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The Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute
"I regard l ho Tnskegee Institute
as the nmsi eonsn lorahle educa
tional invention ol modern (inns. ?
w rit < s I Vn i i 'sm >r \\ . I. Thomas,
i 'i ul ossor ol Sociology in tli*1 I Hi
vetsity ol' ( h icago.
Industry is ilio spirit ol' Tuske
geo ? - industry and discipline are
made a 1 1 ; i ! > i t . The choice ol' some
?1" t ratli s is oflerod young men
ai. 1 young women. Tnskegoe grad
uates a iv earning I'roiu jjOO.uo to
jf^O.PO and JrldO.i'O poi* month as
Academic Teachers. Kami Manag
ers. Meani and Kleetrical Kngin
eors. Tailors, Farm .Managers,
Teachers ol' l)oniostie Science.
Nurse* ? in fact the demand lor
i uon and women trainod in all tho
trades at Tnskegoe is far beyond
the supply.
The Academic Work is vital and
real ; it is oloso to realities. The
school seeks soundness and oltieien
c\ ; the Acadeinio and Industrial
\V? rk are closely correlated.
The Spiritual Work of the school
is strong. It ranks tilth in the I'nit
1 1! States in number of students
studs ing the Uihle. It is guided
hy a Chaplain and a Secretary of
the V. M. (\ A. and through a
Ui'nle training School.
Morning drills for hoys; special
gymnastic training for girls; swim
ii!ii)<r pools for hoys and i_r i i*l s ; at
tractive irronnds: more than 100
buildings. lar;_r ?, eomfortahle. airy,
elect rie lighted ; l>t? Teachers.
C*det Officer
Girl in Institute Uniform and Bat
Catalogue hill b? forwarded on receipt ot (6) cents tor postage. Address: i
Tuskegee Institute, Ala.
? ? ? ? ? ? I , ,, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? . I
limi t i i;ati>
To the W ? -i \ ir::iuia Stale;
( t -i? \ . mil. xi.
Hie - > 4 1 } ! annual >?"* >.:?!; ? ? i liiis j
? will !> ,i ; 1 ?? *i ? k : ? y .
Kaleiirh ??< anil v. .N'ii'jiiNl 'Jvf h- 'ln* h. '
All Hsvifijtti dis-rii-i ?-? n \ *?!i - j
lions, iir.i- ?jiv. ? iuiit'ii ? ?i!fl ^ - ;
t i ? s should !>??
I* ( I !* 1 1 1 1 S M( * * .' 4 - . M J i I t : I ( . I ?. ,* i ] 1 ? { j
tile X ? >T I ? ? i k < i n 1 1 \\" ? * I ? ? i i a ! m i lit--;
Virginian Railway ( i>in pani- ?* ha\ ?? 1
favored \i^ with i.-?iu<- <i i a* ?> , . 1 ?.
]<>win;_r lickfts i.> 1m- . n >;:!?? Ar.uus;
'J7-2!) ?_r * * ? m i i*t tm 1 1 : 1 1 ur un! i Srj?:.|
li : n 1 . Tin* ( ' \ < >. t ' a ,r.-nt* i
will be ilM ??llrl ? ? i I I s- : ! 1 .-k'-l s t ' ? !
eit her I i<-(*klry -i uie-l i < > i i < . ; * i ) ? ?? ; ? - I
water: 1 lit* N W. air- n'.s v ill m-1! j
1o Mainaka i:* t ? u i > n < * 1 will; 1 1 : ? ?
Virginian: th; \ ii ^ini i; :i: hi
will sell l<? (.it h ' ? r Lr-n-r ? *:? iIai,",T.
At Lrslcr delnr.i 1 cs ! r < ? ': ? t | >? : l ! 1 > < >1 1
the X. tV W. will iak?- lie- ? cv <>
\ ra in I'oi 1 >(?'?:> 1 y -I i ? ie-5 Ti.
Dor! h i.r 1 lai | >i ? i* <>ii i li" V rL'i'iiaii
hue will ] >ll reha^e l j ^ h> llai'pi'i'
wlieiV tl'.e ha<ks will I'l.nvfv them
!<> ! ?ccl< Icy a! iv/hhmmI rates.
I >i ? i ; ira ; ?-s I'mm ail (niinis on l H ? * |
< < *. may purchase lickcls to j
I irrMi-y '1 1 1 1 i < - 1 ion which i< a'?? lit i
a 1 1 1 ; I ? t'l mil 1 lu* 1- u n. Tin- pim*y j
1 ? i v? ' r train nmki s ccnnoct inns with J
at! 1 1 ' : ; i n ?? . 1 )?l<-;:a1 cs Irmn ill" I>.
Ov' < V ^ i ? 1 1 ? ? : i may ntmc t<> Charlcs
'??ii th !., >; rnn'.e they can anil Take
*. ii" wV < >. No. M train lor llcck
-luii'-lioji n!* ilk- Virginian No.
- ! t ; .it at T >)."> j'. y I larper.
i ?'.? 5 i > ; tii' i* information apply to
? I. -I Turn"!*. ( n?'s. Secy., Jinx ?>4
i\ ! : ! 1 1 ?? ? i i v. \V. \'a.
( '< niniMtcs St nji no ? of Dc.it It I'asscil ;
I'pon \V;?>I? jetton Ci.lcreH I
I \\ moh, AiiL'usi r_. ? Hi: Prcs
i i
! i ? : t i i i ;h..- at t *_-;\ioon siuncn a com- :
I . I
: i ; i i a' ion ;o ..ie mi pnsonnien: pads- !
it! upon Mat; icl.vniax, a youns colored j
! wninaii s< r'onrcd to ho hansrH in this*
> i
j i iiy. The c ase* has been lavg lv in
i ilii* hand- a'.' R arc. re nta! i ve lowers.
of the Eleventh Kentucky District,
who for 'more than a year has carried
on a campaign 1m her behalf, backed
by cLizens of Washington opposed to
a duplica ion of i.ie Mrs. Surratt
hanging hold here more than half a
cen'ury ago.
!?* v< r (iiantcd a Negro By Lebanon!
I'ni vci >ity is (,'iv< 11 A. J.
A. J. Worsliiun.
L.bancn. Ohio, August 1-- ? with j
tiit- graduation of Alfred J. "Worsham
fiom Lebanon I'r.iversity today the j
first Negro 10 re> eiw. a degree from j
i he school was granted a diploma.'
Following the Civil War Negroes were,
barr d because most of the students,
were Souherners avid objrcted to thej
mingling of the races. j
Wrr c'.'.ani al-o ha-: the distinction
of making the number of graduates.
since ilu- founding of the school, 57'
years ago. total ">.oon.
A^iayEJL j&t lNs rt'ixriE
v' *
Yftrfous IndusM^t Courses are Offered. Climate Health
ful. Surroundings Good.
Institute, West Virginia
Carter in Philadelphia Evening Times.
| Michigan Democrats v, ill hold
their State convention in Grand
Rapids on September 120.
Dayton, Wyoming, has followed
the example of Hunnywell, Kansas,
in electing a woman mayor.
Thomas Ayers of Pierre, S. D., has
made formal announcement of his
candidacy 011 the Democratic plat
form for United States senator from
South Daktoa.
Governor Thomas R. Marshall, the
Democratic nominee for vice presi
dent, has accepted an invitation to
deliver the commencement address
at Valparaiso University 0:1 August
1 5.
Judge Egburt E. Woodbury of
Jamestown, X. Y., has announced his
candidacy for the Republican nomi
nation for governor of New York on
a platform favoring a new direct
primary law. j
Thomas R. Shipp, who has re
ceived the Republican nomination
for Congress in the 7th district of
Indiana, is widely known as the sec
retary of the National Conservation
Congress. >
Addison T. Smith, clerk to the!
senate ^committee on ^manufactures
and private secretary; - to Senator
Heyburn, has been dominated by the
Republicans of Idaho for represen
tative at large.
If Wood row Wilson is elected,
President he will be the fifth Presby
terian to be exalted to that office.
Andrew Jackson was a Presbyterian,
as were Polk, Buckhanan and
Miss Helen Dougherty of Provi
dence is the first woman to run for
State office in Rhode Island. She
iias been nominated by the Socialists
for secretary of state at the Novem
ber election.
The Dorchester Historical Society
of Boston has been presented with a.
banner which was carried by the
adherents of Henry Clay through
the New England States at the time
Mr. Clay was a candidate for Presi
dent. It is thought to be the only
one in existence.
\ Political rumor in Ohio cays that.
N. C. Wright, editor of the Cleveland
Leader and an ardent Roosevelt sup
porter, probably will become a candi
date on the Progressive ticket fo>
United States senator to succeed
Theodore Burton, whose term will
expire in 1915.
| The decision of Wood row Wilson
that lie will not resign the governor
ship, but remain in office, follows a
precedent set by Governor Hayes pi
Ohio in 1870, by Governor Cleveland
"who in 18X1 retained the governor
ship of New York; and by Theodore
i Roosevelt, who was a candidate for
I Vice President in 1000 while gover
nor of New York.
1 Frank 11. Funk, who has been
'nominated by the Progressive party
in Illinois for governor, is a practical
farmer. He operates a farm of more
than 2,000 acres in McLean County,
nearly all of which is under high
cultivation. Mr. Funk graduated
from Yale University in 1S91. Dur
ing his college days he was celebrat
ed as a football player, being left
tackle on the fatnous Yale team ol
Washington, Aug. 14 ? Hear Ad
miral Abraham V. % anc, who has
(hecn serving the past, year an presi
dent of the hoard of inspections lor
I shore stations, was placed on the
^Tct^fed list of t >1 e navy today on ac?
i eotint of having reached the age
[limit for active service.
Herlin, August 1 ? Prince Henry,
of Prussia, only brother of the Ger
man Emperor, received a flood jf
congratulations from his r< latives
and friends in many parts of t'.je
world today on the occasion of his
fiftieth birthday anniversary. prime
Henry iias been connected with the
navy sime his boyhood and is re
'garded as a high authori v on naval
mutters. In 1 0 2 he visited New]
York to attend the launching of Em
peror William's yacjit Meteor. Four
years later the Emperor appointed
him commandcr-in-chief of the im-j
.perial navy. i , I
Anadonda, Mont., Aug. 15 ? An
aconda emended a cordial welcome
today to the newspaper publishers
and editors gathered from all over
the Stale for the annual meeting of
the -Montana Press Association.
The sessions will continue three
days, with President O. M. Lans
trum of Helena presiding. Needed
legislation is to form the principal
topic of discussion.
Cheyenne, Wyo., August 14. ?
'Ihrongs of visitors from Denver an 1
the East arrived in Cheyenne today
for the opening of the sixteenth an
nual Frontier celebration. Fully
5,000 people are guests of the eitv
already and every train is crowded
to its utmost capacity. Many cow
boys are in the city from all pares
of Wyoming, and they, with the Ia
diars in their red and ye low blan
kets, are attracting much attention
from the visitors. The festivities
will continue until the end1 of thej
week. Among the events on the
urogram are roping and bucking con-'
tests for the world's championship,
shooting competitions, cowboy races,
cKhi'bitions of fancy riding, Indian
races, branding contests and military
man livers by a detail of United
.- ntes :roops from Fort D. A. Rus
1 sell.
I ? ,
| San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 14. ?
;Society in -the East as well as in
San Francisco displayed a lively in
terest in today's wedding of Miss J ti -
lia H. Langhorne, daughter of M".
and Mrs. James P. Langhorne, and
Lieut' nant .Tames Parker of th(?
I'nited States Navy. The bride was
^orn and raised in Virginia and is a
first cousin of the famous beauties
? j immor;alizcd by Charles Dana Gib
json, of whom one is the wife of the
artist and another, Mrs. Waldorf As
tor, of London. Lieutenant Parker,
the bridegroom, is the son of Col.
. .lames Parker of the Eleventh Infant
. rv, now stationed at Fort Oglethorpe,
i (.la., and a nephew of former Con
! gressman Richard Wayne Parker, '.?f
? New .Jersey.
Saginaw, Mich., Aug. 14. ? -Dele
L ca'.es from every Lutheran synod of
the United States are attending the
svnodical conference which assem
bled here today for a. week's session.
All branches of denominational work
will be discussed by the conference
.and on Sunday next special meeting
| will be held in the Auditorium for
i the consideration of negro missionary
j work.
Pbin or Eleclric Massage,
Shampooing and Manicuring
125 Courl SI. Ph' ne 3072 F
Residence Phone 2875 M
KansaB City, Mo., Aug. 14 ? Tho!
seventh annual Western handicap
tournament, under tho auspices of
jtho Interstate Shooting Association,
!has brought togother nearly 300 of
'tho best ahotB in the United State?,
The tournament is being held at the
grounds of the Kansas City Gun
Club and will continue over Thurs
day and Friday. Some good Bcores
were made in the Initial cveuts today
Timber Lake, S. D., Aug. 14 ? Tho
town of Timber Lake, whose paved
streets and up-to-date business
houses and residences occupy a
tract that was* only a prairie waste
two years ago, today began a three
day celebration of its second birth
day anniversary. A feature of the
celebration will be speeches by
Thomas Sterling, nominee for Uni
ted Stats snator; E. S. Johnson,
Dmocratic candidat for govrnor, and
[othr public mn of prominnc.
Madison, Wis., Aug. 14 ? Governor
McGovern has sot tomorrow as tho
day for hearing the application for
a pardon for John Dietz of Cameron
dam fame, who barricaded himself
in his house two years ago and re
sisted with arms a sheriff's posse. In
the conflict a deputy sheriff was shot
and killed. Dietz was convicted of
? murder and sentenced to life ini
j prisonment. Tho application for a
pardon has been made through the
efforts of Mrs. Dietz.
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 14 ? Gov
ernor Thomas R. Marshall, the
Democratic nominee for Vice Presi
dent, has accepted the invitation of
President H. B. (Brown to deliver the
commencement address at Valpara
iso University tomorrow evening.
Kelowna, B. C., Aug. 14 Tho
sixth annual meeting of the Western
Canada Irrigation Association began
here today with a large and repre
sentative attendace. The meeting
will last three days and will be ad
dressed by Hon. W. R. Ross, Minister
of Lands of British Columbia; Hon.
Price Ellison, Minister of the Treas
ury, and Dr. Samuel Fortier, of the
United States Department of Agri
SAIjE OF REAIj estate.
By virtue of the authority of a
deed of trust executed by M. F. Weav
er to the undersigned trustee, dated
the 5th day of January, 1912, and
of record ijj the Office of the Clerk of
the County Court of Kanawha coun
ty, West Virginia, in Trust Deed
Book No. 4 0, at page 455, to secure
the payment of a certain note there
in mentioned and described to A. M.
Reid, and default having been made
in the payment thereof, and being)
thereunto requested by said A. M.
Reid, I, the undersigned trustee, will
on the 2 5 tli day of September, 1912?
at 10 o'clock A. M., at the East
Front door of the Court House, oil
Court Street, in the City of Char
leston, Kanawha county, West Vir
ginia, sell by way of public auction,
to tho highest bidder, for cash, that
certain tract or lot of land situate,
lying and being on Magazine Branch,
j above Quigley Hollow, and . on tho
District Road, in Charleston District,
(Kanawha County, West Virginia, and
being a part of a tract of land con-]
veyed to W. A. Parker by Wesley
Mollahon and wife, by deed dated
Feb. 21, 1908, and of record in said
Clerk's Office in Deed Book No. 121,
at page 137, and in said deed of
trust bounded as follows:
Beginning at a stake, corner to a
lot conveyed ?by said Win. A. Parker
and wife to Geo. L. Carter; running
thence S 41 E 1-2 poles to a stake;
S. 4 0 W. G 8-4 poles to the District
Road; thence up the same N 44 W 7
poles to the Geo. D. Carter lot;
thence with said Carter's line up
tho hill to the beginning, and being
the samG property conveyed to said
M. F. Beaver, by Win. A. Parker
and wife, by deed dated No. 7,
1910, and duly recorded in said
Clerk's OfTiCe January 1, 1912, to
which said deed reference is here
made for a more particular descrip
tion thereof.
18-8-15, 22, 29-4 1. Trustee.
Ptate of West Virginia, Kanawha
County, bs.
AT HULKS held in the Clerk's Of
fice of the Circuit Court of Kanawha
County, on. the first Monday in the
month of August, 1912.
Fanny Johnson, Plaintiff
Robert .Johnson, Defendant.
In Chancery. No. 31 70.
a divorce from the bonds of matri
mony. )
This day came the Plaintiff by her
Attorney; and on his motion, and it
Appearing by affidavit filed, that the
Defendant is a non-resident, of thin
(The object of this suit is to obtain
State, it is ordered that he do ap
of the first publication hereof, and
pear within one month after the da'e
rfo what Is neofRsary to protect his
interest in this suit.
T. (I. NUTTER, Sol.
To Robert Johnson.
Take notice: That on the 12th
day of September, A. 1>. 1912, be
tween tho hours of 9 o'clock A. M.
aud 4 o'clock P. M., at the law of
fices of T. G. Nutter, 604 1-2 Kana
wha street, Charleston, West Virgi
nia, 1 will take tho deposition uf
myself and others to be read in evi
dence In my behalf of a certain suit
in chancery now pending in the Cir
cuit Court for the County of Kana
wlio and State of West Virginia, In
which I am Plaintiff and you are De
If from any cause the taking of
said depositions shall not bo com
menced or completed ou the day 1
aforesaid, the same shall bo contin
ued from day to day, or from time
to time, at the same place, and be
tween vtlio same hours, until the same
shall be completed.
By Counsel.
8-8-15-22-29-4 Thurs. ~
Notice 1b heroby given that the
undersigned Special Commissioner,
pursuant to a decree made and en
tered in the Circuit Court of Kana
wha County, West Virginia, on the
17th day of April, 1012, in the chan
cery cause of Prank Lively, Admin
istrator of the JSstate of Upshur Hig-?
ginbothajn, deceased, agalnBt Upshur
lligginbotham's heirs, et al, pending
in said Court, will, on
SEPTEMBER, 1012, AT 10
O'VlXxiK a. m.,
offer for sale at the east front door
of the Court House of Kanawha
County, West Virginia, at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, the fol
lowing described parcels of real -es
tate lying and being in the city af
Charleston, West Virginia;
1. A certain lot or parcel c?
land and the buildings thereon, being
Lot No. 4 0 in Block 16 in West Char
leston, as laid out in lots, streets and
alleys on the map mado by Venable ft
Vance, filed in the office of the Clerk
of the County Court or Kanawha
County, said lot fronting twenty-five
(25) feet on Third Avenue and run
ning back along Bream Street one
hundred and twonty (120) feet to
an alley, and being the same lot or
parcel of land conveycd by Upsh^ir
Higginbotham and wife to R. D.
Ijcachman, by deed dated the 1 6 til
day of February, 1910.
that certain lot of land
with the house and , improvements
thereon, being Lot No. 2 4 of Block
16, of West Charleston, as laid out
and described on the map thereof
made by Venable & Vance, said lot
having a frontage of twenty-five (2 5)
feet on Third Avenue and extending
back between parallel lines a dis
tance of one hundred and twenty
(120) feet to an alley, and being the
same lot conveyed by W. B. Taylor
to R. 1). Leachman, by deed bearing
date the 19th day ofx December,
1907, and of record In the office of
the Clerk of the County Court of
said Kanawha County in Deed Book
No. Ill page 215.
3. Two certain tracts or parcels
of land, in said City, with the houses
and improvements thereon, situate
on the North side of Kanawha rive**
and on the Northwest sido of Elk
river, and being lots Nos. 20 and 21
of Block No. 2 of the Holly Hunt
Place, as laid out in lots, streets and
alleys upon the map of same filed in
said Clerk's o ce on the 2 3rd day
of November, 1905, together with the
right to use for the purpose of in
gress and egress certain streets and
alleys in common with Charleston Im
provement Company, and being the
same lots, conveyed by said Charles
ton Improvement Company to Dove
Leachman, by deed dated the 22nd
day of June, 1907, and of record in
said Clerk's Office in Deed Book 111
page 214.
TERMS OF SALE: The real estate
described in paragraphs one and
two wiil be sold for one-third (1-3)
cash in hand on the day of sale, and
for the residue thereof a credit of
six (G) and twelve (12) months shall
be given the purchaser to execute in
terest bearing bonds, payable to tho
jiundp/rsigned -Special Commissioner,
with security, and a verdor's lien re
tained in the deed therefor for tho
unpaid purchase money.
The cash payments on the two lots
designated as Lots Nos. 2 0 and 21
of Block 2 of the Holly Hunt Place,
and described in paragraph three,
shall be sufficient to pay the balance
of the purchase money thereon, ow
ing to the Charleston Improvement
Company, and for the remainder a
credit of six (6) and twelve (12)
months shall be given the purchaser
to execute interest bearing bonds,
payable to the undersigned Special
Commissioner, with security, and a
vendor's lien retained in the dee!
itijshrefor for tho unpaid purchase
Special Commissioner.
Bond and security given by tho
above named Special Commissioner,
as required by law and the decree in
tli is cause.
Teste: ,
8-8-1 5-,22-29-4Thursdayfl.
Oshkosh, Wis., Aug. 14 ? The Wis- '
consin Daily League, composed of
the proprietors and business man
agers of the daily newspapers of
nearly all of the principal cities of
Wisconsin, held its annual meeting
here today. A wide range of topics
relating to the business management
of newspapers was discussed.

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