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M Virginia Democrat,
•wile i and conducted bv the
lest Virginia Publishing Company,
Kntercd at Post-OlHce as second-class.
Thomas H. Mason. Business Manager.
Notice.—In order to give our em
ployes holiday .there will be no paper
issued from this office Xmas week.
The office will be open as usual to
receive job work, subscriptions, ete.
Snow fell on Saturday to tbe depth
of about 8 iuchcs—affording a brief
season of sleighriding.
A pension has been granted to
Susan, w idow of Jos. Hanes, of Har
per’s Ferr).
1'he bite of the worm at the root
withers the leaf at the top. Cse
Warner's Log Cabin Extract for
external application.
The Episcopal Church and M. E.
Church, South, for the past week,
have been busilv engaged in decora
ting their churches for Xmas day.
Virginia Robinson, (colored) in
charge of Sheriff Hurst and Deputy
S. C. Young, left here last week for
the jienitentiary, she having been
sentenced to serve a term of ten
years for the murder of a negro
Mr. .las. H. Fritz butchered on
Tuesday last a porker,13 months old,
which netted 403 lbs. Mrs. Julia
Terrill recently had butchered a 520
lb. porker. This is the largest we
have heard of this season.
The S. Y. R. R. greeting: One fare
for the Round Trip—to enable every
body to travel during the Christinas
week. Tickets will be sold Decern
ber 23. 24. 25 and 31, and January
1st—good to return on or before
January 4th, 1888.
A Pit* Baked.—A young pet dog
belonging to Mr. W. W. Johnson
was unknowinglv roasted alive last
we«k by Mrs. Johnson. The dog
had gotten into the moderately
waim oven to take a nap. The
door was afterwards closed and a hot
tire built. Several hours later the
oven was opened and the well cooked
dog discovered.
During the past week our town
presented qul»e a lively and citified
appearance. Alt the stores were
constantly filled with cuslomers.pur
chasing their Xmas supplies. Our
merchants well deserve the pation
age of iheir neighbors for many rea
sons—they keep a large assortment
of goods and sell them low. They
are both obliging and accommoda
The members of theCitizen's Fire
Company will rattle otf a No. 8 cook
iug stove, -The Farmer Gill,” com
plete with G3 pieces, purchased at
the tin and stove establishment of
Jno. W. Russell, some time during
the holidays, and are now soliciting
chances f»r the same. Invaluable
services were reudered by this Com
pany not loug since in the preserva
tion of propei tv in oar town, and we
trust that their project will meet with
success and their treasury be replen
ished ten limes the pi ice of the stove
thev propose to rattle. Anexcellent
opportunity is now afforded some one
to procure r. good stove for a mere
tritie, ami at the same time assist in
building up and holding together an
organization of which our town
should justlv feel proud.
Interesting to Ladies.—Our lady
readers can hardly fail to have their
attention called this week to the la
test combination of improvements in
that most useful ot all domestic im
plements the “Sewingmachine.” As
we understand it, a machine b r
family use should meet first of all
th?se requirements: It should be
simple in its mechanism; it should
run easily; it should do a wide
range of work; it should be light,
handsome anil durable. 1 hese con
ditions the heeler A ilson, new
No. 9, certainly meets. It is even
acknowledged by its competitors to
be the best machine now in the mar- j
ket. Husbands will have noexcuse j
for not giving his wife a satisfeclory j
Xmas present if he calls on the
Wheeler <fc Wilson Agency, Rink
The Rev. Francis K. Leavell, as j
sisfant minister of Emanuel Protes- j
tant Episcopal Church and in charge
of the Chaj»el of the Atonemeni, in |
East Baltimore, died Monday at his j
home. No. 1516 East Biddle street,
aged thirty years. The deceased
was a son of Rev. W m. 1. Leavell.
of this county. He entered the
Washington and Lee l niversity,
where he graduated with distinc- ,
tion. After teaching one year at
the male academy in this place, he
determined to study for the minis
try and accordingly entered the
l'lieological Seminary of \ irginia.
Completing his course t here, he took j
a charge in Coal Valiev, this State,
where he did effective work amongst
the miners and a rough set of people. |
After several years of labor in Coal J
Valley, lie accepted the call he held
when a severe attack of pneumonia
took him away. While in Coal Val
iev, he met and married MissThrus
tou. of Cumberland, who died about
a year ago, and less than a year
after their marriage. The remains
were brought here Wednesday and
interred in the Episcopal graveyard.
Mr. lilaine will not be the Repub
lican candidate for President. He is
more likely to be a Western mau.
The B. O., on Monday, made
another mortgage to secure $29,
Another West Virginia Road.—
A company has lieeu organized and
a charter granted for the purpose of
building a railroad lroui a point on
the South Branch Railway near the
towu of Romney. West Virginia, and
to am thence to a point near the gap
in Short mountain where North v
er passe* through said mounta i.
The corporators are Robt. W. Mon
roe, of Kmgwood; C. S. White,Isaac
T. Brady, S. L. Flournoy, R. 7.
Gilkeson and C. W. Daily, of Rom
Excitement in Texas.
Great excitement has been caused
in the vicinity of Paris, Tex., by tue
; remarkable recovery of Mr. J. E.
Corley, who was so helpless he could
not turn in bed, or iui » his head;
everybody said lie was (lying of con
sumption. A trial bo,tie of Dr.
King’s New Discovery was sent him.
Finding relief, he bought a large
bottle and a box of Dr. King’s New
Life Pills; by the time he bad taken
two boxes ot of Pills and two bottles
; of the Discovery, he was well and
had gained in tlesh thirty-six pounds.
Trial bottles of this Great Discov
ery for Consumption free at Geo. '1'.
The Pulp mill at Dam No. 5 has
been completed aud the manufac
ture ef wood pu’p commenced.
Wood oi cord length from which the
bark has been removed, ts received
at the mill, where it is sawed into
pieces about a foot long. These are
converted into pulp by the action of
grindstones. We were shown a
piece of heavy cardboard which was
1 some of the first p oduct of the es
tablishment. It is the intention to
run day anil night after Friday
1 night. ”'his enterprise will give em
ployment to a large number of hands
and wiM of course be of immense ad
vantage to that portion of the coun
ty.— Martinsbnry Statesman.
A.meuica on Top.—The interna
tional contest between .lake lvilrain,
of Baltimore. Md.,' and Jem Smith,
of England, the two great champion
prize lighters, lor the diamond be:t
and c h:>mpiooship of i he woi Id, to<»k
place on the islaud of St. Pierre, i
the liver >oine.Franco, las*' Monday.
There weie 106 rounds fought, la* .
ing 2 hours and 40 seconds. The
tight was drawn on account of da k
ness, but Kdrain got the best of the
tight and was acknowledged by a'l
the witnesses to be .the best man.
Like the patiiotic preacher, we de
nounce prize Hghting.but if the fig ‘
must come oiF, we hope Ameriea w i
win every time.
The Verdict Unanimous.
W. D. Suit, druggist.B;ppus, Inch,
testifies: ”1 can recommend, Elec
tric Bitters as the very best remedy.
Every bottle sold has given relief in
eveiv case. One man took six ln*f
ties, and was cured of rheumatis :i
ot 10 years’ standing.” Abraham
Hare, druggist, liellville, Ohio,
atfirms: “The best selling medicine
I have ever handled iu JO years ex
perience is Electrictric Bitters.”
Thousands of others have added
their testimony, so that the verdict
is unanimous that Electric Bitters
do cure all iPseases of the Liver,
Kidneys or Blood. Only a halt dol
lar a bottle at Geo. T. Light’s drug
The Wayne county Xetcs says:
W. II. Gurley and associates who
own a large boundary of mineral and
timber lands on Pigeon creek in Lo
gan county, are making an effort to
secure a railroad to develop their
minerals. They have two routes in
view, one up Tug on the West Vir
ginia side, and the other throug.
Martin county,'Ky., to tap the Chat
taroi road near Peach Orchard. One
of these routes is put in competition
with the other, and the one that ex
tends the iiost liberal donations in
the way of right of way and miner
als. it is said, will be adopted.
. ■■-» + «
The case of the Winchester Re
peating Arms Company of New Ha
ven, as s ated by its Secretary to
our correspondent in New Haven, is
a strikingiliustration ofthe effect of
the tariff upon American industries.
This company makes both ammuni
tion and arms. It cannot export
ammunition because it is forced to
puv a duty equivalent to 73 per cent,
upon the lead that enters into this
product. It can and docs export
anus because the value of the mate
rial is relatively so small and work
manship and invention count for so
much tliar foreign com pet i ors arc
battled. The labor employed in
making arms is skilled anil the
wages it recieves are correspondingly
high, vet "cheap” foreign labor is
unable to cope with iis product in
forigu markets. Plainly here is a
case where tic tariff is shown t<» Ik*
unnecessary to secure good wage
Equally tte wages of labor in rna. -
iu<r ammunition would be advanced
by°the abolition of the tariff on le d,
because the market would beextead
ed. production woglu increase, an<»
there would be a greater demand for
labor. At the same time the eon
sumer would be benefited.—A*.
Time* **f 19th.
Mr. Thos. L. Roberts, B. <fc O.
agent at this place, and Miss Agnes
Myers of Sharpsburg, Md., were
! married in the Lutheran Church of
the latter place, on Wednesday, De
cember 14th, by Rev. Mr. Jones.
! The ceremony was witnessed by a
multitude of friends. A contribu
tor to the Spirit says:
•‘Promptly at 12:30 the wedding
party arrived and inarched lip the
aisle, preceded by two ushers, while
the beautiful strains of the Wed
ding March were rendered. Rev.
Mr. Jones officiated in his usual
pleasant manner, and Messrs -
i Seibert, C. J. Roberts, J. M. Siiug
ert and 1'. W. Brown acted as ush
ers. After the wedding the bride
and groom received the congratula
tions of their many lriends, drove
to the residence of the bride’s pa
rents to bid them adieu, and left on
the 2:110 p. m., train for a prolonged
! wedd ng tour. They were the re
el pieu s of many costly presents.
May ’iey ever be as happy and free
from are as on their wedding day.”
The Grand Jurv of the Roane
County Circuit Court adjourned
after a four days’ inquiry into the
murder of Rev. Ryan and the lynch
ing of Duff and Coon. Judge Flem
ing, in his address to the jury, se
vere * criticized the sensational
statwaents made by Detective Bur
nett a id others, through the papers,
that the lynching of Duff and Coon
had been done for political purpos
es, and that the lynching party had
been composed altogether of demo
cracts, while the victims had all
been Republicans. The Judge, wlo
is himself a Republican, said the
statements were false and malicious,
and were an insult to the dignity
and integrity of the people of Roane
County. The juiy indicted Perry
Drake and Dan. Cunningham for
the murder of Rev. Ryan, but found
no indictments against the alleged
lynchers. The attorneys who were
present said they waited four days
for Burnett and his alleged testiuio
| uv against responsible citizens, but
neither Burnett nor Cunningham
presented themselves or their charg
~_ . -Jl»
At a meeting of the State execu
1 tive committee of the prohibition
! part)' of West Virginia, just held in
I Grafton, it was decided to enter the
* campaign in this State next year
with a full ticket in the field. This
action was unanimous. A repre
j seutative will be sent to the uation
! al convention, and nominations will
be made for State, congressional,
legislative and local officers. Steps
are to be taken at once to perfect
; the organization of the party
throughout the State.
The Monroe Watchman says:—
Could anything be more supreme
ly foolish than the action of this
committee of the so called Prohibi
tion party V Instead of leaving the
prohibition question to be settled
• upon its merits by the people of the
i State irrespective of party, they se
riously endanger the very cause
j they profess to champion by rush
j ing into the political arena with a
party organized to capture the otli
1 ces, without the slightest hope of so
! doing. In this movement the hand
of the ambitions or revengeful dera
agogue may plainly be seen. The
I real i ends of Prohibition would do
j well to throttle this demonstration
j at the outset.
1 A iuan who has practiced medicine
for 40 years ought to know salt
j from sugar; lead what he says:
Tolfdo, O.. dan. 10 18g7.
M srs. F. J. Cheney & Co.—Gen
i tlem :-I have been in the general j
I practice of medicine for most 40
: years, and would sav that iu all my
j practice and experience, have never
seen a preparation that I could pre
scribe with as much confidence of
success as I can Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by you. Have pre
i scribed it a great many times and
its e ect is wounderful. and would
j say i conclusion that I have yet to
j find a case of Catarrh that it would
not cure, if they would take it ac
i cording to directions.
Yours truly.
L. L. Gousrcu M. D.
Otlice, 2J5 Summit St.
, We will give $100 for any case of
( atari h that can not be cured with
! Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken inter
j na'ly.
F. J. Chknkt A Co., Props., Tole
I do, O.
^^“Soid by Druggists, 75 cts.
A niitliigulihcd Clergyman's Test I*
Rev. R. M. Pickens, President of the
Methodist Protestant Church of South
Carolina, writes from Greenville:
“ About four years ago I was attacked
with what the physicians pronounced (
neuralgic rheumatism, accompanied with i
erysipelas. My appetite failed me entirely,
and I had an intermitting pulse and very
irregular pulsations of the heart. A ter
rible pain soon came into my chest and
shoulders, and I bees me so helpless that I
could attend to no business at all. The
pains were movable, and would sometimes
pass from one part of my body to another.
Finally the erysipelas broke out on my left
hand and arm, and produced much swell
ing. I was for eighteen months afflicted
in this way. and of course used a great
many kinds of medicines, but nothing gave
me relief. Friends finally persuaded me
to try Swift's Specific I noticed a decided
improvement while taking the first bottle.
1 continued its use until 1 had taken about
one dozen bottles, when I found myself
sound and well again, with no sign of dis
ease left except a stiffness in my hand, a
result of the erysipelas. While taking
the medicine I gained on an avtrage two
pounds of flesh per week. I think S. S S.
a valuable medicine, and I frequently
recommend it to my friends."
Write to the Swift Smcrric Co.,
Atlanta. Ga, for a Treatise on Blood and
Skin Diseases, mailed free to auvone ’*
Christmas Entertainments.
The Episcopal Sunday School will
have the usual Christmas Offering
services on the afternoon of Christ
mas day.
The Summit Point M. E. Sunday
School will have a Christmas Tree
on Monday night. December 26th.
The children will be addressed by
Rev. Mr. Wood.
The committee in charge of the
i Kabletown Sunday School are raak
i ing preparations for an entertain;
mcnt, to take place in January,
which promises to be a grand affair.
The Halltown Literary Society
' will give entertainments on Decern
| ber 26th and 27th. Doors open at
i 7 o’clock. The money to be applied
1 to church purposes. A good time
assured to ail who attend.
The Presbyterian Sunday School
will have a Christmas Tree in Wash
ington Hall on Friday evening of
holiday week. Admission to the
Hall, to others than members of the
school, will be by a card of invita
The Kearneysvilie i resoyierian
Sunday School will have a Christ
mas Tree on Wednesday evening,
December 28th, and the Reformed
Sunday School of the same place
will have Christmas exercises on
Sunday night, December 25.
The Oakland Sunday School will '
give an Exhibition on Tuesday
night, December 27th. Admission, !
20 cts; children 15 cts. Doors |
opened at 6 o’clock. On Wednesday j
night, December 28th, the school
will have a Christmas Tree. Admis- j
| sion free. Both to be held at Oak- 1
land Church.
The ladies of Middleway M. E.
I Church will hold an Oyster Supper ,
j in the Masonic Hall at Middleway j
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday ;
nights December 29, 30 and 31, be- !
i ginning at 7 o'clock. Proceeds lor |
1 the benefit of the Church. The pat- I
ronage of the public is cordially so
Mr. N. R. Craighill left here last 1
Wednesday for Lynchburg, Ya., !
where he will spend the Xmas hoii - !
days with his relations.
Lieut. Win. P. Craighill, U. S. A.,
stationed at Willet’s Point, K Y., is
now at his home in this city, where
he will spend his Xmas holiday.
Miss Kate Riddell and May Ken
nedy, of this town, who for the last
eighteen months have been making
a tour of Europe with Mrs. Harriet
Lane Johnston, of Baltimore,return
ed home this week. j
Farmers of Jefferson.
Who have lately started into the ,
will call to see you every few days, |
and pay you the
Highest Market Price in Cash
tor all kinds of
Dec 21—tf. _ l
A Merry Christmas.
Mv Annual
Grand Xmas Display
ami the latest and rarest novelties of
Fancy Goods,
suitable for Presents, now open. Great
assortment of
Fine Confections,
to please young and old. A large supyly
Foreign and Domestic Fruits and Nuts, i
Pi. v in am* • >un am kntai. C vk r>.
Received dailv .larger than over. Or
ders left here will be promptly attended
to. . ,,
An early inspection is kindly request
Thankful for past patronage, and hop
ing to merit a continuance,
1 am respectfully,
dee9-87. GUSTAV BROWN.
Young Men and Ladies
Wanted to
Steady position,
$50 to SI) Monthly. When Qualified.
This Institution is the LARGEST,
AGED in the country.
Established in 1882.
For terms, address,
Keystone Telegraph Company,
Main Office 1200 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa.
~ AAA and 10,000 Acre Tracts of Vir
OaUUU ginia Lands in exchange 'or
go«sl paving “Rochester, N. A.” city
property'. Send price and particulars to
;l14 Osbnrn House Block.
nov.lS,87-lt. Rochester, N. Y.
I have been selling Stonebraker’s Fla
voring extracts for years, until the name
has become a synonym of purity and
strength. _ .. . „
J D. Pyles, Washington, D. C.
4th Ave. HoteL Oct. 1,1887.
Best quality of Flavoring Extracts we
ever used was Stonebraker’s, manufac
tured by the Stonebraker Chemical Co*,
Baltimore, Md. .
G. J. Hollbcrt, Proprietor.
In my honest opinion I don’t believe
there ever was or ever will be a remedy
for the cure of Rheumatism, Neuralgia.
Headache and Pain to equal Stonebra
ker’s Liniment. I sell it in all my
Stores. Jos. N. Robinson,
Sept. 20, 1887. Paw Paw, W. \ a.
I am the most successful breeder of
fine fowls in the State, but I feed them
Stonebra ker’s Chicken Powders the
year round. It is the only Egg Producer
known. R. L. Scratton,
Polo, 111.
Stonebraker Chemical Co.—Gentle
men : I have used all the popular brands
of Horse and Cattle Powders on the
market, but I have never found, nor do
I believe I ever will find anj'thing for
building up acd invigorating stock like
Stonebraker’s Horse and Cattle
Powders. I can buy other brands for
less money, but I think the best is the
cheapest in the e id. Yours truly,
Henry Lancaster,
Sup.. Streets, Baltimore City.
Baltimore, Sept. 20,1887.
or any symptons of it? Most all disea
ses are the result of cold. Whether it be
a slight Cough, a bad case of Croup or
Pleurisy, you will find
an infallible remedy. 40 years of con
stant use has fully tested its merits,
hence it stands (without argument) the
best cough cure in the world. It is purely
vegetable, but rich in curative proper
ties. 25 els.
Gen.iemen: Stonebraker’s Lini
ment in my estimation is the best prep
aration extant for pain. It has proved
that in my own family. Yours truly,
Geo. E. Oliver,
Organist St. Paul's Church,
Sept, ‘24,1887. Albany, N. Y.
acts on the Liver, cures Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, Chills ami Fever, Epilepsy
or Failing Fits, Flatulency, Loss of Ap
petite. Female Complaints, Sick and
Nervous Headache, Costiveness, Scrof
ula, Pimples, Blotches, and all Skin
Diseases of whatever nature caused by a
state of the Blood or accompanied by a
low slate of the System, Indigestion,
.Jaundice. Ac. A specific remedy for
ol Memory, Debility, Shortness of
Breath, Dimness of Vision. Pains in the
Back, Chest and Head, Rush of Blood
to the Head, pale countenance and dry
skin. If these symptoms are allowed to
continue, frequently Epileptic Fits and
Consumption follow. It is used and en
dorsed by the most eminent Physicians
and Clergy.
I endeavor to give my guest the best
the market afford, hence I use Stonebra
ker’s Flavoring Extracts.
Robt. Renent,
of Hotel Renent, Baltimore.
1 endorse them. C. S. Wood,
Eutaw House. Baltimore.
Best we ever used.
C. L. Wagoner A Bno.,
Green House, Baltimore.
Would not sell any other Extracts but
Stonebraker’s. I am convinced they are
the best in the world.
J. N. Robinson,
Paw Paw, West Va.
I sell them to the l>est families in
Washington City, because I know they
are perfectly pure.
C. Witmore A Co.,
Washington, I). C.
Tlios. Reese, T. A. Agman A Co., Bal
timore; A. II. Shea and Messrs. Hill A
Co., Washington, D. C.; Hamilton A
Smith, Wytheville, Va.; J. T. Bland A
Bro., West Point, Va.
All first-class merchants throughout
the United States highly endorse, use
in their own families, and recommend
to the trade Stonebraker’s
Pure Concentrated Flavoring Extracts.
We have not the space hero to tell you
of the many nice things we manufac
ture. Send us your address and a 2cent
stamp, and we will mail you list ol our
oet.28. Baltimore, U. S. A.
HAVING rented my land, I will sell
on iny farm, 1% miles east of Sum
mit Point, on
Wednesday, January the 4th, 1888,
if the weather will permit, if not the
next day, the following valuable person
al property, to-wit:
•4 Fine Large Work Horses,
two of them fine mares with foal;
1 well gaitod and gentle ladies’ Pony, 1
Four-horse Wagon and bed, Wagon
Gears, new,
Oliver Chilled rloughs,
Single ami Doable Shovel Ploughs, Har
rows, Single and Double T;*ees, Feed
(’utter, Coin Drill, Wheat Drill, improv
ed Keller; Horse Rake, Wheat Ladder,
Rrood Sow, a loL of good Hay, timothy
and clover mixed: Fodder by the load.
There will also 'oe offered a light run
ning Plano Binder an'! o ft. cut Mower,
new, and in perfect running order, and
also other stock besides the above.
TERMS OF SALE.—A credit of Nine
Months on all sums over $10; under,
cash. The purchaser giving negotiable
note, well endorsed, pavable at Bank of
Charlestown. No property to he re
moved until terms of sale are complied
with. Interest from date. Sale to com
mence at 10 o’clock.
E. C. LaRUE.
Dan ’ l He fle bow e k, A net.
A WEEK and upwards positively
secured by men agents selling
Dr. Ssott’s Genuine Electric Belt,
Suspensory, etc., and by ladies selling
Dr. Scott’s Electric Corsets. Sample
free. State sex. Dr. Scott, 848 Broad
way, N. Y. nov.l8-3t.
From now until the 2nd of January
INKS, C. W. Brown will give everv pur
chaser a ticket, wh’ch will entitle them
to one chance on Ma bleized Clock, to
be give away on the aljove mentioned
dav. This he hopes no one will missake
for a raffle. _C. W. Brown.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To The Editor—Please infojm your
readers lat I have a positive remedy
for the above named disease. By its
timelv use thousands of hopeless cases
have been permanently cured. I shall
be glad to send two bottles of my reme
dy free to any of your readers who
have consumption if they will send me
their express and post offloe address.
Respectfully, T. A. Slocum. M. C.
d2-6m 181 Pearl st., N. Y.
West Va. T inter unit Coal Lands
Title must be unquestionable. Large
tracts preferred. Give minute particu
lars. and address
Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W. \ a.
fe b’2Mf.
-O "
It’s likely to be colder; it’s likely to
be cold, erisp, sharp. It’ll make your
thoughts wander in the direction of
Overcoats and Suits.
They make useful presents for Father,
Brother, Son, poor friend and relative.
Boy’8 and Little Boy’s Overcoats and
Suits have a prominent place in our
Show your “level head by buying
and where you can save the most mon
ey. That place is ours.
S. D. Hirschman, & Co.
You Have Commenced
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interest you very much. After raiding it over once read it again and mako sure
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will make you still more careful. It will prove to you that you aro like to lose a
great deal by not carefully reading rpTTT? AfY^T^l^T ^ advertise
ment. We have to announce that our L XlXri 1»A immense
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are notexpected to buv anything unless you find exactly what you want. <>ur
steady aim is to please all our customers and meet their requirement* hotter than
anybody else can do it. How far wo have been successful can ho demonstrated
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Men’s, Youths’, Boys’, and Children’s Clothing
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Your time will be profitably spent, and you will become a regular customer .»f
The Model
Baker Building, Martinsburg, W. Va.
P. S.—For the next few days wo will sell Men’s Strong Good-wearing suits for
|3.37. Men’s nice business suits, $3.00. Men’s fine dress suits, ?7 up. Men’s good
well-made overcoats, warranted to wear ami not shoddy, $4.00. In dress overcoats
we have tine ones for 5, 8, 7, 8 and 9 dollars. A fine heavy Beaver overcoat for 18.
Immense assortment of Bovs’ and Children's suits ami overcoat®. Suits from $1..U
upwards. Men’s all-wool Undershirts $1 a suit. • oot‘28.
Custom and Artistic Tailor,
Talbott Building, Charlestown, W. Va.
Calls the attention of the public to the finest line of
=Winter Samples,=
of CLOTHS, for OVERCOATS, SUITS and PANTINGS, ever brought to this
town, and respectfully asks an inspection.
Suits Made to Order in a Fashionable Manner.
pT Samples of rnv work can lie seen on our streets every day.
Ido all my euttfng. guarantee satisfaction, and have in my employ a large
| force of the best workmen, and all orders will receive prompt attention.
Thanking mv many customers for their past patronage, I hope that by good
| workmanship and fair dealing to 'oerit a continuance of the same. octl4-y
Contractors and Builders,
j Everybody intending to build or remodel can nave time and money by leaving or
aending their orderH t ,r
And Undressed Lumber,
Brackets, Cornice and Mouldings,
Steam Saw and Planing Mill.
|£JT Satisfactions will be given as to prices and quality of work. £X
Terms Reasonable.
Wm. Phillips & Sons.

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