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Imp. Candid Headed G. B. Morris
Out for the Rich Spreckels
Cabrillo Wins, Starting a Favorite.
Olive Was Too Speedy for a
Crowd of Sprinters.
The black Australian mare Candid fur
nished tfce racing surprise at Ingleside
yesterday. With but two starters in the
rich $7500 Spreckels handicap, over a dis
tance of four miles, having as an only
com etitor the bay colt G. B. Morris, a son
of the immortal Longfellow, she won in a
manner that stamped her as a rarer far
above the common. Of the original
twenty-seven entries to the stake G. B.
Morris, carrying Ed Corrijran's gieen col
ors, and the Australian matron sporting
the colors of A. B. Spreckels, president of
the Pacific Coast Jockey Club, were all
that remained to contest for the prize. The
race was a surprise from the fact that the
most ardent friends of the black mare
thought that Bhe might possibly make a
fair showing for übout two miles at the
most and then occupy a reserved scut and
see Mr. Corrigan's horse finish the run
amid the plaudits of the va;-t multitude.
However, nothing of the l:ind happened
The bookmakers laid 1 to 6 against G. B.
Morris and ti to 1 against Candid.
From a spectator's point of view the
race was a very pretty one. Tbe duo
raced lapped, with Mdrris making the
running until about three furlongs from
the wire. Piggott, on Cundid, here made
his run, and heading Morrifl in the stretch
had no difficulty in beating him out by
half a length in 7:24^.
The Corrigan entry finished much dis
tressed, but Candid was as frisky us a kit
ten at the tin.su. The time is within
three-quarters of a second of that made by
imp. Star Ruby when he defeated Gilead
on Washington's birthday of the present
year; but considering the track, which is
much slower than the li^htnine-fast clayey
course at the Bay District, and the strong
wind that \vas blowing, the winner's per
formance is conceded to be the best ever
made on tbe Pacific Coast.
The long distance event attracted a great
crowd of racegoers and the bookmakers
did a land office business. But three of
the seven favorites captured purses, yet
the ring had a very rough day of it, nearly
all of the pencilers quitting behind on the
day's speculating.
Fourteen two-year-olds sported silk in
the opening four and a half furlong scram
ble. Hohenzollern, the Eimwood slock
farm's representative, ruled a 2 to 1 choice,
and ridden out he beat Kachaei, the Corri
gan entry, a length. Widow Jones was a
close third.
The mile and a sixteenth handicap
called out but live s'arters. Cabrillo, who
carried the majority of the coin, bet at
odds of 4 to 5, made nearly all of the
running, and at the end headed St. Lee
out by a neck in the fast time of I:4BJ£.
Nebuchadnezzar was a good third.
From an observer's view of it in the bet
ting ring Hello was a "moral" for the
hurdle race, a flood of coin forcing his
odds down from threes to a 7 to 5 favorite.
In the first run for home he was easily
beaten out by the 2 to 1 second choice,
Montdlvo, ridden by George Cochran. who
was given out as a "dead one." Aruudel
was third.
Following the big four-mile race was a
six-furlong sprinting dash, and Yankee
Doodle again disappointed his followers.
Starting au 8 m o favorite he showed
Pacific Coast Jockey Club's Winter neeting. Ingleside Track. Eighty-first day Saturday
Hay 9. 1896. Weather fine. Track good. y '
our an
half furlongs; niai
en two-year-olds ; conditions; purse (400.
Index, i Horse, weight. St. V* h<2 j % «tr. Fin. Jockeys. !! Q Bet
Horse, weight.
I Betting.
,Op. CL
< : ' 1 j i^k-
, .—________
1145 Hohenzollern 113 4 3h 32 1 li/i Coady ' \~3
30 Kachael 110 '_• 62 6 2h" Cochran..... "! '50
130 Widow Jones 110 7 4V. 5 3 8 2 Ames 15
1118 Diabllla 01 " 7 7 4h Peoples'.'.".".".'.'.!!." 15
1130 Tortoise 113 9 10 8 6Vi McClain. I 8
1118 Sharon Lass 100 3 2 h 2 1 61 Piggott ! H
1130 Lauraßuru 110 8! 11 4% 73 Mac-:..n..!!!'."" 6
Horatio 113 1 lh lh 8 C.Weber '! 6
"•:•„- Halsey., 11:- 14 ( 14 13 9 Burns 10
1130 Maraqnlta 110 13 9 7 10 Beau Cham p..... 50
1112 Wieland lO.< 6| 12 12 11 Casey ...._. 50
1112 Oratls 103 5 .-. Sh 10 112 Johnson. 20
1118 Desna. 110 12 8 11 13 snider 10
1051 I Santa Paula 110 11 13 14 14 Martin ' " 3
starting-gate used. Won handily. Winner, Elm wood stock farm's b. c., by imp. Brutus-Brown
Maria. Time, :50V-;-
I j^C VKCONij Act— One and a sixteenth miles; handicap; three-year-olds and upward; purse
Index, j Korse, age, weight. I St. | Std.
Index. ! Korse, age, weight. I St. | Std. i 3/± Iy, % j Str. Fin. Jockeys. I Betting.
°p. ci.
11.7 Cubrillo, 4 10* 4 81 12|11i13 14 I 1 y2y 2 Coadv 4^5 7UO
(1137; Hi. Lee. 3 104 il 2u 4h 4h 134 3« 2 a Johnson. 8-5 1
WA Nebhadnpzzar, 4. 90 5 5 'J 3 2 2 2 5 23' 315 But er . ." 6 15
13 3.' Fair Faith, 4 JOO S 4%! 6 5 4i>; 4% 42 Pitteurt . " ' * i
1148 jA. Spreckels.3... 94' 1 lh ;32 3h 5 | 8 | 6 Frawlpy ...'. 6 10
Starting-Rate nsed. SVOII driving. Wtuner, R. Van Brunt's b. c, by r-t. Savlour-!mi>. Lizzie Hainn-
ton. Time, 1:48V4- *Coupled with St. I#i'. *
L 157 S4O0 KD KACK ~° De and a l ua «er mileg, over five hurdles; four-year-olds and up; purse
Index. I Horse, age, weight, j St. j Std. *4 Va 'A I Sir. I Fin. Jockeys. lo "ci
.____« _______________ _______ P* Ol«
(7121) Montalvo, 5 168 7 4 2 4 2 <3h 8 2 22 1U |Cocbran ~ ~2 B^6
1138 ; Hello, 4.. 137; 111 II 114 11 12 2? Clancy _ 2 7-5
1096 Arundel,s 132 4 3 1% 3 % 21 2h 31A 310 Cuddy ...".'...i.'".' 3 6
1090 Nellie (i. a 129 2 2h '2 h 4 :Vi 4 6 444 Swift ....V..".::::".'. 10 15
(1138),Kassanio, a 139 6 62 51 5 8 510 610 6 A 'Martinm . . 6 8
1020 iYangedene. 5 1*25 5 5V 3 |6 tt 6 4 10 6 620 M3ynard '.'.'.'. 50 B'J
1088 My Luck, a 140 37 10 7 7 7 7 7 Owens " ". 10 12
1088 Lochlnvar.6 125 1 8 8 » .. .. Lloyd 30 60
Htarting-gate us^d. Won eaai'.y.
:24i£. 'Fell at second hurdle.
Winner, Kzeil & Cochran's b. h.. by Sid-May Belle. Time,
1 1 PiQ FOi.nTH RACK— Four mQe 8: tbree-year-olds and upward; handicap; Bpreckeis stakes,
J 11/ v« VBIU6 f DuUUt
Index. J Horse, age, weight, j St. j l^M. 9M. j :!M. I\ 3 j -Sir. j Fin. j Jockeys. lop"""^!
I Op. Cl.
1132 Incp Candid, a... 97 1 !'2 .'j B 2 I 1 ».; PUcoU 5 5
(1127)! Q. B. Morrla, 4... 98j 2ln |l 64, ii^ ji n/ 2 i h 2 \<Jo%Ay ..'.'.l:'.'.'.::.'.'. 110 1-7
Startimr-gate used. Won driving. Winner, A. B. SpreckeU' imp. bJk. m., by Imp. Splendor-
159 FIFTH KACK - :ix furlougs; selling; all ages; penalties; purse 9400.
Index.! Hone. age. weight bt. V* Va % Sir. Fin. Jockeys. Bettln &
(1147) Olive, 4 102 1 3h 44 46 1 1 (ochran "fi-2 Ih2
1141 IpMlssßrurnm'l,B 97 2 In lh 3 2 2 2U, Pi«rirnif 3 7 v
144 Yankee Doodle, 395 3 5 2% lh 33 % iXiey'" '"" 8 5 It
1147 Afflatus. 3 !.. 90! 4 4 » 3 3*' 2n 41 Brown 10 X
1148 Instigator, 3 95 5 514 62 64 66 B™UerV. 10 15
112« Peru. 3 100 « 6 10 j 620 620 6SO Martin 10 12
1140 Soda Cracker, 5.. 109 7 7 7 7 7 >arv£,:."!!!!! 100 2 0
Starting-gate used.
Won handily.
Winner. E. Corrigan's b. f., by Ap«-he-Vlrgie.
lime, 1:16.
SIXTH KACE— .~ix furlongs: selling; three-year-olds and upward; conditions; purse $iOO.
Index. Horse, age, weight. Kt. 1/4.
y» *a
Fin. j
j Betting.
I Op. Cl.
— —
1146 M osier, 3 97 1
1092 Vlrgie A, 8. 95 6
1143 Irmt. 4 107 2
1131 |Joe CottOD, a 11l 7
1140 I Miss Pollard, 3... 95 11
1132 |Ida Kauer, 4 107 8
1151 |K«<J Pike, 3 97 S
1098 I Rodegap. 4 109 9
103U JHarry Lewis, 6...111 5
1143 |«c leof»tnewll,4.lo7 4
300 Keno,a. 113 10 1
]Drum Jlajor, 5...111| 12 I
21 2 1 2 1 14 PUfcott....... 2
»Y 3 3 1 33 2i£ Johnson!!!! 8
IVi 11 lh V» Martin 10
41 4ti 62 43 Ames. 30
*2} .Si I B6 fchepard. j h
91 1"-^ 9 6 6 h»mp.... 60
6h .?%- «%- 7« rtawley...!:.... 6
il.; 11 11 82 IWiren 15
6h 7 2 8 9 1 Given '.'.'. 30
73 63 6h 1010 McOlaln 8
8 3 9 2 10 11 20 U. Weber .... "12
12 12 12 12 Snider 2
Starting-gate used. Won driving. W
inner, A. B. fcpreckels* b. «., by Flambeau-Moselle.
LI6J WBVMWB KACii-su furlongs; selling; three-year-oldi and up: conditions; purse f 4OO.
Index. Horse, age. weight, j St.] 1/4 */i 3 A Str. Fin. Jockeys. , hetl
_________ ' _____ _________ _________ ______ .________. __________ vp*
1151 Candor, 4. 1071 2 2V* 3 3 t 6»A IVi Mac'klin H
,ii« TimMnrphy.....m 4 8 2* si 1 h 2 i a mS^::::::; 1
1146AbiP,a 109 7 7n 6h 4Vi 3V, shopard 15
1128 5 109 10 10 V, 10 4 8 4% Snider . ... 4
1097 Tonino. 3 971 9 .. ... 6it 61 6 62 Johnson 4
1142 Warrant. 11l 5 .... Si% 9. 9 68 Glover 15
1129 Ip.Fu!lrtnLas ,s.lo9| 6 6$ 7h 7 74 few. •.■. I" 10
1143 Venus, 4 107 1 1_? 11 i z 1 86 Martin 15
lOK4 Mt. Air, 4 109 8 93 8% 10 93 Frawley i
880 Rico, a...... ......11l 31 11 11 11 104 n.Y::""- 16
1077 Clari Wilson, 3.. 9, 3 \\\ 41 fix 31 12 * rigiroii... i:.::. *J
1134 Favory, 4 112 left ..-.-, .'. ;.-..'...* C.Weber!! 4
Op. Cl.
K tar ting-gate used.
1:16 ' 1
Won driving. Winner, F. Phillips' Mk. f., by Imp. Darebln-Miss Clay. Time,
prominently in the front rank during
most of the running with the others and
then finished third. Olive, the 2to 1 sec
ond choice, slipped through next the rail
tbe last furlong and passed the judges an
easy winner over imp. Miss Brummel
in 1:15.
Twelve 8 -lling-platers started in a six
furlong run that was sixth on the card.
In a hard drive Mosier, who went to the
post 2 to 1, equal choice with Drum Major,
took the race by half a length from Virgie
A. Drum Major, the other favorite, was
nearly left at the post through bad be
The final race of the day, also over six
furlongs, was taken very handily hy the
9 to 1 shot, C.indor, ridden by Macklin.
Tim Murphy, the 2 to 1 favorite, finished
second, half a length in front of Abi P.
Fourteen Carpenters Strike.
The efforts of the Buiidinc Trades Council
to unionize all the shops and j <bs in town are
meeting with more encouragement every day.
Yesterday there was an Interesting strike on
the job on Fourth and Welsh streets caused by
the appearance of a gang of non-union
painters. Fourteen carpenters went out ana
refused to work ou an unfair job. This piece
of work has caused much trouble to the
unions. First there was tbe lathers' troubles,
which lasted until recently, and now the car
penters are out on uccount of the non-union
painters. ____________________
Reported Embarrassment of Two
More Brokers Because of
the Rise.
Wheelbarrows to Be Supplanted by
Flat Cars on the Brunswick
Lode in a We k Hence.
It was reported on the street yesterday
afternoon that two other brokers had been
smitten with the dollar rise in Conistocks
and had fallen by the wayside. But it
was expected that both brokers would be
able to make a compromise with their
creditors and settle matters amicably.
Hence the matter was kept very quiet.
There were no new developments in the
matter of the failure of Harris and Atkin
son, and no news was given out in relation
thereto. It is understood that their de
iicits are in a fair way to be settled quietly.
It was dull in stocks also, but a very
small volume of businebs being done. The
brokers were engaged in settling up, squar
ing accounts and finding out where they
stood since the dollar earthquake struck
the peanut-stand on Pine street.
When the reported strike in Chollar, on
the Brunswick lode, was made, the ore
j was being removed in wheelbarrows.
Since then the work of laying a railroad
track has been begun in order that solid
chunks of cold and silver may beinovd
on curs. The work of tracklaying will
! consume a week.
There is a disposition in certain high
quarters to boom the Chollar in particular
and the leading Comstocks in general.
The boom is to be inaugurated by pushing
the work on favorable looking drifts on
the Brunswick lode, so it is said. The gen
[ eral impression is that a rise in stocks is
I necessary for the purpose of attracting
I cai'ital to the mines and stimulating busi
! ness in California and on the Comstock.
The fact tliat a large quantity of capital is
available in t:iis City and State seeking in
vestment is pointed out as an indication
of returning prosperity when coupled with
a rise in mining value.
The bulls dec'are that the recent rise is
caused by a s-trike of ore on the Bruns
wick loJe. and that on Monday there
will be a big advance. The bears say
that the strike, if any there was, did not
amount to anything, and that on Monday
something will drop. Yesterday Chol
lar sold at $1 95 and $2, Con. Ca"l. & Va.
$2 75 and $2 95, and Occidental at $1 55 and
j $1 70.
The Club Team Defeats River
side at Polo Before
Society Folk.
Visitors Not in Fit Condition for the
Game— Brilliant Play Greatly
Society tnrned ont in Btimmer dresses
and horsy suits yesterday at Burlingame
to see the polo game between the club and
the Riverside team.
Society was on the field in fours-in-hand,
drags and open carriages, in dogcarts and
afoot, and enjoyed the exciting and whole
some diversion hugely.
Dropping into the fragrant fields of a
balmy afternoon was the first pleasurable
experience of a few hundred ladies and
gentlemen, after a run of half an hour
from the windy City. They went to
Burlingame in a special train, and imme
diately upon their arrival frisky polo
ponies began to appear on the grounds.
At the same time, too, the country con
tingent came upon the scene, accompanied
with rattling and rumbling of heavy drags
and heralded by the horn.
VV.S. Hobart's handsome four-in-hand
entered first at a speedy gait, driven by
Mrs. C. A. Spreckels; then eaine the prize
winning coach of C. A. Baldwin, who
held the reins, and presently the ciub
four-in-hand dashed up tv the roped,
driven by Mrs. J. b. Tobin. Lesa pretentious
equipages pulled up in the anclosure,
while the City visitors were making them
selves comfortable on the chairs and grand
stand, and then a horn called the players
into line.
Everything was in readiness for the
game. The stand was decorated with red
and blue bunting, the ground was in ex
cellent condition with enough grass to
keep down dust and sutiicient open soil to
make It easy aud sure for the ponies.
The game was calieu hi 2:46 o'clock, and
from that minute until tiie finish it was
majiniticent sport. While the teams were
not evenly matched and the play was con
sequently lacking in that quality of sus
pense and sustained interest which gives
zest to the con diet, it was accentuated at
frequent intervals with daxing runs and
spurts. So it was a spirited struggle with
Burlingaruf, the winning team, at its best,
and the Riverside men a close second. It
was evident ihtit the losing team's weak
ness was in bad form, ag.-iinst which oads
their skillful and dashing piay wan at
fault. They were all a trifle heavy and
not trained down like their competitors.
The ponies were an iniportaut factor in
the scores, for the Burlingame men had a
change at every inning, and possibly many
superior ponies also. 'Ihe result was a
score of 1^ for Buriingame against 2 for
Walter S. Hobart, R. M. Tobin, J. 8.
Toliin and Walter McCreery made up the
Burlingaine team. Gk L. Waring, R. L.
Bettuer, H. Maud and 0. K. Maud the
Riverside team. John Lawson was time
keeper and Captain A. Fane-Wamewright
v moire.
In the first inning the ball went into
Riverside territory, and after two minutes
through the coal, on Hobart's furious pla\ .
Riverside tooK the ball away next, but
Burlingame interfered when Hobart put it
clear over the players. Joe Tobin caught
it, after a hot fight between the teams,
lie was on Cigarette, and won a goal lor
Buriingame. This made two goals in ten
Rivorside went in determined to win
and showed they could give a spirited
fight, in which the ball went back and
forth across the field until caught in a
funny scrimmage near tbe Burlingame
goal. Hobart got it again and made a
goal, the third in twenty-five minute*.
In the next innings the gains went in
favor of Riverside, until Joe Tobin caught
the ball and with an exciting dash took it
clear across the field ahead of all to the
Burlingame goal.
The visitors were uneasy, and no sooner
was the ball tossed off than it fell to Bett
ner, who led his opponents a merry race
and got a goal in one minute. He was
cheered for this exhibition of riding and
pretty playing.
Walter Hobart dashed off with the next
ball, which Joe Tobin picked up after his
miss. Tobin was well mounted and
made a fine run tbat ended in a coal.
There was some hot play in the next in
ning, but McCreery caught tbe ball, Uo
bart forged ahead and picked it off to goal.
When tLe players entered again, after a
rest, Hobart made a pretty run, which was
backed by Joe Tobm's clever play that
gave a goal in two minutes for Burlin
ganie. Tjen Riverside played well, but
met witn hot interference, and Hobart left
them all in the rear while he drove to
McCreery at this time began to feel like
a little exercise, so he took a pretty run
and made a goal in two minutes from the
He repeated the dose in the next inning,
with a goal to his credit in three minutes.
Again his star was in t c ascendant. Ho
bart dashed across the field with the ball,
to be stopped by Waring, who rode like a
demon. At this point McCreery made a
Joe Tobin came in off side when the ball
was going with Burlingame. Riverside
claimed a knock-off, which was barely
given when Hobart ran away with the ball
almost to goal, where McCreery hit it
through the posts.
Waring made a dashing play in the next
inning. After getting the ball away it
was taken by C. E. Mand, who made a
splendid run on a little gray pony, amid
wild applause. He made a second equally
exciting run and got the second goal for
Three cheers were given for Riverside
and returned by the vanquished team.
Preparations for Its Proper Observance
by the v. A. X
The Grand Army memorial day com
mittee met last night at 320 Bansorae
street, where communications were read
from various bodies accepting or declining
to parade on the 30th inst. Among the
organizations which will march in column
will be the First United States Infantry
and band and a battery of artillery, de
tachment of National Guard of California,
Grand Army posts, Union Veteran Legion.
Sons of Veterans and civic bodies. Cap
tain J. V. Brown of James A. Garfield
Post was elected grand marshal.
At the I. 0. O. F. Cemetery the Hon.
George A. Knight will deliver the oration,
and Lillian Plunkett will read a po"m pre
pared for the occasion. It was decided
that as the Grand Army posts hal at
tended churches of all denominations
in former years they attend memorial
services Sunday evening, May 24, at St.
Mary's Church on California anu Dupont
A resolution was passed and ordered
published condemning the desecration of
Memorial day by various societies taking
advantage of its being a holiday by hold
ing picnics, etc. The several sub
committees reported progress, and the
committee adjourned until Saturday even
ing next.
•• — — •
Improved Lights for Cars.
Negotiations are now in progress by the
Southern I'acific Company aud the Market
stroet Railway Company for tbe Improved
lighting of the cars of the two companies
named with the Plntsch compressed gas
lighting syntem. already in use in every large
city in the country.
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SoS Shoes! You'll have to wear stock- ri Me back. Lxtra large sleeves and vei- They are lined with changeable silk and pc _ * |44
i* iu«s to match, for black ones will J?* co llar ; front . ornamented with two i finished around the neck with a satin-edge ■ 'i» . m A 3£
mlook out of place. We have just re- large h ? ndsome buttons and six small | net ruche and chiffon bow. They are cut LaflieS 1311 CaDOS. S2°
I ceived an assortment of heavy Maco °" cs ' &"} ns a Bwell a " d Jaunty appear- extremely lull, almost 130 inches in the vu^ta. .->. r m
.li Cotton Hose in Richelieu ribbed ef- "m!* V"" a f. e regular $7 50 jackets, sweep, fallin- over the shoulders in grace- At $7.50 Each.
}} fects, double soles and toe,, with which we are selling special at *5. ful olds. At $7 50 apiece these Capes A choice collection of different ii
Tf high spliced heels, the regular 50c . • would De given away. styles, no two alike, mostly sample^ Iff
111 kind, an extra pair with each dollar's sent to us to select from "They ax 6
1 f worlh _ , Silk-Striped Plaid Dresses. ~ : - J^ I l3^SeaSL&f3--||:-
! I AIMYooI Plaids ~ $2 - 50 , a Pattern< . - Irish Point Embroideries. SS?«l. B -.;SirSWKtw2afiS]l
,-- iIU lIUUI 1 ldlUb. , New, elegant designs just received for - in -_ _, _ • than $10, and from that up to $15 _*_
on v H summer wear, all in beige, tan and mode &c ' 1Uc > lt5C 25c a Yard. apiece. It
H _UC a Yara. shades, lit up by bright stripes and bars o» Four special values at four special prices. !
] • The reeular 50c kind. New thi s silk in contrasting colors. Eastern ad- They are the most elaborate Guipure De ■ . <-. : {i |
1 ' season. Only a few colorings left, so vices state that plaid skirts and full plaid Gene and Irish Point effects worked upon LinCfl S*llG lit
they go for less than half-price. costumes are much worn. A complete Jones' Cambric. They range in widths **»«* «-»•*•%»• ™jf
,44 costume of these for $2 50. from 2to 10 inches, and at each price are if 1 i<» \A Germanßieached Linen _ I
Iff the greatest embroidery values ever of- aL **^ J" # Crash, full 18 inches. #
H A D*l»l» fered over a retail counter. ' wide, regular value 35c. I f
I Dresden Ribbons. Separate Dress Skirls. — • Atsocjd.Sr^i^^3: l
\ Different^esZZts. some of $3.95 Each. Freneli Organdies. &£ v"
<• them all silk, others mixed, ranging Made of silk-finish fi cured Alpacas, cut ,_■ J5J 5 ./ At $1 KA Am Bleached Damask ,
111 in widths from 2^io 4 inches. Satin' very full in the new flaring shape, lined all * lOC a Yard. ' A* **•»« UUI.. Napkins. three- 5
and gros grain or Gros de Londres throuch with rustle Percaline, and inter- Not the narrow imitations in every-day 9>"ki n slze '. to match the above j
i 44 weaves. Just the thing for neck lined almost to the knees with canvas, patterns, but the full yard-wide uoods, in Aaoie IJamasK - k
lit ornaments and millinery trimmings. At $7 50 to $15 we are wing some un- j a splendid quality, almost as sheer as mull 14 1(\ a r J Turkey Red Table 22
usual values in all-silk brocaded skirts, j and as firm as percale. The Frenchiest of ill IVCVU. Damask, warranted T
and at prices varying from $5 upward some the French floral designs in the most fast color "regular value 30c a yard 1
{.! n 11 811 — •■* splendid values in Serges, Boucle?, Cre- | charming color and combinations. All _- ._ _ " I
" I HOnbie-rOld VeiliniTS. pons, Diagonals and plain and figured light grounds. If you find them else- If $9 frA pflfh « arnsley Lmen M
il "" IVIU IUllU & 3. Mohairs. wliere they'll be not less than 25c a!yard dl "V-'wU Cdl 11. Crumb Cloths. 4 1
i 4 25c a Yard. • " ,• ' yards long by 2% yards wide, value I
|f All-silk nets in plain Malines or If yon live oat of town don't order anything without first consulting our new ■■ «->'«" »ni« „ ,_ m 1
fancy Tuxedo weaves, spotted with Spring and Bummer Catalogue. We'll send it to you free of charge for the askine Sf'll< j fIA7 A ' l - llnen Huck Tow-
i44 different sizes of chenille and woven """'""ng. ill iJOK) UUA. els', with colored bor- - , J
1 W dots, blacks, browns and blues. The , den*, value at $1 35 doz. i ,
regular 50c kind. /* __fe At $^ 00 dOZ M dozen Creßm
i I Jfy j^ 1^ v«i«" Uuiii Damask Towels, J ,
'' ' \7 A r^ f with red borders, 45 incnes lontr by i i
l^iUoc' Cjll. 1,,.*. CJi t/LjL^ "S^T^ f^il T TfT/jyyT) ~IT%f /~*\ 22 inches wide, would be extra good 1
1!f Th re 480 Each r k „m en . yyMP%WIIyVWAM&M. Lwt % for $1.00. tir^g"*": l
i These are pure spun silk garments J_~^ _gS~^ Wr _■__ _f man Damask Towolq I "tpith r^HnnM r I I
i 1 ■ " ■ .':■■..-. ■' " —" j i I
Rev. Dr. Dille Invited to Lecture Be
fore Liberty Branch.
The members of the Socialistic Labor
party do not always look within their own
ranks for speakers upon subjects of politi
cal economy and sociology. The members
of Liberty Branch believe that new ideas
c n be obtained from all classes of liberal
thinkers and speakers and to this end
have extended an invitation to the Rev.
E. R. Dille to deliver an address at one of
their Wednesday evening propaganda
meetings. Dr. Dille is at present in Hono
lulu, but a letter has been sent asking him
to matte such an appointment.
Arthur F. Sanborn has also been called
v pon for a lecture on social and economic
questions, and he has promised to speak
on the evening of the 13th inst.
At the last meeting of Liberty Branch
Georee Barnaby delivered a long address
on "Modern Cannibalism and Future Civ
ilization." Henry Warnecke gave an out
line of the aims of the Socialist Labor
Party. Alvln H. Appell read an essay on
international peace.
Secretary Theodore Lynch of the Cen
tral Trade and Labor Alliance has been
directed to invite the various branches of
the Socialist Labor Party, through the
Central Committee, to send delegates to
the Alliance, as the late labor convention
recently called by the Labor Council
adopted almost in its entirety the plat
form of principles of the Socialist Labor
The French branch, S. L. P., will hold a
picnic at Harbor View on the 17th. The
affair is in the hands of an active com
m ttee of the various branches.
fillT W ITU 1
On all RUBBER GOODS purchased in our
establishment, is perfect satisfaction or
money refunded. We guarantee a 75c
Hyringe or Water Bottle the same as the
higher grades.
Alpha Syringes fl 00 each
Alpha Fountain Syringes fl 60 each
2-quan Fountain syringes... .....75c each
2-quart Wa:er EotUes 76j each
"Goodyear" Rubber Gloves 85c pair
?!, A £JL AL 6Oc ■•*« we 'M 3 cakea for sOc
WBSdusm «*——»«flfc.
rKI.KRV . $10 ° 8l " we cut to - 60C -
£,^i l. IIjK 50 ° bars we cat to 25<5.
1128 MiVniHET ST..
Comer Tenth St. and Broadway, Oakland,
jfe^» IF IN
W|/MViul |]J First fay't Per Week
\oM: if Rlde a WAVERLEY
<^_7 and be Content
Catalog and Application Blank Free
This offer applies only to residents of San
Francisco, Oakland. Berkeley and Alameda
Oakland Agency
17th St. - San Pablo Aye., Reliance Bldg
18 & 20 McAllister St., San Francisco
We have on hand a large
quantity of New and Second-
hand Safeties For Sale at mar-
velously low prices for spot
Also Sundries very cheap.
Specially low prices to Coun-
try Agents and others taking
Come and see them or write
for particulars..
326 and 328 McAllister street,
-"-—-—"———— ■
_FK|l_Sfflf"^ era - hoot blacks, bath-
IJIUyilbU bouses, billiard -table*
brewers, bookbinders, candy-makers, cannery
dyers, flourmills, foundries, laundries, paper-
bangers, printers, painters, shoe factories, stable-
men, tar-roofers, tanners, tailors, etc
Brush Manufacturers. 009 SacramentoSU .
TUESDAY .....MAT 13, 1896
At 13 o'clock noon,
Green-St. Heights Residence.
No. 1016 Green at,, west of Jones; 8 rooms and
bath: elegant surround . bituminized street;
cement stone walk; examine this; California cable
and North Beach and Mission can; large, hand-
some lot, 45x120, to rear street.
Pacific Heights Property.
NWcor. Lapruna and Greenwich sts. ; large, fine
building of 4 French fiats: one tt. two 5 and one of
4 rooms and bath; must be sold; Union and Pacilic
cables; lot 31 :3xl00 feet.
Oak-St. Large Lot.
South line of Oak St., west of Devisadero: this
elegant large lo is fit for 6 French flats or 2 stores
and 4 French flats; Oak-st. cable and electric cars •
street bituminlzed.
Pacific Height* Improved.
NE. cor. Union and Stelner sts.; good corner for
business; Union st. in basalt rook; cement stone
walk; Union cable: Flllmore electric cars: must
be sold; corner lot, 37:6x62:6.
Haight-Street Heights.
SE. cor. Kldiey and South Broderlck sts: 4 of the
choicest residence lots in the city; front Buena
Vista Park; 4 blocks from Golden Gate Park;
magnificent view. 2 blocks south of Halirht St.:
examine these: Haipht-street cable and Fillmore
elec;ric; lots 32:3 and 28x76 feet.
Precita Heights Home.
Cottace and lot; No. 101 Precita aye., east ol
Coso st.; 6 rooms; brick foundation: Folsoin and
Mission electric; large lot, 40x140 feet.
Mission Tenement Hou«e.
No. 213. NE. line of Twelftn st., SK. of Howard;
building contains nine rooms divided Into 2 tene-
ments of 6 and 4 rooms: centrally located; street
bituminized; Howard cable: lot 21x87:6.
Golden Gate' Park Lot.
N i >rth m!".' of Carl "*•• w - °* Co*: street sew-
ered; Affiliate-! Colleges and Hutro Library to be
built near; Halght and Omnibus cables and elec-
tric road; lot 25x137:6.
Mission Residence Lot.
Kast line of Fair Oaks St., N. of Twenty-fifth ■
handsome lot all ready for building; fine view-
pleasant surroundings: San Fraucisco and San
Mateo electric; lot 25x100 feet.
Ashbury Heights Lot.
BE. cor. Ftnnyan and Seventeenth sts.: grand
view: choice neighborhood; ail read.- for building"
?a°r1 I f l«l6T9xl00 9 {e cL heClty: el6ClriC aDd Cab '«
Courtland-Ave. Home.
N< V 2 8 K?? I l llln|rton 8t - N. of Courtland aye.:
cpmfortablel homo: street bituminired; Mission
electric cars; lot 25x124 feet to rear street. BSlon
Misaion Cosy Residence.
No. 449 Jersey st., E. of Castro; 2-story bav-
windowed, 7 rooms and bath; Castro cable and
Twenty-fourth electric; lot 25x114 feet.
638 Market Street, Auctioneers.
__fC_BS___ Fifty per cent saved
VbßDß*b9bS Factory prices — send
\ ''"tX /"k / Jor catalogue.
\ NfJjC Carts $16to$3S
j. _=^_ I— y^V Bupgies $75i0?1L'5
Carriaued..sloo to $liO I
/^^HJl|^/\ Wagons. . . . *5l) 10*101)
A-^^^yjfe^^pn Harness f 3 to $25
CTiKWiFa/KwNJ wp 8!|J P everywhere.
V^TOr^yvOOAmV/ California XVatcon and
>ilfcgl^ NC Vyj_\^| Carriage Ca, 36Vi to
**'^44y^ remont st., a. F.
V> law and Notary Public, 638 Market st., oppo-
site Palace Hotel. Telephone 67a Kesidenoe 1020
i ell su Telephone "Pine" 2591.
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer, ;
: 460-463 Eighth Street, Oakland,
In conjunction with
SATURDAY........: MAY 16,1896
At 2 o'clock p. m., on the premises, ",~.l?.
Sear Dwight Way and Telegraph Arcane,
College, Bcnvenno and Hillegags Ave-
nues, Parker and Derby Streets, ■
6O 6O
The choicest location for family residences in this
city of grand views,
Surrounded by residences of the first-class busi-
ness men of San Francisco, the professors of the
State I Diversity and the best citizens of Berkeley
but 1 block from Uwight Way, 1 block from Tele-
graph avenue and 4 blocks from Dwislu Way
steam station: commands the finest view obtain-
able, of the Golden Hate, Martn County hills, the
bay and the City of, San Francisco, .he streets
are in perfect condition, sewered, macadamized,
curbed, graded a. d wat r-pip«i; all the street
work is complete. Cement stone walks around the
entire property. Public and private schools near
by, the State University but three minutes' walk.-
Term* exceedingly liberal— Only one-
fourth cash; balance in 1, % and 3 years.
From Sun Francisco take the Berkeley train,
Ret 01? at Dwlght Way, walk up same to Hlllegau
From Oakland take Telegraph-avenue electric
car Re off at Parker street, walk east one minute;
or Grove-street electne car. get off at Dana or
Dwight streets, walk east two minutes. ■ , ,>■■
For catalogues, terms, etc., inquire of
Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers,
638 Market street, San Francisco.
OrWM. J. DINGK , Heal Estate Auctioneer.
460 and 46J Ktirlrh street, Oakl ■ nd. !
A. H. BKKKD <& CO.. 400 Ninth st, Oakland. ■
BERRY <fc BANGS. IUO sutler St., San Francisco.
Wellington. $10 00 ; '-X :
houthUeld 9 60 """"
Genuine Coos Bay 6 60— Half ton. B*6*o
Seattle 8 00— Half ton. 400
Bryant 700— Half ton. 400
688 Howard Street, Near First.
*/-__!._"» ' BRASS BEDS,
!' <■ f , FOLDING BEDS*
Wire and Hair Mat-
■.■.■'J- tresses, Kecllnlaj
1111,.. . Chairs, Wheel Ohalr*
I :....: _ <-onimodes. Back Kea:i
J[jH[^ TTTTTTJ VT - a. schrocb;
I"" 11 !' — | Xd±y i New Montgomery
"*» •»*• l^ M J St., under Uraiia
I- ~^ Hotel, a. V.
modeled ana renovated. KING, WARD* ca
1 s;AEtt.=si ta r- 5

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