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m ali>i:n.
W I N ( i in a M'ViT!' illt?l pI'O
AwV-! Ultjll'k of llf.ils. tin*
pa.-tur has 1 een *?*?! iir? d to
allow tin- regular work ? ?t
tin- el ;t rge to remain in a ??? ?inl i t ujii
? ? I I'mii'i ui" ;i t li'Msl that | III 1*1 'it
I li?* work which should have r?*
?-?-i vi-ti i i is pers mal attent ion lias
MilVered and i> in a condit ion re
m milling that i?t suspended aiiiina
t i ? >t t iti ii physicians psilietit.
Wlill" this has hccii true as regards
1 1n* wurk of ihe past nr. the same
i> I ? y iiM menus tin*' as regards tin*
v.i irk i !' tin* members : with 1 1 n ?
pastor sick, ami tin' work that was
in 'till 1 1 tinih'r such auspicious cir
riimstanccs in the lining of
the year, all ? I? ? v? >1 v i i iir ii|>"h the
patient nn'iiihi'rs. with all the i ? 1 1 -
terprises of tlm church in just that
condit ion of asceudaiicv. wln-n a
small push wouUl send vhem I ?:n* k
a ci'tnlit nui ui' paralysis, tin
laity ha- imt he.-ilated in tiffi *|?t
tin- issin*. ami do work that has
been marvelous. Tin- 1 1 1 < ? 1 1 1 1 x ? rs
liavo attended ami conducted
praver meetings at private homes,
anil have heen visited hy wonder
ful manifest a t ions of Spiritual
power. They have kept the re
vival .-pint of tin- ti r.-. ( months of
the yen r. intact from all the* on
slaughts of Satan. Tliey have
ln-lpi-il the pastor in hi- hours of
iliscotira^'iiierM. I>v timely counsel,
siml lovjil alii. They even rendered
lierejivcinelil less sad l>y their k i I ill
ministrations, and ro:>hi'd death of
it - slim: liy their ?w?*et <ympathy.
I'liey were not dismayed in the
presence of t lie greatest d isCOUfage.
1 1 1 1 ? i : t > . Tin ? \* n rrn 1 1 ?r? ?? I a Christ
iiuis tivat for the children of Sun
1 1 ; i y >choo|. Midi sis was l n ?t sur
passed l>y any in tin state. They
have done tin ir part bravely. and
aiv "stand ins; !>v t li**ir captain
xiviiiir lait 1 1 I'ii I Iv." f >im* lady
solicited money and purchased a
li lit* regulator lor tin- church. The
flock was a Christm is |> r?*s? -u t to
tlu- church and cost #1' I .">(). Then
may !?? better member* than some
? ?f our members. Tin r*- may !??
wiser tni'inliors than some of our
members, liut nowhere in tin- laud
an* nobler, purer. more loyal, more
lovable members to In- found.
That they have the low of their
pastor. they well know, and that
they they an- deserving of a richer
uiul deeper allectiou than In.- ran
bestow, In1 knows. Mavliod bless
tin* patient. loving awn and wo
men of Methodism. who endeavor,
as have our members. to hold up
I lie hands of thi'ir pastor, anil to
comfort and cheer him in need.
Death has iMini' to tlif lioni" of
tin* pastor sinci- our last li*t t? t.
and wi" mourn a lather. i!ut
t riumphant oVr our sorrow. gleams
thu blissful assurance. that joy
t'ouicth in t hv morning. Tin*
knowledge of a pt-rsonal Savior,
whom the fat her had claimed as
his Redeemer, is of all uiemorie>.
tlif s\vi'i'ti'st that now cheers tin
heart so sadly torn. Our thanks
arc due to the kind people in
Kavi'iiswood. ;iud especially to
Rev. and Mrs. II. P?. ISowdcu. for
the many graceful deeds performed
ill love in hehalf of the bereaved
mother and daughters. .lames M.
I )sb?>rne. aged 7l\ died at the home
of his daughter. Mrs. \V. K. Hoyt,
in Ravenswood. W. Va? December
I ?>. I^m. ile left a wife. Mrs.
Mary E. Osborne and live daugh
ters. Mrs. \V. K. Hoyt. of Havens
wood: Mrs. Kskey. of Jienwood :
Mr>. \\". 'I'. ll"!ms. of Mahl<n:
Miss Dora I?. Osborne. now a Mis
si??iisiry in K'-uiiu*ky: Miss Kdna
Osborne, of Ravcnswood. Hoping
fur nn :!*?? encouraging and cheerful
news I'm* yon next time.
W. T. IIkl.ms. Pastor.
( otta<;i: villi:,
Sljf 1MK llii-s vi-ry rapidly and
Olv aiiui 1 1 > ? r iniintli has _?r? ?i n*
iM-vi-r Id r?*t urn. Our.
?? special service at Millwood
was a success. yet not so much of
a siuri'ss as il might have been.
We give glorv to (bid's name for
a t hoi-* >(iirli revival among the
church members. suinc run versions
and live accessions. Mm. (iraham
was on time I'm- the first quarterly
inei'i iiiLT j'.l Pleasant View. |)e<\ 'J'J
and l'? -11111 carefully looked after
every inti-ri-.-t of the cliureli. Ilis
svnnons w i 1 1 live for good in tin
hearts of t his charge many days
hi-iiee. A fjiir representation of
t In- oliieia Is wnv- present at the
Q. (*. We are indeed glad that all
our people on this charge avail
themselves of the great privilege
of the Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper. A special meeting began
with tin- beginning of the quarter
ly meet ing and is progressing nice
ly in the face of t lie fact that we'
have had a rain and a heavy snow-,
fall to meet. The Pleasant View
church is on t lie liill about half
way be twee n Warth's bottom and
l'li-sisant View P.O.. both on the
( )hio river and i he ma jority of t lie
people have long distances to go.
yet are faithful in attendance.
While (Old has been Messing this
charge tie- pastor's faith has I
greatly inci'en.-ed and his joys -n -
larged. Pdesscd In- tli'- name of
the Lord. We hear many excellent
things said i il the Ciiaim.kstox
Ahvoi-atk. may it reai-li the high
est ant icipat ions of it* many warm
friends. A. A. Kki.i.v. Pastor.
AM vt-rv in del i pleased and
I am sure thai ;ill .if tin'
.J readers are pleased with t h??
recent ciianjjc made in t li??
appearance of tin- Ai>\'oi\\tk. 1
am a l>? > ?1 to note tin* I sn* t
1 hat I ir>'t hern I' ?*? > i i i some o|' t h?
ot 1 1 1 > r i list ri *ts have sent in reports
from their charges. J would l?e
?Treat Iv pleased il all tin- pastors
of tln? Charli'stoii district would
s"iitl ina report of thi'ir change.
f?>r cadi issii"' <>f tin' A ijvocatk.
Now I ?ret hren pleas'- send in a
a report, we want to hear from
ymi all. tliouirh you may not have
a revival cyclone to report. mve
us th?* l>e>i news on h :i 1 1 ? 1 . I have
not much lo report this time. I
have l'ee|| eolltilieil to U1V fonlll l \
severe sickness since ThanksjriviniT
day until recently. I have l?ccn un
iil'le to till any of my appointments
tlurimr the month. Sly father.
Ilrv. Wm. A. Carroll, of Hamlin,
tilled my appointments on the
si H'oi ii I ami third Sunday'.-. 1 >ti r
insi my a 111 i?*t i< >n I have found
much comfort in reading from the
Sacn d l?onk. conimuniii'T with my
Savior, and pniyitnr for my charge.
Through all my sickness the^ood
people of my charge have stood I ?y
me very devotedly. We were
kindly reinemln'rrd Christmas liy
our friends at Ked House and
Riverside : we also received a l>ox
from Miss Holtie M. List, of
Wlu.'elinir: we are very thankful to
all who contributed t<> make it a
"Merry Christmas" lor us.
.1. W. (' msuoi.t . I'astor.
'?JTil'' AUK ? 1 ? > i 1 1 ?r :i 1 1 we i-ii'.i
i i ic i'1 '<is'' ? in r list of
subscribers ;t ii<1 \v?? are
^VG3r -* .
? lui vuitr snmc success.
Christmas came and l>r< >ti?rli t wit li
ii many pleasing ???xp?*ri?,n?*?*s and
i-n j? ?va I ?!?? occasions to our town,
notably nmoii<? which was the en
tertainment iiivpii I : v the Trinity
S. S. on Christ mas niirht. an inl?*r
eslititr program had lin n prepare*!.
th'- HitirHi beautifully decorated
with two trees tastefully arranged
and iu.-t in the rear "Grandmother
(J ray's Kairv chimney" stood
asiimin;; all the realities arid sur
pas-iim in beauty the ancient fire
place although its l>rick were made
of (taper and filled with candv
nnts. etc. At a quarter In-fore
sey.-n the door wasopened and the
people cani-i crowding in until
i -v- ? i-y available space in liotii audi
torium and iral^rv was crowned to
its full standing capat ity theaudi
anc<- has l?een variou>ly estimated
at from 1 i \*? ? to eight hundred
people. The program was rendered
from Iw&rjuiiiir in <.n<| withour a
single break and was pronounced
l>v all a decided -uccess and one of
the licst entertainments ever given
in the place, alter the children had
received their presents the pastors
class presented him with a most
beautiful study lamp. The pastor
and familv received many substan
tial christnias presents from the
business men of the town and
other friends all of which go to
st renirt h"ii the Ixaids of |o\'e and
friendship between pastor and pen
pie. Our protracted meeting is
announced to begin January 1st. we
are looking forward to the meeting
with a great de.-ire to set- many
sou Is gloriously saved the outlook
i> >V;m.ii raging I he time has at last
come when t his community is look
ing to the old Methodist Church
{?> !'?;!<! !'? ?r\\ ;i n I in the w ? ? r I< of soul
v:i vitl.tr il S sl|e is (l"i[|tr in oilier
I ?! :t c? -s. nil. may .-he forward in
t fi?- .-1 n-nirt It of t In- fulfil of host s.
willi all it } >? ?: i 1 1 1? ? altar praising '
( i ? ?i I ; Hid sinirinir 1 1 1 ? ? si?n?js of
I ri tt in | ?! i as si i< ? ir? ?*??:. T|)i. lives
:i * m I itiflnciici- n|' t In- more 1 1 1 :hi
I ii i*i ?? ? " m'i >1*1 ? souls added 1 1 1 tli'*
church during our revival hist year
1 1 ;i v< ? l-i'i-ii "living epistles" in this
I't'Aii ii ml .ill :i )'< 1 Ji 1 1 N i< 'lis to I?-;i:|
til lii'fs tn I In- lilcsscil Christ. \\'i>
fi'ji >ir?? in I ll'1 success lit' tip' church
ii 1 1 over our (list rift ;in account of
wliii-li reaches us through your
j ?:i i ?? -r :i : ?? S < >11 r prayer shall In* "Lord
make I :i r? ? thin" arm." w 1 1 i I ? ? we
pad 1 1 I hi' letli-rs frotu i li?? ln*?-i li
p it with ;i gpal ?!?-ii I it' interest
wi' were esnecially glad to ,?i'i' ;in
i.t 1 1 ? ? r I'-l t'T fro in 1'ro. Jenkins who
piio.oi'd t h f >ll*rll Slti-h ;i hum :ii:d
si*\i |%' illiH'ss may In- soon In p
- 5 1 to health. Tin* assistant
pastor and children have r?*t it rn? ?? I
!u ? 1 1 1 < * alter a sojourn of ti-n weeks
with h'-r parents ami friends in the
? ?as!. ii:iii-h improved hy t h?* **hsiiiir?'
in ai iiiosj?h"r?' and r-st. <:? tin*
1 1 1 ? ? 1 1 o t o 1 1 y of bachelor 1 i f ? ? is.
i't'oki*!!. after all. what i>- lioini'
w ithout a wife might I"' a proper
(m:> st inn j'.i-t iit this time. Our
lii-lovi-d I'. K. sin i l?-?l upon us a few
mornings ago for a few momeut>
ai.fi It-It us under tin* impression
that w" should see him again he
foi" he I' ft town. I>ut we haw nut
si i n him since if it w as not for
tin1 fact that we have faith In his
aliility t?> take cap' of himself we
might f? ?? ? I just t h?* least hit uneasy.
I'llt we presume lie is where
I" fib
fuaxk c- . i c i; i ) ictt.
Attoriicfj-dt- Lair
ami Xotfu-f/ Public
OHici' in Amli'i'Miii Huildiiifr.
Kanawha Stm't. Chai'lcslon. \\ . Ya.
(iriu-ral Mi'ic-iiiiiidiM-.
Mai.ukn. - - \V i:st VnuiixiA.
C. & I.. K. MrWHOJlTKR
No. f>(> Ctipitul St.
C'harlt'ston. W. Ya.
. WOLF SON* . Air'r.
Lift K ana u ha St., ('Iiarlr.-tun. \\". Ya.
o II N cl.oXToX.
? m:\i.ki; i\ ?
New and Second Hand Ki
Stoves. Carpets, etc.
L'l'l Kanawha St.. Charh'sioti. W. Va.
?JEWELER. | Kanawha St
Charleston. \Y. \ a.
r. CATKs.
AUTISTIC I'll* ?T( ?(* ItA I'll Kit.
S r i ' i n < i : L'li'.j ( 'atitai. Stiikkt.
* . I '1 1:1 rl i'j-i ? ??i . ,\Vrst \"iririuisi.
K. W. \\ lloiil'K.
Olliiv ;ii UoiiK ncc.
of>4 \ * i ?\tri nisi Stivci.
|7 r<u,>n-; \ SOX.
In liiird ami Smoked Mi-als.
(?onicr Drytlt-ii mid Uos.s Slnvis.
TJW. K. Iv TKIiliV.
I Ctrrinfirf/ Str rt/roii ,
t > lli ?*. - S.ivaifi? lifii- l,i \vrv Stablr.
. HtoriU't/-at- Law,
Anderson Mlrck. Charleston. \V. Yu
J ( ) 1 1 \ \V|
II A I! I > To I5KAT (iROl'KUV.
Call ami see liim.
George S- Morgan,
\V1io1..?i|,.|,ii?I H? tail Driller in
J'ltiiu and lanci/ firorrrirs ami
Count!'! / I'ruilncr.
Salt and Shine s a Specially.
74 I/?vhJ1 Str.-ot. XVar Win* Bridg-t
A Lffir .
of I'm ? 7% Kanawha Street.
ClJAIJU'.STo.V \V. \'a

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