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The ladies' garland. [volume] (Harpers-Ferry, Va. [W. Va.]) 1824-1828, November 11, 1826, Image 2

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Hut ml** is oh- ii \ ndated in tin: poem be
fore U' The following lines arc ollercd nsspeci
no ii" :
■ lixis s )Mior of freedom did inure than e’er C.t-ar
could d'J ’
Here are jive eorrpr te f<*t,or fifteen - \ llabl-s,
w iiirii p-ii l'T" in ii!'jU‘iiu‘i:! as awkward a- that
of util < rb I»i: 11«• • 1 rarer. I a lips, , \\ on id he. u -re
he • ncuinb- : •! with an additional le-,; and loot.
! .,k-- tin- (• down.,
* Vi. I p • ae supernal the s' n;^s of the , • • swell.’
II: " ; noth' l live footed lit-Ulster : and -el era!
»ri nuTut he adduced. In raeh oi the follow
m.:; lines there i- an unjdieil iiiipM’- which in
,• i• • *> the proiiunei »ti'»n of the words in ilalirs ;
..id without ;t th' harmony o! the verse ides
tr«/>ed :
I -t t\ rants. \, iiev' tide*, to rtr-rt no and tame.’
‘ lienee, with l;o-n:ns overflowing' with art my
and love*.’
* Ontiiv r ->" -'i);!' lorn with e\tatie delight.*
1 \ » ambitious < r \ cn.d udvr ntnrt r was he. ’
\n 1 in my others.
In the toll owing lines there i> a dijiri.nn/ in
:ie iiIiit; lor the syllables fnun /•,jlmri r. -Sea are
>f ptvi iselv tie sain** 'juantitv as the wolds
■ and flour, w Inch ar e certainly nuuu-syllabh w
if there lie an\ m tin* language :
‘ 15y duty’s all /b/impetus dr:\end
* HerInre.sts of hloom into of glee ’
Hut notwithstanding all th*.*>r minor defects,
we assure the reader that Inc stock oi Vmencan
hteriliire Ins receive,1 a valuable aci|uisition in
the I,ay «•! (natitude ; and we shall anxiously
1 mk to the same source for a further justified
lion of the assurance.
I'itOM Tin: m;h' vuiik viitnuu.
Wc publish tin- follow,1!); well written letter from
Mr. 11.')an, with tins single :ciuai k : — " :. j
wrongs do not niakt oi:r right. ’
A :.i: \ a Mil! I *, n.r.ni r fi, 1SJ6.
Mil. Morkis—I hit Vt‘ seen itnd urn evened
high gratified with your cmnphmentim no
uee ol my Fay ol t»ratitude. [’raise is gene
rally so sparingly awarded to the writers of
American p irtiv. that it rami it lie nth raise
than refreshing to the thirsty spirit e nuing Ir on
almost any ipiarter; lint. w In n it flows through
a channel so pure aid respectable is that of
tie ,Vw \ nk Mirror, it is extremely sweet and
in' igoraltng. I am not at all disposed t i iloidit
that, taking ni\ little t oliime altogether, you
leu e ho a ii" 1' it with till as I irge a p irtion of
that rare and agree,dile commodity as it merits
I a in not. there I ore, going to enter upon a formal
\ iikIii'ati in oi this liantlmg of my muse, from
the h',. noshes winch v ni ascribe to it in that ar
tide. F ir liewing it. as I presume I do. with
all the land partiality at a parent's eye, some
ol these are, nevertheless, palpable to mvsr]|
Hot. as it is the nature ot erring man, to extenu
at“ his olih’piities. hv showing that tiny are
s inetioned by the examples ot' splendid and
distinguished mdn idnals, I wish to prove that
it I have been guilty of \ iol iting tin- canons of
good taste, or established principles, that 1 have
been walking in the footsteps of the most lull
leant poets of tin- past and present age. and that,
in tli si very lines which hue lieen regarded as
pecidiatly expressive and beautiful, tin y have
been guilty oi the shin imput d to my humble
'' ls e i ii ■ e'.i.ii .i m whieh I proposi to im
pee i!e my sup 'i ims is that ol mingling xpomlti'n
"l’■ i .M ap s'., y.-r,—. ifth.it charge has belli
' ■' 1,1 " > m o i." 'i ii" * flowing are (ho
P'. • .:.i ...; nir oi ’:j:s allegation :
(olumbia' bn-hold here the champion, whose vour,ikc.
I lu* exotic endearment ofwedlock's va-W bonds,c.
\nd death'* •'hint arm through the dark thundering
( loud, N.c.
He y fh:. s h'gh lunar <>'er vestin' s dork flout, ls.r. 1
>o !n», through our armies breathed transport and j
j N-e. I
Hurt 11atuvi f-<o the honors that bbmmrd round thy
\ oiith, 0.0.
Thev exhibit no trophies of countries fail
I i,e hosnni of love m i warm courlus of down, \c.
And tor her the last drop of ills lij'r blond to spill,kc.
\s again ye b'hvld d; >e illustrious plains, \c.
\nd urim or fs arm . in awful arra', \c.
Tin* sul) joined extracts. ultlinu„d* tlunisunds >;/
( tin rr njnnlhj :n poh. f might ho adduced, will 1k'
amply sullioien* lor my present purpose.
t hir < ’umlu i land’s .-e •-11 bread its place shall obtain ;
nm l.an ink’s a salad, / <r in him ue see—
Here waiter, more nine, bo me sit while I’m :i!»Ic—
I lore lies the ir ' /u’ than r> unit/ l to earth—
Who »i/ rn/ a i: •• u ith pleasure and wisdom with
Ihough fraught with all horning yet straining- his
lo Jn rsuadr I'.itne T>. as-nd to lend lum a vote.
L(iOI.; sV.lTil.
/('•;// >,n fh'jn fy'r ur/., and with gladness pursue —
Hat m,i i' Iii(i 'l g/'/'// what change shall renew —
Perfumed with fee h fragranct and glittering with
dew —
Hut \\ hen shall v/#r.;./ir vi.dt the mouldering urn —
ft eeht.n sh ill duo duunl on the nighl of the grave !
S, e tr t/i loi r an 1 mercu ;n triumph descending—
On tin ri,hi t htrh of death smut* and roses are
blinding. [ Iikatti k.
Hut what were his argumentsfw people know—
I'm the court did not think the\ were etpialh w ise—
So his lordship decreed with a gran solemn face.
(owe: h .
Thv foreign dominions l'k-e wild graftings shoot —
Tht > weigh'd down th\ trunk•, t/no .■. ill tier uj)\Uy
r ot —
i’he world w as g-'fud (i.ir's, Ac.
Hears, wolves, and si u e.-msti rs, the}' rushed from
their den—
rile ihurh hmir.-' their .V.vnT.v, and ascending to day ;
r »r hoA'hmiI more <:t n'er the sundiCnm- ug /.one —
Hfiiath his I rood foot ?‘f)s tiie (langfx is dr\ —
/.on ltd tiie w Id hord'" in his jh w,-r-wov- ■: bands.
\lo% T'.OM 1 11 Y.
No toon hv viv*■ / 7 - : a ( idwallnn sliall rave,
And are his .;•//»//n'rv u;lh tiie • Id-tlusfd n g veuve,
I h\ N''.u , ll m; /'.oil •. u; v\ ’llai-di in their p’ de,
\nd f itseili ji - j /i! Inin, Predan ids side ;
\n l oil. /* • • H'diue, » »\ «: -U g V-'M-’*' no i
Zf7/v heave Hie w <//♦» no'-om and , ihcV./A hn
\nd tholt •.(••Vy.se j t:/d . . ' / ,g' inv Weakness cm
t. II,
/ . . ;Y l)l\ hjVcd /.ti-g ’ n»\ A;.'/ /V; a, •/;
>1 M N\ \LT; IS S' OTT.
A .:•, fir, /nr heh'nd h.m, tie* g>v. >/ g/ d< —
’ Ids the lightning's red (hoe (minting hell on the
sk v—
'Till wind: nid .'mid-,* <.■ drivthe "• xsel a-w la ck :
I'n.utn hiuu.sai >/• ■■ are ringing his knoll
. 1 > 1 MON I'.
T id ‘Trunk at the t,'nh of |,i!wrt\*s war—
h'tUyjUl '/> t lie if - ■'■dr s’tnni' \.tdi rs, v e sails —
From i f/'h >lcre ra.e'tA I.io‘,r and pmson their
shore —
Then blame not tin* l-\o.\ if in J)f ■: • / v’.v - . ft d.rfa,n ■
ll'. i\ . all that I wish thee, g g/oriuuo, and
f- IV,
/'•'/.V of the earth and /.V - g o; of tiie sea,
W hose inert■ /</.,• ilu t/oung • Mi ,/. rt birdd* lied,
beak hree in /.«r/< hjr-drojt that Hows from thv
breast. [ I’o'i Mi.iv:k.
I’1-7./ ‘ ■/ v?*h ’g m os-!', when m\ h- seni w as % oung,
i he aid n.\ < . . .*/,-/<• n g.--. -a ’denting (-h.fi—
And know '.in.- . r •//that’ii;-• e/ r ’•••a/e'-n sung.
From nn homo, and my weeping friends never it
Our bugles sang truer tor the night-cloud had
i wer’d,
And thousands had sunk on the ground ovrrpuv.
i-ml. [Oami'ih.ll.
Tin se are :i few unions: (lie innumerable e.v
.11111>!• •*. uIni'll mislit l)c citeii from the lir-t u11
Ifi'til \n.ijMt--lie verst;. to slioiv that the\ ilo
ii'it cuiiliiit' tlicinm htii the regular alterna
thin ul tin- lout; ami Tin t sjlkibhs. - ■— —
/'rlutinillij tunning tins species of measure. Ami
tli' *■! ■ an- suilicieiit to prove, tli it. it i hat r in
i ll in 111iparticular. I hair had trn i>--|n- ‘
hli- a-viriati - in im aberrations. \ • t I ilo in i
nil. i- tin- i.u'l it' an ai'itunii’iit in / -/iib iitimi ul
the practice in fjuestioii. It it In- u i ons'. mum s
anil numbers cannot sanctity it. I had been
tauslit to beliei e, that in these ciiMn of varia
tun in tin' nmmllltj bi'l.in^iiis to a lit pattieului
species ol’ verse. much i li-j u-in Iftl on tin' manlier
of readjust it: mi tin1 t ifn run rrsukilion uf the
accent anil pauses; and that the diversity ot
sentiment |if rtainins to dith-iint p I'si^i ', re
(|iiiii il a rorii-sjioniliiiit' chuns'e in the niarrii id
tin measure, and that this mish! tak" place in
thf Anapaestic as well a~ in the iambic. with
out :tn entire ilr|iarture from it- u;*'U• • ><i 1 charm
ti'ri'tii's ; the sense ul' some pa-say - being:
adapted to a measure rapid and spi is'ntlv. while
that (if others ili'in.indi'il a measure nmri* tardy
and maje»tie ' thus ai oidms; a u eari'. :u" rnuno
tnnv, as well as a diarordatire between tin
sound and sentiment ; aim what I lush* » in his
‘ N tins for an l’.ss ,v on tin- Harmony ol \ erst-.'
calls ‘ a kind of ji/' in>veim-nt.' such as wi.ald
hi- produced by a I'reijut iit repetition ui’ lines
like this—
When I sit'll to in\ Phyllis, and gaze on tier cits.
lint I listen to ciitieism on this sol met with
■Trent did' rence. and hope to profit Iv il. I
plight attempt to jn-tifv. hv <|U'.‘talio:.s in n
standard poets, the Use of tin- wolds • iidiv c;
bow el s, l ei ienee, ven'rahle,' See. as tin v stand
in the tireetimr' lint if 1 have availed mi sell '
the authority of precedent in use tie m. I do i:
umbra emu ietion that lln i ilntriic! somewli.i;
li in the lullr.css ami tm lody ol the verse into
which tin i are thus introduced, and I would
therefore. rather howto tim correctness ofi on:
I'liiiai'tii on tins point than aim at its ri futa
tiirn \ nil have dentil' comieted me of Lunin,.,
i.'/.nu wore than one or "union, exhibited rnvseh’
hlundeiiiin up'ii: tli" slippery sides of Parnassus,
mounted mi a ‘live-footed monster.’ This, i
confess, is an awkward situation to appear in .
ud I promise, that win a ! hereafter journey on
nrrnt wniinf. I will, up-tead of kecprnvc mi
cii • hlork head like, always srazing: upwards,
ami strainin'/ lln-ir lision in elfort' lo explor*
'tar null ned h‘ia'1'-' .take speeia! "are to si i.
that ! am safely seated upon He^asiK, tic poet'-,
legitimate qinni.-iifidl. |.-st I may ;:y.;;ii. a.s in
the present ease, llnd mv-i If. !.y an m.li'di
hi under, i h. ■ > n u mi > lie' a: ■■ i m i 11. t ‘ : . ■ '.mis
its base, at tie' l ew man out tiiat 1 i,,,e.yim.
myselfAt at ii- r.htteiim, ai.it
Temifi',11;:' ion thanks . v v • ur lenient, (rood
hmmiri’d c"iisiin', as n t ; |i!r on- bbmn]
eul -sty. and ui-l.iuu' voiir inf-n ;. mrn: I tin.
ample iie.ii.n. ip. in '.ini"h its 1: . ■ its < 1.1•'h it.
1 a.n. lour vcl'V respectful ami oliii . d i. II
citizen, ' DAS!ill. Bill AN
T;':it truth outl'.vvs fjKchoo.u ;i- a sa\'itjyof t!i
cv it ,\ «|)' ! c i. c .t :.t> 5,,; ; i;:»uy a bkrUiag
liio; t lias b.'eii Iivaki by the survivor.
\ Boston Sj.c.'!ii!r-r

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