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V II 1
+ + + *<!
Yaie's Scores Are Due to I
Misplays by tne Princeton
Every Seat in Palmer Stadium
is Filed and Many Are
Forced to Stand.
PRINCETONTN J "nov. 18.?
Playing erratic but alert football Yale
triumphed over Princeton in the ang
nual game here today, by a score of
ten to nothing. The result of the
contest which attracted the largest
gathering of spectators, that ever
thronged into the Palmer stadium
was not a disappointment to eager adherents.
Errors of play and poor generalship
by the Orange and Black
team virtually presented opportuni
w CI * n n m >1 fl ~^.T A<r>f XT fl "*r
uca iui izjxx ouuiin^ ctiui luc xxtv* en
combination was quick to take advantage
of the openings with the result
that the Blue won its third
straight victory from the Orange and
Black since 1914.
Poorly Played Came.
The contest fell far short of many
of its predecessors in this, the most
ancient of all American football classic
series. The play was slow and
uncertain for the greater part of the
game, and both combinations repeatedly
failed to advance or retain possession
of the ball at critical mo.
ments. Princeton showed the same
effective strength which has marked
its nlnv nfrnfnst ctrnn p pIpvptis all
fall, but little or no effective offense.
Yale with a more erratic but better
balanced combination swung loose
after fair attack, when scoring appeared
possible and with a field goal
and touchdown routed the Tigers for
the second time In the new Princeton
football arena. More than 45,000
spectators filled every seat and available
foot of standing room In the
huge concrete horseshoe and the Yale
cohorts went wild when the Eli team j
v led by Black, emerged ..victorious in'
a contest which was thought Yale)
had but a.n outside chance of winning.j
TT?-^ t>n-1 T..^ i. I
yunriciLKw,ivfl use ixm duu^iucnu j
The contest throughout the first;
two periods showed little advantage
or strength either way. Both elevens
had opportunities after periods * of
rushing and punting to kick field
goals from comparatively short disr
tances but in eacli case poor generalship
on the part of the quarterbacks
in selecting preliminary plays and
the positions for the attempts prevented
scoring in this manner. Yale's
initial chance followed immediately
after the kick off at the opening of
the third period. LeGore drove the
ball high to Princeton's twenty-yard
mark where the Princeton players
rtermitted it. to strike the trround and
bound back into the arms of left
end Moseley, who struck for the
Orange and Black goal. It, was not
until Champion Hogg threw him with
a vicious tackle, that a majority of
the Princeton players realized that
the ball belonged to Yale. Several
protested to Referee Tufts, but he
waved them away.
Brnden Ivlclcs Field Goal.
After two line plunges which
proved that Yale could not penetrate
Princeton's defense at this period of
the game, Braden dropped back and
kicked an easy field goal from the
twenty-six-yard line.
In*the fourth period the Blue
AllnnViAfl fVin tro ma ^ f nil oil _
down and goal from touchdown and
again Princeton made the score possible
by a misplay, following, a punt
across the Princeton goal line for a
touchback, the Tigers put the ball into
play' on their twenty-yard line. In
the second plunge against the Yale
scrimmagess Brown dropped Lhe ball
and Captain Black fell upon it for
Yale. With a touchdown just twenty
yards away the Eli el even gathered
itself for a desperate charge. Twice
the Bulldog flung itself against the
Tiger line with little or no gain and
then Quarterback Laroche. a second
string player substituting for Smith,
whose illness prevented him from
taking part in the game, changed his
tactics. He called for a forward pass,
Neville to LeGore, over the right side
of the Princeton line. The play was
perfectly made and when the Tiger
t&cklers finally grappled the runner
and threw him to the ground, he was
within three yards of a touchdown.
. Two plunges, the second with LeGore
carrying the ball through Princeton's
right tackle, gave Yale Its touchdown
and Comerford converted the try for
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Villa Nova Eleven in a OneSided
Game Played at
car associated r**ss>
, ANNAPOLIS, Md.. Nov. 18.?The
Midshipmen won from Villa/ No va College
today 57 to 7. The visitors were
completely outclassed, except when It
canie to forward passing,; and in- that
department they unleashed a maze of
double and triple passes in the second
i ti;
f ' i*1' ' i1/1"'"'''"''" '*r"! f ' ?, ' -i* 1 r. j
neers H
)0R fiAMF
r h V H mmtmmm
Brotfn's Neg
Defeats Ho
Purdue Holds Lead until Third
Period When Northwestern
Stages a Rally.
Car ABtocuTto r.HU
CHICAGO, Nov. 18,?Sweeping en<!
rtutis and forward passes enablet
Northwestern to defeat Purdue 38 to (
today and the right to play Ohio Stat*
at Columbus next Saturday for th<
"Big Nine" football championship.
Coming from behind Northwesteri
scored four touchdowns In the thirt
period after Purdne bad led In tin
first two periods. Purdue's score!
were the result of field goals bootee
by Hufiin, the first from the eighteei
yard line, and the second from North
western's twenty-two yard line, Th<
>"orthwmtern 38. Purdue 0,
liruiubach Edward
Left End,
Bennett Buecbnei
Left Tackle.
Clrlcli Prond
Left (J uard.
Smith Hart
Seanger . Bartlett
Right Guard.
Pntmaa Jordan
Right Tackle.
Norman Mlz<
Right End.
Brightniire ..." Hum<
Briscoli Dlxor
Left Half.
Ellingwood Abret
Right Halfback.
Kohler ". Quffliu
Score by perioda:
Northwestern ........3 0 28 7?S?
Purdue.. 0 6 0 0?(
Of Southern Intercollegiate Association
Lies between
Georgia anti Tennessee.
ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 18.?Auburn
was eliminated from the race for thi
championship in the Southern Inter
collegiate Association today when 1
lost to Vanderbilt 20 to 9. Two un
defeated elevens remain in the run
ning?Tennessee and Georgia Tech?
with the prospects of a disputed till'
at the end of the season because of th
fact that the two teams do not meet.
j. eunessee aeieaten sewanee ioaa;
17 to 3 and Georgia Tech beat Georgi
21 to 0. Tech has one more hard gam
?that with Auburn on November 3(
Tennessee has passed the trying par
of its schedule and on form shouli
have easy sailing for the remalnde
of the season.
By Defeating the Case College
Eleven by a Score of
28 to 0.
CLEELa-ND. 0., Nov. JLS.?Ohio Stat
University cinched the Big Fou
championship in Ohio today by de
feating Case School of Applied Selene
28 to 0. Ohio State outplayed Case t
every department of the game, the lat
ter making only four first downs li
the entire game. The lineup:
tiliLo bttt?
re?uion McDooaU
C*?e *
Hoard ' X.oft End. _ Karal
Wood 'ia'cltl*. S?dd*i
I t,.? ? ***"
jCnllcn LoVt'Ouard, ^ ^ noltcam]
1 BlttscUofeUy center.* H Coortne;
I AshbaucU iVcVt Guard.^ Q Coartne;
IConnnt iUc'hY Tac'tle, Peabod,
1 Clark Right End. ?erge
| H?n?e
pn a ' <.>> *]? ' ',"> r t.j ir ? 'i<^4f.r. ?i H ",v '' " jr'. A'f I-; iSjpsJjiiSr ?T rsl",
;! './?{-reV^S^RjglSi^','vVi?2'i*-^>X-!*H^ShE^.vsiij$fcv;;^^-->'7v;?v-':L' ~~' i*
It i/rn l
' 1
old Dart
IpmiD DFfl
ro Halfback
irVard Eleven
Scores Two Touchdowns and
Makes Third Possible by
Forty Yard Run.
< * amocutid phut]
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., tNov. 18-?-Tho
Brown football team furnished a substantial
setting today for a gridiron
star, Fred Pollard. itB negro halfback,
, whose brilliant attack counted most of
the twenty-one points by which the
i Brunonians defeated Harvard. Brown,
undefeated through the season, pro?
vented a Crimson score and maintained
Its record of having held its goal line
clear in every game. Although Pol
I lard was the special object of HarI
vard's defense, which at times was so
forceful as to draw official warnings,
and In one instance a penalty for unnecessary
roughness, he was effective
in every department of play,
j The Harvard team an it faced Brown
j today was largely one of secondary
j strength, regulars being saved for the
s game with Yale next Saturday. Bond
j was the factor of the greatest force in
the Crimson backfield.
i Pollard made the first score on a
1 rush which followed the two runs In
; which he gained sixty yards. Pollard
3 ran forty-six yards after an exchange
1 of punts for his second touchdown,
i In the last period Pollard broke
- through all defense ranks for a forty
i yard run, within two yards of Harvard's
line. On the' next rush he
[ failed of a score by Inches and Purdy
succeeded a moment later. All three
* goals from touchdown were kicked by
Levitalis, who has booted thirty-one
such goals this season without a miss.
: The lineup:
Harvard 0. Brown 31.
: Brewer Marshall
Left End.
1 Lovell Devi tails
Left Tackle.
* Duncan Farnurn
Left Qnard.
* Taylor Spragee
i Clarke Wade
Right Guard.
Sweetser Williams
Right Tackle.
5 "Phin nnv ILTaoh a i
I jo uuu 'juijuuo uiLiiwyiur vvub iue uci
tensive star ably assisted by McMillan,
Pickering, Welmer and Dawson. Of1
tensively Corei Willison, Outright and
? May were prominent Brophy played, a
good game while he was in but owing
r to Injuries he hardly reached hlB usual
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f . - '
Q i
_ l?v Mt?aAna
y UNCOIjN, Neb., Nov. 18.?The
) University of Nebraska football team
Right End.
Murray Pardy
1 Burnbara Pollard
Left Halfback.
Bond .. J. E. Mail
Right Hnlfback.
Flower nillhouso
Score by periods.
Harvard O O 0 0? 0
Brown . .7 0 7 7?21
Referee: W. S. Longford, Trinity. Umpire:
G. W. Bankhart, Dartmouth. Field
.iudge: S. P. Ishnn, Dartmouth, llead
linesman: W. N. Moriee, Univeraity of
Pennsylvania. Time of periods, 15 minutes
_ Onrnogi? Tech Eleven Tjatest V'ictim
of Warner's Grid Machine.
e PITTSBURG. Pa.. Nov. 18.?The
University of Pittsburg defeated |
y Carnegie Tech. here today by a score
a of 14 to 6. Pitt scored a touche
down in both the first and second
1. periods, Gougler kicking goal each
t time. Tech made its points in the
d final period when Wright went over
r the Pitt goal line, but the attempt
to kick goal failed.
fMMii fM im rtr> thi
-< ?
Marshall Outclassed by Davis
and Ellcins Eleven in a
Fast Game.
' BL.KIN9, Nov. 18.?Marshall Chiles?
, Buffered defeat'at the hands of Davie
and Elkins today by the score of 25?to
0. The game was hard fought from
start and' as Jt was played for the third
plaoe tn. the stato race it naturally attracted
a groat deal of attention,
i A largo crowd witnessed the game,
which was somewhat hindered by
darkness in the last few minutes. The
forward passing of Marshall failed to
gain much although Bevoral were completed.
T>avis and Elkins made good
6 gains from forward passes and through
r the line.
<r Nineteen points were scored by Dave
is 'and Elkins In the Becond quarter
^ : and six in the- last. Marshall had lots
u of flght even until the last and made
" beautiful end runs.
a Carter was always In the limelight
for the Big Green while Qwinn aiso
' did some speotacular work. For Dav-(
1 nnil T\-li ?* ? it-- J- I
L llllf
* + +
mouth E
Driver Loses Control of Car and
It Crashes into a Palm
Tree beside Track.
When Struck by the Flying
Parts of the Wrecked
( r aivociatio ppiccs)
SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov, 18.?
Driver Lewis Jackson and three other
persons were killed today*, in the
seventh annual International prixo
automobile race, which was won In
record breaking time on the Santa
Monica course by Johnny Aitken,
driving as relief for Howard Wilcox.
ine ueaa, nesiaes jacKsua, iue.
Harold Edgerton, Los Angeles, spectator;
J. B. Jenkins, motion picture
camera operator: Mrs. Lenna Juratch,
Venlce^a lemonade vender. Tho Injured:
/John Ghianda, Lob Angeles,
Jackson's mechanician; J. S. Hannlgan,
Los Angeles, spectator; Miss
Georgia McCall, Santa Monica, left
arm and left leg broken by flying
parts from the car.
Jackson, a Los Angeles driver, on
his thirteenth lap swerved into one of
the palm trees lining the course.
The car uprooted the first palru tree
it struck, overturned a lemonade
stand, killing the woman in charge,
crushed Jenkins against a second
palm which was broken off short and
wrapped itself about a third tree. In
this wreckage Jackson was crushed
and his body was nearly cut in twain.
His mechanician Ghianda, was
thrown out and escaped dangerous
injuries. Edgerton was struck by
flying parts of the wrecked war. He
and Jenkins died an hour after they
were taken to a hospital.
Hannigan was alBO struck by parts
of the wrecked car. He will recover.
Wilcox was declared the ollicial
winner of the race and the new speed
record of 85.55 miles an hour for the
403,24 8 miles of the course, will
stand in Wilcox's name. Altk.en's
time, credited to Wilcox, was
4:42:47. The winners of the first,
second and third places all averaged
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4* 4* 4- 4* *j* ?j. .j. .j? .j. 4* 4* 4*
4? T
"{* <
> At Chicago: De Paul Academy 21; 4?
4? St. Johns of Danvcra, Mhkh., 0. 4*
> At Aidob: Amen 10;.Iowa ltt. 4"
4* At Fairmont: Fairmont High 51; VI*
4- Washington Irving High 0. }
4? At Princeton: Yale 10; Princeton 0. 44
At Syracuse: Colgate 15; Syracuse 44*
o. 4
4? At Cambridge: Iirown 21; Harvard 4-'
4? O. 4*
} At Ithaca: Cornell 37; Mass. Aggies 4*
0. 4*
4- At Pittsburg: Carnegie Tech 6; 4Pittsburg
14. 4*
4- At Hanover: Partmouth 7; Weat 4*
4- Virginia University 7. Tie. 4?
4- At Harrisburg: Bucltnell 0; Cettys- 44*
burg 17. 44
At Washington, D. C-: Georgetown 4*
4? CI; North Carolina Aggies 6. 44
At New 1'ork: Wealeyau 40; Co- 4*
tlumbln 0. 4*
A# Waw VawV * Xfnrvlnnrl Slnlp- lfl? *Vi
New York University 7. 1 ?J> I
At Sonth Bethlehem: Franklin and 4'
J? Marshall 7; Lehigh 27. >}
v At Amherst: Wllliains 20; Amherst -I.
4 0. 4 |
I* At Med/ord, Mass: Bowdoln 0; 4
> Tufts 20. 4
4 At Schenectady J Union 28; Hamll- 4
4 ton 0. 4
At Richmond, Ya.: W. and J. 10; 4
4 Washington and .Lee 0. 4
4* At Minneapolis':: Wisconsin 0; 4
4 Minnesota 64. 4
4 At JJrhana: Chicago'20; Illinois 7. 4
4* At Cleveland: Case 0;' Ohio State 4*
4 28. 4
-> At Ann Arbor: Michigan 7; Pennn 4
> University 10.
4 At East Lansing: Michigan Aggies 4*
4 -0; Notre Dame 14. 4*
4* Auburn 0; Vanderbllt 20. 4"
4 At Durham, N. H.: New Hampshire/ 4*
4* 12; Rhode Island 0. 4
4 At Hoboken, N. J.: Stevens .10; 4
4 Rensselaer 0. 4
Y At Worcester, Mass.: Fordham 40; 4
4 Holy Cross 0. 4
At Rochester. N. X.: ' Alleghany 7; 4
Rochester 0.- 4
At Collegevlile, Pa.: Uralnus 80; 4
4 Pcnn Military College 6. 4
4 At Athens, Oh,: Georgia Tech 21; 4
Georgia 0. 4
- At Lexington, Ky?: Mississippi A, 4
4 and M. 31; Kentucky State 1& 4
4 At Cincinnati; Kenyon 27; Unlver- 4
4 ?lty of Cincinnati 0. x ' 4
4 At Swartlunore, PA; Swarthmore 4
4 90; Dickinson 20. Tie. 4
4 At Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins 4
4 7: Haverroro a*.
? At Washington. D. C.: Muhlenberg - /
? 10; Catholic "University 0, -.
- At Bloomlngton. Ind.: Indiana 14; ?
Florida 3. ?
: 4 At JLouisviHe, Ky.; Franklin Col- 4
4- logo 10; University of Lonlsvlllo
? -^2. tto
? At Iilucoln, Nebr?: Nebraska 3; ?'
4- Knnsuw 7. v*
{ At Columbia, Mo.; Missouri 14; 4
4- Drake 0. 4
4 At Sioux City, la.: Morning Side 0; 4
4 South Dakota 0. 4
4- At Milwaukee: Marquette Univeral- 4
4- ty 14; Belolt College 0. 4*
4. At Wert Point; Army 17; 8pringr 4*
4- Held Y, M. O. A, 2. 4
4 At Chattanooga, Tenn.r University 4
4 of Tennessee 17; Sewanee 0. 4
+ A^Antapollsj Navy 57; Villa Neva 4
4 At Now Haven, Conn. 1 Harvard >
4 Freshmen 21; Yale, Freshmen 0, 4
4 At Oxford, O.; Miami 3 j Western 4
4 Boserve 0, 4
4 .At Charlottesville, Va.t University 4
4 - of Virginia 20; Virginia Military 4
4 Instituted, 4
4 At New Orleans; University of Alar 4
4* pama 0; Tulnne 83, 4
4 At ltaton Ronim, Da; j . University of 4
4 Donlaiana 21; Misaiasippl Univar- . 4
4 sity- 0. 4
+ At Still Water, Okla.; Oklahoma 4
4 Aggies 7t Baylor 10. 4
4 At St. T.ouis: warrensburgNormal 4
4 21; St. Bonis University 0. 4
4'- At Fort Collins. Colo;: University 4
?? nf'TItlh : fl? 11 . ?L
> At Tnlsa, Okl*.: Henry: Kendall 4?
+ ColI?Re 40; Haskell Inntitnte 0. 4*
': ' ''?8BH68H8MiflBllB8H8H8BH8l
NOVEMBER 19, 1916,
' '' ; " " ' : -j ' v % , , " ,
le Cert to <
m : i
Fairmont Wc
With Local
Score is 61 to 0. and f!ham-i
pieica nunng tne game, two by each
side. Three were good for iong gains.
The inquest:
CLsrlcnbarr 0. Fairmont SI.
Lewis Hutchinson
Left End.
Brown Hamilton
Left Tackle.
Hess Hill
Left Gourd,
McNarry A. * Meredith
Stealer ; ? Baker
Bight Guard.
Rascliella Brady
Right Tackle.
Arnett Stnnllwood
Right End.
Cooper Wilson
Harrison R. Meredith
Left Halfback.
Warne Knight
Rlgflht Halfback.
Errln Hawkins
Substitutions, Fairmont: Horachler for
Knight. Clarksburg: Bowers for Lewis;
Stone for Harrison; Frotwell for Krvln;
Errln for Fretwell; Workman for Stealer;
Gaylord for Bowers.
? 4
WasWngton and Jefferson
Players Complete Sixteen
Forward Passes.
tar asaociATCO rutin
RICHMOND, Va., Nov, 18.?Waehington
and Lee .could not solve Washington
and Jefferson's aerial attack here
today, and the Pennsylvanlans won a
hard fought and spectacular football
same, 10 to 6. Washington and Jefferson
was successful: with sixteen forward
passes while the Qenerals negotiated*
but four.
Fullback McOrelght was the Individ'
nal star of the game, kicking a field,
goal from the twenty-five yard: line In
the second period end making a touchdown
and kicking the goal;In the final
period. , Quarterback Bagloy scored
Washington and Lee's touchdown,
Lineup: '
W?h-L? e, yr*?b-jeff ie.
Larfcla,,,,,,,,,.. Carrol
Left End.
Johnson ,Henry
Left Tackle,
Bryan ,TTt wiioborly
Loft Guard,
PlerOttl ,rr,m BUitldl
Moore m't,yy?Drew
IjMlco rii i i j uMni,
Bethel I-oaeka
Bael?y ....
Yonna QnnrterbMf^rTrr^~rr Stobbs
Crlio BTaihiack." ~ Gar,ey
Barren ..^*ht Carton!
Score h ' ifnllbact' *" *" ifcCr?,Sht
Wi?h? J?y periods;
iwiZhiiJS&l* o ?
pionstrip Dreams of Locals
Are Shattered.
Tho Washington Irving high school
loam of this city suffered an inglorious
defeat at the hands of tbo Fairmont
high eleven In a llstloss game played
on the Fairmont Held Saturday after-j
noon. The scoro was Gl to 0. The
Marion county boys scorod two touchdowns
in each quarter.
Tho game routed all championship |
aspirations of the local team, which
bad confidently expected a victory over
the Fairmont team, having defeated It
by the score of 6 to 0 In tho flxst gome
of the season.
Supporters of the local eleven may
be able to get some comfort ont of the
fact that the teain was badly crippled
Saturday afternoon, but comfort
doesn't win championships; it can
generally be counted on to cop the
boohv nrllp In almnot onir lrlr?S
sporting event.
The Washington Irving team went
into the game with three of Its stars
suffering from Injuries received ;n
previous games. McNary was not
Quite safe on his underpinnings, as the
result of a sprained ankle which ho received
some time ago; Ervin still felt
the effects of a badly hurt collarbone;
Stealey*s nose was in had shape, having
been badly hurt several days ago.
Tho local team lost the service of another
of Its stars In the second quarter
when Harrison was taken out after
his finger had been knocked out of
place. Lewis and JSrvin were also
taken out. the former having his ankle
hurt and tho latter being kicked in
the head. t
R. Meredith was the ono bright luminary
irr the Fairmont constellation.
He ran the Clarksburg ends at will and
was responsible for most of his team's
scoring. No gains of any importance
were made through tho Clarksbnrg
line, although Krvfn was a consistent
gainer through the Fairmont line.
Seven of the touchdowns scored by
the Marion county aggregation came as
the result of end runs; the other followed
tho interception of a forward
pass. Fairmont missed five of its goals.
Only four forward passes were com
a 7 to 7 f
iIks Away
JHLigh Elex)en\
Berry's Playing Feature of the
Game: He Scores Nine of
Penn's Points.
fr miociat>d rNUO
ANN ARBOH, .Mich... NOT. 38.?Pennsylvania
UnivorBlty*s football cloven,
by taking: sharp advantage of oppor
! tunltlos and holding flnn at critical |
moments, defeated Michigan 30 to 7 \
here today. The "Wolverines had half |
a dozen chances to pull over the win- (
nlng touchdown but their efforts lack- |
ed tho finishing punch. i
Howard Berry scored Lho points i
which brought glory to the Quakers. '
In the first period when Sparks punted J
poorly, Berry caught the ball on Mich- 1
Igan's forty yard line and raced thirty
yards before he was tackled. Derr and
Berry advanced the ball to tho one i
yard line and tho latter went over. ,
Dcrr kicked goal. 1
In the second porlod Berry dropped 1
back to Michigan's twenty-two ynrd <
lino and drop klckod a field goal.
Smith for Michigan went over for a '
touchdown the t':st play In the last I
period and tMaulbctsch goalcd. % 1
University of Wisconsin Eleven ]
in Game Featured by j
Long Runs. j
!_ - ,
MINNEAPOLIS, Nor. 18.?The ,
University of Minnesota, with line *
drives, forward passes and criss- <
cross plays humblod the University ^
of Wisconsin, 64 to 0, in their an- nual
football battle here today; "Wisr, !<
consln used straight football.: The' fe
ball was In Minnesota's possession 1
for the greater part of the game. (
The most sensational play of the
srame wits an eichtv-flvft vnrtl n mr <
a touchdown by Barton, who had re-' ?
celved the kick-off at the opening of
the third period. A moment later t
Bong accomplished a almildr feat ;
from the center of the field. : _
: A?
i?r amooi*t?ii nm> n
SWARTHMOItHJ, Pa.. Not, 18.? I
Swarthmore kept clean: its slate of 1
no defeats, but her hopes of turning d
every game into a victory faded this J
afternoon when Dickinson held tho T
Garnet machine to a tie; score, 20 to .1
20, on the preparatory school field l5
at Swarthmore.
;r's team
^___ -1
V . . ~~ *
' *' ' - ' U
... . ~ Q
-?0 0
Of l\ton Conference Colleges by. c
Defeating the Otterbein
1 ' ' 1 I
tmv AttoctATKP J ?
MARIETTA,: (X, Nov, 18 .?Marl- :
etta" College won the non-conference
championship of Ohio here today by
defeating Otterbein College by a
score of 20 to 6, Idngerel for the. r
visitors and Hays for the locals r
starred;: ' q
Marietta 2b, Otterbein ft. J
Hujltfcr rt*? . ^Cdon t
Left find, . n
Altaian T-r*-tit-err*tr* *Y r-.-Vr* t rV vr Maae f
Left tackle, Myer*
Hulfjlmiere .
Left Guard.
Cox ^..V. ?;A alters, *
' Center,
Eaton ..? Sholty
"Right Guard. " I
Aumanfl CO) ................Couacallor (C) 5
i5S5i }
< J
* + + 41
ie core
{Tl AtfM M - 1
jidic eleven uuipiays uanmouth
but Lacks Punch * If
Necessary to Score.
fVnd Open Plays and Forward
( Passes'Are Seldom Tried
by Either Team.
?r(?lAk TO TNI nuaiuM
HANOVER, N. H., Nov. 18.?Dartnouth
7, WoHt Virginia 7. Seven tella
he talc of a hard fought game with. itM
he Southerners outplaying Dartmonth.
"West Virginia lost chances to score
n the flrat two quarters when two
place kicks went wld? and w?n*n rwiTtJ-r -;w
nouth held for downs three timed
when West Virginia was under the i';
shadow of the goal. A fumble on the .
three yard line lost the best chance to.
The flrst two quarters West Virginia,
jlearly outrushed Dartmouth. Rodgers
ind Hlte made nice open field runs,
rho playing of Rodgers was the featire
of the game. He got away time and
igain and only the slippery Held presented
him from scoring several ttaes-^ff
In the third qoarter Dartmouth came
sack strong. After rushing the b&rffil|
hn fho #j?n vnf/l Ht*? '*v^mbw
.? ?OVM J * **? I&UV>? TV 11.IU11 * ttl> ~.-:
Irst time West Virginia's goal was -ln;|^Mj
lanper, Dartmouth uncovered a short
forward pass over the goal line for a
touchdown, Canncl to Dusossolt. Prer^|^fflffl
ioufi to this play West Virginia' held^f
Dartmouth for three downs without a
gain. The half ended with the ball on
Dartmouth's eighteen yard line In
Virginia's possession. *
In the fourth quarter w;est Virginia
returned with renewed vigor. After
sight minutes of play Hutchinson
blocked a kick on the twenty-five yard
line and West Virginia held for four
lowns. On straight line - plays W^
Virginia made two first downs. Thim^H
Rodgers got thirteen yards througjj^H
tackle for a touchdown with two men.
hanging to his legs. Chcnoweth punted
to King and mado a good kick.
Chcnoweth kicked tlje goal. Thejpai
ended In four minutes with'tho b
In West Virginia's possession on Da.
mouth's forty yard lino.
West Virginia substituted orafgwEfiMKM
Curry iras knocked unconscious:
played the third quarter tn. tackle. TfflM
Owtnioath (T> ro.ltloi. "?*> ? Tfc <7>
'* *" *' * * Eu^w?B^TI
Smexpr .. . ... . XTag^r
Referee, J. O'Brien, Tufts. Umpire. \\\
>. Burke, Worcester. Head UnUanftttfl
loorge Brown, Boston. Time of perlod$i9
8 minutes each. Dartmouth' scoring]*
'ouchdown, THissoaxolt; eosl from toaolW
own, Gerrlsh. West Virginia scorliudfl
'ouchdown, Rodgera; goal from*; toag&H
own, Chenoweth. Substitutions,' Daral
louth; Baxter,.tor Keller^ DuhamnpjjWnH
!d wards: Edwards for ThlelscherdtCoretfM
ell for Emery; No well' for&Youngstroni*
iovsji for Coltonr On nnin gh "^gfogaCtlleaM
Test Virginia: Rice for Curry,
pi n? rirriiPrrMi
V *?. t
the National Baseball ComPlayer
Arthur Vance.
CINCINNATf00?*0 J; jijj
atlonal baseball commission today
jnerlcan League Club, or the Colatlon
for $907.45, which be claimed
ras due mm for salary while ill and
nder contract ^lth the
^ ^ --i-v '" '^
n g '^ i n b^-~^'.

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