wrbankr. play,
to gladden the hearts of Triangle pictote
patrons who like red-blooded,
rigorous drama and dean. amtiulnR
comedy of thr Triangle Fairbanks
"brand. It ke called "KorrIo Mixes
-In," and its plot affords the athlotio
yoong star splendid opportunities for
Just the things he ran do. and likes
1o do.
The latent Fairbanks picture. "Reggie
Mixes In." more thnn runtnirs 'ho
populnr star's previous reputation. It
is a comedy-drama with an interesting
story. Terr unusual and exciting
episode?, and a lore interest that is
clean and appealinp.
I Christina Mayo, -who plays the
]<?odlnsr woman In "The Spell of the
Yukon." In which Edmund Broeso
Is starred, 1* extremely superntlMotiB
nnd will not work Wore the camera
If anyone la whistling around the
studio. Bhe has scores or similar
superstitious that govorn hor dally
fihij* sinking srrarn.
One of the *p-rot scalar scenes in
"Playing with Fire." In which Maw.
Petrova la starred on the Metro pro
A pram. Is the sinking of a hi? steam H
ship in mld-occan.
; - DESIGXATES 1 f*r?.
| General Film Company, through
| Its Information department. 1h callI
Ing exhibitors' attention to the fact
| that the National Hoard of Review
(formerly th* National Board of
Censorship) has especially designated
lis of Its pictures for their llr.t
j of selected motion pictures for young
people under 11 years.
Marguerite Clayton, pretty Fhunpay
leading lady, has undertaken
| her first venture In light comedy.
Putting It Over," a two-act piece
H built on several laughs. Is bar Introduction
to tills type of sorcen play.
' OUrry Beaumopt plays opposite her.
It also being the first time these two
popular Esianay leads have played
.In the same piece.
More Big Fet
Schedule <
Notable Week WHI Conclude
with ChapHn's Burlssquo
on "Carmen."
TtaU rr?*k'a booktiMt* nl the Bilou
lniluilo tutor liljU clan feature*.
Uaa&ir Maud* FOaly *111 appear In
"The btwiortal Flame." Tu??<l*r>
feature wrlil be "loin* Up*." villi
'.Yiiiltrod and Franklin Itttehlo n? principal*.
Whdnaada?, a plrluro of uioro
than unusual Importance will be "The
IJon and the Mouse." a play that has
been shown to packed houses from
roast to roast, and always brought out
the highest class patrons. Thursday.
Miss Billle Burke will bo the attraction
in "Caught by tho Seminole?." the
BflCfltld fhiir.tnr of '- 1?"
manee." Tho usual comedies, Pictorial
NVjwt. films, Ade's fa bios, cartoons,
sounos and so forth, will be added at-1
tractions oach day.
A Chaplin Comrdy.
The "b!g noise" of this v.ock will
come Friday and Saturday. Jnne f? and
10. when Charles Chaplin will cotne In
his Mg four art burlesque in "Carn-on."
This picture la one of his greatest
surceases. In it he plays the dual
Orpheum Theater Arranges for
Exclusive Exhibition of
"Pey o'lhe Ring."'
Announeomant Is made by the man-1
ageraonx 01 me urpneuni xneater :na;
It lias arranged to show the l*nlT< ra!
Fllui Company's ';rea: serial drama,
"I'e.* n' the llinr.." starting the coming
Wednesday. An Installment will bi?
i'liovn every Wcdnooday thereafter until
the entire aorlou 1a tihourn. which
will require fifteen weeks.
The brilliant oo-ataro. Francis Ford
and Grace Ctmard. arc ntnra of tbl;; remarkable
offering. A mammoth cast
la In support.
Attacked bj Timers.
Here Is n brief synopsis of the entire
play: 1-a Belle le Slcur. fearless trnlner
of tigers. Is attacked by her own
wild animals during a circus performance
and is frightfully injured. For
weeks she lies In the hospital, hor
faithful friend mid companion. Flip,
the cirrus clown, watrhlng over b"t
with tenderness and devotion. 1
dearly loves 1-a Bell?, but she h:\
him thnt they can never be mo;
Rood "pal?"?because she has 1 :i
married. While La Belle 1* slowly recovering
from her Injuria, she brines
into the world a little daughter. She
calls Flip to her bedside and entrust*
to htm the enro of her baby. Peg.
Then la Belle writes a letter that
I proves the baby's parentage, relates
I the story of hor marriage to the rich
Pr. Lund, who has now deserted her
in her greatest hour of need. Having
Glvoii tno letter to Flip, the circus
woman resigns herself to fate, and
soon dies.
Marries A train.
Kiln rears Teg as a circuit rider, and
, the years pass. Dr. Lund has effaced
from his memorv all recollections of
| !.i Tlclle. and has married again to a
j beautiful, though intensely uvnrlclous
i woman, who presents him with a son.
! That the hoy Is the natural outromo of
Dr. Lund's r.errnu! marriage Is newer
doubted, although later on the qucsI
tlon of his parentage worlts a marvelous
effect upon the llfo of ffce elr1
cum girl.
The adventures of Per o' the King
from this point in the story rom??rlse
the most thrilling sensations, startling
episodes, and hair-raising surprises
ever embodied in moving pictures.
Rut the interest that the public will
hare In the circus end circus llf* will
comprise the coln-captlvatlng feature
of the series. Everybody who travels
with n cirrus sre glad they are there
end practically everybody who dnos
not travel with the circus would like
to know more of 1t* lure and fascination.
IIrim fti 1 of rirrn* Spirit.
Every aceno In replete with wondrous
sensation, depicted true to life,
and brimful of the circus spirit?the
care free, happy and roving llfo of the
klnga and queens of the arena.
Every event from the time a circus
lands in town until it leaves, late at
night, for Its next stand Is photographed
in exact autbentleltr. Every one
who baa witnessed a circus perform
itures Are |
d at the Bijou
I role n( the herolm- and the toreador.
Brerr Itm dtjr wher* thl* wonderful
production haa been ahown ha* baan
compelled to have policemen to lt*#?
I die the crowd*.
>ew Potter Rtieee<i?. <
The Aral week of the IllJouV new
policy hiw pawed, and (he manaKCraaat,
aft*r nun'.eroue tntarelew* with
, patron*, feel* t ailed upon to exprea*
tliaolte for their mntrou* axproaalou*
1 of pralae, al*n for the unuauallr larae
,s4 '
I numbers who showed their ApproolaI
tjon by attending the UIJou. Tho inurI
knt is bung scoured by the BIJou man- \
layer and ho promises to let nothing1
I scape in the way at big features. , 1
I *? >-??-- -? ????
??*7?(KIWV'U Ml Ut'KHlll 1 I
The Jtiliio Hurko picture, "Gloria's | <
Roiuonco." by Nir. and Mrn. Rupert' <
Hughes, the first chapter of which wan 1
, shown Thursday, wan a revelation of <
beauty to lovers of fine pictures. The 1^
second chapter, which comes Thurs- I
day. Juue 8. will ho much more gruti-1
lying to "1111 lie's" admirers.
Chaplin's "Th?? irloorvmlkor," shown I
Tuesday wtui, 'f larpro attendance In'
I any indication. the biggest micress of |
; 11 lils previous efforts. It will b<j re j
pented Tuesday. June IS. at tho Rljou.
unco will be eager to sec again tho
pictured Incidents thai have tilled with
interest ovary hour of tho day that tho
r j reus came to town.
Jflvory scene is authentic: in its oxnot
doHcrlption of inctdenUi with a
great travelling show. The life and'
dash of the sawdust arena vibrates In
every episode. Circus life is depicted j
in i .iumii on-iir? Ull'fV in ITXC lit)* i
nient. thrills and nerve-ling ling Hennalions
in every roeL
"l*cg o' iho Ring* la tho first and
greatest pictorial history of life with .
a great city of tents. itr. ooamopoinan!
crowds of extremists in every line of
remarkable endeavor; its dally life of
strenuous excitement, thrilling deeds
and matchless appeal to tho emotions
1 of million*.
In Two Reels by George Ade
Said to Be His Best
What is r.aid to bo the greatest fable
lieorgo Ade has ever written, "The
Fable of Uic Fearsomo Feud botwocn
the First Families," has been found
t<K> good for one reel and la being const
rucied In two rools by J&*sanay.
The fable is the customary Ade
scream multiplied by two. Its pro- (
duct ion In two reels haa allowed fori!
more elaborate sots and the use of'
more people, ft Is one of Ade'o unrivaled
satires on the activities of the I
ultra rich, and perhaps one of the fan- ,
nlest pictures over produced from his
writings. Rpsauay la continuing Its ,
regular production of single-reel fa- |
Following the termination of a big'
season on II road tray In on?? of Now i
YorkV late dramatic triumphs, Lor.oro
Ulrlch. tho popular little star
of tho screen and stage. baa forsaken
her activities In the "legit" and
lias left the Gay Whit? Way for the
Ixia Angeles studios of the Oliver
Moroseo Photoplay Company.
i Cnlmpoochabl? evidence that William
Desmond, the Inco-Trlangi?
lending man, boa been oonverted
permanently to the cause of the mo*
t'on picture, lg furnished by the fact
that for tho second time since his
; film debut lie declined an offer, this
week, to return to tho speaking
stage. '
Several hundred wild deer, driven
from their stronghold In the beautiful
wooded lend In one of the val!?? ?
of the wildest reotlons of the
I'aelflo Coast Reno br e forest fire,
play n blf pert In one of the ecenee
of "The Guide," e forthcoming fire
lest Mutual Star production, featurMng
William Ruaeell.
Afioe HoHister to Make Return
Bow Soon in a Kalcrn
Ailvr being missing from the \<
turn Mrottn for several months. \li? o
Ilolllatcr. who may Juatly lav claim
to balng the "original screen vampire,
will make her return how noon n
"Tho Lotus Woman." n Ave reel fea
turo. which Is now being produced b>
the Kalem Company. Hurry Mail
lord p. wvll known as the producer of
many of Kaleiu'e most successful multiple
reel attractions, is directing the
pictuns and will also be seen In the
principal male role.
The finishing touches arc being put
to "The Lotus Woman.' after over
four months of lni?or, as the story carries
the action from New York to
I?atln America. Close t?? live hundred
sold lorn will be tftod in scones show
iujc tlie thrilling batUee of a Central
American revolution
Alice Holllstor ranks with the stars
WJill JUtW UVUI1 IHMII IH-P oil I lie
fur yearn. Horn In WVireenter. M.s
nncbufiotta. she wm educated at the
Convent Villa Maria. Montreal. Hi r
screen dolmt wa.*- made with Kalem
when she made the "around the
world" trip on which was produced
"From the Monger to the Crnn^ nod "
the famous "made-in- Ireland dramaShe
gained world-wide fame for her
portrayal of Mary Magdalene In the
Knlctn Biblical drama. Other reeent
produetlona In which she will he r?
mom he red are "The Vntnplre." "The
Destroyer." and 'The Yellow Sunhon
net "
The utilisation of 'culplttre to the,
dims rnd the adoption of top pho
lography" at the same time has made ]
possible a new and elever noveltv on
the screen. the Anhley Miller "Dins
Urines." seen on t}i" l*arnmount pro :
pram. "Did Sherman say Law or;
IV nrt" la one *ul>jeet treated thnt
pokes fun at the "ham-lawyers "
"The Oommlttoo on Credential**" ,
s the name of h Saturday Evening j
Orxnf a<..rv ??% Pi.tor P TTvUn wlltcll
s hoinK filmed at TTnlvornal City by'
flary Carey with th? attHtntanco of'
>?or*o MnrehaJ. Carey hitn??df and ;
lllvo Golden have the featured
oadp. This is th? flrat ?>f a aerie?
?f Western pictures which Carey j
will produce for tho Universal Pro-j *
He's One of the
Most Popular \
-JL :
&' $-} !
^ w '
_ Duttin Farnum
t'alUa-Paramount .Star
One of the most popular of main11
*tars in American fllmdom is Dunlin 1
Farnum. better known among bis ad- <
mlrors an 'Dusty." A native of |
Burksport. Mo.. the boyhood days of
"Dusty" wnrn spent chlolly amidHl the
niral surroundings of the old .
fartn which ha* -!?een the home of th?
Fnrnums for several generations pant.
Dust in Farnuni llrat appeared on
the stage with the Ethel Tucker repertoire
oompAuy and eecurcd valuable
experience while with this organisation.
His first great success was
In "The Virginian" in which he ncnrod
a triumph for a number of seasons
and which was followed by hie appear
in the title roles of such notable
productions ns "The Squaw Man." '
"Camoo Klrby." "The Hanger" and
"The IJttlfft Rebel."
One of the first of the more prominent
atars of the drama to deaert the
stage for the screen. Dnatln Farnuni
woe nicknamed "the Ions louse" at
the club. However. It was not long
before this title in forgotten by his
friends who besieged htm with <]uesMons
as to how "they emild conned" i
with n motion ploturo company. On
the serosn among his early charse-'
terlsattons were offered his former
Mage successes, "The Virginian" and ,
"Cameo Klrby." followod by the Bosworth.
Inc.. masterpiece. "Captain
Courtesy." His splendid work In this
photoplsy. which was one of the
greatest successes achieved by the
Booworth concern, gained him many
new friends throughout the country '
Bonn after this ho signed a long terra .
contract with Pallas Picture*, where
he Is now starring In big photoplays
for the Paramount program The Initial
subject offered by Pallas Pictures,
Booth Tsrktngton's "The Gentleman
Prom Indiana," presented the
popular "Dusty" to particular advantage
and displayed a pretentious photoplay
which met with Instantaneous
sueeeaa and Introduced the new concern
as an Important factor tn the
dim Held. Following this picture.
"Dusty" has starred tn "The Call of
the Cumberland!." "Ben Blotr" and
"David Oarrlek."
Cyril Harcourt, author of "A Pair:
of 8Uk Stockings." has writtan at
play for William Poveraham. 1
A.. SUNDAY, .TUNE 4. 10
When Beverly Dayno appears in
Bushman In "Homeo and Juliet." tho
la now being made by Metro, tho ambl
MIha Bnyno has been In motion plrtui
debut on tho sceon she has nursed a
?be la to liavo her dream fulfllled.
John \V. Noblo, who will direct
atructed by Metro to aparo no cxpnns
bio features evor soon on tho screen.
.tnbu'Jon to tlio Shakcapcaruun torco
I'm the apostle of the IHosnfv c?f j
[.sifter, l.afftor cures more Ills then
Doktors kin Invent. Spring fever. Inv
sickness, or Jest plain innitny uclie will
nil run fmm n giul IstT. An" still we
K<> throuffh life jumping out of the
street ti? let the Dolt tors rltlo l?y In
there aovveti passenger ears.
A roljk'khiff lufr don't anther no
wrinkles. I'a Snvs. "Ef we wml take
more time t?? luff we'd not l?o at homo
no officii when Triibbl? mils." IjiIDii
Jon't ? ost nuthln hut a weak heart,
nether, hut moat of us Is misers when
It cunts to la din.
I mono real, downright, out and out
inMn too. That's the only kind thet
lifts wurry from yur mind and yur
mind from yur worries. A smile Is a
*tlugy man's laff. Ef you lalfed out
loud lots you wudn't hear the hill collector's
rlnir at i ho door. An ennvwav
f?f ho hoard you lntfln yur orod It wud
l)o gtid for amiuther your.
Pa Siivh. "A inun who Helms ho
*Hn't find nutiilii to luff at probably
don't need to Ink further thnn him*
?olf." The world Is full of thing" to!
luff at but most of iiH Ih itfrado folk"
won't tlilnk wo got onny brnnvs If wo
lon't allua Ink llko tho "Bofor Taking"
part of tho DlnlpcpHln ad".
I'm rooly noryoua ubbout Uio KHoaofy
if Latter girl". Ef you end only lorn
|o Ink for tho luff In ovvorythlng and
uff whether you found It or not this
>ld wnrld wud l?o Jest a stopping off
l?lacn to IToHvun. Tho llrst rtllo of tho
RUoaofy of Lnfftor 1m you must Inff
whether lt? railing or shining whether
foti got thet now dross or not. Ennyme
kin laff when llfo la running nllong
is smooth ns tho ortymoblloa do In the
ula. hut It tnkoH tho Hplrrlt of Joy t??
Inff when yur hed Is splitting an yur
Imok toot ho Jumping an yur stutntnaoh
foloa as though tho Froponn War hud
moved. But luff onny war. on If sumrrne
outna allong Jest then an atopa on
Ethel Barrymoro \>m cuauuuo u>
'Our Mrs. McChesney" next season.
o ?
Don Greet and his playera are glvr.k
open-air performances of "A?
I'ou Like It." In tho summer parka
n Oklahoma.
Lew Fields appeared In Atlantic
"lly thla week In 'Stop This Way." a
nodorn version of 'The Girl Behind
he Counter." Allen Fischer was a
neaiber of the east.
San Franrlsco has a musical stock
wrapany under the direction of Edsin
T. Eiuery.
James T. Powers appeared In New
Haven In a now farce. "Somebody's
Luggage," by Mark Swan,
It la said that Sam Bernard and
Elsie Janla have been engaged to apxiar
at the Century theater next
Edgar McGregor has been engaged
qr Alfred Butt, of London, to stage
'A Full House" In that olty next fall.
Frederick I .owls will be In the
iompaar supporting Margaret Anglo
la Shakespeare's performances In
& <
1 fi.
, t?* ^^Rl
tho rolo of Juliet.** with Francis X.
big Shakespearean production which
tlon of several yenra will bo ronllxcd.
on for flvo yours, and ovor nlnro her
desire to "do Juliet." Now, ut last,
: "ltomeo and Juliet" han boon Ino
In making It one of tho most notaTho
production will bo Alotro'a count
enary celcbruUoiL
;ha ts
"PkotoSrom th* Kmlfm Fthm
yur corns?Jc?t laflT num morn. Thet
l.i. nffter you've total biro what you
think of hlin.
When you kin laff thet way then yon
kin stop worrying about Rnccesa. Suerein
Jest liken a winner un you've got
them bluffed enuyway. Lading In ud
verthdng prosperity?an If you ain't
got prosperity when you start you'll
noon her It. Folks walk rite by gud
stores at their doorstops ewery day to
go down town to the fetters what advertise.
l.nfT Insuranen Is mire-ftre. It don't
' ost nut lilt) and you don't bor to die to
win. It pays dividends evvery day In
the year first by smoothing out the
ruts In the road and then by bringing
you wealth onnf to by an ortermoblle
so thet you don't care whether there
are ruts or not
Start tomorrow and live the Fllosnfy
of l^ffter. The first thing affter you
wake up In the morning luk at yurself
In the tnlrror. Then keep up thet laff
all day long.
Oi. itUUio.
Willard Holcomb has revived hia
aketoh, "A Laat Rehearsal," for a
special pertormnncu ior rue inmates
of the Actors' Ilonie.
Whitman Kane, who played In
"Hobeon'e Choice," la to appear In
vaudeville In a playlet entitled "Lonesome
Nora Hayes Is to be starred In an
adaptation of an English comedy under
the management of A. H. Woods.
Kate Condon, an operatic contralto,
Is to ko Into vaudeville In selections
from llcht and (rand opera and
classical anil modern Irish ballads.
Julia Dean In to appear in a now
play early In Septembor,
The concert given by John McCormack.
In New York, for the relief ol
suffering In Dublin, realised about
A muaioal comedy, "Canary Cottage,"
by Oliver Moroaeo and Elmei
Harris, the music by Earl Carrol,
was produced this week In Loa Anjslea,
and reports say it a as well re
Car Equipped for an 800 MHe
Journey is Used for Mexican
With cominendsbin enterprise, Kdltor
Jack Wheeler, <?f Tho Sellg-Trlbune.
the motion picture nown film,
ordered a specially equipped automobile
earrylnp cameramen Into Mexico
when the rnltcd States foroea recently
entered that country. Thta la probably
tho fits' occasion where an automobile
bus been especially built and
equipped for service on such an occasion
Tho Sellg-Trlbuno touring car
which recentlv entered Mexico carries
a capacity of soicnty-llvo gallons of
gasoline, (Iftout) gallons of water, and
. Ight gal lot a of c> Under oil. An especially
constructed top of khaki affords
shelter during tho day and can
be adjusted aa a stooping and aholter
tent at night.
The novel ear la also equipped to
carry a camera, trtpod. blanketa. can
tied goods. cooking utensils, nnd there
Is n novel rack for machine gun
In fact, the niitomohile has been so
ennui meted that it can make n continuous
Journey of eight hundred mile?
without M'pitiK for cither gasoline,
water or oil.
There In also a bote lined with steol
plate sand. In ease of trouble, tho
car enn ho operated from the Inferior
of the box.
Tito SoHg-Trlluine car is being used
In Me\i?o l?v | r,. iieis and Nicholas
McDonald. two daring camernmen who
are rlsklnc their Uvea In Mexico so
that the lute news pictorials can bo
presented to the public.
John Cope, who Iiuh been appearing
with Mrs Fiske in 'Krstwhlle Susan,"
Is to play the leading rolo In
a dramatization of Winston Churchliilla
novel. "Conlnlon."
?o? jgi
Louise Dressier lins been engaged
for one of the leading roles In Max
Ma rein's play. "Cheating Cheaters."
- "O
"The Canterbury Pilgrims." grand
opera, with book by Percy Mackaye
and music by Reginald Do Kovon, la
to be sung next Hoiison by the Metropolitan
Opera Company.
Otla Skinner is to appenr next season
In a play by Iiooth Tarklngtoa
in which be will piny tho role of a
wnnderlnir Italian. The scene of the
play In lat?l In western Pannaylvanlft.
??o 1
The production of ? now operetta,
j "Molly O," wan made In New York
rocontly, but the story of tho plot
sounds very much like tlint of "Tho
I Masked Model," produced In llaltlmoro
| the flrot part of tho season.
Henry Mortimer lo now leading
man with Mrs. Flake.
.Marcus I.ouw line nccurod another
ihoutnr In New York, which ho will
devote to vaudeville and pictures.
Mabel Fronyonr hna takon tho
place In "Nothlnn but tho Truth" of
l.otilse Pressor. Others In the cast
are Grant Mitchell, Marie Carroll,
. lone Hrlght and ltapley Holmes.
Klaw & Lrlanger and Henry Mll1
ler will produce next season a comedy
by Robert Houseman.
"Daddy Long Logs" scored on Its
: first performance In London. Renee
| Kelly as Judy Rained an oration.
Goraldlne Farrnr and Lou Tellegen
have gone to Loa Angeles, whore
the bride will nil moving picture en- ' $
Welle Ilawklna baa written a
sketch called "The Stolen Star,"
which will shortly bo produced by
Thnls Magrane.
Now Donald Orion baa gone Into doing
pictures. He Is to appear In a
film play concerning the adventure!
of a smuggler who Is trying to get a
diamond necklace Into the countiy.
The Circus
Serial Unique
15 W*?k* - 30 R?l?

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