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■ —
Good overland demand for Coffee.
Silver unchanged.
\\ heat weaker. Barley firmer.
Oats, Corn and Rye unchanged.
Another decline in Beans.
Hay firm and in light receipt.
Large arrivals of Mustard Seed.
Bran and Middlings unchanged.
Potatoes and Onion-, cheap.
Butter firmer. Eggs steady.
Poultry nominal.
Persimmons cheaper.
Game declined.
Grapes steady.
Dried Fruit quieter.
Hides weak.
Provisions unchanged.
Unitkd States Dkpartmest of Aoeicol/-
vember 11, 1898, 5 r. m.—Weather conditions and
general ion cast:
The following are the seasonal rainfalls to date |
as compared with those of same date last season:
Eureka 4.16, last season 5.14; Red Bluff 2.97, last J
season 2.02: Sun Francisco 2.18, last season 2.78;
Fresno .29, last season 1.12; t-an Luis Obispo 2.16, j
last season 3.32; Los Angeles .65, last season .76: j
Ban Dl< go .99, last season .05; Yuma .31, last sea- j
son 1.81.
The following are the maximum temperatures
reported from stations In California to-day: Eureka
64. Red Bluff 66, sail Francisco 66, Fresno 66, In
dependence 54, San Luis Obispo 70. LO3 Angeles
60. San Diego 60, Yuma 76.
San Francisco data—Maximum temperature 66, j
minimum 60, mean 63.
The area of hich pressure central last night over 1
Wyoming and the re-enforcing high oi£tbe Oregon j
const have moved eastward and an- now over the j
Missouri Valley. An area of low pressure nas At
veloped in Western Arizona and Southern Califor
nia, causing rain in this section. Another area of
low pressure appears 10 be formine off the ash
intrton coast, uccompanied by cloudy weather and
ll;;ht variable winds. The temperature has re
mained stationary, except at Red Uluff, Indepen
dence and Fresno.
Forecast made at San Francisco for thirty hours, j
endineat midnight November 12,1895:
Northern California—lncreasing cloudiness and ,
showers; cooler in Sacramento Valley; northwest- j
t-rly winds, changing to easterly.
Southern California—Showers; stationary tern- j
peratnre; easierly winds.!
Nevada—Cloudy in western portion: stationary <
Utah—Fair: stationary temperature.
Arizona—Showers; stationary temperature.
San Francisco and vicinity— Increasing cloudi
ness and probable Bhowers; stationary tempera
ture; westerly winds stuftingto southeasterly.
A. McADIK, Local Forecast Official.
NEW YORK, N. V.. Nov. 10.—Lord Salisbury's
speech last Saturday had a reassuring effect on the
markets abroad, and the good feeling also extended
to this side of the Atlantic. Consols recovered
briskly in London and American securities t!'ere
moved up in sympathy. Jn Paris the Rothschilds
were ictive in the work of restoring confidence—a
more hopeful tone characterizing the dealings at
the irse there. Our market was quick to re- i
spend to the Improvement in London and on the
Comment, and prices for the standard Issues moved 1
v.' itradually during the nay.
The _i.;i, which ranged from 1-2 to 2% per cent, ;
was most marked in the international issues, such I
as St. Paul and L. and N. Fully 8000 shares of
various slocks were taken for London, prlncipally
for the purpose of covering short contracts in an- 1
ticipation 01 the fortnightly .«e;lenient on Thurs- !
day. Loai!»*Hle and Nasiivllle and St. Paul, which i
have been heavily oversold, gnined the most, the |
former rising from 51Vs to -'S-'s and the latter
from 73I <2 to 75. St. Paul's splendid showincfor i
the first week Of the current month, the earnings
having increased nearly $270,000 over last year,
contributed not a little to the strength of the
sharp recoveries were also noted in Lake shore,
Itork Island, Burlinston and Quincy, Northwest, !
Aichison. Missouri Pacific, Canadian Bonthern, !
p.il." four, Manhattan, Kansas and Texas preferred, |
Wabash preferred. Western Union and I'aciiic !
Mall. The last named was bough) by a ;
firm snpr°sed 10 be Identified with insiders. it j
was also reported tha; the nesotiations with the (
Panama Railroad will be reopened shortly. Before 1
midday, however, Chicago Gas developed weak- '
ness. and on free sales broke from 6o: 4 to 63*/2. A |
rumor was put atloa: to ihe effect that the Flower- j
OlcoM committee hat dissolved, but this was ofti- 1
cially denied, and a rally to 643/s followed. Subse- !
qiieiuly another story was circulated that Attor
uey-General Hancock would be asked to prevent
th«- reorganization of the committee.
The heaviness Of the mock aflected the indus
tna unfavorably, but the railway list maintained
its strength until near the close, when prices were
shaded a little on realization. Genera] Electric was
decidedly w«-ak at one lime, falling to 28%, a de
cline of li<2 per cent. Latter on advices from
Washington that the Supreme court had I'.ecirtPd
the McKeespor rase in favor of the coapany the
ttock rallied to So('<£29 3-8. Sugar first ro.«e 1 to
1003/s aud then fell to 98%. Tobacco, Distilling
aud Lttle-feedfng and leather preferred sold down
[email protected] per cent a::.! later recovered part of the
In a cenerai way the industrials were weakened
by fears of hostile legislation by Consress. Suear.
it Is intimated, will be the tirs: corporation taken
lip by the new House. The withdrawal of #1,000.
--000 in gold from the sub-treasury by William H.
Crossman it Bros, for shipment to Europe by
the £>pn c to-morrow had no influence whatever,
neither lid the talk about heavy exports later in !
11.. week. There was a sprinkling of commercial I
bills lay. bnl the offerings were quickly ab-
Borbed. speculation in stocks closed steady. Net
chances show advances of i/i to 2% per c»nt.
The Indus-rials, ■wever. generally los; ifetolVs
cent. Total sales were 214,068.
Railway onds were firm .\i:'i higher. The sales
footed up" 730,000. Atchiion adjustment fours
rose l! 4 to 49%. <lo eeneral fours %to 78, do sec
onds, class A, I to 273' 8: Lake Erie and Western
Jives 1 to 118. Milwaukee and Northern firsts of
1913 I--. to 120: Missouri, Kansa* and Eastern
firsts fives 1» to 92. United States Cordage sixes
13/s to 411 -j aud i'.e.ni 111 fours 1» to 7S- -.
In Government bonds $1000 coupon fours of
1907 sold a< 112 and 18,000 coupon fives sold
at 115(ffill5y8.
The Mercantile Snfe Deposit Company reports
silver bullion on haiid, 234,509 ounces; certih"
cates outstanding, 234.
FLOUR—DuII, barely steady. Winter wheat,low
grades, ?2 25(<12 75: do, ialr to fancy. $2 HO.ii 40:
do. patents, $3 W)@3 90; Minnesota clear, $2 75©
8 25: do. strnlsbts. S3 [email protected] 50; do, patents. $3 35
f"3 40; low e.v.ms. •■?■_' •_'."(« 75; city mills, $3 Hs(ai
4: do. patents, M [email protected] 35. Southern Flour— i
Dull, easy; common to fair extras, ?2 10fi;2 80; ]
good to choice do. $2 [email protected] 10. * I
CORN MEAL— Steady, dull. Yellow Western,
S'J 00(0.2 «5.
RYE—Nominal. No. 1 Western, 48c
BARLEY—Nominal. Western, [email protected]; No. 2
Milwaukee, 44(g;48c.
WHEAT—Spot market fairly active, lower.
No. 2 red. store and elevator. 66V 2c: afloat,
CBc; f. o. b.. 671 c; ungraded red, 6*(ai7oc; No.
1 Northern. 64%^c. Options were fairly active
EDd weak ot a decline of Tp^iLipC from Saturday,
dne to weaker cables, foreign sellin< and a
large increase in th? visible, wi.h free local realis
ing. May and December were most active. Janu
ary, 65yc; Jlarch, 67%; May, 68Vic: July,
67% c; December, 84*/fec
CORN—Spots fairly active, easier. No. 2, 35%@
S61 .-2C elevator, 37'4c afloat. options were dull
and y 2 c lower with the West and local realizing,
closing steady. November and May most active;
November, 35% c; December, 35Vic; January,
35c: May, 35% c. ■ •
OATS—Spots easier; fairly active. Options dull
and weaker. November, 23c: December. 233/ 8c;
May. 253' Be. Spot prices—No. 2, 23c: No. 2
white, 24U,c; No. 2 Chicago. 24c; No. 3, 22y 3c: ,
>'o. 3 white. 23c: mixed Western, 23y->(s2sc;
white do. 24<g.28c; white State, [email protected]
LART>—Quiet, but v.: eak: Western steam, $5 85;
city. $r> 60: November. $5 90: refined, dull: Con
tinent. $6 30; South American, $6 65: compound,
lOltk-Steady and in more demand; sales, 200
barrels; mess, $9 [email protected] 25.
T'i'F.P. —Quiet : choice, steady; State dairy, 12
(32ii/ 3c: do creamery, [email protected]; Western dairy,
l()V 2(ctlsc: do creamery, [email protected]: ilo June, 15®.
Sic; <lo factory. 9(fl4c; Elgins, 23c: imitation
creamery, [email protected]?Vsc.
CHJEESK—VUiIet and easier; State iaree. 7141 a
10y 8c: do fancy, 10ffil(J3/ 3c; do small. 7-''/[email protected]":
part skims. 3y [email protected]; full skims. [email protected]
EGGS—Steady, moderate receipts ""state and
Pennsylvania. 21(&i25c; icehoose, [email protected], do, p?r
case. .f:v. 1 25; Western fresh, 19d&2o; do. i»er
case, $3(g,4; limed, [email protected]; do per case, £3 50
TALLOW—Quiet and steady; country. 43/ c.
COTTONSEED OIL-istrong, iisfat offerings-
Crude. 24ii,^5c; yellow prime, new, 29Vic bill 30c
asked; ilo, off grade, 28c bid.
RICE—In moderate demand and steady; domes
tic. 3%@6c: Japan. ,■,'.:< V.
MOLASSES—Foreign, nominal; New Orleans
28®32c, quiet.
COFFEE—Barely steady and unchanged to 15
points down: December. Sl4 [email protected] 50: January
fl4 30^14 35; March, *[email protected] 15: April. $14-
May, Sl3 [email protected] 75: August, «13 16; September'
$12 80. Sjiot Itio, dull, steady; No. 7, 15i*>(<iT564c'
SUGAR—Raw, don and steady; fair refining 3(ci
3%c; centrrfUgalS, 96 test. 33/B®3y.c; refined
mon» active; off A, 4 l-10(a)4i4c; moid A, 4%c-
Btaodard A, 4i, 2c; confectioners' A. 4S/ gc; cut
loaf and crushed, si/ie; powdered, 4%c; granu
lated. [email protected]%c; cubes, 4%c
I'ruit and I'rodnce.
CALIFORNIA FRUlT—Raisins. London layers
fl [email protected] 35; 3-crown, 3%@4c; 4-crown, 4,'i£sc '
PRU NES—Four sizes, S?<ic.
! A PRICOTS— Bags, 9J/2<ai lc.
PEACHES-Unpeeled, s^«@B>Ac; Deeled, 16c.
ALMONDS—Paper-shell, ll(g)12c
WALNUTS—Standard, 9c.
HUPS—Quiet, steady; State common to choice
[email protected]: I'acirlc Coast. sy^lOc. London market
WOOL— pulled, [email protected]; Texas, [email protected]
PIG IRON—Steady; moderate demand; Ameri
can. $12<ai4 50.
OOPFEB— lake. Sll [email protected] 50.
LEAD— Dull; weak; domestic,s3 17y [email protected] 20.
Quiet; straits, $14 55: plate« quiet.
BI'KLTKR—Weak: domestic, 83 80.
CHICAGO, 111., Nov. 10.—Nothing developed
In wheat this morning which could be construed
W favorable to higher prices The financial siiu
atlon abroad being in an unsettled state was cer
tainly not calculated to encourage speculation.
English consols were higher, and in fact that one of
the ;bull helps of , the last weeks was removed.
Liverpool cables were lower for wheat. Receipts
In the Northwest were heavy, although some fall
ing off was thought possible. Minneapolis and
Duluth had 1713 cars and Chicago 595. With
drawals from store were large at 338,032 bushels.
The visible supply statement was ft matter of
considerable interest as the different polrts repre
sented. With all places Included an inciease of
3,946,000 bushels was licrurcd. The amount on
ocean passage decreased 240,000 bushels and the
English visible supply 26,000 bushels. Liverpool
■wired that the total world's shipment for the week
would aggregate 8,000,000 bushels. Theorticial
Board of Trade figures on thesi? exports will ap
pear to-morrow. Export clearances were fair at
40:-t.S44 bushels. V; .
The session was noted for the free liquidation of
"long" wheat by people who have been expec.ing
anything but the present accumulation of stocks
in this country. At the close prices weretouly i»
fraction above the inside iiguns of the day. Clos
ing Continental cables were generally lower. De
cember wheat opened from 58c to 57 % c, sold be
tween 58c and 6SV 2 c, closing at 5714 c, [email protected]/ 8 c
lower than Saturday. Estimated receipts for to
morrow 600 cars.
CORN — Drew very little attention and the situa
tion was practically unaltered. The Government
report, which issues this afternoon, will treat of
the corn yield, but the immense crop is assured,
so that the prospective statement amounted to
nothing as a factor. Liverpool cables were firm
and y d higher. Receipts were 428 cars, and 185,
--676 bushels were taken from store. Export clear
ances amounted to 132,464 bushels. The weak
ness of wheat tended to produce a similar feeling
in this market. The visible supply decreased
227,000 bushels and the amount on ocean passage
800.000 bushels. May corn opened from 29V4,c to
293/ B e, sold at 29V«c, closiiii: at 291,4 c, y e under
Saturday. Estimated receipts for to-morrow 320
Inactivity was still the notable feature
in oats. As in wheat and corn there was a lack
of firmness apparent. Receipts were 323 cars,
and 171, bushels were taken from store. The
visible supply increased 290,000 bushels. May
closed y e lower. Estimated receipt* for to-morr
ow 226 cars.
FLAX— Was firm. Cash No. 1. 9iy 2 @92c;
December, 9iy 2 @913 / ic; May, 97^4®97%C. Re
ceipts were 150 cars.
PROVISIONS— RuIed dull and barely steady.
The hot; market hela fairly well, product deriving
some benent therefrom, but the depression In
grain cast a gloom over the trade. At the close
January pork and January ribs were unchanged
from, and January lard a shade lower than Satur
Closing Prices.
WHEAT— November, 66r/tiC; December, 571,4 c;
May, 61l/ 2 c.
CORN— NovemDer, 29c; December, 2834 c;
May, 2914 c.
OATS— November, IBV2C; December, 183/ 8 c;
May, 20y 3 c.
PORK— November, $8 10: January, ?9 07V 2 ;
May, $9 40.
LARD— November, $5 60; January, $5 60;
May, $5 80.
Rlßs— November, $4 60; January, $4 60;
May, f 4 82 Vis-
BUTTER— The market was without change.
The demand was limited, with fair to good cream
ery generally preferred. Quotations were un
EGGS— Were active and firm. Fresh stock was
in llcht supply, and when offered w as readily taken.
Fresh stock sold a: 19V<>c per dozen.
MONEY— Was [email protected] 2 per cent on call and [email protected]
6' 2 per cent on time loans. New York exchange
sola at 50c premium.
UNION STOCKYARDS, 111., Nov. 11. -The
cattle market was active and firm to-day, dressed
beef concerns buying freely. Prices were 10c
higher. The demand for hogs from local packers
and shippers was Drisk to-day and the murket for
that animal was firm, but unchanged in price. Re
duced offerings of sheep and a t;ood demand re
sulted in an advance of [email protected] per hundred
CATTLE— Receipts, 17,000. Common to extra
BU'*»"S. S3<&s: stocKers and feeders. $2(53 85;
rows nnd bulls. £1 25©3 50; calves, «2 60(a5 75;
Tex&us, 92(23 30; Western rangers, $2 25f*3 90.
HOGS— Receipts, 60,000. Heavy packing and
shlppiu* lots, $3 50(g.3 70: common to choice
mixed, $3 [email protected] 70; choice assorted, $3 55®
3 70; light, $3 [email protected] 65: pin. *'-' [email protected] 6D.
shf.KP — Receipts, 14,000. Inferior to choice,
$1 [email protected] 10; lamt>«, $2 [email protected]
NKW YORK, N. V., Nov. 11.— The Earl Fruit
Company sold California fruit at open auction to
day, as follows: Grapes— Emperors, $2 [email protected] 30;
half-crates, $1 [email protected] 50: Tokays, half-crates, $1 70
(a3 -iO; Malaya, half-erases. .$1 75.
I'orter Bros. Company sold: Grapes— Verdells,
ff2 50; Tokays, $1 40(a.l 60: half-crctes Corni
chons, $1 25-g-l 36: half-crates Ferrnrs. [email protected]
CHICAGO, 11.1-, Nov. 11 The Karl Fruit Com
pany sold California fruit at open auction to-day, as
follows: Grapes — Emperor, $3 25; half-crates,
$1 35©1 65; Cornichons, half-crates, §1 6l>. Pears
— Winter Nellis, $2.
Portet Bros. Company sold to-dny : Grapes—Half
crates, Verdells, *1 4'><o<l 00; Muscats, $1 30®
1 60; Cortiichons, $1 45; Tokays, 90c; Ferrarus,
Bonds, Exchange. Money and Kailroad
Money on call easy at [email protected]%; last loan at IYtX
and closlnc offered a; 11/2%. Prime mercantile pa
per, [email protected] 3^. Bar silver, 673/ B e. Mexican dollars,
64c. Sterling exchange is steady, with actual
business In bankers' bills at $4 87y 2 @4 88 for
60nnysand$4 [email protected] 891/2 for demand. Posted
rate*. $4 88y 2 @* 90. Commercial bills, 84 86y a
(<r4 87 I.*.1 .*. Government bonds st-eaily; State bonds
linn ; railroad bonds higher. Silver at the board
was dull.
Am Tel* Cable.... 93 | Norfolk A West.... 314
Atchlson 16s,<j Preferred 12
Preferred 261,-4 North American... 4T/ g
Adams Express. ..150 Northern Pacific.. 4i/ 4
Alton.Terrellaute. 59 Preferred 15 1 /2
American Express.lls 'Nortnv.estern 105 i/ 4
American Tobacco. 87S/ 8 Preferred 14H
Preferrea 102 N. Y. Central 99
Bay State Gas 20 N. Y. Chitn«o<fcS.L 13
Baltimore <s Ohio., 54i.i Ist preferred 70
Brunswick Lands.. 34 2d preferred 28
Buffalo, Roch &P. 21 N. Y.*N. H.. 183
Canaan Pacific 65% N. Y. <fc New Eng. 40
Canada Southern,. 54 N. Y. Susq & W... 10S/ 3
Canton Land 60% Preferred 32
Central Pacific l6^£jOntaxlo 9
Ches. Ohio 19 iOntarlo <fc Western. 15V a
Chicago Alton 160 Oregon Improvmt. 5,-2
Preierrra 17<> | Preferred 35
Chicago, B. ife Q — B ! Oregon Navigation. 20
Chicago <£ E. 111... 46i/j{ Oregon Short Line. 7
Preferred 100 (Pacific Mail 29%
ChlcaKOuas 633,4, Pe0na, D.<£ Evans. 4%
Cleve Pittsbunt. 165^1 Pittsbur? W pfd. 27
Consolidation Coal. v 3 'Pullman Pa1ace.. .164
Consolidated Gas. -14CV4 Quicksilver. 2
C. C. C. & St. Louis. 40 i Preferred lt>y 3
i'referreu 90 |Reaainij 12Vs
Colo. Fuel <fc Iron.. 32y 2 KioGrande&Westn 17
Preferred »8 1 Preferred 35
Cotton Oil Cert 19V(jRock liilana 74y
Commercial Cable. lso &Oi{denllß
I>f). Hudson 128 St. L. S. W 5 / 8
Del.Lack*Westernl66 j Preferred 13y
DenveriKß. IS St.Paui 7iy a
Preferred 44* i Preferred 126
Distillers 1 9 H Bt. Paul & Duluth. 26
General Electric... 29s>/ 8 1 Preferred 88
Erie 10S/ 8 St. Paul <fe Omaha.. 40Vi
Preferred 20 j Preferred 120
Fort Wayne 167 Ist. P. M. & .ai .113
GreatNorthernptd.l2o jSUverCertincat.... 67 /4
Greenflay S/ig Southern Pacitlc... 2oy 2
Harlem 280 SoutnernK.lt liy a
Hocking Coal 3y 2 ' Preferred 333/ s
Hocking Valley... 20 .Suear Refinery 98^4
Homestatce 30 Preferred...." 97 1,4
H. A Texas Cent... 2y 2 lTenn. Coal & Iron. 3:) :
Illinois Central.... 97 j Preferred 103 -
lowaCentral 9^2 Texas Pacific ..... 8%
Preferred 31 'Tol. A. N.Mich. 3 A
Kansas &Texa3.... 13%'T01. <S Ohio Cen.... 36
Preferred 3U«i Preferred 75
Kingston it I'em... 3 iTol.St.Louls&K-C 9
LakeEne .tWes'.n 2214! Preferred.. . ..17
Preferred 74 jUnion Pacific 0&4
Lake Shore 149 U. P.. Den. & Gulr. 4V 8
National Lead 31 ' U.S. Cordage . 7
Preferred... 90 ! Preferred l::5/ 8
Longlslana 84 Guaranteed 2s
Louisville & Nash. 63 U. S. Express 42
Louisville Na&Ch. 93/ 8 v. S. Leather... . 12
Preferred 25y 2 Preferred 67%
Manhattan Consol.lOM,i;i;. S. Rubber 35 '
Mcmpnis <fc Charls. 16 1 Preferred.. .. 92
Mexican Central... llV B Utlca&B. River. .lso
Michitran Central.. 98 Wab. (3. L. <fc Pac. 71/2
MlnnAS. L 1 Preferred 191/4
Preferred — (Wellg-Fargo 94
Minn. <t St. Lcom. 22'/ 8 Western Cnion 89V 2
Ist preferred B'-'V'2 i\Vis Central 4y 2
2<l preferred 52 Wheeling &L. E.. 133/ 8
Missouri Pacific... 30 | Preferred 4()i
Mob'Je* Ohio 19 lAm Cotton Oil pfd. 69'' 2
Nashville Chatt... 75 .W U Beef lOV
National Linseed.. 22 : «4iL I Tractiou i«
N. J. Central 105^3
U B 4s, rep UIS4IM k T2ds 61
Do, 4s c0up0n. ..112 j Do, 4s 86Va
V 4s new reg 121 Mutual Union 69.. .114
Do, 4s coupon... 121 iN J Cent Gen &5...119
Do. 2s 96i/ 2 Northern Pac lsts.ll7
Do, 6s 1143^ Do, 2ds 1021/,
Do, 5s c0up0n.. ..115 i Do, 3ds. 7-V« '
Cherokee 4s. 1896.1003/4 Nonnwest Consols. 1
Do. 1897 100S <( Do, deb Cc 107
Do. 1898 1003 /4 O RAN Jsts 110 i/
Do. 1899 1003 /4 iSt LJtlronMtOen 5s 84
Pacific 6s 0f '95.... St L <ifc SFGpti6s.lOs
D. C. 3-6 6s 110 St Paul Consols ...12S
Ala Class A 4 109 V? St. P. C. <fe Pa 1515.117
Do. Class 84, ss. 1O!)3; 2 Do. Pac Cul ists..Ho
LnConsol4s... 100 'Kouthern ];. R. ss. 9R
Missouri funding.. Texts Pacific firsts 88
N Carolina 65.. 123 Texas l'acseconcn. 22V-
Do, 4s 104 Unlonl'ac lstof'96.lohi
Po Carolina 4J£s... 106 West Shore 4s 10t5<
Term new 90 {Mobile & Ohio 45.. «4S/ 8
Va funding debt. .. 623/ 8 R GranaeWest lsts 76
Ho, reg ChesAO6s 109
Do, deferred 65... 6 I Atchlson 4s 78
Do, trust rcptß st 6 I Do, 'ids A 27»4
Canada South 2ds..lOßV4G H&SA 65.. 104
Cen Pac lstsof '55.104V2 Do, 2d 7s 102 V
Den&RGlst 110 |H ATex Cent 55.. 110
_do. 4s «8 I Do.con6s 107
fr r 'e2ds 73 IReadini; 45......... 88
Kansas Pa Consols Missouri 6a ....... 100
Pa lsts Dendlvll3 |
LIVERPOOL, Ksr,., Nov. 11.— The spot market
ifj 1 1 at 5s [email protected] sV»fl. Cargoes are steady at
26;» 3d arrived.
The Produce Exchange cable gives the following
1-lverpool quotations for No. 2 Red Winter: No
vember, 5s 2S4d; December, 5s 3d; January, Os
314 a; February, 5s 3s/ 4 d; March, 5s 4V*d.
LONDON, End.. Nov. 11.— Consols, 106Vs; sil
ver, 30 13-16 d; French Rentes, .
Sterling Exchange, 60 days — f 4 87S /4
Sterling Exchange, sight — 4 89V4
New York Exchanee, sight — O2i /a
New York Exchange, telegraphic. — 06
Fine silver, spot, %* ounce — *>7S/ g
Mexican Dollars 65 65V2
WHEAT— Crocodile takes for Hull 58,135
! ct!s, valued at $56,682; lancing, for London, 73,
--304 ctls at $71,467.
The market is weak in all positions and trade Is
quiet. No. 1. 96c: choice, 96i,4c ft ctl; lower
gnu'.es, [email protected]'JJ/Sjc "ji ctl; extra choice for milling,
[email protected]$1 9 ctl.
Informal Skssiox —10 o'clock — May — 600
tons, $1 04. December— 2oo. 98s/ c.
I'.Kuiri.Aß Morning >kssion— May— loo tons,
$1 08%: 600, $1 033^; 2100, $1 035/ . December
—100, 9sy 8 c: 100. 98c; 100, 97% c: 1300. 97% c.
Aktkksoon Sksbion— May— l2oo tons. $1 0354;
1300, $1 0334. December - 100, 975/ B e; 1100,
97% c
BARLEY— The Croco:!ile takes for Hull 27,974
ctls Brewing, valued at $22,150.
Feed has again advanced. Brewing is also firmer
in sympathy, but there Is very little doing in it.
Foed, t>[email protected] 2 c: choice, 65c; Brewing, [email protected]
75c; Chevuher. $1 [email protected] 20 for No. 1 and [email protected]
ft ctl tor off grade. .- . y
Isfohmal Session— 10 May— 6oo tons, !
673/ C. ;
Regular Mobnixo Session — May— loo tons,
68c. December— 4oo, 63Vs--
Afternoon Session — December — 200 tons,
63V B e.
• OATS— Dealers report an inactive market. Mill
ing, [email protected]; Jancy Feed, [email protected]; good to cnolce,
57%@07i/<|C: common to fair. [email protected]: Gray, 57y 3
@67y c; l;ed, for seed, [email protected]; Black, for seed.
ipl [email protected] 30; Surprise, 77y 2 @Bsc ft ctl.
CORN — No lower, but weaK and dull. Large Yel
iow, 77y 2 @Boc; Small Round do, 85c; White, 90
@95c ft ctl.
RYE— Quoted at 77y«@80c ft ctl.
BUCKWHEAT— B7y (g!9Sc ft Ctl.
FLOUR— Net cash prices are as follows: Family
extras, S3 [email protected] SS; Bakers' extras, $3 IB©3 25;
superfine. $2 [email protected] 50 ft bbl.
CORNMEAL. ETC.— Feed Corn, [email protected] ft ton;
Cracked Corn, $18 [email protected] 60 ft ton.
BRAN— [email protected] 50 1* ton, jobbing rates.
[email protected] for lower grades tip to
$20 f 0 ft ton for the best.
FEEDSTUFFS— RoIIed Barley, 814 [email protected] 50;
Oilcake Meal at the mill, $18 ft ton; jobbing, $20;
Cottonseed Oilcake, $24.
HAY— Arrivals continue light and the market is
strong at the advance. Wheat, $7 [email protected] 60:* Oat,
[email protected]: Wheat and Oat, [email protected] 50: Barley, $6 50®
9; Alfalfa. $6<i£7 CO: Clover, $6 [email protected] 60; Com
pressed, [email protected]; Stock, [email protected] ft ton.
SIKAW- Firm at [email protected] ft bale.
BEANS — Almost all kinds nre lower again under
lari;e arrivals. The market is very weak. Bnyos
ureqaotable at [email protected] 15; Small Whites. $1 [email protected]
1 55;- Pea, $1 50(g>l 65: Large Whites. $1 10®
1 20: Pink. [email protected] 15: Keds, $1 15<<tl 25; BlacK
eye,sl [email protected] x:>: Red Kidney, SI [email protected] 75: Limas,
$2 [email protected] 4U; Butters, $1 [email protected] 75.
SEKDB— Over 6000 sacks of Mustard came in
yesterday. Brown Mustard, ifl [email protected] ft ctl: Trieste,
[email protected] 10 ft ctl; Yellow Mustard, $1 [email protected] 60
ft ctl: Flax, *1 80 ft ctl; Canary, [email protected] 2 c ft lb:
Alfalfa. [email protected] t* I»>: Rape, l%@2c ft lb;
Timothy, 6V»<; ft lt>; Hemp, 4c Q lb.
DRIKD PEAS— Quoted at $1 [email protected] 20 ft ctl for
Niles, $1 205 gil 40 for Blackeye and $1 [email protected] 60 '&
ctl for Green. •
POTATOES— Hweets have a wide range, accord
ing to quality. The other sorts show no change.
Sweets, [email protected]$l 25 ft ctl; .Salinas BurbaDks, [email protected]
85c; Kiver Burbanks, [email protected]; Oregon Burbanks,
[email protected]; Kiver Reds, [email protected] ft ctl.
UNIONS— Are steadr [email protected]; Pickle Onions,
35®50c ft ctl.
VEGETABLES— Summer Squash brought $1
ft box: Green Peppers quotable »t [email protected] ft box;
Dried Peppers, [email protected] ft lb; Tomatoes, 20w50c
ft box: Green Peas, 3-y2(?54y 2 c: String Bean*. 3i/ 2 @
6c: Lima Beans, 3V 2 r<«4V"C; Cucumbers, [email protected] ft
box; C.reen Okra, [email protected]; Dried Okra, 12y c ft lb;
Egg Plant, [email protected]; CabDaj;e. [email protected] ft ctl; Feed
Carrots, [email protected]; Garlic, [email protected]/ 2 c ft lb: Marrow
fat Squash, !f7(g;B ft ton.
BUTTER-Dealers quote a firmer market for
fresh Creamery. Pickled descriptions are quoted
at ail sorts of prices and accurate quotations are
Crkamkry— Fancy, 24c, with sales at 25c; sec
onds, 21(a;22V!jC.
Dairy— Fancy. [email protected]: good to choice, 16§>
19c; lower grades, nominal.
Crkamfry I ru— lß6s2lc ft lb.
Picklkd— [email protected] |! lb.
Firkin'— l4(g.l 5c ft lb.
CHEESE— Fancy mild new, BV2(£9c: common
to Rood, [email protected]; Young America, [email protected]; Eastern,
[email protected] « lb.
EGGS— Are quiet and unchanged. Fancy East
ern, [email protected]; good to choice Eastern, 17y @20c;
seconds, [email protected]; store Rggß, [email protected]'25c ft doz; cold
storage ranch, 22Wg)30c: pullets' Eggs, 25(£30c;
riinch Eggs, [email protected]
POULTRY— Thera was not enough on the mar
ket to disturb Quotations.
Live Turkeys, [email protected] for Gobblers and [email protected]
for liens; dressed do, [email protected]; Geese, V- pair,
$1 75; Ducks, $4 [email protected] SO: Hens, $4 [email protected] CO:
Roosters, young, $4 [email protected] 50 ft doz: do, old. $4 50
@6; Fryers, [email protected] 50: Broilers, $3 [email protected] for large
Hrid $2 60®,-; 50 for small; Pigeons, $f [email protected] 25 ft
doz for young and $l(g;l 25 for old.
GAMK— Wus weaker yesterday. Hare, 91 25:
Rabbits. $1 [email protected] 50 for Cottontails and [email protected] 25
for small; Gray Geese, $2 50; White Geese, $1 [email protected]
1 60; Brant, $1 50 5* doz.
ORCHARD FRUlTS— Persimmons are in better
supply and lower at [email protected] # box; Apples [email protected]
51 ft box for good to choice and [email protected] ft box for
common to fair; Winter Nellls Pears, $lig}l 50;
other Pears, [email protected] ft box.
BERRIES — Quotations for strawberries, and
Raspberries are nominal, receipts being verr light.
New Jersey Cranberries, $9 50^ bbl; Huckleber
ries, 4(asc ft tt>: Raspberries, [email protected]: Strawberries,
~& chest for Longworths and $3(^7 f» chest for
large berries.
PES-The market is steady. Black Grapes,
3">{gi">oe '^ box: Muscats, [email protected]; Verdels, 35® I
ftOc: Cornichon, 40(S)t>Oc; Tokny, 40®45c box. '
Wine Grapes rauge from $15 to 18 Vf ton. There I
are few left anil they are poor.
CITRUS FRUITS — California Oran?es, $150 ;
(q.l 29 ~f, box for Seedlings, and — for Navels; l^m- i
ons, $2 [email protected] for common and $3 B0(g)4 60 for good \
to choice; Mexican Limes, [email protected]; Bananas, [email protected] '
%* bunch; Pineapples, $3®5 V dn.-ijii.
DRIED FRUITS-Trade was suddenly quieter
at uti"hansed prices. The following prices rule on
the Fruit Exchange: Apples, 3c $ lb for
quartered, 3V c lb for sliced and [email protected] for
evaporated; Peaches. [email protected], and [email protected] for fancy
peeled. In boxes, [email protected]; Prunes, 4c for the four
sizes and 5y 2 c "r* lb forthe [email protected]'s; Apricots, 7V 2 <3>
8y 2 c for prime to choice and [email protected] "^ !b for fancy
Moorpark; Figs, black, [email protected];jC 9 lb for pressed
and 2(g,2i, 2 c for impressed: White Figs. 3y 2 @4c
%i lb lor pressed; Pears, 7c "<&. lb for evaporated
halves, 4®6J/2C for quarters: Plums, 3y 2 @4V 2 c
for pitted and iy»@2y 2 c for unpitted; Nectarines,
[email protected]<ic %>. lb for pxiiue to choice and (5y 2 c for fnncv
as lollows, carload lots, f. o. b. San Francisco: I
London layers, [email protected] 10%*. box; four-crown, loose,
8 : 54 c t^'lb: three-crown, loose, 3 4c %>. tb: two
crown, 214 c; seedless Sultanas, 314 c: seedless Mus
cfttels, 2y c; clusters, $135: Dehesa clusters.
$2 10; Imperial clusters, . $2 60; Dried Granes
"234 c ? lb. '
CIS-Pine Nuts, [email protected] fi lb: Chestnuts.
7(<iloc r* tb; Walnuts, 7(iißc H> for No. 1
hard and 9(ffi9y a c for 80ftsh"ll, jobbing lots; Al
monds, 6(it7V 2 c for Languedoc and B%@loc for
paper-shell, jobbing; Peanuts, 3y 2 @4c '& lb for Cali
fornia; Hickory nuts, [email protected]; Pecans, 6c for rough
and 8c for polished: Filberts, [email protected]; Brazil Nuts
2 @Bc j', lb; Cocoauuts, $4 [email protected] 50 f, 100.
HONEY— Comb is quotable at . [email protected] $ lb for i
bright and 8(&9c "f. lb for lower grades; water
white extracted, [email protected] 2 c fi tt>: light ambor ex
tracted, [email protected] : >4: dark amber, 4c.
BEESWAX— [email protected] f. lb.
CURED MEATS— No further change. Bacon
Is quotable at 7c %* lb for heavy and 7i/ 2 $\
lb for lUM medium, loy 2 c lb for light, [email protected]
12c for extra light and 12y c for sugar cured; East
ern Sugar-cured Hams, 12iA(S13c %* lb: California
Hams, lie; Mess Beef, $7%8 bbl: extra mess
do, [email protected]; family do, $10; extra prime Pork, $9
%* bbl; extra clear, $16 "$ bbl; mess, $14 %i bbl:
smoked Beef, 9y 2 @loc ?! lb.
LARD— Eastern tierces, quotable at 6ffl6i/ic V*
tt< for compound and Sc for pure; pails, 8i/ 3 Cali
fornia tierces, 6y 2 c for compound and ijUc for
pure; half bbls. 7c: 10-lb tins. VVic; do 5-tt>, 7i/ a o
fi lb. . .
COTTOLENE— 7c In tierces and 7%c » lb in
10-lb tins.
HIDES AND SKlNS— Quotations were undis
turbed yesterday. Heavy sated steers are quot
able at 8c ia lb: culls and brands, 7c f, lb;
medium. 7c %ilb: calls and .brands, 6c; light,
6c lb: culls and brands, 6c yl lb; Cow
hides, 6(£GVac: culls and brands, 6tesi/2C- salted
Kip. Cc: salted Calf. 8c; salted Veal. 7c; <try Hides
usual selection, 14(c»15c %< lb; culls and brands,
[email protected]: dry Kip and Veal. 12c "$ lb: culls, 9c: dry
calf. 17c: culls, 12c 1?. lb; Goatskins, [email protected] each-
Kids. sc; Deerskins, good summer, 30c; medium
15(g)25e; winter, 10®16c; Sheepskins, shearlings,
200 each: short woo!, [email protected] each: medium, 50
@60c each; loug wool, [email protected] each. Culls of all
kinds, about 1.3 c less. ■ .
TALLOW— No. 1 rendered is quotable at 414 a
4^»c %i lb: country Tallow, [email protected]; refined. «c:
Grense. [email protected] c * lb. _
WOOL— We quote Fall as follows: Humboldt and
Menaocino, 6Vs(i3»Bc 1> lb; San Joaquin and SoutL 1
crn, 3U;@sc lb; free Mountain, [email protected]; defec
tive do, [email protected] -# tb.
[email protected] %i lb. • .
BAGS— Grain Bags, nominal; Wool Bags, 24®
26c. .
COAL-Welllngton. $8: New Wellington. $8:
Southfleld Wellington, $7 50 3 ton: Seattle, $5 50
1* ton: . Bryant, $5 50 'f, ton; Coos Bay, $6: Walls
end, $7: Scotch, $7 50: Brymbo, $7 50: Cumber
land, $13 in bulk and $14" 50 in sacks; Pennsyl
vania Anthracite Epg, $14; Welsh Anthracite
Egg, $9; Cannel, $8; Rock Springs, Castle Gate and
Pleasant Valley, *7 60: Coke. $13 in bulk and SI 5
%* ton in sacks.
COFFEE— private circular of C. E. Bickford
gives the receipts at this port during the first 10
months of 1895 at 144,781 bugs, aeainst 174,791
bags during the sume time in 1894. The sales from
first bands were 129.174 bags, against 143,994.
The stock on hand November 1 wai 6847 bags,
against. 16,195. The world's yisiblejsupply Novem
ber 1 was 3,358.400 bags, against 3.011.715 bags
November 1, 1894. The circular says: "The mar
ket has undergone no change since our report on
the 28th ult. Dealers complain of the slow demand
from the interior, and transactions with first hands
have been fitful and unanimated. The greater por
tion of the sales effected were made daring the past
two days, ami there has also developed quite a
brisk demand from overland points for the better
grades of washed Guatemala, sales amounting to
1200 bags with further transactions pending. In
I New York the market for Brazils is soft and
slightly lower. To-day's stock consists of 40 Costa
Rica, 78^ Salvador and 4426 Guatemala— in all
5254 bags. The steamer City of Sydney is due
about the 10th with iOO hairs only." We quote
the market quiet as follows: 201/ aC %* lb for good
washed Costa Rica; 20c for good Costa Rica; 19®
19i/ c for good Co<«ta Ricamixed with black beans;
@18V 2 c for fair Costa Rica: [email protected] 2 c for
j common to ordinary Costa Rica; 18%@20y4C for
I fair to good washed Salvador: [email protected] 2 c for good
bleached and green unwashed do; [email protected] / 4c f* lb
for prime washed Guatemala; 2Oi/[email protected] /4 for good
to strictly good washed Guatemala; [email protected] for
fair washed Guatemala: 16^[email protected]*4e for medium
. Guatemala; 14V @16c for ordinary Guatemala:
[email protected]{>c Or very inferior to common Guatemala;
[email protected]^ to prime washed Peaberry 2OV2C
for good unwashed Peaberry.
SUGAR— The Western Sugar Refinery Company
quotes, terms net cash: Cube, Crushed, PowdereJ
and Fint; Crushed, all s c: Dry Granulated, sc;
Confectioners' A, 4%c; Magnolia A, 4c; Extra C,
3%c; Golden C. 3%c; half-barrels, i/ie more than
barrels, and boxes i/>c more.
SYRUP— Golden, Tn bbls, 15c; Black Strap, 10c
3* gal.
Wholesale rates for dressed stock from slaugh
terers are as follows:
BEEF— First quality, [email protected]%c; second quality,
4y 2 c; third do, B®4c f>, lb.
EAL— Large. [email protected]: small. [email protected] Tfr tb.
MUTTON— Wethers, [email protected]; Ewes, [email protected] 2 c
ft lb.
LAMB-5y 2 @6c ft lb.
PORK— Live'ilogs. 3c for large, 314 c for small
and for feeders; dressed do, 4y 2 @si/2C ft lb.
Flour.qr. sks 14.610: Rr»n. Bks . 410
Wheat, ctls r ) Middlings, 5k5..... 710
Barley, ctls 3,675 Hops, bis. 39
Beans, sks. 6,757;W001. bis IHI
Corn, ctls 305; Raisins, bxs 1,170
Potatoes. sk3. 4,907) Leather. r0115...... . 80
Onions, sks 2«4iLime, bbls 200
Hay, tons SlOiTallow.ctls 40
Straw, tons 9'Qutcksilver, flasks 593
Wine, gals . 44.200 Sugar, bbls 220
Brandy, gal 3 2,Boo Chicory, bb15...... 25
Hides.no Ml Uronm Corn, bales 264
Pelts, bdls.... Mustard Seed, ska 6,229
Katie H. Pewey (by J. V. Pinkham, commis
sioner) to Reglna Wertlicimer, lot on N line of
Herrmann street, 52:4 X Ol Laguna, B 17:5V0, NF:
9:3V a . N 100:7%, W 36, 8 106; .f7UOO.
A. and Rosalie Uoodkind to Amelia 11. Riebe, lot
on H line of SHCramen:o .-; net. 50:0% E of Bu-
Chunnn, E 29:5 by S 127 :8> 4 : $10.
James C. and Annie F. Alices to E. J. Voxel, lot
on N H corner of Filbert and Buchanan streets. E
80 by NJS; $10.
K. J. Vogel to Emma L. Hunt, same; $10.
H. .1. and Minnie R. Sad tiler to Agnea M. Bourn,
lot on X Hue uf Webster street. 127:6 S of Broad
-1 way, s 21/4 inches by X 103:6; .flO.
William and Eva Williamson to Henry G.
I Hanley. lot on X line of Fiilmore street, 87:6 S of
Joseph J.d'Keefe to Catherine O'Keefe, lot on
W line of Bourbin place. 1?5 N of Kddy street, N
25 by W 90: gift.
Isaac P. anil Koso C. Kincaid to John C. Stierlen,
; lot on N line of Seventeenth street, 280 Wof
i Church, \V 25 by N 86: $10.
David and Emma Kmerson to Bridget Merrill.
I lot on E line of Bryant street, 156 S of Twentv
-1 third, S 26 by E 100: $10.
Annie T.licDonald to Susie A. Tobin, lot on N
lint- of Twenty-fourth street, 75 W of Diamond, W
25 by N 114; cift.
Violet Itost'nwantz to Moses Rosencrantz. lot on
E line of Kearny street. 55 S of Post, S 20 by E
100; also lot on NE line of Sixth street, 75 NW
of Bryant, NW 76 by NX. 160: (,-ift.
City and County of San Francisco to Wiechen
I P-hlers, lot on E line of Pinkney place. 139:3 ii N
o' Broadway, N 65:8' i. E 57:6, 565:103 /8 , \y
57:6; $10.
William Henry Rogers to the Central Land Com
pany, a corporation, lot on N line of Nolan or Thir
ty-third street, 291 W of Market. W 25 by N 100
beini; the W 25 feet of lot 20, block P, Central
Land Company's Tract, Oakland; $10.
James and Isabella Miller and Serril Wlnsor et
al. (by Sheriff) to James Miller, lot beginning at a
point 225 SE from S corner of Twenty-Hecond ave
| nue and East Twelfth street, SE 25 by sw 146:8
block 59, San Antonio, East Oakland; $96.
I Same to same, lot beginning at a point 225 SE
from E corner of Twenty-st-concl avenue and East
Twelfth street, SE 25 by NE 140, block 60, San
Antonia, East Oakland: $96.
Same to sume. beginning at a point 260 SE from
B corner of Twentv-seeond avenue iihd East
Twt-lfth street. SF. 12:6 by NE 140, block 60. San
Antonio. Kasl Oakland : $85.
fcame to same, beginning at a point 250 SE from
S corner of Twenty-second avenue ami East
Twelfth street. SE 12:6 by SW 246:6, block 69
same, East Oakland; $84.
Mountain View Cemetery Association to Albert
E. Westover, lot 63 in plat 5. Mountain View Cem
etery, Oakland Township; $39.
Albert K. Westover to Charles G. Wai!, the S
half of same. Oakland Township; $28.
Lizzie Cair (wife of W. B.) to George C. McChes
ney of Alaineuii, lot on E line of King street 225 ■'*>
sof Mason, S 75:3 by E 120, being lot 44, Regent
street Homestead, Berkeley; $10.
Builders' Contracts.
E. R. Lllienthai with the San Francisco Bridge
Company, pipe-driving, Damping-, etc., for building
to be ere<-t<d on E line of Steuart street, 137-6 N
O. Mission: 53460.
Henry and Murtin Ratbien with Martin O'Brien
lathing, plastering and deafening a three-story
building on sw corner of Fillmore and Lombard
streets; $1099.
November, 1895.
Moon's Phases.
f*X November 2,
\SS Full Moon.
6| 7
©November 9,
.Last Quarter.
/G^s November 18,
%§/ New Moon.
3 November 23,
First Quarter.
Dates of Departure From San Franclaco.
s \l i.s.
| riKR.
Prosreao.... \ Panama I
»t Paul Newiiort .
Peru.. China <fc Japan
Ariigo coos uav '
North Font. ; Huroboldt Bay
NatlonalCty i Uumboldtitav
Del None .. Grays Ilaroor.
Marlposa : Sydney...
Pomona \ Humboldtliav
FjiraUon.... , Vaouina Bay..
Mexico San Diego ;
State or Cal: t'oriland
I'maiilla Vie & I'cct Snd '
Alee Blnchcl' Portland !
Eurelca Newoort
Weeott Eel River..... !
City Sydney Panama i
Banta itosa.. tian j)iego ..... :
INT 12, 4i'M|
Ny 13, 9am
Xv 13, Snc
N'v 13,10 am
Ny 13, Dam
Ny %.12 m
Xv 14. 6pm
Ny 14. 2pm
Xv 15. 2pm
ny 15, r.i-M
XV 15.11 am
XV 16, <JAM !
Ny 16.10 am
iXv 17, 9am
Xv 17, 9am
Ny 18,12 m
Ny 19.11 am
I Pier 'it
Pier 11
, P M SS
Pier 13
Pier 'Z
Pier a
Pier 28
Pier 9
Pier a
Pier 11
i Pier -2i
Pier 9
Pier 13
Pier 11
Pier 13
I' M s S
Pier 11
! M
| Duk
Araco I
Del None ... I
Bandorllle ;..... j
Coptic !
Alice Jilancnart! '
Farallon j
Willamette Val.!
City, of Panama ;
Pomona... i
Willamette |
.Eureka.'.. ...... ; ]
Homer ]
Wellington |
National City... ;
Columbia. ;
Santa Kosa.
Cityof PueDla . .
Ban Bias j
Crescent City... .
State of Cat . '
BtPaui '„
North Font... I
I Coos 8ay.....
Victoria & Piieri't Sound
Urays Harbor
Coquille Ktver
j San Diego \... .;.•..::
China and Japan.'.
i Portland . .
i Yaqulna 8ay ...... '..'.'..Z
' Mexico....
flumboidt Bay
New port
Coos 15av.....
Coos Bay:
i Departure 8ay..;...'....
Humboldt 8ay........ 1 ..
i Portland
San Die-g0...
, Victoria <& ruget sound
I Panama..
Crescent City
; Portland
Newport. :
Humbolrtt 8ay.....
..Nov 12
...Nov 12
..Nov 13
..Nor 18
..Nov 14
..Nov 14
..Nov 14
..Nov 14
..Nov 14
..NOT 14
..Nov 15
..Nov IB
..Nov 15
..Nov 16
..Nov 16
..Nov 17
..Nov 17
..Nov 17
L. Nov 17
1.. Nov 18
j.. Nov 18
..Nov 19
..Nov lft
..Nov 19
Small. |Lars:e.
8.33P 8.11 l
I Sets
Bbanch Hydboobaphtc Office, U. S. PT.,")
Merchants' Kxchanok. r 'r ;
• Sau Francisco. November 11. 1895. ) *'.
The time ball on Telegraph Hill was dropped
exactly at noon to-day— i. c., at noon of the 120 th
meriaiMi, or at exactly 8 p. m., Greenwich time.
- A. F. lECHTELKB, .
Ueuteoant U. S. X., la charge.
MONDAY. November 11. "
Stmr Crescent City, Allen, 34 hours from Cres
cent City; pass and mdse, to Hobbs, Wall <£ Co.
Stmr St Paul, Green, 70 Hours from Nfcwport.etc;
pass and mdse. to Goodall. Perkins <fc Co. -
Stmr Navarro, Hardwick, 39 hours from Hue
neme: produce, to Erlanger & Gallinser.
u«£« Bhlp Morna, Gibb, 130 days from Dunkirk;
8800 casks cement, 500 tons coko, to Meyer, Wil
son & Co. •
Ship Bohemia, Hocan, 186 days from Philadel
phia, via Kio de Janeiro 77 days: 2491 tons coal, to
John Rosenfeld's Sons.
Bark Gayheud, Shorcy, 21 days from Kurile
landing: 540bblsoll, bbls sperm Oil, 8000 lbs
bone, to J A Maicee Jr.
.Baric Albert, Gr filths. 13 days from Honolulu:
pass and sugar, to Williams, Dimond & Co.
i, sclir Uranus, Carlsen. 8 days from Grays Har
bor; 200 M ft lumber, to Pacific Box Co.
f-chT CSolden (late, Larsen, 60 hours from Bowens
Landing: 160 M flluniber, to V Heywood.
* Schr Archie andFontie, Colßtrnp, 36 hours from
±lsks M ill ; 80 cds wood, to Higgins & Collins.
Sclir Cliri.stinu Steftens, Fager, 36 hours from
limber Cove; 70 els wood, toR A Gllhride & Co.
•Schr Coquelle, Pearson, 6 days from Coqullle
River; 160 M ft lumber, to Si.mpson Lumber Co.
Schr Chetco, Eugbmtsen, 6 days from Needle
Rock: 1400 r r ties. 600 posts, 50 eds bark, to J W
Stetson. r _. ,*-.•- i-
Schr Bender Brothers, Thompson, 20 hours from
Bowens Landing: wood and r r ties, to Bender
Scto Berwick, Strahan, 5 days from Co
quille Kiver; lumber to C F Doe; 200 cs salmon, to
R f) Hume.
Schr Albion. Svenson, 6 days from Coauille
River: 1 10 Mft lumber, to T J Golden.
Schr Reliance, Jensen, 20 hours from Welch
Landing; 70 cords wood, to R A Gilbride A Co.
Srhr C H Merchant. Brannan, 8 days from Coos
Bay; 350 M ft lumber, to X B Dean <fe Co.
Schr Mary Etta, Wetzel, 20 hours from Phclps
Landing; 75 cds wood, to Bender Bros.
Schr Jennie Thelin. Hansen, 3 days frm Eureka;
170 M fi lumber, to San Francisco Camber Co.
.Schr Kmerprise, Ingwardsen, 7 days from Grays
Harbor; '210 Mft lumber, to Grays Harbor Com
mercial Co.
Schr Alice Klmball, Asplund, — hours from
Bowens Landing; lumber, to . Up river direct.
MONDAY, November 11.
Stmr Cella, Johnson, El Triumfo, Cal C and Com
• Stmr Pomona, Doran, Eureka; Goodall, Perkins
«fe Co. .
Stmr City of Panama, Searle, Panama, etc; Pac
Mnil s S Co.
Brship Swanhilda, Fraser, Queenstown: G W
Me Near.
Gershlp D H Watjen, Wlcke, Queenstown: Ep
pinger <& Co.
Br ship Beacon Rock. Hughes, Liverpool; Gir
vin & Kyre.
Br bark Gen Millinet, Bacheller, Gloucester; Bal
four, Guthrie & Co.
Bark McNear, Pedcrsen, Nanaimo; R D Chand
MONDAY, November 11.
Stmr Alcazar, Gunderson.
Stmr Celia, Johnson, El Trumfo.
stmr Point Loma, Conway, Grays Harbor.
Stmr Pomona. Doraij. .Eureka.
Brstmr Progressist, Pinkham, Nanaimo.
Stmr Walla Walla, Wallace, Victoria and Port
Stmr Weeott, Magee, Eureka, etc.
Stmr Santa Rasa, Alexander. San Diego, etc
simr Homer, DrisKo, Coos Bay.
Stmr City of Panama, Searie, Panama, etc.
Brship Klnif Edward, Fletcher, Queenstown.
Brship Lansing, Hattiel.l, London.
Schr Nettie Low, Low, Point Reyes.
MONDAY, November 11.
Schr Mary Bldwell, from sea, on account of carry-
Ing away mainboom, foresail and two jibs off the
Albion River, Nov 10.
POINT LOBOS— November 11—10 p m— Weather
hazy: wind NW: velocity 20 miles.
. Charters.
The Br ship Strathgryfe was chartered prior to
arrival for wheat to Europe, 28s 9d-ls 3d less
direct; Br bars Invergarry, same voyage, 28s 9d
The Nor bark Prince Victor loads lumber at
Huttings Mills for Valparaiso, prior to arrival; Br
ship Claverdon, wheat at Portland, for Europe, 35a
— prior to arrival.
The Dan ship Copley is rechartered for wheat to
Europe. 26s 3d direct.
Th<» Br ship Benlarig is chartered for wheat to
Cape Town, 28s 9d— option of Algoa Bay, 31s 3d.
Miscellaneous. ."■ / j'~ "■
YAQUINA BAY. Nov 11— Stmr Farallon, hnce
Nov 10, Is barbound at Newport.
LONDON— Nov 10-Brship Hawksdale, from
Santa Rosalia, for Falmouth, arrived at Rio de
Janeiro Nov 8 with scurvy aboard. Vessel slightly
strained: will be surveyed.
Oct4— Lat 13 8, long 36 W, Brship Scottish
Dales from Hamburg, for San Diego.
Oct6— Lat 46 8, lat 62 W, Brship Godiva, frm
Penarth, for San Francisco.
Oct 10— Nolat, long 27 W, Br ship Elmhurst.hnc
June 24, for Queensiown.
Per ship Bohemia— Sept 11— Lat 43 44 S, long 58
35 W, ship George Stetson, from Baltimore.for San
! Francisco.
Sept 13— Lat 16 24 S, long 61 40 W, Brship
Morna, from Dunkirk, for San Francisco.
Sept 13— Lat 26 24 S, long 61 40 WBr ship Peng
wern, from Rio de Janeiro, for Oregon.
Oct 7— Lat 24 22 S, long 105 35 W Br bark Cali
fornia, from Liverpool, for San Francisco.
Oct I— Lat 41 15 S, long 97 11 W, Br bark Sam
arkan, from Santos, for Portland.
Domestic Ports. .
PORT GAMBLE-Salled Nov 11-Schr Ida
Schnauer, for San Francisco.
ASTORlA— Arrived Nov 11— BrsbipRIverside,
from Antwerp; Br ship Kate Thomas, from Rio de j
Janeiro; outside— Br ship Andreta, from Santos; ■
Br bark Bedfordshire, from Santos; Br ship Crown
of Sco'land. from Liverpool. v ~
TACOMA— Nov 11— Ship Levt G Bur
gess, hunce Oct 29.
SEATTLE— Arrived Nov 11— Bark Gatherer.hnc
Oct 29.
ROCKPORT— Arrived Nov 11— Stmr Scotia,
hence Nov 9. •
NEWPORT— Nov 11— Stmr Alcatraz,
from Navarro: stmr South Coast. ; . .: v-
SAN PEDRO— Arrived Nov 9— Schr Bangor, fm
Port Gambl«. r ' -
PORT. LOS ANGELES-In bay Nov 11-Bark
Gen Falrchild. from Unahiska, for Nanaimo.
. PORT TOWNSEND— Arrived Nov 11— Bark Re
triever, hence Oct 27, for Port Hadlock.
GRAYS HARBOR- Arrived Nov 11— Schr Mar
ion, heuce (Jet '29: schr Fanny Dutard, from Ven
tura; schrTwilight, hence Oct 26: schr LaGironde,
hence Oct 31; schr Arthur I, hence Oct 31; schr
Eva. from San Pedro.
PORT TOWNSF.ND— Arrived Nov 11 — Schr
ZaniD, from Guaymas; bkin. Planter, from San
Pedro: bktn Discovery, bence Oct 2S: schr Queen,
hence Oct 81: bktn Katie Flickinger, hence Oct 29.
SAN DIEGO— Nov 11— Brship West
gate, from London.
FORT BRAGG— Sailed Nov 11— Stmr Noyo, for
San Francisco.
PORT HADLOCK— Arrived Nov 11— Bktn Re
triever, hence Oct 27.
SAN PEDRO— Nov 11-Schr Louisa, for
SAN DlEGO— Arrived Nov 11— Stm yet Eleanor, I
from Santa Barbara.
SEATTLE— Arrived Nov 10-Bktn Katie Fllck
inger, hence Oct 559.
Kastern Ports.
NEW YORK— Arrived Nov 11-Stmr Newport,
from Colon: stmr Allianca. from Colon.
Sailed .Nov 11— Stmrs Colombia and Finance, for
Foreign Ports.
SINGAPORE— CIeared Oct 3— Brstmr Antwerp
City, for Delagoa Bay.
TIENTSIN— Arrived Sep 18— Schr Puritan, frm
CALLAO— Arrived Sept 28— Ital bark Cavour,
from Port Blakeley.
QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed Nov 9— ltal ship F S
; CADlZ— Sailed Nov 4— Nor brig Jonas Rein. .
HAMBURO-Salled Nov 5— Br ship Walden
: Abbey, for San Francisco.
VOKOHAMA— SaiIed Nov 9— Br stmr Empress '
of China, tor Vancouver.
SWANSEA- sailed Nov 8— ship Gunford, for
San Francisco.
HULL— Arrived Nov 9— Br bark Ancona, from I
Portland: Nov 10— Br ship St Mungo. hence June j
24, and ran aground when entering; assisted off by
two tugs and taken to an anchorage.
HONOLULU — P«r Albert— l69l bags sugar,
25 cs whisky.
IIUEN'EME— Per Navarro— 44B7 sks barley,3Bs
sks corn, 41 sks beans, 60 sks walnuts, 27 tins tal
low, 66 hides, 3 bdls pelts. • .-
CRESCENT CITY— Por Crescent City— kg 3 2
hf kgs 87 bxs outter, 4*21 cs salmon, 3 bdls pelts 4
sks hides, 25 M. shakes. 10 bdls dry hides, 3 cs
meat, 5 pkgs mdse, 34 bdls hides, 1 cs 3 bbls lard
5 kgs 1 sk cs meat. — M ft lumber. '
NEWPORT-Per St Paul-93 bxs lemons, 30 sks
peanuts, 8 sks persimmons, 104 bxs oranges, 15
sks walnut», 10 sks popcorn, 2 cs .\ldse.
San Pedro— cs mdse. 20 cs pickles, 2cs mack
erel, 2hf bbls 1 qr bbl 1 bbl mackerel. • '
. Los Angeles— l cs lobster-i, 6cs canned goods
East San Pedro-66 bxs oranges. 89 bxs lemons
2cs mdse. 30 «ks dried fruit, 6cs honey, sk mdse
2 wheels. 1 pole, 7 sks potatoes, 1 bx brass goods 1
coop fowl. ..- ..■•■.. . " o> x
Carpenteria— lo bxs« apples.
Santa Barbara-1 bx cigars, 18 bbls mineral
water, 2 sks walnuts, 1 sk green fruit, 21 sks old
iron, I bx tobacco, Ibx spice, 272 bxs lemons 1
| bx tinfoil, 3 sks green peas, 21 bxs oranges, 3 cs
Gavlota-41 sks crawfish, 1 sk wool, 17 hides, 1
o^°K tllarford ~ lcsmd3e ' 353 sks dried apricots.
25b bxs apples. 2 bbls apples, 4cs cheese, tub
bx fimes ' bXs PCarS> 3CS CggS> ll bxs fish, 1
San Luis Obispo— sks barley
Santa Maria-401 sks beans.
Harris— 3oo sks beans.
Cayucos-2 bdls dry hides, 1 bdl hides, 1 bdl calf
skins, 5 bxs butter, 84 dressed calves.
San Simeon-1 coop chickens, 2 tubs butter 1 bx
Ba lio°n S t h erty b 8 cfcnfe bUtter ' 69 dl - esßed cal - 9
skfl'sh? Cruz ~ 9 bxs flsh 2 bxa butter . Ics eggs, 1
■ ! • Consignees.
4Sh r ereood~ WmißmSl • Dimond * Co; ( Sherwood
gerrS^er* co anger & Galinger: JOnaß Erlan -
Per S. r cen t .. City-Dodge. Sweeney & Co; Yon
SU o^ot^^ns°i £5S£ Ttris
Pir st Paul-EvelethiNash; L Hcatena & Co
nsS!£2P& *, C 0: D E AUlson A Co? D Blagi &
AdelWin t >C i r « 8 * S' O: t4rav * B"rbi4ri; J Allen;
Adelsdorfer « Brandenstein : J H Cain & Co- \V X
Nolaa: Getz Bros & Co: Portland Cracker ■Co- •<• O
Pennell & Co; S P Mtllln, Co ;M E™mSn AL& S
« O S s Co; Amer Catb Acid * Qas Co; Unioa Coa
Wine Association: Wheaton, Breon A Co: Carpy <ft
Co; Dairymen's Union: Garcia «fc Mag^ini; \\'m
Cluff & Uo; Brigham. Uoppe ft Co: Conhill <fc Kohn ;
Doere Imp Co; Walter Beano: Dalion Bros; Jas \V
Lynch: Nathan, Dohrniann <fc Oo; M Kalish <fe Co;
Chas Harley & Co; Murphy, Grant <fe Co: J W An
derson: M A Gunst; Man, Sadler ft Co; Gutta I'er
chatt Rubber Mf« Co; D-llirschler; A Levy t t Co;
Enterprise Brewing Co; A Paladini: Abrahamson*
Co; L Speisel; American Union Fish Co: .1 Block:
Norton. Teller & Co; F B Halßht; A C Berthicr; J
H Cnln; Wheaton, Breon <t Co: Sinsheinier Bros;
Smith's Cash Store; L G SieSOVicfc it Co;
Illila Bros: Hulme ct Hart: Norton, Teller <t Co: .1
Bell; Brighom, Hoppe* Co: Bennett it Murray;
De Bernard! & Co; Dodge, Sweeney k fc Co; Rosen
berg tfe Co; Smith's Cash ston-: "Mcl'lierson ife
ltucker; Western Mt-at Co: X R Stevens & Co; B G
Ratal: Chicago Brewer}-; H Datard: N»n Francisco
Meat Co: Hammond <"t Broil; W B Sumner & Co:
Neville & Co; II Camiiloni: L D Stoneit (o: V D
Vlrgtllo: 31 T Freitns it Co; Sherry, AviUa&Co:
L Bchwettser it Co: (Juisti it Antonia; J Hoffman;
Witzel & Baker; S Brunswick it <\>; H Kirchmaii
<fc Co; Pacific Coast Fish Co; .1 II K<ssin(r.
g|[email protected]* OFFICE FURNITURE
. 7&jgg§C. F. WEBER & CO.,
< 3j|gP q *^ a : ,ofi to 308 Post St., cor. Stockton
All stockholders in the Occidental Con. Mining
Company Interested in a cbasgeol management
ai tho itnnual election to be held on November
18, 1895, are respectfully requested tocali upon or
communicate with WILLIAJI KANNAN & CO.,
316 Montgomery st.
Santa Barbara— 4 bbls mineral water, 15 t>xs
s&S JfcibS £&
Brood Mares, Road Teams and
Business Horses.
Tuesday, November 12, 1895,
Corner Van Ness Avenue and Market Street,
W. 11. Vloget, Lawrence, Santa Clara County:
Thomas Scale, field,- Cal.; K. O. Head,
Napa; Charles Kerr, Bakerstield, and others.
embracinß the get of Kros, San Corbett (son of
Guy Wllkes), Elmo. Dexter Prince, etc. A
superior lot of horses, to which we call special
attention. Catalogues ready.
KIXLir & CO..
Livestock Auctloueerst 3O Montgom-
ery Street.
Of this Festival will be sold as a whole or
in sections
On the premises on TUESDAY FORENOON at 11
o'clock, to the highest bidder for cash, to be
' removed by WKDNKSDAY, at 5 o'clock p. M.
-f-H.fuut.^,, Coolgardie -oM fields
AmrZ TO -^Wk. (Fremantle), Austra-
JEr3?ur\v®*-.ei- Ua: 220 fim class -
MmrJ' nUWTTj i(U» $110 steerage. Lowim:
£mjd&£^slter^ * rllle * to Capetown.
i Ak&SJ&^~ f^^^h fcouth Africa.
Ssß/f 'I^^^l» \H^ Australian steamer
DCf tf?^^ .«&ilS* Honolulu and Auck-
t&ai W,ic^ l *f^a !ar "'' Thur B cla yi - N uv.
Steamship Australia,
Honolulu only, Tues-
day, December 3, at IU
Ppeciai. l*ARTrEa.— special rate 3 for
parties >>>■<-. Rand ag.
Ticket ol&ce, 114 Montgomery street.
j. V. SPRECK^ j T R c^L y t^ e \T^t
Brondway wharf, San Francisco, as -StiSlfiE
follows : ■
For Mary Island, Lorln*, Wrangel, Juneau, Kll-
Ilsnoo and Sitka (Alaska), at, 9 a. m., Nov. 16, I
Dec. 1.16, 31. ,~u I
For Victoria and Vancouver (B. C), Port Town-
send, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Anacortes and New
Whatcom (Bellinirham Bay, Wash.), 9 a. m. ;
Oct. St, 7. 12, 17, 22, '27, and every fifth day i
thereafter, connecting at Vancouver with the C. f
R. H., at Tacoma with N. P. R. X., at Seattlo w'.th
G. Jt. Ry.,at Port Townsend with Alaska steamers.
For Eureka, A rcata Fields Landing (Huni-
boldt Bay) str. Pomona, a p. m., Nov. 7, 11, 15,
19, 23. 27 and every fourth day thereafter.
For Santa Crur, Monterey, San Simeon, Cayucos,
Port Harford (San Luis Obispo), Gaviota, Santa
j Barbara, Ventura, Hueneme, San Pedro. East San
Pedro (Los Angeies) ana Newport, 8 a. m., Sept. 2G
30. At 9 a. m.. Oct. 4. 8, 12, 18, 20, 24,' 2S and
every fourth day thereafter.
For San Diego, stopping only at Port Harford
(San Luis Obispo), Santa Barbara, Port Los
Angeles, Redondo (Los Angeles) and Newport 11
a. m., Nov. 7, 11, 15, 19, 2a, 27, and every fourth
day thereafter.
For Knseuada, San Jose del Cabo. Mazatlan, La
Paz. Altuta and Guaynias (Mexico), str. Willam-
ette Valley, 10 a. m.. 25th of each month.
Ticket office, Palace Hotel, 4 New Montgomery
UOODALL, PERKINS & CO.. Gen'l Agents.
10 Market St., San Francisco.
• t\m OL Hla ASTORA. :
O street wharf at 10 a. m. every live days en.
cectin&at PORTLAND with direct rail lineV'to a?l
MONTANA, and all Eastern poiuts, lncluUiut Chi-
c»go, New York and Boston.
Columbia sails Nov. 10. 'JO, 30, Dec 10
Ktateof California sails Nov. 5,16, 25, Dec. 5.
St^rlge" |7 o0; lnclnain « bertn and meal* $15 00;
to^eSffied! Bnd *" ° lhet information P pi y
GooDALL.pKBKixs&Cak Fbki>. F Cowob.
G^'l npts : ■> Geu'l' Agent.
10 Market at. 19 Montgomery at.
I ' River, foot of Morion st. Travelers by ™
\J River, foot of Morton st. Travelers by ■&£%*
this line avoid both transit by Kmjlish raiITTTTi
the discomfort of crossing the channel in a *mai
boat. New York to Alexandria, Ksrypt via pSu
hrat-class $160: second-class $ilt£ P *
LA CHAMPAGNE. Capt. Laurent
LABbURUOGNkVcapI Leboeuf' 1 " " ' B: °° liL
LAT6WAlNEVcapuSa ntelir iber W »^f 5t
LA B^TAQiiißVea-ptVß^^ 7< 7!o ° ; - » '
0 ;^ 1 ; 9 ;^ 4 - - :0 ° P ' M "
v. „ „ A. FORGET, Aeent.
J. F. FUGAZT Am Wl i Green ' New Yor^
avenue.Sa^Francfsco Agent 3 6 Montgomery
United Stales and Jtojai Mail Steamers !
NewYork.Quoenstown & Liverpool,
v 1 ln^ to steamer and accommodations *G£fc»
•elected: second cabin, $35 and f4O; MaJestlcauJ
| TeiitonicSS . steerage Ticket! from Englan.l, Ir*.
! #k^' < =P tl » n<l « Sweden, Norway and D.'nmarlc
: n:rouKh to San Francisco at lowest rates. Ticket*,
BBi ling dates and cabin plans may bo procureti
from W. H. AVKRY, Pacific Mail Dock, or at th«
General Office of tho- Company, 613 Market st.
Under Grand Hotel. g. w. I'CHKIt,
General A ciu for rafiflc Coast.
New York to Liverpool, via Queenstown,
from Pier 40, North ltiver.
Etruria, Nov. 10. 3 PMlEtrurla, Dec. 14, 2 m
Campania, N0v.23.10 am Cr.mpania. Dec. 21, 9am
XJmbrla, Nov. 30, 2 p m Umbria, Dec. 28, 2 r a.
Lucania, Dec. 7, 9am
.Cabin passage $60 and upward; second cabin,
$ 3S, $40, $45, according to steamer and , accommo-
dations. .. ■' . ■ .
Steerage tickets to and from all parts of Europe
at very low rates. For freight and' passage apply
at company's office, 4 Bowline Green, New York.
VERXON H. BKOWN it CO., General Agents.
Good accommodations can always be secured on
application to WILLIAMS. DIMOND A CO.,
i r . . • Agents, San Francisco. '
Leave Pier No. 3, Washington St.,
At 5 P. M, I>aily, Except Sunday.
gST Accommodations Reserved by Telephone.
. . STKAMEK ■■
T.C.Walker. - • J. D. Peters,
Mary Oarratt, : ily of Stockton.
Jelaunonflfllalnao^. Cat T WflYi and Djint. Co. •
h fortnightly for the West fndles ***%***[.
Southampton, calling ■en route 'at Cerbourgh,
France, and Plymouth to land passengers. • •
ThrotiKh bills of ladimr, in connection wUhtha
pacific Mall S. S. Co., i«su<vl for freight ana treas-
ure to direct ports in Encland and Germany.
Through tickets from san Francisco to Ply" 10
Cherbourg, Southampton. First class, $195; tntra
oUas. «97 60. For further particulars apply to
eiass, sVi «v VARROTT <t CO., Agents.
306 California it.
Dally, except Sunday— lo a. m., T. U.
Sunday— S P. v '* .••-','
I,andlne. Mission 1. Pier a.
riiK.it> i»a«:ii-i<' «!O.lll»Airr.
(r.\ci BTifrm.
TrHlnik l«-»v«- J»t»»l »■-<* «I"O '«» nrrlvo nt
SAX »i:an< 2.5« o.
<»::ioa Hayvrcrds. Nileaaad Wny Stations. . JO:I 5a
7:<»Oa Atlautio KxpreM, t^loii and Kast.. lO:3Op
7:OOa Benicia, VacaviUe, Ituicscy. Sacra-
i.i ■.:>,:•?.; Heading via DaTi3.... 7:13*
7:3»a Martinez, Sr.n ltiinoa, Napa, Calia-
tosaandSenta Eosa C:lsp
8:30 a Nii'.s. San Jose, Btooktou, lone,
Baoramento, JlarysTillo, UetlJJluff |
amlOroville ■ 4tlsp
•H:SOa Peters an<l Milton "7:»5p
1»:0Oa Ban Lcandro, Haywards & Way Sfnf 11:45 a
U:««a LO3 Angeles J;xpr«s3. Kajmond,
(for V osi-mti Santa liarbara
and T.o.j Anceloi , 4:4.1p
9:00 a Martinez and Stocktcn lO:-5.,.v
I»:O«A San Leandro lUyvrcrda ard Niles . . 1:45p
12:00 m Baa Lea-dro HayTvard3 A Way St'ns 2:-I.>p
l:O«i- \ii> Sen Liveiraore S>43a
•l:O«p Sacramento Fsteauieta *»:OOp
tl:3Op Port Costa and Way Stations f7:4.1p
3:OOp Ban Leandro, H;iy-.vcrd3&. Way Kfns 5:4."5p
•J:OOr San Leaadro, Haytvsrd3& Wny Sfns 0:45p
4:o«i> Martinez, han EUmon, Vallojn,
Napa, C&listoga, ICI \Vrauo and
S:mta ltosu .■ 0:18
4:OOr Bonicia, EsjxrtO, Woodland.
Kuiglits Lauding, Harysville,
Orovillc; and tSacruuiento 10:43 a
4:30r Ban Joso, liTcrmon and
.Stockton 7:13p
5:0()r San Lemdro, Haywardi & Way Ht'ns 8:43»
OiSOp NewCrlcans NiiircM. Fresno Ray-
mond (forYosemHe), UakoraOeld, . \
Hauta liurliara Aneeles, Dem- \
iiifc-, El l'asu, I,'ew Oilcans and
East..: i *i«sai
S:3op Hauta l'o Uoata, Atlautlo Kxpreaa
for Mojavo anil East 10:43 a
6:©or ' European Miil, Oudttiftnd "nift 9:I»A.
6:OOi> llaviv.ails, NUesaud Sau Jose 7i4Ba
i J7:<><> i- Vallejo 17:45p
7:O»r Oregou i:xprosa,fjaoranicnto, Marya-
ville, licldliHf, I'ortlainl, Tugt-t
Boiwdaud Kast 10:4,1 a
7:OOp Sa:i Leandro, Haywanlsi. Way Rt'na K»:.">!ii>
i>:O«»p San Leaudro,ll;iyv.ard.,'-\V St'ns jtia:O©A.
«IlO:O3i' ".Sunset Limited," Fresno, Los
;-. r .-■; Angeles, El Paso, Now Orleans
and Eact 12:4.1r
tfll;lsp Sanl.eandro.Hayward3&Way Sfna *7:1."» A
SAXTA <i»Z DIVKIOX (Xarnm <JaB f
SrlftA Newark.Ceuterfillo.baiiJose.Velton, i
, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz and Way -.*-■ \'
Stations SiSOp
•8:13p Newart, Centcrville, San Jose, New .
:,:. r ■ Almaden, Felton, Uoulder Creak,
Santa Cruz and Principal Way
Stations «Ilr2IU
4:l!ip Newark, San Jose, IjOS Catun U:3Oa,
: 111:451- Hunters' Exor.raioD, Sail Jo«c and
' Y/ayStationa }7:aOp
(OASI l>l VISION (Tliir.l A Timtiisi-iiil Sts.)
6:45 a iSuii ,10.-;r, }New Almaden and Way
Stations 1:43p
8:13 a .San Jose, Tres FiDM, Santa Cruz,
l'acilic Groro, Paso Iloblcs, San
Luis Obispo, Guadalupo and Prin-
cipal TV'ay Stations 7:03 p
10-.IOa San Jose and Wny Stations S:OOP
11:3.V\ Palo Alto Hlid Way Statious 3:a«p
*<t:3<»i- Sau Jose, Gilioy, Trcs PfalOS, .Santa
Onus, S&linas,Montercy and Pacilic
Grove # lO:4<U
•S::i«r Ran Joso Princips' Way Stations »:I7a
•4:SOi- Joaeaml Way SflUioul «H:IKH
Bs8«p San awl Stations «B:4*a
C::«»l> San Jose ami Way S*afioiiß U:::."i\
tll:-;3i- San .lose n ml W;iv?';il:..i.h t7:4si_-
FromSAli FRtKCISCO— Foot of Market Street (Slip —
•7:00 8:00 9:00 *10:00 11:00a.k. *I 2:30
U:fiO ♦2:30 3:00 •1:00 0:00 *6:: Op.M.
From OAKLAKD— Foot ofßr»»dw»y.— *G:00 *7:fO
8:00 *9:00 10:00 •H:OOa.M. J12:00
«12:20 3:00 »3:CO i:CO -s:Cop.ii.
A for Morning. P for Afternoon.
• Sundays excepted. t Saturdays only.
t Sundays only.
tt Monday. Thursday and S.iturrlay nights only. '
I *Tuo»days and Saturdays. § Hunday3 and Tburadayg.
Tlie rA«FI<:TBA.\«FRBfOMpIsr
will call for and check bagg.i£c from lioteU and resl-
dences. Enquire of Ticket Ageuta for Time Cards and
otlipr information. . :;. ?
Tiburon Ferry— Foot of Market St.
San Francisco to San Rafael.
WEEK DAYS-7:40, 11:00 a. M • l->-35
3:30, 5:10, 6:30 p. m. Thnrsdays-Ektratri;
and llSo'p^m Saturda s - "* trips at 1:50
and 11 :30 60 ! 9130 ' 11:O ° a *-' i:3 °- s:3< *
BUNDAYS-8:00, 9:30, 11:00 a.m.; 1:30, 3:30,
6:00, «:20 P. U.
San Kafael to San Francisco.
WEEK DAYS-6:25, 7:55, 9:30, 1110 a if-
a^i^ 4 S:^^-p.T Hrdays - Extra^
8U^ Y eli#^ 9:40> 11:1 ° A - *■• 1:40 ' 3:401
5:00, b:zo V. m.
Between San Francisco and Schuetzen Park same
scnedule as above.
0 Leave Inpffpot Arrive
San Francisco. ©ct 28. San Francisco.
Wekk j Sun- Dea tfnatiou SlrN - |,WH^-
Days. ' lays, "eatination. DAYg d aY^
7:40 am|8:00 am Novato, 10:40 ak l 8:50 am
3:30 9:HO amj Petaluma, 6:05 pm 10:30 am
6:10 pm|s:oo m. Santa Rosa. 7:30 pm B:15 pjj
• Fulton, *
7:40 am Windsor, 10:30 am
3:30 pm ; 8:00 am Cloverdale. 7:30 pm 6:15 pk
j Pleta. ~ '
7:40 am | Hopland &
■ :■.; ■•-.■■-■. 8:00 ami Ukiah. 7:30 pm 6:15 pk
7 '-40am| | 10:30 am
, 8:00 am Guernevllle. 7:30 pm i
3:30 PMJ |__ j 6:15 pm
7:40 am ! 8:00 am Sonoma 10:40 am 1 8:50 am
6:10 pm 5:00 pm • and 6:ospm: 6:15 pm
| Glen Ellen. •
7:40 AM'8:00 AM| a^ h ... onn , 110:40 am|lo:3o ak
3:3opml6:oopm| bebaBto P°'- [ 6:05 pm| 6:15 pm
Stages connect at San Rafael for Bollnaa.
Stapes connect at Cloverdale for the Geysers.
Stapes connect at Pieta for Highland Springs,
Kelseyvllle. Lakeport.
Bta^ea connect at Ukiah for Vichy Springs. Bias
Lakes, Laurel Dell. Upper Lake, Boonevllle, Green-
wood, Memloclno City. Fort Brass:, I'sal, Westport,
I Cahto, Wllletts, Caipella, I'orao, Potter Valley, Joha
Day's. Lively's, Gravelly Valley, Harris, j s>co;la
I and EureKa.
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at reduced
On Sundays round-trip tickets to all points bo-
yond San Kafael at half rates.
Ticket Office*. 66o Market St., Chronicle building.
Gen. Manager. ' Gen. lass. Ageai.
8 Atlantic
f ralus leave from and arrlT*
.v Market-Street Ferry.
To Chicago via A. & P. Direct Lln»
Leaves every dnyat 5:30 P. M-, enrrvins Pullman
Ihi ace Sleepers and Tourist Sleepers to Chicago
, via Kansas City without change. Annex cars lor
Denver and St. Louis.
From Los Angeles to Chicago.
Polld Vestibule Train Dally, with Dining-canfc
tinder Harvey's management. Conoecttllg trains
leave San Francisco at V a. m. and 5:30 P. M. daily.
The best railway from California to the East.
New rails, aew ties; no dust: Interesting scenery;
and good meals In Harvey's dining-room or dining*
Cars. v
Ticket Office— B44 Market Street,
'"*• ' '■-■• Chronicle Building.^_
■*!!■•■ "*s! (Via Situ-talito Ferry).
from Ban Francisco, beginning October 27, 1893.
For Mill Valley and San Rafael— 7:3o, 9-15, 11:00
a.m.: 1:45, 3:45, 5:15, 8:30 P M.
San Quentln— 7:3o, 9:15 a. m. ; 1:46, 5:15 P. M.
Extra trips ior dan Kafael on Mondays, Weilnes"
days and Saturdays at 11:30 p. m.
For Mill Valley, San Rafael and San Quenrin—
8:00.10:00,11:30 a.m.: 1:30,3:00,4:30, »o:ia
p. m. • *uoes not ruii to San Quentln.
7:80 a. M. weekdays— Cazadero and way stations.
1:45 p. m. Saturdays— Tomalea and way stations.
.SiOU a. m. £>u&day»— Point Beyes ana w»y ttifrUaafc

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