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Charleston, W. Va., July 1894
Volume I
Nawiber 1
- "Soon life'fr^prtngtime will be over,
And its fciHumn days will oome:
Happy, fchefc. will be those workaien
Who h?v$?heave8 to carry home."
Charleston 1>i**(rirt Directory.
Btehop, E. D. Andrews, D. D., LL. D.
Presiding EtiJer, C. B. Grabam.
> >
Arnoldsburgs iiev. H. K."R ffe.
Charleston,^ " 8. J. C>tton.
Charleston tU. u J.J. White.
Cleudeonin^ 44 W T. McCutcheon
Clifton & Mlj, ,4 E. D. Hanoa.
'Cottagevill#* f' A. A. Kelley.
Dauavilie, ? *4 6. J Miller.
E. Charlestq i, J. 8. Jenkins.
Elk City, j; 44 C. Hely Molony.
Fisher's, c 14 C W. Stephan.
Hartford Cite?, *'4 Johu Beddow.
Leou, j *' Del. Upt?n.
Maiden, " " ?> B. Orr.
Tsob'e, y. 44 W.H. Hammond.
Pt. Plea-ant "?4 W. U. L. C>rrell.
Ravenswooc^ 44 H. B. Bowden.
KaymoudC "y 44 % T. \V. VVilnon.
JR edy. ' *k H. H. Hughes.
Ri.?ley, * *? J. F. Aru ?ld.
iSpencer, v4 Jacob Hiatt.
Walton, v 44 U. W. Alley.
We coniK to our readers in this
?rst issue of the Charleston
Advocate "vt/y reluctantly, be
cause of the*wide and ever widen
ing field $*Habor already de
. ou>v time
But the "Sail for a local ciiurcn
3>aper has b?e* so frequently and
forcibly printed to us that we
fear that if v?e refuse to respond to
rthis call of jfU* Great Leader, He
may not per?k*fc the success of the
past to continue. We have there
fore, at the r^uest of the Charles
ton District Conference agreed to
?issue an edition of one thousand
?or more ' each of the
^three moi;tHs before the
Annual Coihti?rence to meet in
;Some degree' the requirements of
the Church, .'the success of which
will determii? our course as to the
future of th ^Advocate.
It is not Krftr intention to sup
plant the retftuar weekly Advo
cates in the h Hues in any way, but
rather incrfetfls their circulation
;and thereby ir-,t.jtiply the influences
for good. v
The Pastor>!^nd Church officers
?of the District having plaeed upon
us the responsibility of leadership
in this new d^&artment of spread
ing the GospJi, have also laid upon
? X
themselves if corresponding re
sponsibility tw , co -o pe ra te act i v e 1 y
and prompthVy making the paper
do the greatest possible amount of
good within i*s 'sphere.
It will be^Oiir aim to give the
first place interests of the
'Church in th*.! Charleston District
?of twenty-ofis Factorial Charges,
which have^ru actual membership
of 4,008, wilrh f9 Sunday Schools
with a memt^rstiip of 4,673. And
20 Epworth^League Chapters with
an enrollment of near 700. Next
in order ancf^nportance comes the
interests off^e JVI. E. Church of
the Kanawha Valley and adjaoent
j territory, including a membership
and following of over 30,000 per
sons whose local interests center in
Charleston. The pastors of all
these Churches are authorized to
act as agents for the paper within
their pastorial charges. And we
will give to their local church
interests all the time and space at
our disposal.
Last, but not least, it will be
our aim to aid in an humble way
in the answering of the Saviour's
prayer for the unity, harmony and
success of all of his followers. A nd
in the advancement of the funda
mental principles of Christianity
the magnifyiLg of all church in
fluences that exalts our Christ, the
minifying of none. Recognizing
that the pen is more powerful than
the sword, we tip our cap to the
brethren of the press and solicit
the eo-operation and prayers of all
lovers of the Truth.
C. B. Graham.
The West Virginia Conference
Seminary at Buckhannon in the
June Commencement exercises
recorded another term of progress.
Few if any educational institutions
of oucXof ntoJiave ha<l such sig
nal victories. A debt of over
$20,000 on the main building has
lately been provided, $12,000 of it
in cash.
Prof. B. W. Hutchinson, the
president from the opening session
has proven himself to be the man
for the position. He, aided by an
able faculty has not only been able
to send out hundreds of religious
yo^ng men and women to blet>8
our State, but he has worked won
ders in finances.
He has been supported also by a
loyal and self sacrificing Board of
trustees, having for its president
J udge Samuel Woods, and treasurer
Hon. B. F. Martin. The latter's
resignation at the last meeting be
cause of failing health sent a pang
of sorrow to the heart of every
member of the Board.
The Seminary loss was great by
the deaths of Revs. Reger and
White, but they acted well their
part until called up higher. A
plan for a dormitory by M. F. Giesy
was adopted and a Building ap
Valuable additions to the
Faculty have been made. Send
to Prof. Hutchinson for Catalogue.
Our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Carper for favors.
The State Street Sunday School
took their Fourth of July picnic
on Carrs hill. At 8:30 a. m., about
200 bright and cheery faces were
gathered about the door of the
church, a waiting the order to march.
A team for the occasion, furnished
by Savage Bro's arrived in due tim?
and when the baskets laden with the
children's (Tinner treasures were
stacked upon the wagon until it
resembled a farmers grain wagon
loaded from the field. Then the
order to march was given. All
went well until the approach to
the bridge was reached. The team
here, true to instinct, preferred the
stable to the pull necessary to
reach the bridge, but with the engi
neering of Dr. Terry and the help
of some friends and a frequent
touch of the "reminder" in the
hand of the colored driver the
bridge was crossed and the top of
the mountain beyond soon reached,
not however before many con
cluded that it was an "awful dis
tance to the grove." After rest,
general talk, swinging &c., came a
bountiful dinner, first served to
the Juniors who without an excep
tion seemed willing to take part,
then came the Seniors and thev
were not reluctant to join in re
ducing the weight of the baskets.
Joseph Junes added to the interest
I of the occasion by his Kodac and
[John Miehaelson deserves thanks
for his thoughtfulness in provid
ing a line large tent in case of rain.
After several hours of ball and
croquet playing and swinging the
'< mi pa n y^wTn cfetl tneir ways home^
ward feeling well rewarded for the
sacrifices made.
The Ohio Wesleyan University
at its commencement in Juue
which was the "Fiftieth Anniversity
conferred the degrees of L. L. D.,
on M iss Frances Williard, Gover
nor McKinlev, Bishop H. W.
Wairen, Bishop J. M. Thoburn of
India, and William Smith
M iss Williard was highly
favored by the company with
which she received this great
honor. There were thirty-two
names 011 the list of public speakers
during the commencement exer
cises. * |
One hundred and sixteen
degrees and thirty honorary de
grees were conferred, in all 146.
This College has trained a great
number of the young men and
women of West Virginia, for use
ful and honorable lives.
Through the kindness of Dr. T.
L. Barber, of Charleston, the Elk
City Sunday School enjoyed a de
lightful time celebrating the
Fourth in picnic style. The
several committees had all arrange
ments completed on Tuesday, and
that their efforts were fully ap
preciated was plainly shown by
the many cheers with whick their
names were received by the
children just before leaving thfi.
ground. Bro. dinger addressed
the school and was listened to with
?- V
attention. A special and grand
cheer was given for Bro. Jones'
horse for helping us so much.
Ptfstors will pletfte hand in their
reports for the next number within
this month.
Price of the Charleston Advo
cate for the three issues before1
Conference, ten cents.
Of the Summer resorts of this
country Mountain Lake surpasses
all others. Rev. W. L. Davidson,
Supt., the fifth year. He has the
ability to meet the demands of the
people from all parts of the
country for mental, soul and
physical culture by procuring the
talent necessary. Our dear Bro.
Updegraph will be greatly missed
but his foot prints will loug be
seen at the Mountain Chautauqua.
Seldom has any thing made
such an impression upon the minds
of the children here as the sudden
! summoning of two darling little
! girles bv the rider of the pale
horse ; Lucy, a daughter of Gen. C.
| C. Watts, and Lena, the daughter of
John \Y\ Jarrett. The death an
gle bore them away but not out
of sight. Jesus said, "Suffer little
children to come unto me and for
bid them notjforof^such jathe King-*
l u?/ilfui "tfou. * in?y are lights bn
1 the other shore for the parents,
and those who sorrow now may
go to them ;
Charleston is well supplied wifh
churches and no excuse is left for
failure to worship the true God
both publicly and prfvately.
Rev- J. C. Barr has long and
faithfully served the First Presby
terian Church as pastor.
Rev. H. W. Torrence, pastor
of the Kanawha Presbyterian
Church is in th? vigor of manhoed
and his zeal in church work has
been rewarded by many accessions
to the Church.
Rev. F. S. McClung the pastor
of the M. E. Church, South, is
well and favorably known for the
time he has had charge of the
Dickinson Church.
Rev. R. D. Roller, Rector of the
Episcopal Church, has made a fine
record. The Stale University at
last Commencement honored him
with the degree of D; D.
The. Baptist Church has long
been 'guided safely and successfuly
by/ the pastorate of Rev. T. C.
Johnson. Late accessions have
added greatly to the strength of the
The Christain (Disciple) Church
has for its pastor Rev. J. W.
Oiir Hebrew friends have late
ly dedicated a beautiful Temple
which shows loyalty and a faith
fulness to their faith.
Beside the above there is a Ro
man Catholic Church and also two
denrminations of Colored people.;
"? S v ? ? ? 'X -x-''#*
-Our readers are requested to
patronize the business houses
advertised in this paper. We take_^
great pleasure in recommending
A remarkable scene occurred on J
the 3 inst, on Court square. A
saloon sold at auction. Who dare
say that the financial depression
does no good.
The Ladle's Aid Society of State
Street Church have made a fine
record in purchasing and paying
h>r a parsonage property within
five years, that is now worth
Dr. Parkhurst's victory in his
reform war in New York, shows
what a Minister may do if the
"Lord be with Jbim. Truly, "one
can chase a thousand and two put
V . 1 > %
.ten thousand to flight."
We are pleased to note the names
of Bros. J. S. Stone and H. B.
ion the program for the
it season. The former a
| West Virginian, the latter
ppted son and both adding
p; Jo th? oJiuroh they repre
The Quarterly Meeting at
Sissonville was of the genuine type.
About thirty men had time to at
tend the Conference on Saturday,
notwithstanding the busy season.
We were glad to note the presence
of Bro. P. W; Morgan.
The assassination of President
Carnot of France, while on his
way to the theater reminds
Americans of the death of Presi
dent Lincoln under similar cir
cumstances. It would seem . that
presidents should tike wanning
and find a safer place for recrea
tion than theaters.
The Sunday schools in and about
Charleston seem to have taken an
unusual part in making'the Fourth
a Christain jubilee day. And it
is important to note the difference
of the manner of using this day as
^compared with that of a few years
ago in this part of the country.
So much more of Christ seen in
the celebration.
Our visit to the Newr Book
Building, 520 Pen. Ave. : Pittsburg,
was pleasant and entirely satis
factory. Rev. Joseph Horner the
agent, has shown himself to be a
Master workman. By 'his faith
fulness he has met the as
well as the general demand of the
church. In adding to the infiaence
of the church he has added greatly
to his former enviable business
reputation. Letter* to him will,
always receive prompt attention*
.. ??

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