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On Your
Coat or
Suit at
X hereisaREZNOR
Heater for
<>v? 2ry need.
'And they are all built
on tV'c scientifically
correct principle of
Reflected Heat.
fir<w!r\ ? the pnpulir por
table typ&* n "ii aIioiiM sre
the Rathr<v?m W'ali lirater
and the FifTplaee Heater.
RKZNOK^S arc odorless,
instantaneous' Jnd do not;
vitiate the air>
Sold by
Lac & Parr >
Hardware Co.
4M W.PIkcSt.
Dissected and Held Up byiJudge enthusiasm. It was ????tati?.c in
Rnivincnn Whn Qnoabic at , I bat farmers, atock-broodet - ail oil field
noumson. vvno bpeaws ai mon ^>n> prcR,.nt froiJ1 Hll ,,t
West Union. the county.
? ? -? - V, "Under an administration with my
nnriu ToTM??..#a??Ki self as governor," said th* speaker.
WI59T IMOX, Oct. 2H. Wat Hon lam i "the government at Charleston shall,
, was again analyzed. dissected and held i be more than ever distinctly a people's
tip to the view of Doddridgo county; government. In this ? anipaien I have!
voter* here this afternoon whin Judge been meeting the people with the pur
Ira K. Robinson, Republican nominee| pose mostly of taking them into my
for governor, ?poke to a large autlienceI confidence through knowing them per
in the court, bullae. ' gonaily. I want to know them all ovej j
Wiiffionlmn." #ald tin judge, "i a the state. their needs. aims and hope,
j silent, hypnotic, Napoleonic Infl'tietue for a greater and better; state 11f*? All
: thrt does thing.'! in !? unlet, Irtgikltnur. during my term as governor it shall
wfti* that w ?? cannot always understand be so tevery class. Interest and sec - i
.It manifests itself particularly in the tiou shall he considered and impar-'
c!t> of Fairmont, where Utile can br rinlly looked into.
said or done Without Ith pernillRgiof ' The Mtate government shall be open
\Vn!.>ontahi i.s an invisible coveraincnf. and above board. Then- *hall be noib
It that government which denied, ing invisible about it I hate bo ,m
me the privilege of speaking froQt the! I hate invisible influences I suallv
court house steps lir Fairmont, jjes-j (hey are ulterior. Th?? people are en-'
tenia.--. and which ihlr year denierf the: titled to know what goes on and to be
Republicans of Marlon cottnty Che: fairly represented. Here i? my pledge
j'ght to strlfch a banner M'-mw tiro j to the people of my native state and it
at reels ?>f Fairmont. w'b?le i* f^anta); shall be so.'
the same privilege to tIn \vy?'?drow The Judge expre e?j ii). i onfldence
Wilson club.# \*o*? Mr \Va> on necks that there was no longer an> doubt as
to extend thai same, irmid ions Influence to his election, and in-tied his bearers
to rover the v, hoh rtR?te and ga lu ?on all to attend his inauguration. "The
trol of Hi" agenele. of suite ftovern- only reason I shall not attend the in
tuitu through the el? r\ion of Mr^Corn- angulation of Mr. Hughes at Washing
vvll io the governorship/' ton." lie said, "is because l shall haw
The meet hi g here wt^< the largest ofjan affair of the same kind at the same
tb< nmpalgti and wart not lacking initine and the same hour lu Charleston.
Cleveland Abbe, Meaeoroioyist, an aide at Cambridge. Mass. to l?r
R. A. Could, then astronomer of the
.. .. I'nited States Coast Survey 1 he
IM0 MOre. years ISO-#>B he spent In.Russia >?'
the Imperial observatory, as guest of
n; .mocuiio Mi,k jjlH resident staff of observers ther.-,
\\ \r-HIV.h ION. Oct. Js- Prof?'s ;iu?i on his return to the United Stat' -
<?.. Cleveland \bb#\ known ^ the h<. waH ,hosen director or ?l.?
I father of the weather btiw.it.- died Cincinnati observatory.
he! e today itfI**i an illnesstof ;? >eat., j? beginning his astronomical
I'" presimt day system of dally work llt Cincinnati in May, iStifc.
weather foritrast.s. with wlfjch ? very ; j?rf)f \bbe expressed to the Cbainber
portion of tin-*t'nited State^ howei. . of Commerce of thai ?it:. b.- willinc
remote, i- tif^w thoroughly familiar. uopR |,^e dailv predictions of the
lb the outgrowth of a weather pre weather for the be??dlt n the rit?
diction service which Clevefcind Abb.. 7r|H ms proposition wa accepted
j est!? blifthed in Cincinnati. <> when;and ,jM. wurk Hrtu?n\ began m S<u>
lie m:<s the d Elector ?>f the ohserva-; lembl.rt by the publication of.
. tor> t here in 18tJ??. Ihe death of ? iidfallv bulletin'of weather, telegrams
this famous meteorologist re.caH?jHn,| pYobflbilitie*.
some fnt?t'HSllng details of this early ( h.. surr.. . oi |,i- seh*-ui.- led sonn
jhhtory of weather forecasta. of his friends to Introdu i a
' The son of a New York merchant. I Iron calling upon Congress to estab
and horn Deoember 1h:?8. Cleve-.Hsha national bureau of storm warn
Inncl Abbe became an instrurtor in ings for the benefit of conimere
mat hematic* niiil astronomy at th ? This was established by joint resolu*
? Cniversity of Michigan In 1860. and it ion of February -t. 1870, and lis
dnrfntr the Civil war period he was conduct -was entrusted to General A. j
Will-Study the .Skies
J Meyer, then chief signal officer of
th'* army. He* adopted Into hK
weather bureau all the? Important]
features of Prof. Abbe's work at Cin
cinnati and. In January, 1871. In
vit.*d him to come to Washington a
hl-- scientific assistant.
The regular trl-daily Issue of
"probabilities" began in February.'
lfiV l. nnd whs kept up by Prof. Abbol
until others could be trained for this|
service. These foroaets were ptib-j
ll?>i?;d throughout the United States'
-aoonomouBly as official document*, !
and th<? cognomen of "Old Prob."
i which had been invented in Clnrin
nnii. was soon widely applied to their
author. !
From that time on the weather!
service '-^tended yearly until the
| I'nlted Stateg bureau came to rank
i first among such services in the
world. and Prof. Abbe himself came
I to !>?? known sis one of the world ."
foremost meleroiogists. It lure*
jly due to bin initiative that the s? ?
oral successive advances in the s??r
vice, such as ocean meteorology, the
I prediction ol floods In rivers, the
publication of the monthly weather
: re/iew, the adoption of civil service
' examination-^ in metorology. the in
troduction of uniform standard time,
and Innumerable other steps, wer?;
Rveri when past seventy years of
age, Prof. A i?be continued in the
government wather service to edit
th Mot lily W'athet Review and
make other contributions to meleoro
lo^lcal science. Mo was the recipient
of a gold medal from tli?? Itoyal
Meteorological .Society of Kngland,
member of the National Academy i>t
Sciences and numerous foreign and i
American scientific bodie .
Is the Tribute Former Governor
Atkinson Pays the Guber
natorial Nominee.
1 ? r(CI A L to " ? * T?! I9??"
<;HAFTON, CM. 28 Kx-Governori
doorge W. Atkinson, passing through j
here on hi- way to the eastern end
of the state, paid .the Republican,
nominee for governor. Judge Ira K.
Robinson, th* following compli
ment :
I have known him from his boy
hood and he i absolute;. from
head to heels. In m> judgment he
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is the best equipped man for the!ally and pronounced ability. Thin
governorship of any one who has|Kiate is surely Republican and that'
hitherto been nominated for that tact will be fully establish ad on So
filch otllcfi in either or the political J vember 7."
parlies since the formation of the
"He is at the lop of the legal pro-' ALL PIGS LOOK ALIKE
more frooly anil out of greater know!
nice because I have boon governor fliEVELAND. o on 2$ ~ 'Tigs
myself No rotor enn make a ml?- I? piss." but there's no "Who's who"
take by nupport lng him at the polls. I InN'txland. When tire threatened to
?'Public sentiment Is rapidly rom-;wipe out the KtockvnrH? s.nno pigs
Ine toward Judge Robinson and m; were turned loose The owners tried
honoRt convictions are that he will to save their'propertv, but Rave up
lie triumphantly elected, and when , hope. Reclassification and reweigh
i lected lie will fill the nfllro with diz-j inc of the hops will cost SlO.umi.
HARRISBrilG, Ta.. Ort. 2R.. .
"Wag" Hoffman has astonished Har
risfourg plutocrats by investing l[i
1 larnshurg's new hotel stock. Many
of ihem didn't realize Wagner was
in their class until he subscribed for
four of the -Sr.?? shares of stock.
Wag" is the energetic newsboy
at the foot, of Capitol park, who \h
familiar to ;ill who visit the Capi
tol. He is a real estate owner, nf
well as being one of the local cap I
tall fits.
' 1
Wilson's Day
PRESIDENT WILSON began his administration
by surrounding himself with incompetents. Men
were selected for cabinet positions for political
' ^ reasons and to pay pre-election bargains, although they
\ "were admittedly unfit for the national responsibilities
American lives and national honor on land and sea
have been unprotected.
I le has destroyed a world tradition in diplomacy that
America means what it says.
He has alienated from America the good wilbof most
of the nations of Europe.
He has dealt insincerely with foreign questions and
has failed to settle finally a single one.
He has waged war in Mexico in a manner that, has
stamped our people as cowards in the minds of the
Mexicans. He demanded a salute to our flag and didn't
get it; he went after Villa and didn't get him.
He has allowed Mexican bandits to obtain American
arms with which they sacked our towns, killed our
soldiers and murdered our citizens.
He has not kept us out of war but he has kept us
unprepared to keep war out of America.
He promised to reduce the number of federal office
holders and has added thirty thousand to their
His promise to protect merit in the Civil Service has
been broken, and his insincerity in the protection of
of the merit system is proved.
1 n time of peace he filled America with "bread lines,
and demands re-election because in time of war Europe
has filled our factories with orders which it will cease to
place the moment peace is declared. Destiny not De
mocracy is alone responsible for present prosperity.
His pledges to reduce the cost of living can be meas
ured today in the light of the highest prices ever known
in our history.
He has sown international antagonism which will -
plague us for generations.
Sj-pe-gsi. ,
He has fathered a Democratic tariff that threw hun
dredsof thousands of men out of work in the first months ?
of his administration. The same tariff is still in force
and it will have the same disastrous results after
the war
He has failed to keep the faith.
What He Has Done With It
Republican Publicity Committee

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