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Silver weaker. .....
Shipment of $162, 277 to China.
Wheat dull. . .
Feed Barley weaker.
Oats continue to decline.
Corn rather higher.
Bye steady.
Hogs declining.
Beans unchanged.
Potatoes and Onions steady.
Butter firm. Eggs and Cheese weak.
Poultry nominal.
Asparagus scarce and wanted.
Cherries, Peaches and Apricots firm.
; Citrus Fruits quiet.
Dried Fruit working Into shape.. .
Provisions unchanged.
Hides as before.
Mutton and Lamb higher.
l*NiTr.i> States Department of Agricuj>
June 24. 1895. 5 p. m. — Synopsis and general
The following are the seasonal rainfalls to date as
• compared with those of the same date last year:
Eureka 46.30. last year 55.20; Red Bluff 28.87,
• last year 22.16; Sacramento 24.11, last year 16.35;
San Francisco 25.70. last year 18.47; Fresno 14.15,
last year 8.53: Los Angeles 15.93, last year 6.73;
San Diego 11.61, last year 4.19; Yuma 2.97, last
year 2.16.
The following maximum temperatures have
been reported from California stations to-day:
Eureka, 60 degrees: San Francisco, 62: Los
Angeles. 74: Bed Bluff. 104: San Luis Obispo, 80;
San Diego.6B Sacramento. 90: Independence,94;
Yuma, 108: Fresno, 106.
San Francisco data—Maximum temperature 62
dec minimum 62 deg.. mean 57 deg.
The pressure continues high over AA'ashlneton
and is lowest in Southern and Central California, a
condition which causes the warm weather during
the past week to continue, except In the neighbor
hood of San Francisco and the lower Sacramento
Valley, where it has become somewhat cooler.
Conditions are now favorable for slightly cooler
weather for Tuesday in the upper Sacramento
Valley: elsewhere the conditions will remain un
Forecast made at San Francisco for thirty hours
ending midnight June 26. 1895:.
For Northern California—Fair; nearly station
ary temperature, probably slightly cooler in the
upper Sacramento Valley and at Fresno; fresh to
brisk westerly to northerly winds.
For Southern California— nearly station
ary temperature; fresh westerly winds along the
For Nevada—Fair; nearly stationary tempera
For Utah— nearly stationary temperature.
For Arizona—Fair; nearly stationary tempera
For San Francisco and vicinity—Fair: nearly
stationary temperature; brisk westerly winds in
the afternoon.
W. H. II am yon. Forecast Official.
NEW YOBK, N. Y„ June 23.—The reactionists
who expected that the raid on American sugar
made on Saturday would demoralize the general
stock market met with disappointment to-day. In
the first place London bought our securities when
It was generally expected that the foreigners would
turn up sellers in view of the retirement of Bose
bery's Cabinet. Again, the better class of stocks,
particularly Lake Shore, developed unexpected
strength. The stocl: named sold as high as 151 for
full. lots, while ordered amounts commanded
151%. These are the best figures for this issue
ever made. The rise in the stock called to mind
that Mr. Morgan's recent statement that there was
a good market for choice securities was not an idle
boast and had much to do with the covering move
ment in the general market that took place In the
afternoon trading.
During the morning session the efforts to depress
prices were only partially successful. Sugar, Ten
nessee Coal and Iron, Susqei.anna and Western
and Leather common receding [email protected]/ per cent,
while the prominent Issues yielded only frac
tionally. The reaction in Tennessee Coal and Iron
was only natural, considering the sharp rise in the
. stock since the infusion of new blood in the direc
tory. In the afternoon trading, however, there
were few signs of weakness, in fact the market
assumed a decidedly strong tone and prices ad
vanced sharply. Sugar, which had sold down to
,112% early in the day, bounced up to 115% on
transactions of nearly 96,000 shares. General
Electric sold, up 1% per cent to 37% on good
The rumor In the board was that negotiations
with the AYestinghouse Company had been re
sumed. This story is received, however, every
time the stock gets active. There was more doing
in the iron and steel stocks, Illinois steel rising
from 74!' to 78%, and Minnesota iron from 64% to
67%. The grangers and Vanderbilts and anthra
cite coalers were in request and closed higher on
the day. New Engl nnd made a sensational ad
vance from 46% to 56% bid on an unconfirmed
rumor that the New Haven Company which, it is
claimed has secured the road, will grant value
privileges to stockholders. Speculation closed firm
with prices anywhere from Vi to iy 2 per cent
higher on the day. New England gained five.
The total sales were 291,775 shares.
Bonds were strong, and sales footed up $1,947,
000. Atlantic and Pacific rose 1 to 51; Flint A
Pere Marquette 6*B 1 to 116: Lehigh and Wilkes
' barre consols ascended 1% to 106%; do s's4 to 89;
< Kansas and Texas s's 1 to 87%: Ohio Southern
I*ll to 89: do 4's 2to 36%: Richmond and Dan
-flu debenture s's stamped 2 to 100; Virginia
Midland generals stamped 3 to 102, and AVheeling
and Lake Erie l's 11-4 to 104. Mobile and Ohio 4's
fell iy to 67%. In (lovernment bonds at the
board $10,000 coupon s's sold at 116%, and $3500
registered s's at 1163^.
silver bullion on deposit against warrants, 330®
825 ounces; certificates outstanding, 331.
Hops—Quiet, steady; Pacific Coast [email protected]
Grain and Merchandise.
NEAV YORK, N.Y., June 24.— Flour-Dull, easy:
buyers holding off. Winter wheat, low grades, $2 70
(_ 3 30: do, fair to fancy, $3 [email protected] 25; do, patents
$4 [email protected] 60: Minnesota, clear, $3 20 _ 3 50; do.
straits, $3 5904 25; do, patents, $4 15(£4 25; low
extras, $2 [email protected] 30; city mills, $4 35; do patents,
$4 80. Southern flour, dull, easy; common to fair
extras, $2 50(23 25; good to choice do, $3 30 @4 10.
Cornmeal— Dull, steady: yellow Western, $2 80ft4
2 90. •■'■■■■...•;>-!•.:■
Rye— Nominal: State 70c. -
Wheat— Spot market moderately active, closing
steady; No. 2 red store and elevator 74c, afloat
74% c; ungraded, 69 _78c; No. 1 Northern, 78% c.
Options declined l»i_2c on lower cables, rains
in the AVest and free liquidations, rallied I%<_l%C
with visible decrease on passage in the West
and local charges, fell oft %(&6/gC on foreign selling,
closing weak at [email protected]%c below Saturday, .with
trading fairly active. July and September most, ac
tive. May, 1896, 80y c; June. 74c; July, 74% -
August, 74%: September, 75% c; October, 757/„ c ."
December. 77% c. '" '
Corn— spot, dull; No. 2, 4534 c elevator; 53%.
Options opened weak and declined I l%c, rallied s*.
@%c with the AVest, and closed firm at x//(A
%c under Saturday and fairly active. September
and July most active. July, 52% c; August, 66%&c-
September, 54c. '
Oats— Spot, active, at I®l%c decline,, closing
weak; options quiet, weaker: June, 29% - July
29% c; September, 30% c: No. 2, white. July, 33c
Spot prices: No. 2, 29y_a30%c: No. 2, white, 33c-
No. 2, Chicago, 90% c; No. 3, 38y 2 c; No. 3, white*
32% c: mixed Western, 30_31c; white AVesterV
2o(&40c; white Sta:e,[email protected]
Hay— Quiet, firm; shipping, [email protected]; good to
choice, 75_80c. ,
Hops— Quiet: steady: State, common to choice
[email protected]: Pacific Coast, 3_Bc; London market un
Wool— Fairly active, firm; domestic fleeces, 15
@19c: pulled, 12®30c; Texas, [email protected]
Lard— Quiet, firmer; Western steam closed ■ at
$6 62%: city. $6<a6%; option sales, none; July
closed $6 77, nominal; September closed $7 asked*
refined, quiet, firmer: continent, $7; South Ameri
can, $7 30: compound, [email protected] .
Pork— Dull but steady; mess, [email protected] 75; extra
prime, nominal. ' ■
Butter— Firm and in fair demand: State dairy,
1 1 (ffl 7c : do creamery, 17%<&1 8c: AVestern dairy,
9<al4c: do creamery. [email protected]: do factory, 8©12% -
Elgin. 18c; imitation creamery, [email protected] sc. ?.'•■*■ '
Cheese— Firmer and in moderate demand ; State,
large. 6%@7%c; do fancy, B fa734c: do small.
6_ «c: pan skims, [email protected] c: full skims, 2 c -
Eggs— firm and fairly active: State and
Pennsylvania, [email protected]%c: AVestern. fresh, lli'-a
12 %c: do per case, 50. /2W
Pig Iron— Firm and in fair demand; American,
[email protected]: ' '
Copper— Steady; Lake. $10 55(8110 66.
Lead— Easy; domestic. $3 25(fc3 27%.
Tin— Quiet; straits, $14; plates in fair demand
and firm.
Spelter— Dull; domestic, 83 57 [email protected] 62%.
. Tallow— ln moderate demand and steady city
43/gra,4V2C; sales 35 hogsheads; country, Ai/.dbVxc'
Cotton Seed Oil-Steady but dull; crude 23 V,c :
yellow prime, [email protected] T' f 7*. ' ,
Rice— Fair demand and firm; domestic. 4i_«.Rc-
Japan, 4(*4y,c. /*<&«»-.
Molasses— nominal; New Orleans 26®
80c: fairly active and firm. '
Coffee— Closed unchanged; : December. 814 20
--spot Rio dull: No. 7, 15.34 c. • '.'
Sugar— Raw, dull and steady; fairrefining, 27/<.c
centrifugal 96 test, 3 6-16 c.; refined steady and in
moderate demand;- off A, [email protected]/ 8 c: mold A
4 [email protected]%c; standard No. 2, 4 [email protected]/8c; con
fectioners' A, 4 [email protected] cut loaf. 5 1-I6®'si4c
crushed, 6 l-16®5i/4c: powdered, [email protected] 1 5-1 6 c'
granulated, 4 7-16<a434c; cubes, 4 l-16_4%c.
Dried Fruits— Dried: Holders of evaporated ap
ples are very indifferent sellers at the moment and
there ls a strong undertone to the market, though
the demand Is not urgent. Sundried apples,
steady. Cores and skins are not moving. • All
kinds of small fruits remain dull and prices are
somewhat nominal. Apples, evayorated fancy,
fl lb 7c; do, common to good. [email protected]; do, sundried,
5_ i/^sc: cores and skins. %@lc; raspberries, evap
orated, 18c; cherries, lie; blackberries, 3i/[email protected]
apricots, 6_9c; peaches, California peeled, 12t014c
do, unpeeled, [email protected]_; prunes, as to size and
quality, 3 „@8 _„-
CHICAGO, lix., June 24.— Russian shipments
of wheat to importing countries fell off . last week
400,000 bushels. This was one help to prices, iAt
the opening of this market to-day there were heavy
rains reported In the Northwest. This was another
of the complaints of too much rain for spring
wheat, which are not generally accepted by the
trade as having yet wrought Injury. If the. soak
lngs continue some harm will doubtless result.
B^t much win djny^ ty> the Qftit west or (en
days' weather In the section devoted to that crop.
Prices opened with something of a snap to them
to-day, but the offerings were of great - enough
volume to check the rise before it was well started.
The business then became somewhat quiet and
took on a waiting aspect, attention being attracted
to the blackboard, where the visible supply reports
were being posted.
When all points had boen heard from, a decrease
in stocks of 1,492,000 bushels was footed up. This
not being quite as large a reduction as had been
looked for, and as the bulls had loaded up earlier
in ihe session there ,was a break In prices of a full
cent. AA'ithdrawals from store, 25,301 bushels.
Beceipts were 26 cars for Chicago and 196 1 in. the
Northwest. Liverpool cables were quiet and lower
at the opening and steady at the close. Antwerp
quotations were lower and Berlin Higher. Sales
of 25 carloads of wheat at the seaboard for export
caused a recovery in the market. Indian ship
ments last week were 1,024,000 bushels. The
English visible supply Increased 1.400,000 bushels.
; July wheat opened at 7014 cto 70%c> sold between
71c and 68% c, closing at 70%<-'. %c higher than
Estimated receipts for to-morrow, 40 cars. Corn
was inclined to follow wheat at the opening, and
an advance was then recorded. The direction
soon turned downward, and the momentum at
tained carried prices considerably under Satur
day's close. A steadier tone, too, developed with
business, presenting nothing worthy of especial
mention. -•' •
Receipts to-day were 143 cars, and 170 are esti-
I mated for to-morrow. AVithdrawals from store were
1 89.433 bushels, and 136,321 bushels cleared at the
! seaboard. Liverpool cables were quiet and easier.
! The visible supply decreased 1,286,000 bushels,
and the market on ocean passage increased 400,
--1 010 . bushels. Sales of 25 loads of corn were re
ported .at the seaboard. The market rallied with
wheat about the middle of the session, and at the
close was unchanged from Saturday. July corn
! opened at 48% c, sold to 46V4C, rallied, closed at
! 48c.
Just so long as wheat and corn remained firm
! oats held steady, but at the first Intimation of
; weakness in them (wheat and corn) oats declined.
j Liquidation took place freely and prices under the
; operation were quite the reverse of strong. Be
ceipts were 229 cars, and 325 are estimated for
j to-morrow. AVithdrawals from store were 62,730
; bushels. The visible supply decreased 710,000
bushels. July closed %c under Saturday.
Flax was steady, cash No. 1 sold at $1 50, July
at $1 20 for new flax; September, $1 [email protected] 24y 2 ;
] October was $1 23 Vis bid. Receipts were 11 CUB.
Timothy was firm. Prime cash, $5 60, nominal;
' September sold at $5 30®5 35: country lots,
$4 50®5 25. Prime clover cash, $9 60, nominal;
October, $9 80, nominal.
Provisions— Offerings of pork, lard and ribs were
light to-day. The Indisposition of holders to sell
was due principally to a firm hog market. There
was no remarkable demand for any of the articles,
however, a dull, steady market being i tie result of
the situation. Hogs were linn and communicated
some strength at the start. July pork closed
15c higher, July lard 2y 3 c higher, July ribs 5®
7y«c higher. Closing prices:
Wheat, June, 69% c; July, 70% c; September,
72% c.
Corn, June, 47y 3 c; July, 48c: September,
49c; May, 41% c. "
Oats, June, . 26% c; July, 2634 c; September,
26y.c; May, 30% c.
Pork, June, ?il 82y 2 ; July $11 87y ; Septem
ber. $12 15.
Lard, June, $6 47%; July, $6 50; September,
$6 70.
Ribs, June, $6 17% : July, $6 22% September,
$6 40.
UNION STOCKYARDS, 111., June 24.— The
Beceipts of cattle were large to-day and buyers held
off expecting concessions. Good kinds held firmer,
however, hut inferior grades declined [email protected] before
the close. .„•-.-■
I There was a good demand for hogs, buyers start
] ing in early and prices holding firm at an advance
I of 5c f> 100 lbs.
Sheep were steady for all kinds, with yearlings 10
@15c and spring lambs 15®25c higher.
I Cattle— Beceipts, 13,000. 'Common to extra steers,
i $3 [email protected]; stockers and feeders, $2 50®4 25;
I cows and bulls, $1 50®4: calves, [email protected]: Texans,
Is 2 25® 5 10. • '
nogs— Beceipts. 8000. Heavy packing and
shipping lots. $4 65 4 85; common to choice
mixed, $4 40®4 75; choice assorted, $4 [email protected] 65;
light. $4 [email protected] 65; piss. [email protected] 85.
Sheep— Receipts, 13,000. Inferior to choice,
$1 75®4 20; lambs, $2 [email protected] 50.
SOUTH OMAHA, Nerr.,. June 24.— Hogs—
ceipts 700: nothing good; market steady. Top,
$4 45 ; light and mixed, $4 [email protected] 45: heavy,
$4 [email protected] 45. Receipts 800, mostly West
erns; market steady; steers. $3 [email protected] 65; cows,
$1 [email protected] 36; feeders, $2 25 _ 3 50. Sheep—Re
ceipts, 900; market stt kly to weak ; muttons, $2 40
I _ 3 75.
| LONDON. E>'G., June 24.— The Mark Lane Ex
j press in its weekly review of the British grain
j trade says: During the past week English wheats
j declined 9d and foreign wheats lost Is, owing to
: heavy supples. California on pas«age selling at
: 27s 6d, hard Manitoba at 28s 3d and Duluth at
28s 6d. Corn and barley dropped 6d. Oats and
I beans were weak while peas and rye were steady.
To-day English wheats were sluggish: foreign ad
vanced 6d. American flour ruled Hd lower and
barley and oats were 3d and corn 6d down.
CHICAGO, 111., June 24.— Earl Fruit Com
pany sold California fruit at open auction to-day as
follows: Cherries, Tartarian, $1 [email protected] 40; Boval
Anne, [email protected] 45; Republican, $125(5/140; Big
ereau, $1 30® 1 35; peaches, Hales Early. 70c®
$105; Alexander, [email protected]$l ; Briggs May, [email protected];
plums, Royal Natives, $1 [email protected] 60; Cherry, [email protected]
$1 25; Boes, 50®60c; Claude, $2; Clyman, $1 85®
190; Peach, $3 10; Tragedy Prunes, $3 10; apri
cots. Royal, [email protected]$l 10; peach, 90c; R. A. apples
$1 70. , . . '
Porter Bros. Company sold at open auction to
day: Simoni prunes at $3 80; Tragedvs, $2 75®
3 50; Clymans, $1 512 05; Japan plums, $2 45;
Abundance. $220,225: peach plums, $310; in
boxes, $130; Koenig claudes, $1 95(5:2 10; ' as
sorted plums, $1 [email protected] 65; Royal Hatlves, $1 35®
1 75; St. Catherines. $1 [email protected] 80, in boxes, 75c-
Brills, $1 45; cherry plums, $1 25; in boxes, 60c:
■ strawberries. 85c; apples. $165; Bigarreau cher
ries, 90c®$140: Republicans, $146; assorted
$1 SO ; Centennials, $106rd>140: Boval Annes
; [email protected]$l 35; Tartarians, SI [email protected] 30; pears. $1 55-
Moorpark apricots. $1 35: Montgamets, $1 25; in
boxes, $1 05: peach apricots, $1 25; Boyals, 85c®
*1 15: in boxes. 65c; Alexander peaches, 55c®
SI 25; Hale's early, [email protected]$l. w
• The National sold fruit at open auction to-day as
follows: Apricots, [email protected] 10; Early Golden apri
cots. 95c: Alexander poaches, [email protected]; Hale's
early peaches, 86c; Royal Hative plums, $1 35®
1 65; Tragedy prunes, $2 26; apples in small
boxes, SOc.
, NEW YORK, ■N. • V., June Porter Bros.
• Company sold at open auction to-day Tragedy
prunes, $-' f>[email protected] 12; Ogeron plums, $3 35; Japan
plums. $3 70: Clymans, $i 6.V5.2 40; Royal Ha
• tives. $1 45®2 10; Hotchklss plums, $2 15; Cher
ry plums, 95c(a$l 50: St. Catherines,' $1 40®1 45
--' Kosnfg Claudes, $1 40®1 50: Brills, $125: figs,
$2 75: Peach apricots, $1 85; Montgamets, $1 60'
; Hemskirke apricots, $125: Boyals, [email protected]$l 65:
'. Silver apricots. $1 10®1 25: Alexander peaches!
I 50c®$l 2.".; Hale's early, [email protected]$l 16.
i I The National Fruit Association said fruit at open
| auction to-day as follows: Boval apricots, 60c®
i $116: Montgamet , apricots, $3 35: Alexander
j peaches, 70e®$l 09; Cherry plums, in 10-_ boxes.
i 70e; Clymau plums, $1 85; Boyal Hative plums
, j $1 053,1 45.
The Earl Fruit Company sold two cars of Cali
fornia fruit at open. auction to-day, realizing the
following prices: Boyal apricots. [email protected] 25; Royal
Native plums, $Us®l 20: Hale's early peaches,
[email protected]$l 10; Alexander peaches, [email protected]$l 10*
! Briggs' May peaches, 95c; Oriental peaches, 85c."
California fast express refrigerator car sold for
' ! $1165 gross. ________
: | Bonds, Exchange, Money and Railroad
yj_y_K_&_^ ' Shares.
I »' Money on call has been easy at [email protected]%%: last loan
j 1% and closed offered at 1%. Prime mercantile
, ; paper. [email protected] 2 , Bar silver, 66% c. Mexican dol
' j lars, 53c. Sterling exchange is firm, with actual
' I business in bankers' bills at $4 88%®4 89 for sixty
. days and $4 89y 3 @4 8934 for demand. Posted
rates, $4 89_4 90. Commercial bills, $4 87y 2 _
4 88%. Government bonds firm; State bonds
quiet: railroad bonds steady. Silver at the Board
was quiet.
Atchi50n............ 10: 'North American... 6%
Adams Express... 149 'Northern Pacific. 4%
Alton.Terre Haute. 82%' Preferred 16
Preferred........ . Northwestern 99%
American press. 112 | Preferred... 3 %
1 American Tobacco.ll2%|N. Y. Central...... 101 %
Preferred...... 114 N. Y. Chlcago&S.L 163,4,
Baltimore & Ohio.. 63* Ist preferred 72
Brunswick Lands.. 2% 2d preferred 42%
: Buffalo, Roch AP..< 21 N. Y. &N. H. .. . 213
Canada Pacific.*.-.. 63% N. Y. A, New Eng. 61%
Canada Southern.. 55y 2 ;N. Y. Susq A W.... 9*54
• Canton Land....... 60% Ohio Mississippi.. .
; Central Pacific 19% Ontario 8
Ches. A 0hi0....... 22% Ontario* Western. 18
Chicago Alton 153 [Oregon Improvmt. 11%
Preferred... ;..... 175 J Preferred.;...:... 35
1 Chicago, B. & — 85% Oregon Navigation. 29
i Chicago &E. 111. . . 64% Oregon Short Line. .6%
, Preferred ::.. 991/2 Pacific Ma 11...;.... 35%
I ChlcagoGas ...... 72% Peoria, D.& vans. 51/4
■ Consolidation Coal. 82 Pittsburg . 167
, Consolidated Gas.. 1 14 Vi Pullman Pa1ace.. .173 "
, C. C.C. _ St. Louis. 46 Quicksilver. 2%
.' Preferred.........; 91 " Preferred.. 17 *
Colo. Fuel A Iron.. 8ead1ng......... . 17%
: * Preferred ..... 75 ißlchmond Termini- —
I Cotton Oil Cert 69 Preferred - '
Commercial Cable. ls9 ißloGrande&Westn 17
Del. Hud50n.......129»4 Preferred..... .. 44
Del.Lack&Westernl62% Bock Island . '" 73
Denver A B. G— ...i 3 Rome Wat A Ogdenll4
1 Preferred......... 46% 5t. L. A 6. W. . lii.
: Distillers...... 20% Preferred...... ;. 16%
. East Term. :........ St. Paul 68S&
, - Ist preferred Preferred ......121%
2d preferred..... . . St. Paul & Duluth 29
' General Electric... 37% Preferred;. .... 90
: Erie '-' : " _• — ••••' _£ St. Paul A Omaha.". 40%
, Preferred........ 20 Preferred .......115%
Fort Wayne... 167 St. P. M. _ M.. - .115
hern pfd. 133% Silver Certificates. «. 66%
• Green 8ay...::..:.. 1 Sugar Refinery. .llsl*2
1 Uw'eui,.... 260 . J Prclerred. ...... 80%
Hocking C0a1...... 9 Southern Pacific... 24%
Hocking Valley... 26% Term. Coal <& Iron. 38%
Homestake ........ 22 - i Preferred :..- 99. ,
H. & Texas Cent-. 2% Texas Pacific. 13
Illinois Central — 95 T01. A.A.& N.Mich. 2
lowa Central......: 10% Tol. A Ohio Cen.... 47
Preferred 33 , 1 Preferred... : 79%
Kansas* Texas.... 17y B Tol.St.Louis&K.C. . 6
Preferred .-. 35% Preferred......... 14%
Kingston & Pern... 3 lUnion Pacific...... 12%
Lake Erie & AVestn 24 _U. P., Den. it Gulf. 5%
Preferred ...... 83% U. S. Express 41
Lake Shore 160y 2 V. S. Rubber....... 40%
National Lead...... 34y_ Preferred 92 1
Preferred......... 90 Utica &B. River. .150 "'
Longlsland....... 85 Wah. 8. L. & Pac. 88,4
Louisville & Nash. 585/g 'Preferred.. 20 >
LouisA'ille ANewAl 93/ 8 Wells-Farg0........110
Manhattan Consol . 113 Western Union.;.. 92%
Memphis <fc Charls. 15 Wis Central... 63/ 8
Mexican Central... 10 AVheeling AL. E.. 15%
Michigan Central. .lo2%' Preferred 49%
Minn AS. L 45% U. S. Cordage 1%
Preferred......... 65% 7 Preferred,. 1%
Missouri Pacific... 32% 2d preferred...... 7
Mobile A Ohio • 24% Southern R. R..... 14Vs
Nashville Chatt.... 68 i Preferred 41%
National Cordage.. Com Cab1e......... 96
Preferred.... Bay State Ga5...... 19y 2
National Linseed.. 30 Am Cotton Oil pfd. 74%
N.J. Central....... 100% U.S. Leather 18%
Norfolk A West.... 3%! Preferred.. 92%
Preferred. ..is AY U Beef 105
closing bonus. .'"-:''•
US 4s, reg 112 IN J Cent' Gen 65... 118
Do, 4s coupon.:. 113% Northern Pac lsts.llß%
Do. 2s ....97 ; Do, 2d5.... 100
Pacific 650f '95.... 100 ! Do, 3ds ......73
D. C. 3-65..... 110 ;0 It ,t N lsts... 11184
Ala Class A 2-5.... 107 Sii.itlronMUien 6s 80 .
Do, Class B 55.... 107 fit 1. it s V Gen 108%
La. Stamped 4s KM) St Paul Consols ...129
Missouri 6s 100 St. I. C. _Pa lsts. llß
N Carolina con .125 : Do, Pac Cal lsts..Ho%
Do, 4s .103 Texas Pacific firsts 92%
SO Non-fund 107 Texas Pac seconds. 30%
Term new 6s FnionPac Ist of 96.106
Do, 55.. .....— • West Shore 45.. 107%
Do,3s 89 (Mobile* Ohio 45.. 67s/ 8
Virginia 63. JR Grande West 79%
De, ex-mat coup. Ches <fc O 55. ...... .111%
Canada South 2ds..lo6%; Atchison 4s . ...... 75
Cen Pac lsts of '95.103 Do, 2d 2y 2 s 27
Den&RO Ist.. 113 GH_S A 65...... 99
Do, 4s 88% Do, 2d ss. 104%
Erie2ds 65 H & Tex Cent 55.. 11l
Kansas Pa Consols 728^' Do.con 65........105
Ks Pa lsts Den dlvlo9 Beading 45......... 75
MKT2d5....... .. 603,4 Va funding debt... 62%
D 0,45.... 86y -Do, deferred 65... . 8%
Mutual Union 65... 110 Do, trust rcpts 6s 6
Northwest Consols.l4o Southern R. R. 6s. 983,4
Do, deb 5s 109 LaConsol4s
LIVEBPOOL, Ens., June 24.— The spot market
Is dull at 5s 6% rt 7%d. Cargoes are dull ana
nominal. ;■".. . • '
The Produce Exchange cable gives the following
Liverpool quotations for No. 2 Bed Winter: June,
5s 5Md; July, 5s 6%d: August, 5s 6%d; Septem
ber, 6s 7%d; October, 6s 7%d. ,
LONDON, Eng., June 24.— Consols, 106*/ ; sil
ver, 30% d; French Rentes, To2f 16c.
Sterling Exchange, 60 days — $4 S8y 2
Sterling Exchange, sight — 4 89%
New York Exchange, sight — 02%
New York Exchange, telegraphic... ' — 05
Fine Silver, spot, fi ounce... — 66y
Fine Silver, 30 days — \ 66
Mexican Dollars .. 63 63%
The Peru took out a treasure list of $162,277,
consisting of $68,477 in Mexican Dollars, $1500
in Gold Coin, and $92,300 in Sliver Bullion.
77V-77 ♦ ■ — l
WHEAT— Elmhurst takes for Cork 67,119
ctls, valued at $54,263. Dullness characterizes the
market l>oth here and abroad and quotations show
very little change. No. 1, [email protected] 2 c: choice, 933_c;
lower grades, 80(&883,4c; extra cnoice for milling,
97y [email protected]$l 02% %1 ctl.
Informal Session- —10 o'clock — December—
100 tons. $103% : 400. $1 033/ ; 300, $1 03y .
Reoitlar Morning wkssion— December— 9oo
tons. $1 04%; 200, $1 03%: 800. $1 04.
Aftkrnoon Skssion — December— 2loo tons,
$1 04. Seller '9s. new— loo, $1 00%- |
BARLEY— Buyers are able to secure supplies at
a slight reduction. Feed, 60c *». ctl for ordinary
and 61 %c f, ctl for choice bright; Brewing, nomi
nal at 67%@77%0 t* ctl.
Informal Session— lo o'clock— No sales.
Regular Morning Session— December— 3oo
tons, 64c: 200, 63% c; 200, 64y B e.
afternoon Session — December— loo tons,
64y B e. '.
OATS— Prices continue to weaken, supplies being
too large. Milling, $I®l 05 f> ctl; fancy Feed, $1
@1 05 13 ctl: good to choice. 87%@95c: common
to fair. [email protected]; Gray, 82y 2 @87y 2 c; Surprise, 97y 2 c
®«1 07% # ctl. . .' • • ■ ...: /*
CORN— Bules firm. Large Yellow, $1 12%<ffil 20
*». ctl; Small Round Yellow, $1 12% _1 20; White,'
$l(a>l 15 -£ ctl. .' • ..:
[email protected]%c asked for old and 87% cf, ctl
for new.
BUCKAVHEAT— Quiet at [email protected] ft ctl.
FLOUR— Net cash prices are: Family extras,
$3 [email protected] 60 f, bbl; Bakers' extras, $3 [email protected] 50;
superfine, $2 [email protected] 50 $> bbl.
MILLSTUFFS— Bye Flour, 3%c^ lb; Rye Meal,
3c; Graham Flour, 3c; Oatmeal, 4%c; Oat Groats,
sc: ('racked Wheat, 3%c: Buckwheat Flour, 4%c;
Pearl Barley, 4%,©43 4 cfl lb; Bice Meal, $12®15
M ton.
COBNMEAL, ETC.— Table Meal. [email protected]: Feed
Corn. [email protected]: Cracked Corn, $24 50®25 50 f»
ton; Hominy, 4y 2 _4%c f, lb. , '• .
BRAN— SI 3 [email protected] 50 "% ton.
MIDDLINGS— SI 7 [email protected] 50 f ton.
FEEDSTUFFS— Ground and rolled Barley,
[email protected]; Oilcake Meal at the mill. $25 fl ton; Cot
tonseed Oilcake. $24 %4 ton.
HAY— New Is low under receipts of over 1100
tons. Old is also weak. New AVheat, [email protected] %*
ton: New AVlld Oat, $6 50_7 50: new Wheat
and Oat, $7(8.9: new Barley, $5 50(ai7 50: new
Alfalfa, $5 sf)®7 50. We quote old Hay: Wheat,
$8 50®11 %*. ton: AVheat and Oat. [email protected]: Barley,
$7® B 50: Oat, $8®10: Clover, $7®B; Compressed,
$8®10: stock, $5,6% ton. -
S'l'RAAV— so®7sc M bale.
•BEANS— 81 25®1 60: Small Whites, $2 65
@2 85; Pea, $2 [email protected] 85; Large Whites, $2 50®
2 85: Pink, $1 [email protected] 45; Beds,sl 25; Blackeye,s3 25
®376: Red Kidney, nominal: _imag, $5 f. ctl : But
ters. $1 75®2 for small and [email protected] 25 '?. ctl for large.
SEEDS— Mustards nominal. Flax, $2 [email protected] 60 f,
ctl : Canary, 3%@3y 2 c fi lb: Alfalfa, [email protected]; Rape,
134®2%c; Hemp, Acifr lb.
DRIED PEAS— Split Peas, [email protected] / 4c; Green Peas,
nominal; Niles, nominal; Blackeye, nominal.
POTATOES— The demand is very fair. Burhanks,
[email protected]$l; new Early Bose, in boxes, [email protected]; in
sacks, [email protected]; Oregon Burbanks, [email protected] » ctl.
ONIONS— Keep steady. New Reds, [email protected]
Ctl: Sllverskins, [email protected] "ft ctl.
VEGETABLES— are lower. Aspara
gus is scarce and wanted. Corn arrives In bad con
dition, owing to the heat. Green • Peppers,
fl box; Green Corn, 12y ®17%c f, dozen for 7a
caville and [email protected] f> for Bay; Tomatoes from
Vacaville, $1 [email protected] 76 f> box; Summer Squash,
26c ■$ box for Vacaville and 40®60c for Bay.:
Asparagus, $1 [email protected] 76 for ordinary and [email protected] 60
fl box for choice; Rhubarb, [email protected] %< box: Green
Peas. 2%c M Tb for Garden ; String Beans, 2®3c
for Green, 3®4c for Refugee and Fountain and 2%
@3y 2 c for Golden AVax; Marysvillo Cucumbers,
40fd;50c ~& bx; Bay Cucumbers, [email protected]$l 95 fl bx;
Dried Okra, 15c fl lb: Dry Peppers, ®15c;
Cabbage, 75c %i ctl; Feed Carrots, [email protected]; Garlic,
2% _ 3y c f, _. '
BUTTER — The market continues scantily
stocked and firm.
Creamery— Fancy, 14c, with small sales at an
advance: seconds, 12y 2 ®13y 2 c f) lb.
Dairy— 12%@13c%^ lb: good to choice,
[email protected]: medium grades, 9y 2 @loy 3 c; store But
ter, [email protected] *& lb. - i
CHEESE— Stocks continue to run large and the
market is easy. Fancy mild new,[email protected] 2 c: common
to good, [email protected] f. lb; Young America, [email protected]; East
ern, liy ®l2%c; AVestern. [email protected] f. lb.
EGGS— Every day prices decline a fraction or so.
Business Is dull. Eastern, 15%@16c: ■ Duck Eggs,
[email protected]: store Eggs, ; [email protected]; ranch Eggs, 15®
17y 2 cfl dozen. „ ■ . .■
POULTRY— Was nominal yesterday, arrivals
being Insignificant. Live Turkeys are quotable
at [email protected] $ _ for Gobblers: [email protected] f) lb for
liens; Geese, ft pair, [email protected]$l 26; Goslings, $ pair,
[email protected]$l: Ducks, [email protected] fi dozen for old and $3®6
for young; Hens, $3 [email protected] 50; Roosters, voting,
$6®7 60; do, old, [email protected] fl doz; Fryers. $4 50 _ 5 60
■ dozen Broilers, $S®3 50 for large and $2® 2 50
for small; Pigeons, $1 60®1 76 for young and old.
Nominal. . >
ORCHARD FRUITS — Cherries, Peaches and
Apricots are firm and wanted, but other Fruits are
quiet and easy. Figs are quotable at [email protected] fl box
fors!ngleand6sc®sl fl ox for double layers. Plums,'
[email protected]$l 25 ft box: Peaches, [email protected] fi box and 65
@85c fl basket; Cherry jflums, [email protected] fl drawer:
Green Apples, SS&HOcfl box and [email protected] f> bskt:
Bed Apples, [email protected]$l 26 f> box and 25® f bskt:
Green Pears, 25c f box and basket: Apricots, 35
®65c f> box and [email protected] fl basket for Bovals and
$30 f, ton to the canners: Cherries, [email protected] fl
box for red and white and [email protected] f, box for black ;
Cherries in bulk, 4®6 fl tt>; Boyal Anne, 60®76c
il box and 6c V. lb in bulk. ; . '
BEBBlES— Yesterday's sales : were ! as ' follows:
Blackberries, $2® 3 f chest: Raspberries, $2 [email protected];
Currants, [email protected] f, chest; Gooseberries, [email protected] for
common, and 2%@3c f lb for Oregon Improved :
Strawberries, [email protected] for Longworths and $2 25®
'd 60 M chest for large berries. • ' .
CITRUS • FRUITS— Navels, $1 ' [email protected] 60; Seed
lings. 60cfo$l: Sicily Lemons, $5; California Lem
ons, 75 :®sl 50 for common and $2®3 for good to
choice: Mexican Limes, [email protected] 50 •' box; Bananas,"
$1 25 _ 2 fl bunch; Pineapples, $4®5 f, dozen.
*PRl£]> EfiUlTSwriraußesa cQsUnuea to char* <
acterize the market. Prunes, four sizes, are quot
able at 4c '# lb; larger sizes. [email protected] fl lb; smaller
sizes, 2y_ffi3%c; Apples. 4®4%c for sliced and
6_5y 2 c for evaporated: Bleached Peaches, 4%®
6c: Apricots, s®6c for fair to choice and [email protected]%c
for fancy Moorpark: Pears, [email protected]%c for evaporated
halves. 3®4c lor quarters and l%@2c for. inferior
goods; Plums, 3®3%c for pitted and l%c fornn
pitted; Figs, black, 4c for pressed and 3%c for
unpressed. . .• , , ..■
Four-crown . loose.' 3%c -ft lb; three-crown, 2%c
f lb; 2-crown, 2c fl ■ lb; seedless Sultanas, 3c
%* lb; seedless Muscatels, 2c %l lb; 3-crown London
layers,' $1 [email protected] 45 fl box; clusters, $2 25®2 75;
Dehesa clusters, $2 50; Imperial clusters, $3 50;
Dried Grapes— iy 2 @18.4 f, lb.
NUTS— Chestnuts quotable at [email protected]: AA'alnuts,
[email protected] f lb for paper-shell and softsheil, and
[email protected] t? lb for hardshell: Almonds, [email protected]%c f lb
for hardshell, and s®6c f> lb for softshell. and
for paper-shell: Peanuts, [email protected] for Eastern and
[email protected] 3 c for California; Hickory Nuts. [email protected]: Pe
cans, 6c for rough and 8c forpolished; Filberts, B®
9c; Brazil Nuts, 7®7i/i>c V. lb; Cocoanuts, $4 60
®5 60 M 100. 7
HONEY— New Comb quotable at 11%@12y 2 c:
old Comb, [email protected]; new water-white extracted. [email protected]
6y 2 c: light amber extracted, 4y 2 @sc; dark amber,
[email protected]%c. ;.::-h: ;.:■;:,■'-..:
BEESWAX— Quoted at [email protected] f lb.
CURED MEATS— Bacon, [email protected] 3 c lb for heavy
and B%@9c %^ lb for light medium, [email protected] 8 c for
light, [email protected] 2 c f for extra light and 12%@13c
for sugar-cured; Eastern Sugar-cured Hams, 12®
12% c; California Hams, 10y 2 @llc; Mess Beef, $7
@7 50 cl bhl; extra mess do. [email protected] 50: family do,
$10; extra prime Pork, $9 60 bbl; extra clear,
$17 . r [email protected]ß £ bbl; mess,sls_ls 50 14 bbl; Smoked
Beef, 9%@10c M lb. • '.•,::
LARD— Eastern, tierces at 6y c $lb for com
pound and 8c Ip, _ for pure; pails, 9c: California,
tierces, 6c for compound and 7%c for pure; half
bbls, 7%c; 10-lb tins, 8c f, lb: do 5- lb, By e %4 lb.
COTTOLENE— In tierces and B %c %i _ In
10-lb tins. 7V . ; ; :. ,
HIDES AND SKlNS— Prices show no change.
Heavy salted steers quotable at 10c; medium. 8%
@9c # lb: light, B_By 2 c $ lb: Cowhides, [email protected] 3 c;
salted Kip, 7c f, lb; salted Calf. 9c; salted Veal.
8c: dry Hides, usual selection, 19c . "$ lb; culls and
brands, 14c $* lb: as they run, [email protected]%Att>; dry
Kip, [email protected]; cry Calf, 20c; prime Goatskins, [email protected]
35c each: Kids. 6c: Deerskins, good summer. SOc
¥> lb; medium. 15fe25c; winter. [email protected]; Sheen
skins, shearlings, [email protected] each; short wool, 25(<i 35c
each; medium, [email protected]; long wool, [email protected]
each. Culls of all kinds about y 2 c less.
TALLOAA 7 — No. 1 rendered, 4i_s>4%c: country
Tallow, [email protected]%c; refined, 6c; Grease, [email protected] 2 %A lb.
OOL— Quotations for the spring clip are . as
follows: Humboldt and Mendocino, [email protected]?4 lb;
Choice Northern, 10 _ lie '0 lb: San Joaquin, year's
staple, 6(§i7c M lb: do, seven months', H(S>Bc; Cala
veras and Foothill, 8_ 10c: Nevada, 7(^9c; East
ern Oregon, heavy, 6©7y 3 c; do choice, [email protected]; Val
ley Oregon, [email protected] 2 c %4 n>.
HOI'S— quote good to choice, [email protected] 9, lb; in
ferior and old Hops, [email protected] '$ lb.
BAGS— Calcutta Grain Bags, 4%c; Wool Bags,
2 4 (a '-'lie. . '
COAL — AVeillngton. $8 %A ton; New Welling
ton. $8; Souihtie'ld Wellington, $7 50; Seattle, $6;
Brvant. $6: Coos Bay, $5: Wallsend, $7 50 f ton:
Scotch. $7 60: Byrmbo, $7 60; Cumberland, $13 50
In bulk and $15 in sacks: . Pennsylvania Anthra
cite Egg, $12: AVelsh Anthracite Egg, $9; Cannel,
$8: Rock Springs, Castle Gate and Pleasant Val
ley, $7 60: Coke, $12 in bulk and $14 In sacks.
SUGAR— The Western Sugar Refining Company
quotes, terms net cash: Cube, Crushed, Powdered
and Fine Crushed, all s^4c; Dry Granulated, 6y 8 c;
Confectioners' A, sc: Magnolia A, 4%c; Extra C,
4%c; Golden C, 4%c;-D, 4c; half barrels, %c
more than barrels, and boxes 2 c more.
Mutton and Lamb are higher. No other change.
AVholesale rates for dressed stock from slaugh
terers are as follows: ."■ -'•; .■"■"■■ '• ,' 7*7 7-. -7
BEEF— First quality, [email protected] / second quality,
4y c: third do, 3<a4c $ ft,.
VEAL— [email protected]; small, [email protected] ~$ lb.
. _ MUTTON— 2 (_sc; Ewes, 4©4% c
LAMB— Spring, 5. 6c $ lb. - '*- ; - : ' '- • <
PORK— Live Hogs, 3c ■£ lb for soft, [email protected]%c for
hard and [email protected]%c for feeders; dressed do, [email protected] 3 c.
MONDAY, June 24.
Flour, qr. sks .. 6.308 Br«n, 5k5.......... 880
AVheat, ctls. 176.371 Wool, bis 707
Barley, otls 8,409 Leather, rolls 105
Beans, 5k5.......'. 489 Wine, gals. 69 000
Oats.ctts. 55-Hldes, no «53
Potatoes, sks 3,200 Felts, bdls.._ 32
Onions, sks 100 Lime, bbls 745
Hay. tons l,l3s:Chlcory, bbls 45
Straw, tons... lOTallow.ctls 86
Middlings, sks I,os7'Qulcksilver, flasks 70
A Nellson * w, Sacto T Flelst. San Juan
A M Meanes, Oakland F A Frehan, Stockton
J H Wat— ins, BScto F W Kropp, Chicago
L (J Kinsey. Eureka C J Vance. Stockton
A Z Anderson. San Jose F a Ostander. Merced
M A Bangh, Nev City CT Bergh, Cal
RII AVllley, Monterey J Gray, Boston
I s Baker. Easton : R B Oullahan, Stockton
C II Devinelle, Fulton O H Maxwell, Cal
AY M Field, San Jose H A Naehill. H L Obispo
N Ii Chestnutwood. Stoc J T Smith. Place rville
AY J McNulty, Sacto , II C Hughes, Bed Bluff -
R T Gray & w, Dixon A Dinerock, Louisiana
J T McCall, Nevada F Oolden. Nevada
J Baycroft, Nevada it AY Tavis, -Minneapolis
S Marks, Oroville Mrs E Pockman, Yolo
J J Brock, Yolo N C Barwlse, Colo
A R Gilroore. St Louis J R Reed, Reedley
(i E McCullough, Fresno J H KhertbA-w. L Angles
FO'Donnell ifcw.Rerk'ly Dr Stephens, Petalunia
Mrs R G Hart, Shasta Jll Roberts, Sacto
W FDreer&w, Phila , J S Cnwin. England
Cap' Webber, London F A AA'eylan, London
a Bullouth, London Mrs FA AVeylan, London
B Mitcht It, London AY Cockburri. London |
IS Macintosh, China Mrs Mcintosh ,V m. China
J M Falsdez, Lisbon J F Kidder, Grass Valley
J E Doolittle, Alta H H Cordingiev.Queensld
E Block. NY E A James, Chicago
L Best, Frankfort AY FArmstrong.Brooklyn
Irwin Bew, Chicago „F AY Bralnerd, Chicago
T Allen A w, London MrsC DLane.AngelsCmp
J W FinUy. FOrdham ' SAVesthelmer.SrJoseph
M M Long, Lebannon F B Long & w, Lebannon
J A Williamson, N A' T E FTegarden * w.Chgo
Mrs AVilliamsoii. N A' Mrs S Drake, Kalamazoo
Miss Drake, Kalamazoo Dr C E Munn 4w,UBA
AY J Green, N C R Van Brunt. N V
G s Weed it w, Plattsbrg A Mac Donald* s.Llverpl
John Flunell, Tehama
F C Watt, Sacto -AD Blckey, Pa
AY F Detert, Zelia mine W E Carter Aw, Stocktn
C R Tilson & w, Modesto E T Purser, Susan ville
H S Rickey, AY Va S Carle, Secto
A T Lipman, Berkeley O Woodward A fm, Frsno
C C Childress, Hanford GII Paucher, Merced
JAY Snyder, Mariposa S Lazar &w, Madera
S Schwartz & fm, Sao Q Lewis, St Louis
Luis Obispo A W Jones * s, Monterey
J E Owen, N V Capt Jorden, Berkeley
A McLeod, Mill Valley C M Lynch, Cal
O O AVebber, Santa Bosa L AY Julllard, Sta Bosa
G W Young <fe w, Napa O North, Salt Lake City
A (> Battersby, NY E AY Bostwick, N V
J G Morgan, AVash L Bussell. Saratoga '7',.
J E Enright, Sta Clara Mrs S A Blythe, Tulare
B S Cautlnh, San Jose (ID Darnln, Fulton
a AY Strohl, Napa C S Fitch, Sonora
G Hueter, Alameda
J H Elliott, Martinez Mrs Kohne. Los Angeles
J Sturtevant & wf. Mich F D Hoogsoat A wf, Mich
E B Conk, Stockton C J ill, Pa
E Mass, NJ H Johnson, Gllrov
J Povler, Alameda P Achelmann. Oakland
C Moore, NY FJ Brlnkhurst, N V
Josie Koutenlk, Camp G Granuch A wf, LosAng
Taylor Miss Graber, Cristle Spg
G R Morris. NY , (1 AY Haius, San Jose
H W Shaw A wf, Omaha J II Clark A wf, Chicago
J F Knapp, Los Angeles AVG Flint, San Jose
AY M Birde, Stockton Mrs H AVard, N V
B Raymond Aw, N V CAY Mler, Sacramento
E I) Valentine, Sutter Cr J Lyndail, London
E Florange, San Jose
June, 1895.
Moon's Phases.
June 7,
Full Moon.
June 15, ".-■,
Last Quarter.
! June 22, |
New Moon.
June 29, •
First Quarter.
Branch Hydrooraphic Office, U. S. N., - *
. Merchants' Exchan-ok v
_ Ban Francisco. June 24. 1895. j '.
The time ball on Telegraph Hlu was dropped
exactly at noon to-day— t. c., at noon of the 120 th
meridian, or at exactly Bp. *.. Greenwich time. ,
a. F. Fkchteler, -
• ■ lieutenant U. 8. N.. in charge. :
Costa Bica..
Del Norte.:....'
Walla Walla..
State or Ca1.....
Santa 805 a......
Fa ral lon
North Fork..:..
Humboldt .......
Alice Blanchard
St Paui..;......;
• Arago •.;......
Mineola ;.....
-Weeott. .;..
£ure_b .-..;„,,
I Panama.... ;........
j Departure Bay..
lUrayi Harb0r...:.:.....
i Victoria & Puget Sound
j Hortlana : r. . .^ .......... .
I San Dieg0................
I Vaaulna 8av..........:.
Humboldt 8ay..;....:..
Humboldt , 8ay......"..:
I Tacoma. ...... :...'.. :.'....
Coos 8ay........;
I P0rt1and..;............'..
Newp0rt. ...:............
Coos 8ay..:.;...........
Humboldt 8ay..........
Victoria _ Paget Sound
C0m0x . . .-. ......... .;
Eel River ;...-.. .......-..'
San Dieg0................
Newport ............
I June 25
June' 25
I June 25
IJune 25
June 26
June 26
June I 26
June | 28
June 1 26
June -27.
June 28
June 28
June 28
June 29
June : . 29
I June •" 30
'June 30
June 30
June 30
June 30
July 7; 1
July m a
Dates or Departure From San Francisco.
j j PIKR.
AVillamtVal Mexic0........ IJun 25.10 am I Bdw'y -
P0m0na..... | Humboldtßay | Jun 25; 2pm Bdw'y 1
Eureka.... Newport | Jun 26. Bam ' Bdw'v 2
Weeott j Eel River Jun 26. 9am Vallejo
Metiowal.... Sydney |jun 27. 2pm Oceanic
Dei Norte... Urays Harbor Jun 27, spm Main
Humboldt... ! Humboldtßay Jun 28. 9am Washt'n
Aztec... ; Panama ;Jun 28.12 m PM SS
Santa Bosa.. San Diego.;.;. Jnn 28.11 am Bdw'y 2
Far-Don... I Yaauina Bay.. Jon 28,10 am Miss 1
State of Cal | P0rt1and....... Jun 28,10 am Spear
AVailai Vie & Pgt Snd Jnn 29. 9am Bdw'y 1
Arag0....... | Coos tiav jun 29,10 am Vallejo
Alceßlnchd j Portland Jun 29, spm! Vallejo
City Everett Panama ... Jun 29, 4pm Lomb'rd
North-Fork. I Humboldtßay | Jun 30, 9am Miss l
St Pau1...... ! Newport .....: ] Jun 30, Bam Bdw'y 2
C0r0na...... (San Diego . July 2.11 am Bdw'v 2
" '. Arrived. V 7-7
MONDAY. June 24.
• Stmr Greenwood. Carlson, 20 hours trm Cleone;
railroad ties, to L E AVhite Lumber Co.
stmr Navarro, Hardwick, 38 hrs frm Hueneme;
produce to, H Dutard.
Stmr Novo, Levinson. 14 hours fm Fort Bragg;
pass and mdse, to J Kimball.
. Stmr Eureka, Jepson, 79 hours from Newport
and way ports; pass and mdse. to Ooodall. Perkins
A Co.
Stmr Pomona, Hannah, 6 hours frm Santa Cruz;
pass and mdse, to GoodaU, Perkins A Co.
Stmr Saturn, Lewis, 11 days 16 hours from
Panama; mdse, to Panama Steamship Co.
Ship Levi G Burgess, Younggren. 22 days from
HIlo; sugar, to J D Spreckels A Bros Co.
_Bcbr Robert Lewers, Goodman, 20 days from
Honolulu ; pass and mdse, to Williams, Dimond A
Co. —
-; Schr Sophie Sutherland. Sutherland, 29 days frm
Hakodate; 309 seal skins, to master.
Schr James Townsend, Jensen, 48 hours from
Fort Bragg; 192 Mft lumber, to Union Lumber
Co. .-.«? . -:*: -;
MONDAY. June 24.
Stmr Corona. Hall, San Diego; Gooclall, Perkins
& Co.
Stmr Peru, Friele, Hongkong and Yokohama:
?•.;.-/;. MONDAY, June 24.
Stmr Homer. Drlsko, Coos Bay.
' RtmrCleone, Higci ns.
Stmr City of Puebla, Debnev, Victoria and Port
Townsend. . .._■;,
Stmr Corona, Hall. San Diego.
Stmr Peru, Friele. Hongkong and Yokohama.
Stmr Crescent City, Allen. Crescent City.
Stmr San Benito. Smith, Tacoma.
Srmr Alice Blanchard, Dunham, Portland.
Br ship St M lingo, Hamilton, Queenstown.
Br ship Etmliurst, Mackenzie. Queenstown.
Ship Glory of the Seas,. Freeman, Nanaimo. 7 f-.
Bktn Catherine Sudden. Killman, Grays Harbor.
• Schr Alice Cooke, Penhallow, Burrards lulet.
Schr Nettle Low. Low, Point Reyes.
Schr Mary C, Campbell, Bodega.
.Telegraphic. •
POINT LOBOS— June 24—10 p. m.— Weather
thick; wlndSW; velocity 16 miles ncr hour.
Movements of Vessels.
Yesterday the ship Oriental was taken toFolsom
street wharf and the Elmhurst, the Glory of the
Seas, the bark St Mungo, the bktn Catharine Sud
den and the schr Alice Cook were towed to sea.
• The schr Magi-ie C Boas was taken to Hoopers,
the bark Richard 111 to Folsom, the ship Levy G
BurgeßS to the stream and the bark Gatherer to
Main st. ' .. ; ■
The schr Robert Lewers was taken to the refin
ery and the James A Garfield to Oakland Creek.
To-day the ship Falls of Deo will go from the
stream to Oakland, the Levy G Burgess from the
stream to the refinery and the Drumates from
Port Costa to Tremont street. • '.',;r;,, :i>; ,v .;
.r .'-;:. 7; Charters.
The schr Carrier Dove loads lumber at Port Gam
ble for Port Pine, 42s 6d, nrior to arrival: Danish
baric Cimbria, lumber, at Vancouver, for Cork, 66s
3d, prior to arrival. ' • - ■:■'■ ,'.'>*«-'
Spoken. r7f'','
June I— On the equator, 31 W, Nor ship Vlldan
den, hence March 4, for Queenstown.
June 12— 5 X 30 W, Br bark , Centaur, hence
March 6, for Queenstown. " .
May 7—2 N 34 W, Nor ship Ambassador, from
Jacksonville; for Honolulu. ■■' - ..vr. ': -.-■»
June. 16—43 X 12 W, Br bark Lorton, from
Liverpool, for Astoria. ' ,-.-, . ■ '
Per Robert Lewers— June 17, 41 07 N 144 42 W,
spoke brig W• H -Meyer, ■ hence June 6, for Port
| Clarence; he wished to be reported all well. June
i 20— Was in company with . a ship heading for this
port, and on same day saw a three-masted schooner
bound north.
The seal catch to May 10, reported by schr Sophia
Sutherland, is as follows: Charlotte Cox .130 skins,
schr Penelope 250, and schr Emma and Louise
Domestic Ports.
TJMPQU A— SaiIed June 22— Schr Lucy, for San
TACOMA— Sailed June 24— Bark Canada.for San
Francisco. -.. "-A_M_~ HSJMf
BANDON— Arrived June 24— Schr Del Norte,
hence June 10; schr Joseph and Henry, hence
June 15.
GRAYS HARBOR— Sailed June 23— Schr Chas
Hansen, for Redondo.
Arrived June— Schr Chas R Wilson,- hence
June 11.
SAN PEDRO— Arrived June 22— Schr Salvator,
from Port amble.
PORT— Sailed June 23— Schr Wm Renton,
for Seattle.
rORTHADLOCK— Arrived June 23— Schr Rob
ert Searles, from Honolulu.
YAQUINABAY— SaiIed June 24— Stmr Faral
lon, for San Francisco.
PORT GAMBLE— Arrived June 24— Schr Spo
kane, hence June 9; schr Carrier Dove.from Hono
Sailed June 24— Bktn Skagit, for San Pedro,
PORT LOS ANGELES— SaiIed June 23— Stmr
Alealraz. for San Francisco; June 24— Stmr Sunol,
for San Francisco.
SAN DlEGO— Arrived June 24— Schr Mabel
Gray. from Eureka.
TATOOSH-Passed June 24— Ship Wachusett
and ship Yosemite, hence June 7, for Nanaimo;
bark Columbia, hence June 8. for Port Blakeley.
ASTORlA— Arrived June. 23— Br ship Sierra
Parima, from Liverpool. >
Sailed June 23— Stmr State of California, for San
Francisco: Ger ship Henrietta, for Queenstown.
ALBlON— Arrived June 24— Schr Bessie X, hhee
June 23.
SEATTLE-Sailed June 24-G W Watson, for
COOS BAY— Arrived June 24— Schr Western
Home, hence June 11; schr Emma Utter, hence
June 13: stmr Arago, hence June 22.
Sailed June 24— Schr Daisy Rowe, for San Fran
cisco. " -
EUREKA— Arrived June 24— Schr Orion, hence
June 15: schr Jessie Minor, from San Pedro. ['- ----■
POINT ARENA— Arrived June 24— Stmr Alca
zar, from Port Los Angeles.
Eastern Portal 7;'.;
NEW YORK— Arrived June Stmr City of
Paris, from Colon.
r'orelgrn Ports. -vi>>7
—Baric Seminole, for Port Townsend.
NANAlMO— Arrived Jnne 24— Bark Rufus E
Wood, from Unalaska.
VALPARAISO— Arrived May 16-Chil ship Hln
dostan. from Moodyville.
LIVERPOOL— Entered out June 11— Br bark
Donna FraneisVa, for Oregon.
YOKOHAMA— SaiIed June s— Br bark Orthea,
for Portland.
HONGKONG— In port May 23— Br ship Alcedo
and Br ship Glonesslin, for San Francisco; Br bark
Velocity: schr Caleb Cnrtis.
SWANSEA— Entered out May 27— Br ship City
of Madras, Br ship Routenburn and Br ship La
morna, for San Francisco.
Arrived June 21— Br bark Ben Avon, from Santa
■ LONDON— Arrived June 23— Br ship Marion Bal
lantyne, from Oregon.
• QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed June 22— ship Alde
baran, for Bristol: Br ship Fort George, for Sunder
land; ,Br ship Hyderabad, for Hull;Brship St
Enoch, for Liverpool.
BARRY— Sailed June 21— Br ship Yarana, for
Aciimili'O. -i.
EN— Sailed June 19— Ger bark J 6 Pfluger
for Honolulu.
• PENARTH-SailedJune Br ship Lancaster
Castle. -.'-. ■ .
FALMOUTH— Arrived June 22— Fr bark Inde
pendent, from. Santa Rosalia; Br bark Kenyon,
hence Dec 22. - -
I■' Sailed June 22— Fr bark Independant, for Swan
sea. ;, ; .-;.- .-' ■ ; '_. ■_-: :\ .' ■::■■'.}.:'.
Movements of Trans- Atlantic Steamers.
7 NEW YORK— Arrived June 24— Stmr Manitoba,
from London: stmr Polarla, from Hamburg. ?.■
HAMBURG— Arrived June 23-Stmr Torio.
COPENHAGEN— Arrived June 23— Stmr Hekla.
SOUTHAMPTON-Salled June 24— Stmr Saale,
for New York. .
7-77 -\ Importations.
7, SANTA CRUZ— Pomona— 4 pkgs mdse. 10
bales 33' rolls leather, 40 puncheons wine, 2 hf-chs
berries. '
: HUENEME— Per Navarro- 4139 sks barley, 54
bales wool, 77 sks beans. ;.S' • ...j.
HONOLULU— Per Robert, Lewers— lo,s6B bags
sugar, 100 bags coffee, 5400 gallons molasses. -
NEWPORT— Per Eureka— 2 pkgs mdse, 18 bxs
oranges. --'> v -
San Pedro— bdls dry fish, 4 bdls salt fish. :• ; . 5
, East San Pedro— lß pkgs mdse, 27 cs mineral
water, 50 cs canned goods.
! Carpenteria— 74 bbls asphaltum.
. San Pedro and SP R R-39 bdls hides, 2 bales
wool. 26 bdls pelts. TrTSlJMbHtilWMWM^l'iWlt's'tt
Ventura— l6 cs honey, 46 bxs lemons, Ics eggs.
104 bxs oranges, 12 pkgs mdse, 7 bales seaweed, 2
bdls calfskins, 58 bdls green hides, 4 bbls tallow, 4
bdls dry pelts, 46 kegs nails.
- I Santa Barbara— 5 . pkgs mdse, 72 bxs lemons, 4
bbls veronica," 20 cs olive oil, 14 bdls pelts. 109
bdls hides, 14 bxs oranges. .
*•': Gaviota— 3 pkgs mdse, 3 bxs butter, 9cs honey. "•
. Cayucos— 2 ; hi-kegs 1 . tub 30 bxs butter, 9 bales
seaweed, 12 cs eggs, 8 dressed calves. 4 pkgs hides,
2 bdls calfskins. '
••- Port Harford— 7s bxs butter, 13 cs cheese, ■' 4 bxs
fish, 18 cs eggs. 3 cs honey, 1 bx beeswax.
. San Simeon— tubs 53 bxs bu tter, 4cs eggs, 8
bales ■ seaweed. 1 coop chickens, : 1 sk abalones, 2
bbls tallow, 5 bdls hides. '■"■
'*'* Monterey— 1 cs cheese.
■\ FORT BRAGG— Per Noyo-48 salt hides, 1 sack
tails, 168 Mft lumber, - 3 Ddls pelts, 52 piles, 2
pkgs mdse.
', Consignee*.
;*-■ Per Pomona— Kron Tanning Co; James Clark; C
Schilling A Co; Mincker«fc Welbanks.
;.;' Per Navarro— H Dutard : Jonas, ■ Erlanger «fc Co.
Per Robert Lewers— Otis.' McAllister & Co; W B
McArthur; Williams, Dimond A Co.
•:■ Per Noyo— W B Sumner A Co ; J S Kimball ; - En
-1 terprist .. Brewery ;. WJeianii Brewing Co: ; Union
7^7v;;--'7 -'■-...
Lumber Co: Edison Light and Power Co.
1 Per Eureka— Dairymen's Union: Getz Bros A Co;
Dodge, Sweeney A Co: Feiling, Cress?y A Co; AY F
Mitchell; H N Tilden & Co: Deßernardl Co: M
BSUnaa; J H Newbauer A Co; Amer Press ;
Marshall, Teggart A Co : Chas Montgomery * Co :
Norton, Teller* Co; AVheaton, Breon A Co; Hall,
Luhrs A Co; Bissinger & Co: Smith's Cash Store;
CE Whitney A Co; Witzel A Baker; Hills Bros;
Brigham, Hoppe &Co: Kowalsky A Co; H Dutard;
•American Union Fish Co;' Sawyer Tanning Co;
Ross & Hewlett ; M T Kreitas & Co ; Fll Haight :
OB Smith <_ Co; L D Stone & Co; Hooker. Co;
Wetmore Bros: J ivancovich it Co; C Carpy A Co;
W R Knight & Co; Standard Oil Co; Immel Co;
AY C Price & Co; Baker <t Hamilton; Sachs Bros;
Goodall, Perkins & Co: Eveleth A Nash : Bavaria
Brewery; Bennett A Murray; H Kirschman
&Co; Jonas, Erlanger A Co; Pacific Coast Home
Supply H Clifton; California Produce Dis
tillery Co; Wm Cline; W F Fitzgerald; C A Par
kin; Neustadter Bros; Humboldt Mineral Water
Co; Herman Cohen; Risdon Iron and Lead Works.
For Lot* Shipping Intelligence See Thirteenth Page.
ifcs_H °- F. WEBER & CO.,
MOO to HOC, Post St.. cor. Stockton
_> . State of California, City and County of San
Public notice la hereby given by the undersigned,
a married woman, residing in said city and county
more than one. year U.st past, that On THURSDAY;
the 25th day of July, 1895, at 10 o'clock a.m.
on that day, she Intends to make her appli-
j cation to the. Superior Court, in and tor
; said • city and • county, at the - courtroom
thereof in the new City Hall, for a decree and judg-
ment making her a sole trader in the business of
purchasing and vending and representing others la
the purchase and sale of proprietary medicine.
The place of the aforesaid business proposed to be
conducted by her Is the said City and County of
San Francisco. That the name of 'her husband is
In witness whereof she has hereunto set her hand
this 25th day of June, 1895.
GEORGE D. COLLINS, Attorney for Applicant.
j-i SUSAN E. KERBV, deceased. Notice is here-
by given by the undersigned, administrator of the
estate of SI'SAN E. KERBY, deceased, to the
creditors of, and all persons having claims against,
the said deceased, to exhibit them with the neces-
sary vouchers within ten (10) months after the
first publication of this notice, to the said adminis-
trator, at his office, room 4, Phelan building. San
Francisco, the same being his place for the tran-
saction of the business of the said estate in the City
and County of San Francisco, State of California.
Administrator of the estate of SUSAN E.
KERBY, deceased.
Sated at San Francisco, June 19, 1895.
MY' KICK A DKEKINO, attorneys for Adminls-
trator, 14 Sansome st.
,«_Mg___ Coolgardie gold fteld_
j__f*_ to (Fremantle), Austra-
** Uli ' $~"~° "rat chaw,
£&? c f' nUNnt |||U» $110 steerage. Lowest
_S?J^^^^air r ' Ues t0 (Ja P etown i
S Australian steamer,
(Fremantle), Austra-
lia: $-2-20 first class,
. $110 steerage. Lowest
r:ues to Capetown,
Ticket office, 138 Montgomery street.
Freight office, 327 Market street.
J. V. SPRECKELS <fe BROS.. General Agents.
Francisco for riorrs 111 Alaska, 9 a. u.,r3H€
June 4, 9, 19. 24. July 5. 9, 19, 24, August 3, 8, 13.
For British Columbia and Paget Sound portv
June 4, 9, 14, 19, ii, 29, and every fifth day there-
| after.
! For Eureka, Humboldt Bay, steamer Pomona,
every Tuesday at 'i p. m.
For Newport, Los Angeles and all way port*,
June 2, 6, 10, 14. 18, 22, 26, 30, and every fourth
day thereafter. 8 a. m.
For San Diego, stopping only at Port Harford,
Santa Barbara, ■ Port Los Angeles, Redondo (Los
Angeles) and Newport. June 4, 8. 12, 10, 20, 22,
24. 28, and every fourth day thereafter, at 11 a. m.
Steamer Pomona Saturday to Monday excur-
sion to Santa Cruz and Monterey, leaves Broadway
wharf 1. saturdavs 4 p. is.
For ports ■in Mexico, 10 a. m., 25th of each
month, steamer Willamette Valley.
Ticket Office— Palace Hotel, 4 New Montgomery
GOODALL, PERKINS & CO., General Agents,
10 Market St.. San Francisco.
a St. Cl Vim AND ASTORA.
street wharf at 10 a. m. every five days, con-
necting at PORTLAND with direct rail lines to all
MONTANA, and all Eastern points, including Chi-
cago, New York and Boston.
State of California sails June S, 18, 28*, July 8.
Oregon sails June 13, 23, July 3, 13.
Fare in cabin, Including berth and meals, $15 00;
Steerage. $7 50: Round trip, $25 00.
For through rates and all other information apply
to the undersigned.
Goodat.i^ Perkins A Co. Frkd. F. Cokxob,
< Un'l supcs., Gen'l Agent. >„■'"
10 Market st. 19 Montgomery st.
:-y 77 French Line to Havre.
River, foot of Morion <. Travelers hv _____g
this line avoid both transit by English railway and
the discomfort of crossing the channel in a small
boat. New York to Alexandria, Egypt, via Paris,
first class $100; second class $110.
LA CHAMPAGNE, Capt Laurent
...June 23, 7:00 a. h.
LA BOL'RGOGNE, Capt. Leboneuf
July 6, 4:00 a. m.
LA TOURAINE, Capt. Santelli.
..July 13, 7:00 a.m.'
LA GASCOONE, Capt. Baudelon ;..-..'•;
V-. .....July 20, 4:00 a.m.
83* For further particulars apply to
A. FORGET, Agent, .
No. 3 Bowling Green, New York.
J. F. FUGAZI A CO., Agents, 5 Montgomery
aye., San Francisco.
WHITE m„™.
United States and Royal Mail Steamers
New York, Queenstown & Liverpool,
) Ing to steamer and accommodations Kasfiß
selected; second cabin, $35; Majestic and Teutonic,
$40 and $45. Steerage Tickets from England, Ire-
land, Scotland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark
through to San Francisco at lowest rates. Tickets,
sailing dates and cabin plans may be procured
from W. H. AVERY', Pacific Mail Dock, or at the
General Office of the Company, 613 Market st.,
under Grand Hotel. G. W. FLETCHER,
General Agent for Pacific Coast.
New York to Liverpool, via Queenstown,
from Pier 40, North River.
Campania. Jne 29, 10 am I Campania. Jy 27, 9:30 am
t'mbrla, July 6, 3 Pic I Anna ia. Aug. 3, 3 p m
Lucanla,July I:'., 9:30 am Uxnbrla, Aug. 10, 8 a a
Etruria, July 20. 3 pm Lucauia, Aug. 17, Ipm
Aurania .....Thursday. July 4. Noon
I Cabin passage isbo and upward; second cabin
1 $35. $40, $45, according to steamer and accommo-'
Steerage tickets to and from all parts of Europe
at very low rates. For freight and passage apply
at company's office, 4 Bowling Green, New York.
VERNON H. BROWN A CO., General Agents.
Good accommodation can always be secured on
! application to WILLIAMS, DIMOND _ CO.,
' • ~ Agents. San Francisco. .
•i ' ■ ■ ■ ' "*""""' ' "--
-8 Atlantic
• ¥_ "■•_£•■''■
Trains leave from and arrive
at Market-Street Ferry.
Chicago Limited.
Leaves ci Very day at 5:30 p. m.. carrying Pullman
Palace Sleepers and Tourist Sleepers to Chicago
via Kansas City without change. Annex can tor
Denver and St. Louis.
r Trains leave dally at 9:00 a, m. and 5:30 p.m..
_^ „1« tI &. IjoBAn ele3 wlth solid trains, Los
Angeles to Chicago.
Summer or AA'inter the Santa Fe Route Is the
most Comfortable railway, California to the East,
A popular misbelief exists regarding the, heat in
rnimmer. The heat is not greater than Is encoun-
tered on even the most northerly line. This la well
known to experienced travelers.
The meals at Harvey's Dining Rooms are an ex-
cellent feature of the line.
v „''? Grand Canyon of the Colorado can
be reached in no other way. -...•■ ■;,-..
,7 Ticket Office— 6so Market Street,
1 Chronicle PuilOlng, '
fortnlghtlv for the West Indies and Mill
Southampton, calling en route at ceroomvn,
France, and Plymouth to land passengers.
Through bills of lading, In connection with th*
Pacific Mall S. S. Co., issued for freight and treaa-
ore to direct ports In England and Germany. . >
Through tickets from San Francisco to Plymouth.
Cherbourg, Southampton. First class, $195; thiol
clam, tv 60. For further particulars apply to
PA-RROTT' it CO.. Agent*,
305 California at.
Leave Pier No. 3, Washington S_,
At 5 P. flit Daily, Except Sunday.
JBSS" Accommodations Reserved by Telephone.
T. C. Walker. .1 . D. Peters.
Mary Garratt, City of Stockton.
Telephone Man SOS Cm v ft v and Imnt. CO.
. Tiburon Ferry— Foot of Market St.
San Francisco to San Rafael.
WEEK DAYS— 7:4O, 9:20, 11:00 a.m.; 12:38.
3:30, 5:10, 6:80 p. m. Thursdays— trip
- at 11:30 p.m. Saturdays— Extra trips at 1:50
and 11:30 P. m. ■ ■ n~ wfntfttam
SUNDAYS-8:00, 9:30, 11:00 a.m.; 1:30, 3:30,
6:00, 6:20 p.m.
San Rafael to San Francisco.
WEEK DAYS— 6:2S, 7:55, 9:30, 11:10 A. at;
12:45, 3:40, 5:10 p. m. Saturdays— Extra trips
at 1 :55 p. m. and 6:35 • p. m.
SUNDAYS— B:IO, 9:40, 11:10 A. M.; 1:40, 3:40,
6:00,6:25 p. M.
Between San Francisco and Schuetzen Parle sama
schedule as above.
Leave j t- ..-»,., Arrive •
Ban Francisco. May 6. Ban Franc ' sco
Wkkkl Sun- _ I t ?^l' io , l Sex- i W"""*
Dayb. I pays. | "gatinatioii. DAYa | Days;
7:40 am (8:00 am ! Novato, 10:40 am 8:50 am
3:30 I'M 9:30 am | Petaluma, I 6:05 pm 10:30 am
6:10 pm 5:00 pm Santa Rosa. 7:30 I'M, 6:15 P»C
1 Fulton, I
7:40 am I Windsor, 10:30 AM
Geyservllle, i
3:30 pm 8:00 am Cloverdale. | 7:30 PM| 6:15 nt
j Pieta,
7:40 am I Hopland A 10:30 AM
3:30 8:00 am Ukiah. 7:30 pm 6:15 pm
7:40 am 110:30 am
8:00 am Guernevllle. 7:30 pm
3:30 I'M j I 6:16 Pit
7:40 am 8:00 am Sonoma 10:40 ami 8:50 am
6:10 I'm 5:00 I'M and 6:05 pm 6:15 pm
1 Glen Ellen. . j
7:40 a»i,B ami " 5f .,.. , ODO , 110:40 am 10:30 AM
3:30 5:00 pm| et ' asto P o *- | 6:05 PM 6:15 PM
Stages connect at San Rafael for Bollnas.
Stages connect at Santa Rosa for Mark West
Stages connect at Geyserville for Skaggs Springs.
Stages connect at Cloverdale for the Geysers.
Stages connect at Pieta for Highland Springs,
Kelseyvllle, Soda Bay, Lakeport.
Stages connect at Hopland for Lakeport and
Bartlett Springs.
Stages connect at Ukiah for Vichy Springs,' Bias
Lakes, Laurel Dell. Upper Lake, Boonevllle, Green-
wood, Mendocino City. Fort Bragg, Usal, Westport,
Cahto, AA'il'ietts, Calpella, Porno, Potter Valley, John
Hay's, Lively's, Gravelly Valley, Harris, Blocks-
burg, Bridgeville, Hydesville and Eureka.
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at reduced
rales. .■ -
On Sundays round-trip tickets to all' points be-
yond San Rafael at half rates.
Ticket Ollices, corner New Montgomery and
Market streets, under the Palace Hotel.
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agent.
■ ITIIKII- r*(irn c»»paht..
(pacific SYSTEM.)
Train* leave nml are due to arrive aS
•SAN FltAN«'l«t:o.
leave — From June 14, 1805. — arritb
*»B:30a San LeandroTHaywards & Way St'ns I »A
?:OOa Atlantic Express, < _leii and East.. I«>S*P
7iOOa Benicia, Vacaville Rumsey. Sacra-
mento, and Redding via Davis. . . . 7:ISr
7:30 a Martinez, San Ramon, Napa, Calls-
toga and "Santa Rosa 6:15 a
7:30 a San Leandro, Haywarils A Way St'na 101 "U.
ViUOa Niles, Ssii .lose, Stockton, lone,
. '■--"•": -. Sacramento, Marysville, Red Blulf
and 0r0vi11e..... g:l»p
•*:SOa Vetera and Milton *7:15_
. I»:OOa San Leandro. Haywards & Way St'na 1 1 1*8 J.
- ; «*:«<> a Ail* Orleans I'.'xjirtisa. Raymond. . •.
(for Voeeojitc). Santa Barbara; ' *'">•
Los Aiifrlen, Hemiiig, El Paac.
Now Orleans and East B>4sp
9:00 a Martinez and Stockton 10:4.* i a
1«:«»Oa San Leandro, Hayw^rils and Niles . . l:4Sp
I 2:(I«m San Leandro, HaywarVls * Way St'na »:43i»
I:OOp Niles, San Jose and Livermore A:43a>
*l:OOp Sacramento River Steamers »n:00p
|lfBop Port Costa and Way Stations f 7:S3p
8:OOp San Leandro, Haywards 4 Way St'ns S:43p
4 :OOp San Leandro, Haywards & Way St'na 5:43»
4:00 1> Martinez, Han Ramon, Vallvjo,
Napa, Callstoga, El Verauo and
Simla Rosa •tlß_l
4:00r Benicia, Vacaville, Woodland.
Knights Landing, Marysville,
Orovillo and Sacramento 10*43*
4:30p Niles, San Jose, Livermore and
Stockton 7:13p
5:OOp San Lewdro, Haywards 4 Way St'ns »:43_
o:3oi* Los Angeles Rzpreo, Frecno. Ray.
mond (for Yosemite), Balteislield.
•Santa BarfaaraWMl l.os Angeles.. 10:43 a,
.' s:3opSanla F«, Route, Atlantic Express
for Mojave and Rust 1 0:43 A
C.'OOp European Mail, Ogdeu and Kast.... 9:43 a
6:OOi- Haywards, Nih-sand Han Jose 7:43 a
:7:«Oi- Vallejo i7:43p
7:Ot»p Oregon impress, Sacramento, Marys-
ville, Redding. Portland, Puget
Sound ami Last 10:15 a,
7:OOp San Leandro, Ilaywards& Way St'ns IO:30p
9:OOp San Leandro, 4 Way St'ns 12:00 a.
HI 1 :15p San Uandro. Haywards 4 Way St'ns '7:13 a
SANTA (111/ DIVISION I. Narrow Waugej.
{7:43 a Sunday Excursion for Newark. Sac
Jose, Los Gatos, Felton and Santa
Cruz t»!A3»
8:13 a Ni nark, Ceiderri l le.San, lose, Felton,
Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz and Way
Stations 5:3«»
•2:13p Newark, Centerville, San Jose, Nee
Almaden, Felton, Boulder Creek,
Santa Cruz and Principal Way
-Stations •11:20 a,
4:43p Newark. San Jose, 1 .os dates 9:30 a.
*U:4sa San Jose, New Ahnaden and Way
Stations *1«43a
17:30 a Sundiy Kxcursion for San Jose, Santa
Cruz, Pacific Grove and Principal
Way Stations ;»:33a
■:13a San Jose, Tres J'inos, Santa Critic '
Pacific Grove, Paso Roliles, San
Luis Obispo and Principal Way
Stations 7:S3p
19:47 a Palo Alto and Way Stations Ji:43f
10:l»,\ San -lose and Way Stations 3:00p
11:43 a Palo Alto and Way Stations 3:39p
"il:3Ur Sau Jose, Gilrnv, Tres Pinos, Siinta
Cm/., Salinas, Monterey and Pacitie
Grove «IO:40a
•:t::tOp San Jose and Principal Way Stations 9:47 a.
"4:801' San Jose and Way Stations *J*:OaA
3:3oi> San Jose and Way 5tati0n5......... •»:I»a
0:3»r San Joso and Way Stations fl::t.V\
t11:45e San Jose and Way Stations I7:4Qr
From SIS FRaNCISCO— Foot of Market Street (Slip s)— '
•7:00 8:00 9:00 *10:00 11:00 A.M.
•12:30 11:00 »2:00 . 3:CO •4:00 5.09
•6:00 p.m.
from OltUSD— root of Broadway.— *6:00 »7:n_
8:00 *9:00 :0:00 *11:00 A.M.,'- $13:0fl
•12:30 2:00 *3:00 1:00 *3:00 rjt.
— ■ — _ *
A for Morning. P for Afternoon. •
Sundays excepted. 1 Saturdays only]
§Tlmrsdaysonly. ♦ Sundays only.
t > Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights only-
<^o^^ V!A
From April 21, 1896.
keave S. F. WEEK DAYS. Arrive S. P.
7.00 a.m. Mill Val., Rosa Val., San Rfl
8.00 a.m. '• •« «• SanQta. «.46a.m.
9.15 a.m. <• » «• 7.40 a.m.
10.15 a.m. «• •' » Sao Qtn. 8.45 a.m.
11. tt a.m. " " " 9.40 a.m.
1.45 p.m. " " '« San Qln. 10.45 a.m.
: 3.COP.M. ■•" " " 11.85 a.m.
" "' " SanQtn. 1.15 p.m.
4.15 p.m. " " " ' 3 05p.m.
6.15r.M. " " " SanQtn. 4.40 p.m.
5.50 p.m. " " " ; 6.35 P.M.
6.30 P.m. " " " C.25P.M.
" " " SanQu. 7.45 p.m.
II.SOr.M. Ross VaL, San Rfl., San Qtn ...;
8.00 a.m. Cazadcro and Waj Station* 7.45? At.
•1.481-.X. " " - " xB.4aA.M,
•Saturdays only. x Mondays only.
8.00 a.m. Kill Val., Ross Val.. San Rfl.. San Qta. ..„..",.-
Ross Valley, San Rafael, San Qlo 8.15 a.m.
9.00 a.m. Mill Val., Ross Val., San Rfl., San Qta
'.- " "'■'.:- " 9.15 A.M.
10.00 a.m. " " •'.-"■ SanQta. ........ •
.... - Ross Valley, San Rafael, Saa Qta 10.60 a.m.
11.00 a.m. Sausalito oaly
Sansahto and Mill Valley 1 1.10 a.m.
11.30a.;i. Mill Valley, Rcss Valley, San Rfl.
-• Mill Val.. Ross Val., San Rfl., San Qtn. 12.10 p.m.
12.30r.M. " :••;
•• •_.„»,■ - "-■''• SanQtn.... I.o3p_T.
Mill VaL, Boss V»l., Sin Ril 2.05 p.m.
;•„•••• !! " " 3.30 p.m.
1.30 P.M. " .. .. SanQta.. 4.55pji.
2.16 P.M. •• «. » - _.. 6.3OPJC.
f.O'f.at. _ •»." •• . << •« * 7 oop «
6.30 P.M. «♦ « M " '- - «
CAuv.H. " «« <« *"""*" *!.*"""
• • • • .... Ross Valley and San Rafael '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. &i Dr
r2_ * l 9laX |W Csrsdero aad Way Itas. 8.16P*.
* " -J.?**" ?«*l*ijw ia4.«jSUi_aj M ,. lc 7,„P
'■ '■ ->:-. '-.■ - ■ • -**- i,p *

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