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The ladies' garland. [volume] (Harpers-Ferry, Va. [W. Va.]) 1824-1828, June 17, 1826, Image 4

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V' i ni oU;cr female companion*, in t! l IcJomc. , !,av
•/..r, on tli’.-T "crnsinjj, foi- tin* tir-t time -nnc** !ht In
\ i i N ileutli, oast <-.r I,-.:* mourning, an?.i a^nol Iilt
.*.*ii in the itu ».»n ptuous appuU. I*, svas not
v. ithout the i 'Aons tii.it she ccmct »i
t.n* •. > : no h r which she lah-» h ; an.!
-. hen :••• <.•;!''<)£ pie -*-,.ire of the or*.-.*, in iic.it- 1
• I ti i .-h of ( mnnvcll. . ,< < in:’ - j s' *■• m
’. ii she i.' .uiy t .i*l, Imt, i vciri, f
lit a- t .»• t 'virp "a : u: d \vi‘; h. a : .. o • ■ of ■
t 1j ooonv.
Hastily drawing the pistol from u,*.«e • ganneT,
sue f.ide.dv took her aim and lln 1 ; but :t • iJ<L 11
.-.•.lit wli: i; the lady vv!iu s >t I:• i made, on be- !
holding the vv cap m,g av c it a «i.: 1. ■ ent direction than '
was intended, and die mdi struck the horse lode h_.
Henry the i*i tent <dsun. and it v. .1 - 11 ! dead at his j
feel. 'Idee c.ir.u nistanc i mill's! i n't Iy arre <e ! ' e •
progress of the nv.d\vie , in! < e-omvve!!, at Uie |
same time that he cast a fierce look at the halcuuv,
hen' id a singular - ;> taHe. A! >ou t twenty females i
were o i tlie:r kmu - imploring* h.s mercy with up
liste l !ian is, vh.d.t on- mly stood undaunted in
tin* midst of th en, and looking dow n cunteui'.’u
I’lsly on tin* l'-urper, exclaimed, “ Tyrant 1 it was *
J who dealt tiie blow : nor should I be satisfied with
• illing a horse instead < : a tig-r, were l not con- 1
v.need that, ere another twelve month lias e lapsed, j
Heaven will grant .mother that "Uccc'-s \\l,:**h it h:.s !
denied to me T
'Hie multitude, actuated more In fear than love,
was preparing to level t.he house to the ground ; :
when Cromwell cried aloud, with t!ieiHu>t artful .
nting fruitl) “Dc-dt my friends ! Alas' poor wo- '
man she knows not vvlw*t she does”—and pursued 1
his course ; but afterwards caused Lucretia to oe ar
rested and confined in a mail house.
rnuu AKDM'US.
Nothing, perhaps, is more unbecoming in young
persons, than the assumption of const ipience be
fore men ot age, wisdom, and experience. The
adv ice, therefore, of Purmeniothe (ire-dan («cn<Tub 1
to hi" son, w as worthy ot him to give, and worthy
f every man d sense to adopt . “ My son, (say-. :
he.) would you iO giea», you must be 1 ; that i",
you must be less in your own e ea it’you would ’no
great in the eyes of others.”
n lilOl S AMl Si'.M !:n r.
The Thracians us Selencus in Antheneus informs
us, had .i ciKiiin of pla) ing :it hangimr, t<n* the di- !
version of their e o-sfs, which was done in tins
manner —A huge s' me was placed in the m idle
ofthe room, over which a .ope hung* perpend.cohu*
from the bt a n abo\e. Several of them «*a*: lots
who .should hang. I he man on whom the lot fell
mounted the Slone with a large bill-hock in his
hand. When iio liad properly fastened me rope '
iibou* his nerk, one of tin comp nv went orwarJ,
pushed the ‘•tone from under hi- feet, a t left him j
hanging. If, "ui this .situat'd?), he was dexterous
cnougu to aiv tin.- ro[ i, all was w * 11 ; >tlu iwke he
continued capering n nil lie was hunted and dead,
to the great < ntertaitmi ni f the spectators
A gentleman of >nmrg Fuseli, the painter, V.at
lie had purcii.*-' d Ins < li-i.:att J p.cture of Satan,
theaitist ic plea’., 1 W i ll, > n n e.a* got him now,
and old) take care that he dues not one da) get \ oud
[The following* extract from a pm rn of the* h';;h!\ (
gifted Mis. Mkma\< contains one of the most -,»»!>- :
lime and beautiful tributes to thorn- who have sie d
their blood in the cane <f 1 i!>e*j*\ and their coun
try, which we have cv< r read..'— '. ( r>.n.
I \ ,';<j dies : 11 % a.n
t pon IT.-, country's war-fields, and within
! he via ! w of her al’u's * Heebie heart !
I tell thee that the voire of noble blood
Thus pour'd for faith an 1 freedom, bath a tone
W hicli from tin- i.i^ht from tiie gulf
< »! atli, shall burnt. a . 1 make its high appeal
e " .1 unto earth .mb , ' A\ e, let t!,s* land
V> la *-e -ons through rentur f-‘ . w o, hava.- ,-u n\ en
An 1 pel i''. M b\ In r temjdes, smk awhile,
1 »<"tie *i«>w »i m coni! e> ' Hut immortal .- e
I) p, b\ lie r< :e -nil hath berm sown
< > . ell her :i!K*r nt Ini! . ; and gme ncis hope
Knows that the soil, .n its good time, shall yet
iJrmg forth a ghn.ous harvest ! l.:olli i. « . \es
Not one red biop, front faithful hearts, in \ am.
rim m ti» i. i.i.«.n- i \ . ».u; in .
SKUr.NADK ldiOM TI1K >! * A \! S11.
We extiact the following In autiful u-r-rs from an
eh gaol V'.lume oi ancient Spanish Haikuls, ins
I-*! real and romantic, translated by a (. I .ockhjib
1. u. of Kd inburg, the rcpuN b *• i f HcU :\s
1 .ellers to his km-folk.
A\ hi1.1. nn hub. : . '!■,
I i,e dark bine he e. ■ .m >. : ligi.i ;
>iift the moim-Iiglit ri« ; peth
lb und her i>ow <. r all night,
i'i.ou gentle, gentle lm e/.e,
W'lnle Ili\ Iud\ -{umbel s,
Waft lightly throug'u the trees
I.. roes of m\ numbers,
Her beaming ears to please.
^honi 1 ye, breathing mimbets
That lor her l weave,
Slum; 1 \e break her -dumber-,
Ai! my soul would grie ve.
Ivise on the gentle breeze.
An 1 gam her latl.ee* height,
O’er y on poplar trees ;
Hut be \ our echoes light
As hum of distant bees.
Ad the stars are glow ing*
In the gorgeous >k\ :
In the stream scare# flow * g
Mimic hist:es iie.
Hlow, gentle, genth- breeze-,
Hut bring no eh.ml, to bide
Their deal rc-plen h neies ;
Norchr.se tiom Zara?s sid*:
Dreams bright and ] me as these.
I III! 'I lull'. I Hi ill • 71
Three bu<U open one goof!; stotn,
Kuril !o\ • K i-i iIk* \ nov :
Aid though nut u! . vi'i.- !ii:tli,
Sw ei t, in thcii native rlin.ute gtev.
lilt first that bluomVi »ivo rally proof.
What charms it <,-iKl impart.
Thu’ sever'd from its parent stem—
If graft. h on the in art
Of otic whose every i arc wotilil he,
To keep it from life’s tempest tr»i.
To stirh should that fair flower be given,
Its le aiilv u ftmnld \ ct I ( tain :
Amt flour still fke either gem
'that’s left upon the parent stem.
Kong ina> the parent stem be given
'l l"1 blessings it der'tv< s t:-m> Heaven;
AmI cheiish vv.tf. parental eare,
Tiie three sweet flowers thu. blossom there.
I K n 1 Ti! I < 1! A il !.l -TO V COl IM It.
M:!. I’.in'iuii—Ti.ni'iit*’ a f< v* da\s .-inee, in *i»
.mist, from a pcru-ai of the “ Ji> ,br,v.'/. Lhlnsy
I had almost forsworn reading : ut the m \t book
to which I re-orb d i'ur amusement fumi-hed ih<
folinw mg beautiful specimens of l.reek poet:y.
i a a*; >11: \ r of a tk au in v,
. I'lr/juff d . /. . / .
“for.f.ii'.l n,(i i!: v. i»h man, iv: vain!} deem
J! - . m i- human. and of flesh like thine,
i I»»i4 knuv. y.-.ti H i n — sometime s as tire he - c*«
If .r-ht, da//’ ug .ire : as water, now as darkness :
In savage be i-ts, we i’md h in now reveal'd.
In winds n:,d clouds, i:i lightning, thunder, n.in
To Ilnr the s a.-, to. I T n ‘ he rooks do la mage,
And even fountain i- 11:s minister,
liarth trembles; tim.i les the profound :dn-s
Of might} O'( an, and the tow'iing hills, Lthu:!
WJiene’er witii dta d 1 gu/e th.br l.ord -uiveys
To govern all, supremo, n'l.nipm , ,t,
Tins is the glon ef tin* lb guest t..'nd’
A Ruse v\;*s tin- argument ot her melurlt . and
sh« sung to till- • !h rt : —
1!, on cvt-aV'.'.fs mo-i >, ti.c hing'd lUavcn,
I*o shrubs and d o, or- a soveuag'ii 1 .<>:•*! had given.
O' b» a'it< ons Ib-.se, lie l'ud anointed tiiee,
Of shrub* an i i! 'We.s the sovereign L >ld to h e.
The sp a! i inbiem ot unsullied truth,
The smile cu lh aut\ m, : do glow of \ Mill: ;
The garden’s pi de, llie p: .< o; \einai bowe?
d'iie blush ot iviLade-WF, and the <}e oj flow (is,
!t bairns re-ph ndent, us t!i turns above,
Luring the Bapldan urn - n, and breath:-. ; love .
Blooming- whh odoro» - leaves, anal } • bd- Id,r,
in }oiitl;fu! prid . it >pn ad- it, sdken -e.me,
By '/.•■;.!.} ;s ki-sd , it *i: i and v\oo» s the au.’o .*
Thus she sang, and. methought upon her Id > i
saw the flower she Had been describing; as if son.
'•-.e'-a l o.inpre--.. ' the ptriphon of a ty-sc in'
• f 'i m and semblance of the mouth/'
i Till. I IN N l.rni l I !t| FIA!
TIIY form m:.y hut thou vvilt not all,
I'llI’ i(AO with tilt 0 . 1 ill: ■">-tljuu wilt
Dear, as thou eve r h;;>t imt me,
l or l!io!i wilt ever . c e the spc.>kk .. «. .
Ami that alone ish- anty, ami t U i.,
How many toivl aiVoed-ms wrn v. i d '•
And it too liati: a in powi rto win
l'»y the enchantment <V its livh.y spells.
Only with that fend in. irt, ami that daik in.
Tii\ : w will . v_r -uiihe me, and control
M> s;>':it to thy gentL ;nj:atiiy ;
And as ?h. needle trem'.f s to the pole,
So shall n,\ ha art i aw r to thee f 1 \,
The centre ur.d att; action ti my soul.
I\ .
IK, when I \ ok on thee, and hear thy voice
In a iow-w !,;-jj,. r?-! melody alone.
W n it is i:i'<‘ 1,■ • in its softest tone,*
Ah the d-i \) n ia.^s of in;, heart rejoice—
<) 1 v. iuit we:. tost }. -ode thee* ' /i;yr,
And iy./.e • i tii\' hiappit h iks, ami thy dark eyes,
And hear thy tender u;al - anil tiiy sweet son^,
.\s sweet as ,i it l!• .ite*vl 1* an the skws—
O ' what it were to know, that thuit art n ine,
Inihssohi'il} mine '—that than will i,e
! oi evi ; as .in angei unto me,
\\ i.i t.'uT U:e day me dark, or tb.'une shin-' .
€»i \ iny me, in the bless ot ion^d'iiv,
A portion of the bliss they call divine. 1 .
nr 11 ti ■; r. iiivset.
,\s 1 saw ia'.i Delia walk alone,
The feather'll snow came sof'tlv down,
As .love liescei ding from his tow’r,
To court her in a silver show’r ;
1 he wanton »■. .» lieu to her breast,
As Ktlli !i . !s n1 o their nest ;
Ifnt ova iToiiic si ith whiteness there,
From go et dis.oKM into a tear;
'I lici.ce t Jiinpr on her garment’s hem.
To deck her, froze into a gem.

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