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upon an application for a writ of
error. He signed the bill of excep- •
tions as beiug correct, but refused
to suspend sentence and directed tbe !
jailor to “take Mr. Gibson to jail i
and treat him like anv other common
1 immediately had a copy of the
record made, ami a member of the j
bar started that night to the home j
of Judge Snyder, of the Supreme
Court of this State, who, the next
morning, promptly granted the writ
of error and ordered my release with- |
out requiring the usual bond.
Mr. McGinnis, knowing that this
application had been made to Judge i
Snyder.and being remonstrated with
by his entire bar, on the next morn- j
ing, before Judge Snyder's telegram
ordering my release was received, 1
without any knowledge or request,
himself ordered my release.
Mr. McGinnis is an announced
candidate for re-election, and I have,
as lias the entire bars in his circuit,
with one exception, opposed him on
his candidacy, and stated on one oc
casion, two months ago, in a public
speech in the city of Huntington,
that “he was too ignorant for the
position and as dishonest as he was
ignorant.” This was one of his spe
cifications of contempt.
I desire to add that my friends
may rely upon it that when this
case comes on to be heard, as heard
it will be, I will show Ira J. Mc
Ginnis to be a dishonest and cow
ardly man, and a brutal and insolent
Judge. Eustace Gibson.
Ad Tipi tarit,
owned hikI conducted bv the
Aest Virginia Publishing Company,
Entered at Post-Office as second-class.
Thomas H. Mason, Business Manager.
The Wheeling Fair bcgau Mon
Lkx does not give his name. An
onymous communications are not
The cost of I)r. Builds Cough SyVnp
is only 25 cent. A bottle will con
vince all ol its excellence.
A telephone will connect Weston
and Braxton C. IL, via Jacksonville,
Burnsville, and Salt Lake Bridge.
Mr. Joseph II. Easterday has sold
his store-room and dwelling prop
erty, on Main street, to his brother.
Mr. John S. Easterday, for |4,000.
At a sjH*«-iul session of the county
court on Monday last, the contract
for the erection of an additional
building at the county lutirinary, *
was awarded to T. 1*. Lippitt.
The Charlestown male academy
began it" session on Wednesday and
the. Stephenson Female Seminary
will begin next Monday. Both
schools open with a large attendance.
The annual exhibition of stock,
held at Moler's grove on Wednesday
and Thursday, was a great success.
Our reporter failed to hand in his
manuscript'in time for this issue.
I have used your Salvation Oil
for cracked heels, mange, and sand
cracks with horses, and it given
perfect satisfection.
Chas. W. I,kk
114 W. Baltimore Street, Balto., Md.
Mr. Wiu. R. Jenkins, who was
assaulted by Cyrus Locke aud son. j
died, from injuries received, last
Tuesday night. His body arrived
here on Wednesday. Interment in
the Methodist graveyard.
About 36,000,000 trade dollars
' were coined; about 8.000,000 have
beeu presented for redemption. Most
• of the remainder went to China in the
course of trade, and have been re
coined or otherwise utilized there.
Mr. Walter Barrett caught while !
fishing, in the Pottmac river on
Tuesday evening last, a german carp
* 3 feet 3 inches in length, and weigh- 1
ed 10.V pounds. The fish was
caught on a medium bass line with
a reel attachment.
Mr. Jno. T, Miller, a well known
farmer of this county’ died suddenly
of heart disease at his home near
Halitowu, in his 62year. The lun
eral took place from his residence, I
interment at Shepherdstown Mr.
Miller's oldest son was killed on the
B. O. railroad, at this place, last
At a picnic held at Perry Pulta's j
near Bunker Hill, this county, last
Saturdy an altercation occurred be
tween two young men, Lewis aud
Barber, in which the former was fa
tally shot. It appears that during
the fight Lewis drew a large knife.
Barber attempting to run fell: before
Lewis could use his knife Barber
drew his pistol and fired, shooting
Lewis in the side. The wound is con
sidered fatal. As yet we have heard
of no arrest.
The proprietors Messrs G. W. T.
Kearslev and Dr. J, V. Simmons,of
Charlestown, W. Va., and M r.LceH. j
Simmons, of Fredrick county. Mayr
laud, have placed in a mostsnbstan- I
tial and conveniently arange build- j
iuir, one of Smith,s patent refrigerat- ,
ing or ice making machines, which!
is a model of beauty, and is consid
ered by competent judges to be the j
most practicable and best ice ina- j
chine manufactured. The capacity
of the establishmnt is 32,500 pounds
every twenty-four hours.— Lender, j
Roanoke, Va.
In an article in the Popular Sci
ence Monthly Mr. David A. Wells
quotes from the United States com
missioner of labor’s report for 18SG
extracts showing that in the manu
facture of agricultural implements
600 men now do the work that requir
ed 2,115 men fifteen or twenty years
ago; that in the manufacture of
boots and shoes 100 persons supply
the place of 500; that in the manu
facture of flour there has been a dis
placement of labor of seventy-five per
cent; in furniture.twenty-fiveto fifty
percent; in wall paper, ninety-nine
per cent; in metals and metallic
goods, thirty-three and one third per
- — -
Mr. Nathaniel Craighill Esq, an
aged citizen of this place, died on
Monday night last in his SOth year,
He was one of our oldesi aud most
respected citizens. His father was
Win Price Craighill. who married
Miss Little ol a well known and tal
ented family of Ya. Win. Little, of
Fredericksburg, and Dr. Alexander
Little, of Richmond, were cousins of
the deceased.
Before the war Mr. Win. Nathan
iel Craighill was cashier of the Bank
of the Valley of this town, and there
never was a more faithful or effi
cient officer. It is said that for fif
teen years consecutively he never
lost a day nor houi from his post of
duty in the bank, although during
a part of the time, he lived in the
country, three and a half miles away
from the institution. He was, al
most from the period of his matur
ity,—a devout and zealous member
of the Episcopal church, and exem
plified, in his daily work in a con
spicuous manner, all of the virtues
of a truly pious aud Christian gen
Lieu. Col. William Price Craighill,
of the U. S. Army, whose distin
guished services as an engineer
have given him a national reputa
tion. is oue of his surviving chil
dren. as are also Robert Craighill
Esq., of Lynchburg; Rev. Jas. B.
Craighill, of Maryland;and Dr. Ed
ward Craighill,of Virginia. Dr. C.
T. Y. S. Butler, an eminent phyician
of this county, residing at Shep
herdstown. is his son-in-law.
A Great Increase.
The total shipments cf bitnmin
coal over the Norfolk and Western
Railroad for the year up to August
20 were 714,G47 ton, against 521,509
tons at the same time last years,an
increase of 193,138 tons. This is
at the rate of over 1,200,000 tons a
vear. When it is remembered that
the Pocahontas coal mines were only
a few years ago, it will be seen how
rapidly Southwestern Virginia is im
portant factor in the bituminous
coal output.
From the spirit
Mr. Thomas Yanvactor has traded
his 450 acres of mountain land, on
the east side of the Shenandoar river,
in this county, to Mr. R. K. John
ston, of Baltimore, for city property.
A potion of the northeast coner
of the Park Hotel lot, fronting on
South George street, we understand,
has been purchased for the purpose
of erecting thereon a ('atholic church
or chapel
— - -—
The Verdict Unanimous.
W I) Suit, brugist, Bippus, Inti.,
testties: “ 1 can recommend Elec
tric Bitters as the very best remedy.
Every bottle sold has given relie fin
every case. One man took six bot-%
ties, and was cured of rheumatism j
of 10 years''standing.” Abraham
Hare, druggist. Beliville, Ohio,
affirms: The best selling medicine j
I have ever handled in 20 years.ex
perience is Electrietric Hitters.
Thousands of others have added
their testimony, so that the verdict
is unanimous that Electric Bitters
do cure all diseases of the Liver,!
Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dol
lar a bottle at Geo. T. Light’s drug j
* • *
Messrs. Edgar and Arthur Car
ter, farmers, residing near Wades
ville, Clarke county, Va., were driv
ing to this id ace on yesterday, about
noon, in a buggy with two horses.
As they were coining down Barker’s
hill on the Summit Point road the ;
yoke strap broke, and the buggy
running on the horses, caused them
to run. At the crossing of the S. V.
railroad the buggy was upset and
both men thrown out. The horses
becoming detached from the buggy
ran into our town and were caught.
The buggy was completely demolish
ed, but both men escaped without j
serious injuries, Arthur C. only re
ceiviug a severe cut over the eye and
some few bruises.
Excitement in Texas.
Groat excitement has been caused
in the vicinity of Paris, Tex., by the
remarkable recovery of M. J. E.
Corley, who was so helpless he could
not turn in bead, or raise his head;
everybody said he was dyiug of con
sumption. A trial bottle of Dr. j
King’s New Discovery was sent him.
Finding relief, he bought a large
bottle and a box of Dr. King's New
Life Pills; by the time he had taken
two boxes of Pills and two bottles
of the Discovery, he was well and
had gained inflesh thirty six pounds.
Trial bottle of this .Great Discov 1
cry for consumption free at Geo. T. j
On the 1st four masked men on
tered the house of H. Hansel on
Blue Creek. Kanawha, and compell
ed him to give up $500 in money
and notes. The robbers stole two
horses and escaped.
Harper’s Ferry, Sept. 5.
Mr. Editor.—We hardly deem it
necessary to offer an excuse for again
referring to the great enterprise of
I Savery <fc Co., for the subject of the
Harper’s Ferry of to-day, with this
left out, would be—to quote a trite
1 phrase—Hamlet without the Prince
| of Denmark. Besides, as the old
i saying is, “a good feast requires no
apology,” and as the prosperity of
! our village affects that of all Jeffer
sou county as well as the neighbor
ing portions of Virginia and Mary
I land, we know of no topic more in
I teresting to your readers. You re
; member, however, that lately you
have curtailed our wind and limited
j us to narrow bounds, and therefore,
| without entering into details, we
will sum up by saying that the work
goes bravely on and is fast ap
proaching the desired consumma
The melancholy days are coming
on, and indeed one of them has ar
rived—Black Monday—the day of
reopening the schools—and, as we
write, troops of dejected urchins
pass along with a slow, slouching
gait very different from the bound
ing elastic step of the same on clos
ing day three months ago. Verily
they boast not themselves while they
gird on their harness as they will
when they put it off nine months
hence. The city people are taking
wing, and the surrounding hills
where, a few days ago, they crowded
thick as leaves in Vallumbrosa or
children ’round an Irishman’s shan
ty, are abandoned save by a few
whom freedom from business en
gagements and depth of purse ena
; ble to prolong the luxury of our
pure air aud unrivaled scenery.
They, too, will soon be gone and,
j like “sweet Auburn, loveliest village
of the plain,” Harper's Ferry will be
deserted, with this marked differ
ence, that the former had an in
spired idiot—as Dr. Johnson called
poor Goldsmith—to sing its praises,
while the latter—the worthier of the
two—depends at present for fame on
a very prosaic country-schoolmas
ter. No one will miss the presence
of the strangers more sensibly than
your correspondent, for to the bustle
and stir of the visiting season we
owe much of the pabulum on which
our fancy has fed while inditing the
series of absurdities with which we
have tired the patience of your read
ers this summer. There is then
some reason to fear that for dearth
of light material we might endeavor
to be serious and rashly launch into
some subject of practical interest
and incur the anger of some if not
all the factions that are spoiling for
the great light of next year. It is a
hard choice, but though it is not
creditable to our valor, we prefer
the contempt due to our inanities to
the awful wrath that a little good
sense would be sure to evoke. “Be
lieve me that ho has lived well who
has hidden himself well,” said a
great Roman poet nineteen centu
ries ago, and as we believe the same
is as true to-day as it was then, we
will stick to our nonsense as long as
we can find a sufficient supply of it,
and safe in oifr obscurity we will
leave the important things of cur
rent history to‘‘simpleton sages aud
reasoning fools” who love the strife
and turmoil of controversy.
Great as has been the number of
visitors accommodated here this
summer, it is believed that quite as
many have been disappointed in ob
taining entertainment, and it is said
that fort}’ applicants were refused
on one day for want of room by one
boarding-house proprietor. This is
exciting a bnikliug boom, ana we
hear of great preparations for the
erection of cottages on the Heights
of Bolivar, Loudoun and Maryland.
A waggish Irishman of Washington
wrote to a boarding master for ac
commodation for a mile of family
and. on being informed iu a spirit
of fun that he could be accommoda
ted, presented himself one day at the
hotel with a tlock of eight. His
name is Patrick Furlong, and he
claims that eight furlongs will make
a mile any day. By the way he
is a hue, genial fellow, and lie has
made so many friends here that we
will manage to lodge and feed him
self and family if they should grow
to a league, which he says himself
is within the probabilities.
The belief is prevalent that Har
pers Ferry will become one of the
great favorite summer resorts, and
a day or two ago we heard of a con
templated agency for the sale of
building-sites at this point. It is
said, indeed, that a syndicate, with
4his object in view’, has already
rented an office of Mr. Kobert Cava
lier. No one can tell what a day
will produce as Mrs. Day said when
she presented her lord and master
with triplets, and on the same occa
sion we heard the astounding news
that an enterprising gentleman of a
neighboring State was about to es
tablisli-a bank at the place. This
latter undertaking will be a great
boon to our schoolmasters and edi
tors, whose surplus cash has been
increasing of late to an inconve
nient degree, owing to the general
business depression and the conse
quent difficulty of tlnding profitable
investments. We have no doubt
that those classes will tlock to our
bank to make deposits or, perhaps,
to purchase hank stock.
We are glad to learn that Mr. S.
J. Lang, the artistic tailor of your
town, intends to pay our place reg
ularly recurring and frequeht visits
to give our people fits—we mean
good Jits in clothing. We under
stand that Mr. Lang came to our
county with the highest recommcn
dations from the most fashionable
1 houses in his line of London and
New York, and from our personal
acquaintance with him, we do not
hesitate to declare our conviction
that he is a genial and thoroughly
honorable gentleman, and the very
man to supply a long felt need—
that of a man capable or measuring
accurately the human structure and
cutting to suit the measurement.
We learn that in a lew months he
has built up a very extensive busi
ness in Charlestown. Ilis headquar
ters here will be at Green's hotel.
What a pity you have restricted
us to certain narrow limits in your
columns. Our Pegasus is a spirited,
but obstinate beast, that brooks
neither bit nor bridle—one that will
carry us safely in the most daring
flights of fancy when left to its own
sweet will, but will be just as apt to
! cant us into a ditch if restricted in
liberty. On 3 011, then, Mr. Editor,
will rest the awful rosponsibilit3' of
our probable failures, and glad
enough will we be to have somebod3'
between us and the certain displea
| sure of your disappointed readers.
• Y. K.
Consumption, Wasting Diseases
And General Debility. Doctors
disagree as to the relative value of
Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites
—the one supplying strength and
flesh; the other giving nerve power,
and acting as a tonic to the digest
ive and entire system. But in Scott’s
Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with
: Hypophosphites, the two are com
bined, and the effect is wonderful.
: Thousands who have derived no per
manent benefit from other- prepara
tions have been cured by'its use.
This is not an assumption, hut facts
that are substantiated by the expe
: riencc of the past 10 years, and the
endorsements of thousands of the
: best physicians throughout the
j country.
On next monday night Sept. 12.,
Bell’s Koyal Marionettes will begin
a 3-nights engagement at Washing
ton Hall. The Balo. Sun says:
A crowded house greeted Bell’s
Koyal Marionettes while in this city i
at Fords opera house, and a more |
delighted audience could not be
found. The entertainment opened
with prof. Ellis’s slight of hand per
formance, in which he did some
wonderful tricks. Following this
was the minstrel scene, which was
very amusing. So natural were fig
ures and gestures that many persons
realy took them to be real, while the
dancing,dislocating skeleton is some
thing wonderful.
The new features of the entertain
ment since their last visit here were
Miss Adels Gilbert assisted by Sig.
Giovanni on their musical glasses,
producing the sweetest sounds on a
i set of ordinary goblets while the per
formance of Sig. Giovanni’s troupe
of birds delighted all. Mine Strous’s
Fata Morgana at the close showed
some very fine views. At the close
100 elegant presents were distribirt
1 ed.
Admission 35 and 50 cents. lie
served seat tickets at Geo. Light's. 1
Give Them A Chance.
That is to say, your Jungs. Also
all your breathing machinery. Very
wonderful maehinejy it is. Not only
the larger air passages, but the
thousands of little tubes and cavi
ties lending from them.
When these are clogged and chok
ed with matter which ought not to
be there, your lungs cannot do their
work. And what they tlo, they can
not do well.
v an it com, cougu, uiuup, yuuu
monia, catarrh, consumption or any
of the family of throat and nose and
head and lung obstructions, all are
bad. All ought to be got rid of.
There is just one sure way to get rid
of them. That is to take Boschee’s
German Syrup, which any druggist
will sell you at 25 cents a bottle.
Even if every tiling else has failed
you, you may depond upon this for
certain. july22-cow.
Mississippi Corn for Illkois '
Hogs.—A dispatch from Meridian, i
Miss., states farmers from the
drought-stricken regions of Illinois
are proposing to transport their hogs
to Mississippi, wherecornean be had
to feed them. Fortunately thecorn
crop in middle Mississippi is very
large and can be profitably utilized
in feeding the Illinois porkers, but ,
it will be a new thing in the com- ^
niercial histor}'of the American hog
to fatten him on Southern corn.
-«- -
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely de
■ range the whole system when enter
! iug it through the mucus surfaces.
Such articles should never be used
except on prescriptions from repu
i table physicians, as the damage they ;
will do are ten-fold to the good you !
can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. .1. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O.,
1 contains no mercury and is taken
internally and acts directly upon
tiie blood and mucu9 surfaces of the
system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure be sure that you get the genu- i
ine, it is talcen internally and made
in Toledo, Ohio, by.F. J. Cheney A
Sold by Druggists, price
75c. per tiottle.
Federal Constitution Centennial.
The Centennial Anniversary of
the adoption of the Federal Consti
tution will be celebrated at Phila
September 15-17 th by an elaborate
trades procession, military and na
val review, and other appropriate
ceremonies and festivities, which
will be participated in by the Presi
dent of the United States and his
Cabnet,* All of the “Original Thir
teen” and a majority of the other
States and Territories will be repre
sented by detachment of their na
tional guard and by civic socie
ties. This will undoubtedly be the
most notable demonstration that
has taken place since the centennial
celebratien of our national indepen
dence. To accommodate persons
desiring to visit Philadelphia upon
this occasion, the Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad Company will sell excur
sion tickets to Philadelphia from
all points on its system of lines, at
the rate of one fare for the round
trip. From points east of the Ohio
river excursion will be sold from
Sept, 12th to 17th inclusive, good
■returning until September 20th.
Another Western Connection.
The transfer connecting the Ches
apeake and Ohio and Kanawha and
Ohio railways across the Kanawna
river a half mile above Charleston,
W. Va., was completed Thursday.—
By this transfer the Kanawha and
Ohio is given an eastern outlet, and
the Chesapeake and Ohio a more
direct route to Cleveland, Toledo
and other lake cities. The Kanawha
and Ohio already have a number of
cars on hand to be transferred and
more are coming. It is estimated I
by the officers of the two roads that
two hundred cars per day will be
And then the Miner Votes for “Protec
The coal barons have issued an
other edict fixing the output of coal.
The barons also fix the price and the
miner’s wages, and and if he don’t
like it he can do the other thing.
Then about election time, the miner,
providing lie is an American and
can read English, receives a circular
telling him how lie is “protected”
from “foreign” competition.—Lang
horn (Pa.) Standard.
A Wedding at Shepherdstown.
Shepiiekdstown, Sept. 6.—In the
Lutheran Church in this town,
this evening, Prof. B. F. Un
sold, of New York, and Miss
Sallie Rickard, organist of the Lu
theran Church, were united in mar
riage. The church was beautifully
trimmed with flowers by lady friends
of the bride. The bridesmaids were
MissBettic Lieklider and Miss Kate
Richmond;groomsmen, 1>. L. Rentch
and Prof. T. G. Wooftcr; maids of
honor, Misses Ella Richard, Annie
Lieklider, Nannie Herr and Nellie
Carver: ushers. Prof. Burk, Walter
Herr, William Kearfoot and Chas.
Billrayer. Prof. Mergess, of New
York, performed the wedding march
on the organ. The newly wedded
couple left on the 9:40 P. M. train
for New York, their future home.
Mahoae sued Riddleberger for
$750 alleged to he a loan. The de
fence was, the money had been do
nated to polities and the jury disa
Recent events show that the G. A.
is gradually being converted into a
political organization.—Boston Her
ald (hid. ltep.)
Our Agents.
And paper for sale with:
J. N. Fkrrkl,
News Dealer, 12th street.
Richardson Duos.,
Stationers, Capitol street.
• Jno. Brown,
News Dealer, Julian street.
Ai.kx. /kick,
News Dealer.
L. W. Brick.
Russell A Co.,
Dr. J. D. Dillon,
\V. S. Stephens,
National Hotel,
News Stand.
Gibard House,
News Stand.
New York Hotel (721 Broadway,)
News Stand.
Subscriptions may be pai«l to any
of the above.
Best equipped school in the South. Corpa
of experienced teachers. Full cabinets
of minerals. Philosophical and Chemical
apparatus. Location unsurpassed for
lieautv and healthfulncss.
Catalogue on application.
Wm. II. Kable, A. M. Principal,
Stanntor., Va.
• s.il.l !tv T. 1'. I.IPPITT
Manvel Wind Engines
Main Street, Charlestown, West Va.
All Kinds of Hardware.
Also a Large Stock of
Agricultural Implements of all Kinds.
jnly22/87-y. _ _
Capon Springs
The favorite Summer Resort, so near
Charlestown, Shepherdstown and Mar
tinsburg, and beautifully located in the
Mountains and not in the Valley, offers
a home of rest for the weary, the ailing
public, and pleasure-seeking people,sec
ond to nono.
The l>est sewerage system just finished
in the world.
julyl-2m. . Proprietor.
To the Farmers of
They were 40 years ago; they are now,
and henceforth they shall be the
Standard Remedies of the world.
The people have tested their
merits, hence they live.
Like a green bay-tree, they flourish.
Rheumatics rejoice; neuralgia vanishes
and headaches are known no more. The
remedy, Stonebbakkk’s Li.m.mkxt.
The price, 25 cents.
The brooks of Siloain never furnished
such relief to the thirsty traveler. lion.
Geo. Muhin, London, England.
America never produced its eoual for
the cure of pain.—Prof. Idc, l/annver,
Of what are they speaking?
God bless the children. Like rosebuds
they cluster aliout the bosom that loves
them. Oh! Mother’s vigil eye. keep
watch, and the first symptoms' of sum
mer complaint give
The only cure for Cholera Infantum
and all bowel complaints in adults and
children. Prompt, sure and efficient is
the testimonial of the Messrs. Henkel
A Co., publishers of Our Church Payer,
New Market, Vn.
Blood & Liver Corrector
corrects the Liver and Kidneys, puri
ties (lie Blood, removes blotches, pim
ples and eruptions, restores lost vitality
and brings back the fresh ruddy glow of
youth to the shriveled checks. Ivrice,$1
per bottle.
Breeders of Fine Fowls
indorso Stonkhkakkk's Chicken Pow
ders, the only powder for the produc
tion of eggs. The prevention and cuie
of diseases in Chickens, Ducks, Tur
'kevs, (iecse. Pigeons, and the feathered
family. Nothing so healthful for young
chicks. Sold in the United States at 25
cents per package.
If you wish your Horses, Cattle and
Sheep to thrive and your farm to pros
per, don't neglect to keep a good supply
ot . I
Horse & Cattle Powders.
Don’t be deceived. Some people think
one powder just as good as another.
That’s just where they make a mistake.
Stonebraker's Horse and Cattle Powd
ers are original, and are used by those
who appreciate the best. Price, 25 ets.
C. S. Bruce, of WytheviBe, Ya., says:
Stonebraker’s Hog Powders will save
the people thousands. Not one of my
customers lost a hog last year that fed
Stonebraker'* Hoy Potvdcr*.
I have cured Hog Cholera with them.
Christiansburg, Ya.
The most healthful preparation ever
fed to Hogs, and the only preventative
known tor Hog Cholera. Use them now.
The sooner the better.
indigestion, sick headache, constipation
ami general debility, no Pills stand
higher than.
Stonebraker * Vegetable Liver Pill*.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, .Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver Sores, Totter, Chapped Hands, chil
blain*, Corns, and all skin Eruptions,
aud positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. - It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
25 cents per l>ox. *For sale by (ieorge T.
Eight. janl4-K7.
at the office of
THE H. P. HUBBARD CO., Judicious Ac*
vertising Agents & Experts, New Haven, CL
Our Authorized Agent* who can quote our '>•1 low*t1
adrertfcng rate*. Adrertieements de
signed, proof* thown and eftimate* of
aost i n ANY ntwipaper*, fofwarded to
re*pon*ibl# pirtie* upon application ,
-O ' —
COL. R. PRESTON CHEW, President,
Du. W. F. Lirrirr, Superintendent,
B. C. Washington, Secretary,
Robt. Chkw, General Agent.
Charlestown, Jefferson County, West
Offer for the Fall Trade their old
brands, which always speak for them
selves, and have held their own for so
many vears that no certificates are ne
cessary. They are
Ground Bone,
Basis, per cent. Ammonia, 32 per
cent. Bone Phosphate.
31* per cent. Ammonia,2» percent. Bone
J'j, percent. Ammonia, 28 percent. Bono
Phosphate, 3 per cent. Potash.
\% per cent. Ammonia, 25 percent. Bono
Phosphate, and 3 per cent. Potash.
Us per cent. Bone Phosphate and 3 per
cent. Potash.
Those who demand n low priced goods
will find tho
Valley Bone and Alkaline Phos
unequalled for the money. Wo have a
large stock of absolutely
Pure Fine Ground Bone,
Pure Dissolved Animal Bone,
Dissolved South Carolina,
our own make, both No. I articles. Call
at the mill and see their drilling condi
tion. Kanit and other Potash Salts, Ni
trate of Soda and other Chemicals
freshly ground, always on hand.
f?' Mixtures and private formulas
prepared on short notice, and of the Ik»hI
UT BONES WANTED' in large or
small quantities.
Now Open!
Custom & Artistic Tailor
Opi). National Bank, t'harlestown, West
(N A LL8 the attention of the public to
J the finest line of
Spring Samples
ever brought to this town, and respect
fully asks an Inspection.
Suits Made to Order
— IN THE — .
Call and leave your order. I guaran
tee satisfaction.
I do all iny cutting, and have employ
ed the best of seamsters.
VPITI A I TII\ in rnlforms, Indies*
Rroil/iLllln Basques, and Hiding
1 esme among you unknown, but have
come to stay, and have brought letters
of recommendation from former pat
rons. I hope to win the respect ami con
fidence of the community.
For Rent
An excellent room for mercliatiin
busines. Good location. Apply or
write to T. P. I.ippitt.
Miss S. B. Page*
"tlTill resume her class in Music Skp
VV temhkr, I2tii, H«}7. Price* per mtli
of four weeks, two half-hour lessons per
w*eek, f'j.OO. To all who take lessons for
nine months the tenth month will I..*
roe. July l«,iw*7 4t.
To buv wild lands in West Virginia.
Give full description and price.
Address, LOCK HOX 70,6
Pittsburg, Pa.

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