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K H. Horn a da v. )
; Seen a tiresome one.
'? r exsstenee had worn
; n despair. ! :Vli on
ed and dreamed that I
?_!:e Gate of Pearl. I saw
? Records ot Life, and
\> i Arch Angels there. It
. ?> a waiting room where
gained entrance were
-t-e what their reward
- her they should go to
. or third heaven
fin; v- as a Golden
- ;t> closei!. i here I'UUIO
w:ih long gray hair
iYarl a modest knock.
:.e gate and said, "Who
.-hat right have yon to
< raal eii\T" The stately
?: : and said. "My name
-.e made manv mis
crafted 17000 acres of
>aid he made for all
: at should ne'-er be
: and held his children
. traded them for rum.
?au increased: by the
? a it was right: in my
believed it right. The
ve is. I now kno\- that
c 1 I repent that I done
. aid make restoration if
hope for mercy, i'eti :
-ecorded. enter.
. sad. rugged man with
!ace and gave a timid
ipeiied the gate and
-? you that you should
? -:;al biiss'v' The sad
: faced man ansered'and said, "I make
no demands: I done much I ought
not to have done and left undone the
things I should have done, but I loved
i Gods children, had charity for all and
malice toward none: I hope for mercy.
Peter said, "It is so recorded in the
| Book, enter in.
Then there came one in form of
man but with the appearance of a
beast. He had a club in his hand
and gave the Pearl a great stroke.
Peter opened in dismay. The object
with the countenance of a heast said.
"I am IT: I was born great; I achieved
greatness, and had greatness thrust
upon me. I want to see God. I
understand there arc some undesir
ables in here and I want them put
: out. Pt-ter replied, "There is no
record of it. and he told the two Arch
Angels to take it and pitch it into hell
and throw the club in after it.
Then there came a care worn i
woman dressed in ragged and soiled
garments. She gave the gate a timid
knock and Peter opened the gate and
said. "Who are you and what claims j
have you to enter into the realms of!
eternal bliss?" The forlorn creature j
said. "I have no claims at ail. My j
name is Mary Ann; I am a wash
woman; I did the best I could do; I
am all worn out: the world has not
been kind to me. but I hear there is
one here wno said, "Come unto me .
all ye that are heavy laden and I will ;
4i\e you rest", I am looking for him.
Peter said. "The Book of Life so re- 1
: cords it: enter into the joys prepared j
for such as you. arid there * was a
great transformation. The car^ worn
face become bright and angelic. The
soiled garments were no more and j
she appeared in shinning apparel j
Mary Ann passed through The Golden
Gate and was welcomed by the ihe ;
one who had not where to lay his
I was awake, hut fell asleep ;? iit:
dreamed I stood My r ho city that " '<*i ii
foursquare, with three gates t?? ihe
east, the west, north ami south. The
gates had over them a newer supvr
scription. There came on the highway
that went around the city, a i;:mr ;
strosity. What it was. God oniy knows.
I understood that tlie number of r Lt*
gates were to enable everyone to ; . c k
congenial minds. The thing v. iih a
treacherous smirk on its face read
the superscription over the gates and
passed an to the eleventh yate. the
superscription over which read. "Su
preme Judges". The thing with the
smirk entered, was met by Tanney of
Dred Scott Fame, and they feii on ?
each others necks and wept. Their:
tears caused a great Hood and the"
foundation of the gate fell.
This awakened me. but I fell asleep j
and dreamed that I stood again by J
the Gate of Pearl. There was a great |
multitude claiming admission. lii
answer to Peter, some said they had
done wonderful works. Some claimed
to have built a great church, some a ;
college, some a college, some a library
some had built railroads, some canals,
some had given much to charity,
some claimed ;o have maintained
"Law and Order", but Peter said.
"The Book say 'Decency and Order)
and I find no record in the Book of
Life. You claim to have done great
works, show me your hands. And)
when they had shown them. Peter'
said, "Liars ail, you ttever did work,
you schemed, yoli reaped Vhere you
had not sown. Robbers!'
Perer said to the Arch Angels, "The
Devil shall have his dues. This gong
is not fit to associate with devils. Go
m heli. get the spiked club and drive
them awav. There was no place
found for ihem and there was weep- ;
in 'J and wailing and gnashing o? tcoth. <
Governer Foss of Massachu.-vus
was a good Republican until ? menial
cataclysm landed him in the Demo
cratic camp. Enjoying ii:rco terms
as governor, he now turns another!
political somersault and lands. smiling. ?
among i i is good friends, the Republic
ans. Foss has the rig! it ide.i. Step-!
ping from one old pan.v in t n another,
is ;js simply as changing ir.-ni cue
car to the other on a vesiibuleM train.
Both cars are going to the same place,
uwned by ci.t: same- company, and
pretty much run by the same ;-..'ndnc
lor. At both ends of ? ! . e
candidate will find the i-usromnry
?va rning: "Do not stand on ;L? plat-,
form." ;
]f yon sell your time (Inli-.-f pi>v.
ii! tin- marts of capitalism, jvnir cm- ?
[>i? :%-????? expect s yrm to put in full time.
It" yoti ins" tinu' lie not only ducks yen
iutt demands an explanation: ami it
you continue to noirlect your duties
md take vacations whem'ver yon
please or devote vonr t?? oiicr
ivork. he will certainly lire you. Mr.
liryan sold Ms wholt time t" (he J_r< . -
ca! public when he accepted t i i r- oilu*'1
?r" Secretary of State. Yer e
lie can not keep the wolf from the
loor on the !>i2/'00 a year li is job
pays, he closes up shop whemver it
suits him and poes out on a levture
Lour at ?2.r?0 per, in order to earn a
liulp tit ore money so n5 to make both
?nds meet. How do you like t !
Mr Workingman?
Itat'd Party Notes
Here is the most cheerful ' letter j
received this week. It comes from j
Comrade Bruce Channel, Valley Head j
Randolph county, and reads in part j
as follows: "We are getting ready to I
organize a local here. 23 persons j
have pledged themselves to join and i
do all they ran. We wain a speaker;
or an organizer. The harvest surely j
is ripe here now fur Socialism and we j
should do something at once." The !
State Office will send Comrade Anna
A. Maley there to organize them.;
Any place desiring same should com
municate with us at once.
Local secretaries take notice: John 1
W. Brown, of "bull pen fame," will ;
tour the state in September. There j
will be insufficihnt dales to go round I
so fiie rule will be "first come first
served" to the exclusion of some. |
Apply early. Terms, $4. expense and
privilege to sell his recent pamphlet,
written while in jail.
Mossy, Fayette county, is reported j
organized with John Evans as secre- ,
tary. This report comes before the ' I
application for charter has been re- 1 1
eeived. Comrade Buckner of Wini-j'
frede was the organizer. In our'
next issue wo expect to report the!'
charter issued. j 1
; ^
We wish to repeat that any com-'
miinity where an organization of five .
or more persons can be effected, i
Anna A. Maley will be sent to start! i
the local. The State Office will fur-1'
nish application blanks and instruc
i ions. Write f? ?r them. I j
By Richard St John.
During the prist throe years there
has been an active interest in Social
ism shown by some of the students I
at Richmond College. This was so
pror.our.ccd during the 1911-12 session
that a Chapter c: the Intercollegiate
Socialist Society, tin- lirst to be or
ganized in the South, v. as organized by
several of the Socialists and near- i
Socialists at that institution.
During the two years of its exis
tence the meinht rs have indulged in!
all three forms ui elemental demo- 1
cratic propaganda. ti::;i is, tree speech
free press and free assemblage. !:i ;
the public speaking class. in the halls
ol' tlie literary societies and on lis.* !
campus, tlie subject of Socialism has '
been brought up for discussion a ; 1 > i
defense by the students in tlie society, j
In fact one or two of them have sein
ed omniprescent whenever this topic
or a similar one was being considered
publicly. The co'iege magazine pub
lished number of pro-Socialism und
raili'-ttl articles, and. on the campus, i
during these sessions, groups of stu
dents ivu'd have be u found at time.:
hi en rue.- 1. sometimes heated, argu
ments that characterize an informal
:lisc u-sii n.
Goed for you. Richmond Collegians!
Many of yi-u ai<i ministerial students
\'eu should know 1 1: ? ? I'.itanica Kncyc
lopedia i- authorify lor t !i?? statement
hat "the ethics of S< < ialistn ami the
ethics cf < 'hristianity are identical "
?Vance'- V.'illard <5 ? ? laivu in one ot !i"V
ast piilt'ic addres- that it \va
"Christianity applied. and thai she
iv i ui hi uivi ii^r life to its propagmla
f she were only yt tincer. Von siu
lents w!io are studying science ar
already Socialists iri thought, if you
inve studied your science well. Vou
\tiow iliai tlie world has seen several ;
(distinct changes of economic systems
; and that the modern development e:'
machinery" and commerce must fn:v-i
us to evolve into Socialism from e ir
present capitalistic system. You law
yers to be ? you must realize tha: it
is easier for a camel to <0 tli:*:-u :'i
1 l;e eye of a needle than for a nu . .
less man To get justice under otr
sent system which has permeated
legal, as well as the economic and ?
iigious phases of ear present fo m
And wo are not add/essing t!:e
dents at Richmond only. .\"o. V." : ?
(\tending an invitation, espcelaiiy
a.l students of eel leges and i: i. e
tii-s. to study Socialism v. :f li : >
?nine spirit of search-aft v-t \
they exhibit when they studv
lessons. To study chemistry with <?
pro-conceived notion that ii is h'a .
magic, is not fair to the subjeet .?! i.
as for you. college cannot tti ?' a ;
son with thiu idea in his !? :? ;i
message which science t:;
? that nothing is imp< ssib'e \-:;'
assistance of the right nat?"a' !?
!f you are an average po'v-ori.
know nothing of the real !t- ??
Socialism. If yen are an avo-a-re
leeian, your position in mib'ic
will refuire. at hast, an ?>?>>????>? ?.
aeunaintance with this
ard movement.
The fellow who is eontinra'b. ! i 1
;|i n " of his own honesty perhaps woi
n t steal anything lie cnul.'n't lifi
A fellow who has no opinion of '
own would have made a lui''\ ?
Strikes in the copper mines v
likely to bend harder things 1! 11
\AJ a
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