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The way some women hang on to their old-fashioned kitchens one
would think they liked to wear themselves out doing the work. The miles
of steps they take getting three meals a day; the unnecessary trips to pan
try, cellar and storeroom i* drudgery that makes young women quickly
grow ol<l.
A million women in America. won't submit to such slavery. They
bought a Hoosier and do the same work easily and in half the time.
The Hoosier Cabinet
Cuts Work in Half
The Vital Part of Your Cabinet
The picture above shows how the scien
tific arrangement of the Hoosier makes it a
real helper. Storage space is above and be
low. There is plenty of unhampered room
above and around the aluminum (or porce
lain) work-table.
There are no useless Itltle partitions to
chop up the space and leave no room for
work. Your cabinet must have big table
space to work on. The Hoosier gives it.
1?The all-metal glass front flour
2?The gear-driven shaker flour sifter
which makes flour light and fluffy.
??Scientific arrangement ? articles
needed most frequently easiest reached.
4?Revolving caster (shown in center
of Illustration).
5-?The ingenious, big-capacity sugar
bin?holds more than twice as much as
most, other bins.
?Finally, the doors that roll back at
the sides of the cabinet, entirely out of
the way.
"If We Adverl
Prices and Terms
There are over 1,000,000 Hoosier Cabinets
In use. Enormous factory output makes our
low prices.
Have the Hoosier delivered at once by
paying only $1.00! You may make pay
ments at the rate of ?1.00 per week, with
out extra coBt or Interest. And regardless
of the room In your kitchen, there's a special
Hoosier model to fit, at a price you can easily
Every Woman Has a Right
to a Hoosier
When you can put a Hoosier in your kitchen
today for such a small sum, don't you think
It is false economy to save these few dollars
at the expense of your own strength and
At Least Come and See
the Hoosier
Have a demonstration of its exclusive work
saving features. No obligation Incurred If
you don't want to buy now. But at least
learn 'why over a million women can't <lo
without a Hoosier.
ise It, We Have It."
The Home
Furnishing Co.
Everything for the Home. Your Credit is Good.
Do You Like to Get Tired
In the Kitchen?
Without Funds or Place to
Sleep, She is Given Lodging
by the Police.
Lured to Glen Elk No. 2 by a man
who told her that he would find her
a place to Bpend the night, and there |
attacked by the man, a woman who:
told the police her name was May
Lewis and that she was from Point
Marion. Pa., was given lodging at
police headquarters Saturday night.
The woman said she came here
?rom Point Marion Friday in search
oC work. A man in her home city,
she says, told her that work was
plentiful here. She was unable to
find a job here, she says, and soon
found herself without, funds or a
g, $2900
"Buys one of the best six
room houses, 5 minutes'
walk frompostoffice, finished
in oak with bath, pantry and
2 porches.
Each buys a fine building
lot on E. Poplar street, five
minutes walk from Third'
GlennB. Waters
Real Estate Broker
806 Brant* Bldg.
plnce to eat or sleep.
Saturday night, she says, she was |
walking in Glen Elk. when she met:
a man, to whom she confided her dif
ficulties. He told here that if sho i
would go with him he would find her
a place to sleep Saturday night. He
took her to Glen Elk No. 2, she do-!
clares. and there assaulted her,
throwing her to the ground with
such force that her head was badly
hurt. She resisted his attack and in?
the scuffle one of her shoes was lost, i
Escaping from the man. she came
back to Glen Elk No. 1, where her ap
pearance on the streets with only one
shoe and other marks of her fight |
with the man attracted quite a
crowd. Officer Pievont saw the gath
ering and investigated. The woman
told him her story and he brought
her to headquarters where she was
given lodging for the night.
She told the police that she is the
mother of two children, who are in
Point Marion. She was divorced
from her husband last month, she
Police reported tjfie case to the As
sociated Charities and John Sopher,
who has charge of the organization,
said that a ticket to Point Marion
would be furnished the woman. Po
lice planned to send the woman home
Sunday afternoon.
For Sale
Cole. 8 cylinder, 7 passenger
Touring Car, In first class con
dition. Electric lights and btar
ter. New Tires. This car will
be sold cheap to quick buyer, to
make room tor winter cars.
Aoto Livery Co.
Either Phone 819.
Forty-four persons arc now in the
custody of the sheriff at the county
jail. Sixteen of the number arc eli
gible to work on the county roads.
A well known traveling man
who arrived in the city Satur
day evening on Baltimore and
Ohio passenger train No. 65.
which Is due here at 6:08 p. m?
took a poll ot all the male pas
sengers on the train as to their
presidential preference. The
result was as follows:
Hughes 43
Wilson 12
30c Quart
They Mysteriously Disappeared
Three Weeks Ago from Their !
Home at Haywood.
Joseph Veltry.a coal miner, of Hay-1
wood, is conducting a wide search for)
his wife and their eight-months-old i
baby who mysteriously disappeared j
from their home at Haywood three
weeks ago. He came to Clarksburg
Saturday and made further arrange
ments for the search, including the
offer of a cash reward of $25 to any
one who will give him information as
to where his wife and baby are. j
The missing woman's given name is
Carrie. She is rather small, woiuh-|
ing only about ninety-live pounds.!
She has black hair and black eyes and
has a very dark complection. Herj
baby has black hair and eyes and is
very small for its age.
The distracted husband believes his
wife has been enticed away by anoth
er man. He has appealed to police
authorities to aid him in his search
with the request that she be arrested
If found, as well as any man who may
btrwith her.
Pay as You Enter Cars to Be
Put in Service on Local
Lines Monday.
For the first time in the history of
the cily the patrons of the Monongn
liolo Valley Traction Company will
have the pleasure of riding on pay as
you enter cars Monday. Three cars
of the latest model completely
equipped will lie put in service In
this city. Two will lie operated upon
the Adamston run and the third will
be used on the depot run.
All passengers will have to hoard
the cars at the right rear door and will
leave the car at the right front door.
A neatly arranged box is located In a
convenient place on the rear platform
for the passengers to deposit their
fares in. Any one not having the cor
rect change can get it from the con
ductor when getting on the car, but it
Is a good Iden to have the correct
change as it will greatly aid the com
pany and will not keep other passen
gers waiting to get on the cars.
The cars are constructed of steel and
are the latest type of pay-as-you-enter
cars being manufactured at the pres
ent time.
If the three cars which will he put In
service Monday morning prove a suc
cess other cars will be purchased and
plnerd In the scrvicc.
Of Her Father Which Was Held
at Littleton Does Mrs. L. A.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. McCandle, ol the
Fair Ground addition, are home from
Littleton, where they were called by
by the death of Jonathan Kern, aged
07 years, father of Mrs. McCandle, who
died last Monday morning following an
illness of a complication of diseases.
Mr. Kern lived on a small farm near
Littleton for the last twenty-six years
and leaves a large circle of friends.
Mr. Kern wan a son of Jonathan
and Mary M. Grim Kern and was the
last member of the family, nine broth
ers and sisters and his parents pre
ceding bim to the Great Beyond. He
was the father of eleven children and
ten of them were present at the fun
eral services, which were held at the
home at 1 o'clock Wednesday after
Surviving relatives of the deceased
man are his widow. Mrs. U A. Mc
Candle, of this city, Mrs. U J. Mus
grave, of Wallace, Mrs. Alice Scottli
mirl, of Littleton, and Miss Chlofc
Kern, at home, daughters; J. W. Kern,
of Arches, A. W. Kern, of Cameron,
G. R. Kern, of Arches, Lee R. Kern,
Clarence L. Kern and Francis E. Kern, I
all living at home, sons.
Is Received by Superintendent
of Traction Company from
an Ohio Man.
William .1. Flaherty, superintendent
of the local division of the Mononga
hela Valley Traction Company, has re
ceived a letter with a dollar bill en
closed from a man who resided here
a number of years ago but who has re
cently reformed and wants to square
himself with the world to tho best of
his ability.
Mr. Klaherlv withheld the name of
the man hut the letter Is as follows:
K . Ohio.
Oct. 18-16.
Supt., Fairmont and Clarksburg frac
tion Company.
Dear sir: 1 am sending you a little
conscience money. 1 worked in Clarks
burg eight or nine years ago and rode
on the city cars a few times without
paying my fare and now I want to pay
those fares back to the company with
Interest. At that time I thought it a
smart trick to beat a big corporation.
But my life and ways hace changed.
Please forgive me. Find enclosed $1.
Yours respectively.
B. L. .
K , O.
Colecttons at the Country Slttines
are Reported Very Good.
Deputy- sheriffs report tax collec
tions good at the county sittings
during the discount period. Deputy
Sheriff George W. Conley will be at
Wolf Summit Monday to collect Ten
mlle district taxes and Deputy Sher
iff Clarence E. Stout will alt at Mc
Alpln In Gla ydlstrlct. The Coal and
Clark tax books will be ready In the
sheriff's office the last or the week.
Nasbaum's $10 $15 Suits
do not
look for sales!
There is a "bargain*'
in a Suit or Overcoat
for you every day of
the year at this store.
Our fixed prices of
ten and fifteen dollars
never change. Our
values always remain
the same, backed by
our liberal guarantee
of entire satisfaction
or your money re
funded. Come to this store before you buy.
Consider the dollar you are spending serious-?
ly before you invest it. If you do, your next i
Suit or Overcoat will bear our label inside.
We Always SaVe You a FiOe
Spot and More
$10 and $15 Suit Store
306 Main Street. Next to Merchants National Bank.
Warrant is Issued for Widow of
Victim as Result of Coron
er's Jury Verdict.
A third murder warrant bax been
Issued in the mysterious case of Frank
Bonnflgllo, whn was chopped to death
as lie lay nsleip in his bed at Tin
Plate early Wednesday morning. This
warrant, sworn out by a deputy sheriff
In Magistrate Jackson V. Carter's
court, in against Mrs. Palma liona
flglio, tlie widow of the murdered man.
Mrs. Gonaflgiio has not yet been ar.
rested, but officers say she Is virtually
In custody, being tinder a constant sur
veillance. She lias not been taken lo
JaJI, It is stated. Tor Hie reason that
she lias three small children to look
after, licr daughter, l*na, aged 13,
wlio first confessed to having mur
dered her father and who later re
pudiated her confession, is still In Jail
while a wide search Is being made for
Joseph Tutera, cousin of the Rlrl,
whom she later accused of the murder.
Warrant* charging murder hud been
issued against the girl and Tutera-and
the third one against Mrs. nonaflglio
was Issued as the result of tho verdict
of the coroner's Jury in the case, which
charged all three with a murder con
Teachers of English
Will Meet This Week
Miss Willa Brand of the Clarks-1
burg High School is Down
for an Address.
Preparations have been completed
for the annual meeting of the West
Virginia Council of Teachers In Eng
lish, which will be held October 27 and
28 In the Charleston high school build
ing on Quarrier street, Charleston.
Miss Willa Brand, of the Washington
Irving high school, oMbls city. Is on
the program for an address.
The program, in full, is as follows:
First Session, October 27. I) a. m.
General subject?English Jn the
high school.
High school English as a prepara
tion for university cngllsh?Miss Mary
M. Atkeson, Morgantown.
The use of the high school llbarry?
Edgar 'Williams, Normal school, Athens
Aight reading for high school chil
dren?Miss Willa Brand, ClarkBburg.
The separation of composition and
literature?Miss Anna E. Harris, Hunt
General discussion?"The High
School Course in Jfcngllsh."
Second Session, 1(30 p. m.
General subject?English In the ele
mentary school.
Practical English for the elemen
tary school?J. F. Marsh, secretary
board of regents, Charleston.
Tho motivation of English work?
Principal H. C. Robertson, Charleston.
General discussion?"What Should
tho Elementary Course In English Aim
to Accomplish7"
Report of committee on "The 9tatus
of English Teaching In the Elementary
Schools of West lVrgtnia"?Miss Lo
rena Fries, normal school, Glenville.
Third Session. 7:80 p jn.
Address?"The Teacher of Litera
ture"?Dr. C. IX Haworth. Marshall
Address?Dr. Waltman Barbs, Mor
gantown. "Literature, the Teacher,
and thn Teens."
Reception to the council by the Eng
lish teachers of Charleston.
Fourth Session, October 28, fl a. m.
Reports ot committees:
The Shakespeare Ter-centenary,
Miss Helen Joan Haltman. hi*h ??>?ool
Standard!! of oral lEngllnh?Miss
Kpthleoti Nicholson, Charleston.
Status of English teaching In the ele
mentary HcaoolB of West Virginia.
Story telling?Miss Mary B. Fon
taine, Charleston.
Libraries?Miss Berdena Hale, high
school, Moundsvllle.
Ileport of the treasurer.
Hound table?"Needs of the Coun
Appointments of new committees.
Blevtlon of officers for 1916-1917.
Walter Barnes, of the Fairmont state
normal .scoool. Is president of the
council; Miss Mary B. Fontaine, of the
Charleston high school, is vice pros!
ilont and Miss Mary Mcok Atkeson, of
(ho West Virginia Unlrersity. is sec
retary and treasurer.
Your Money Too
with satisfaction of artistic
dentistry known for Its lasting
Gnaranteed ..
Fillings 50c up
All work guaranteed. We
guarantee painless extracting
and other work with least dis
K. of P. Bldg., Opp. Sheriff's ,
Bealdence, Third Street.
The soundness of a financial Institution mi?
be accurately Judged by the reputation and char
acter of the men who direct Its affair*.
The directors of this bank are all men mil
known In this community and financial standing.
and they meet regularly to give careful 'supervision
to the business of the hank.
Cor, Pike ai

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