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A religion* J<>urii:,l t*.^TeU ami pnh'ishetl
hv the V?renl?ll na ^KMex^ut the Charles on
JMstrlct M E Church.
SfHSCR. fri NONB YkaK 30 CENT*.
All paftors of the M-. E Church are auth
oriz> il t?tr(oetve -uh.vri.itlons.
Address all eoimmui:<
inns to
liev r. 1 1 ? jrhhatu,
lo; Tnislmv street,
Charleston, W.Va.
Our West Virginia Kingdom,
* -
IiV JKE V. I>. H. MOO HE, D I?.
The T'nited <ute? censu? of
shows our strength iA West Virginia
to be -ft l,,2o members, and churcti
property valued at >*U-. 1 Thi- iu
valuation of property is twentie'h in j
rank, only nineteen S;ates surpassing
her, aud' in membehUiip thirteenth !
Doubtle-s this* wi?I Mir prise many ot
our readers, who have been accus
tomed t:> regard on.- footing in that
State 8$ hardly >rn-inr#?r than iu the
region* further South' M i-sachusetts i
has not twice a- -m iny Mjth<dst-;
Nebraska has fewer. Maine has le-s j
than hak as man/ : 5ew Hampshire
one-'juajf ter.
Iu loyalty to country and Church
our meujbers there are unsurpassed.
They love the Chujch and all its
institutions. seldom see a
bishop, land should one stray into
their mountain fastnesses th? y would
h- inclined to pay hiiu divine h < > t ors.
Their pie'y isferven?: their manners
simple;* their hospitality genuine.
Their preachers Hre, as a rule.
?> *
rugged i rowt lis, ph v sical ly and intel
lectually. They front toward tin*
colU ire. ^ A niong z\\vm are scholar.-* of
authority. Most of A hem are earnest
students; growing men. They thrive
we! I wl$? n transplanted. S >me of
ttie he.-t pulpits in; our Chtirch are
shaded Vx lofty We,st Virginians.
After while uurserj- -n in Ivistern
m?v? * try to work
11 j <? p 1' t growths.
? i: ? ? Virginia
bo ' ,? live iu its
. ?'? ait until { mjected roads
are built, arid its; limitles- water
power is.'ut ilized in developing an 1
preparing f??r the ^vorld'- markets
the ie> inri'es of it. mountains, and
then WV-t Virginia will be envied;
but uuvi \ <1 by *tUe*euvy of the Old
Dominion, whos * e^ionial and royal
istic traditions -he' will wvap as a
filmy myth ? cii ii. about
the hr*a?r i?( [jp- loftitst < > ' y m j ? i n u
m Mintaiu. Wht'n that day i.'omef, it
will fit* :i-'l nrd t\\>r :tti outsider to irel
into the West V.; ri;.i.nia i.'on t'erence a:?
it now i-. for om, tr secure entrance
into the Baltimore.
Such summer retreat* a- \Ye>t Vir
ginia otle.>!. ^he jjives sheltering
Ohio and- Pennsylvania her bret zy
lnouiitain-.shoMer ,i.-> a hint of irra'e
ful -hadesand crystal stream" and
thrice-blessed rest.
c* i 1 1 1 1 1 ix .on the veranda of the:
Mount iiu. View House in Uelington
? kept !>v Hi other and Si-ter Mo
(utcheon, whose pimple formula fori
a satisfactory cleric*! cuisine N '
"three preachers* and thive chickens"
looking over the beautiful Tygart |
Valley and the leafy and historic
Kich Mountain anrl Laurel Hill, the I
problem of whete Northern' people!
should t'o t ? e^ape the torrid t-x- !
ces-es of J u 1 y ai.d August seemed I
easy of souttion. (*et .up into the'
high mountains '
0 -- - w huS.
TIi re nr >. id rVv largo tracts of
COimrvv iti t ?! a -tii! uhe.\p'< 'red.
A \ . "t i v f. I?:!- d i:i aoO pound
cattish it Wiuri Kan., a few d'ays
There are4r.\ 117 f acres of unin
Closed mountain and heather land in
Great Lrirauw.
Undt r a u? w New Vurk law you must
be a citizen :*> p,-t employment on pub- j
lie work doni> I v contract.
A spaniel gwned by Dr. Frederick A.
Lyons of New York city has adopted a
chicken which it cares for incessantly.
Corneille (tied in .the most bitter pov
erty, unrelieved by many whom during
his day of prospt ri/y he had benefited.
There is air. old Trench couplo in JSew
York nefth> r of whom, after a residence
of 40 years nr Aj. trica, can speak Eng
District Reports.
Arnoldsburg Charge.
Work along various church lines is
moving smoothly.
During the cju >rter there have been
eleven Sunday Schools in operation
About *n0 Pallets and as many cards
l ave k ? e t- 1 1 oidered for these schools.
Tne school ot Hammond has been
among the most progressive, attend
ance being very large, and interest
At R ech, Bio. 11*. P. Cottrell
unrobes ihe fo-ces on in good order.
At Walker. Sheriff Donney and
fami'y are pillars \\t Methodi-m.
Al.-o brother Thomas Doxvuey and
wife are use'ul members of our
At Mt Zion Brother Kelleyand his
noble wife stind as towers. They
were among Ho tiist Methodi-t fam
ilies in t hi* sect ion. Brother I'msread
and his wife are amoeg our best
workers Toe people at this p iut
expect to have a new church.
At the Lower Sycamore Appoint
ment, Brother D. 1\ Poling is at the
P lot wheel w ith B: other Silas Poling
as leader, and the church is progress
ing nicely.
At Upper Sycamore, Brother Wes
ley P??ling lias been pushing things.
The same is true of Bruin by H C.
L< okney, Clay county's able prose
cuting attorney, he and wife having
?joined >ur church last winter. Also
Brother Stidd and wife, with others,
are making the Lord's work a thing,
their first bu-inet-s This is a new
clas-, orguniz d last w inter.
At Ru-h, Brothers Harless, Hall.
Kirk, lv tlir, and others are pu-hing
the light grandly.
At Lower B? ech, this also being a
newly organv.ed e!a--. The work is
advMicing. Brothers Smith, Stnt-s,
and Young are ho'dtng high the ban
ners. Brother Pautell and family
a!s ? wor-hip here.
At Aumniond, where the tide has
been running low for some time, we
have bett? r tinir- The church debt
has been been lift* ?l. and u ith a great
burden. c tind, now, the people
breathe easier and w >r-hip better,
and Brothel < utlev and I -ay ' Praise
the Lord."
Brother (' K llddt- nis.-tud\ing
with an eye to v, biuher work. I'u-h
on brother. So Brethren, -boulders
to she wheel, and let our mot! > be:
A rnold-burg charge f< rChiist.
H. K . It f 1 i- , 1 '.istor.
State Street M. I. ituivh.
The outlook f < ? r Kpisropal Method
ism in < 'harle.-ton i- boj eful ami ?*u
oou raging. Since the last anrual
Conlnpijce litty-tbree prisons have
mted with State Street church. The
probationers, with sc:;rceiy an ex
cepti' ii, thus t ^ r haw run well ; ami
ail expect to he receivt <1 into full con
nec'ion within a lew weeks. <>f' the i
tilty-three newmembt rs, twenty-one
tiave heen received since the "Fife!
meetings''; the remaining i h r r t y -
two are the re-ult of special service
held by the pastor, who was ably a-- ;
sisted by Brolher Moloney.
The Sunday School of this church ;
never was in better condition. It is ,
doing a grand work. The Infant, or j
Children's Department, under the '
able management of Bro. W. r j> !
Mowre, is worthy of special mention.
It is full to overllowing at times, and
the little ones are being well in
structed in Holy \N rit. Bro. L. M. j
Haines, the Superintendent, looks
well after the interest and welfare of
the entire school. The attendance,
since the extreme warm weather Iips
fallen off just a little, but during the
winter and spring was all that could
be desired; upon several occasions
there were over three hucdred pres
ent. The school is well organized,
and a better corps of officers aud
teachers never have had charge. The
amount contributed for missions by
the school this year is over one hun
dred and twenty dollars.
The apportionment for missions to
this church for this year, which is
more than for several years by over
fifty dollars, has been paid in full.
The otber collections will be looked
after soon.
The Epworth League, which has
been named the Jackson Hitter chap
rer, in honor of the Church's laie
faiti. ful class leader of nearly half a
century, is s- 1 i 1 1 one of the hest in
the Conference, doing a grand work
in holding the young people true to
the Church, and building them up in
spiritual life. Since it- organization
this League ban raised over .-even
hundred d'dlais for Church wojk,
besides what its lumbers have given
individually for tne Mippoit of the
miui-tr> a d benevolent enterprisis
j of the Cai ch.
j One of the most important depart
j ments of the work of ths Church is
i the Young Men's Class meeting,
which meets every Tuesday evening,
In th* pa rlor of their faithful leader
Mi v M. R. McCiuigun She is doing
good woi k in training the young men,
already in the Church, in religious
life; and a!so in preparing others by
careful instruction and training for
full membership.
Brother D.ck's class is also doing
much to keep spiritual life and power
among up; and is a great means of
grate to those who are found in their
accustomed places every Sabbath
We are expecting, of course, to en
tertain the uext annual Conference.
There will be no lack of hospitality
on the part of State Street Cnurch,
aud people of Charleston in gene al.
s. J Cotton.
Charleston Circuit.
Charleston Circuit has seven ap
pointmentw, with a m^mbk-r-hip of
! about including probationer*.
| These appointments are met hy the
: pa-t??r every three weeks. 1'here are
I other place* in the surroundings of
this eharge tha" would 1 i k ?- t ? ? have
Meth?)di.-t preaching. While-omVof
'< the good loyal people would like to
hive m >re preaching than ? ? i i i possi
bly be given tin ler the pre- en t ar
rangement. 1'hey want preaching
every two weeks, and doub;le>s tlie
time j- mil far distant when such
will be the plan for < iarle.-ton Cir
cuit. While the territory is not m>
I large a- some of the circuits yet we
find that <>ne "1 the- e.--entiil- to
j suet e-.- here i- pastoral vi-iting.
The moie the pa-tor can be ith the
people the bttter for the Church.
I'here are five Sunday School.-, :?!1
u -i n g on r own litera tu l e, and are \> el I
i al'tMi'l* <1. However, one of th<
? (1 1 a* hacks here i~, parents send their
children to Sunday School instead of
, taking tin in. There are more of our
church papers taken now than .-wr
before which speak* well for Method
ism. We are building anew clnr-h
at Tupper's t eek Ruke, the lumber
nearly a'l on tin' irroun I. A mu-'h
teedrd ehlirch whhh ivu? fully
| demon-tialed la-i winter. when we
tried to hold a revival meeting in
1 the school hou-e. We expect to have
arhur-h at the above place before
another winter. Th- people are
comparatively poor, but the brethren
have the grace and the grit to build
a liou-e for the Lord. < ? od
'Zi't/t in tie " H'J* c'" kitxj . We have
had a gradual growth, both in
membership and spiri uality during
the years of the present pastorate.
And our relationship with the breth
ren has been all that could be desired,
with a little exception A little
storm sometimes only shakes us up
and makes us take deeper root. The
two mouths of the Conference year
yet remaining will b? full of work in
reviving class books and receiving
proba ioners into full connection.
Praise the Lord for the prospeiity of
Zion on Charleston Circuit.
J. J. White.
The Quarterly meeting recenty held
still lives in the minds ot the people.
Bro. Alley did excellent service, im
pressing favorably the people of Clen
The work of the charge, in a gen
eral way, is prosperous. We have
four Sunday Schools within the
bounds of the Circuit, under head
way and doing good work. The
prayer and class meetings are very
in'eresing and profitable. The
brethren are. in a mea-ure, loyal to
t lie Church, and on the whole, all
things are doing well, excepting,
perhaps, the finance department, and
j we are not ex> nipt from the deprea
i si >n so generally l'eit in thic direc
tion. Your* fraternally,
\V. T Met "nciiEON.
Clifton and Mason.
The dedication of the M'ison Hill;
was a occasion of unusual interest
.Many pleasuiea w? re participated in,
among the test. a biy: dinner and j
some tine speakii g. We had the
pleasure of preachijg to the Odd
Fe'lows on (heir day at Mas >n C:ty.
That powerful factor in Church .
work 4*The Epworth League" is
pushing along nicely ami still adds I
uew members. In cous-. queuce of
the strik at Camden, the orgmrzing <
of a Sunday School at that }?lace has!
been, for the present, postponed.
Mrs. E. E Hauua with little Maud ,
and Mi?s Annie Tucker are in Dela
j wareOnio being called th-?re by the
illness of M rs. Hauna's mother.
The people here are still talking
( imp meeting for Mason City. V\ e
think the wisest thitg possible for
i the TlVst Virginia < onference to do
is to locate its ( 'amp grounds here.
E. D. Manna. Pastor.
1 Cottagevill, for which the Charge
i is named, is situated t> miles below
Kipley on Mill Creek and .5 miles
from iIih Ohio Kiver. The Charge
extends along the riverai.out S milea
from below Kavenswood to Millwood
and hick from the river 4 miles at
the farthest p ?int nd is composed of
? > e!a-ses and 7 preaching plucks.
( )ur excellent ne w parsonage, built
in worth $si mj, i-, at Cottageville
and the farthest appointment i.- about
?' miles fi om thi- place.
'I here are i wo church houses, 17s
nit mi?er> in full connection and 7;i
proitat ioner-.
i'hereaie'i Sunday Schodswith
about -?I'l -cholars. Two Epworth
i.eairue ' iapters. one at Cottageville
and the other at l'lea-unt View with
a mumbei>hip of l.S. There have
been ??'! con wr-ion- and '>?'! accessions
tni- anniul Conference y? ar.
1 lie revival fire is .-till burning at
-? >i ii e of ihe appointments. Tne
prayer and da-?- meetings are fairly
well attended and our people all over
the Charge are earnestly seeking
hither spiritual attainment-. The
Distiict panel* will be a welcome visi
tor to i he lionn s of t hi.- ( barge.
A A K i i.i.n , Pastor.
D.uiaville Circuit i- composed of
lour ? i ? j ?f?i l? l men t ?ui ti e Kanawha
Kiver between Charleston ami M il
den and numbers a membeiship of
one hundred and eight}' live. Our
appointments are so arranged that
<>Ee, Danavil e, gets preaching twice
every other Sunday, theolher three
are all tilled in one day. so that we
LC>-t around twice a month.
We have held live revivals on this
( hartre this year, with '^conversions
and 47 acces-ions We have four
Sunday schools, with a membership
of 2o0 scholars. We have two fairly
good churches One local preacher
and two exhorters, who aid consid
erably in the work. We have ol
: subscribers to the "Akvocate."
8. J. MrLLKK, P. C.
East Charleston.
East Charleston Circuit, composed
of 10 appointments is not behind in
aggressiveness. Ti?e ye.ir has been
' trying in many ways. Many have
' been cal'ed to their reward from our
midst, and while we deplore their
loss, the consciousness of their gain
is joy to us.
Permit me to say to the old pastors
and others who are acquainted with
the East Charleston Charge and are
interested in the aggressiveness that
we dedicated a beautiful church to
Almighty God at Valley Grove on
Virgin a St., ' harleston W. \;i
I. Serry & Bro.
? Wholesale aii'I Retail?
Flour and Feed
Cor. Capitol and Smith Sts.
DR. , W. F . SHIRKEY, M.D.
Maiden, W. Va.
I ~~~
Palace Hotel.
Cor. Market and Fourth,
Parkersburg, W. Ya..
CAPT. W. F fOE, M'G'R.
s?t isfact ion < iuaranteeil.
C. C &S. R'Y. Time Table.
No 1. Leaves 7 :)t a. m. Arrive I<"' )"? a :n
No '? - (.h.i p. m. ?? 5 p. in
No. 1. Arrive* '' In a in. Loav<? > 1* ;t
No, " ;JS p in. " l " p. in
J n d e l'4'J). The House cost u- * 1 .? hi
land what lias not been paid wasiuily
provided for
Our Presiding Klder, I!ev, < . i>
CrrMliaui, preached the? dedica'try
seimoii with his usual /"al and 1:1".
A chart, containing so many mju ire
indicating amount of indebt'-dne.
v;a- hung against the wall buck of
lh*' pulpit. 'I hese squares were all
marked on' in about thirty minute
Ample ju-ttic-e was done the g ><
things provided for lunch tempt ii.iriy
set out in the shade, and we w- <
prepared to hear Hev. H. Scott to > ,i
souls' health. Maun* of the old men -
hern waited tor the celebration of t : i ?
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, an i
much reil joy of heart was experi
enced. The number of communi
cants was laige. Revs. J. J. Wii ?
H. Scott, ami the pastor assisted tin
Klder at the dedicatory service
I feel to eongrttt u late you in yotn
enterprise, and wish our paper un
bounded success in doing good ai ?
over the District.
J. S. J KN K IN-.
Elk City.
\V? heartily welcome the advent ?
a local paper to our District, believ
ing an intercourse, such a-* will I ?
pos>ible through this medium will
prove a grand incentive t;> pa-tor an i
people to further 1 11 < > r t and success,
biiug always kept in mind of the
fact that we are not alone in the hat
tie, but rather that the army of King
, Emmanuel is extensive in its follow
I ing and far-reaching in its efforts to
; bring glory to Hi3 name. The
| Charleston Advocate will be a
1 welcome visitor to our homes.
On Elk City Charge there are two
appointments, Elk City and Glen
wood ; two Sunday (Schools; two
class meetings; Sunday services reg
ularly at both places, aud week days,
Wednesdays aud Thursdays, respect
ively. We are within easy reach oi
Charleston, have a flourishing little
town and a sociable and kind people.
There is large promise, with a little
enterprise of successful work in the
interest of the Redeemer's Kingdom
and consequently our loved Church .
The people are not desirous so
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