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t-ss^l THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM [ 32 p^T") I
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V\ M V wr
Failure to Comply with the De-1
mand Will Result in Serious
Trevino's Threat of Attack Car-'
riea uut Might Precipitate
General Hostilities.
( V AltOCtATtO 'Mltl
WASHINGTON, June 24. A per-'
emptory demand that General Currant*
repudiate the attack on American
troops at Carrieal nud immediately
release all captured American
j soldiers was understood tonight to be;
the next step in the Mexican crisis
now contemplated by the Washington
Failure to comply with either demand
undoubtedly would result In'
the "grarest consequences" foretold
In Secretary Lansing's recent noto to
ihe defacto government.
Awaiting Finn! Report.
Formulation of a communication ,
nwaited a fln.il report from General
Pershing on the Carrixal incident.
Tending its receipt the war department
pressed urgently today it' offorts
to reinforce strongly the border
patrol and prepare for any eventual!ty
Full information from American
Bources as to what happened at Cnrriz&l
was still lacking, and the long
delay in finding additional survivors
of tho tight was regarded as an ominous
sign. No American officer may
survive. In that event action by the
' 1'nlted States probably would he
based on reports already received
from stragglers.
Trapped and Massacred.
Aside from the stragglers, the
American dead reported by Mexican
authorities, and the prisoners in Mexican
hands, more than a score of men
remained unaccounted for out of
Captain Boyd's little detachment of
negro troops. Without exception the
reports of the stragglers indicate that
I the fnrrv> wnu t Winnurf ?.rwl .. cm.I
by machine gun Are. |
Some hope persisted tonight that a
few of the communij loft a foot in !
the desert when their horses stam- i
peded under the Mexican Are, may
have dug themselves in somewhere
in the country west of Carrizal. and
be waiting for relief. General Pershing's
cavalry supports were Hearing
the scene of the tragedy and already
bad picked up n number of survivors,
according to lat? reports from the
Concerned with Threat.
| OAlcials were plainly concerned ,
with news despatches from Chlhua-1
liua, saying that General Jacinto Tro- j
vino, the Mexican commander, had
threatened to attack American columns
reported advancing from the
field base toward San Antonio and
OJcallento if they did not Immediately
retreat. Another battle at this'
time might preclpitutc general hostil
Rumors that the Carmnza government
was seeking mediation through
other Latin-American nations came j
from inany quarters today. The ac-1
tivity of Eleseo Arredondo. the
Mexican ambassador designate, lent
weight to the reports. Private advices
from Mexico City also continued
to Indicate that General Carranza
still hoped to find a way to evade
the storm his policy has aroused.
Nothing to Mediate.
No offers of mediation reached the
j state department from any source.
, Administration officials held that
they have nothing t?> mediate,
j Under these circumstances it was
Intimated on high authority that efforts
toward preservation of peace
concerning the initiation of which
the minister of salvation was authorized
today to confer with his diplomatic
colleagues, could go no further
than an attempt t?? persuade
g- General Carranza to change his atti{^rttide
toward the determination of the
United States to protect its people
and territory. Ambassador Naon. of
Argentine, who was a leader in thtf
movement to recognize the Oarranza
de facto government during the
Pan-American conference?; .as to Mexico,
Is understood to have advised
his government last night, that the
circumstances did not lend them-.
Selves to a mediation proposal at this
time. He came here yesterday from
New York and saw diplomatic and
state department officials and- returned
to Washington again late tonight.
A report today that General Car
ranza and his cabinet had prepared
a reply to the laat American note rejecting
his demand that American
troops be withdrawn from Mexico.
The report said It would be published
In Mexico City, but It did not
>- our when It would be sent here and
oQclala were Inclined to discredit It.
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h s
n loibirno ,
BUdll\ LOO
To Move to the Mexican Border
by Noon Today, if That
Be Necessary.
AifoctAtiD r?mi
BOSTON, Juno 24.?Half of the
Massachusetts troops mobilized at the
Fr&mingh&m camp will be inuBtered
into the service of the I'nitod States
government tonight. Adjutant General
Tole unnounced. The other half will
bo mustered in tomorrow morning, so
that the whole force numbering upwards
of 8.000 will be ready to move
to the Mexican border by tomorrow
noon if necessary.
Asked If tho swearing in of troops
ir.oant that they probably would go
to the border at once, tho adjutant
general said: "I cannot say. We want,
to bo ready."
ib ask m
Whether He Will Be Willing to
Accept Mediation Efforts
in Crisis.
by bbbbb)
WASHINGTON, June 24.?Minister
Jgnairo Caldoron. of Bolivia, speaking
for several South and Central Amcrt-.
ran republics, t jday asked Eliseo Arrcdondo,
Mexican ambassador designate.
whethe* tho Carranza government
would oe willing to accept mediation
in the crisis bctwoen the United
States and Mexico.
The Mexican ambassador said he
would communicate the inquiry to:
General Carranza but that he was not
empowered to make a reply at this
time. Air. Caldoron failed to see Mr.
tanning today on the same mission'
but announced tonight that he expect- *
cd to direct a similar inquiry to the
American government tomorrow.
(by abbociatbo ?? (? >
REDFIELT). S. D.. June 24.?More
than 1.100 members of the Fourth reg
iiiiuik ui it'iiui i maiim liUMUllill HUiird 1
encamped here today, preparatory to <
transfer to the Mexican border. I 1
In Bukowina Where They Are
Apparently Being Little Impeded
by Austrians.
The Russian offensive is still in full '
uivlnir in ItnVnminn whft'a 11m nfi_
vance of Gcnerul Brussiloff's forces Is
apparently being little impeded by
the Austrians. The town of Kuty,
across the Gallrian border at the foot
of the Carpathians, has been occupied ,
and virtually all the Important towns
in the crownland now arc in Russian (
To the north. German troopH In In- ;
creasing numbers are reported to be j
coming to the aid of the Austrians ,
and the Russians are being forced to
tight to hold the ground they hnve already
won. Heavy fighting is in
prog, ess all along the line from
northern Gallcia well to the north- .
west of Lutsk, but neither side Is
claiming material progress. The
German army headquarters statement
asserts that some ground has
been gained by General Von IJnsingen's
forces but Petrograd does not
admit that a permanent advantage
has been won by the Austro-German
armies at any point.
Definite and important gains have
been scored by the Germans on the
western front at Verdun. Capturing
the Thiaumont fortified position '
north of the cttjr. they pushed on and
captured a part of the Tillage of
Floury, little more than three miles'
from Verdun, but were soon ejected'
from the village b ya counter attack.]
according to the Paris official state-,
nient. The French war office makes
the further claim that much of the
ground taken by the Germans was re-i
captured In subsequent counter at-j
tacks by the French but admits tbat (
the crown prince's forces are still in,;
possession of the Thiaumont works, j |
Further Advances.
The Italians have made further advances
Id the Trentlno, pushing for- <
ward In the Pasublo sector, while I
elsewhere they have withstood sue- <
cessfully attacks by the Austrlans. I
Constantinople reports an Import- :
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' i . .... ik. . i". :iXcSLr' > -.
1 AA11UAJ Ui& vl V/ T JL
rw X
Krank Hanly.
ST. PAt'L, Minn.. Juno 24.?Seven
aspirants for the preKidoncy of tho
I'nlted States will present their views
and rjual Mirations to 1,254 delegated
to the twelfth national convention of
the Prohibition party in St. Paul, July
They are William Sulzer. formerly
governor of New York and for many
years in Congress; J. Prank Hanly ]
the id considered a receptive candidate).
formerly governor of Indiana;
Eugene n. For*, of Doaton, formerly
governor of Massachusetts; Sumner
W. Haynos, of Portland, Ind.; Francis j
o. nam win. ni riimira, as. I.; William j
P. F. Ferguson, of Franklin. Pa., and
Frederick F. Wheeler, of Los Angeles.
The first three are widely known.
The others long have been active and
forceful in Prohibition ranks, but aro
comparatively little known without. |
Sumner W. Hayncs was born in |
Portland. Ind., In 1865, and has resided
there slnco. Ho worked on his
father's farm and afterward attended
Karlhatn College. Richmond, Ind. 1-ator
he studied law at Ann Arbor. In 1880
he was admitted to the bar nnd four
years afterward became an active Prohibitionist
Mr. Haynes has been
nominated by his party for mayor of
Portland, district prosecutor, judge of
the circuit and of the appellate courts.
Tor supreme Judge, state attorney general.
for Congress (both houses) and
ln?t ninulti fr?r vnvArnnv ?? ' ? ~ '
Df Carrizal Fight Are Encountered
by Couriers Sent Out
to Pick Up Stragglers.
'r. m?eoitn rmmmw
COLUMBUS. N. M.. Juno 24.?
Courier* went out with the relief expedition
to pick up stragitler* and recover
the bodies of the Carrlial flxht
have arrived at the American camp
In Mexico and report that In further
Benrchee the party ha* not eneount-1
ered any more aurvlvora, but la preaa-j
Ins on In hopea that It may.
Thla waa the aubatance of report! i
obtained from Tollable aourcea here
today. The llat aa It now atanda haa
approximately forty troopera and
three ofllcera missing.
The reporta that one of the relief
column* waa attacked by Carranza
follower* la denied by military officials
Answers to Its Notes Regarding
PossMity of Intervention
by Republics.
' ? M4KIITIB mill
RANDIAGO. Chile. June 24?The
Chilean government. It was learned
tada;. expects to await answers
From the nations it has consulted re.
warding the possibility of intervention
by all the American nations to
bring about a peaceful solution of the
Mexican situation before taking
Further steps In the matter.
\ Hgtntl fmm OoikIUm m IA
? IIU111 UttUUItt^U MIM
that the Chilean government bad
boon In aetlve telegraphic communication
with the governments of Argentina,
Draill, Ren ad or and the
United States as to the posslbUItT
gf Interrentlon by the American nations
as a whole.
iftlih.it riii rr iinifri^iiiiii
+ *
' >?%
uSILMwffl ih
Frand* K. Baldwin.
' I ci
Sumner W. Hayne*.
Mr ha? twice canvassed Hooslordom |
in political c-nmpaignH, but never hold i
public office. ! i
Francis B. Baldwin inakca bottles. i
more bottles. It la Bald, than any other
pcnion In the world, and of all the
TtilllinnH of slags containers, his far- I
torles produce none Is tnado. It Is said, i
All Americans Found in Mexico
with Arms but Others to
Be Protected.
t?. .IWCI.IIB ......
BROWNSVILLE, Tsx.. Juo. 24.?
Circulars warp distributed In Matm- ,
moras, opposite bare today declaring
Ibai the latest crossing Into Mexico of
American troops near bere has been
construed as a declaration of war
against Mexico on the part of tbo
United States.
The circulars arc signed by General
E. P. NVarrate, commander of Mexican!
force In the slate of Tamaullpos. The
circulars, dated Juno 17. declare a
state of war exists between the two
The circular declares all Americans
found In 'Mexico with arms will he
executed, but Americans pursuing
peaceful occupations south of the Rio
Grande and who are not armed will be
From Mexico Will Occupy
Every B'rt of Deck Space on ]
the Monterey Steamer.
< MHCiafU PDUtl
VERA CRllZ, June 24.?When the
Ward Une iteamahip Monterey leave*
till* port tomorrow afternoon, every
available bit of deck apace will be
occupied by the cots of refugee* bound i
for the United State*. The regulation* 1
limiting the number of paasenger* ha*
been waived by the United State* government
and Captain Smith of the
Monterey will limit hi* paaaenger llat
by available apace only.
am passengers. other than American*.
holding ticket*, must take other t
boat* u only cltlxens of the United I
State* will be carried on this trip. <
Many ticket* were cancelled today tor i
this reason. I
The refugees are still coming Into t
Vera Crus and many boat loads of i
them were taken to the United States i
battleship Nebraska today. 1
There has been no disorder her* i
A ?fk a Aft. Mb. flab i
William Sulicr.
II* ^ ^
William P. F. Ferguaon
for Intoxicants Mr. Tlaldwin wan horn
sixty yearn ago in Otacgo. Otaego
county, New York. ' My life liaa been
short and unimportant," he hu id when
Interviewed, "but I have a passable
reputation for honeaty where I am not
known." In 1877 Mr. Italdwln removed
to Klmirn, where lie has alnce
Are Foreign Diplomats at
Washington on AmericanMexican
NEW YORK. Juno 24.?Gonial*
R. Cardova, minlator from Ecuador
to the United Statoa. announced
through hla secretary tonight that he
would leave for Washington Into tonight
or lato tomorrow to confer with
1-atln-Amerlcan diplomats In an effort
to bring about modlation between
the United States and Mexico.
Dr. Cardova said he had received
Instructions from Henor It. H. Ellialde.
the foreign minister of Ecuador,
directing him to confer with the other
diplomats and stating he had sent
messages to the foreign ministers of
all Latln-Amurlcan countries urging
them to direct their representatives
at Washington to use their good offices
In an effort to avert conflict.
Romulo 8. Naon, Argentine ambassador
to the United States, lert for
Washington la}e today, accompanied
oj u in iwreurj,
Into the Federal Service is One
Infantry Company of Missouri
<9y Auoeittn
NEVADA, Mo.. June 24.?One Infan
try company or ue regiment, the ambulance
company and the signal corps
company, all of Kansas City, were
mustered Into the federal serrlce here
today. Work of federalizing the three
units of the field artillery D battery
bt Kansas City, A battery of St Louis
tod C. battery of Independence, was
begun late today and It was expected
they would be mustered in tonight.
Jam IM
\ \ a pp
Frederick K. Wheeler.
E. N. Foaa.
realdcd. In 1881 ho wan admitted to
the practice of law, to which he adhered
until 1002, when he unsunicd|
charge of the Ixittlo Industry. "My
(Continued on page 3, drat flection.)
From Eastern States to the
Mexican Border Declares
Major General Wood.
a* AvaociATia
NEW YOIIK, June 24?Major
Oenernl Leonard Wood, commanding
, the department of the Eaat of thn
i United Slate* army, aald tonight that
I he believed aome of the mllltla unit*
of Maaaacbuaette. Connecticut. No*
Joraey and New York, which ere now
mobilizing at various concentration
camps would be ready to move toward
the Mexican border by Monday
or Tuesday of next week. Unless he
receives orders from the war department
countermanding those telegraphed
to him yesterday directing
that state guardsmen In his department
be entrained as soon as they
were reasonably ready. General Wood
expects that approximately S.000
troops In the four states named will
be under way within seventy-two
The militia In the eastern states
which would be the first to start
south Include three regiments in
northern New Jersey, now encamped
at Zegrant: the Sixty-ninth New
York, which Is mobilized at Beekman
and the Yale artillery batteries
at Now Haven. Conn.
Major General John F. O'Ryan,
commanding the state national guard,
today said that the 8lxty-nlnth regiment
was ready to go to the front at
a moment m nouco.
It m Indicated tonight that the I (
Seventh might be itarted direct (or t
the Mexican border next week without
flrxt going to Beekman. j
Imr Hwa?o - ?'
LAREDO. Texas, June St. ? All .
Mexican military equipment lndud- .
ing cavalry horaca ware loaded Into
box cari In Neuevo Laredo tonight
| and there was every Indication tho
, garrison would leave (or the South
! during the night. The streets ot the
Mexican town were practically deserted
at 8 o'clock when the lnteruatioual.v.
j bridge was closed. I (
m |
e men]
Jrdcr of Attack Made by Gen- I
cral Trevino May Be in
Actual Execution.
?? ? r- i?rro r* a n r> i t-o _m
hat tst Hrit'n dhrauiis
Scneral Attack is Ranged but
the Palpable Strength Deters
Carranza Forces.
(rv jmori.nn fund
CI. PASO, Tex., Juno 24?Appro*
mniilon thnt hattlea mny bo In prog*
ohh tonight hot ween American and
Mexican troops In nt leant two places
n northern Chihuahua, gripped the
under tonight.
American rolumnn wore moving in
lie direction of San Antonio and OJo
'n llrnte, while General Jacinto
Provino, commanding the Carranza
irmy of tin- north, linn ordered troops
it adjneent points to attack them II
hem <lo not retreat I in mediately,
right Order I mm tied.
While Information concerning
bene movements reached here today ' ^
from Chihuahua city, additional ad.
vleci; Indicated that (leneral Trovlnn's -.it
tcoulu roporlo<l the approach of the
Americana yesterday anil thnt his or- ,sj|
dors were Issued Immediately. With
? lapae of twenty-four houra, It la ij
aatimnd here, thnt It la probable that
'he opposing forcea may have inot.
l.lttle waa known here tonight ns
o the strength of the American colmi
oh or their mlaalon. but It was asiumi<d
that one of them might be a
letarhment ncnt hy flenoral Perahng
to rescue the aurvlvora of the
ronth cavnlry. engaged at Carrlaal.
Army Oltlcem Anxious.
The army ofllcera here alao pointed
>ut thnt the column bonded for OJo
htllente, about thirty miles southreal
of Cnrrlxal, probably Is comloaed
of the troops surviving the encugeuient
there and the two squadona
of the Eleventh cavalry sent U
elnforco them. Mexican authorities
ontnnt themsolvoa with asserting
hut the atrongth of the commands
lospatchod to meet them Is adequate. |
It la believed hore that the Amercan
command advancing In the dlreclon
of San Antonio, fifty miles southinat
of Namlqulpa, may be In pursuit
>f bandits.
Will Rvacuate.
Vfiwa from TimrA* haa oniiinrl troll
nformed Americana here to *1*6 up
ho belief that Juarei In event of a
ironic, would be evacuated without
i fight. That Oeneral Gonzalee and
tie etaff are etlll In Juarez and the
own garrlaon I* being maintained,
eporte of Mezlcan troop movementa
n the outlying dlatrtcta and appar.
mtly Incroaaod preparatlona on the
American aide, are cited aa conflrmitory
of the theory.
Further authentic Information from
luarea today Indicated continued
reparation, eapeclally the departure
if a contingent of volunteera for
he South.
A train of eighteen cara. carrying
160 non combatanta. moatly women
ind children, and aome old men, ar limit
foil , v 11 witttw an tnfanim
if twenty-two soldiers from Chlhuaius
City. The passengers crowed to
he American aide apparently preening
to take their chancee here. 3
Continued nimon of the preaence
if Villa In thla region have reached
Jolted States authorities but have
lot been generally credited.
Villa in Joarcx.
Villa, within the laat few daya ha*
teen reported to be In Juarex, Oua4?
tlupe. and Rio Florldo.
Reports of heavy concentration of
terranzlata troopa In all of the northirn
Mexican atatea have been received
at the border potnta. while roruitlng
la wld to be progressing rapdty.
The wme reports Indicate that
i nnmhae * -*
i uuuiuui ui luiuioi uhdsr?moan
nd their command! arc joining Oenral
Trorlno'i army of the north u a
onult of the Mexican war department's
offer of complete amnesty to
leraons who have opposed the govrnment.
provided they join In comattlng
a possible American Invasion.
Job. 51
?{VI* vtrdni to Ooliimb
Flapped and lighting against hooey
kIUh, the troops or the Tenth cavalry,
ingagod at Carrlial on Wednesday,
'barged tw^ro directly Into the laws
if the ambush which the Mexicana
tad laid (or them. With bulieta in hie
irni and shoulder Captain Charles T.
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- ' I vl

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