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M Virginia loctrat,
owned and conducted by the
ftest Virginia i’uhlishins' Company,
Entered at Post-Office as second-class.
Thomas H. Mason, Business Manager.
The citv council of Parkersburg,
\\ \ a., has granted exclusive privi
lege to the Natural Gas Company,
of that city, to use the streets, alleys
and public grounds of the city lor
gas mines for ten years, natural gas
to be used for heating purposes only.
The company it composed of Sena
tor < ainden, George W. Thompson,
i \ H. Sattuck. Henry C. Jackson. J.
N. ( amden, Jr., and others.
Goal Tipples Completed.—The
Orrell Coal Company, of Newburgh
and Baltimore have completed their
coal tipples at Parkersburg, W. V.,
and they are now in full operation.
One tow of coal has been transferred
from the Baltimore and Ohio to the
boats, forty-five thousand bushels,
and shipped to Ironton. .Ohio, to be
used there in the shops. Not le9s
t ban one million bushels will betrans- •
terred at these tipples every year.1
and probably twice as much. Par- j
kerslmrg is to be the Orrell Com pa-;
nv's -hipping point to all points
west and south.
On Thursday, of last week, the 1
planing mill at Fetteruian, owned by i
John T. McGraw and John W. Ma
son, of Grafton, was entirely destroy-;
ed by lire. The mill was valued at
between $3,000 and #4,000, and was
partly insured. Mr. Murphy, the j
lessee, had no insurance on his stock
and fixtures and his loss is a total
-— ♦ —
At the last scsion of the Legisla
ture in this State a law was enacted
providing for, and instructing the
Governor to appoint, two mine in
spectors for the State, which bo di
vided into two districts, and con
forming to the law Governor Wilson
on Monday appointed Henry Cun
ningham, of Mineral county, inspec
tor for the first mining district, and
H. J. Tucker, of Fayette county, for
the second.
--> 4 - ■ ■
There is some talk of extending
the Virginia Midland K. R. from
Strasburg to Mooretield, Hardy
county. This road wishing to reach
the coal region have surveyors en
gaged discovering the most practi
cable i ante.
The Independent and Citizens
Fire Companies, ot this place, will
go to Martinsburg on the 4th of .In
Mr. Arthur Shurtleff, Parker, Da
kota. writes: “St. Jacobs Oil will
cure one thing not advertised. It
cured a wart on my finger which I
had for years.” Price .’>0 cents.
The foundation has been begun,
for the Episcopal colored chapel, on
the lot recently purchased of Mr.
Geo. II. Hagley.
Their Business Booming.
Probably no one thing has caused
such a general revival of trade at
Geo. T. Eight's drug store as their
giving away to their customers of so
many free trial bottles of Dr. King s
New Discovery Tor Consumption.
Their trade is simply enormous in
this very valuable article from the
fact that it always cures and never
disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asth
ma. Rronehitis, Croup, and all throat
and lung diseases quickly cured.
You can test it before buying by
getting a trial bottle free; large size
$1. Every bottle warranted.
- -r—
< ask Sktti.ki*.—Mr. J. N. M isner,
attorney for ('. ( . Gctzendanuor.has
received through Messrs, haulkner
.V Ingle, attorneys for the lMnenix
Insurance Company, a dratt tor the
face of the policy, in full settlement
for losses sustained by the burning
of his barn in November. 188o. The
suit was originally brought in the
4 ircuit Court of this county, but
was removed by the defendant to the
4 UVuit Court of the Cnited States,
where it was pending at time of set
tlement. Thus ends a tedious law
suit to the credit and vindication of
both plaintiff and defendant.— -Vor
tinshvrtj Independent.
■ » w ■
At 1 p. m. yesterday our quiet
city was greatly stirred up by the
cry of fire. The Court House bell
soon joined in,—and in less than a
minute both lire companies with
their respective engines, were rapid
1 y running out Samuel st..in direction
of the smoke, followed and preceded
hy hundreds ot heroic citizens, and
small boys, who,were ready and wil
ling to face any danger, in attempt
ing to preserve life and property,
lint all heroic ami gallant sentiments
were soon dissipated by the absence
of the fire and bv the heat ol the sun.
The cause of alarm was the burning
of a snu ill shed in the rear of Judge
T. < ’. Creen’s garden.
At Terre Haute, Champaign coun
ty. Ohio, Mr. Charles F. Powell was
postmaster, ami lie writes: "I have
a fine lot of Polish Chickens. I gave
them St. Jacob's Oil on a pill of
bread for the croup. It cured them.
The next morning I could not tell
which of the chickens had been
We defy competition in trade to cash
customers. Wall it Horsey.
Children Starving to Death,
On account of their inability to di
gest food, will find a most marvel
ous food and remedy in Scott's
Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver Oil
with Hypophosphites. Very palat
able and easily digested. Dr. S. W.
Cohen, of Waco. Texas, says: “I
have used your Emulsion in infan
tile wasting with good results. It
not only restores wasted tissues, but
gives strength and increases the ap
petite. I am glad to use such a re
liable article.’’ Dr. Chas. C. Gar
rett, Calvert, Texas, writes: “I have
used your Emulsion for over a year,
and have derived much benefit from
it in the marasmus of children,being
toleiated by the stomach when all
other mendicants were rejected.”
- - ■ — ■# -
On Saturday last we made a fly
ing visit to Berryville on business
and whilst there had occasion to
visit the Phcenix Carriage Factory
of Mr. Geo. C. Thomas. This is the
prize carriage factory of the Valley,
and Mr. Thomas is one of the most
genial gentlemen you meet with in
a day’s travel. He at this time is
working sixteen skilled mechanics
and all busy; sends his first-class
work all over the country. Has
just finished two Wagonettes—one
for Mr. C. F. Galloway, of Warren
ton, Va., the other for Mr. Richard
Osburn, of Winchester, Va., which
are fine specimens. Quite a number
of his vehicles are distributed thro’
this county, all ol’ which have given
general satisfaction. His business
motto, “first-class work for as reas
onable a price as possible.”
Astonishing Success.
It is the duty of every person who
has used Bosrhee's (Herman Syrup
to let its wonderful qualities be
kuown to their friends in curing
Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup,
Asthma, Pneumonia, and in fact all
throat and lung diseases. No per
son can use it without immediate
relief. Three doses will relieve any
case, and we consider it the duty of |
ali druggists to recommend it to the |
poor, dying consumptive, at least to I
trv one bottle, as 80,000 dozen bot
tles were sold last year, and no one
case where it failed was reported.
Such a medicine as the (Herman
Syrup cannot be too widely knowu.
Ask your druggist about it. Sam
ple bottles to try, sold at 10 cents.
Regular size. 75 cents. Sold by all
druggists and dealers, in the I nited
States and Canada.
Mr. W. W. Johnson and his as
sistants have begun painting the
Market House. The color is bright
red,‘and will greatly improve the
appearance of our public building.
Mrs. Virginia Schley, wife of Col.
Jno. E. Schley, died at her residence
near Shepherdstown last Monday
Brace Up.
You are feeling depressed, your
appetite bad, you are bothered with
headache, you Tire fidgety, nervous,
and generally out of sorts, and want
to brace up. Brace up, but not with
stimulants, spring medicines or bit
ters. which have for their basis very
cheap, bad whisky, and which stim
ulate yon for an hour, and then
leave you in a worse condition than
before. What you want is an alter
ative that will purify your blood,
start healthy action of Liver and
Kidneys, restore your vitality, and
give renewed health and strength.
Such a medicine you will find in
Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a
bottle, at Geo. T. Light’s drugstore.
Some unknown rascal, who evi
dently nurses a spite against Mr.
Nimrod Trussell. of this place, cut
off close to the boxes, seven pretty
young shade trees, growing in front
and on the side of Sir. Trussel’sres
idence. This is a most cowardly
manner by which to settle old scores
and if the guilty he detected, he
| should receive the full penalty of
the law.
'flic Independent Fire Company
had their pictuie taken in uniform
with their engine and hose-reel on
Saturday last. We are very anxious
to see one of them, for we feel sure
that such a group of handsome men
will make a good picture. After the
ordeal of having their pictures taken
the company,commanded by Mayor
Hough, gave a very creditable pa
rade and drill.
As the Harvest approaches the
binder trade opens, and a farmer is
besieged by half a dozen or more
agents before he has time to
alight from his horse; so we consider
it commendable to inform our farmer
readers u'ho sells tcMich machine in
this place. The Champion, Beall &
Philips; Deeriug, Cooke dr W asliing
ton; Empire L. O. Getzendaner; Gs
borne. Conklyn & Hedebower; Wood,
Lippitt dr Norris; McCormick, Phil
lips dr Tavlor.
.-». --
Mr. Samuel J. Lang, whose ser
vices as a custom and artistic tailor
our community were so fortunate in
securing, informs us that on dune
1st, which completed his second
month in our city, he had turned out
|l,000 worth of suits. This speaks
well for the work of our new tailor,
and which we learn h;\s given gen
oral satisfaction. We again call at
tention to his advertisement, which
appears in another column, ami to
which he attributes a full share of
success. You will always find him
at his store. Talbott building, oppo
site First National Bank, with a full
line of samples, ready and willing
to wait upon customers. < all and
see him.
The Philadelphia Record oC last
Monday says:
An eloping couple from West Vir
ginia came to grief in this city on
yesterday. They were Frank Mc
Carty and Ella Vance of Wheeling.
McCarty is 28 and Miss Vance 17.
He was in the employ of the B. & O.
at Wheeling, and he eloped with the
girl to Ohio, where they were mar
ried. Coming to this city he found
employment on one of the street
railroads. The published accounts
of the elopement met the eyes of a
Pittsburg woman who claimed to be
McCarty’s wife. The father of Miss
Vance came to this city and had
McCarty arrested for bigamy.
Circuit Court.
The following cases have been dis
posed of during the past two wrecks:
Wm. McAbee vs. the B & 0. R.
R. Co. Lucas for plaintiff; Baylor
and Washington for defendant.
Verdict for plaintiff for $25. Mo
tion for new trial.
D. S. Hughes, trustee, vs. Jas. H.
Conklyn. Lucas for plaintifT; Bay
lor for defendant. Verdict for plain
tiff, $95.49.
Thomas West vs. 0. M. Lucas.
McDonald for plaintifT; Lucas for
S. W. Washington was appointed
a Commissioner in Chancery, vice
Maj. G. W. T. Kearsley, resigned.
In the case of the Harper’s Ferry
Mill Co. vs. Tlios. H. Savery and J.
F. Quigle}', a petition was filed by
defendants and case removed to U.
S. Circuit Court, now in session at
Parkersburg. Trapnell and Travers
for plaintiff; Butt and Lucas for de
--- ♦ ---
Mr. Editor.—Being on a visit to
friends in Jefferson C’o., was present
at the school commencement held at
Fairmont schoolhousc, which school
is in charge of Mr. Oliver Harris as
teacher. The exercises as conduct
ed and which consisted of dialogues
and recitations, showed a.marked
degree of intelligence amougthc chil
dren and must have been highly grat
ilying to their teacher. The power
of memory in some of the scholars
was put to a severe test, but was met
with unflinching hearts by the
bright eyed lads and lassies.
Such marked advancement in the
scholars reflects great credit on the
teacher, trustees and commissioners
of the Kabletown District. Rev. J.
0. Knott, once a teachcf in your
county, now a minister of the gospel
in Frederick, Md.. was present and
addressed the scholars on the sub
! ject of “the duty they owed to them
selves in being perseverant in their
studies.’' The whole discourse tend
ed to bend their young minds in the
proper channel. Mr. Heflebower
also made some humorous and ap
propriate remarks, which shows that
he is well qualified for school com
missioner. Mr. E. Schaeffer,county
superintendent, also entertained the
1 audience by a few well chosen re
marks. Mr. Boyd of Fauquier Co.,
Va., gave the children some good ad
vice on the subject of being temper
ate in all things. There was a large
attendance and everything passed
off in a pleasant manner.
Your correspondent met with
social, honest greeting by your peo
ple, and was royally entertained bv
Mr. Jas. B. Clipp who, although a
steanger to me, gave me a true Vir
ginia welcome.
Ed. Koontz
Frederick, Md.
The good people of Shepherds
town and vicinity on Saturday last
united in doing honor to the memory
of the Confederate dead who sleep
upon the pretty slopes of Elmwood
Cemetery at that place. Promptly
at 2 o’clock a procession was formed
of the Shepherdstown band. South
ern Soldiers’ Memorial Association,
citizens, Ac., under the marshalship
of Ca;>t. Lee IL Moler, and moved
from town to the Cemetery adjacent.
After music by the band, the Rev.
I A. A. P. Neel offered a most appro
priate and impressive prayer; the
i Lutheran choir then sang a beauti
ful ode, after which the lion. Wm.
L. Wilson, in eloquent and compli
mentary terms, introduced the Rev.
Dr. A. C. Hopkins, the first speaker
i of the occasion, who delivered one
i of the ablest and most interesting
addresses that we have ever heard
; on an occasion of this kind. The
baud then played, after which Col.
II. Kyd Douglas entertained the as
semblage in a brief but eloquent ad
I dress. Then followed the calling of
i the roll of honor, singing by the
! choir, benediction and strewing of
1 flowers, after whieh the procession
; returned to town and was dismissed.
West Point graduated sixty four
! young men last Saturday. All of
! them expect to be Napoleons.
> — -———
Judge G. D. Camden, of Clarks
burg, iias been a practitioner in the
courts of this State and Virginia for
sixtv years this mouth.
Regents Appointed by the Governor.
The Governor has appointed the
following Regents for the West Vir
ginia Schools for the Deaf and Dumb :
V. A. Armstrong,of Jackson; W. T.
Smoot, of Boone; W. IL McClung, of
Greenbrier; A.* L. Pugh, of Hamp
shire, and J. T. Pierce, of Mineral.
This was done under the provisions
of the recent act passed by the Leg
islature changing the name of the
Institute for the Deaf. Dumb and
Blind to that of West Virginia
Schools for the Deaf, Dumb and
Blind, t
The Boom—-Republican Paper to be
Started—Accident to Dr. Ranson’s
Harper's Ferry, June 14.
Mr. Editor.—Our business boom
continues anti so does the boom of
the dt'namite. You would hardly
know South Bolivar, so gieat a
change lias been made already in
the appearance of things there.
Where there were hills three weeks
ago there are now hollows, and vice
versa. Ou Friday night a large
stone came from a dynamite blast
all the way up hill from the old Ri
llle Factory to Storer College and
struck the roof of that building,
shattering several slates and no
doubt rocking the students to
sleep. Mr. Quigly, who is in charge j
of the works, is said to be a fine en- |
gineer, and parties who are supposed
to be well versed in such matters
say that his operations already show
a superior knowledge of his profes
sion. Mr. Saverv, and others con
nected with the enterprise, visited j
the place on Saturday, and if there
be anything in appearances, it must
be said, on the whole, that we have -
at last secured the presence among
us of parties who are both able and
I willing to make Harper's Ferry j
1 what Nature intended it to be, a
; striving, bustling, business place.
Your reply to your recalcitrant
Fayette county subscriber and your
exposition of Free Trade and Inter-,
state Commerce, gave great satisfae
; tion to the people of Harper's Ferry
and the neighboring county of Lou
doun. You maj’ have heard of some
difficulty existing between the stock
holders "of the bridge across the
Shenandoah at this place and cer
tain owners of a ferry near the
bridge. The controversy between
those parties has been a great draw
back to this community, and it is
hoped that your powerful voice and
! pen will be enlisted in the cause of
j free and uninterrupted intcreousc
i between our people and those of Vir
ginia ou whom we rely mostly for
the supply of our market.
A few days ago Master Briscoe,
second son of Dr. Ranson, of this
place, a lovely child and one of ex
traordinary promise, fell headlong
from the railroad tresfling on Shen- !
andoah street, a distance of many
feet, but miraculously escaped with
trifling injury. Briscoe is a great
; favorite with every one, and he is
; our especial pet. Wc arc happy in
deed that he escaped so well, and
1 wc hope that he will live to realize
the great things which he undoubt
edly promises. His teacher, a man
of forty years’ experience in his bu
siness, says that he is the most in
tellectual" child he has ever had in
charge, and if the child be father to
the man Briscoe, will certainly make
his mark.
To-day we saw a circular announ
cing that in a few days a Republican
newspaper would be started at this
; place. It is always well to have
both sides of any question, and as
the* other side has ever had a mo
nopoly in the line of newspapers in
this county, we know that you at
least will welcome the stranger.
Sheriff Hurst, it is said, had some j
intimation of this ahead of anybody
at the place, and it is believed that
his late trip to Charleston was for
! the purpose of arranging with Gov. '
Wilson for calling out the militia at
a moment’s notice to keep the peace
between the new editor and those of
j the opposite side in politics. \\ e
are on the eve of many exciting
elections, and wo think that Sherill
Hurst has, in this matter, exhibited
a most commendable foresight. Next
vear we will elect to every office in
the gi‘t of the people, from the head I
of the Nation to the lowest rank ol
township official, not to mention the
Prohibition issue in our State, and
it will be strange, indeed, if you edi
tors do not make it lively for one an
other, but, as the Irishman says,
| "fair play and no favor, and may
the Devil take anv one who would
I spoil a fair fight.” Our worthy
Sheriff himself, at heart, loves a lit
! tie shindy, and if you do not set the
whole county by the ears and com
mit actual murder or cause it to be
committed, he will be slow about in
Last week we promised to descant
on Bill Anderson's famous quilt, but
we deem the subject of too much im
portance to put at the tail end of
any communication, and we propose
to devote a whole epistle to it one
of these days. ^ • K.
The following programme ot exer
cises for the annual commencement
of Stephenson Female Seminary
gives assurance of an enjoyable time
to all who mat’ be so fortunate as to
possess a card of invitation to wit
ness the same. All the exercises
(except Sermon Sunday night in the
Presbyterian church) will be held
in Washington Hall:
Friday, June 17th. 8 jk uk—t on
eert of vocal and instrumental music.
Sunday, June 10th. 10 a. in.
Commencement sermon by Rev. .1. S.
Lcfovre, of Martinsburg.
Monday, June 20th, 10 a. m.—
Music, reading composition and reci
tations by the younger girls.
Monday, June 20th, 8 />. m.—
Address by Colonel .T. Fairfax Mc
Laughlin. on The Stud}' of the ( lass
ies as a Branch of Female Educa
tion; vocal and instrumental music;
The Secret—a Cantata; calisthenic
Tuesday, June d 1st, 10 a. m.—
Reading Prize Compositions; French
and German Readings and Transla
tions; Awarding Prizes, Certificates
and Diplomas.
For Sale,Cheap!
One twelve or Fifteen-Horse-Power
Traction Engine,
With Inspirator and Tanks complete;
Also, one
in complete order. Will sell on long time
to a good party. Will take some lumber
in trade. Apply to
oct.22-lv Charlestown, W. Va.
West Va. T inter and Coal Lands
Title must be unquestionable. Large
tracts preferred, (rive minute particu
lars, and address
Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W. Va^
Only First-Class Literary Institution
in the State.
Free Tuition to W. Tfl. Students.
full corps of instructors.
Preparatory Department,
Academic Department,
Military Department,
Law School.
Total expense for one year of 41 weeks.
$140.00 to $200.00, excluding travel and
clothing. State cadets furnished books
and stationery free.
For full information and catalogues,
E. M. TURNER, L. L. D., Pres’t,
Morgantown, W. Va.
Agricultural Implement
Main St., Charlestown, West Va.
Conklyn & Heflebower,
Dealers in all kinds of
Agritiral kfltmts,
Mowers, Engines,
Threshing Machines,
it"iT Do not forgot to call before you
buy. may27-3in.
: Always keeps on hand a full and well
assorted line of choice
jgSTCome and sec for vourself, at West
End, Charlestown, W. Va.
Lumber, Shingles and
ITAVIXO recently purchased a large
body of tine Timber at Flowing
Springs, near Charlestown and put in
operation there our Steam Saw Mill, we
are prepared to furnish
the CORD. Will sell either to be deliv
ered or on the ground.
University of Virginia.
(Founded by Thomas Jefferson.)
04th Session begins October 1, 1887,
and continues nine months.
Thorough instruction in Literary, Sci
entific ami Professional Department*, in
cluding Isitr, Medicine, Pharmacy, Kn
ineering and Agriculture.
For Catalogue apply < P. O. University
of Va., Va. < to CHAS- S. VENABLE,
Chairman of Faculty.
jn n.‘»-2m
Bucklcn’s Arnica Salve.
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It is* guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
2a cents i>cr l<ox. For sale by George T.
Light. ' ian 14-87.
Conte and see our line of Chewing To
baccos. Anvthng and everything made,
and we will buy a l>ox for any customer
1 of any kind. Wall A Dorset.
To the Farmers of
They were 40 years ago; thev arc now,
and henceforth they Khali be the
Standard Remedies of the world.
The people have tested their
merits, hence they live.
Like a green bay-tree, they nourish.
Rheumatics rejoice; neuralgia vanishes
and headaches are known no more. The
reniedv, Stonebrakkr’s Liniment.
The price, 25 cents.
The brooks of Siloa n never furnished
such relief to the thirsty traveler.—Hon.
Geo. Afakin, London. England.
America never produced its equal for
the cure of pain.—Prof. Ide, Hanover,
Of what are they speakiDg?
God bless the children. Like rosebuds
they cluster about the bosom that loves
them. Oh! Mother’s vigil eye, keep
watch, and the first symptoms of sum
mer complaint give
The only cure for Cholera Infantum
and all bowel complaints in adults and
children. Prompt, sure and efficient is
the testimonial of the Messrs. Henkel
dr Co., publishers of Our Chvreh Paper,
New Market, Va.
Blood & Liver Corrector
corrects the Liver and Kidneys, puri
ties the Blood; removes blotches, pim
ples and eruptions, restores lost vitality
and brings back the fresii ruddy glow of
youth to the shriveled cheeks. Price, $1
per bottle.
Breeders of Fine Fowls
indorse Stonebraker’b Chicken Pow
ders, the onlv powder for the produc
tion of eggs. The prevention and cure
of diseases in Chickens, Ducks, Tur
keys. Geese, Pigeons, and the feathered
family. Nothing so healthful for young
chicks. Sold in the United States at 2T>
cents per package.
If you wish your Horses, Cattle and
Shcop to thrivo and your farm to pros
per, don’t neglect to keep a good supply
Horse & Cattle Powders.
Don’t he doceived. Some people think
one powder just as good as another.
That's just where they make a mistake.
Stonebraker’s Horse and Cattlo Powd
ers aro original, and are used by those
who appreciate the best. Price, 25 cts.
(’. S. Bruce, of Wythevllle, Va., says:
Stonebraker’s Hog Powders will save
the people thousands. Not one of mv
customers lost a hog last year that fed
Stonebraker's Iloy Powders.
I have cured Hog Cholera with them.
C-hriatiansbnrg, Va.
The most healthful preparation ever
fed to Hogs, and the only preventative
known lor Hog Cholora. Use them now.
The sooner the better.
indigestion, sick headache, constipation
and general debility, no Pills stand
higher than
Stonebraker'* Vegetable Liver Pills.
Building Materials and Agricultural im
Jefferson County, West Virginia.
Rough nnd Dressed Lumber, Floor
ing, Sash, Doors, jjlinds, Mould
ings, Lath, Shingles, Palings,
Ac., Ac.
A<*., Ac.
fTT Office on the corner of Charles
and Liberty atroots.
June lW.’sV-tf.
Cor. Main and Charles Sts..
Charlestown, - - - West Va.
Keeps constantly on hand the lx*.-t of
Imported and Domestic Wines and Li
f5TMy Saloon is lirst-class in all re
spects', and Mixnl brinks a Specialty.
Maurice Kain
On Main St., Opposite First Nat’l Hank.
Charlcstorm - West Virginia
Keeps constantly on hand the liest of
wines and whiskey. Mixed drinks a
Feb, 'At I v._ _ __
Wool Wanted.
THE undersigned will pay top market
priee in Cash for Wool delivered at
the Jefferson Woolen Mill ( Old Porter
Factory ) or in Charlestown at Adams
Express Ofth'e. JNO. J. JO HE.
m av20,’87-4t.
University of .Virginia.
weekly) begin 14th July. 1SS7, and end
14th September. Have proved of sijznal
use,—1st, To students who design to pur
sue their studies at this or other Law
School; 2nd, To those who propose to
read privately: and 3d, To practitioners
who nave not had the advantage of sys
tematic instruction. For circular apply
(P. O. Fnivesitv of Va.; to John B. Mi
nor, Prof. Com. and Stat. Law.
/ ^

Flour, Feed, Groceries,
Cash paid for
Eggs, Chickens,
Ducks, Turkeys,
Fat Cattle, Sheep,
l>ainl)s, Country Produce
Hides, Sheepskins,
Wool, Tallow.
If you want to SELL F JR Til ECASH
you will do well to call on us. We are
at the old stand of Jas. H. Rod rick
Main St., Charlestown, W. Va.
COL. It. PRESTON CHEW. President,
Dn. W. F. LirPiTT, Superintendent-,
II. c. Washington, Secretary,
Rout. Ciikw, General Agent.
Charlestown, Jefferson County, West
, Offer this Spring to their friends and
patrons their
Bone Phosphate
for Corn, Oats, Potatoes, and other
Spring Crops, which for ton years has
held its own wherever used, and against
all competition. Also
Yalley Bone Phosphate,
a lower priced article, but of tine repu
tation. As a new departure, we otter
Valley Nitro Phosphate’,
containing K to in per cent, of A mmonia.
I Its effect when sown broadcast <>n late
; and feeble wheat are extraordinary.
Try it. It is only for Spring use—the
earlier the better— and is couu!|y ailapt
I ed for Meadow’s, Lawns, Early Spring
Vegetables, Flowers, Ac. Also
Pure Ground Bone,
Pure Dissolved Animal Bone,
Dissolved South Carolina,
, all our own manufacture; Kanit ami
other Potash Salts, Nitrate of Sod a
and other Chemicals
freshly ground, always on hand.
y3T* Mixtures and private foimtilas
prepared on short notice, and of the best
, fj** IIONES WANTED in large or
I small quantities.
Now Open!
Custom & Artistic Tailor
Opp. National Bank, Charlestown, West
("'MALLS the attention of the public in
J the finest line of
Spring Samples
j ever brought to thi* town, and if -pcc*
fully asks an inspection.
Suits Made to Order
—ix tin:
Call and leave your order. Igm.inn
tee satisfaction.
I do all my cutting, and have employ
ed the best of aeai'iHten*.
VPITI 11 TII’V In Cnlforni*. l.adie»’
Sm ilLim itaMpu-K, anti Hiding
I came among you unknown, hut have
come to stay, and have brought letter*
of recommendation 'from former pat
rou*. I hone to win the respect and con
fidence of trie community.

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