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The ladies' garland. [volume] (Harpers-Ferry, Va. [W. Va.]) 1824-1828, September 30, 1826, Image 1

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Z1)t WLabiCQ’ Garland*
NO. 3*.
nv JOHN S'. (dALl.AlIKK,
.7: tin OJ/icc f tin Virginia Free Press.
TKUMS.—One clollur and fifty cents per annum,
payable quarter!) in advance ; or one dollar and
twenty-ii>e cents, to be paid at tlie lime of sub
scribing. I’aNinent in. .•-.dance, from distant silb
ribers, who are not known to the publisher, will
invaiiabh be expected. Should payment he defer
red to the end of the \ear, sJ will be required.
Hostage on all letters MUST be paid.
“ UYr thee tin: sacred shaft
That wastes at midnight, or the undreuded hour
Of noon, Ha s harmless ; and that vcr\ voice,
Winch thunders teirur through the giiiltt heart,
With longues ot' seraplis wlnspcd peace to thine !”
It wus hardly po-sibb- to imagine the exist
dice ol a more amiable spirit. than that which
actuated the conduct of the charntn tr 31arv
M’t h od. I lie circle ul trends that laid assrni
hh d at the house of her uncle, at l.nhee. in the
Ihubsh l’otnerania, was composed ot' rather a
a.i family circle of the youths of both sexes,
auh t: . y lormed a constellation of no ordinary
• e,- ■ i , in: there was more than one youthful
I VI ! nl the number, of acknowledged talents,
uni none, whose acquired principles, could
r the fondest parent solicitous ti) pievrnt
’ •-.■I til ill' if uill ctions from being blasted
v it - contagious milueiirf. Amid all their (Lin
ing reulry. in the deepest warmth of spark
hug disputation. .Mary JVI Clrml ahva\ s held the
■ ill! i't lank, and without intruding herself as
did ai! itress ol any otinr pei m<iiA opinion. ‘•lie
m re ility gave a tone to that of the whole—lor
ti. ■ - it who could not he convinced hv the
-deiigih of her reasoning, were nlwavs ready
io admire ihe maimer m which it was debt ered,
and ivere always wilLiiigto believe that her eves
- il l less than her arguments.
Doastiug one e\ ening. how little sh<- was sub
yet to the impressions ol heir, it w as is solved,
hv her thoughtless juvenile associates, that an
ittcnijit should lie. made to expose what they
eoii'iticred vanity in tin extreme. W ith tins
view , after the consultation, they resolved to
in!reduce into her bed a portion cl an human
-k i t ol, with its head reclining upon a pillow,
imagining, that w hen the unlnrtunah subject of
this memoir should undraw the curtains of her
bed, an involuntary scream would expose that
even her e ars could he easily worked upon —
i iiey listen, il, when she had retired Irom the
d ne e, with no ordinary silence ; hot for such an
exclamation ilrv iitene.i in min; no scream,
nor the least sound ivas heard ; the light of the !
l.unp, loo, was extinguished, after a seemingly
long interval, and all was apparently liuried in
a profound, uninterrupted silence Concluding,
therefore, that the fearless maiden had seen the
M ini iiiki removed it m silence,- uiev retired
with some little disappointment, at the- ill suc
cess uf the plan tLey hail laid to alarm her. In
truth Mary M Cleod had not seen the horrid
spectacle; she reposed in the same hed with a
human scull, totally ignorant of the presence of
-o appalling a sight, and slept as sound as inno
cence alwavs will, in peace, hy its side. The
moon, rising; during; the night, shed its rays
through the window of her room, full upon the
head of the skeleton, presenting an object barely
r isible to the eye. and for that reason, more
horribly awful than language could attempt
to describe; more especially as there w ere no
objects distinctly present to the eye,which could
dispel any dreadful illusion, which such a spec
tacle, mider such circumstances, would give
rise to. I pen this scene, arranged by an un
fortunate occurrence of events, us if laid out by
the hand of a demon, beamed the bright eye of
Mary M Cleoil. as she aw oke from a dream—fell
like the sparkling eve of an angel hovering over
chaos. The shock was too exquisitely horrible
to be endured : her line spirit could not with
stand the blow ; and a few minutes sufficed to
convert the soaring spirit of her. whose wit had
lately abashed even the most presumptuous, into
that wild horrot stricken essence, which direct
ed tin wild motions of a bcauleou--, uul’ortuna'c
laden." the wife of the wnrtliv host,
to a physician of lontr pracliee >■., ti. moil be
nevolent ol the sciences ; ■■ liden to that cur!
011s. !oiur continued lau;?h ! it is-un-h tin- Iaueh
ol your Involute. Alaiy M'(. lend In a pw
minutes all the inmates ol the house were a>
m'iii!:!•■<! at the door of the room, which con
tained the beauteous form from which thi' wild
lunch emanated : it paused for a moment, and
then attain proceeded—a^ain it ceased, and all
bee.une as silent as the Aa'ain thelaueh
went on—no entreaties eould stop it—all ones
lions passed away unheeded. •• It sounds."
'aid one ol the servants,” as if it was approach
nia' the window.” This suir^estion roused the
weeping energy of the doctor; he hastily hurst
open the door, and rude-d into the room: hut
his beliewjh nee came too late, lor the u 11 fort• l
nate object of the story had precipitated her
se 11 to the m ound, and was borne back bv her
aa'iuii/ed companions more dead than alive.
The doctor soon loresaw that the injury she had
received would render all care useless—death
had maikrd her for his own. The incessant
cure, however, which was bestowed upon her.
brought her from a stale of torpor to some lit
tic feeling. 1 ler half dead attendants had still a
hope tor the best ; hut death came ou apaci
no halm could erne an injured frame, uhosi
angelic sjiirit was. if possible, still move dread'
fully wounded. ller days of sutleiing wer.
therefore few , and on the morning, in wun h
she lied to the fields where folly never rml
the bright spark of reason returned to her une>
again—all the powers of her mind came hack
with renewed strength; and calling around hei
the weeping group, with whom she had parted
hut a few evenings before, she begged of then,
to forget her late, a> completely as she (organ
those w ho were the unintentional cause of lea
death. “ l)o not imagine,” said the retiring
angel; “do not for one moment believe that 1
am sorrv the period has come, when 1 shall
he sot 1 rer irom a pilgrimage. « inch might, pot
baps. have ended still inure unt'ortunatelv, and
miglit not have afforded so useful an example o'
llie danger of working upon the fears of am
one; nor should 1 have, been so tried, had in
my vanity laid claim to what no one cur pos
sessed—a total absence of all fear. In all
future periods, amid the gay scenes ni life,
when anger shall prompt you, mav vci (•••«•
leet to forgive others, as Mart M ( !- od Ibrgaw
you; and, if ever my spirit shall he d> puled
again to 11'it the earth, I dud!. per!cap- he thei
vert attendant spit it, uho. at that t erv moilien!
will bring bark to ymir leealleciinn tin- fat.:
Mart ,M (.'lend.''
THOM TIT h 1*1111. Ml! !.! • i: > A AT.,ST ■!.
Il was niiiliii^lii! i!y asuhtai v lump. :i uiollici
smil w;.t<• 1/injx m ar the cradle of her only child,
whose ' uv moans pierced her v.-rv Imail. and
u 11 .■ i-• • (puck lean ing breath >•■enicd tie prelude
to approaching dissolution. No word- can de
eribc the anguish of llie mother. This iiifaiit
ivat lo r idol, and it was about to le ( d, ■ n fr.iu,
her—it was lier all, and she must ri si/n it. Nun
with clasped hands, and streaming , y,-- i
to heaven, nj)w bending low that ah. t.oaht heai
if it \ et breathed, the miserable it.••'.her had
passed many hours of intense T.
droppeil upon her knees and in .!k d
prayer to hea\cn—such a pram r nm ■■ 1 ut ..
mother's heart can inspire—that tin '■ ■ .1 ...
Mer< v would spare her clnlt!—tii .• tl. :■ i
mal tdy might be removed, md 1. hu.!v tv -
once more open upon the l:„di' e1 day ! 1 m
mother’s prayer was In aid. it was tin uid oi
God to restore the lube. Theciv i <>1 :t- ill.
was past, and the mother, udd with joe, and
deeply impressed with gratitude, again look. .1
on it u ith hi j>e.
Years glided away—the lmy grew .. 1

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