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The ladies' garland. [volume] (Harpers-Ferry, Va. [W. Va.]) 1824-1828, December 16, 1826, Image 2

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"I uhti'll tin* nli! I 11! V j n ‘hlltri! its t < 1 pluck. ;t> j
Mi* tli'il I il~ of tin- rullsrri iti-il I'tfCUt.
(>|i|in'ifi■ tin- 11 >11 .uni rrunjrv |>r*i•••<• tion nf
! '1' ’• -* 'ill !uin.'li till- 1-ot t;i vr«- III I’l'tt a I ell u
n!i''. Ti ll, I* :t l:i||r _;ri*i*ii ■ -litmI in tip s.iru'in.
* it 11' • ■ i* it it m at •’!! i ** In** 4 i fiiin It i mi t .nn s Im t
■i I'-tv t I! • hi :iIIir ml j i nitnil. I%• 111nr n |\ nn i
fi" ‘ I Hitli llii- *- iil,i r 11! tin* uati j’, ;i■;11 |<< |,t
nlu.i; i v.*ri!.i|tt ■ t in 14 It inti Inn to ol In-l.*tti*r>
'! - ' 'i 'In I- -I ini. Ill-- , I’, ti i it It i iiua , ks, ■■ |
I't'i'* .ni I ■ ii.\ It tun n . 111 i I-11 . ulnrli j 111 *: t ^ i *
"i 'ft' ■ "l-l\ I .In ni l think tin \ .nr tu In- ,
:'i i:.-'! in th unit I : lit* ', ti*. i iv transalpine
' ' ’ t " i i 111. ■ 41 films is *li:nlt ,
Ill’ font lujil it nil. mill s.n-i 1*11 (u \u | J
!t li nt”-*, m i f tin.in*.* id' llii* in i f. .tu I
I' f mini 1 *'. I In forks. nf ni tci-s :tr,':n>|jitf ,;i|v
1 nil'll"' I ii ■ nt In‘f 11 lira fi'i* tin rut t.i” ni' ., n
as|i,trj |i*ss "ft i fr, mil ilrvi>t."f} tu Ii irrliUs : atlil ,
■hat i-* t • x 11. • 11 H • IV ■~!M'ri|||f, it |s in till. 11,1,1, (I,, nf
‘ I'i'i'f Tin- a p; ifi i ar 11 to ill- mrr a
Mil,;'' nl lurks, \\ Iitc 11 ruiiiiiniiiirati’ with thr
j,.inlrM : ami tli. fr is a natural jrrutt i nmlrf thr
: or I;, w 11 i r 11 nivs ,t tin* appraranrr nl a rnstir I
hri'L " In n tins ufnltii tl,r ravs nt' tin* mm
never pr net fair. I am ronliilmt it rrsetuhlos
'li»* plan* win-re ( irern snmrtmirs unit t*> tlr
•hiim. It lilt lies In st' i. tv. Thither I retro at
mi 1114' thr nnniiti 11’ linitfs. Mv mnfttiti^- are
’"'in »U,|"|| Upon tin- lulls, ami nn i icninn ritlier
a the tttrailnus, or in the garden saornl to
I -• •;i\ 111:i -1> 11 hallowed by s.> tn:tn v interest
ihK associations, ;imI passing under a long arch
li'-'vn out .il flu- rock. «r sauntered along tlit
I'It hunk i)l the Sorgia to tin1 rustic Incite
tin mu across the stream, in the nmlst of the
little village which rises in a picluresi|iie man
uer upon its shores I he houses are small, ami
ei some eases scarcely distinguishable from the
dills and cra^s with which tliev are mcorpo
rateil, I I litre are hut lew- Mill ahitauts. who I
■ '■ii'- iluur siippnrt Iroin the agricultural pro
•luce o| the valley, and from the st,>,-|< ()f |i,|, ;
with which the river is ahuudantlv supplied.
I hey aril as simple, mild, and inoffensive in
their manners, as they were m the age of IV
frarch. holding lilth- inlereourse with the rest of
the world, and hh-'t with a happy rusticity.
Having spent tin- greater part of the day in
rambling over this enchanting and peaceful
sale, we left it with regret late m ihe alterrioon,
and returned to I, lie, where an excellent dm
uer ol \ arioiis kind' of ti-h Ir on the Sorgia was
prepared for us, at the Hotel ol Petrarch and
1-aura. The. apartment in w hich the repast w as
seised up, contained no less than siy portraits
ol two lovers, suspended from the walls, and
tastefully ornamented with festoons of ever
St een Neatness and comlort are happily hl*-nd
i-d in this small inn, and its clusocal dinners
contribute much to the pleasure of those who
s i-it \ aueluse 1 o add to the romantic ailven
lures ol tin' day, the coachman proved to lie a
legitimate descendant of the Troubadours of
Provence, and amused us all the wav home hv !
ehaunting the sweet and plaintive ballads of his I
ancestors. 1 here is a striking resemblance he- ;
tween the simple music of this district and that
of the Highlands of Scotland.
Palma, the great tragedian, died 'in the tilth
Oct m Paris. He was interred in the cemetery
;;t Pete l.aehaise on the .list, with much
ceremony Tin- throng that attended the fune
ral was immense. Talma was tili years of age,
jud h i' hut a widow The persons connected
with the Theatr. Franeais voted I .’.Hun francs
is e;.-e( a monument to hi' memory
Fit')'! IlOSCil K\ (, K It M \ \ N'OVKLISTS.
! brothers, Harons Von Wromb, Inti both
:i,» attachment to a distinguished young lady
of W«-ilir, w tliout a knowledge of each other’s
ini^ion. ll Was equally strong in both ; for in both
w as a first passion. Lhieouscious of their mutual
1. each gave f-11 rein to h s affection, neither
'»e i.g aw ire <»f the .!••<• u 1 fill truth tint he had a be*
I -\e l brother fir s nv.il. I'hev ma le an earlv
‘ration ot the;r love ; and had even proceeded
' > Alike further arrangements before an unexpect
ed of 'i'T- noe brought the secret to light.
I e attachment t' both had reached its highest
ph' h—tint st i»e of elevat ion, both of ltie heart and
imagination, w hich lias produced so main fatal < on
*” ‘p1 aod vvli'eli renders even am idea of the
* c i ifict* ot the object of affection almost imoossi
b 1 * I lie Iidv, decpi \ sensible of their painful
s.titatien, hesitated how to decide : ratlier than m
fl.c. di • agony of’disappointed p issi >n, and «listu;*l>
the tratei i,.»| harmony subsisting bi tween them, she
ge ll’ * I'oi is I \ ref-, ft d ’hr whole affair to diemselvt s.
\' length lnvmg achieved an heroic conquest in
this doubt tul s’ niggle bet ween du;v ind p ission, a
conquest >o eas ly decided upon by philosophical
and moral writers in their closets, and so seldom
pract ised m real life, the elder ail dressed h:s \ ou tiger
brother as follows :
44 I am aware of your affection, sirongas mv own,
alas f for the same lady of our love. I shall observe
noth ng m regard to priority of age. I wish you to
remain here, while I go upon my travels, and do my
utmost to forget her. Should I succeed, brother,
she will then become thine ; an l may Heaven pros
per y our love ' Should I, however, not succeed in
toy obj-’Ct, I doubt not you will act as 1 have done,
and try wlut absence wdl effect.”
n ii nr'uni r asse i Hi'il ; and hull ling I.no win I, the
cider distantly left Hcrmany liir Holland; but tile
ini ige nt tin' beloved girl tolloyi ed Inin every w here.
Banished from (lit- paiadise nt' In', love, from the
null happy and dehgluful ict'ntn yvhich he hail once
.sought with her, to wh'eh his fancy alway s recurred,
an 1 in which he seemed only to breathe and live, I
the unhappy young man, like a plant torn from its
native soil, trom the warmer hreezes and more invi
gorating beams ot ns eastern clime, pined and sick
ened in the new a'niosphere to which he was con
signed. If- reached Vmsterdam, hut it was m de
spair ; a violent tever attacked him, and lie was pro
nounced m danger nt Ins life. Still the picture ot'
his lost love haunted Ins delirious dreams ; the only
chance he had of recovery was m the possession of
the lovely original herself. The ph\sicians des
paired nt ins recovery, until upon is being men
tioned that he might live to behold her once more,
from tint moment he was gradually restored to
health. lake a walking skeleton, the picture ot’
utter wretchedness, he again appeared in Ins native '
place. lie tottered acrie-s the threshold of Ins un
to: gotten girl, and again pressed Ins brother’s hand.
“ Vim see, brother, I am returned. Alas ! what my
heart torehoded has come to pass ; yet, as Heaven
is my judge, I could do 111) more.”
lie -unk, almost htelcss, in the poor girl’s arms.
The younger brother now became no less deter- I
mined to try the etlect ot ab-ence, and was ready |
prepared within a few weeks for Ins tour.
“ Brother,” said In , “ you bore your grief as far ,
as Holland. ! wdi endeavor to banish mystif \it
farther. Do not, however, lead her to the altar un
til you hear from me I will write. Oui fraternal .
regard will admit ot no stronger bund : our word is
enough. Should l tie more fortunate than y ou, in
(.od’s name, let lu r he thine I and may lie ton ver
bless your union ! Should 1, however, return, then
Heaven alone may decide between us two. fare
well ! hut keep this sealed packet : open it not, !
until 1 shall tie tar ayvay . 1 am going to Batavia.”
W ith these w ords lie sprang into the chaise.
II dt d;-Iracted, the two beings whom lie had 1 ■ ft
gazed after lum, and were little more to he envied |
than the banished man, for he had passed his hrc
ther, whom he had left, in greatness of soul. With
equal power did love for the woman whom he had
recovered, and regret for the brother whom hr-,
had lost, appear to strive for mastery in his breast.
I he noise of the carriage, as it died away in the
distance seemed to cleave his hear* in twain He
recovered, however,with the utmost care and alter.
Con. The \ming lady-hut no, that will be best
shown by the result.
I lie sealed packet was opened. It contained u
toll and particular description ..f the whole of his
Herman possessions which he made over to his
smother, in ruse lit* found himself huppv at llatavia.
1 ius heroic conquemr of h.niself short l’y afterwards
''■t sad in company wuh some Du'ch lrurchants,
aiid arrived m sab tv at Hit.tvia. In the cmir-.c of a
w months afteru inN, his brother received from
him the follow mg lines :
Here, where I perpeiHally return thanks to the
Almighty (.iver of all g.md —here I base found a
new country, a new home ; and call to u u.d, with
ali the stern pleasure of a mart.r, our loo - a j un
broken fraternal love. fresh scenes, ami i .c- j»
seif, s* e>n to h ive wi h o. ; '.he current of m\ ft ■ !
mg'-; (»nd 11 i’ll granted me strength, v es s’: .:m d
to offer up the highest sacrifice to our friendship
thine is * * * * * *•
alas 1 here falls a tear—but it is the last 1
* I have triumphed!—thine let her h- ’
It rot her, I d: i not \vis!i to fake her when tlmu wo
from us, because I feared she ni ght not be l:appv
in my arms l»ut should she ever have blessed me
witli the thought, that u e should indeed have been
happy together ; then brother, I would impress it
upon your sou! Do not foiget how dearlv she
must be won b\ you, and always treat the ih ar an
gel with the same kindness and tenderness, with
wiiicii \ou no a think of her. Treat In r as tie* h e.
d.est, last, best legacy of a dear departed brother,
whom thy arms will n-ver more embrace. I) i not
write to me when\ou are celebrating vour nuptials
Mv wounds art* yet open, and bleeding frt -h —
\\ rite to me only when \ mi are huppv. M \ act in
tins will be surely for me, I trust, that t. -d will not
desert me in the w orld whither I have tralists iTed
Atu r the !< ceipt of this letter, the cld.cr brothel
niarpcd the la ly, and rnjov ed one hippo \ ear or
Wedded love. I iie iud\, at t!.e end lit that snort
permd, d: d, an.., in d\mg, she first entrusted to
her husband the u.iitappv secret of her bosom
that she ha.i lot ed ii s a 'sent hr;/, her best.
Doth these brothels are vet al.ve ; the eldest
w ho is again iiiarried, resales upon hi- estates uq
hernia ; the youngest one remained at Hatavia,
w here he is distinguished us a foitunute, and verv
eminent character. He is said to have made a vow
never to main ; ami hitherto he has religiously
kept it.
Madame i!c Talmond oner, said to Voltaire,
I think, .-dr. that a philosopher should never
write hut to endeavor to render mankind less
wicked and unhappy than they are : now you
do quite the contrary : you arc always writing
against that religion which alone is aide to re
strain wickedness, and to afford us consolation
under misfortunes. Voltaire was much struck
by her remarks, and excused hiti'sclf by sa\ mg,
that he only wrote for those who were of the
same opinion w ith himself. Tionchin assured
his friends that \ oltaire died in great agonies
ol mind. “ 1 die iorsak> n ol <>od and many
exclaimed he, in these awful moments when
truth will force its wav. “ i wish, adder! Trr.n
chin, that those w ho Lad been per verted Lt his
writings, had heeri present at his deaih It was
a sight too horrid to support."—, C tit hoik .Vine.

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