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VOL. XLII—NO. 355.
♦ • _
Germany Prepares to Recall Ambassador at Paris as Troops Enter Ruhr
Thirty-eight Trains of
French Soldiers Leave
Diesseldorf Section Is Half
covered With Army
Chauffeurs Turned Back;
Germans Prepare for
By the Associated Press.
Brussels. Jan. 9.—Premier Theu
nis formally announced to the
Chamber of Deputies the govern
ment's determination to "stand be
hind France” in the occupation of
'he Ruhr district. He regretted that
the allies were moving without Euj* ,
land but said that "neither anger or
vengeance" actuated Belgium.
By the Aaaociatvd Fm».
\,Bertin. Jan. 9.—Thirty-eight trains
carrying French troupe left Mayence
yesterday with Essen as the destina
tion of the forces, says an Essen tele
gram today, The arrival of heavy ar
tillery and sapper* is reported from the
neighborhood of Neons (three and one
half miles southwest of Duesseldorf.)
Essen. Germany. Jan. 9.—Advance
troops of the French army, largely with
technical equipment, have already
reached the neighboring town of Kett
wig (seven miles southwest of Essen),
and the section between Duesseldorf and
Essen is half-covered by French mili
tary forces, according to private ad-'
vices reaching here today.
Chauffeurs, traveling between the two
places, are said to have been stopped
and directed to make a detour.
In order to avoid friction as much as
possible, the authorities at Essen kept
the freight houses cleared after mid
aight in preparation for the expected ar
rival of the French.
The municipal administration last
non th notified the city’s largest hotel
hat the building might be required at
diort notice for the French, and the
nanugement advised the guests that
hey might be requested to leave in the
•ourse of the night.
hus Would Germany Recall Movement
Into the Ruhr.
■ncclsl Cabls to Ths San Antonio Light
and the Chicago Daily News.
Copyright, I>TX
Faris, Jan. 9.—From credible sources
t is learned that Germany intends to
ecall her ambassador to France as
ooh as she learns that, French troops
lave crossed the demarcation line which
iow separates the occupied from the
ion-occupied territories in the Rhine
and. thus issuing a formal notifica
.jo the world that she considers
he French action a breach of the
regty of Versailles.
This decision followed news that the
epa rat ions commission, by a vote of
Ime to one, declared Germany in will
ill default of her eoal deliveries,
rance has held an army in readiness
> invade the Ruhr upon receipt of
lie decision.
Reports arc circulating in Paris that
ermany may go further and break
ff diplomatic relations entirely, but
ren in German circles this is consid
•ed improbable. In case Ambassador
layer is recalled a charge d' affaires
• minor official will be left to carry
1 the business ad interim.
Germans in touch with the repara
ons commission expect that the oc
ipatlon of Es<en will take place to
ight or early Wednesday morning.
ly Declared In Default. Ameri
can Urges Leniency.
By the Associated Press.
Paris, Jan. 9.—The reparations
mmiasion today voted Germany in
illful default in her coal deliveries,
be vote was three to one. Sir John
•adbiiry. the British member, casting
e negative ballot.
The discussion over tSe default ques
>n lasted an hour and three quarters,
part of which time was taken up
the British delegate in giving his
Isons why he considered the default
onld not be declared.
Sir John explained he was unable to
te for the proposition because he
****!(' tli« action took the matter
t of the hands of the commission
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Bridges Ordered
Closed as Unsafe for
Portland. Ore., Jan. 9.—Driving
with resistless power, the Wilamette
river at Portland today had risen to
more than 25 feet above normal, flood
ing the docks and water was running
in lower streets along the water front
and causing great damage.
The huge volume of water, pouring
down the Willamette valley and fed
by a hundred tributary streams, bore
immense quantities of logs and drift
of all kinds, which lodged against the
piers of the city’s bridges and rendered
them unsafe for traffic. They were
closed by city officials.
Reports from points southward
through the Willamette valley were
that many river tributaries to the
Willamette had begun to fall and it
was bopqd that the crest of the flood,
the worst experienced in western
Oregon in 30 years, would be reached
here today. Official weather forecast
gave promise of a moderation of the
flood after today, but a continuation of
rain, with a warning from the Colum
bia river’s entrance, of an approaching
southerly gale, gave rise to apprehen
The upper Willamette valley yester
day resembled a great inland sea. Its
waters lapped the threshholds of hun
dreds of homes in both city and coun
try far flung through the level valley
Cities and hamlets between Eugene
and Portland, a distance of 125 miles,
reported extensive damage.
Court Dismisses Liquor Case on Mo
tion of Defrtiw.
O . the grounds that an illegg] 6C V:A
v-s asm. a im-Xui i.tuvdueeM by At
lorney W. C. Linden to suppress evi
dence in the case of Louis Martin,
charged by information with posses
sion of liquor, was sustained by Fed
eral Judge Duval West Tuesday morn
ing, resulting in an instructed verdiet
of not guilty by the jury. It was
brought out at the trial ot the ease
that a city officer acting at the behest
of a federal officer can make a legal
search only with possession of,a search
warrant obtained in compliance with
rules governing a search warrant issued
in federal courts.
The motion alleged that, on Septem
ber 2tl. fi. R. Robinson and George
Stendebach. special investigators work
ing out of the mayor's office, and
James D. Plumb of the federal prohi-
bition force, searched the cold drfnk
stand belonging to the defendant at
931 North New Braunfels avenue.
After searching the cold drink stand
they continued their search, tbe mo
tion alleged, intv the. privati room and
kitchen adjoining the stand and oc
cupied as living quarters by the de
fendant. There they claimed to hare
found a quantity of whiskey, the mo
tion continued.
The motion asked that the court sup
press all evidence obtained by the al
leged illegal search on the grounds that
the search was an invasion of the rights
gauaranteed by the fourth and fifth
amendments to the constitution.
Agents Find Cases Are Intact but
Liquor Is (tone.
Ry.. Jan. 9.—One thou
sand eases of whisker is missing from
the warehouse formerly owned by the
Orene Parker Company, here, federal
prohihi'ion agents reported last wight,
following a tour of inspection. Aidord
ing to tecords in the office of FMn.er
Correll, district agent, the whiskey Was
transferred to the warehouse six mouths
ago and should still be there. Investi
gation developed that the cases wete
intact, inn empty.
3 p. m. 78 2 a. m SC
3 p. m S 3 3 a. m. BS
4 p. m 84 t a. m. aS
* p. m. ...... St K a. m 68
* Is m 32 « a. in 37
7 p. m. *,.... 77 7 a, in. ...*.. SB
8 p. m 73 a a. m ■ 3S
» P. m 7. s a. m. "SS
IS r. m ss to a. nt 6"
>1 V m «t 11 a. m 82
13 mMnlabt.... Bl 13 m. 64
JAN. 3. 1 p. nt s<
1 a. m -.. S 3 3 p. m. ...... 68
San Anl.nl* and .trinity: Tuesday night
and SVadncaday fair, colder Tuesday nlghl
with frost: minimum temperature 38 to 44.
moderate northerly winds.
East Tuas: Fair and colder with frost
In smith portton except nesr coast: Wed
nesday fair, warmer In northwest-portion.
West Texas: Fair, colder In south por
tion: Wednesday fair and warmer.
St. Loulas Temperature. 88; cloudy: 26-
mlte wind from the northwest; lowest tem
perature la last 24 hours. 88: bigheat. 58.
Chicago: Temperature. 34: snowing. 24-
mllc wind from the northwest: lowest tem
perature tn last 24 hours. 34: highest. 38.
Kansas City: Temperature. 32: clear. 18-
mlle wind from the northwest: lowest tem
perature In laat 24 houra. 82: highest. 60.
New York: Temperature. 34: cloudy. 10-
mll. wind from the west; lowest temper
ature in laat 24 houra. 32; highest. 34.
Washington: Temperature. 38; raining.
J-m Ue wind from the aouth: loweat tem
perature in 'lrst 31 hours. 34, highest, 46.
Everybody With a Wheel In
vited to Ride With St
Onge Saturday.
“Bikes” of AH Kinds to Be
in Parade Out to Brack
enridge Park.
Get out your bikes, fellow s!
Drag ’em out of your cellais, sheds
and garages. Oil ’em up. Polish ’em
up. Pump up the tires. The San An
tonio Light in conjunction with local
bicycle dealers, is going to stage a so
ciable bicycle ride and decorated wheel
parade, the biggest stunt of its kind
ever put on in this or any other city
in this vicinity.
Next Saturday is the day and 2
o’clock tbsrp is the time. The starting
place will lie at Travis I’ark on the
Pecan street side. The route of the
parade will be short so the youngest
rider in line will be in at the finish out
in Brackenridge Puri.
It’s Not a Race.
It isn’t going to be n race, but it
promises to be the biggest demonstration
for the return of the bicycle to popular
ity that you've ever seen. You don't
have to be a small boy to get iu ft.
either. Small boys arc welcome, and 80
era. Aad ...• are mother: l ahd fatnei*
and grandmothers and grandfather*.
If yon have the latest IUI2 mode!
with a big bead light, rear danger sig
nal. brakes and thin racing tires, bring
it out. If you’ve got one of those old
fashioned kind with the enormous front
wheel and the little wheel behind you'll
probably get a prixe.
Plenty of Prizes.
It’s going to be worth ynur while
to decorate your wheel whether ysu arc
in the kindergarten class with a three
wheel velocipi-de or in the professional
class with a machine that streaks along
like a graybound. A feature prixe will
be the Fan Antonio Light Silver Trophy
Cap to be given to the school with the
greatest number of riders iu line.
Fred St. Qnge. probably the best
known bicycle rider in this country,
has come to San Antonio and started
all of this, but there is a good reason
aside front the parade idea. Mr. St.
Onge represents the cycle trades of
America and travels all over this coun
try preaching the gospel of good cycling,
educating young folks into the proper
way to ride a bicycle for health and
pleasure, giving demonstrations in cor
rect cycling and talks on road deport
ment. All these will be given at the
end of the parade Saturday. St. Onge
baa with him three bicycle*, one high
wheel 37 years old. and today it is a
decided novelty when seen in action.
Monday, the local bike deniers gathered
to welcome Mr St. Onge to San Aotn
nio and to lay out tentative plaqs for
the parade Saturday.
Prize List Coniine Up.
A prise list for the riders with the
best decorated bicycles, comic make
ups. old riders, young riders, boy scout*
and lady riders mailing the neatest ap
pearance while riding a bicycle will be
announced in a few days. In the mean
while. Mr. St. Onge will be busy about
the city and probably will be seen at
some of the schools during recess bonra
to give talks on safety first principles.
Souvenirs will be given to all rider*
in the parade and it will be open to
evegyonc with a wheel. Nothing will be
sold and there i* no charge for any
thing. Just get a bike ami ride it. is
all that is netxmsary. Watch the San
Antonio Light for the big bicycle news
this week.
Chicago Police Look for Men Wearing
Trousers and No Coats.
Chicago. 111.. Jan. 9.—Chicago police
have been looking for two months for
10,000 men wearing trousers and no
So far they have ben unsuccessful,
but todoy they arrested Samuel Gins
berg, dealer in tailor's trimmings, in
■onnection with the theft* of ap
proximately 10.000 pairs of pants, val
ued at $50,000 from a local manufac
Ginsberg, police say. . admitted he
shipped 127 dozen pairs of the tniss
ing trouser* to Marcus & Co., of Kan
sas City, but contended he atxjuired
them in a legitimate manner.
The other 8500 pairs are still miss
Oregon Woman and Two Ciildrmi
Killed When Home Is Destroyed.
Baker. Ore.. Jan. 9- — Mrs. Harry J
Fisher and her two children, a boy. |
aged 3 and a girl aged 9, were killed ।
by a snowslide which struck their |
home in Mayflower guh-h. near Cornu-•
coiiia last night, according to news re- j
ccived here yesterday, . ... ,
To Lead Parade on High Wheel
Fred St. Onge and his high wheel,
cycle parade Saturday afternoon. The
bicycles in all stages of their developmen
modern racing models.
British-Tark War Seen Un
less Constantinople
Jpcclal Came to Tfeo Fan AVonto Ligh
and tfep Ch»caco ©ally Newt.
Copyright. IttX f
Paris, Jan. 9.—lt is reported i:
wall informed circles her* that th<
laiusanne conference may adjourn in
iefinitely within ten days. Some saj
that war between Great Britain am
rurkey will follow and other* that lh<
British will evacuate Constantinople
Frost Is Probable During Tuesday
Night When Temperature Will Drop.
Fair and colder weather is forecasted
for San Antonio and the vicinity
Tuesday night and Wednesday by
Meteorologist J. H. Jarboe. Frost
may be expected in the hills Wednes
day morning and possibly in the city
proper. Mr. Jarboe believes the mer
cury will drop to 38 degrees.
San Antonio missed opt altogether
on the high winds which Monday swept
the eastern slope of the Rockies and
Tuesdav were blowing in the north
eastern’ Mates. Moderate northerly
winds are forecasted here in the next
24 hours.
An area of high pressure, not very
energetic, predominate* local weather
condition*, bringing clear skies and cool
However, the feature of the weather
map which ijrew the eye of the former
and the business man ot the South
west was the hint of a “low” comiug
in through Lower California. If this
develops, the drought through this sec
tion has a very good chance of being
broken. Tuesday morning, the chance
for rain within a few days was con
sidered just that—a chance.
The big “low" which produced
unusually high winds irr Colorado and
Wyoming Monday in its ru»b east
ward, was situated over the northeast
early Tuesday. Winds were reported
from 25 to 35 miles an hour, with
scattering showers, notably at Wash
ington. D. C-. and a generally cloudy
condition in the east.
The only winter weather in the
t'nited States thnt deserved the name,
was re|>orted from the St. Paul neigh
borhood. where temperatures were
under 20 degrees. Winnipeg. Canada,
had 14 below at 7 o'clock. There was
a little snow in Chicago bur it was
melting with the mercury at 34.
“Snapshot Sam” Pages Ten Persons
If the following ten persons will come to the office
of The Light they will be given a surprise.
John M. Alexander, 121 S. San Marcos.
George E. Baxter. 121 Hart.
Ed Bricker, 115 Fair avenue.
Mary Crawford, 208 W. Sheridan.
Claude L. Drennon, 116 Diaz.
George C. Holmgreen, 1824 W. Russell.
Horace A. Kelton, 115 W. Locust.
Mrs. M. Nolan, 102 Sharer.
Catherine Smallwood, 119 Ira.
P. A. Walls, 416 Devine.
“Snapshot Sam” has been busy photographing the
downtown crowds. In a few days a series of pictures
will appear in this newspaper and some of the
in the pictures will be awarded prizes. Read The
Light daily for more particulars about “Snapshot Bam.
37 years 018. will lead The Light'* bi
imrnde will be a regular pageant of
it from St. Onge’s old-style wheel to the
Daugherty Given Clean
Rill by Investiga
WzMlihgtor.. Jan. 9.—Attorney Gen
eral Dauglierty was given a clean bill
of health today by the House Judiciary
Commiitee which inve»tigatcd the im
peachment charge* brought agninat him
by Representative Keller, Republican,
The resolution also proposed that the
Judiciary committee be dlscarged from
further consideration of tha Keller
charges and the proposed impeachment
of the attorney general and that the im
peachment resolution introduced by the
Minnesota representative be laid on the
In a resolution which was adopted by
a vote of twelve to two the committee
said that on the evidence obtained it
did not appear that there was any
ground to believe that Mr. Daugherty
had been guilty of any high erime or
misdemeanor requiring the interposition
of the impeachment power*of the House.
Re inforcements for Air and Artillery
I nits Arrive In Constantinople.
By the A»*oetnted rows. _
Constantinople. Jan. 9.-—British air
and artillery re-inforcementa are re
ported to have arrived here during Jhe
past two days. Reliable source* es
timate that the arrivals included an
entire new brigade of artillery. .The
report has not served, however, to quiet
persistent rumors of an impending eva
Foreign observers hare detected n
continual inflowing of Kcmalist sol
diers. dressed in citteens ck><her, who
have been militarily equipnetl after their
arrival. It is estimated that nu»re than
20,000 men are now in the city.
Thore is a rumor of a revolution In
Mosul. It could not be confirmed in
any source.
R<tK«ialc Residents Taken 111 After
Eating Salted Meats.
Rockdale. Tex.. Jan. 9—Six person*
are seriously ill here as the result of
ptomaine poisoning caused from eating
salted meats recently put down in a
new tub. Mr*. Wentzel, mother of Wil
Wentzel, is not expticted to recover.
Ten Men Arrested and Two
Others Sought by U. S.
Indictment Alleges Conspir
acy to Handle Liquor in
San Antonio.
Complaint Sets Out Pur
ported Criminal Dealings
Over Long Period.
Alleging a widespread conspiracy to
handle great quantities of liquor iu San
Antonio, an indictment returned by the
federal grand jury charging 12 men of
Bexar county with conspiracy to com
mit an offense against the L’nited States
government bns resulted In the arrest of
10 tlie 12. The other two arc still
Those nnntteu, are: At Norton. Guy
Chadwell. Verner Chadwell, Chris C.
TegtelL Frank F. Fuller. K. Srhlmr.
Ixhil* Sihteiaer, Ixvi Bt«ven», William
Ervin and Emil Sibenhor Sr.
Deputy United State* Marshal J. E.
Bacon ha* been nt work on the con
spiracy case since the indictment was
rctnriKil last December. Considerable
difficulty ha* been encountered by the
deputy marshal in making the arrests.
United States Commissioner R. L. Ed
wards fixed the bond of eneh nt $2500
Tha indictment alleges the defend
ants possessed grent quantities of liquor
and thnt the liquor came from manv
source* nnd that the conspiracy to
handle liquor existwl from the last
April up until November 1 when the
alleged nctivities of the defendants were
disrupted by n scries of raids nnd nr
rest* by the San Antonio prohibition
enforcement agents.
Month* of Investigation.
For several months preceding
presentation of the case to the federal
grand jury, prohibition agents have
been working to connect the alleged
separate activities of each of the de
fendant* with the activities of the
others. Several of the defendant* have
been arraigned before the United
State* commissioner for violations of
the nationsl prohibition law* but no
connaction lie tween these alleged separ
ate violations was discovered, it Is
said, until a few weeks before the
federal grand jury met.
The indictment makes the following
That on July 1. Schreiner and Siben
hor had possession of 3(X> pints of
That Al Norton, on August 21. con
cealed 4(1 pints of liquor in a building
on Grayson street.
That Levi Stevens. September 4,
hauled GOu pints of whiskey along
North Hackberry atreet into San An
tonio. . , • •
That on September 2C>, Gur Chad
well concealed pitcher of whiskey at
a bar on North New Braunfels ave
That Verner Chadwell on September
28 served a glass of whiskey over the
That Al Norton caused one pint of
whiskey to be concealed in a Grayson
street building on October 13.
('barge Transportation of IJquor.
That on November 1. a defendant
who has not yet been placed under
arrest hauled 20 gallon* of alcohol
from a house on Grayson street to
another building.
That on November 1. Terrell. Fuller.
Norton. Schleyer and a defendant not
yet placed under arrest, concealed 20
gallons of alcohol and 500 pints of
whiskey in a Grayson street cold drink
That on October 20. Norton employ
ed an electrician to construct an elec
trically operated door and false chim
ney, space for the concealment of
liquor. •
That on October 1, Norton employed
a carpenter to make certain alterations
in- a North New Braunfels avenue
building and on a Grayson street build-
As to what is the connections be
tween the eleven separate allegations
made by the indictment.' that docu
ment does not-indicate. Federal pro
hibition agent* hare indicated that the
connection between the alleg’d viola
tion* of the national-prohibition laws
will be brought out when the case
comes up for trial.
Two Defendant* Escape.
Although the indictment wag return
ed ln*t December it has been held in
the vault of the clerk of the United
States district court nntil Deputy
Marshal Bacon could serve the capiases
on a* the defendants named. Every
(Continued on next page.)
City Obtained 2400 Gallons
Last Year; to Get Only
600 Gallons This Year.
Prescription liquor for San Antonio
during 1923 will be approximately one
fourth of the amount allowctl during
1922, according to Permissive Agent
Pfeffer who is making his temporary
headquarters in Snn Antonio while
checking the liquor handled by nine
drug stores in San Antonio.
Approximately 2400 gallons of whis
key or only about one pint for every
nine men, women and children iu San
Antonio, was sold by drug stores on
prescriptions during the last twelve
months, Pfeffer .says.
Although this is a comparatively small
amount for a city the size of San An
tonio yet it is claimed that the amount
allowed for 1923 will not be in excess
of (>OO gallons. There is no maximum
nor miniuium amount al.owcd n durg
store and the case of each store is con
sidered separately when application for
a permit is made.
If, for Instance, a drug store applies
for 100 gallons of whiskey, it is the
duty of the permissive agent to investi
gate the afore and determine whether
the business is large enough to lead
him to believe the liquor is being ordered
to fill bona fide needs. If an agent
believes the chief business of the store
is the filling- of liquor prescriptions,
it is left up to his own discretion to
recqmmend the premit be granted.
Wine for sacremental and other
religious and ceremonial purposes is
ordered directly from the distiller,
Pfeffer said, and is not handled through
the drug stores. There is not more
than five gallons of wine fnr medical
Youth Denie* Participation In Daring
Street far Hold Up.
Mike Sanchez, n country youth, was
ehargetl with robbery by firearms in
an affidavit filed in Justice Ben S.
Fisk's court Tuesday. Bail was fixed
at $lOOO which was not furnished dur
ing the forenoon after he waived pre
liminary hearing.
Sanches denies the charge. He was
arrested iu connection with the dar
ing hold-up of n street car and rob
bery of A. W. Chamberlain, the con
ductor in South San Antonio the
night of December 29.
While on West Houston street last
Saturday night Sanchos was arrested
nfter Chamberlain pointed him out to
Patrolman Roberts. The prisoner was
taken in charge by Detectives Mc-
Murray and Norton. Chamberlain
when asked about the case at head
quarter* positively identified the pris
oner, detective* say. as one of the two
men who covered him with pistols anti
robbed him.
Driver Hurl'd From Seat and Narrowly
Escape* Death.
Allison Gasporn. 35. 918 East Myr
tle street, escaped being crushed to
death when an I. A G. N. freight train,
known as "Extra No. 499.” crashed into
a seven-ton motor truck at 10:10 Tues
day morning at tbe West Ashby street
grade crossing.
Gasporn was hurled from bis seat at
the steering wheel of the truck, sus
taining severe but not fatal injuries.
The truck wa« rolled ahead of the lo
comotive for 500 feet, a* measured by
the police, before the engine wa» halted.
The truck, owned by the Uvalde Rock
Asphalt Company, was badly damaged
and, police report, railroad tie* along
the track Acre torn up and broken from
tbe point of contact to the baiting spot.
Gnsporn was taken to the Santa Rosa
Hospital in the police ambulance.
The train consisted of a locomotive
and caboose and was northbound. It
was in charge of Engineer G. E. Wor
ley and Contluctor J. W. Boyd.
French Army Short on Ready Maney
Paris, Jan. 9.—Tbe French nrmy has
had. temporarily, to stop promoting pri
vates to the rank of corporal because it
lacks money with which to meet the
increased pay for corporals.
Index to Advertisers
Index to principal advert inns in today
Llfht. for guidance of eboppero;
Adverfioer— Tage
Alamo Foods Co.
Amusement* /....
Banka. Insuranqj, Investments,,..
Blum Co.. Emil
Classified and Real Estate 18-1 J
Cloonan A Osborn -*
Dollinger's. Inc. ...\
Federal Baker*
Fomby Clothing Co. ‘
Fox co n
Frank Bros. -
Frost Bros. Co.
Hertsbers Jewelry Co
Jofko Bros Co 8 >-10-1-
K/A M. Shoe Store *
Kinx Furniture Co.
Pepsodont Co.. The <
Postnm Cereal Co. iGrape-Nuta) •
Quonx Fat Grocery Co »
Railroad Lines
Roev Ootica! Co. H. G. .........
Richter** Bakery
Roos Co M. J.
g. A. Printing as.
Union Painless Dentists
Vague The
Washer Bros. Co. .......... •• -• 11-1 ♦
WMte Cleaning < Dyelne Co. E.Y.
Weiff 4k Mara CO. *
Wolfson VW Goods Co., 1nc.....«
TWO CFIMTR p " c °p* ,n elt r vtctnttg
A vr V3-IIX A U rlv , cenl> on tr.ina , n q
Charter Member Describes
Super-government in
Told to Flog Men —Made
Captain With McKoin
an Assistant.
Says Sheriff, Grand Jury
and Parish Officials
Joined Klan.
Mer Rouge. I-a.. Jan.
an anonymous telephone message
that an attempt might be made to
kidnap Addie May Hamilton, pros
pective witness, several men stood
guard today at the Hamilton home
near Mer Rouge and later two sol
diers were assigned to guard duty
dtn that section. Tbe anonymoojL
, telephone message was received 4t
| Um headquarters of Department of
Justice agents tlirccting the assetn
| blmg of evidence in the inquiry. ■
Miss Hamilton is ex|>ected to tes
tify that certain Morehouse parish
men h"4 some months ago forced
' her to leave the parish.
Bastrop, Ixi . Jan. 9.—J. T. Norse*
worthy, who declared himself a charter
member of the Morehouse parish organi
zation of the Ku Klux Klan, asserted
on the witness stand at the open hear
ing today on the masked band depreda
tions in Morehouse, that tbe black mask
was used by members of the More
house klan when they set on marauding
raids nt night.
"When the klan went out on raiding
trips they wore the black masks, but
when they met in the lodge room* Jbey
wore the white one*." Noraewsrth/ told
Attorney General Coco who was con
ducting tbe examination.
“Who was the leader of the khlu. the
grand eyelops, or whatever they called
him?” asked Mr. Coco.
"Captain Skipwitb, we called him,
the president.”
"He was the king of this community
of the parish. His .word was linal.
was it not?” asl.d the attorney gen
"Yes. sir.'
“What was the result of all
raiding? Wasn’t the parish being
trolled by a super-governmentl"
“It caused al! kinds of trouble. The
people were nil torn up. It wasn't
what we called invisible government,
bnt it sure was a change in govern*
“As a mutter of fact. Captain Skip
with told us that if. the grand jury
which was in session failed to bring
about indictments. wb would, meaning
the klan. After I got out of the Mun
they sent me with a bunch of men to
the Arkansas line. I had orders to
flog those men nnd tell them to cross
the line nnd afry across.
"They did not know yon bad quit
“I reckoned not."
As to .the inner workings of the
klan, the witness claimed that he was
made a ( captain by Skipwitb. ami Dr.
McKoin was likewise honored, but that
Dr. McKoin was his assistant.
"Why did you quit the klan? Was it
because they wore black masks?"
♦ Yes, sir, but I did not like any part
of it."
“You mean the vigilantes."
Sent Scouts Out.
“Ob. they .went around in the conn*
try and scouted up stuff and reported
to us what was going on."
"Weren’t men ordered to leave their
homes, weren't others told to dean ui>
their household?"
. "Yes. sir." . .
“Weren’t these orders execute! by
direction of the president. Captain Skip*
“Yes, sir."
"Wasn’t all this canard hy parish of*
fidaN not enforcing the law?"
“ Yes, air."
“As a matter of fact, the sheriff and
other officials of this parish are mem*
bers of the klan?"
“ Vos, str."
“Even members of the grand jury
then in session were members wrr<
thev not?"
“Yea. e»r."
flirt Wa« Kidnaped.
“I think this investigation has the
support of the bett*r element of the Ku
King Klan." safe! Mr. Coco. "1 would
not hesitate to try this ease by a jury
Caused Lots of Trouble.
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