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Silver lower.
Heavy ex|»rt of Mexican Dottws.
Wheat a fraction off.
Feed Barley weaker..
Oats and Rye quiet.
Heavier receipts of Corn.
Dried Peas nominal.
Hay weak.
Beans and Middlings steady.
Lima Beans lower.
Potatoes selling cheaper.
Onions weak and plentiful.
Butter steady. Cheese lirm.
Eastern Eggs higher.
Poultry in excessive supply. •
Considerable change in Vegetables.
Cranberries lower.
(•rapes quiet and unchanged.
Dried Fruit still dull.
Raisins coming in heavily.
No change in Hides.
I'nited States Department op AGRicm,
TT-RK, WK\THKR bureau, san' frakcißco, octo
ber 14, 1895, b r. M. — Weather conditions and gen
crai foreca*: :
The following are the seasonal rainfalls to dat<
as compared with those of tbe.tam* date last sea
son: F.ureka 3.27, last season 2.01: Red Blu£
1.92, last season 1.22; San Francisco .78, last sea-
1.05: Fresno .07, last season .75: San Luis
Obispo trace, last season 1.91 : Los Angeles trace
last ■own .74: San J<lego .01. last season .05
Yuma .02, last season .97.
The following maximum temperatures are re
ported to-day from stations In California: Eureki
64. Hed Bluff 94. San Francisco 62, Fresno 84. lu
oepenaence 80, San Luis Obispo 76, Los Angele
76. San Diego 68, Yuma 96.
' r-an Francisco data: Maximum temperature
62. minimum 61, mean 36.
An area of high pressure has moved rapidly ir
the past twenty-four nours from the coast of Brl
tsh Columbia southeastward Into Montana. Th
pressure which hart risen rapidly in Idaho and
Washington during the night has fallen rapidl
along the Washington coast to-<lay. High easterl
winds prevail on the Washington coast. The
pressure has fallen slightly in .Northern California.
The sky Is cloudy at Fresno. A trace of rain ha
fallen at San Luis Obispo. and the conditions are
tavorable for scattered very light sprinkles of rai
in the upper portion of the San Joaquin Valley to
night. It is hardly believed, however, that the
will be sufficient to interfere with the drying o
raisins. There has been a rapid rise in the tem
perature in the Sacramento Valley to-day, but th
rise will be checked Tuesday.
Forecast made a'. >nn Francisco for thirty
hoiirs ending at midnight October 15, 1895:
For Northern California— Partly cloudy ; probably
slightly cooler iu the Sacramento Valle- and
warmer in iho southeast portion; fresh southerly
winds In the north portion.
For Southern California— Generally fair: station
ary temperature; fresh westerly winds along the
' For Nevada— Fair: stationary temperature.
For Utah— Fair; slightly warmer.
For Arizona— l'robably fair, though .somewhat
threatening in the easi portion; stationary tem
For San Francisco and vicinity— Fair; somewhat
■warmer; fresh southerly winds.
W. 11. Hammon, Forecast Official.
NKW VORK, N. Y.. Oct. 14.— Speculation at
the Stock Exchange was quiet to-day. Less than
165.000 shares of stock changed hands, and of this
34,200 were Chicago Gas, 21,000 leather common
snd preferred and 12.200 St. Paul. At the open
ing the market was strengthened by reports from
Chicago that the Wesiern Freight Association had
agreed to restore rates on November 1, and that
r.egotlatiens were on foot looking to an adjustment
of tut ro'innv;o ltailway differences. The fact that
the forttujrl.tly settlement in London was progress-
Ing favorably also had a good effect during the
morntntr session. The improvement at this time
was equal to [email protected] per cent, Lackawanna, Chicago,
the Grangers, Sugar, Louisville and Nashville and
the Southwestern all participating in the upward
. Before midday, however, the buying fever
abated, and trom the time mentioned on the ten
dercy of the market was downward. Chicaeo Gas,
which had sold up to 71ig. fell to 68*54®58%- It
was announced that the Flower-Brady reorganiza
tion committee h:id secured sufflcieat'stock under
Its call for deposits with the Central Trust Com
var.y to make application to have the crrtifleates
listed at the Stock Kxchange. A member of the
firm credited with taking the initiative in the worjc
of bringing the company in line with the laws of
Illinois was a seller of puts on the stock 10-day at
65. Leather preferred was more active, and after
falling 2 per cent to 78*i, rallied to [email protected] A
story was current tlia the concern had secured
the control of certain important outside tanneries,
but this was subsequently denied.
Brokers stated that the stock is more easily ob
tainable for borrowing purposes than at any time
since it has been listed at the board. In the rail
way list Manhattan developed weakness and fell
from 111 to 109Wajl09i/-s, while Chicago and
Eastern Illinois preferred rose l' : 4 to 102%. The
gentral railway list was dull and featureless after
the spurt at the opening, and. in common with the
industrials, closed rather weak. Net losses for the
day were ig'al l^ per cenl. Bonds were Irregular,
but in the main lower. Sales were $1,619,000.
Baltimore and Ohio fives fell 1 to 111; Brooklyn
Elevated firsts, 1V S to 104y ; Cincinnati, Dayton
and Irqnton lives, 2 io 110; International and
Great Northern seconds. Vis to 771/4: Northern
Pacific Colorado Trust sixes, 1 to 83, and Texas
Pacific firsts. 1 to 901.4.
Atchison, Colorado and Pacific sixes rose 1% to
44 7 O ; Duluth and Iron rani>- fives l"'g to 10*s/g:
K>risas I'acirlc consols certificates 1 toßsy a : Lex
ington and Pacific ferry fives 1 to 112: Susque
bahna and Western refunding fives. 1 1' 2 to 1031/3;
Oregon Short Line consol fives ceriflcates, 2i£ to
t>4, and do. Colorado Trust fives, 3V* to 36Vi.
In Government bonds at the board $500 coupon
fours of 1907 sold it: 112 V*.
The Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis road
bas declared a quarterly dividend of 1 per cent,
payable November 1.
The Mercantile Safe Deposit Company reports
Silver bullion on hand, 146.536 ounces; deposited,
none; withdrawn, none; certificates outstanding,
148. ;
Grain and Merchandise.
NEW YORK. N. Y.. Oct. 14.-Flour quiet: win
ter wheat firm; spring do, steady. Winter wheat-
Low erodes, $2 [email protected] 60; do, fair to fancy, $2 SO
@4 50: do, patents. $3 [email protected] 76: Minnesota clear,
$2 [email protected] 25: do straights, $3 L'[email protected] 50: do patents,
*3 [email protected] 20: low extras, $2 [email protected] 60; city mills,
$3 [email protected]; do patents, $ 4 [email protected] 45; Southern flour,
quiet, steady; common to fair extra, $2 [email protected] 80;
good to choice do, $2 [email protected] 30.
Cornmeal— Dull, steady. Yellow Western, $2 60
@2 65.
■ Kye— Nominal. No. 2 Western, [email protected] in store;
State and Jersey, [email protected]
ftt ßarley— Nominal; No. 7 Milwaukee, 46®50c:
. Western, 45«0.:>0f .
Wheat— Spot market, dull, lower: No. 2 red, In
store and elevator. 67%c: afloat, 6834c; f. o. b.,
asy 8 c: No. 1 Northern. 66%c
Options opened steady a: 13/ 8 decline on reports
of heavy receipts northwest; rallied on better ca
bles: fell on the big increase on passage and clos^
at Vic below Saturday, with a light local trade. De
cetuoer and May mo3t ive. Sales Included No. 2
red January. 67y 8 c: March. 69 c: May, 70c;
October, 65 %c: December, 66%c.
Corn— Spots steadv. moderately active: No. 2,
S7%c elevator: ;s8»/sc afloat. ' Options were quiet
and i. B ai,i lower, with free receipts and increase
. afloat lor Europe, closing steady. May and Octo
ber most active. 0ct0ber,365,%c: November, 3514c:
December, 35c: May, 355/
. Oats— Spots firm(-r, fairly active. Options dull,
easier: October, 2SS/ 8 c; November, 23V2C: Decem
ber, 28%c; May, 25Vj»c. Spot prices: No. 2. 24y c;
No 2 White, 25V*c; No. 2 Chicago, 25y 2 c: No. 3.
2»%c; No. 3 White. 24c: Mixed Western, [email protected];
Whfte do, 25®30c: White State, [email protected]
Plgiroii-Firm, fairly active. American. [email protected]
14 50.
Copper— Quiet. Lake. $I*.'@l2 25.
Lead— Quiet. Domestic. $3 40.
Tin-easier. Straights, $14 [email protected] 80. Piates,
Spelter— Dull. Domestic, $4 [email protected] 20.
. Hops— Steady: moderate demand. State, com
wou io choice, [email protected]; new. [email protected]; Pacllic Coast,
[email protected] London market unchanged.
Wool — Quiet, firm: Domestic fleece, 16©22c;
puiled, 15(a.i-lc; Texas, 9(g,13c.
Lard— Firmer, quiet. City. $6 [email protected] 80: October
closed at $0 15 nominal: refined, quiet; Conti
nent. $6 50; 8. A.. $6 85: compound, 8 (a4%-
I'ork — Firm, fair demand. Aless, *9 76©10.
Butter— Fair ciemar.d unchanged.
if-sc-Mrm, moderate demand. State, large,
6Vi(£t9c: do fnncy, 8!>4(a9(.-: do small, 7&10c; part
BkKiis, 3%@7V 2 c: lull skims, 2%@3c.
f'Kes-Fancr choice, firm: Mate and Penn
■ylVKDta. [email protected]: icehouse. [email protected]: Western
fresh. [email protected]: do ?l case, [email protected]
Tallow— Firm, light supply. City. 4S' a c- country
*S/g(£,4 %C.
Cottonseed Oil— Slow, firm. Crude, [email protected]
yellow prime, 27^@28c: do, good off graaeT27c'.
H,( — >readv, fair demand. Domestic, 3<<.»ra.6c-
Japan, Stj*®B»4c. /4W '
Mo'.hssos— Firm. Forfign nominal; New Or
leans open kettle, 26&32c.
' Coffe*— Closed dull, unchanged to 5 points down
November, $15 20; December. $15 10: Januarv
*I4 95: March. $1470: May, $14 35 Spot Kio
duU.Kttady: No. 7, 16®18
. Sugar— Kaw dull, sieady. Fair refining. 3V*c
reiitnfuguls. 96 test, 3%<\ Kefined quiet, steady •
off A. 4s/,@4 9-16c: mold A. 5 l-16c; standard a'
4 13-16c; confectioners' A, 4 11-lCc; cut loaf and
onished. 5 7-16c; powdered aud cubes, 5 l-16c
. granulated, 4 [email protected] l-16c.
CHICAGO, li.i., Oct. 14.— usual Jlonday
statistics on Wheat swayed' the market for that
grain to-day. The amount on passage crushed a
firm feeling which had developed after the open
ir.r. Mocks in ocean transit were reportea at
'. B^o,(K>o bushels greater than last Monday, the
crowtt selling unhesitatingly when the figures were
ascer ained. The opening of the market was
, lower. Chicago had 442 cars when 350 had been
estimated, 'while the Northwest had 2008 cars.
, Withdrawals from store were 65,349 bushels.
Liverpool cables were called steady, but quotations
were lower. The. visible supply Increased 2.649,
--000 bnslielis, which was larger than expected and
ave the I tone further weakness, but a prominent
commission, house was evidently weil supplied
m v i. b»ij lai orilera, which eventually made thein
sel vf s felr, prices recovering for a time. *
Lo.ver Continental cables— Paris showing a de
run.- of from JO to 39 centimes and Berlin of from
. ■* '■'■ - J /4 produced a rather unsteady feel-
Ui«whea iney were po»ted. It wa» reported that
the world's shipments to importing countries last
week would aggregate 8,250,000 bushels, of which
India contributed 136,000 bushels and Argentine
8000 bushels. Export clearances were light at
193,910 bushels. The English visible supply de
creased 307,000 bushels. I The close was steady at
quotations a little above the Inside. December
wheat opened from 6014c to 60V B c, Bold between
60&hC and @60c, closing at 60i/B<\ 3/i.c under
Saturday. Estimated receipts for to-morrow 325
Corn maintained Its reputation' for Inactivity.
Prices moved scarcely any, but very moderate
fluctuations that were noted indicated sympathy
with w'heat. Receipts were 684 cars, 34 more than
expected, and inspections from s ore amounted to
894,076 bushels. Liverpool cables were quiet,
with futures notably i.4d lower. The visible sup
plv decreased 39.000 bushels and the amount on
ocean passage increased KO.OOO bushels. Argen
tine shipments of corn were 608,000 bushels last
week. May corn opened at 29ysc, sold a 2914c,
closing at 29VgC, unchanged from Saturday. Es
timated receipts for to-morrow, 650 cars. •
Oats— Remained steady, but as to business there
was nothinir to ' speak of. Very few orders were
executed, and only small amounts were traded in
at any time. Receipts were 664 cars and 111,890
bushels were taken from store. The visible sup
ply Increased 593.000 bushels. May oats closed
unchanged from Saturday. Estimated receipts for
to-morrow, 340 cars.
Flax— Was firm. Cash No. 1, 95c: October,
94%@94c: December, 9by<>@9!>y±c; May, $1 OlVi
@1 01%. Receipts were 245 cars.
Provisions— To-day was another dull one in the
speculative market. The opening quotations were
fractionally higher on an advance of 5c In hogs,
but trades were few and far between, and not
much variation from the starting point took place
I later. January pork closed 12y c hicher, January
lard 5c higher'and January ribs V«©sc higher.
Closing prices:
Wneat— October, 69Vs c : December, 601/sOs May,
October, 28c; December, 27'/»c; May,
Oats— October, l"84c; December, 17%c; May,
20S/ B e.
October, $8 45; January, $9 60; May,
$9 85.
Lard— October, $5 75; January, £5 82%; May,
$5 97%.
Ribß— October, $5 25: January, $4 85.
Business iu the butter market was satisfactory
to-day. The feeling was firm and some dealers
were trying to force an advance. All grades were
in good -demand, tine makes especially so. Prices
were unchanged.
Eggs were lirm. The demand was good, but
mainly local. Arrivals were moderate, no im
i provement in the stock being noticeable. Fresh
stock sold at [email protected]%c per do^en.
Money was 6 per cent on call and 6 per cent on
time, with a firm feeling. New York exchange sold
at 30c discount.
UNION STOCKYARDS. 111.. Oct. There
was an oversupply of common and medium grades
of cattle to-day and prices averaged lower. Choice
were steady, while other kinds declined [email protected]
per 100 lbs. Offerings of hogs were smaller and
the quality better. The demand from all sources
was good, ana prices were 6c higher. The offer
ings of sheep and lambs were only fair. The best
kinds were steady, but other descriptions were
slow and [email protected] lower.
Cattle— Receipts, 25.000; common to extra steers,
i S3 [email protected] 50: stockers and feeders, $2 [email protected];
! cows and bulls, $1 [email protected] 75: calves, $2 sOf<a6: Tex
• ans, $1 [email protected]: Western ranpers. $2 [email protected] 40.
Hoes— Receipts, 31,000: heavy packing and ship
ping lots, if 3 .5(4(4 "-0; common to choice mixed,
S3 7d<a4 25: choice assorted, $4 [email protected] 20; light,
$3 65(g»4 2&; pigs, [email protected] 10.
Sheep— Receipis, 30,000: Inferior to choice, $1 25
@3 50: lambs, [email protected] ' :.
CHICAGO, 111., Oct. 14.— Porter Bros. Com
! pany sold to-day at open auction : Pears— Nellis,
i [email protected]; Olout Morceau, [email protected] 25: Easter
| Beurre, $1 [email protected] 80. Grapes— Cornichon,
$1 80, half-crates, 95c: crates Tokays, $1 [email protected] 65,
*alf-crate3, [email protected]; crates Muscat, $1 [email protected] 25,
half-crates, [email protected] Quinces, $1 35 @ 1 45.
Peaches— Clings, [email protected]?l 05; Salways. *1.
The Earl Fruit Company sold California fruit
to-day at open auction, realizing prices as follows:
! Grapes— Tokays, half-crates, [email protected]$l 20; Verdell,
j half-crates, 70c: Muscats, half-crates, [email protected]:
I Coru'.chons, half-crates, [email protected] 05; Malaga, half
' crates. 90c @ $105. Pears —P. Barry, $190;
| Beurre Diel, $155; Beurre Clairgeau, ¥2 i:0;
1 Keifer, $1 60: E. Beurre, $1 60; Glout Morceau,
'■■ $1 45. Quinces, $1 40.
.NEW YORK, N. Y., Oct. 14.— Porter Bros. Com
pany sold to-dar at open auction: Pears— Glout
Morceau, $2 [email protected] 35: Winter Nellts, $2 [email protected] 20.
! Grapes— Crates, Tokays, $2 10(22 20: half-crates,
I / B'>c: half-crates Muscats, 70c. Plums—
late reds, $1 [email protected] 65. Peaches— Salways, 90c(&
; 115.
i The Earl Fruit Company sold California fruit at
| open auction to-day, realizing the following prices:
i Grapes— Tokay. $'[email protected] 35; half-crates, [email protected] 15;
] Cornichons, $2 05(0,2 75: -crates, [email protected];
I Muscats, half-crates, $1 05.
< Bonds, Exchange, Money and Railroad
■ Money on call firm at [email protected]%X: last loan at iy%\
i and closed offered at 'iy*% Prime mercantile paper,
r>i,[email protected]?. Bar silver, 6Hc. Mexican dollars,
53%c. Sterling exchange is lirm, with actual
busiuess in bankers' bills at $4 Bt>3, @4 87 for
: 60 days and $4 87y @4 87% for demand. Posted
I rates, $4 [email protected] 88. Commercial bills, $4 853/i®
4 86*4. Government bonds easier; State bonds
steady: railroad bonds easier, Silver at the board
j was quiet.
Am Tel A Cable.... 96 | Norfolk A West.... 38^
j Atchlson 2iy 8 Preferred. .... 148/
Preferred 32 North American... .6%
Adams Express. ..lso Northern Pacific. 4i^ 8
Alton.TerreHaute. 60 Preferred 18Va
American Express.ll6 Northwestern 1063,.
American Tobacco. 96y Preferred 147'
Preferred 105 N. Y. Central 10114
! BayStateGas 24 N. Y. Chlcago<feS.L l*Vi
i Baltimore A Ohio.. 60Va Ist preferred 65
I Brunswick Lands.. I 1 2d preferred. 29
\ Buffalo, Roch dt P. 23 N. Y. <fc N. H.. . 185
I Canada Pacific... 60%' N. Y. <fc New Eng. 613,4
I Canada Southern.. 65 N. Y. Susq W... 12&S
j Canton Land 60 7 /g| Preferred. 36
Central Pacific lSViOntarlo 9%
Ches. A Ohio 19Vb Ontario A Western. 18%
j Chicago Alton 163 Oregon Improvmu 6%
' Preferred 173 Preferred 36'
Chicago, B. AQ — B,*) y 2 Oregon Navigation, 24
j Chicago E. 111... 49 Oregon Short Line. 11
Preferred lO2y Pacific Mall 30.%
ChlcagoGas Peona, D.<fe Evana. 5y
Cleve* P.tlsburg.l6s jFittsburg <fe W pfd. 31
I Consolidation Coal. -2 jPuHman Palace. ..l7l
Consolidated Gas.. 146Vs Quicksilver. 314
I C. C. C. & St. Louis. 44%! Preferred. I6UI
Prefem-d 94 IReacung '-03,.
I Colo. Fuel A Iron.. 37Vi'RioGrande&Westn 17
Preferred U6 | Preferred 41
I Cotton Oil Cert 22 Rock Inland 77 ■
i Commercial Cable. 160 RomeWat <&Ogdenll7%
Del. Hudson ...... 132ya St. L.& 3. W...... 73 /8
Del.Lack(fcWesternlt>7 Preferred 163/.
Denver&R.G 16ViSt.Paul 765/g
hreierrea 53 Preferred 126%
. Distillers..... i!3 3 ,i St. Paul A Duluth. 31
General Electric... 375/g Preferred 91
! Erie 12 ,St. Paul A Omaha.. 431.4
Preferred.. ; 24y 2 ! Preferred 121
; Fort Wayne.. 165 St. P. M. 4 M......113
GreatNorthernpfd.l24 'Silver Certlflcat.... 68s/,
i Gr»-en Bay y» Southern Pacific... 2*y
j Harlem :....„. 260 Southern R. R 123 /8
' Hocking Coal 2y 2 ! Preferred 37»4
Hocking Valley... 23 Bugar Refinery.. ..loß42
' Homestake 30 | Preferred. 101
iH. A Texas Cent_. 2% Tenn. Coal A Iron. 42%
! Illinois Central 100 Preferred 101'
i lowa Central....... 10% Texas Pacific 110
Preferred 35 Toi.A.A.4 N.Mich. 1/.
'■ Kanna« A Texas... 17V4 Tol. <fc Ohio Cen.... 6
Preferred 3t>% i Preferred 77
Kingston Pem... 8 |Tol.St.Louls&K.a 10
I Lake Erie Westn 2;sy Preferred 10
I Preferred 77 Union Pacific 15y-
Lake 5h0re... .....1 501,4 U. P.. Den. A Golf. 63/
--, Kauonai Lead 34 IU.I U. S. Cordage 83/.
Preferred 91 j Preferred 16
; Lonir Island 85 | Guaranteed 32
i Louisville 4 Nash. 61% U. S. Express 47
i Louisville Na&Ch. 9 1 U. S. Leather 133/
I Preferred 27%i Preferred 79%
i Manhattan Consol.lo9 (U. S. Rubber 40V4
; Memphfc4Charls. 16 j Preferred 94yl
; Mexican Central... l*3/ 8 Utica 48. River.. 150
i Michigan Central.,loo% Wab. S. L. A Pac 8%
Minn L 1 Preferred 22y a
Preferrea......... 'Wells-Fargo 10s >
Minn, & SSt. L com. 25y« Western Union.... 92y 2
Ist preferred S6V 2 W is Central 6V4
2d preferred 60 IWheeling 4L. E.. 16
Missouri Pacific 36%l Preferred.. .. 47Vi
1 Mobile* 0hi0..... 2Jy 3 Am Cotton OU pfd. 71%
: Nashville Chatt.... 75 W U Beef 9
National Linseed.. 2 3 y a L I Traction- 19Ui
K.J. Central... ....Ho*/* 1 ,r.-.^.
U 8 4s, re* H154 K T2d». 6HV4
Do, 4s coupon... 1118/4 Do,4* 883/7
V S4snewreg 1223 Mutual Union 65.. .113
Do, 4s coupon... 122%'N j Cent Gen 5s 1 19.14
Do. 2s 97 Northern Pac 15t5.117:./;
Do, 5s 116 Do, 2ds lOlyt
Do, Cs c0up0n.... 116 Do, 3d8.... 7'J
Cherokee 4s. 1896.1003/4 Northwest Con»ola,l4U'
Do. 1897 .1003/4 Do, deb 6s 108
Do. 1898...... 100»/4|O R 4 N lsts 111
Do. 1899.... 100» /4 SiL&lronMtGen 6a 85
Pacific 6s 0f '95.... 100 St L <fe S F Gen 6s. 110
D. C. 3-6 65....:. 110 St Paul Consols ...127
Ala Class A 4 109% St. P. C. 4 Pa lsts 118
Do. Class 84, 65.305>%4 Do. PacCal i«s..lll^
\ LaConsol4«. 9SV2l outhern R. R. ss. 96V*
I Missouri funding.. Texas Pacific firsts 90»4
N arolinacon 65..122 j Texas Pac seconds. 26y«
Do, 45..... 102 UnlonPaclstof'96.lo9
j Po Carolina 4y 5... 105 ] West Shore 4s 106
i Tenn new ss ... Mobile 4 Ohio 45.. «6 5 4
Va funding debt... 62% K GrandeWest lsta 77y a
Do, reg Ches&O 65..'... 112^8
Do, deferred 65... 6y a >Atchlnon 45..;..Lv 81
Do, irust rcpts st 6 j Do. 2ds A.. ."......' 33!/i
Canada South 2d5..106y 0 H4SA 6s 104
i Cen Pac lsts 0f '95.104% Do. 2d 7s. ...... 103%
I Den4 R G 15t..:.. 117% H A Tex Cent 65.. 11l
Do, 45..... .„•.... ,92 j Do. con 65........ 106
Erie2ds '..:v.r 79Vi Reading 45.. 88
, Kansas Pa Consols 84y iMissouri Us... 100
; Ks Pa Dendivll2 '
" LIVERPOOL, Eng., Oct. 14.— spot market
is steady at 5s 3d. Cargoes are'auU at 26s 6d on
The Produce Exchange cable gives the following
Liverpool quotations for No. 2 Red Winter: Octo
ber.,, 6? 2d: November.. 63 2 Vod: December,
6s 3d; January, 6s 3%d; February7ss 4d. .
LONDON, Exc/o^^lT-Consols 107%- sil
v£?*m2£.' mUZHZuPS- li — Co »» o| 8. 107V a : sil
ver, 81 y 8 d; French Rentes. lOOf 37Vic. Balliow
Into ßanicof England, £60,000. . OI '™ " *»<"""«
Sterling Exchange, 60 days — $4 87
SterlinK Exchange, sight — • 488
New York Exchange, sight — 02 V4
New York Exchanne, telegraphic. — 05
Fine silver, spot, ounce — 68
Mexican Dollars 66% 66
Shipments of Mexican Dollars from this port In
September were 82,6i'3,014, the largest total in
years, against $907,683 for the same month last
year. The shipments for the first nine months of
the year were $6,197,215. against $4,029,029 for
the same time in 1894. These dollars were sent to
Japan and china, chiefly for account of the in
deiiiuity|.'deniandfd of China by Japan. It is said
that there are uow only three mints in operation in
Mexico, against eight or nine previously open.
WHEAT— Is dull at easier prices. No. 1, 938/[email protected]
95c ¥.o>l; choice, 9614c: lower grades, [email protected];
extra cnoice for milling. 97%[email protected]$l^ctl.
Informal Session— lo o'clock— May— loo tons,
?1 033/,: 200. $1 OS.
Reoulab Mokkixo session— December— soo
tons, 975/ c. May-300,?l oa%.
Afternoon Session— 3oo tons, 975/ c. May—
600, 02%.
r.\ HLEY Feed was a fraction off under free re
ceipts, at 58%@6iy c; choice. 62y c: Brewinc, 65
f72y 2 c; Chevuller, [email protected] 10 lor Nt). 1 and [email protected]
ctl lor oft' grade.
Informal Session— lo o'clock— No sales.
Regular Morning Session— December—
ions. 6^c: 300, 62y B c. May— loo, bVy c; 100,
Afternoon Session— May— loo tons, 67 Vic.
December— 62y 8 c: 100. 62Vic
Quotations show no variation. The de
mand is nothing extra. Milling are - quotable
at [email protected] * ctl: fancy Feed, [email protected] "$ ctl;
good to choice, [email protected] c: common to fair, [email protected]
62y c; Gray. [email protected]; Red, [email protected]; Black, [email protected]
$1 30; Surprise, [email protected] %i ctl.
CORN— Receipts are increasing, as will be seen
elsewhere, and the market continues weak and dull.
Large Yellow, [email protected]: Small Round do, [email protected];
White. [email protected]$l t* ctl.
RYK— at [email protected] ctl.
BUCKWHEAT— «7%@95c fi ctl.
FLOUR— Net prices are: Family extras, 93 [email protected]
3 45 * bbl; Uakers' extras, $3 [email protected] 25; super
fine, f2 25(32 60 V bbl.
COKXME\L, ETC.— Feed Corn, [email protected] * ton;
Cracked Corn, $20 [email protected] 50 S* ton. ■ . . ■ ■
BRAN-?12 [email protected] « ton, jobbing rates.
MIDDLINGS— [email protected]ß for lower grades up to
919 50 9 ton for the best.
FEEDSTUFFS— Ground and rolled Barley,
$14(gl&; Oilcake Meal at the mill. C2O $ ton;
jobbing, $22 60: Cottonseed Oilcake, $24. -
HAY— Was easy yesterday, but no lower. Wheat
is quotable at $7 [email protected] 3ft ton; Oat, [email protected] 50
f> ton: Wheat and Oat, $7 50CgjlO 60: Barley.
$6 [email protected]; Alfalfa, [email protected]: Clover, [email protected]; Coiu
pressed, [email protected]: Stock, [email protected] %i ton.
STRAW— 35(g>55c "# bale.
ANS-Notwithstandlng receipts of over 11,000
sacks the market made no further decline, Limas
excepted. They fell off considerably. Bayos, [email protected]
116; Small Whites. 81 [email protected] 75; Pea, $1 [email protected];
Large Whites, $1 [email protected] 30: Pink, [email protected] 25: Beds,
$1 [email protected] 20: Blackeye, $1 76(d5185: Red Kidney,
$1 [email protected] 76; Limas, [email protected] 95; Butters, *1 40®
170 t* ctl. ■■. ■ ■ ■ . .
SEEDS— Brown Mustard, 91 [email protected] fi ctl ; Trieste,
$1 [email protected] 10: Yellow Mustard, $1 60(^1 75; *'lax,
$1 90 f ctl: Canary, 3y @3%c^lb; Alfalfa, 7%c;
Rape, l%@'2i-/4,c; Timothy, 6V2Q; Hemp, 4c Ib.
DRIED I'E AS— Nominal at $1 [email protected] 3OforNiles
and $1 40®l 60 -j* ctl for Green.
POTATOES— The market is liberally supplied
and weak. Sweets are still lower and very weak at
75c; Salinas Burbanks, [email protected]: River Burbanks,
[email protected]; Oregon Burbanks, 50<a70c; River Reds,
30(£40c $ ctl.
ONIONS— Weak at [email protected] ¥ ctl: Pickle Onions,
26(g140c ctl. . ■
VEGETABLES — Prices showed considerable
change in a small way. Green Peppers are quot
able [email protected] f» box: Dried Peppers, [email protected] "&
lb; Green Corn. [email protected] "£ sack; [email protected] Tjf, box
for Berkeley and $l(g>l 75 box for Alameda;
Tomatoes, [email protected]: Summer Squash, [email protected]
Green Peas, 3<&3y 2 c lb: String Beans, [email protected]:
Lima Beans. l%@'J%c %t lb; Cucumbers, 25c box:
Pickles, [email protected] for No. 1 and 2 [email protected] 5c for No. 2;
Green Okra, 40(250c; Dried Okra, 12%c -?. tt>: Egg
Plant, [email protected]; Cabbage. 60c %* ctl; Feed Car
rots, [email protected]; Garlic, 2%@3%c ■§ tt>; Marrowfat
Squash, [email protected] *•§. ton.
BUTTER— Was steady at Saturday's prices with
a good demand.
Creamery— Fancy, [email protected] V lb; special marks
higher: seconds, [email protected]
Dairy— Fancy, 20c: good to choice, [email protected];
lower grades, nominal.
Ckeami ry Ton— lß@l9c ? tt).
Pickled— [email protected] tji lb.
Firkin— [email protected] sc "j* tb.
CHEESE— Firm. Stocks are much lighter. Fancy
mild new. [email protected] f> Vb; common to good, [email protected] %*
Tt>: Young America, [email protected]: Eastern, [email protected] ft lb.
EGGS— Eastern have advanced. Caliiornia are
in sufficient supply for current needs and are slow
of sale, as buyers continue to run on the Eastern
sorts. Extra fancy Eastern, [email protected]: fair to choice
Eastern, [email protected] 2 c: store Eggs, [email protected]%c 'f, doz,
ranch Eggs, 30®34c %* doz, with 35c for special
marks. .
POULTRY"— car of Eastern sold at $5 50 for
Hens, 84 60 for young Roosters and $3 for Broilers.
California stock continued In liberal supply from
Saturday and was dull of sale at the low prices.
Live Turkeys are quotable at [email protected] iji lb
for Gobblers and [email protected] for Hens: Geese, ft pair,
$1 [email protected] 75; Ducks, [email protected]; Hens, $3 60(u;4 50;
Roosters, young, S3 [email protected];d0, old, [email protected] 50; Fryers,
$3 au; .Broilers, $2 [email protected] '£ doz for large and if a
forrmall; Pigeons, $1 76(5)2 doz for young and
*.l 25 for old.
GAME-Hare, [email protected] 25; Rabbits, 81251) doz;
Gray Geese, $2 60 fy dozen.
ORCHARD FRUITS — All kinds are dull.
Quinces are quotable at 25(c$40c * box: Canta
loupes, [email protected]$l case; Watermelons, [email protected]
100; Nutmegs, [email protected] box: Apples, [email protected]
IS box for good to choice and [email protected] for common
to fair: Winter Nellis Pe*rs. [email protected]$l; other Pears, i
[email protected]: Pomegranates, [email protected] '$ box. :
BERRIES— Cnpe .Cod Cranberries continue to !
arrive heavily and are lower again at $8 [email protected]
'f, bbl: Huckleberries, [email protected] 14 lb; Raspberries. $4
©5; Strawberries, [email protected] if, chest for Longworths
and S4®s %* chest for large berries.
GRAPES— Prices for all kinds were undisturbed
and the market was slow. Zlnfandel Wine Grapes
are quotable at 8194422 $» ton; Mission, $17®
18 1* ton; Wmie wine Grapes, [email protected]: Sweet
waters, 25c * box ; Black Grapes. [email protected]; Muscats
[email protected]: Isabellas, [email protected]; CornUhon. 40<a60c-
Tokay, [email protected] f* box.
CITRUS FRUITS— No change. We quote Lem
ons at $2 [email protected] 60 $ box for common and a4<as
for good to choice: Mexican Limes, $B<aio- Ba
nanas, $1 50(§»J 60 $ bunch; Pineapples are noml
DRIED FRUITS-The situation remains with
out change.
The following prices rule on the Fruit Exchange:
Apples, 3c &tb for quartered, 3y 2 c '■?, Ib for sliced
and [email protected]&c f, lb for evaporated: Peaches, 4<asc
f» Ib, ana Be for fancy: peeled, in boxes. l:[email protected]:
Prunes, 4c Ib for the four sizes and 6c for [email protected]'s-
Apricots, B®9V2C $ Ib for prime to choice and 10®
lie tt. for fancy Moorpark: Figs, black. 3<a3Vac
'& Ib for pressed ana [email protected] 2 c for uniiressed: White
Figs, 3y 2 @4c t» Ib for pressed; Pears, 7c IS lb
for evaporated halves, [email protected]? Ib for quarters-
Plums, [email protected] c for pitted and iy @2y c for un
pltted: Nectarines, [email protected] '$ Ib for prime to choice
and 6y»c for fancy.
l.ime and beginning to accumulate. Prices for new
crop goous kre, carload lots: London layers, $1
%* box; four-crown, loose, 3y c: three-crown, loose,
'/s^c: two-crown, 2V*c 1» Ib: seedless Sultanas, 3c:
Beedless Muscatels, ay 2 c: clusters. $1 35; Dehesa
clusters, $2; Imperial clusters, $2 r>U; Dried Grapes.
2^4c <jjk ib. ■
NUTS — Chestnuts are quotable at 10c "9,
Ib: Walnuts, [email protected] 1* Ib for No. 1 hard and
9ra9i/2C fi fl> for softshell, Joboing lots: Almonds,
7®Bc for J^anguedoc ana [email protected] for paper-shell ;
Peanuts, [email protected] ■& Ib for Kastern and [email protected] 2
1* Ib for CalTforniJt; Hickory Nuts. [email protected]; Pecans,
6c for rough and 8c for polished: Filberts, B<<ti9c:
Brazil Nuts, 7%@Bc •$ lb; Cocoanuts, [email protected] f* 100.
HONEY— Comb, [email protected] # lb for bright and 8c
for lower grades; water-white extracted, sc; light
ambfr extracted, 4i>4(ifl4S4c: dark amber, 4c.
BEESWAX— [email protected] # lb.
CURED MEATS— Bacon, 7c for heavy and 7%c
for light medium, 10y c for light, [email protected] for extra
light and J2y 2 c for sugar-cured; Eastern Sugar
cnred Hams, [email protected] c: California Hams, 10i,[email protected]
lie; Mess Beef, [email protected] fi bbl; exjra mess do, $8
@9; family do, $10: extra prime Porfc, $9 » bbl •
extra clenr, Sl6 ■$ bbl; mess, $14 3 bbl; biuoked
Beef, 9y 2 @loc ft lb. . . :
. .LAKli— Eastern, tierces, quotable at [email protected],4c »
Ib for compound, and 8c for pure; palls, By c; Cal
ifornia, . tierces, By 2 c for compound ana o^c for
pure; half bbls, 7c; 10-tt> tins, 7y±c: do 6-Ib, f^c
f> tt).
COTTOLENE— ?y c in tierces, and 8s/ 8 c ft tt>ln
10- tb tins. '
HIDES AND SKINS— No further decline. Heavy
salted steers quotable at [email protected] 3 c; culls and brands.
[email protected]: medium, B^c: cu'ls and brands, 7 y a c •
light. 7(a.7ysc: culls and brands. [email protected]»c; Cowhicias,
7y 2 c; culls and orands, 6V 2 c: salted Kip, 7c: salted
Calf, 9c; satt<?d Veal, 7c; dry Hides, usual selec
tion, 16c %i lb; culls and brands, [email protected] dry
KID, [email protected]; dry Calf. 18c; prime Goatskins, 20®
dbc each; Kids. 6c: Deerskins, good summer, 30c
■P tt>; medium, [email protected]: winter, [email protected]: Sheep
skins, shearliiijts. , [email protected] each; short wool, 30^
40c each: medium, [email protected] each: long wool, 60®
70c each. Culls of all kinds, about y->c less. -Tc
f TALLOW— No. .1 - rendered is auouble at 414
@4y a c r lb: country Tallow, [email protected]*c; refined. 6c:
rease. [email protected] fi lb. , ■ -w-v* wv.
| J WOOL- We quote JTftll m followa: Saa Joaquln
and Southern, [email protected] fl lb: free Mountain, [email protected]%c;
■'efective do, [email protected] Quotations for spring clip are:
Humboldt and Mendoclno, lU/fe«l2Vfcc; Nevada,
[email protected]; Valley Oregon, [email protected] i?Tb.
i±OPfc>— s(§7c ijS it for new crop.
BAGS— Grain Bags, nominal; Wool Bags, 24®
COAL— Wellington Is quotable &t"sß'9 ton:
l*! e Wellington. $8 1» ton: Southfleld Wellington,
$7 60: Seattle, $6; Bryant. $6: Coos Bay, $5: Walls
end, $c Scotch, $7 50; Brymbo, $7 60; Cumber
land, $8 50 In bulk and »io 50 in sks;.Pennsyl
vania Anthracite Welsh Anthracite Egg,
£9; Cannel, $8; Rock Springs. Castle Gate ana
Pleasant Valley, $7 60; Coke, $13 In bulk and $15
?* ton in sacks.
QUICKSILVER-Is quoted still higher and very
flr "' $40 -# flask. •- ' ' '
»S? „ , AOE — Pure Manila Rope Is quotable at 8c
gib; 12-thread, 8y»c: 6 and 9 do, 9c; Bale Rope,
°@°h%%; Grapevine Twine, 9c .^ lb in balls and
coils; Hop Twine, B%c; yarn, 8c: Sisal Rope,
»c; -i 2 : lhrea<l . 6y 3 c; 6 and 9 do, 7c: Hop Twine,
■ 4 B Af«- [email protected]«y2C1 @«y2C ft lb: Grapevine Twine, 7c.
SALMON— The Alaska Packers Association
quotes Red Salmon as follows: In lots of 25,000
cases. 95c; 50,000 cases, 92%c; 75,000 cases, 90c
* dozen, net cash f. o. b. ex-ship.
GAR— The Western Sugar Refining Company
quotes, terms net cash: Cube, Crushed, Powdered
and Fine Crushed, all 6%c: Dry Granulated. 6c;
Confectioners' A, 47/ 8 c; Magnolia A, 4c; .Extra
*-■ a y ß c; Golden C, 3%c; half- barrels, y±c more
■*5 £' r l rels ' and boxes %c more.
_. h * .. up — Golden, in bbls, 15c; Blackstrap, 10c
■p gallon.
Wholesale rates for dressed stock from slaughter
ers are as follows:
■ BEEF— First quality. [email protected]%c; second quality,
4J/2C; third do. [email protected] '$ lb. ■
A L— Large, [email protected]: small, [email protected] ft). . .
MtTTON- Wethers, [email protected]%c: Ewes, 3y a @4c
[email protected]
PORK— Live Hogs, 3c for large, 314c for small
and for feeders; dressed do, 4%@5%c * lb.
For 24 hours. i-'i v>' :*.!:
flonr.qr. sks 14.420j8r»n, nks.. 1,715
Oregon 7,162 Oregon 2,930
Washington 2,824 Wool, bi5.......... 1.238
Wheat, ctls 109,876'wine, gals. 44,320
Washington 14,330 Hides, no 345
Barley, ctls ll,66o|Pelts, odls 105
Oregon 1,665 Lumber, M feet... 60
Oata,ctls 650Hops, bi5...... 64
Oregon 800j Washington 100
Washington 215 Raisins, bxs 8,576
Corn, ctls 2,225 Leather, rolls 222
ye ctls 745 Chicory, bbls 31
Beans, aks. 11,176 Tallow, ctls ....... SM
Potatoes, sks 6,BB4JMußtard Seed, ska 651
Oregon 1,645 Lime, bbls 321
Onlong. sks 674 Sugar, bbls 880
Hay, ton*. 675 Quicksilver, flasks 72
*f' r " ™> tons 32Flaxseed, 5k5. ..... 74
Middlings, 5k5..... 682J Washington 6,416
Oregon 1.280
Charles E. and Mary G. Ertz to Charles B. Stone,
i ot o° sx » corner of Clay and Buchauan streets, S
66:6 Dy W 107:6, subject to morrgage: grant.
Veronica C. Baird and Ebenezer Scott (trustees
of estate of John H. Baird) to Jemima A. Bogart,
lot on S i line of Haight street, 87:6 E of Masonic
avenue. E 25 by S 100: $10.
F - Jf ■ Mecann to J. W. S. Perry, lot on 8 line of
Washington street, 62:6 E of Spruce, E 60 by S
102:81/4, subject to mongage; $10.
David and Ma«gie Kerr io Ellen T. Holland.'lot
on E line of Parker avenue, 150 N of St. Roses,
N 25 by E 103, block F, Junipero Homestead; $10.
Emil V. Scheerer to M. C. Braynard, undivided
Vs of lot on corner of Ninth and Channel streets,
extending \V to Brannan, subdivisions 1 to 6, block
A, and subdivisions 1 and 2, bleck B: undivided y 8
of property of Hrst party, bounded by Brannan,
Ninth and New Channel streets: $10.
John and Eliza McLaren to Minnie B. McLaren,
lot on s line of Clipper street, 135 W of Church \V
25 by S 114: gift.
Davideand Carlotta Garrlbaldl to Antonio Linale,
lot on \V lino of Varennes street, 77:6 N of Union,
N 20 by W 60; $5.
Etta M. McKay to David and Angus McKay, lot
on W line of Dupont street, 47:6 S of Jackson, S
20 by w 80: also lot on N line of Ellis street, 37:6
E of Jonen, E 25 by N 87:6; also lot on 9 line of
Pacific street, 137:6 E of Laguna, E 26:6 by B
I'-'. >'-i; also lot on S\V corner of Jackson and
Davis streets, S 20 by \V 45: also lot pn W line of
Itavis street, 20 S of Jackson, s 22 by W 45; also
lot on W line of Kearny street, 64:6 S of Bush,
S36:tf by W 60:6; also lot in Laurel Hill Cemetery;
Martin and Mary E. Johnson to Thomas F.
Mitchell, lot on W line of Utah street, 160 S of
Twenty-fourth (Sonoma), S 25 by W 96, NW 36,
E 103:8: *10.
Maria Bushell to Henry H. Davis, lot commenc
ing 57:6 E of Fourth avenue and 360 S of Lake
street, E 25, 8 106, W 25:iy a , N 109; $900.
Mary A. Collect* and Alfred Bushell to same,
same; $900.
Mary A. Bushell to Alfred Bushell, lot on E line
of Fourth avenue, 275 N of Clement street, N 25
by E 120: gift. *
Lizzie Lobree to John shepherd, lot on S line of
N street, 67:6 Eof Eighteenth avenue, E 26 by S
100; $10.
Emma White :o William F. Hellbron, lot on H
line of Chapultepec street, 60 N of Henrietta, N 25
by E 70: $10.
Caroline hnarp to Market and Stanyan Streets
and Golden Gate Park Land and Improvement
Company, lot on E line of bianyan street, 33:4 N
of Alma, N 27:1, E to NW line of block 1, S\V to
beginning: $10.
O. C. Logan (by J. N. Block, Tax Collector) toM.
McCann, lot 1, block 205. South San Francisco
Homestead and Railroad .Association, tax deed ; $3.
John Mahan (by same) to same, lots 82 to 85,
Silver Terrace Homestead, tax deed: $5.
Maria Koehler (by same) to sanre, lot on E line
of Nebraska street, 225 S of Yolo, N 50 by E 100,
tax deed: $1.
L. Peres & Co. (by same) t6 same, lots 17 and 18,
block 27. Butchers Reservation, tax deed; $5.
J. M. Bartlett to Susan Toeben, all interest In
lot on N line of Twenty-first or Hobart street,
423:9% E of Sao Palilo avenue, E 30 by N 100,
being portion of lots 25 and 27, Jones tract, quit
claim deed. Oakland; $20.
Sadie Clark to Cosmopolitan M. B. and L. Asso
ciation, lot on K line of West street, 120 N of
Twentieth, N : J 0 by E 100, being the N3O feet of
lot 3, block L— 299, Curtis & Williams Tract, Oak
land; $10.
George Johnson of Oakland to Ous Johnson of
IVtalnma, lot on W line of Park way, 30 S of
East Tenth street, W 60 by s 30, being lot 12,
Badger's suodivision of block 11, Clinton, East
Oakland: $10.
Frederick Seliander to Margaret Sellander of
Oakland, lot on NE line of East Twentieth street
160 NW of Tenth avenue, NW 75 by NE 125
block 126, Clinton. East Oakland; eift.
E. C. and Mary D. Sessions to Josppn Hunt, of
Oakland, lots 12 to 17, 38 to 43, block 84, Northern
Addition to Brooklyn, subject to deed of trust for
$1000 to San Francisco .Savings Union, East Oak
land: $10.
Josephine L. Carpenter to Eugene A. Trefethen
of Oakland, lot on SW line of East Twenty -second
street, 314:8M| sE of Twenty-fourth avenue, SE
3b by aw ISO, block N, subdivision 60 Associates
Tract, Eust Oukland; $10.
Golden Gate Land and Improvement Company
to Carl A. Frieael, lot on 8 line of South Central
avenue. 130 W of Lowell street, W 46, S 120.33, E
32.58, N i'2o to beginning, being lot 4, block B, J.
E. Klrath Tract. Oakland Township: $600.
Mountain View Cemetery Association to David
Hewes, lot 21, plat 2, Mountain View" Cemetery,
Oakland Township; $129.
Solon T. and Koxena Metcalf and John 8. Fox
to Mayme F. Spencer of San Francfsco. lot on N
line of Eddv street, 250 W of Dwinelle, N 132:6,
W 49:6, S 133, E 49:6 to beginning, being lots 17
to 20, block 3. Case Tract, Berkeley: grant.
Elvira C. Oakley to John Schunck of Berkeley,
lot on W line of Mary street, 100 N of Channing
way, N 50 by W 13O." Berkeley; also lot on E line
of Grant street, 186:8 N of Dwight way, N 62 by S
130, being lot 10, block 14, and lot 16, block 23.
Case Tract, Berkeley: $10.
E. A. and Martha'J. Hainesto Gilbert Wyman of
Alemeda, lot- on W line of Frultvale avenue, 75
SE of Sixteenth street. \V 125 by 8 24:8, except a
strip 8 feet in width on W side of Frultvale avenue,
being a portion of lot 3, block B, Church Tract,
Brooklyn Township: $10.
N'rllie K. Keeu of Oakland to Clshley I). Camiron
of Oakland, lot commencing at a pointon W line of
county road survey No. 12l> 4.02 chains N from the
center of Cameron street, thence NW 4.02 chains,
SW 12.44 chains, 8E 8 04 cTiains, NE 7.465 chains,
K 6 chains, NE 4.02 chains, NE 4.976 chains to
beginning, being lot 2 and portion ot lot 1, Duncan
Cameron Tract, San Lorenzo, Eden Township; $10
Kate V. Davis to Thomas H. Davis, loi 32, block.
C, Gaskill Tract, Oakland Township; $10.
John Hart to A lamed a Land Company, lot on
south line of Parlßc avenue, 101 :3 feet west of St.
Charles street, \V 110:8 by S 150, Alameda: $10.
Horace Gushee and Esther J. Gushee to Francis
L. Hobson, lot on east line of Ellsworth, 100 feet
south of Bancroft way, S 40 by E 150 feet, being
portion of lot 8, block 12, College Homestead
Tract, Berkeley; $3100.
E. V. Metheree to Lydia M. Metheree, lots 6 and
7, block D, Stone Tract, Brooklyn Township; $10.
Morris James to Nancy J. Mlnnicar of Oakland,
lot on F line of Telegraph avenue, 150 X of Haw
thorne, N 50 by E 125, lot, 11, Buena Vista Home
stead, Oakland- $10.
Henry E. Alden et al. (by C. B. White, Sheriff)
to Elizabeth B. Hitchcock, lots 14 to 17, plat 18,
amended map of Lakeview. East Oakland; $1871.
L. H. and Hannah M. Whitehouse to Harrison
v\ hite, lot on NE line of East Twenty-third street,
150 NW of Ninth avenue, NW 50 by NE 150,
block 144. Clinton, East Oakland; $10.
'John Fearn et al. to A. Sbarboro, lot 9, block,
H, amended map J. W. Crawford Tract, Oakland
Township; $982.
Charles E. and Mary E. White to Edwin D.
Knight, lot 7, block E, Parsons Golden Gate Tract,
subject to a mortgage, Oakland Towuship; $10.
John and Eliza McLaren to Joseph P. Broden,
lot 4, block F. Harmon Tract, Berekeley; $10.
Thomas F. (as attorney) and Ada Graber (hy at
torney) to John Gnzanego, lot on E ilne of Tenth
street, 150 S of University avenue, 8 50 by E 135,
blook 100. tract B, Berkeley Land ana Town Im
provement Association, Berkeley; $450.
M. G. and Mary A. King to Francis L. Hobson
lot on & line of Ellsworth street, 100 8 of Bancroft
way, S4O by E 15U, being portion of lot 8, block
12, College Homestead Association, quitclaim deed,
Berkeley; $10.
Charles E. and Mary E. White to Bertrand L
Fisher, lots 3, 6, 7, 8, 16 to 19, Red Rose Tract
Brooklyn Township; also lot 3, block S, Knowles
and Potter subdivision of Kennedy Tract, East
Alameda Land Company to Millie F. Blatchly
lot on S line of Pacific avenue, 101 :1 Wof bt.
Charles, W 110 by S 150, Alameda; $10.
The State of Missouri, if we may judge
by the recent action of the Democrats
there, is in a fair way to be fixed in Repub
lican ascendency for the present. The
free siiveriteß have taken control of tne |
Democratic party, and this must hope
lessly divide that organization. The Re
publicans had been making heavy gains in
the State for some time, and last year they
carried it. There are thonsands of Demo
crats who cannot be brought to support
the party ticket on a free silver basis. To
set up such a ticket is simply to give it
over into Republican hands. This is the
mos>t foolish act in Democratic politics of
the present year, and it is one which sacri
fices for the Democratic party a highly im
portant State of the Union.—BostonHer
Moon's Phases.
October 3.
\gs Full Moon.
C October 11,
Last Quarter.
October 17,
New Moon.
3 October 26,
First Quarter.
Date* of
From San Francisco.
i'oint ix>ma.
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China.: ;
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Honolulu jOct 15,10am
[Panama I Oct 16, 4pm
NewDOrt |Octlß, 9am
fortlana |Oct 16.10am
i Hnmboldtßay Oct 16.12 u
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Ifortlana Oct 16. Bpm
; Humboldtßav lOct 16. 2pm'
Vlc& fgt BndiOct 17, 9am
Sydney Oct 17, 2pm
Han Dleeo [Oct 18.11am
Panama 'Oct 18,12 M
: Grays HarDor. |Oct 19, spm!
NewDort I Oct 20, 9am
Portland [oct 21.10am,
Vic & Pgt Snrt Oct 22. 9am :
j China <t Japn!Oct22, 3pm ■
I Yaoulna Bay.. lOct 22,12 Mi
jSan Dieco Oct 22,11am
Humboldtßar Oct 24, 9am
Pier 13
Pier 2
■ Oceanic
! Pier 27
Pier 11
Pier 24
Pier 13
Pier 13
Pier 9
Pier 11
jP MS 3
i Pier 11
i Pier 24
Pier 9
PM 8 S
I Pier a
Pier 11
Pier 2
Santa Kosa. '
Willamette Val.
Mackinaw j
Colon I
Weeoit I
Washtenaw.... ;
C01umbia........ j
Cltyof .PueDla . . !
San Jose I
Del None j
.North Fork i
Crescent City...
National City... |
.Eureka. i
Araeo :
K van dale
| flumboidt 8ay;.....
'."■ian Die^o
i Mexico
j facoma
I Panama..........
! EeiKlver....
; Panama ... .
! Portland
Victoria <£ l'ueet Sound
I'anama ...tt.....
Urays Harbor
I Yaqulna Bay
San Diego ;...;
I Humboldt Bay
Crescent City..
Humboldt Bay
j iSewpora
roos Bay...
China and Japan
. .UCI 10
..Oct 16
..Oct 17
..Oct 17
..Oct 17
..Oct 18
..Oct 18
..Oct 18
..Oct 18
..Oct 1H
..Oct 18
..Oct 18
..Oct 20
..Oct '20
..Oct, 20
..Oct 21
..Oct 21
..Oct 22
..Oct 22
..Oct 22
i 0.01 p 10.
Branch Hydrogkaphic Office, T7. S. N.,"*
Merchants' Excha.vhe. V
San Francisco. October 14, 1895. J
The time ball on Telegraph Hill was dropped
exactly at noon to-day— l. e., at noon of the 120th
meridian, or at exactly 8 p. m., Greenwich time.
A. F. I I • H T Kl.llt,
Lieutenant U. S. N., in charge.
MONDAY. October 14.
Stmr Westport, Jacobs, 24 hours from Bear Har
bor; r r ties, to L E White Lumber Co.
Stmr Crescent City, Allen, 36 hours from Cres
cent Citv : pass and mdse, to Hobbs, Wall & Co.
Stmr Excelsior, HitfKins, 32 hours fm Hueneme;
produce, to Field <fe sione.
Stmr San Benlto, Smith, 80 hours from Tacoma;
4500 tons coal, to S P Co. Oakland direct.
Stmr Eureka, Jepsen. 70 hours from Newport
and way ports; pass and mdse, to Goodall, Perkins
<fc Co.
Stmr Cleone, Hißgins, 18 hours from Westport;
bark, to Gray <t Mitchell. Up river direct. -
Stmr Weeott, Magee, 24 hours from Eureka;
pass and tndse, to Huss, Sanders <fe Co.
Stmr Gipsy, Leland. 82 hours frra Moss Landing,
■etc: produce to Goodall, Perkins & 00.
Bark Electra. Verrey, 22 days from JLorlng; 36.
--000 cs salmon and $1500 specie, , to Alaska Pack
ers' Association. ■ ■ - '
Kktn Katie Flicktnger, Mcßae, 23 days from
Karluk; 16,694 cs salmon, to Alaska Packers'As
sociation. i . ■ ■■. . '■
Bktn Discovery, Christ ensen, 9 days from Ever
ett ; lumber and laths, to S H Harmon Lumber Co.
Schr Mary Etta, Wetzel, 3 days from Flsks Mill;
wood and bark, to Bender Bros.
Schr Emma and Louise, McLean, 19 days from
Unalaska; 507 sealskins, to Donald Ross.
Sehr Glendale, Johnson, It days frm New What
coni 390 Mft lumber, to A A Baxter. - ,
Schr Barbara Hernster, Jensen, 3 days from
Bowens Landing: 176 M ft lumber, to F Heywood.
Port Costa direct.
Schr James A Garflfeld, Palmgren, 8 days from
Gray's Harbor; lumber, to Simpson Lumber Co.
•Schr Joseph and Henry, Christensen, 7 days frm
Coquille River: 140 M ft lumber, to C F Doe.
Schr Confianza, Vogel, 60 hours from Albion;
160 cords bark, to Beadle <fc Co. '
Schr Marv Bidwell, Wilson, 30 hours from
Fish Kock; 130 cds bark, to Higgins & Oollins.
; Schr Melancthon, Rernmers, 8 days from Gray's
Harbor; lumber, to Simpson Lumber Co.
, Schr S Danielson, Crangle, 7 days from Coquille
River; 180 M ft lumber, to T J Goiden.
:•::'•': .,; Cleared.
MONDAY. October 14.
Stmr Mexico, Hall, San Diego; Goodall, Perkins
& Co.
Stmr Geo W Elder, Lewis, Portland ; Oregon Rail
way and Navigation Co.
Br ship Lord Cairns, Davies, Queenstown; G W
McNear. '. ■■ -■...--.
Br bark Brunei, Frampton, Queenstown; O W
MONDAY. October 14.
, Stmr North Fork, Hansen, Eureka.
Nlc stmr Costa Rica. Mclntyre, Nanaimo.
Stmr Mexico, Hall, San Diego. , m ; .- ■ :
Stmr Greenwood, Carlson.
Stmr Arcata. Cousins, Coos Bay.
Stmr Farallon, Roberts, Y.iijui'na Bay.
Brig Geneva, Parson. Seattle.
bchr Nettie Low, Low, Point Reyes.
.*'•' .Telegraphic. '
POINT LOBOS-October 14-11 p u— Weath«r
thick wind S\V velocity 8 miles oer hoar.
The Br ship Alcedo is chartered for wheat, floor
and merchandise to . Europe, 27s 6d— ls 3d less
The Br ship Anaurus was chartered prior to ar
rival for wheat to Europe.
The ship Glory of the Seas loads coal at Departure
Bay for this port; ship Louisiana, coal at Nanaimo
for thin port; Chll bark India, lumber at Vancouver
for Valparaiso, owners' account; schr \V F Wltze
mann, lumber on the Sound for Santa Rosalia. -
Per tug Sea Que*n Oct 14, 4:30 p it— B miles out
side whistling buoy bktn Discovery, from Everett
for San Francisco. ' ■
Sept 5-20 S, 29 W, ship John McDonald, from
New. York for San Francisco.
Movements of Trans- Atlantic Steamer*.
NEW YORK— Arrived Oct 14— 3tmr Ems, fr o
HAMBURG— SaiIed Oct 13— Stmr Palatia, for
New York. ,"■/•.
HZ ARD— Passed Oct 12— Stmr Noordland, from
New York for Antwerp. :
Domestic Ports.
COOS BAY— Sailed Oct 13-Stmr Alice Blanch
ard, tor San Francisco; 14— Stmr Sunol, for San
F,ranclsco. ~ .
STEWARTS POlNT— Sailed Oct 14— Schr Ar
chie and Fontie, for San Francisco. .
WESTPORT— SaiIed Oct| 14— Stmr Albion, for
San Francisco. - :/;. .
POI NT ARENA-Sailed Oct i4-Stmr Alcatraz,
for San Francisco. \
USAL— Sailed Oct 14— Stmr Protection, for Re
dondo. ' .
ALBION— Oct 14-Schr Sacramento, for
San Francisco.
BEAR HARBOR— Arrived Oct 13— Simr La
guna, hence Oct 11. '
oailed Oct Stmr Westport.
ASTORI A-Sailed Oct 14— Brship Genista for
(lueenstown. .'
PORT A NGELEB-In bay Oct 14— Schr Aida. •
CASPAR— Arrived Oct 14-stmr Jewel, hence
Oct 13: schr Abble. hence Oct 12.
BOWENS LANDING-Arrlved Oct 14-Schr Rio
Rey, hence Oct 10; schr Golden Gate, hence Oct 12
PORT LOS ANGELES— Oct 14-Nor stmr
Peter Jebsen, for Nanalmo. - "
.^ GRAYS HARBOR-Salled Oct 13-Schrs Orient,
Marion, La Gironde, American Girl, Mary ana Ida
1 wilight, for San Francisco; 14— Schr John 5
. Miller, for Redondo. .' . ,♦/ ,
. Arrived Oct 14— Schr Vega, . hence Sept 24- IS—
Smr Del Norte, heuce Oct 9.
■ TATOOSH-Passed Oct 14-Stmr Walla Walla
hence Oct 12 for Victoria. ■ '
•2;PORT BLAKELEY- Arrived Oct 14-Bark Kate
Davenport, hence Sept 26.
cIM o l6d Oct 14-Ship Topgallant, for ' San Fran.
A-»alled Oct 14-Stmr Pomona, for San
Francisco; schr Sparrow, for San Francisco.
eastern Ports. ;
" NEW \ ORK-Arrived Oct 12-Br ship Troop
from Honolulu; 13-Haw ship Helen Brewer, from
JttonolUiu. ■* t ;■',' ' •.■**,[ . . > . .* ■ ■
Foreign Ports.
• . HONOLULU-Arrived Oct 2-U 8 stmr Bennlnjr
ton,.from Lahaina; 4-Ger ship t Marie Hackfeld
from Liverpool; schr Bertie Minor, from Kureka|
7 T B n B i m . C ln £' from on«kon K and Yokohama
Sailed Oct 2-Brsliip: John McLeod, for Takal
6—U S stmr Bennlngton, for Lahaina •
To sail Oct 8-Bktn Amelia, lor Eureka- briir W
G lrwin, for Han rancisco. „ r , ' i"f.™
CAPE TOWN-sa.ieU Sept 11-Br ship Janet
Cowan, for Vancouver. ■. - ■ • " .,;
■j POINT LYMAS-Passed Oct 11-Br ship Roby
from Liverpool for San Francisco. »«uy,
■'_: ■'-•■ ' Importation*!. ■ ■-■.■..' . , -.
i EME-Per Eicelsaor- 1 00 sks wb.eat,2oo
sks wool, 1400 sks beans, 8300 sks barley, 1000
sks corn. ; . .....
NEWPORT— Per Eureka— 27 sks walnuts, 93
sks peanuts. 29 bxs oranges. '
East San Pedro— 7 ca canned flsh, 3 sks 40 case3
canned vegetables.
.San Pedro— 669 sks corn.
Ventura— 4o bxs lemons, 92 bxs oranges, 1 box
harness, 17 sks walnuts, 95 sks beans, 19 cs honey,
135 sks corn, 11 pkgs mdse.
Carpenteria-57 bbls aaphaltum.
Santa Barbara— sks dried fruit, Ics cigars, 6
skssreen peas, 176 bxs lemons, 31 bxs oranges. ■
«aviota— l bx fish, 16 sks crawfish. 2 bdls pelts,
24 sks wool, 3 cs baking powder, 593 sks mustard
Port Harford— 4 bxs butter, 2cs eggs, 37 bxs flsh,
50 bxs apples. 4 dresser! calves.
San Luis Obispo— loß7 sks barley.
Santa Maria— 2s6 sks beans, 652 sks wheat.
Zaca— 27B sks wheat.
Cayucos— 74 sks flaxseed, 3 bxs cutter, 2 coops
chickens, 31 dressed calves.
San Simeon-1 coop chickens, 2 bxs butter, 1
coop turkfjs, 9 dressed calves.
Monterey— s bxs pears, 2 pkgs mdse, Bcs honey,
1 <*s cheese.
CRESCENT CITY-Per Crescent Clty-2 kgs 117
bxs butter, 1 cs f nrs, 4 pkgs sundries. 1 piano. 1 bx
glass, 6 pkgs rakes, « kgs feet, 1 coop chickens, «4
Pkgs mdse, 2 pkgs baskets, 1 cs books. 14 c-i lard,
3 <53 bacon, 1 pke mear, 1 bale wool, 2 rolls leather.
EUREKA — Per Weeott— lo bdls hides. 35 hf-kgs
133 bxs butter, 50 bbls tallow, 2 cs-drv goods, 360
M shineles, 12.238 ft lumber, 278,125 shakes.
SANTA CRUZ-PerGipsy-103 bx? apples, 704
sks flaxseed. 42 crates grapes. 3 bxs butter, 7 sks 4
bxs fish, 1 sail, 1 boom and gaff, 1 tunney fish, 5
cs cheese, 1000 bbls lime.
Pig- on Point— lo9 sl(b 25 drums 99 cs cheese, 38
pkt's household goods, 4 bxs butter.
Amesport— B3o sks oats, 62 sks flaxseed, 407 sks
Per Excelsior— Field & Stone : Thomas <fe Kahn ;
Erlanger & GallnKer; HDutard; Porter Bros.
Per Eureka— Dodire, Sweeney & Co; J P
Thomas: Wetmorpßros; L Scatena & Co: Alca
traz Asphaltum Co; (»ray «S Barbieri ; W Whitt
land <fc Co;C C Pennell <fe Co: Wieland Brewing Co;
Allen *Lewls: W L Speigel; Wood, Curtis & Co;
D E Allison & Co; Jonas Erlanger <fe Co; Thomas
Dennigan Sons A Co: Levy Bros: A Paladini; 8
Silverberg; J K Armsby <fc Co; Lowrj- & Steller:
Enterprise Brewery: Tlllmann <fe Bendel; Golden
West Fish Co; J Ivancovlch <fc Co; Hulme <fe Hart:
American Union Fish Co; Brigham, Hoppe& Co;
Witzel <ft Baker: Norton. Teller & Co; HDutard;
<t Camilloni <fe Co; Erlantjer & Gallnger; a H Kuhl
<ft Co; Getzßros&C'o; Kowalsky <fe Co : M Struss;
Western Meat Co: S Brunswick; H N Tilden <fc Co;
Hills Bros: Marshall, Teggart & Co: Michaletschke
Bros; \V BSumner& Co; Eveleth & Nash ; J Hoff
man: Smith's Cash Storo; Wm Mitchell.
Per Crescent City— Dodge, Sweeney <ft Co; Cluff
Bros; F B Halght: De Bernardi & Co; J M Talhot;
Hooker <t Co; H N Tilden <fe Co: OB Smith <& Co;
Witzel <fc Baiter; Van Bonn & Co; Getz Bros & Co:
C K Whitney <S Co; Enterprise Brewery: Hilmer,
Bredhoff <fc Co ; Standard Oil Co : Sawyer & Haivht ;
Thomas Loughran; J C Johnson <fe Co; V E (iood
rich; Amer Caro Acid & Gas Co; E BSchnanbult;
Hobbs, Wall & Co: 1' B Cheney.
Per Weeott— Kuss, Sanders <fc Co; H Waldcck:
FB Height; Bricham, Hoppe &Co; Scott & Van
Arsdale; O B Smith & Co; Norton, Teller <t Co; J
RHanify; Hills Bros: Levi Strauss & Co; Witzel
<t Baker; Schweitzer <fe Co: Overland Freight and
Transfer Co; S H Frank & Co.
Per Gipsy— Dalton Bros: D E Allison & Co; Kron
Tanning Co: A Paladini; American Union Fish Co;
Milanl <fe Co: Norton, Teller & Co; H Cowell <fe Co:
Dairymen's Union; Wheaton, Breon ACo: Immel
& Co: Getz Bros & Co: Tillmann & Bendel; Ham
mond & Brod; E R Stevens & Co; H Dutard; Wm
Coffee &< o : M T Freitas & Co : Pac Coast Fish Co :
A W Fink: Kittle <fc Co; Germania Fruit Co; Von
Ronn <fc Co; Trubenbach <fe Co; B Trapoli <t Co.
Tor Lot* ShiopiniJ lnte.Uwencr. St* Thirlfnth Paan.
HgC. F. WEBER & CO.,
*Eliya^^ HOP tn SOfi Post St^. cor. Stockton
Broadway wharf, San Francisco, as jS£S2C
follows: ' - -
For Mary Island, Loring, Wrangel, Juneau, KU-
lisnoo and Sitka laska), at 9a. m. Oct. 2, 17,
Nov. 1, 16, Dec. 1, 16, 31.
For Victoria and Vancouver (B. C), Port Town-
send, Seattle. Tacoma, Everett, Anacortes and New
Whatcom (Bellingham Bay, Wash.), 9 a. m.
Oct. 2. 7. 12, 17, 22, 27, and every fifth day
thereafter,- connecting at Vancouver with the C. P.
R. H.. at Tacoraa with N. P. R. R., at Seattle with
G. N. Ry., at Port Townaend with Alaska steamers.
For Eureka, A rcata and Fields Landing (Hum-
boldt Bay) Btr. Pomona, 2 p. u., Oct. 1, 6, 11, 16,
21. 26, SI. -
For Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Simeon, Cayucos,
Port Harford (San Luis Obispo), Gaviota, Santa
Barbara, Ventura, Hueneme, San Pedro, East San
Pedro (Los Angeles) ana Newport, 8 a. m., Sept. 26,
30. At 9 a. m.. Oct. 4. 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and
every fourth day thereafter.
For San Diego, stopping only at Port Harford
(San Luis Obispo), Santa Barbara,' Port Los
Angeles, Redondo (Los Angeles) and Newport, 11
A. ic, Sept. 24, 28, Oct. 2, 6. 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, SO,
Nov. 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, and every fourth day
thereafter. . . -
For Enseuada, Ran Jose del Cabo, Mazatlan, La '
Paz, Altata and Guaymas. (Mexico), atr. Willam-
ette Valley, 10 a. u., 25th of each month.
Ticket office, Palace Hotel, 4 New Montgomery
• GOODALL, PERKINS <fc CO.. Gen'l Agent*
10 Market st., San Francisco. -
m W\m QL i\!» AND ASTORA.
O street wharf at 10 a. m. every five days, con-
necting at PORTLAND with direct rail lines to all
MONTANA, and all Eantern points, including Chi-
cago, New York and Boston.
State of California sails Oct. 6, 16, 26, Nov. 5.
Columbia sails Oct. 11. 21, 31, Nov. 10.
Fare In cabin, including berth and meals, $15 00;
Steerage. *7 60;
' For through rates and all other information apply
to the undersigned.
tiouiiAM.. Perkins & Co. Fked. P. Conn-ob.
Gen'l Supt*., Gen'l Agent.
10 Market st. 19 Montgomery st.
I | in,. Coolgardie gold fielda
iif'^P^'TfT^*™ (Fremantie), Austra-
r^Un.WV» lia: 9 a2 ° flrst clas
JSWr^ nONTJi iifui $110 steerage. Lowest
M^l^^fcl rates to Capetown,
M^B^&* S yo^vjfcfcL South Africa.
Jm"'^^ Ty^L» vH^ Steamship Australia,
99/ vtAiTl \ v9m nonolulu only, Taes-
v9\ ' S&sQf /Sim Australian . steamer
XpSStteifc *S^sf/^r ALAMEDA. sails via
>ea£gsi*£Pv*©Vi3^ Honolulu and Auck-
land, Thursday, Octo-
ber 17, at 2 p. j£.'
Speciai. Pabtibs Reduced special rates for
parties Oct. 15 and Nov. -.■
Ticket office, 114 Montgomery Btreet.
Freight office, 327 Market street.
J. D. SPRECKELS Ji. BROS., General Agents.
French. Line to Havre.
COMPANY'.-, PiER(-NK\Vi.4a-NUUrH /m
KJ River, foot of Morton st. Travelers bv f£xl*
this line avoid both transit by English ralUuyaiul
the discomfort of crossing the channel in a lma.U
boat. New York to Alexandria, Egyut, via Pari*.
first-class $160; second-class $i 16. *
La CHAMPAGNE, Capt. Laurent
LA BOiJßaOGNEVcapV.Le'b'oeuf 8 ' 28> B: °° *' *
LA TOURAiNEVcapt. g^T"" S s: °° ** lt
LA GASCOGNE; Baude°lo; raber 9 : B: °° A>
.•*■ vv_ - •;•••:• Nov. mber i 6 - s: °° a- it
M3~ For further particulars apply to
_ ■ _ _ A. FORGET, Azent,
t' v TTTTn4 7T * S /5? wlln S Q «en, New York.
J enne, Sa^Frlncfscg 0 AgeDtS - 5 °°tgomery
New York to Liverpool, via Queenstown,
. from Pier 40, North River.
Etruria, Oct. 19, 3 ru ! Etrurla, Nov. 16. 3 rv
Camp<tna,Oc.26,lo Campania, N0v.23.10 am
Umbria, .Nov. a, 3 ru Umbrla, Nov. 30, 2pm
: Lucauia. Nov. 9. 10 AMiLucania, Dec. 7, 9a it
Cabin passage $60 and upward; second cabin, I
•85, $40, $45, according to steamer and accommo-
dations. .
r>; Steerage tickets to and from all parts of Europe
.at very low rates. For freight and passage apply
at company's office, 4 Bowling Green, New York.
VERNOX H. BROWN <fc CO., General Agents.
Good accommodations can always be secured on
application to WILLIAMS, DIMOND it CO.,
• • ■ - ' ____^ , Agents, San Francisco.
United States and K»ral Mail Steamers
NewYork, Queenstown & Liverpool,
: SAIUNo KVKxil V» fctlv.
Ing to steamer and accommodations fnrifig
■elected: second cabin, $35 and $40; Majestic and
Teuton'.- . Steerage TickeU from Englan.i, Ire- ;
land, Scotland, Sweden, Norway i and Denmark i
through to San Francisco at lowest rates. Tickecs.
Balling datea and cabin plans may be procured
from W. H. AVERY, pacific Mail Dock, orattha
General Office of the Company, 613 Market st,
under Grand Hotel. - . G. W. FLETCHER, .
.-.:■..■ General Agent for Pacific coast.
fortnightly - for th« West Indies and -vjEmUB
Southampton, calling en route it C'rbourgh,
France, and Plymonth to land passengers. '. >
■ Through bills of lading, in connection with th«
Pacific Mail S. S. Co., issued for frelsht and trea»
are to direct ports la England and Germany,
j Throngh tickets from San Francisco to Plymouth,
Cherbourg, Southampton. First class, $195: thin
tfJUta, 9t7 60. i'or further particulars apply t* .
;%?•■■ v PARROT T <fe CO., Agents, - '
' ._ , SOa C*Utorpl»k^
stock™ steamers
Leave Pier No. 3, Washingrton St.,
At 5 P. M. J-»aily, .Except Sunday.
jay Accommodations Beserved by Telephone. - 1
T.C.Walker. J. D. Peters,
Mary Garratt, City of Stockton.
Retnrn steamer leaves Stockton Sundays, sf.n
T«lephone Main 805. Cai. Nav. *nd ImpU CO.
Daily, except Sunday— lo a. m., 4p. m.
Sunday— B p. m.
Larnllng, Mission 1. Pier 3.
Tiburon Ferry— Foot of Market St.
San Francisco to San Rafael.
WEEK DAYS— 7:4O, 9:20, 11:00 A.M.; 12:35,
3:30, 5:10, 6:30 r. m. Thursdays— Extra trip
at 11 :30 p. m. Saturdays— Extra trips at 1:50
BUNI>AYS-8:Oo!*9:8C 11:00 a.m.; 1:30, 3:30,
5:00, 6:20 p. u.
San Kafael to San Francisco.
WEEK DAYS— 6:2S, 7:55, 9:30. 11:10 A. it.;
12:45, 3:40. 5:10 p. m. Saturdays— Extra trips
at 1:55 p. M. and 6:35 p. m. ■ „„„';_
SUNDAYS— B:IO, 9:40, 11:10 a. k.; 1:40, 3:40,
6:00, 6:25 p. it. _ .
Between San Francisco and Schuetzen Park same
schedule as above. m
Leave ■ Arrive
San Francisco. ' ?s£**£; San Francisco.
Wffk Sun-- " , 1*»95. Bva- i Week
| Days. i days, destination. DAYB . | Days.
7:40 am 8:00 ami Novato, 10:40 8:50 a»c
3:30 pm 9:30 am Petaluma, 6:05 pm 10:30 ak
5:10 pm 5:00 pm , Santa Rosa. 7:30 pmj 6:15 PM
7:40 am Windsor, 10:30 AiC
Geyserville, " • V."' •~
3:30 pm 8:00 am Cloverdale. 7:30 pm 6:15 P* i
7:40 am Hopland & 10:30
3:30 pm 8:00 am Ukiah. 7:30 pm 6:15 pm:
7:40 am : I ~ '- 110:30 am:
8:00 am GuerneviUe. 7:30 pm
3:30 pm| I I 6:15 PK
7:40 am 8:00 am Sonoma 10:40 am 8:50 asc
5:10 pm 5:00 pm and 6:05 pm; 6:15 psC
1 I Glen Ellen. j
7:40 am 8:00 AMI e»K.,tn«ni i 10:40 am 10:30 am
3:3opmls:oopm| SebaatopoL | 6:05 pm j 6:15 PM
Stages connect at San Rafael for Boltnas.
Stages connect at Cloverdale for the Geysers.
Stages connect at Pieta for Highland Springs,
Kelseyvllle, Soda Bay, Lakeport.
Stages connect at Uklah for Vichy Springs, Blae
Lakes, Laurel Dell. Upper Lake, Boonevllle, Green-
wood, Mendoclno City. Fort Bragg, Usal, Westport,
Cahto, Willetts, Calpella, Fomo, Potter Valley, John
Day's, Lively's, Gravelly Valley, Harris, tecoiia
and Eureka.
| Saturday to Monday ronnd-trlp tickets at reduced
On Sundays round-trip tickets to all points be-
yond San Rafael at half rates. *
Ticket Offices, 650 Market St., Chronicle building.
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agent.
(pacific SYSTEM.)
Train* leave ami nr« .loe to arrive at
**«AK l-'lt A.M:iSl'«.
leavz — - From Octobeh 4, 1595. — arkivb
•0:30a SanLeandro, Haywards & Way Bfns 9:13a.
7:OOa Atlantic Expres3. Ogdeu and T.ast.. lO:»Op
7:0Oa Benlda, VacaTille. Rurcsey, Sacra-
mento, and Redding Tia Daris. . . . 7:15p
7:38a Martinez, San Ramon, Xapa, Calis-
toga and Santa Rosa 6:1 5p
7:30a SanLeandro, Haywardat Way St'ns 1015
8::tOA Niles, Ban Jose, Htockton, lone.
Sacramento, Maryaviik-, lied Bluff
andOroTille 4ilsp
•8:30a Peters and Milton «7:13p
O:OOa San Leandro, Haywards & Way St'ns 11:43a
U:OOaLos Angeles Express, Raymond.
(for Yosemite), SanU Barbara
and Los Angeles 4:43?
9:00a Martinez and Stockton 10:4.1a.
10:OOa San Leandro, Haywords and Nile3 . 1:43p
12:00m San Leandro, Haywards 4 Way St'ns 8:45p
l:OOpNiles, San Jose and Llvermore 8:43 a.
•l:OOp Sacramento Steamers »O:<»0 p
fl:3op Port Costa and Way Stations t?=43P
, 3:OOp San Leandro, Hayifardafc Way St'ns S:43p
4:«Op SanLeandro, Haywards & Way St'ns 6:45p
4:OOp Martinez, Han Ramon, Vallejo,
,~^.. ... Napa, Oalistoca, lil Vera-io and : ,-r
•SauUKosa • 9: 1 a
*:OOp Benicia, Esparto, Woodland. . .
Knights Landing, Marysville,
OroTille and Sacramento 10:43a
>5:0Op Kileg, San Jose, Liveimore and . -
Stockton 7:15p
'S:3op San Le»ndro, Haywarda * Way St'ns 8:43»
'S:3Op New Orleans Kxpress, Fresno, Ray.'
mond (for Yosemite), BakersOeld, ' j
Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Dem- j
ing, El Paso, New Orleans and
Ea5t...... 10:43*.
t O<3op Santa Fe Route, Atlantic Express
for Mojave aud East 10:43a.
6:OOp European Mail, Ogileu and l'ast.... 9:43a.
6:O«r Haywards, Nilesaud Sau Jose 7:43a.
17:OOp Vallejo t7:43p
7:OOp Oregon Kxrri-s«, .Sacramento, Marys-
ville, Redding. Portlaud, Puget ■ . .
Souucland Kost ...., 10:45a,
7:OOp San Leandro, Hayward3 & Way St'ns 1 0:3Op
9:OOp San Leandro, Haywardat Way St'ns tt!2:OOA
ttll:lsp San Leandro. Haywards ft Way St'ns *?:15a
SAXTA Cltl'Z DIVISION' (Xarroir 6au;re>.
J7^3a Sunday Excursion for Newark. San *
Jose, Los Gatos, Felton and Santa
Cruz }8:O3f
•iISa Newark, CenterTille.San. lose. Felton,
Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz and Way
- Stations 3:30*
•2:13p Newark, Centerville, San Jose, New
Almaden, Felton, Boulder Creek,
Santa Cruz and Principal Way
Btatlons M 1 r»©
4:43 Newark, San .Tone. l.os OatoH 9:30a.
COAST IU VISION (Iliinl A Tonuseui! M».) '
*U:43a ban Jose, §New Almadeu and Way "
I Stations *1:43 p
17:30a Sunday Excursion for San Jose, Santa
Cruz, Pacific Grove and Principal
Way Stations JS:33»
■:15a Sau Jose, Tres Piuos, Kanta Cruz,
racilic Grove, Paso Robles, Son
Luis Obispo, Guadalupe aud Prin-
cipal Way Stations 7:03p
19:47a. Palo Alto and Way Stations }1:43p
10:40a Sau Jose and Way Stations 3:0Op •
11:43a V.hi> Alto and Way Station! 3:30p
*2:30.p San Jose, Gilroy, Tres Piuos, Santa '
Cruz, Salinas,Monterey ami Pacilio
Grove *IO:4Oa
•3::»»»r San Jose and Principal Way Stations 1»:47a
•4:30r San Joseniid Way Stations ..,• *8:oOa,
3:30 [• San Jose ami Way Stations *8:48a
6::i(»p San Jose aud AVay Stations 6:33a '
*ll:3Qr Ban Jose ami Way Stations *?':4.%p
From SAN FRANCISCO— of Market Street (Slip 8)—
•7:00 8:00 9:00 *10:00 11:00a.m. *12-3fl
tl:0O "2:00 3:CO »i:O3 6:00 •6iOOPJ«,
from 04IUKD— Foot of Bro»dwaj. — -fi.oo •700
8:00 *0:00 10:00 *ll:00a.u. 112C3
♦12:20 fl:00 . *3:00 i:QQ 'gIOQp.M,
._ A for Morning. p or Afternoon.
• Sundays excepted. t Saturdays only.
" §V, ednesdays only. t Sundays ouly.
tt Monday. Thuradayand jatnrdayjnights only.
will call for and check baggage from hotels and rest,
dences. Enqui^a of Ticket AgenU for Time Cards aud
•ther information. .
« Atlantic
fralna leave from and arrlTt
at Market-Street Ferry.
Chicazo Limited
PaUcVsw™i* y a i 3 ° *■ 11 - carrying PnUmaa
TiaK-£ e P?.™ a °d Tourist Sleepers to |Chlcag«
BrD2nd8 r D 2nd C s ra u^" c^^ Annex l cars 'JS
Trains leave dMly at 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 r. it*
K D e e ies l^C l nlct^ ngele wUh *°' ld lraln iSj
Summer or Winter the Santa Tt> Route la rh*
most Comfortable railway. California to the East
A popular misbelief exists regarding the heat *|«
Hummer. The heat is not reafer th.nl, encoui2
tered on even the most northerly line. Tula I. »^i
known to experienced travelers: *m«UweU
The meals at Harvey's Dining Rooms ara an «-r.
cellent feature of the line. •"»«»■ mim an ex*
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado can
be reached In no other way. " vmoraoo cajj
Tlckot Offlce-644 Market Street,
: Chronicle Bulldlnr.
' (Via Sau«alito F«rr V ). VlTl '
From San F «ncls^ginnln^epte m 1. 189*
F l»?lli 1 .X a l 1 S y ' andSRn il "»'»el-7:00, 8:00 9-15
For Mill Valley, gan H fliJi S 'onci r» «
8:00. 10:00, 11:30 a. 2' Y?3 "s-OoT^.^^SJ*?
8:00. 10:(H), /1:30 a. 2-TIV 3%0 VS?*.!/ 1 *!
P. x. •uoesnotrunioSanQuentln 6slB
B:uu a. m. week rtuvs (i7i.u m •

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