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The receipts from internal revenue
Saturday were $420,320. and from
customs, $044,248.
Thus the money is being taken
from the pockets of the people and
placed in the treasury which already
has a large surpios over and above
the amount required for the expenses
of government. Every mail brings us
letters saying that money is so scarce
among t inner* that they can scarce
ly afford the trilling cost of this pa
per, which they regard of more value
to them than any other publication.
The (iovermuent is actually paying
0.4 per cent, i kkmii m for bonds bear
only 4.V i>er cent, which are not yet
due. Thus we have the remarkable
^ spectacle of a people distressed by
excessive taxation, when their (lox
ernment already has a larger reve
nue than it requires. Taxation is
not reduced because, aud only be
cause. the politicians are afraid to
Antagonize the millionaire class. It
seems scarcely credible, yet such is
tlie fact, that the people have not in
telligence enough to bring to the
front men who will serve them as
faithfully as the railroad politicians
serve their corporations.
\V. T. Lewis, Master Workman of
the National District Assembly No.
135 of Miners and Mine Laborers,
gave au interview on the 27th to the
Philadelphia Record. He said:
“The men are clamoring for Free
Trade as they are disgusted with
Protection, which their employers
have been telling them would secure
better wages and improve their con
dition. I'nder Protection their con
dition has become worse. 1 be
miners in the Anthracite region, 50,
000 in number,demand an advance of
15 per cent. The Anthracite < oal
Poo!, we presume, will refuse the
advance and thereby bring about a
strike. A strike will curtail produc
ed thereby furnish an opportunity
t i advance prices.
— «- • -^r
Within a week after the Roanoke
Convention the Clarke Co., (\a.,)
Democratic mass meeting to nonii
nate a candidate tor the Legislature
repudiated tIt*- lioanok** Resolutions.
Clarke Co. repudiates iu the strong
est manner the Protective tariff poli
cy and demands that the Legislature
pass n bill t*> prevent railroads from
The ' hicago l i'iliHM*' ot last b ri*
day has along art’deon the dressed
beet ring, and bow it is profiting bv
til** low price of cattle. l'he 7/*<
hmtt says that the consumer gets |
beef no cheaper when the producer
>clls at a low price. On every bul
lock the* dressed Beef monopoly
makes a clear profit of ten dollars, i
The l\ S. California Circuit Court
has decided that Senator Stanford, |
President of the Central Pacific R.
R , cannot be compelled to answer
the questions propounded to him by
the Commission appointed by Con
gress to investigate that road. The
Commission inquired whether any
of the money, which the railroad
had collected from the public, had
been used to influence legislation.
Stanford refused to answer. The
< ourt held that Congress has no
right to confer jurisdiction on the
Court, in an inquiry which is not
judicial. Senator Stanford is sup
posed to be worth $75,000,000 ac
cumulated in railroad management
within 20 years. IfStandford was
worth ouly $75 Congress would soon
find a way to make him answer.
The Prohibition State ('onvention,
of New York, met on the 2Cth. Mrs.
Lathrop,of Michigan, Mrs. Hoffman
of Missouri and a number of other
>trong minded women madespeechcs.
05 per cent, of those present were
ministers. The platform declares
in favor of female sufferage. A lull
State ticket was nominated.
A coke company of Pa. men bought
g line property very cheap near Fair
mont and are establishing an exten
sive enterprise. They already have
'JU ovens finished. SO are Iteing built,
and they "ill operate 2(X>. Twenty
houses for laborers are under con
tract. They call their place Mon
tana. A ravine is being converted
into an immense reservoir by build
ing a wall across its mouth, and wa
ter will be pumped from the river.
This coke company will make mon
ey for themselves besides giving
prosperilv to Fairmont. The enter
prise probably could not have been
started except lor the protection
against railroad discrimination af
forded by the interstate commerce
bill. Infoi innately capital I toy cots
this State and our home |>eople are
unable to establish these enterprises.
A little intelligent ^ting would en
able our home people to gather the
profits of developing our resources.
The iuberitancc tax lias yielded
the State ot New York $5,000,000 iu
two years. The dead men did not
miss it and the heirs never knew
they had it. ,
-- -
Ex-Congressman Gibson was fin
e.l a few days ago by Judge Mc
Ginnis $50 and sent to jail for ten
days for a contempt ol court. From
what we see in the papers, Gibson's
temper got the better of his judg
ment, and like a sensible man he
prevented the interference of his
-*■ -
The Coal Trade Journal, F. *K.
Saward, editor, published at 111
Broadway, N. Y. sends us its 14th,
compendium of information relative
to coal production etc., at home
and abroad. It is the most valua
ble compilation on the subject we
have ever seen, and will be of much
use to those writing for this paper.
The Princeton Review, for July,
published at 714 Broadway, N.
has a very strong and well consider
article on Prohibition.
let -Tipi Democrat,
owned anil conducted bv the
Entered at Post-Ofttoe as second-class.
Thomas H. Mason, Business Manager.
Our Agents.
And paper for sale with:
J. X. Kkkrkl,
News Healer, liitli street.
Richardson Pros.,
Stationers,Capitol street.
J NO. Bkow n,
New s Healer, Julian street.
Al.KX. /.KICK,
News l»ealer.
4 .
L. W. ltltl’CK,
Ki'sski.i. »V (\>.
l>K. J. I>. 1 >1 l.l.oV,
l.oi KIIAKPS -
\V. S. Si t.pilKns.
Men haul.
National Hotkl,
News Stand.
GlKAKD 1 lol'SK,
News Stand.
Nk« York Hotkl Till Mkoaowav.)
News Stand.
Subscriptions may be paid to any
of tlic above.
Frank McXeillv, aged lb years,
a bank clerk at Saco. Maine, has
skipped with $0,500 in cash and
$276,000 in bonds.
-- » ■ —
We received on Tuesday last a
pleasant visit from Mr. t\. P». Fit/.
Hugh, editor and proprietor of the
Cape Charles City, (Va.,) Pioneer.
Mr. Fit/ Hugh ami his better halt
are at Harper’s Ferry, for the ben
efit of the mountain air. They spent
Tuesday at the Carter House, this
The third annual re union of the
Cnited Brotliern churches of the
Cumberland Valley will be held at
Mont Aito Park on Thursday, Sep
tember 8. Excursion favors have
been received on all railroads con
nection with the Cumberland Valley
railroad at Harrisburg and Hagers
The Beuryvu.lk (Ya.,) Kaces.— i
The first of the series ot races had 1
in view hy the Herryville Training
Track Co., came oir on the grounds
of the company, adjoining Herryville
last Saturday, aud drew together a
large number of persons from Clarke
and the adjoining counties of Lou
doun, Fauquier. Warren, Frederick
and this county.
The programme was as follows:
l>t Race Trotting in harness, J:4n
elass, mile heats,‘Jin :. Entrees—Wots!
bridge and Celeste, of the Roseau >nt
farni. of which Mr. C. 11. Boxwell is
manager. Wonhy Celeste in twostraiglit
Jnd Race- Running, half-mile heats, J
in •*. Entrees Valley lloy.bv W. llutcli
insonf Maud L. bv same": Mias Clothier
bv J. Clothier. Won by Valley Boy
with Maud I, second.
:;rd Rare - Trotting in liar mss, .•{-min
ute class, half-mile heats, :> in •"*. En
trees Saui Jones,by Marshal] McCor
mick: Buzzard, hy l.Cibhs; Miss Lovitt,
i,\ Johnson; Cohee, by Dr. R. P.
Page. Won by Cohee.
Ith Race Running, half-mile beats, 2
in :;. This was a made up raee, but none
tiu- less interesting on that account.
;,th Raee Trotting in harness, J^’SO
class, mile heats, J in :i. Entrees -Dun
dee ami Cvlburn. bv C. H. Boxwell, of
Rosemont farm. Won by Cvlburn in
The Courier says: The company
in introducing this entertainment
propose to follow it up with spring
and fall races hereafter, in order to
encourage our j*eoj>le to give some
attention to the rearing of horses of
some speed, which always command
high prices in the log cities.

Hamper's Ferry, August 21).
Mr. Editor.—“Enough is as good
as a feast” as the old saying is, and
as there ean be too much of even a
good thing, we have refrained for
some time from referring to the new
enterprise at this place because this
subject formed the principal burden
of so many of our former communi
cations, and we are as much opposed
to monotony as y ou arc to monopoly.
The work progresses nevertheless,
and flourishes without the aid ot our
favorable notice, and wc suspect that
it would do so if we were gathered
to our fathers. The Shenandoah is
now dammed across its whole width
and the massive head-gate complet
ed, leaving little to be done but the
erection of the mill which, it is
thought, will be in full operation
long before the sun reaches ( apri
cornus. We do not pretend to under
stand much about such operations,
but we hear from competent judges
and we believe that Mr. Quigley, the
engineer in charge, has achieved
quite a triumph.
The Right Reverend J. J. Keane,
Catholic Bishop of Richmond, Va.,
arrived at this place on Saturday, J
and on Sunday he preached an elo- I
quent sermon to a large audience.
Bishop Keane is one of the most ac
complished men of the day, and the j
opinion entertained of his ability
and learning is so great that it is
understood he will be removed Irom
the charge of this diocese to super
intend the new Catholic l niversity
to be located at Washington, I). ( .
This learned prelate has traveled
extensively and to very good pur
pose, for he has studied closely the
manners and habits ot the various l
nations among whom he has so
journed, and the wide and varied
knowledge acquired in his very ex
tensive reading has been enlarged
and strengthened by his intelligent
observation. We once rode in his
company on the railroad from Mar- ,
tinsburg to Sir John’s Bun, and in
less than an hour learned more than
we ever did before or since by a
month's study.
We have now at this place two
brothers—ministers—one of the
Methodist Episcopal Church and the (
other ot the Presbyterian. They i
are Bov. (1. II. and Frank '1'. Me Fa- ,
den, sons of an honored minister-of j
religion now deceased. They arc on
a visit to their widowed mother who
resides in our immediate neighbor- ,
hood. These gentlemen were our ;
pupils in past years, and we count i
them among the many promising
young men in whom we take a pride,
inasmuch as we helped to lay the
foundation of their usefulness. The ;
older of the brothers—George Harry j
—is in charge of two congregations
near Norfolk, Va., and the younger
Frank T—is about completing l»is
course at Hampden-Sidney College.
The latter has just returned front
Louisville, Kentucky, to which place j
he received a call to preach during
his vacation, and the impression he
made there may be gathered from j
the fact that his congregation, at a j
meeting called for the purpose, voted j
him, in addition to his salary, a fine j
gold watch, a handsome traveling i
satchel and his railroad expenses i
while on his return home on the ex
piration of his term. Once before j
in a letter we took occasion to re
mark with pride on the great num
ber of young men we have launched
successfully into life. Thf fruits of
our labors arc seen in all the learned
professions and in other walks
equalh' useful if not quite so preten
tious, but as might be expected from
the dogmatic turn manifested in
these letters we shine with especial
lustre in Theology. There are two
or three Jewish Rabbis and more
Christian ministers scattered
through all the denominations than
could be counted on the fingers of
Briareus, the hundred handed, who
confess their obligation to our teach
ings. They differ widely among j
themselves on many subjects, but
there is one thing on which they j
agree unanimously—indeed they re j
ganl it as an axiom—that the old j
man is all right anyhow, and with
this assurance we are in good heart,
as any reader'who condescends to
notice our humble efforts can plainly,
We regret to record a painiui ne-,
cident to Master T. Beale Miskimon,
sou of the Rev. II. K. Miskimon—a
much beloved minister of religion,
now deceased—and grandson of Mr.'
T. W. Beale of this place While1
returning, one day last week, from a
gunning expedition, he noticed an
approaching showerand took refuge
from it in the store of Mr. Hill near
the College. By some means the
gun slipped from his hand and, the
hammer striking heavily against
something and an explosion taking j
place, the index linger of his right j
hand was badly shattered and the
middle finger seriously burned. Drs.
Cockrell and Gannon rendered the
necessary services, amputating the
one finger ami dressing the other,
and we are glad to know that our
voting friend is fast recovering trout
his painful wounds. The sufferer
is a remarkably promising boy and
he lias the sympathies and best
wishes of the whole community.
One night last week the clothing
store of Mr. Joseph H. Myers of this
place was broken into and a quanti
ty of gf»ods which we can only ex
press by X. for it is unknown, was
stolen. No clue to the thief has yet
been obtained. The mills of the
(iods grind slowly but surely, and
wo have.an abiding hope that the
many thefts committed around this
place by unknown parties will yet be
avenged. An Irislt judge while sen
tcncing a culprit remarked forcibly
that, though justice moved with a
i.eaden foot, when she did catch up
with a rascal she struck with a
cast-iron toe. We can promise as
much to the first thief caught here
at his depredations, and if we had
our wav we would sentence the man
who robbed Mr. Myers to wear the
heaviest of the stolen overcoats in
such weather as we had here a few
days ago.
The heat has abated sensibly,and
many believe that we will have an
early Fall, but August is not over
yet awhile, and we are inclined«to
the opinion that the fresh, crisp air
of the last day or two is due to the
frequent passage of the ice cream
wagon along our streets and the
great quantities of the cooling lux
ury dispensed in every direction at
lawn parties, church festivals and
picnics. Our summer visitors begin
to leave, but you can see that they’
are loath to part with our romantic
village and the pleasant associa
tions at the place, and that when
obliged to do so they east many
longing, lingering looks behind.
Every evening a crowd of them as
sembles on Cemetery Hill and gazes
with ever increasing admiration on
the sublime scenery of the passage
of the rivers through the Blue Ridge.
In front of them the once imprisoned
streams leap and tumble through
the opening achieved by the patient
labor of uncounted ages while the
cleft mountain frowns grimly from
either side on their gambols, but lit
tle do thelanghiug waters regard its
menaces, for they mean to enjoy’ the
liberty so bravely wrested from its
it on grasp, and they hasten w ith tu
multuous glee to the bosom of their
parent Ocean. The Moon is now’
favorable to the View and casts a 1
mystic, dreamy light over the stu- .
pendous scene imparting a weird j
beauty to its awe inspiring sublim- j
ity. And let us not omit from the |
picture the noiseless city of the Dead
at their side—more eloquent in its
silence than a thousand homilies—a
mute but most impressive witness to
the instability of life and the utter
vanity of human pursuits and am
bitions. Although this place has
long been celebrated for its natural
beauty and the salubrity of its air.
it is coming more and more into no
tice every day, and its many’ other
attractions are enhanced by the his
toric iutcrost attached to it by the
events of the last three decades.
V. K.
Consumption, Wasting Diseases
And General Debility. Doctors
disagree as to the relative value of
Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites
—the one supplying strength and
flesh; the other giving nerve power,
gnd acting as a toidc to the digest
ive and entire system. Hut in Scott’s
Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with
Hypophosphites. the two arc com
bined, ami the effect is wonderful.
Thousands who have derived no per
manent benefit from other prepara
tions have been cured by its use.
This is not an assumption, but facts
that are substantiated by the expe
rience of the past 10 years, and the
endorsements of thousands of the
host physicians throughout the
july4 4w.
The skin of thecatfish is now tan
ned into leather in German. It is
tough, supple and appears well.
In Brief, and" to the Point.
Dyspepsia is dreadful. Disorder
ed livery is miser}'. Indigestion is
foe to good nature.
The human digestive apparatus
is one of the most complicated and
wonderful things in existence. It is
easily put out of order.
Greasy food, tough food, sloppy
food, had cookery, mental worry,
late hours, irregular habit, and
many other things which ought not
to be, have made the American peo
ple a nation of dyspeptics.
But iVreen's August Flower has
done a wonderful work in reforming
this sad business and making the
American people so healthy that
they can enjoy their meats and be
Remember.—No happiness with
out health. But Green’s August
Flower brings health and happiness
to the dyspeptic. Ask your drug
gist for a bottle. Seventy-five cts.
Very interesting lectures w ere de
livered here by Bishop Keane on
Monday night and by Rev. J. W.
Jones, of Ya., on Tuesday night.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely de
range the whole system when enter
ing it through the mucus surfaces.
Such articles should never bo used
except on prescriptions lrom repu
table physicians, as the damage they
will do are ten-fold to the good you
can possibly derive from them.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure, manufactured
t»v F. J. Cheney &. Co,, Toledo, ()..
contains no mercury and is taken
internally and acts directly upon
the blood and mucus surfaces of the
system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure be sure that \ou get the genu
ine, it is taken internally and made
in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. < honey At
jfjf- Sold by Druggists, price
75c. per Dottle.
Federal Constitution Centennial.
The Centennial Anniversary of
the adoption of the Federal Consti
tution will be celebrated at Phila
September 15—17th by an elaborate
trades procession, military and na
val review, and other appropriate
ceremonies and festivities, which
will be participated in by the Prest
dent of the United States and his
Cabnet. All of the “Original Thir
teen” and a majority of the other
States and Territories will be repre
sented bj' detachment of their na
tional guard and by civic socie
ties. This will undoubtedly be the
most notable demonstration that
has taken place since the centennial
celebratien of our national indepen
dence. To accommodate persons
desiring to visit Philadelphia upon
this occasion, the Baltimore dr Ohio
Railroad Company will sell excur
jion tickets to Philadelphia from
all points on its system of lines, at
the rate of one faro for the round
trip. From points cast of the Ohio
river excursion will be sold from
Sept, 12th to 17th inclusive, good
returning until September 20th.
Winchester pavement and budd
ing brick for sale at T. P. Lippitt’s.
We have for gratuitous distribu
tion among our subscribers the pub
lications named below. Our object
is, to give as much reading matter
as we can afford and it is cheaper
for us to offer these publications
than to enlarge the paper at this
time. Any one of these publica
tions will be sent to a subscriber
who applies for it:
“Retribution,” by Margaret
“Captain Aliek’s Legacy,' by M.
T. Caldor.
“Blue Eyes and Golden Hair, by
Annie Thomas.
“Amos Barton,” by George Eliot.
“‘Henry Arkell." by Mrs. Henry
“The Laurel Bush,” by Miss Mu
“Mv Lady’s Money,” by Wilkie !
Collins. Illustrated.
“Second Thoughts,” by Rhoda
“Darrell Markham," by Miss M.
E. Brad don.
“Christian’s Mistake,” by Miss
“Cousin Henry.” by Anthony
“The Home Cook Book and Fam
ily 1‘hysician.”
“The Budget of Wit, Humor and
“Useful Knowledge for the .Mil
lion.” a handy book ol useful inform
ation for all. upon many and various
subjects. Illustrated.
“School Dialogues, Recitations
and Readings,” a large and choice
collection for school exhibitions and
rivate entertainments.
(’or. Main and Charles Sts..
Keeps constantly on hand the best of
Imported and Domestic Wines and Li
quors. . „
j if M v Saloon is lirst-class in all re
spects', and Mired lirinka ft Specialty.
-) OKA1.KK IS (
Building Materials and Agricultural im
.kdiorsou County, West Virginia.
Rough and Dressed Dumber, Floor
ing, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mould
ing.;, Luih, Shingles, Polings,
<&c., <ftc.
Ac., Ac.
jpjjr’ Office on the corner of Charles
and Liberty streets.
fnne tf. . _
T« all who are suffering Irom tho error* and
Indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness, early
<Ii*eay, loss of manhood, kc., I will send a recipe
that will euro you,FREE OF CIIABGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary In South
America. Rend a self-addressed envelope to the
1U.V. Joseph T. Inman, Slat Urn D. A’w1'ort at*.
Rrrox, w. va.
Alwaysholds himself in readiness to
ery Sales any place, and on the short
est notice at Satisfaction guaranteed.
jan 19*-9F—Vi __
i'n Pus-Payer* <•/ Ckarlcxtomi ami Mul
illctray Ih'xirirtx.
11.’ Taxes are not paid promptly I will
Im* compelled to sell property as the
[nW directs. No other help for it.
Kl tiKNK ItAKKll,
jolyl5>-ot. Itepntv Sheriff.
I;,.st (Hiuip]ted school in the South. Corps
of experienced tcaeliers. Full cabinets
of minerals. Philosophical and Chemical
apparatus. Location unsurpassed for •
beauty and iioalthfiilness.
Catalogue on application.
Wm. II. Kaui.k, a. M. Principal,
Stauntor., \ a.
Sol.l l.y T. I>. MPPITT '
«r *T
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A3srr> pumps,
Main Street, Charlestown, West Va.
All Kinds of Hardware.
Also a Large Stock of
Agricultural Implements of all Kinds.
july‘.£V87-y? __ _
Capon Springs
The favorite Summer Resort, so near
Charlestow n, Shepherdstown and Mar
tinsbirrg, and beautifully located in the
Mountains and not in the Valley, offers
a home of rest for the w eary, the ailing
public, and pleasure-seeking people,sec
ond to none.
The best sewerage system just finished
in the world.
julyl-2m. Proprietor.
To the Farmers of
They were 40 years ago; they are now,
and henceforth they shall be the
Standard Remedies Of the world.
The people have tested their
merits, hence they live*.
Like a green bay-tree, they nourish.
Rheumatics rejoice; neuralgia vanishes
and headaches' are known no more. The
remedy, Stonebrakkr’s Liniment.
The price, 25 cents.
The brooks of Siloatn never furnished
such relief to the thirsty traveler. How.
f.Vo. Makin, London, England.
America never produced its emial for
the cure of pain.—Prof. I de, Hanover,
Of what are they speaking?
God bless the children. Like rosebuds
they cluster about the bosom that loves
them. Oil! Mother’s vigil eye, keep
watch, aud tiie first symptoms of sum
mer complaint give
The only cure for Cholera Infantum
and all bowel complaints in adults and
children. Prompt, sure and efficient is
the testimonial of the Messrs. Henkel
tV Co., publishers of fhir Church Pa/ter,
New Market, Va.
Blood & Liyer Corrector
corrects the Liver and Kidneys, puri- 1
ties the Rlood, removes blotches, pim
ples and eruptions, restores Inst vitality
and brings back tin* fresh ruddy glow of
youth to the shriveled cheeks. Price, $1 |
per bottle.
Breeders of Fine Fowls
indorse Stoxkruakkr’s Ciiickkn Pow
i*krs, the only powder for the produc
tion of eggs. The prevention and cuic
of diseases in Chickens, Ducks, Tur
keys, Uecse, Pigeons, and the feathered
family. Nothin? so healthful for voting
chicks. Sold in the United States at S>
cents per package.
If you wish yout Horses, Cattle and
Sheep to thrive and your farm to pros
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Horsed Cattle Powders.
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That's just where they make a mistake.
Stonebrnkcr’s Horse and Cattle powd
ers are original, and are used l»y those
who appreciate the l**st. Price, ti.'i cts.
C. S. Brace, of WythevJIlc, Vh., says:
Stonebraker’s Hog Powders will save
the peojde thousands. Not one of n.y
customers lost a hog last year that fed
Stonebruker* Hoy Potnlvr*.
I have cured Hog cholera with them.
< ’hristiansburg, Va.
Tiie most healthfal preparation ever
fed to Hogs, and the only preventative
known for Hog Cholera. Use them now.
The sooner the l*etter.
indigestion, sick headache, constipation
ami general debility, no Pills stand
higher than
Stonebrnker* Vegttnble Liter Pitt*.
Maurice Rain
On Main St., Opposite First Nat’I Bank.
('harUxtnn n - - - II> d Virginia
Keei* constantly on hand the best of
wines and whiskey. Mixed drinks a
Feb. 13). I v___ j
kept by T. P. LIPPITT.
COL. K. EltKSTON CHEW, President,
I>it. W. F. Lippitt, Superintendent,
B.C. Washington,Secretary,
Robt. Chkw, General Agent.
Charlestown, Jefferson County, West
Offer for the Fall Trade their old
brands, which always sneak for them
selves, and have held their own for so
tnanv years that no certificates are ne
cessary. They are
Ground Bone,
Basis, 'J’-j |H*r cent. Ammonia, 'W per
cent. Bone Phosphate.
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I}, percent. Ammonia,® percent. Bone
Phosphate, :t per cent. Potash.
1', percent. Aiiimoiiia,2.'» per cent. Bone
Phosphate, and :i percent. Potash.
® per cent. Bone Phosphate ami I! per
cent. Potash..
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Valley Bene and Alkaline Phos
unequalled ftir the money. We have a
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Pure Fine Ground Bone,
Pure Dissolved Animal Bone,
Dissolved South Carolina,
our own make, both No. 1 articles. Call
at the mill and see their drilling condi
tion. Kanit ami other Potash Halts, Ni
trate *it Soda and other Chemicals
freshly ground, always on band.
Mixtures ami private formulas
prepared on short notice, and of the best
1BOXES WANTED in large or
small <|iiantitic.H.
Now Open!
Custom, & Artistic Tailor
Opp. National Hank,Vharlestown, West
(1 ALLS the attention of the public to
J the finest line of
Spring Samples
ever brought to this town, ami re»|*eet
fully ask* an inspeetion.
Suits Made to Order
fall ami leave your order. I guaran
tee satisfaetion.
1 do alt my cut liny, and have employ
ed the !>est of aeamMers. ,
VI>L'i'| 4 I Tl i" Uniforms, Ladies*
*»■ IjvJ.wIjI lEai Uaaquea, and Hiding
i l ume among you unknown, Imt have
eome to stay, and have brought letter*
of recommendation from fonner Po
rous. I hope to win the re*peet and «*on
lidenee of the eoinmunily.
For Rent
An excellent room for merviiatih*
liitsitie*. (*<nmI lovation. Apply or
write to T. V. Lippitt.
Miss S. B. Page.
Alfill resume her das* in Musle SkP
\y tkmbkk, 12TM.18S7. Price* per mth
or four weeks, two half-hour lessons |»er
week, $5.00. To all who take lessons for
nine months the tenth month will l*o
roe. July 1H.1HK7 4t.
To buv wild ^i West Virginia.
Hive fufl description and priee.
Address, LOCK BOX7O.0
Pittsburg, Pa.

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