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. - .S’
FuiUt'a." ri-HtfiDrink*
!»»—P*r -1 J*«loW
Pelitl ' . rttPuatoM
' s .aaey.
The nir.? ^ teaae'«£ this
country is nr; debility and
prostv; - it goes under
many i. ' it it is essen
tially t!>e rcomplaint.
Hospital : 1 * ate institu
tions h :* i patients aro
crowded, b . rage of life
in the I I States is de
creasing e\cry year. Sudden
dcailis from h rvous collate
among our : iness, profess
ional and public men are so
frequent as scarcely to excite
remark. The major.fy of sui
cides, commuted without ap
parent ro.isoa, or under so-eaiied
“depression of spirits,'* are
really prompt 'd bv nervous
prostration, w h is a fruitful
source of insanity and crime
with all . ir . l ief and horror.
These < are startling.
They th:\ .. he very life of
the nr.bori. x.uy assail the
springs of its t c-wer and proe
jiurity. Ti: y wreck manhood's
strength and woman’s useful
Hess and beauty.
Every one should know the
causes. W hat are they ? The
answer is easy and terribly
plain: Our vicious personal
habits; our careless and lawless
eating and drinking; the in
tense mental and physical strain
arising from our mad race after
money, jxxsition and influence;
the fears and struggles of ]>ov
erty; the use of narcotics and
stimulants;, our fashion of
turning day into night and
night "into day; and, briefly,
our desperate willingness to
pay any price for an hours
pleasure or success. So we
burn life’s candle at both ends
and till the lunatic asylums
and the graveyards.
The disease from which we
suffer and die is, in plain Eng
lish, Nervous Dyspepsia, as it
is seated in the Nerves and in
the organs of Digestion, Assim
ilation and Nutrition. Healthy
digestion being impeded or des
troyed, the whple body, nerves
included, is literally starved;
eveu when there is no emaci
ation to tell the sad story.
Nervous prostration sends
out its warnings:—headache
in the morning; a persistent
dull heaviness or aching at the
base of i i. brain; wakefulness;
lass of arm. titeand disgust with
foal; loss of mental energy and
interest In ordinary duties and
business; restlessness and anx
iety without any assignable
reason; eructations; bad
breath; foul mucous on the
teeth; e ndonal giddiness,;
palpitation of the heart; sal
lowness < the sk;n; coated
tongre at i gradual failure of
Strength a;, ambition.
The remv -iy is a total aban
donment of the habits and cus
toms which cause the disease
in each individual case, and the
use of Sh< ' er Extract 0j.il* >t$
(Scigvl's Syrup) to cure t!:e
mischief already done. This
great remedy, prepared by the
Shaker Community of Mt. Leb
anon, N. V., is especially adapt
ed to eradicate Nervous Dys
pepsia. To do this it acts
directly and gently but power
fully upon tue disordered stom
ach, liver and kidneys, restor
ing their tone and vigor, pro
moting the secretion of bile, ex
pelling waste matters from the
system,and purifying the blood.
Upon tiie nervous system
Shaker Extract^*igel’sSyrup)
acts as a safe and wholesome
anodyne \ Id out the slightest
narcotic e.'.vct, and then leaves
the nerves to regain their nat
ural tone ; : 1 st* ngth through
its wonderiul im’.uenca upon
the function of nutrition.
It is sat to say more nerv
ous dvsp ics have been re
stored by »v iiom ilie depths
of miser) t<> ;k b, di enjoyment
of life an . than by any
or all othf *nns of treatment
Young Men and Ladies
Wan.ed to
Steady position,
$56 to $160 Monthly. When Qualified.
This Institution is the LA R< JEST,
AGED in the fountry.
Established in 1882.
For terms, address,
keystone Telegraph Company,
Main Office 1200 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa.
a pr.'AMv.
-f- ; * //
An Explanation Concerning; tho Death
Register— IJeantiful Appearance or tho
Cemetery—Graves of tli* Unidentified.
Tho Rows of Tombstone*.
Let us turn to tbo cemetery. This is situ
ated about half a mile northeast of the station
at Andersonvillo, and comprises about twenty
four acres of beautifully undulating grounds,
with many natural features not to bo fouud
in the spot from which wo have just turned.
Tbo appearance of tbo cemetery has l-ecn en
tirely changed since war days. Then it was
but a rude field. Tho dead wero buried in
trenches seven feet wide, four feet deep and
from fifty to 150 yards long. No coffins were
used, but tho twish’d, emaciated forms of the
dead prisoners were laid side by side, ai.d at
tho head of each was driven a little stake, on
which was painted a number corresponding
to tho numU r of tho body on tho death regis
ter. Tho cemetery was a direful necessity, |
anil no extra pains were taken with it. Not i
before Juno, 1S05, was any step taken toward j
inclosing tho ground and marking tho graves |
so that they could bo identified in the future. I
A word of explanation respecting tho death
iv lister K perhaps necessary that tho reader
may see why only flSl out of 12.TJ3 lack j
identification. When n prisoner died l;is j
omra lcj reported to the registrar of the
.It • 1. a prisoner appointed for thut purpo-c, ;
u U: \.n k» t at tho south gate. Tin
r.iri . >niod lb*' name, state, regiment.
i:.y, c.c.k and date of death of tho dm 1
..nil n -i him a number. Thus tael j
• was nun-hcrcd, and as they were c:. i
r*-l <>ut in the dead wagon for burial cap
\va» taken to inter die bodies in order and j
mark each with a numbered stake. All tlii
wa. <;• no bv j. isouers detailed for that work. !
and lit nee tho cure that wrta exercised.
Thus, when James B. Moore, assistant
quartermaster United States army, was ap
point 1 to care temporarily for tho dead at
identifying most of tho graves. With a
force of several hundred mea he proceeded tc
lay out walks, fence in tho grounds and
mark the graves with painted head boards.
About 100.000 feet of pine boards wero thus
used. Of course, sotno stakes had been re
moved and some directions on tho registry
were iniix.-rfeet; but tho car© that was taker
is a credit to those who had the matter in
Tl:e work then begun so timely has sinct
b(H>n untiringly kept up. Tho cemetery now
presents a beautiful apjiearance. Tho grounds
are nicely laid out and neatly kept. Tin
whole is inclosed by a brick wall about live
and a half feet high, tho plainness of tho wall
being relieved by neatly constructed twenty
foot panels, which are supported by squan
pilasters, tbo pilasters being carried abovo the
top course of the wall. Tho lino iron gate;
are always open to visitors, who flock to tin
place by hundreds.
From the center of a diamond shaped plat
ris* s a flag staff on which the stars and strijte.
aro to bo seen flying from sunrise to sunset
except in inclement weather. Near by art
stationed a couple of cannon, mounted or
atone bases. From this point radiate foui
finely kept avenues, about twenty feet wide
jurallel rows of large water oaks -ast on then:
an abundant shade; brick gutters on eithei
side keep them well drained. Tho four sec
tions of the cemetery nro also well shaded anc
lieautifully adorned with shrubs and foliagt
The graves, of course, aro as they wort
fir*t formed. The painted head boards that
Mr. Moore erected have been taken away and
‘ burned, and substantial white marble slain
have lieen erected in their places. These
stones aro of two kinds, but those of each
kind are uniform. Hero nnfl there, indeed,
ure stouts tl.at have been furnished by the
family of the tlead, but tho majority aro ol
the uniform make, furnished by the govern
For the graves of identified soldiers the
' t :n!"tones aro flat, polished slabs, three feet
long, one-half being .under ground, four
inches thick and twelve inches wida On tilt
face side is a raised shield, and on this is
recorded the number, name, rank and state
of him who sleeps below. This is neat, and
of course somewhat monotonous, but it is the
best a generous molded public could do. For
thi* unknown soldiers tho stones aro four
inches -quare an l project only flvo inches
a! Kjve ground. Tho rows of graves aro about
teuor twelve feet apart. Everytliiug is sc
n- atly eared for, the spot is so replete with
memories, tho symmetrical rows of tomb
stones are so symbolic or a similar cause and
an equal fate, the pleasant grounds aro sc
shady mu! quiet that one feels tho scene
deeply impressive. Hero and there, too, are
found cast tablets—there ore some twenty-five
of thorn altogether—bearing suitable inscrip
tions. Many of these aro extremely beauti
ful, bringing to tho visitor’s mind the dignity,
heroism and suffering of the fallen soldiers.—
Cor. Chicago Times.
(dithering Spruce Cum.
Spruce gum is obtained in the forests yl
Canada, Maine, New Hampshire, and Ver
mont. The gum gatherers go many miles
into tho forest, erect rude cabius, and each
one remains until ho has gathered IOC
pounds. He carries it home, where the
women and children clean it from all its im
purities. such as bark, twigs, and other for
eign substances, and sort it into the different
grades, all of which are known to tho young
est child in the business. It is a big day’s
work for a woman to clean and sort ten
pounds. While the household is cleaning his
collection the gum gatherer returns to the
woals and works until ho has another batch,
and getting it is not easy or rapid work. The
gatherers go through the woods looking at
the virgin spruces. When tho gum that I
forms on the outside of tho trees is onco re- [
moved the tree will never again yield enough !
to make it worth tho while of the gatherer to i
visit it. So he must hunt out the trees that ,
have escaped tho notico of his class during all j
the years tho woods have been searched by
The gum gatherer carries a stout polo
which is in sections like a jointed fishing rod.
At one end of the pole a chisel is fitted snugly
to the wood. Beneath the chisel is a cup
boldiug half a pint When tho gatherer dis
covers a mass of gum on a tree, no matter
how high it may be, ho runs his chisel up
against it and cuts it off when it falls into the
cup. It is then placed in an oiled bag slung
across tho back of the gatherer. So slow is
the accumulation by the collector, ordinarily,
that ho considers himself fortunate if ho
gathers 100 pounds a month.—New York
A Great Combination.
A large brass chicken in the sbapo of an
inkstand is the latest novelty. The boarding
house keepers are experimenting with them
to ascertain if the shadow of one of
ti!R?i- will not make us rich chicken soup as a
ph >t. 'graph from the original hen does. This
would enable them to combine business and
ornament in great shape.—Dansville Breeze.
Garden Plowing.
• —
The undersigned is prepared to Plow,
Harrow and la»y Oft Gardens and Lots,
in the most approved manner and at low
rate' Satisfaction guaranteed or money
refunded. Also, having good horses anil
wagons, will do all kinds of hauling at,
reasonable rates.
Advertising, 4o to >
G Itandolph St.. Chicago, keep this paper on file }
c.ut-iiCS' ' dd7LTJ!!«5ntfi
Free from Opiates, llr.utics a;ul Poisons.
Cure for Cough*. Co'il* and other Throut and
Lung AtT.-ctlouik
Firrr Com * Bottle. At Dsuoawn axd D tales*.
I11S CI1AULSH A.V1M.KI.EU Cl)., l;-i!llui..T<..U»rylL»lt.CJCL.
Cures Rheumatism.Neuralgia,
K.rtilt.h.. IlikiUrlir, Toutbatkc,
an JLri.ln». liruU.** u;>J other
US i i amt Aches.
Kitty .11 I'ripi t. aif.1 ruMl.-r".
Bl v ’ ■ ■ ' :i *ii ■■ ..•!,* .v
Xew ami Attractive Goods
koi; run holidays
A ^raixi disida i i>:
-|T □ Y S ,!
Such as Dolls. Dames, Rooks,Toilet Sots,
(’ui.s and Saucers, Mugs, Rubber
Toys, Plush Cases, Work Boxes,
Writing Desks, Tin and Iron
Toys, Tea Sets, Bisques,
baskets, Wagons, Ve
locipedes, Sleds.
Unadulterated as usual, will ho found
at my store. Whitman’s Supertine Con
fections, Ron Rons and chocolates. Sev
eral different kinds ot' Fresh and Plain
Mixtures. Sunday Schools arc invited
to get prices before buying elsewhere
Just received a large supply, all fresh
and line, an<l sol ! at prices to suit the
Plain and Ornamental Cakes always
on hand.
Received daily.larger than ever. Have
always on hand two kinds. Solid meas
ure and cheap. Leave your orders.
\n early inspection is kindly request
Thankful for past patronage, and hop
ing to merit a continuance,
1 am rCspeetfiillv,
dee.i-Sti. Dl S'l'AV BROWN.
Keeps nothing but Richest of everything
in tlio line of
-) OF (
I always use smaller size tin in Hoof
ing. Why do 1 use it? It takes double
tli© work, double the solder and more
tin to the square than larger sheets.
Call and see at my place of business,
l LI, I ASK is that the public will come i
i'laml see my goods, and 1 know they 1
will buy; for mv stock is complete, my
goCds the best that can he had and my |
prices are as low as 1 can put them not to
lose money. Artieles in slock arc too va
rious to he enumerated, but call at my
North Charles St
and I promise to please you. Very re- .
1_r Elevator.
IIaviso purchased the <’ounxy liignt
to sell Smith’s Improved Water Elk- j
vatok asp Pvrikier, the only practi- '
,-al Water Purifier and Elevator combi
ned. Perfectly simple, ami -easily ad- ,
justed to anv
Well or Cistern.
Will not Freeze, and will surely last j
tl-ree times as long as any other Pump, i
Will positivdly purify ('u terus and
Wells, removing all bad taste and smell 1
from stagnant water.
SStTMost simple and durable structure
for raising water on the American mar
ket. Over $10,000 now in use. For sale j
at the
Foundry and Machine Shops j
Ok Weirick & Weller, *
Charlestown. W. Va. I
For Sale, Cheap.
A jump-seat one or two-horse carriage. ,
This carriage is nearly as trood as new; j
manufactured by Stump A Starry: good j
running order. Originally cost $175; j
will be sold at low figures. -For further .
information apply at this office.
The Peoples Popular Jewelry Slore
-I o I -
W. L. JONEs,
People’s Hat’l Bank Building,
-) u (
Makes a Specialty of FINE JEWELRY, of every description, such as
Watches, Chains, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets.
Also a beautiful Line of French and American Clocks. Silverware in,
great variety. ENG RAVING executed in the most Artistic Man
ner. REPAIRING done in the Rest of Style. MUTILATED
COIN BOUGHT. Old Silver Exchanged or Made into New. When you
visit MARTINSBURG, I cordially invite you to call.
■W. Hi. UOTsTES,
jan.9,’85—ly.] Mautinsburg, West Virginia.
My new Ulus. Catalogue and Price tret, containing valuable informa
tion for Creamery men and all Interested in BUTTER
- Chums, Cabinet Creameries,
DAIRY FIXTURES-Butter Workers, Butter Printers,
———— Butter Shipping Boxes, etc.
A. H. REID, 1635 Barker St., Philadelphia, Pa
mayl2-eow-4t __
7 i
Washington & Alexander
Office in Gibson Building
REPRESENT the following Compa
Jelfereon Countv uliuil Kire liis.Co
the largest and most popular Company
in America. •
Equitable Like Insurance Society
of United Stall's.
Hartford Life and Annuity
of Hartford.
Home, of New York.
Pihemx, of Hartford.
Washington Fire .v Marine
of Boston.
Continental, of New York.
American, of Wheeling.
Peabody, of Wheeling.
German, of Wheeling,
Liverpool and London and Globe.
of England,
the largest foreign Company doing busi
ness in America.
Wo have made arrangements to insure
property against Tornadoes in Aetna, of
Hartford; Continental of New York;
and Peabody, of Wheeling. \V. Va.
Where parties desire this, on. applica
tion, a special]]Kdicy will be granted,and
an additional rate charged lor same.
,1. S. FLEMING, Shephenl8town.
C. L. BARNHART, Duffields.
JAS. W. LEAGUE,Middleway. j
A sworn statement of the conditions ot
all Foreign Insurance Companies repre
sented in this Agency will lie found at
the Clerk’s Otlice, in compliance with
State laws. All losses promptly adjusted
and paid at our Ollice.
j and),*86 Aobhts
If you art' Hungry and got the money
to spend call at Wall & Dorsey’s. t
The People's
- I
Main St., Charlestown, West Va.
Keeps on hand Fresh Meats of all i
wnieh are always kept cool and fresh in J
my renovated ice box. Also
Country Hams,
Dried Reef.
Home-made Bologna Sausage. Mackerel
by the bid. bbl. and by the kit; salted
Herring bv the barrel and in small
quantities to suit buyers.
A full line of Groceries, consisting of
white and brown sugars, molasses—30,
40, 50 and 70 cents per gallon—coirees,
loose roasted and in packages; prunes,
peaches, dried apples, all kinds canned
fruits, eating and seed potatoes, tobacco,
segars, soaps of all Kinds. Babbitt’s
soap 5 cts. per cake.
Thanking my patrons for their kind
treatment in the past, I solicit a con
tinuation of the same.
may7,’88—tf. W. S. MERCHANT.
11 Ij f TLEMLN who wish!
stead y employment
to take nice light work at your homes j
and make easily from to a j
day. You should address with stamp
CROWN MAN'FG CO..L94 Vine St.,
Cincinnati, O.
Pr,>prietr,,^ ■
Book-keeping, Penmanship, Tolegra- ,
phv, Shorthand, Tvpewritingaml Draw -
fng. Young men fitted for business, j
Students can enter at any time, hall
term begins Shftumiikk 12th. Circulars j
sent free.
l l / , EHIK, PA.,
/ g/s’ * for circulais. Thebei*t school
///A *//? in America. Fall term Dcrfn i :
V/Ang. SO. Mention thii paper.
H,!5E„RflflT BEER.
Package, 35 cents, makes .» Gallons ol
delicious, sparkling, temperance bevor- !
age. Stkknotiikns and IViufiks tmk
Blood, Its puritv ami delicacy com
mend it to all. S,dd by all druggists
and storekeepers.
Its causes, and a new and
IgLrtri’lLuO successful CURE at your
U own home, by one who was deaf
twenty-eight years. Treated by most of
the noted Specialists without benefit.
Cured himsel f in three months, and since i
then hundreds of others. Full particu
lars sent on application.
T. S. PAGE, No. 41 West lilst St., New
York City.
IVfk’s Patent liiiprowl i’nsliiowtl tar Drums
Perfectly Restore the Hearing,
no matter whether deafness is caused by
colds, icvers, or injuries to the natural
drums. Always in position, lirr invis
ihlj' r<> oTHKits and comfortable to
wear. Music, conversation, c\cn wliis
p. rs heard distinctly. We refer to those
using them. Send for illustrated boo];
of proofs rum:. Address, !>\ 1IISC0X,
•185> Broadway, X. Y.
tho popular farorita for dressing
tho hair. Restoring aolor w hen
hair falling, and U sure to pleojc.
60c. and SI M ut Uruggists.
The safest, surert and bert care for Com*, Bonion-i, *«.
Aching backs, hips, and sides, kidney
and uterine pains, weakness ana inflam
mation, rheumatic, neuralgic, sciatic,
sudden, sharp and nervous pains and
strains relieved In one minnte by
that new, elegant and infallible antidote topam and
inflammation, the Cuticnra Anti-Pain Plaster.
25 cents; 6 for $1; at all drnggista or Potteu i
Dana and Chemical CO., Boston.
3 Billiard Tables, 3
I have for sale three BILLIA RP TA
1 BLES, in good order, which will he
disposed of at the follow mg low figures
$20, $10 and $75 respectively. A S'o. :1
imrgain for anv one wanting to invest.
Address. F. B. SOUDKRS.
Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W. Va.
(formerly with the late firm of R. IT.
Maury «V Co.,
Stock & Bond Broker.
Dealer in all classes State, Citv, Coun
ty and Railroad Bonds and Stocks. Spe
cial attention given to investment secu
rities; also dealer in Foreign Exchange. ;
Prompt and personal attention given
to all orders. may6-3m.
Il must i>e evident to every one that
prices on manufactured goods are ad- (
vancing—points to this cftcct have lieen t
gained in this direction on everv hand,
as every one is aware, who looks after
those matters.
While prices are down, we shall lie
pleased to hear from our friends and
customers, and suggest that now is the '
time to put in vour orders for our NEW
light draft, nicely balanced, and all
parts interchangeable.
Do not wait until you are almost ready
to Plough for nearly everybody else
does that, and disappointments are in
evitable and hgher prices probable.
Yours truly
1 i tu i.iug limiiks to you for my mi-j
ruculoiis » mi! ol'c< z ma or salt rheum, 1 ;
deem it advisable to give you a detailed j
account of inv ease, and a> there Is. and
aiwavs will b', a prejudice against ad
vertised remedies, von iiavc my consent
to publishtliis testimonial, and all in«jui
ries. by li tier or in person, I will cheer
fully answer. I do this that people who
goon year after year paying out large
sums of money to incompetent physi
cians and receive no cure, or even relief,
or end in tilling a premature grave, as
was nearlv my ease, may he induced to
make trial of the wonderful (T Tii i'itA
Remedies. |
At the age of three months a rash made
its appearance on my face. A physician
was called; lie said teething was the
eause; he prescribed some cooling- med
icine, hut the sores spread to my cars
and head. Another Nl. I>. was called,
lie professed to know all about the case,
called it “King’s Kvil,” and prescribed
gunpowder, brimstone and lard mixed
into a salve, hut the disease continued.
They could not do anything with it. An
other prescribed borax water and Ilnur;
another, linsood poultices. Xonooftheiu
did me any good at all, hut made me
worse. The disease continued unabated;
it spread to mv arms and legs, till 1 was
laid up entirety, and from continual sit
ting on the floor oti a pillow my limbs
contraetod so that I lost all control of
them, and was utterly helpless. My
mother would have to lift mo <>ut and
into bed. I could get around the house
on my hands and feet, hut 1 could not
get my clothes on at all, ami had to wear
a sort of dressing gow n. My hair had
all matted down or fallen off, and mv •
head, face and ears wen; one scab, and !
iiad to have a towel on my bead all the
time in tlie summer to keep the flies off.
My parents consulted a prominent phy
sician and surgeon here in Chicago i the
other physicians before mentioned were
of Dund'as and Hamilton, Canada), lie
said lie eon id do nothing for me, tliht the
chances were that I would grow out of it,
or tiiat it would strike inwardly and kill
me in time. He wanted to cut the sin
ews of my legs so that 1 could w alk,but I
would not let him, for if 1 did get better
I would have no control of them.
The disease continued in this manner
until 1 w as seventeen years old, and one
day in January, 1*79. in the Chicago Tri
bune, I read an account of your medi
cines. They described my case so ex
actly that I thought, as a last resort, to
give them a trial.
WJien I first applied the Cn rcrttA, I
was all raw and bleeding from scratch
ing myself, hut w hen I applied it 1 w ent
to sleep almost immediately, something
I had not done for years, the olleot was
.. i. i ■ i...... ■ ■■
■"•fiEM! U I
; • ' 't itaidlte tmpua«fc,n iA prrtaAioia ia»
* ^<ihn furtbr*' '- iiIiIm. hi 1 all UucLi
. .. . . , V’ etl,“J- Ttkc • riUURimeott.^iiiu
ijunttn w - l‘rf)tWDdit dot* laj* laterfrrt
p co > ^ /. y*/wlih I* icr.L«m to Iuiimm, or etoie pota
MAfto /' ^OfiiieonwiRorR.nRnjirir Foviwtril k
A Rodlc *'.* ; y^nprimltCr. tnndif*l prlar\piM.br<Unrt
Wokknc-kici t - -?P..'•■monto th> Ktt ofdi*t— lt**pwifl*
dlffidUoi ' ...... •rMt^.TnrV . • "
lh(nj;iado»9os tu<>r nleolnUly Kvi'o-o rT«raai:>r>,!?7 , ,u , -: ,
»-r>d and hrjk"n down rif:i tMho/nll enjorw*m'.cf ]. , ‘ MJ
V'rfiv-toad full Manlyf>trrn«rt-bor.d \ ivorl** ITrVth. ! ..a. a r.pktlnuin* both «MP0h and U*J>
Toi|»o*-ewho rntfor frc>:/ii omanr obkcortmi* ;*v* j ' ' "»T - C:3 UsaULU. TVO XdC.18. Tknt fl
rrooqhtr.Sont I r Indikcre‘.i0B7li*Wuru,O»w.I!r«: •. *‘ “***'•_ ^ *««.«
■\Vork,crtoofroo Indn!r--v o.» JOkttmtyci *. m! ti *4 d ,'i|r :52‘<V3crnV m ■*• - —
*porBa^llrJwithrtatgTn<''.^o, •mrtronhl*. aarf secure .!«.•«>'J Kr.SI.BUT vUu IF” CKFHUIL
?ffiXALPACKAO!iPl^:ir •blll-'-dl'Em-:.Kf-. COOif IT."’enthDirect,ST.LoTJIB.MO.
RUPTURED PERSCMtf 1 have FRET; Ti clottt Appliance. Aekfor Term*!
Agricultural Machinery, Y\m and Castings.
After a quarter of a century of toll ami oxj>crience in oui dumiiiosm, ami Just a
this period, we take occasion*to return our tliauks to our old friends ami custom
ers for tl eir liberal patronage, and solicit a continuance of the same, with tin* ail
dition of many new customers. Our long experience in business has enabled iih
purchase Machinery and Tools suitable for every kind of work, and we have in
employ the very best mechanical skill and talent to execute.
In our Machine Shop we are prepared to rebuild Portable and Stationery Ea
gincs of all descriptions, Bore Out Cylinders, Make and Fit Up Rods, Pistons. —
Boxes, Heaters, Pumps, Stop-Cocks, Valves, put on patches. New Orates ami
Kliies, New Fire Boxes and Fronts. Are prepared to Make and Turn all kinds of
Mill Work, Spindles, Steps, Shafting. Pulleys, Wheels, Large Screws for Hoist
ing, Fit Up Mandril and Boxes, Arc., for Saw-Mills, Repair Machines, ami allkind*
of Agricultural Machinery.
In our Foundry we are prepared to do all kinds of work, nr.d have added many
important important improvements, to facilitate our work and make First-Class
Castings. We have in stock a large amount of Patterns, such as Mill Hearing,Saw
Mill Patterns, Patterns for Machinery of all kinds. Orate and Engine Fronts,Plow
and Stove Castings.
In our Smith Shot) we only have to say that we have T<h>Is and Equipments for
any and every kina of work.
Our long acquaintance with the manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of mate
rial, enables us to buy the best at the lowest figure, which gives a decide!*
advantage, and would say that we can purchase most anything needed. In so
liciting your patronage, we guarantee satisfaction as to prices, quality of jnaterial
and workmanship. Call and see us, or send in your orders. All communication1,
bv mail will have our tiest attention. Hive us a trial, and we are ««tislied 3’ou will
be pleased with the result.
Our New and Improved Light Kunlish Plow.
Our Climax Cistern Box, (Cast Ironj something new.
Castings for Building Purposes, Weights, Washer*, Grates, Window Covers,
TO SUIT PURCHASER.—One Large Four-Horse Wagon; one Portable Steam
Engine; one Portable Saw-Mill; one Broad /read Log Wagon.
With many thank.s for the past, and bright hopes for the future, we are
apr.23,’s7 —ly. ,
Sold by T. P. LIPPITT
For Rent
An excellent room for mcrcliatile
busines. Good location. Apply or
write to T. P. Lippi tt
so soothing.
Tito tlrst morning after using it my
llcsh(had no skill only on the end of my
nose) was a pink color. Next day it was
kind of white, and I could place my
hands on the sores without it being paln
lul. In about two weeks 1 could stand
straight, but not walk, I was so weak,
but my sores were nearly well. Then
1 commenced the use of the (Vtutra
Rksoi.yknt, and in time days I was
worse than ever. 1 was one mass of
pimples from the top of my head to the
soles of my feet; to say they were pain
ful would not do justice to the case. In
from two to four days tiiev burst and
left a small scale, which dropped oil'and
left the spot pure and the skin white,
and as near ns I can iiidg* 1 was cured
in about six to eight weeks, and lip to
this date < >. c. from January, IM7t», to
January, 1»7 , 1 have not been sick in
any way, nor have had the least nig ms of
ilie disease n appearing on me. i have
an excellent appetite, have the very best
of health. My limbs are straight, sup
ple and strong. I have been « xnosed to
ail sorts of weather without tin* least
signs of the disease yet. The only dill’er
enco I find in myself i* that my akin is
liner, softer and not so liable to get chap
ped as is other persons. '*
No doubt many persons will not be
lieve this almost improbable story;
many will think it grossly exaggerated. '
I don’t blame them a bit if they do. blit
to satisfy themselves they can call or
write to mo and find out ii' what 1 have
written als»vp is true or not. There are
many persons who can testify to the
wonderful euro t have received by your
i rrinT.A Hkmkdikh. s
fientlemon, let met again thank you
for my cure. W. J. M< !x>N A l.l*.
.‘17:1‘/Dearborn Street,
(’iiicaoo, I l.l.., Jan. .‘10, 18K7.
Nothing is known to science at all
comparable to the CnimiA Hkmkdikh
in their marvelous properties of cleans- •
ing. purifying and beautifying the skin
and in curing torturing,disfiguring,itch
ing, sealv and pimply diseases of the
skin, scalp and nlooa, with loss of hair.
(Trier iia, the great Skin t'ure, and
(Trier iia Soar,an exquisite Skin lleau
tilier, prepared from It, externally, and
(’i tu i n v Hkhoi.vknt, the new Itlood
Purifier, internally, arc a positive euro
for every formoi skin and blood disease,
from pimples to scrofula.
Sold everywhere. Price: CTtioitra,
.TO cents; So a I*. ‘AT cents; Ukhoi.vknt,
$l.oo. Prepared by the PoTTKU Duro
and ITikmii'ai. Co., Host on.
t; Send for “How to (’lire Skin Dis
eases/’ i;i pages, .VI illustrations, ami 100
t< stimoniuls.

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