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Baldwin- Tkkater .— "The Gay Parisians."
Caxifokn-ia THEATKB.--Th<» Minstrel of Clare"
Columbia Thkatkb— "The Great Unknown."
yOBOSCO'S CIKKA-HoU6Ii — "The Ensl?n."
Tivoli Opeka-Hoi-sk.— Trovaiore. "
Obphkck— High-Class Vandevuiei.
if ACDoxoreK Thkateb ( OAKLAND) — "The
2lasqueraders, ' Monday evening.
Goldkn- Gate Hall— Lecture by Prof. A.
Vander Xaillen, Wednesday evening, August 18.
fci-TKO Baths— Bathing and performances.
i-hoot the Chtttes— Daily at Uaizht street, \
one biock east of the Park.
By L. H. Bubt>— This day, Augrast 17. I'nrnl-
ture, at 922 Van Ness avenue, at 11 o'clock. ,
ByIXDiAXA Auction Co.-This day (Monday),
Furniture, etc., at 1057 Market st., at 11 o'clock.
By Geo. F. Lamsoij— To-morrow, August 18,
Furniture, at 1729 Broadway, at 11 o'clock.
ByEastos* Eldbidob.— August 18,
Real Estate, at salesroom, (338 Market street, at
12 o'clock.
By Easton & Kltibidgk.— August
22, Real Estate, at Mountain View, Santa Clara
Co., at 1 o'clock^ _•
Fair Monday— Local Forecast Official W. H.
The Japanese garden In Golden Gate Park is
being well cared for.
The Victoria Regia will bloom in the Golden
Gate Park Conservatory.
The subject of Rev. Dr. Gibson's sermon last
night was "A Lion in the Way."
Jim Jeffries, the heavy-weight pugilist, is re.
covering from an attack of pneumonia.
WO '.iam Keith's picture, which so fascinated
Fred Yates, will be placed on exhibition.
Frank Miller has told how he has been
driven out of this City by the detectives.
The Corinthian Yacht Club left Belvedere
day yith a dozen or more cralt for a
week's cruise.
The California Swimming Club will have a
grand water contest at Sutro Baths on the 2d
of September.
A number of interesting and closely con
tested games were j layed in the handball
courts yesterday.
A party of the Christian Endeavor Society
young people visited the United States ship
fienmngion Saturday night.
An instructive sermon was preached yester
day morning at St. Mary's Church, by Father
V. \V. Wayrieh of New York.
Rev. Oliver C. Miller of the Lutheran Church
H>oke la*t night on "New and Old Methods of
Church Work and Finance."
The residents of Union ana Leavenworth
street* have petitioned the Board of Health to
Abate a nuisance at that place.
Twenty-two young ladies were received yes
terday, into the Sodality of the Immaculate
Conception, at St. Mary's CathedraL
Major-General N. T. James, division com
mander of the National Guard of California,
hes ordered inspection of ammunition.
The Hospital Lot Improvement Club passed
resolutions Saturday night condemning the
labor camp belonging to A. E. Buckman.
Euiil Msrkeburg's balloon ascension yester
day was a thrilling one. His balloon on lire
rose 500 feet before he discovered the fact.
Fire Marshal Towe has been apprised that
another Chinese overall factory that employs
non-union men has been threatened by fire.
The picnic of St. Patrick's Mutual Alliance
will take place this year on Admission day,
Wednesday, September 9. at Schue<.zen Park.
The cup cricket ma ten yi«yed yesterday be
tween the Pacifies and Caliiornias resulted in
a victory for the Pacifies by forty-seven runs.
Martha Schofield, the founder of the Scho
field Normal and Industrial School of Aiken,
S. C, spoke yesterday on her work in th«
Captain Morse and Sam were the winners oi
the coursing stakes at Ocean View park yester
day, while Flying Buck was successful at In
The Journeymen Bakers' and Confectioners'
Union enjoyed a picnic yesterday with irienas
at Germaufa Garaens. The outing was a grand
The '-Assumption of the Blessed Viroin"
was the title of the sermon preached last
evening at St. Mary's Churcn, by Father F. B.
A big raft 01 logs left Astoria for this City
last Saturday, towed by the Minola. The logs
will be used as piling for the new Union depot
The San Franciscos yesterday beat the Oak
land ballplayers by a score of 19 to 8. It
was a hard-hitting game, in which error:
S. A. Neuman won the five-mile road race o
the Barker Cycling Club at Haywards yester
day. I. Frank, the scratch man, made best
time. 13:20.
Services in commemoration of the thirty
third anniversary of Pilgrim Sunday-Schoo
were held yesterday morning in the First Uni
Varian Church.
E. P. Cashin was robbed by two men in th(
Oakland House, oti4V; Howard street, earl;
yes'erday morning and shot in the left leg
while pursuing them.
Boat Keeper Ohnimns at Stow Lake says that
because a flock of ducks from the south at
tempted to settle in the lake yesterday it mdi
cues an early winter.
General James W. Forsyth, U. S. A., has gone
East on two months' leave, and Colonel Shaf
ter. First Infantry, is now in command of the
Department of California.
The Evening Bulletin Baseball Club de
feated the Strauss <fe Strauss yesterday by a
score of 28 to 17. The game was won by the
heavy batting of the Bulletins.
H. G. Edwards won the Olympic Club Wheel
men's five-mile road race yesterday, with two
minutes handicap. George W. Tar-tau made
best time, 11:24, which is remarkably fast.
The British ship Port Douglas arrived yes
terday, 147 days from Antwerp. Two seamen
died on the passage, one having been lost
overboard and the other dying of heart disease.
Every condition for good shooting prevailed
at the Shell Mound range yesterday, but,
strange to say, tne scores made by the compa
nies in regular and practice shoot were not up
to the average.
At a special session yesterday afternoon the
Knight* <A the Red Branch decided to attend
the California Theater to-night to sco Chaun
cey OJcott. the Irish comedian, in "The Min
strel of Clare." •
James C. Perkins, formerly a lawyer in this
City, a native son and a graduate of Berkeley,
addressed a Y. M. C. A. meeting yesterday
afternoon and related some of his experiences
as a missionary in India, whence he has re
cently returned, alter an absence of ten ana a
half years' work among the Hiudoos.
Rev. F. K. Baker, pastor of the Epworth M.
E. Church, delivered a spirited address before
the Good Citizenship meeting yesterday after
noon on "The Perils Which Confront the
Nation/ He mentioned socialism, anarchy,
municipal corruption, licentiousness and the
attitude of the Roman helrarchy as threaten
ing evils.
In a comprehensive address by President B.
A. Becker of the German Savings and Loan
Society to the stockholders it was stated that
in view of the present unsettled condition of
finance, owing to the fear of free coinage, and
to provide agaiust the grave situation into
which the finances of the country may possi
bly be plunged, the directors had taken extra
precautions to place the institution in a posi
tion of safety.
svw to-dat;
□NgnA -&' > : , ■■£■ 1- - . \ JPIBg I*
H Vuticura U
PjfTKriT*i!fT.— For red. roueh. chipped, or dl*; H
■colored hand*, joak them in ■ itrODfr. hot "rod* ■
■of Conc-BA Soap, dry thotoufaQr. «nd «pply Ct> ■
■ ■ iicuea (ointmeoO, wearing KtoTMdurin night ■ I
■ Pom* Ditto ft Chsk. C war-, Sole Frop*., Seitgn. g
It Contains the Piling for
the New Union Ferry-
Consignments of Fruit Heaped
High on Jackson-Street
A Lost and Bewildered Band of Sheep
That Followed a Tall
A monster raft of logs, the largest ever
floated into this harbor, will come down
from Stella, a lumber port on the Colum
bia River, to-morrow or next day. It will
contain 560,000 iineal feet of piling, all of
which will be used in the construction of
the ferry-slips of the new union depot and
other work on the water front.
The great raft is cigar-shaped, about 500
feet long, with 50 feet beam and a depth of
30 feet. Nearly sixty tons of chain have
been used to bind the immense bundle of i
piles together, and the manner in which
they are bound in one compact mass is
most ingenious.
The chains are run lengthwise, cross
wise and in every way imaginable to re
sist the twisting blows of the waves.
The first raft started from the Columbia
River to this City several years ago went
to pieces, entailing- a great loss on the
owners, who adopted that cheap and :
practical method of getting their lumber
to market.
The logs are piled into the proper shape
in an immense cradle, which is built in
the water. The huge spruce tree-trunks
are floated into this space and "jecked"
into position, and as log is heaped upon
log; the mass sinks, permitting the con
struction of the raft to progress compara
tively without difficulty.
Tnis cradle device has been patented by .
the owners in order to protect their raft
industry against competition. The en
tire concern has cost them $30,000, includ
ing insurance and towage.
The second raft was successfully brought
to San Francisco by the steamer Minola
last year and sold to the Southern Pacific
Railroad Company. All three were built
by Bains & Kobertson of Stella, the first
two with the assistance of outside capital.
The tirm has undertaken this third ven
ture alone.
The raft was floated to Astoria last Sat
urday, thence out to «ea by the tug Ac
tive, when it was taken in tow by the
Minola for this harbor.
The produce glut is on again and the
water front is jammed with fruit. Great
heaps are piled on Jackson and Washinz
ton street wharves, and the surplus is stjll
growing. The commission dealers are |
standing around among their overflowing j
baskets, boxes and crates and wondering
what is to be done with the consignments
that come to them almost every hour.
Yesterday a large number of peaches
and pears were thrown overboard and the
tide carried them up tne bay — possibly on
up the Sacramento River to the ranches
from which they were fhipped.
The packages are piled hi<?h toward the ;
freightshed roofs, and the nock employes
are shifting them around trying to make
space for the coming consignments.
The dealers say that if the shippers will
hold their fruit for a few days the market
-will be somewhat clear, but to continue
the rush into the City will only necessi
tate the dnmpin.2 of much of the ship
ments into the bay.
The British* ship Port Douglas arrived
yesterday, 147 days from Antwerp, On
the passage John Hoimoerg, seaman, was
washed off the jibboom during rough
weather, and drowned. He was a native
of Sweden, aged 37. J. Tamm, seaman,
26 years old, died of heart disease and was
buried at eea.
' Chief Steward Benjamin Crosby of the
City of Para died of heart-disease on the
6th ir.st., during the voyage of the steamer
from Panama to this City, and was buried
at sea in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Charles
Smith, a coal-passer of the tame vessel,
died on June 26, and was buried at sea.
A bewildered band of s-heep, on their
way to Butchertown, created considerable
amusement for a gang of boys and trouble
for the drivers for several hours on the
water front yesterday afternoon. They
darted here and there into streets and al
ley-ways, leading their pursuew a weary
The band huddled into corners and re
fused to move and at one point they held
op an electric car for a half- hour to the
Fred Yates, the Artist Who Admires Keith's Pictures and Who Will Be Wined and Dined
by the Bohemians.
great exasperation of the motorman and
conductor, who attempted to pull the
crazy animals out of the way. All the
i small boys and dogs in the neighborhood
collected around the sheen until a squad
of policemen was called to clear away the
mob. The blue-coated guardians of the
peace finally got the sheeps 1 noses turned
in the right direction, and led by a big offi
cer the lost flock passed in procession
quietly toward the distant fold.
Foresters Have an Outing.
Court Huburtns No. 15, Foresters of Amer
ica, held it annual picnic at Shell Mound Park
yesterday. Tue day was spent in games and
dancing, the lower pavilion being well at"
tended during the afternoon. As a whole the
occasion was most eujoyable, much of the suc
cess of the affair being due to the untiring
energy of the committee of arrangements,
which was as follows: Hunry Hart, Julius Bei
fert, Emil Lampe, Henry Heppert and A. C.
Xot With Murphy Brut.
Murphy Bros, of 1501 Market street state
that T. C. Murphy, tbe saloon-keeper held by
Justice of the Peace Groezinger for attempting
to leave for his native home without paying
his creditors here, did not have his place of
business ar 1501 Market street, but atthe cor
ner of Fourth and Howard streets, and, lurther
that he has not for two years been connected
in any way with the saloon doing business at
1501 Market street.
Tho Frederick Warde Lecture.
The bhakesperean nieht to be given by
Frederick Warde at tho Young Men's Christian
Association Auditorium. Mason and Ellis
streets, next Thursday evening, will be a treat
to all admirers o£ Shakespeare. 'Mr. Warde
will give several character sketches in cos
tume. District Attorney W. S. Barnes will ir
troduce Mr. Warde. Cards of admission oil
sale at Sherman, Clay & Co.'s and at the asHo
ciation office.
The Bottle of Kerosene With Lighted Punks Inserted in the Cork.
The Chinese Incendiary Has
So Far Covered His
Woo Kee at Swords' Points With
the * Sewing Union " or
Cum Yee Tong.
Fire Marshal Towe Will Spare No
Pains to Bring the Culprit
to Justice.
Fire Marshal Towe has not as yet found
the Chinese who attempted to set fire to
the overall factory of Shun Mon at 509)4
Washington street on the night of Friday
last. He has learned, however, that an
other Chinese overall factory conducted
by Woo Kee at 41G Battery street has
been threatened by the organization com
posed of Chinese laborers that is supposed
to be at the bottom of the attack on Shun
It was stated last night by several Cni
nese merchants that this organization has
a membership of about 600 Chinese.
It is known as the Sewing Union, or the
Cum Yee Tong Society. The present presi
dent is one Long Li, who has yet three
months to serve as governor of the so
ciety's schemes, and it was also stated that
Long Li is a meraber of the highbinders'
society. It seems that Woo Kee has been
twice accused within the past two weeks;
first of some indefinite offense, expressed
in Chinese-English as being a "scoundrel,"
and second of embezzlement. His case on
this latter charge will come up in court
next Friday. This case was entered at the
instance of Wang Long.
Wa Shing, who haS an overall factory at
413 Commercial street, and who is a
brother of Sbung Mon, hires now only
union men, but last year he had trouble
with the Sewing Union, and a price wa3
put on his head by this society. This diffi
culty was, however, smoothed over.
The elaborate and cumbersome inge
nuity of the Chinese brain is well illus
trated in the odd infernal machine that
was found in Sbung Mon's stairway.
In imagination the murderous coolie
who devised the scheme saw the oil from
the bottle running out drop by drop, sat
urating the dry, worm-eaten floor. The
fire on the punk all this time eating its
way down to the sulphurous heads of the
matches which, igniting, would burn long
and fiercely enough to set fire to the boards
of the floor.
The fact of the oil running down the
punksticks and extinguishing their fire
did not occur to bim. Therefore his dia
bolical scheme failed.
"Shun Mon," said Fire Marshal Towe,
"is as brave as a lion. He is the whitest
Chinaman I have ever mot. I will follow
this thing as far as possible. This reward
of $250 will do much toward finding tbe
culprit. I have let it be known that the
man who gives me correct information on
this need not be known nor serve as a wit
"Section 109 of order 2927 of the Fire
Code gives me full authority to give this
reward. It is a very difficult matter,
though, to get a clew from Chinamen. It
is always 'No sabe'; then they shut their
mouths like clams.
"It is a new thing for the Chinese to re
sort to incendiarism. There are com
paratively few fires in Chinatown. This
building in which is Shun Mon's foctory
is one of the worst firetraps in town. Had
the building really been fired he weuld
have undoubtedly lost his life."
The Attractions That Are Offered for
This Evening at the Various City
"The Gay Parisians," to be presented at
the Baldwin Theater this evening, is one
that had a run of 200 nights in Mew York
and was on for 100 at Boston. William J.
Furgeson and Sadie Martinot will appear
in tne leading parts.
"The Great Unknown" has done so well
at the Columbia Tneater the management
has decided to keep the play on this even
ing and for the balance of the week. When
a good play draws the management of this
house knows better than take it off.
"The Minstrel of Clare," to be offered at
the California Theater to-night with
Chauncey Olcott in the lead, is a new play,
one that met with much success in the
East. In this play Olcott will sing several
songs, including "Home," a very popular
one. A delegation of the Knights of the
Red Branch will attend to bqow their ap
preciation of Mr. Olcott.
The favorite opera, "It Trovatore," is
what tbe management of the Tivoli Opera
house will offer to the patron? of that
bouse to-night. Miss Flora Finlayson,
prima donna contralto, will make her first
appearance this evening, supported by
the members of the company.
That interesting naval play, "The En
sign," is what those who go to the Grand
Opera-House to-night will see. It is a
play that is full of love, patriotism and
loyalty to the American flag. James M.
Brophy will appear in the title role.
There are many attractive features at
the Orpheum, but "the" show at this time
is Kennedy, the hypnotist, whose antics
with people under his will create roars of
laughter. Miss MiJdred Howard is to ap
pear to-night in her sensational Trilby
The doors of the Macdonough Theater
in Oakland, which have been closed for
some time, will be reopened this evening
wita the Empire stock company, which
will present that sterling play, "The
Masqueraders." On Tuesday "Bohemia"
will be given.
There will be plenty of outdoor and in
door amusement at the Chutes to-night.
Rides on the'ehutes or on the great scenic
railway are very enjoyable, and the enter
tainment in the Casino is always of an in
teresting character.
The Cazadero Excursion a Grand Suc
cess— Another Next Sunday.
Locke's reserved-seat excursion to Caza
dero, Duncans Mills and the Russian
River red woods yesterday was a grand
Every seat on the train of ten cars and
smoker was sold, and between 200 and 300
applicants bad to tn refused tickets, be
cause the train was limited. As it was, it
required two of the heaviest engines of the
North Pacific Coast Railroad to whirl the
train to its destination, with a thirdengine
to belp out on the heavy grades.
The arrangements were complete for the
comfort of the excursionists, and Mr.
Locke received many congratulations for
fats success in conducting his excursions
on modern lines. It was a strictly first
class party, such as is generally seen on
week-day excursions, and a noticeable
feature was the absence of boisterous
To accommodate tnose who could not co
yesterday another special train will be run
to Cazadero next Sunday at tne popular
rate of $1 50. with Beats reserved, like
theater seats. Tickets should be secured
at Mr. Locke's office, 333 O'Farrell street,
where the sale will begin next Wednesday
and continue daily until 9 p. m.
Methodist Preachers Meet.
Tne Methodist preachers' meeting will be held
to-day at the Fred Finch Orphanage, Fruit
vale, at 11 o'clock, to bs followed with a wel
come-home reception to the presiJent of the
orphanage, Rev. Dr. Bentley, who has just re
turned from a tour of the continent of Europe.
It it expected that a large number of friends of
the orphanage will be preient.
Small Death Kate.
The monthly circular of tao California State
Board of Health shows from reports of forty
five cities, towns, villages and sanitary dis
tricts aggregating a population of 653,314, a
mortality of 911, or a death rate of 1.39 per
1000 ior July. »
Trunks Moved 25 Cents.
Commercial Transfer Co., 43 Sinter street.
Telernoao Mala 49. Keet> your checks for us.*
The Landscape Will Be
Exhibited in San
Praise for the School of Design
at ths Mark Hopkins
When Artists Return From Meeker
Grove a Dinner Will Be Given
to Fred Yates.
The picture painted Dy William Keith,
which so fascinated Fred Yates, will be
placed on exhibition in this City and then
sent to London. Mr. Yates has visited
the school of design at the Mark Hopkins
Institute of Art and talked with many of
the resident artists since his arrival last
Wednesday. He recognizes that San
Francisco artists are doing excellent work
and speaks highly of the advantages
which the San Francisco Art Association
peesents to students on the Pacific Coast.
A dinner In honor of Mr. Yates will be
given at the Bohemian Club, but tne event
will not occnr untii tne artists who are
now in the redwoods of the Russian River
return. The preparations for the midsum
mer high jinks have called many artists
to Meeker's grove.
Mr. Yates' studio in London is visited
by many Americans, and he has had the
pleasure of entertaining Mark Twain,
Alexander Harrison, Theodore Wores, and
others, there. When he returns to Eng
land he will probably paint the portrait
of Jerome K. Jerome. He has several
commissions in tbe United States, so he
may not sail from New York until late in
His sojourn in San Francisco after an
absence of seven years affords him special
delight. Nevertheless, he records the ob
servation that as a young artist in this
City he had many a hard struggle to keep
the wolf from the door of bis domicile.
Recalling his ea?ly experiences as a
student, he says now that he earned in
Italy more knowledge in the art of paint
ing portraits than he ever acquired in
Mr. Yates is a member of the Hogarth
Club and the New English Art Club of
London. From the latter organization
several of the associate members of the
Royal Academy have recently been drawn.
His first offering to the Royal Academy,
which be regarded as an excellent head,
was "chucked." Yates called Shannon to
see the picture and explain wherein it
was deficient. Shannon asserted that in
Eneland there were not six men who
could surpass the work, therefore he ad
vised Yates to persevere. Tbe result of
the persevering was the admission of sub
sequent pictures to the academy.
Dr. Gibson Speaks on the Wickedness
in Oar Community.
Rev. Dr. Gibson preached at the Firs*
United Presbyterian Church last night on
NEW TO-DAY. _ _•_.__ _ '
What does money-back
mean ? It means that the
seller of an article is sure
that it will suit 98 out of
100 and is willing to give
money back to the 2 for the
sake of suiting the other 98.
Money-back tea means :
j it is better than most Amer-
icans have any idea of.
Your sort of tea, only
you don't know it yet.
Schillings Best (money-
back tea) is sold only in
A Schilling & Company
San Francisco - . , : .851
tins. .LB.NJC3IXKK Kukhxo, iTJpr.e.or &, M.±u^t;
Season of Italian and English Grand Opera
' Under the Direction of Mr. Gubtav HrNßioKa.' i
And Every . Evening ■= This Week,
First Appearance of MIBS FLORA FINLAYSOX,
„ Prima : Donna- Contralto. *
. . / Cast also includes
Superb Scenery. Correct Costumes.
'■■.In Preparation,'
' : Popular. Prices— 2Sc and sOc. .'
( dtifoit^W
kdisi»l-«y: 1 "
Transmitted fROM foLSOM
KEW to-dat:
I Naked Pills |
]| are .fit only, for naked say. /> :
<| ages. Clothes are the marks < ( ! '
5) of civilization — in pills as well <![
( i> as people. A good coat does <!•
( | not make a good pill, any more 9 !
]>!> than good clothes make a good <[
jj man. But as 6ure as you'd I 1
*l look on a clothesless man as a |»
{ >) mad one, you may look on a cc
v coatless pill as • a bad one. 7
c After ■ fifty : years of test no
]•> pills stand higher than ■> <([
| Cathartic Pills |
. ■■ ■ - .
"A Lfon in the Way." He spoke of the
lion as being the many forms of wicked
ness in our community. "Indolence pro
duces cowardice," said he. "What we
want to do is to take the lion out of our
way, as David did when the wild beasts
attacked his flock.
"Danger is no excuse for indolence," he
continued. "We find the lion on nearly
every street corner, the saloon. Another
lion is the bouse of shame that goes hand
in hand with the saloon. It is the duty of
every citizen to see that these dens are
taken out of the way.
"Danger," he concluded, "will disappear
when you face it It is better to be de
vonred trying to conquer the lion than be
slain by it while lying idle."
«. — <• — •
An anti-cat league exists in Munster,
Westphalia. The members are pledged to
kill all the stray cats they see. Last year
they killed 1222 of the felines and dis
play their tails as evidence of their work.
at ~"t TO-NIGHT!
Kil f\ljl/llu W LAUGHING
- - -•■■-■- ■■**'■-- Mat. Sat. Only.
IX ' .--rlJjr ■ IX
London. Paris. San Francisco.
Three Great Cities Simultaneously Enjoying
Presented Hereby the Original American Cast:
W. J. Ferguson, Sadie Martinot, Jan. O. Barrows,
Charles B. Wells, W. R. Shirley, Mrs. E.
J. Phillips, Miss Margaret Gordon
. mid Many Ottiers.
Management Charlks Frokman.
I California WEEK
Of the Distinguished Singing Comedian,
In His Most Beautiful of All Irish Comedy-Drama*
By Fred Marsden.
Hear Olcott sing' "Rorr- Darling." "Olcott's
Home Song," "Love Remains the Same," "The
Young Rose"' and "The Mlns:rel Boy."
Next AlAraction— "ON THE BOWERY. "
TSiCOUnDt!LC-OTTlOD«» <?• uistiA.-iDriAnwtßJ---
. Augustin Daly's Very Best Comedy,
Will Present This Very Funny Play , ;
Commencing With To-night.
Next Monday— "THE SOCIAL TRUST."
■- ■■■ . — :
WALTER MOROSUO. Sola Levee and Uaui):
The Glorious NavM Drama,
"TH3E SiaSXG-Nr !"
' An American Play That stirs American Hearts.
Last Week of California's Favorite,
f . . , JAMES M. BHOJ'HY,
Who Has starred as "The Ensign" Throughout
i :. the fast for th? Past Two Years.
i Photographic Souvenirs of Mr. Brophv will be
; distributed 10 the ladlesat to-night's performance.
Evening Prices— 2sc and 50 0.
F»mllv Circle and Gallery. 10c.
'CFarrcll .rr>:>*. Between Stockton an 3 Povr»tL
' ■ Week Commencing -Monday, Aug. 17.
The Eastern Travesty Stars.
SYDNEY DE GRAY, the Noted Barytone. .
MILDRED HOWARD, the Original Trilby Dancer.
k;;;; T. A. Kennedy biond;,
THE focr nelson sistkrs
And a Great Vaudeville Company.
Reserved seats, 25c: .balcony, 10c; Opera-chain
and box-seats, 60c. Get your seats in advance.
And Greatest Scenic Railway on Earth! *'
The Orang-Onang, Who Does Not Talk, but
, : : .-. ; Would If He Wanted To.
Children, including Merry-Go- Round Hide,* 5 cent*
TO- — -
NEXT SUNDAY, Augnst 23. Personally con-
ducted by ■J. E. Locke. Seats - reserved like
theater .Beats., Round trip at popular rate of
$150; ( children ' under 12 . only 75c. ; Sale of
tickets begins Wednesday, at 333 O'Farrell st.,
and continues daily until 9 p. M., and at 8 a. m.
Sauialito ferry I next: Sunday. ; Don't miss it.
Grandest ride in the State. > ■
.'• ' Open Daily from 7 a. m. Until 11 p. ic
Concert Every Afternoon and Evening;,
__ General Admission- Adults 10c, Children »a

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