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\0L. I].
NO. 4
A\re Desire to Honor God by Doing- G-ood to Man.
I)fs<r;t-t Directory.
Bishop 11 S Foster, I). P., L. L. ft.
Rev 0 B Graham. P E.
Editor Oh i.'leston Advocate,
January 5-6 Panavillp.
fi-7 Maiden.
" 12- 13 Charleston Or. Fairview
'? 13-14 State Street.
10-20. Walton. Liberty church
19-20 Ripley. St. Paul
" 2" 5-2 r. . .Reedy, Mt. Lebandn
" 2!i-27 . . .Noble. Little Sandy
Februry 2-3 . Arnoldsburg.U. Beach
2-3. .Spencer, Slate church
" 9-10. .Fisher's, White Pine
" 9-10 :... . Raymond
" 17-18 Pt. Pleasant, Trinity
" 23-24 Leon, Eddy
March 2-3 New Haven
" 3-4 Clifton.
?' 9-10.E. Charleston Mt Tabor
" 10-12 Elk City, (rlenwood
" 16-17 Cottageville
?' 17-18 Revensxvood.
" 23-24 Clendennin
The December number of the
Charleston Advocate is on my desk
and many good tilings might be
said of it. It has a splendid list
of field notes by the editor, who is
planing wisely for his paper, and
for Methodism in his district.
This number of the Advocate
contains reports from thirteen out
of the twenty-one pastors of th$j
distric t: Of omrs^'sucl; a pai^r ,
is" interesting to the people of the J
I would advise all the pastors!
and official members of the New J
River District to suf>scribe for the
Charleston Advocate. It is a
monthly. Prior 80 cknts a yeah.
I will venture to say, that if any
one wants to se(> a sample, with a
view to subscribe for the paper and
will order the same of the editor,
Rev. B. Gnihiim, Charleston, \V.
Ya.. he will send the sample to you
free. ? The Ncxtnuirr.
Thanks Bro. Yes 1 will Send all
the samples needed.
The Evangelical Alliance liasj
done much toward the answer of j
the above, which is from the j
Savior's prayer l'Mr the unity of;
his people. The United States,!
Great Brittian, Canada, New
Brunswick, France, Belgium,
Switzerland, Germany, The Nether
lands, Denmark, ? Spain, Turkey,
Greece, Syria, South Africa. Japan,
China, New South Wales, observe}
the week of prayer in some form j
through the efforts of this organ-!
ization. This union of Christians!
petitioning the Heavenly Father}
at the same time upon the same
subjects has an influence for good j
beyond mathematical calculation.!
The rule of some churches follow- j
ing the week of prayer by special j
services is good, but its better to!
have every week a prayer week and i
ji|l inm'tiiurs "innn! nnrlin't",
Deak Bhethkkn: The first
quarter of our conference year is
gone. Let us take soundings a Jit
tle to se<; how we are sailing You
are called of God to the high and
holy office of the ministry; you
have accepted thi9 call and de
clared your faith and purposes.
The church has recognized you
and affixed her seal upon you, and
has sent you out as a shepherd .of
souls. As these souls dwell in
earthly temples you are charged
with the responsibility of looking
carefully and faithfully after all
the interests pertaining to the
dual nature of those you are sent
| to serve. 'The servant is not
greater than his lord; neither he
that is sent greater than he that
sent him."
I The pastorate is a place of active
j and delightful service as long as
,you abide in the vine. There is
no successful service without sys
tem, Methodism,, we call it. Re
member ? among the many com
forts of modern improvements j\\r
fast rule "Be deligent.'1 Nor for
get thou not the preachers motto,
"Holiness to tJie Lord,''
Yon doubtless complied with tho
discipline in reading the General
Rules to the church. When did
you read the ruins for the preach
ers conduct and qualification
(page 75 to 87)? Head and pray
over them, brethren in the? begin
ning of the second quarter. Did
you read the rules for ''pastors"
(page 104-108) last- quarter? If
so how did you comply with those
rules? Notice many duties are fori
the quarter not by the year.
The pastor w!? ose aim is to run
the church by the year will have
unsettled store accounts, unpaid
subscriptions to the church period
icals. He will ask for "more time11
on his book account, and his benevo
lent collections will never be "in
full. "Brethren, plan your work
hv the year, work your plan by the
day and make your trial ballance
ever quarter, then will all depart
ments of the church flourish. We
give a part of a paragraph from
the Discipline, (page 85) which
will benefit all of our readers.
"0 let us herein follow the ex-:
ample of St. Paul !
I. For our general business:]
Serriny the Lord irith nil humility j
of mind. 2, Our special work, |
Take herd to i/tnirselrrs ami tit nil ihr ]
flock. J}. Our doetl'ines, Repcnt(tiur
tiururd (i<><l and f<iith toward our
L?rd% Jesus Christ-. "1, The place,.
I have taught you pu Illicit/ and from
honse to hou*c. 5. The object and
manner of teaching, I ceaml not
to warn emir ;i one night and d&y\
with t earn. C. His innocence and
self denial herein, I have coreted no
wan'x xilcer or (/old. 7. His patience,
XHthcr count I in;/ life dear vnto
mi/ self.
The subject of the usual eapitol
ball has been presented to the pub
lic. We shall not speak of the
right or wrong of dancing. Ages
ago the church condemned the
public dance and time has not
altered that decree. Bnt what
impresses us as improper and in
consistent is the "State Ball." We
are living under a Christian gov
ernment both national and state.
In the convention to form the
Union thery arose local or state
interests which prevented it;
when no argument could be reached
Bennie FTanklin moved that the
convention adjourn to meet in the
uL&mtocn -luid. tlnvt-the first?Hour
be spent in prayer. Upon that
hour of nrayer our nation stands.
When, the population of James
town, Ya., was reduced by famine
from 500 to 60 within a few weeks;
it was Christianity pure and sim
ple which saved it. If then this is
a Christian state, why should the
state's name be connected with
that which an overwhelming ma-]
jority of Christians condemn. "To j
honor the Legislature." What!
part of it? Mont assuredly a ma- 1
* *
jority of it would not regard it an j
honor to them. Let all public!
I honors be extended to the legisla-j
Iture. in the true character they
I represent and in a way that the j
majority of those who elected them |
would approve. Charleston is a!
city of churches and there is aj
welcome in ali of them to our law-j
makers. HtMe, they by counsel and j
a3sooiationwill lie strengthened for
the performance of the responsible
duties for which they were elected.
To those who preter the dancing
hall, opera and other places of
worldly amusement they can be
accommodated, but not by the |
Brethren don't lail to renew
every one of your weekly Advocates
they will be doing good often
while you are sleeping. The
Pittsburg is our Conference organ
and staRds first ftmupg then):
District Field Notes.
tteo. !.? -On bon wl the K,. A M., tiMO,
p. 1:1. train enroute for Hartford ani|
Mason quarterly meetings. A call at;
Pt. Pleasant parsonage gave lis an in-,
sight to the successful work of the*
church at that place which is of a char-*
j acter that will "abide. " We were*
j nicely entertained by Guy and Irsv Cor*.
I rel. Rev. llatina officiated for us at,
the Q. M. here agreeably to all. A
change of railroad schedule ninde us
late at Hartford ; Kev. Haniuv
preached and had a good season of won
ship. Sunday: An examination of this
working of the S. S., an address de-v
livered to it; 11 Christinas tree was pro%
vided for. Public preaching followed
by a excellent Co;nnuinion. In tin*
afternoon there was a glorious love-?
feast. We spent the time between
meetings in visiting the sick. Sorry tt?
lind one of Bro. John Baxter's daughi
ters quite ill. Mrs. Thomas was coik
lined to her bed by being thrown from
her buggy, but we are glad to say that,
she was not seriously injured. A pleas*
ant call 011 Miss llarpold revealed tlm
fact that though she was not hopeful
of recovering, she was not looking tu
the future with fears, ilere we met,
Mrs. Newton, who was qiiq of our
staunch -tf-.-lemfcr --k* the pr.sfcornte of
other days. Our young friend, Charlie*
Thomas furnished the horse and buggy
and 15ro. A. J. Sayer brought us to
Clifton * # and back to Mason City
where we had a line audience and an
excellent meeting. The Gampmeeting
interests were so high tliat we had to
make great allowance for many thing*
said and done at the quarterly meeting,
The fact is that nearly every con versa*
tion of the citizens had camp-meeting
in it somewhere. Monday: Rev. W,
C. L. Correll preached to the comfort,
of the people, after which we held thq
<2. G. Four of the camp-meeting com-i
niittee arrived on the evening (west)
train unci were homed at Bro. Rut ten-,
cutters, which was camp-meeting head*
quarters, and it is due tosay that there
was nothing lacking to make every one
comfortable who partook of their bouiw
tif ill and excellent preperation. Indeed
this was the testimony of every one
about all the citizens who entertained,
Tuesday was a lively day on account of
the meeting of the Gump- meeting Board
| of Trustees anil the business in (yrtiqle
on this subject. Wednesday: Groups
of young and old could be seen in thq
ores^and pn tliej streets corners and
[ in almost all directions discussing and.
prophesying. In the evening as tliQ
words "we've lost" or "it was not lo*
cated" ran from group to group j
sadness was seen pictured in many
counteances, not so much us missing
the thoughtless boy. The public ser-.
Vices and Dr. Riser's sermon did mucli
toward Jifting those present above their
disappointment. Thursday Bron. Riker,
Mich and Moore took the esrty train
north while we go south, wHcb com.
pieted the departure of the trurtees,
Iter. J. M. Grose joins at Gliftoo. Wq
stop over at Pt. Pleasant and enjoy,
with the pastor, the./, hospitalities of
Pro. i>. s. Snydefr Taking 1 K?

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