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K The Lveuliiii AVivrpiipet- of Evudui W'?t,
I Published Kvery \Veek-'?lhy Kveninp unit
Sunday .Morninp b,\
Clurl.sluir;:. \\ . \
ftv"':. Enter-il at flu- po .tdlll.:it < 'lark sharp,
\.. Va.. !is second 'i .> - mail unit lor.
ft of 'j hi: associated i-ilkhs
AUDIT 111 III-ui OF oiiiri j.atiuns.
It "Editorial llobm ltusihCKS Office
Ootiwolldate.l. . I AT A I'oiisolltliilml, . l-"7-Y
B Daily, per week $0 1A Dully;
peryjiicuUh TO
Daily, perM&var, ltt ?<1 vjiii<;<; . 0,.Vi ;
B Sunday. puFAvook .<? '
Sunday. per year, in mlvulice, l-'.oO i
B? Dally, and Sunday, per week '_'0
B l'ully and Sunday, per month Kt> '
Dally ami Sunday, per year, in ml- '
It>- Mull, la iVdumrr. I
B Dally, per niontti ....? IA
B - X'ally, per year ."..'hi
,' Sunday, per year . E'.AO t
Dally and Sunday, per year 7 hi) f
TVlien cha apian' nil'dro** pive old an well I
All eo Jlllniltl k'Ut Ion M nui-t lie nipped. or
B? they will reeeive no attention w hatever '
' . ?????? I ' , ' 1 I
An Evening Kclio.
Nothing in the v.orM is more
I haughty than a man of moderate caI
_ pacitv when once raised to power.?
19 rr
The Telegram is officially informed
I that' the division freight agent's head- j j
quarters of the llaltimore and Ohio j
Railroad Company will not lie moved j
I from Purkersimrg as reported a few
days ago. Instcnd the railroad com-,1
panv has established an additional rdl- '
f. vision freight agency at Grafton tn: '
look after matters in the central West 1
Virginia disriet, particnlarly the Mo- <
nongah division. The additional i
agency will prove beneficial to (Marks- 1
1^5 burg, and as the company could not '
'ir see its way clear to es* i lish the same <
here, it is gratifying if lie Telegnm j (
| that it is to give loci f rppers addi-1
J tional benefits bv < i dishing ttie *
| j same so near Clar't shvi.'.r. <
Opponents to Greater Clarksburg i
f| haive started the false story that the 1
city of Clarksburg is bonded now for ?
jp more than $700,000. The truth Is that 1
|/< the city government levies taxes for c
interest and redemption of only $1*10,- t
000 in bonds. These bonds were issued j
for bridges, street and sewerage pur- i
t poses. There is a bonded debt of j ?:
| $263,000 for the water and sewerage' c
Jl system. No levy is laid for these as j 1
f they arc taken care of by the water and f
sewerage board. Taxation for the <
i") school bonds is collected from the en- j \
I ft tire Clarksburg school district, wmen j i
|)r embraces all the chief suburbs pro-t ]
I posed to be taken in c xeept Adamston (
and North view.
Business Methods Back. 1
Foreign ,tradc of the United States
Is handicapped through fear of anti- i
trust taws, which Jiave kept the
| American manufacutrer and iner- ]
chant from combining with his neigh- (
k i bor in the foreign field, according to |
B Edward X. Hurley, chairman of the;]
federal trade commission, addressing <
the chamber of commerce at Phila- i
Ri" delphia the other day. Mr, Hurl y .
I indorsed the Webb bill, permitting ;
co-operation In foreign trade, which ]
will be presented at the next session
||; of Congress. j*
I Asserting that efficient manage- j
ment and sound business methods are ,
K Lhe prime needs of American business
f men if they are to compete in forV
cign markets. Mr, Hurley startled
his audience with the statement that (
not more than ten per cent of any ;
|f' group of men representing any intt
dustry, who have appeared before
f| the federal trade commission, had '
||| a good cost system, and that of the
tie. 250,000 manufacturers and conimercial
organizations, 100. OoO had no
jfj " earnings during It'll; 0.0 0.0 earned
less than $5,000 a year, and of the
||| remainder SO,000. charging off noth;
ing for depreciation, continued to pay
Z a tax to the government on inflated
I' ' balance sheets.
'HlHw I
Schenl to lank Xn (.ion's.
Plans tor the cstablishinent of a
|| - system of correspondence between
H students in the high schools of Ar-,
Ij : gen tin a and students in the United
i States have been disrus.sod at a conp
. Terence between Ambassador Xnon of
Argentina ami a representative of the
r Washington bureau of the American
jl Peace So- ' ety.
"The id : Is one that I initiated in ;
Argentina o'er four years ago." said
g , the ambassador, "bur at that time
P there did not appear to be sufficient
F Interest here to carry it through. The'
prospect is better at present and I
have already despatched to one of the
Buenos Ayres schools in which I am'
Is " particularly interested a number of
r; ; letters written by students in the
f? Proctor Academy of Andnver. X". J. In
i i <lue time I shall receive from the;
wtilnAlmoV' lui A vnonrinn o ol a 'J
If v/i iiiiai i^' uiiuv; uv*w? ? >
v I long letter written by the students
there, which will be translated and I
" sent on to And over. Thus the plan
may be considered to bo definitely
| ' tinder way."
b Ambassador Naon's interest in this j
yi scheme for bringing the young people
' of the two countries closer together is
wholly personal. Ho does not believe
i that the plan should be roadie ofTWal
In any way. His interest in the eduj
cational development of his country is
| deep. He founded sixtv-one of the
f RChoola In and about Ituehos Ay res.
I He is certain that all these schools
|? would co-operate eagerly in the ex|
change of letters with schools in this
rountry and hopes to see the tir-e
'? } when the "best friend" of each of
I these Argentine schools will be a sim
f *fcur school in the United States.
Ki! U".
Those Ijiving Costs.
In discussing thm high living costs
a "Washington newspaper Is inclined
to blame the residents of that city
for growing lax in the backyard garH
den and vacant lot! cultivation. The
I Times says:
Ho sing'e element is responsible
V for the high cost of living: and the
folic who look to nay one remedy to
Hi? ' combat higher prices fall to realize
H^v'r tills.
One of the contributing factors to
H;i' higher prices Is the failure of home
ewners to*tiso the ground they pos^^^^_____
'^jwLi' :'^}*?-- ^yt/^^Vt- tyiV"*- 4,^-VIM
'' 'yV^ ? v'fi^'L 1 v1*! i " ~r J i $sk&'*'v '^f1^' ? ''^v k
No Mum?
???,? fnr rfhwuvt" t'f?f<?l si Ht<<n fnr t h r* i
rnvii Jal>11'/. Formerly, even fn Hi !'*
it was the custom to make uuch titf'
r>f all available ground. Uacll yea
Mif: tendency I3 to neglect nsor< an
mop1 tho cl'-tri' tit In rutting down
the family budget.
S?-ver a! \ i :irH ago llic HrhobJs t s "?*(
o ''a'aiiiraac home rr -1 atoning i hrougi
If summer g?nl'-.n movement. fo.:t r
d ii?i 11* playground a;id <ncoui:igu
in ! uue yards.
Now A. .f. Drlscol'. president of th
\Hd '"ity CliSatins' A.siipfsaMori, tir;."I.i
a I c|\ue bodies ta k ? up this duestlo;
md on con ritfeo cult i \ a I ion of vac a n
01. and tracts as writ as front an*
cif l: yards of homes.
f: united action can be gained If
' n' imsi do rah 1 < ; n u n i be r of i< s id > n t
'or rids propostal it would greatly in
:r.esfi<cj tin? city's, supply of vegctutile
uVd fruits. Ft would be interestiny t
mow just wivaSi proportion of its imp
dies a city could raise, by props
n'-thorls of intensive agricuitUt'O. '
lelp free itself in part from depend
nee on farms round about.
Washington affords an uniisnaM
arge number of spaces, now produe
tig nothing - but' weeds, upon wdiici
unateur gardens might operate.
Hccny of Our Shipping.
In 1X40 our no reliant ship
>rquglvt to our shores H7.1 pur cent o
)ur Imports and carried abroad 7(1.
icr cent of our exports. In 1 807 ilic;
airif'd only C3 por emit of our im
>ortp and f>ft,7 per cent of our ex
K?rl.?. Iniring tiie Civil war ion o
>ur ships were dejitriijyed by 'Conic!
rate cruisers and 7 00 were sold '
Ureat Britain.
We coat inner! losing Our vest's b;
ales to foreigners, and in 1S'70 iy.<
arried only 73.1 per cent of our im
ort.s and 7.7.1 per cent, of our c .\
>orts. All (he lnuritidle powers o
Inrope subsidized their march'sn
ships. We refused to do so, mid is;
1010 >v*e citrried only ten per cent o
>ur imports and 7:5 per cent of <?u
Then there was a slight revival an<
n 1 i) 13 we carried 11.4 per cent o
lur Imports and B. 1 7 per cent of on
,'Xports. Tills advance was cin cl;e.
)y the seaman's law and our Asiatic
loot was lessened by the lariguag*
latise of that law. The Kuropeai
var nlso caused :sn advance in tin
lumber of our ships, which ndvanc.
ins been checltpd by the ship pur
basing bill, which will put an en<
xbso'u'e'y r.o what is 1> fi of mi
icean carrying trade to foreign conn
: ries.
The close oT the ISunopenn war wll
release German ships now intern* i
utr" *!' 'r>r'-"--n ffir mr-' -r of Al
ied ships. With low wages paid r<
heir sailors and liberal subsidies; ti
ho ship owners, the governments o
Europe will continue to exclude oil
dilps from the fore'gn carrying trru'o
Wo can meet these conditions by re
lealing the seaman's law. by lib'-r >
tostal subventions, and by rob' tin*
Panama canal tolls to all ships o
American registry.
Such remission would not be a vio
aHon of the IIay-PaunreFoto treaty
which requires us to mahe no (lis
yimination In toll rlvrres botweei
diips of various nationalities, tor i
would be in the nature of a snbsid
inch as all the maritime nations o
Europe bestow upon their merchan
vessels. and such as Great Britai
openly gives by remitting toll charge
an its shins which pass through th
Suez canal.
ill K nitlUE.
The fruits of repentance aro It
often canned.? Prof. Sirup.
' eerhohm Km c.i i- m. the fatttpt
financier, was in purple mghtgou
and a quandary. it" he failed to g
sttlficit hi slot his head would not i
clear to png.-'cer. the great corner
clothespins th< next morning, yet no;
mg he could do seericd to appease .it
tv,;o-moiiths'- o:d son Max. who It;
been crying -violently for a steady Iv-'i
B< or'liobni had-tried Turning sunthie
sail its. tolling .iokes and oxplrJnn
them, wiggling! his cars and halation
furniture on his chin, but the cigfc
weeks-old chihl ho?viod on.
"I'll try rtursery rhymes,*' thorn:
tiu- financier with sudden irispiratic
And be sang "Old Mother Hubbard
I'g-r i ..i-r,-v Dock." and "The
Was an Old Woman."
Bu t the r rcty-one-days-old in fa
continued to yell.
"S;tvc a song of sixpence." beg;
Beerbohm Kbscnstein.
Instantly there was something,
was nil silence.
"Make it a quarter, pop. and I
qui'." : ;ti<i little Max.
They wore '.ho first... word.-. h:
ov-r spo.kon, arid the !in:*.:m:vr was
delighted at having a chip' of the c;
block in the hou-e thai i: auuVc
:,ovonty-five contfi and wcr.t to b.d.
4. <|> 4> 4- ?f> ;? > *1- t >J< 4>.
+ lujiit orrriUTiON.
< Ijooklr.gr for a lost appetite,
4 4 + 4 4 ^ 4 + ->
! '
V 4 { 4 + 4 T T V + *1' *t '! 'P V> +
! *
S* The reformers arc liable to
< close our open winter.
House-wives': Hroomc.
+ ** + * ? ?? * + 4- * ! + * +
' ,'1 :h ' 'fi' /.'j&w'-"'1 1,. " '.^'r-i;". I' 1 fiffifji[ "/'< ' '*' .'-v[:.,v!''' 5$JSH
jrtoty Purs I \
No Phosphate I ?
Ijils- II
r ____ :
1 " . ?
I o+Ar?4 D An nrir. rtf H Anpn^Jn no In t
y k?*t t rj o I "iCj/yi, w .ui UJJCI auuilo III '
* Vwest Virginia, Pennsyi:
vania and Ohio.
>, "" .
j An.1T a coiuiiitifjijs rtiii of Iit;hf a
i >v. for more than three month.*'. I
i> itiiciii; cifuiity, Is to tin- fronf with a
rjin.l |ii oh It is tlx- 11m periaI Oil
and <;a>< }':oUncts Mumpanj's test on:
y th> Dot.-oii far in. locate*'! in th'i i'.iit
.Injun i n ni ami soon as the pay was
i tapped Ma wi.ll begun to flow and
pi o iii'vd thO hai-ri 1.; i ho first twentyLmn
horns. This well is thought to
in* aood for ~ZO ha r,i * Is a day when
drilled In. Tlie loeation in tiuo foot
nort haunt of the dramo coufpany \s No.
' 1 ori tlio Woods li<-ii farm. In the
' same district, Lit0 saint- coinpanvt'^
1 tost on tilt; M. K?-it 11 l";iit11 Its is a small
r in tin- r.i j; Injun sand. On
Idinm il's run. tin- t'.hal ers Oil and
1 Gas /'(?iiiptiiiy,'s tost on the It. Mc'Jiu7
ni-- furiu is a y.o-or in the J.'-lfi Jnjan
1 sand.
I toddi iih'.o ( Vniiity Completions.
' On licocli Lick i on, r,roc-drier 'lis- ' i
1 t rli-t. Dod Iridic county, iJ2 Hope |
Natural tins <'ujnpany has drilled its <
! ,-i on the J; It. Flint tarin through f
i" tin- t-j'ij_c Injun rand and found it bar
t ton. On the same stream ?nd in the
c same district, the Hun (.1 as Company
- * ? i i r'tW! ' -ifiti1 jltj-u.' VV":. A. ,
M :V;'?.J ..." ?M;7V ; w.. ...... ... ,
r Mr.riain into flu- Dig Injun sand
and it .shows foi a ten-bar re I pumper. '
i : Ow; the head waters; of Freeman's
f | e:< ; I:. Freeman's Creek (listrict.Lewia
icounty. the Hope Natural (las Com!
p ay drilled a No. 5 on the Kclwuird j
Foley farm through the Gordon sand .
and found nothing but some gas in
1 i h?i stray santlj
! In (1 reenbrier district, Doddridge
c county, the Victoria Oil Company ,
- eoijnpieted No. a on the J. J. Adams
1 tarm. It is a duster in the Gordon
r sand. In Washington district, Hleas
, ants county, Tate Prattlers and Com-1
| pnny completed No. 25 on the H. Dye *
1 i :;:n and it shows for a live-barrel
(] p.:niper in the Cow Run sand,
j. In t'njeu disti;|et. Wood county. 1
o George Rusel drilled No. 1 I on the A.
0 M. Robinson farm through the sec. 1
f mill ( -ov. Run sand and it shows for '
j- a llftoi n-b.trrel pumper. On Spring 1
creek. Spencer district, Roane county. '
. the South Penh Oil Company has the
j rig completed lor a test on the J. \V. '
, Bovvers fari.ii. located 8,000 feet '
f northeast, of the same company's test 1
on the Rossi get* heirs' farm. On Lit- 1
_ tie creek in the same district, the
?"1" enmnvnv has started to drill No. '
l on tlie W. S. Craig Cam) and the,'
carter Oil Cctmpa^y has started to |
"j drill a u-j-t on the T. L. BavlleU farm, j
' Unit's liifli (iaiiiti's.
On Kent s run. Mannlntrt.on district. i
' Marion county, No. 3 on tliu Z. E. Bat*
son farm has dropped back to 1.215
? ; barrels a day. No. 1 on the same
t: larm i* producing ninety barrels. The
" nalitres of the other wells are: Meckinaii
and Huff man No. 3 Alfred Ken
dall, 1 2barr. Is; South Bonn Oil
Clonipany"s No. 2 Hourd-Bntson. 3 75
t barrels, and I) hnar Oil Company
? Xos. 24 and 25 .John L. Hays, 3SO
R barrels each,
jl * More Test Wells.
g Operator:- in West Virginia are not'
<h< 1- . ' ! -. i:a-ard about starting expo
rimontiil work. hi Birch district,
' Braxton county, the Philadelphia
Ooihpp"v has started to drill a test
on ; e 1 n? net t farm. In Salt
Kick d strict, she t.con-pony has
cu .p:< *- ' a i.i si on the J. L. Co rid by!
'' fa:":' and it is a Huh' etssm- in the]
- ..j sand. The sunn- company is !
J hurlcling. a rig on the C H. Boslev !
!n : f.I I'M j
j On Biff Sandy crook. Wg Sanrlv disI
: Krrauha counts. Koontz and
\[ O dim nc h'' ve start"! r < > drill a test
" on ?; . >. t\ Taylor -rn. On West
P' - riv.-r. Ppiy district; Harrison
couo'v Shaffer Brothers are due in
; 'he f'-irdon rand at a test on the B.
F. Piyott farm. In the snipe dis-;
... i trict, Phane.s Wally has the rig com-1
1 : .pleted fo~ a test on t he P. O. Otrd'en
fa rim. 6" Ov ens ferje. Booth's Creek
" d'--trier. Tov! or county. the Arras
Qlnss. is drilling a test on
the Th-"t ; Itovor fami and has a,
' . rig cota'< *ed on 'lie .TpTtn Elder farm.
< Son:hwst P'^nsvlvftii"!.
in i n' * i!vri"i!\iT?r n J <i, Allegheny
I cov.-'iy, Pa., lh" 1nsr co'mnlotio'n is
shcrvShh for a duster. Ir is Douglas
'Kf V.'h~'*s tost on the Sp'-v^r heirs*.:
iot end has v ~y light show of oil.1
, it> ;> .? sa' Si. M. Wsii
1 ' lev fon-,napv'n v.'oll on the j.\. Trimble '
lot is not good for mom than night or
]>n*v'or Si"rvtl.
If tho firn hr.li should ring w>tiM
a ' yon vim ami stop i' or ro anil holp
put on the ftr?<? It i-i rfiooh the "'vm
a v.T'.y with a cough;': A cough hi h. <ir n,j
stor signal as e:uch as a fire boll. You
.J. should no n."r try to suppress it
a than to stop a. fire bell -when it is rinsing.
hut should mire; 'he disease that
.5,: causes the ccuhlng. This can nearJL
!y always be do,, by taking ChamberIain's
Cough Remedy. Many have
4. used it with the most beneficial re.7.'suits.
It in especially valuable for the
a persistent cough that so often fol4.
lows a had co'd or an attack of the
j.-, grip. Mrs. Thomas Benching, Anj
drews, Ind., wr'tes: "During the
I? winter my husband taken cold easily
+ and coughs and coughs. Chamher+
Iain's Cough Remedy is the best mod 5
icine for broaklng up these attacks
?J? and you cannot get him to take any
5- other." Obtainable everywhere.?
4* Advertisement, >'
'SfM V, 1 .'' 1' ( V , '?vC ?j ' ' - ; , ' ;
--V: ' / '{0$,*:: #::i ; | ;';CT'S Q
en barrels a day. In the Mt. Mbrrji
Ustrict, Greene county, Jesse L. Ger
trd completed No. 27 on the A. Y
Jeraril farm and i*. is a garsor in th?
>ig Injun sand.
The prices paid for oil of variotrrrades
by the purchasing agendo?
Vnnsy'vania . ? 2.6C
dercer black 2.10
s'ow Castle 2.1C
lorning 2.10
laboll 2.07
lonjerset. 1.0C
Ftagland . .9 C
^'orth I.lma 1.4}
lOUth Lima 1.4 f
.Vooctor 1.7'
'lyinou f.h 1.0S
>ri nce'on '1.51
ltinolB 1 .51
(am:an and Oklahoma 'j(
ndlana 1.21
Jcaldton 4'.
lorsicana light 9'
Do heavy 4 (
vloctra . .Of
rli-nriotta - 9 <
riirail 0 l
it raw n Of
tlorun Of
Jrlchton .Sf
Ou Sofo 3'
I2-34.9 d"i*. gr. Cad... 71
15-37.0 (! !?. nr. Cad Rf
18 drg. above gr. Cad 0(
'adcio crude 6:
Januda 1.85
I' Proportion to Its Populatiot
According to Statistics Just
CV>rr<?Kpoml?Mioi. of Assorintoil I'rpss)
TOKtO, Dec. 2?In proportion t<
i|)ui)iii;iLi?n, ..'apan leans I u * woi '<
n divorce. according to statistics jus
*ompib rl by {^Yfrnmrni officials, j
-'vai number of sepmtions com'
ibout immediately after marriage.
Whereas In End and the proportioi
">f divorce fs only two to every 20,
lOp mnrrinros anil in the I'Jrtite<
State.; 't is e'j'hty-twn. in Japan theri
ire no fewer than 173 divorces to-ev
wy 20.000 marriages. Most of th'
itvorces recorded have been brough
ibotit my "mutual consent" aru
through the efforts of the go-bo
t.woens responsible for the origina
anion. They were accomplishec
without subrriisslon lo court or law
Out of the 5ft,000 divorces whirl
were effected between 1 SS" and 1 90!
:nvly 409 cases were obtained by lav
IP its.
The divorce report siyv. "Thl
remarkable state of affairs Is attrib
u table to the fact that ideas of iiull
vidual rights and obligations as wel
as knowledge' arifj experience of thlaw
are but scant ily developed In thi
minds of the Japanese people, Bu
dneo the Japanese women are nov
crowing in the consciousness' of thel
1!unity and rights wo hear now tint
hen the cas*>s of women fighting fo
iivorces in the courts of law."
In conclusion the report urge:
stricter regulations, pointing out tha
he general tendency In the civilize/
world is toward : gradual diniinutioi
nf divorce and tliot the proportionn
Japan is becoming a1 arming.
srccKssr i l hevivat/.
The revival being conducted in t:h
rnited Bretbren church of Northvi>m
by the pastor, the Rev. S. R. Lud wie
has so Tar been a great success. Ther
have been fifty confessions to ctat
and the meetings are growing in in
tcrest. .There will be a service To
new members Sunday night and i
will lie decided whether to continu
11st: evangelistic campaign.
Ill i! Pnll, Pnll,
BuB RHciijIA 110
Abfslilb mmi
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Trial Bottle of Old, Penetrating
tkSt. Jacob's Oil."
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just as good for sciatica, ncuralgi;
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Following is today's test for
*t? the Water Board's chemist arid
Also rainfall for twenty-four hm
* AS j
* Number of bacteila la
4? l.O c. c.
5* River water 2200
*8" City water 0
C- C.?Cubic centimeter, (a
Intestinal germ, X?Present. 0
I j
I Get
1 ; S
) | Q
t m
: Wrench Wi
j rather
t' +~
' As a Mounted Force on the Bat- d
tlefields of the French- ?
3 j German Front. c
: i i
1 ' (Correspondence of Associated Press) v
2 , F; hlVQii i"*tvOXT, Dec. 2.?.fust f
' fourteen months have passed since :
French cavalry has appeared on the f
s battlefields of the Franco-German front t
- as a mounted force. The last occasion t.
- <pf their employment in their real work
1 '.'"as September 25, 1915, when a single
e squadron of hussars crossed the Gen *
sij "an lines in Ghampagrie?-and brought t
back some prisoners. %
r The French general staff, however, 1
r has not permitted the splendid horsed *
I regiments < composed of cuirassiers,
r dragoons, hussars and mounted rifles)
to remain klle. They take their turn j r
s with the infantry regiments in the t c
t trenches, where they do exactly the h
1 '-amp arduous duty as tlic foot-soldiers c
i for a period and then return far be- a
i hind the front to exerefse with their s
inounts. 1
Earl* in the war. when fiediting a
was sevi re on the Yser, the French 1
cavalry came into touch with the Gcr- f
'.ins on several occasions arid gen- 1
t orally with success. Trench warfare 1
along the continuous line reaching s
from the North sea to the Swiss fron- t
tier, with no ilanks to turn, has ren- '
0 dered their employment on horseback 1
~ impossible. 1
Extracts from German newspapers
p describing the battle around Sailly- 1
L Saillisel on November 5 and 6 this i
year declare bodies of French cavalry
- and held artillery were massed immc- i
Redfleld Orders the S <
Roosevelt to Proceed There 1
for the Convention.
* NORFOLK. Va., Dec, 1.?It was ]
officially announced today by Secre-. j
. tary Red field, of the department of I 1
II commerce, that the historic ship j1
1 Roosevelt, on which Rear-Admiral;
! Peary explored the Arctic regions, has' ;
been ordered to Norfolk during th<
jt convention of the Southern Commer
il cial Congress December 11 to 14. Thi:
b is the first time that the Roosevcl
"s | has been officially placed within reaci
g of visitors since it returned fron
?s ! northern waters.
a ! Not more than once in a llfetlm1
h does the average person get an oppor
n tunity to inspect such a ship. Tlu
I Roosevelt was' especially constructs"
r! with a view to withstanding the tor
?t. rifle pressure of the ice in the frozen
n, seas. After returning with the lass
;e Peary expedition it was turned over
i- to the department of commerce,
e- i It was on the Roosevelt that Peary
ik' started in 1005 on his last and sue
r- cessful dash for the pole. In the
is summer of 1908 it returned with:'
a. that intrepid explorer and the worlr'
r- was electrified with the intelligence
that the infinitesimal speck on. the
+ !* *? 4* + + + + + + + + +
fever and other gerrns as made by 4*
bacteriologist at the filtration plant. *
trs ending at 10 o'clock today: 4*
Boccillus coll presept In
.1 c.c. 10C.C. 10. c. c. +
X X X *
0 0 0 *
bout a thimbleful.) Bacillns ooll? *
>? Absent. Rainfall 4>
* ??> * <fr + * * * * * *"# * * * + * +
DAY, DECEMBETt *, 3916.
The Wat
'I a ??-??
: I The Spe
:1 Mi
Itral For Tuesday
cial Ghristm
I'-'i -
iwne <
PRICES $5 00
iately behind the front lino In the
xpectation that the German positions
vere about to be pierced and that they
ould then dash through the breach,
"he Associated Press correspondent
vas present during the whole of the
ighfing on those days and the oniy
nounted men seen anywhere near the
ieid were military policemen directing
he supply columns and the drivers oi
he horsed transport wagons.
Even the German prisoners who sur endered
as a result of the attacks 011
taillisei and the Saint Pierre Vaast
vood were placed under the guard of
nfantrymen, for the ground in the
icinity is so much broken up that
torses could not march over it.
The correspondent later had an oplortunity
of seeing the cantonments .
if some French cavalry two days
narch from the battlefield. The
rhnrgers were in excellent condition
Liul the veterinary surgeons themselves
expressed surprise at the small
percentage of sickness among them
ince the beginning of the campaign,
["his is the result of the constant care
riven thorn by the detachment of men
eft behind when the remainder of the
egiment goes into the trenches. One
squadron of each unit Is detailed for
buy in the cantonment while their
>mrirados are engaged in ihe fighting
:one. Even the officers leave their >
nounts behind. i
This system of utilizing the cavalry
iris been employed for over a year and
t is unlikely that any change will
jeeur unless a forward move on a
trand scale should be anticipated.
inrth's surface had been technically
What harrowing tales of hardship
md possible suffering the crew- of the
loosevelt endured during those long
periods of w-intry darkness, can be j
letter understood lvhen one has seen j
for himself the norrow confines and j
-cstricted living quarters aboard the j
. essel.
Such is the opportunity given by ;
^^^THE&E'S A
to be found iix the lives <
IF od the top. It wasn't ^Lt
?md tb? nb? of small cconomi
If a start would only be made by
m? the iocoma, the lesson of eeouom
B7 opening an account with us, 3
fbresi?iit that will benefit von. nc
/Hp / Resources o\*c
?L 8& Clarksb
' " . 1 ' ' ; ' ^ ^ ^ * . ' ' '.
>erd Co. | 1
' 9 a. m. I 9
as Sale \ II
a I I
Jut I |
~TO $12.50 | I
the government to the visitors during 2>1
(he days of the convention here. The
Roosevelt is said to be in excellent fil
state of preservation. All of the fittings
and extra equipment it hail
with it on the dash for the pole, arc mm
still intact. I
TMdsTuffs i
Amounting to 2,300,000 Tons V
A ro C n ni + a Dnlrf iitm a IUa :lHl
m t, ouiu iu ugi-jiuiii aitu Lilt; WBl\
Northern Part of France. w
(Correspondence of Associated Pre*?:'* B!
LONDON, Dec. 2?Foodstuff W|
amounting to 2.300.000 tons and vat- V / M
ued at $227,500,000 have been sent
Into Belgium and northern France BR'
since the outbreak of the war by the fltt
Commission for^Relief in Belgium, ^Bi
says a report just issued here. Besides
foodstuffs the commision has shipped
into this war zone something like 5,000,000
articles of clothing.
Allied government susidies for the flH
relief of people in these stricken districts
have amounted to $183,000,000.
Public subscriptions, in kind <'^B
and in money, and other private ^B
monies, amounted to approximately
$30,000,000, of which the United
States gave about thirty-five per cent,
and the British empire nearly all the S|
The population confined to this territory
as a result of the war, all of
who received bread from the commission.
numbers, according to the report,
0,500.000. fl|
The work-folk who advertise ap- fln
peal to your consideration for their fln
County ot' Harrison, to-wit: Ml
ac uuies new in. the office of the Clerk
of ilic Circuit Court of Harrison County,
West Virginia. on the Oth clay of November,
the following order was entered:
The object of the above styled chancery Ht
suit Is to enforce the payment of a jitdg- Hk
incut lien In Harrison County against the
real estate of defendant, Minnie Taylor
Jackson, and in favor of the plaintiff. Hi
Watt Hold. WB
And it appearing from an affidavit filed fl
in said cause that the said Minnie Taylor foil
Jackson is a non-resident of the State of
West Virginia, it is ordered that she do
appear here within one month nfter the 1H
date of the first pnblientlon of this order
and do what Is necessary to protect her B9
Interest in this cause.
I. WAD 10 COFFMAN, Clerk. BV
F. O. SUTTON. Counsel. H
of those who reach- A
fCK**! They worked ?nd^<rak
oared to be ready for 8 1]
"~l every advance in thoir Hi
I career. H\
R1 No one knows what
|| tf morrow may] Kg < JM
g| The trouble is that jpif $
many never think of Sfey I w
tn-morrow?live onlr Kwr 8 HI
-day. They foil to under- V
es. j& 'J
laying aride mall part W
y wool'1 ?oon be Iwntcd. V
roall add a bjatem to yotrr "
>w and later. ,*
Company->#0/ 1
r $1,000,000 1
jbo.W.VX. JL/o S
: fl

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